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Sintel was created by somat
Allthrough this movie was completly done inside the computer, I have decided to post the link to it in this part of the forum- it's not your typical japanese/anime/manga, but instead it features a female character with red hair whom has to master some adventures.

No more words about the content, the movie was made with the freely available open source program Blender, which most recently(actually yesterday)has been updated. Blender was originally a software created by the netherlandish computergamecompany NotaNumber back in the 90ties.
After the collapse of the company users of the program which back than was available in a free and a commmercial version, collected money and bought the program out of the companies property.
Since than the capabilities of Blender have been improved and extended on a constant level, with the latest versions now becoming actually powerful and versatile enough to no longer stand in the shadows of software for which you have actually to pay a lot of money in order to be able to make legally us of it.

Sintel is the latest in a series of movies which aim at both developing and extending the abilities of Blender but which have also been made as a demonstration of what can be done with it.

Enough important words here we go, there is also a link for youtube available, if you prefer not to download:

The downloadpage:
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