10 Female Marvel Superheroes That Should Have Their Own Films..

17 Jul 2014 23:19 #37381 by fats

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18 Jul 2014 00:28 #37389 by castor
Okay where is Squirrel Girl, why is a Squirrel Girl Movie not in active devolopment- how come we don't see rumors of who is playing Squirrel Girl in Variety(Anna Kendrick? maybe, maybe Alison Brie-Sure!!!!... Kate Minuchi...hehhhhh a little offbeat but i like how you think)

Other then that---you know i am going to say this other then Ms. Marvel and Maybe She Hulk...its kind of a weak list.

Wasp always struck me as kind of a female parnter character for a ant-man. Dito For Clea, who has a high " BUT DARLING" factor. Mockingbird is a little bit generic tough fighting force. Stature is fun character but she has a tricky power to do heroically on screen(still maybe). MoonDragon-they could, but she has the problem of not and out and proud.... not really human character which is hard to protray in a staring role in a film.

and Elektra--is a tricky character to give her own movie. This has been demonstrated.

But as i have said. Squirrel Girl. She has a distinctive power, an intresting attitude to life and a naturally cinematic story. She is incredibly powerful, not just from her power but her belief inherself and her good nature--but of course no one believes her. She has to prove them wrong. you could get a cute actress, maybe give them a stiff shirted guy to fall in love with a giant monster to defeat and save the city-yeah thats an actual movie.


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18 Jul 2014 00:42 #37390 by ArgentDragon
I used to think of Wasp as a tagalong for Ant-Man too, Castor. But the treatment she got in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes really made her shine for me. It showed she could be a hero and not be dependent on Hank for screen-time or purpose.

But yeah, Marvel Women suffer from some of the issues of DC women in that most of them are too tied into their male counterparts. Starfire is wonderful, but I doubt DC would let her show how great she could be on her own and not just powered arm-candy for Dick or Jason.

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18 Jul 2014 00:52 #37391 by castor
and to make another point about this list

With the exception of Ms. Marvel, and kinda Elecktra-all of these characters are basically defined in the article "Female spouses, sidekicks or otherwise attaches for more popular male heros".

That is not what i want to see from a movie.

One could argue that characters like She-hulk are diffrent then Regular Hulk- and theres a point there. She has her own book, doesn't reguarly interact with hulk at all(they cross over maybe once a decade really).. This is i guess okay. Similarly on the DC side you could argue that there people like Batgirl, supergirl, Batwoman that are kind of Distaffs-but its not like there super associated with batman and superman.

But someone like Clea...yeah she is Doctor Stranges Wife. And thats about all she is. Yes she does have a bit of personality, but not a lot seperate-has she ever done anything like her own book. Abra Catata the DC cat parody of Dr. Strange has a bit more of her own adventure Feel.

Then You get characters like Mockingbird- who tends to be defined-who is she married to at the momment. Granted she is an avengers character, and avengers can go to soap opera quickly--but yeah, apart from that can she do her own movie- i am not sure. The article opens with her relationship to hawkeye and her relationship sharon carter--and well what can she do when shes not related to people.

This is a problem in the article. Marvel movies all cost at least a100 million dollars-being attached to anyone or anything really shouldn't be a prequalification- being spidermans roommate doesn't mean you get a movie.

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