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15 Jan 2013 15:52 - 15 Jan 2013 15:55 #30131 by lfan
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Here is an IndieGoGo (like Kickstarter) project that looks pretty kickass:

Basically, its a for a fan made trailer based off DC's Kingdom Come and here is a synopsis:

This story is set in a future that deals with a growing conflict between "traditional" superheroes, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, and a growing population of largely amoral and dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes, in many cases the offspring of the traditional heroes. Between these two groups is Batman and his assembled team, who attempt to contain the escalating disaster, foil the machinations of Lex Luthor, and prevent a world-ending superhuman war.

The trailer is of special note cause two of the stars are Danny and Heather Kelly, two of the premier cosplayers in the country, who also used to have their own cosplay gallery here on the old SWM site. Danny is the quinessential Superman if you have ever seen him, and Heather has portrayed a variety of ubergirls in the past including Supergirl, Black canary and most recently the new version of Powergirl.

Anyways, I don't pimp out project like these often, but we always bitch around here that the problem with mainstream stuff is that they lack the PASSION of the fans. Well, no one probably has the passion of the people behind this, so I'm confident they'll turn out a good product, but they need your help. Donate to the cause if you can!

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Danny and Heather cosplaying as New 32 PeeGee and Superman

Margie Vizcarra Cox cosplaying as Wonder Woman


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17 Jan 2013 11:08 #30158 by kikass
Replied by kikass on topic IndieGoGo: Kingdom Come Trailer
Nice :) Love Heather (have some of the work she did for Sleeperkid). Awesome superheroine and definatly one of the best out there imo. Look forward to seeing what they come up with in this.

Best of luck.



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