Wyrmwood:Road of the Dead

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This is am Australian movie that came out on VOD and DVD in america a couple of months ago, which you can probabbly find it where ever-as one does, hey got around to it...

Its a very hyped up Action Horror/ Zombie movie, thats kinda of trying to be a mashup of Mad Max and Night of the Living Dead. Its werid and it moves. A lot a lot happens in it, in a genre that can often even in the better moviies seem a little slow. Its got some charm and a lot of humor to it-though at times its that kind of horror movie thats never really scary.

But this is Superwomania you may ask-not Zombiemania?

I bring it up here to be completist-becuse yes it does get into female Empowerment territory. To say how or why, would spoil a little of it(and so much of the movie depends on the werid non traditional logic of it -but it happens-and its not super zombies or something like that . If you don't like zombies(and not everyone does) probabbly not the movie for you-but it something.
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