Rebecca Ferguson In new Mission Impossible Movie

16 Aug 2015 17:33 #43680 by arvin sloane
OK, she ha no SUPER powers but man she´s the most badass female character I've seen in a long time, and a gourgeous one at that. Her fight scenes are brutal and SHE saves the hero at least twice in the movie... And no, she doesn´t need to be rescued in the end like most female strong characters.

Strongly recomend it.:cheer:

"If you threaten our son again, I'll put my heel through your skull"

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16 Aug 2015 21:15 #43686 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Rebecca Ferguson In new Mission Impossible Movie
I think i've mentioned her in passing in a comment, but never made topic for it.

I'll have to give another vote of Hell Yeah, to her in the movie. She's stellar the entire way through the movie. I have to give Tom Cruise props -- from interviews he was instrumental in choosing her, and in making sure her character was well utilized in the movie. There's a brief scene where she makes Ethan Hunt take off her impractical shoes before they sprint across a roof and repel down the side of a building. Cruise is credited for thinking of it, it's a nice bit of paying attention in a movie that drifts from reality.

The even have the requisite "coming out of the water dripping wet scene", but they make sure there is a reason why she was in the water right before they showed up. So while it's nice cheesecake in the movie, it also underscored her intelligence and preparation. No ones going to say they didn't show her like that because she was gorgeous, but it didn't come across as anymore than they do to Cruise in the movie, and I liked that she just kept being bad-ass.

She does save Ethan Hunt a few times, and he doesn't save her. Considering Cruise's importance in the movie, and his level of reported control, it can't be accidental. He made sure that the female character showed up well, and wasn't just another damsel in distress. There are two fights in the end, Ethan gets one, and she gets the other. Her fight is against the more physically imposing foe!

Also, like Cruise, Ferguson does her own stunts in the movie, including the repel down a building strapped to Tom Cruise. She did this stunt even though she's terrified of heights. She also does a few fight scenes and they come off really well.

She kicks all kinds of ass in this movie. After seeing the movie I sure hope she's on the short list for Captain Marvel, because she deserves a shot for it. And if the Mission Impossible Franchise isn't thinking of spinning her off into her own movie (or making one where the focus is on her) they're pretty stupid.

BTW, Cruise's stunts are simply insane. He actually hung onto the side of an cargo plane while it took off. Remember it takes multiple takes to get a shot like that .. .I forget how many times he did it, but it was more than zero, which is how many times I'd have done it.

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