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In the latest issue of EW (Entertainment Weekly, 26NOV2010 issue), there is an interesting five page article discussing why a Wonder Woman movie (or t.v. series) has consistently been so difficult to achieve. The entire article is well worth a read for WW fans, but here are a few choice quotes:

"She's a girl [superhero]. Hollywood is still twitchy about that." -- Joss Whedon

According to Rubie's, one of the largest costume manufacturers in the U.S., Wonder Woman is among the best-selling female superhero outfits every year.

"She has no city. She has no great rogues' gallery (of returning villains). And she's distant from people in a way that makes it hard to create identification. Spider-Man is a nerd. Batman is in pain. But Wonder Woman is from an era where superheroes were supposed to be like Greek gods. She's above us and different from us. That makes it hard to make her emotionally relevant. I tried, and some people think I succeeded, but none of them were the people I worked for." - Joss Whedon

"In my version, she had an outfit that was more classicially Greek in the warrior sense. She wasn't going to be wearing an American flag." - Joss Whedon

All these problems -- the campy tone of the TV show, the corny costume, the dated 1940's backstory -- are reasons it's been difficult for Wonder Woman to get a movie.

"It's just much easier to sell a male action hero to the studios than a female one. There was a concern that Wonder Woman might go the way of Elektra or Catwoman." - Matthew Jennison, author of a rejected WW script

"They (the studios) are worried that boys won't go to see it, and maybe even worried that girls won't go see it either. Because the superhero concept really is a male thing." - Karyn Kusama, director of Aeon Flux

There are other noteworthy quotes. I tried to find the entire article online, but without success. For those interested, just go buy the magazine. As an added incentive, the cover has a naked Anne Hatheway on it :D

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