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Tara's sitting bored in class when her phone beeps with a text.

It's her agent who's trying to get her a break in her fledgling actress career.
'Hi Tara, I've got you a part-supporting role in a movie' She reads on...'mousy, geeky, glasses and shy in a small role' She sighs "Hmm...gotta start somewhere, I s'pose..."

There were two light taps on my fifteenth floor window as I walked through from the bedroom 'Window cleaners getting their damn cleaning trolley jammed again' I muttered to myself, but this was Saturday, windows were on a Friday...Tara was popping by this morning for an interview with SWM magazine about her career as an actress since her early film with Uma kinda flopped. A blue-eyed blonde bombshell was standing outside the glass frontage, beaming!
"Hey, Alan! Any chance of letting me in please?"
"T..Ta.Ta- Tara?"
"I know! Pretty cool, huh?" as she landed on the carpet. "It's more a sort of floating thing than what you thought was Uma zooming about - that was all just CGI effects added in after the shoots to cover my tracks.

I'm still not sure what those NASA science guys did to the rock before filming.... It was only meant to glow a little bit before I touched it,

but not do this to me!" smiling up as she lifted both four-seater sofas, myself perched on one, in the palm of each hand.

"You should have seen Ivan's face in the forest that night as he shouted 'Cu...CutCUT!CUT!"

"Easy for him to say, I mean how the hell was I supposed to get back down? Luckily there was a thick tree branch I grabbed onto, but it snapped like a twig, and it dropped from my hand with a Boom! that shook the forest floor, knocking the crew off their feet.

After a hasty re-write, Ivan wanted me to appear in an early G-Girl outfit, but I was like, NO WAY am I being filmed in THAT,

so they dropped the idea before I could drop them!

We tried to replicate the procedure for Uma with NASA's radiation chamber again, but the original half-ton rock failed to respond and just stayed a dull grey. I did tease her a bit about it at the time as I held the boulder out towards her at arm's length whilst munching on an apple in the other hand; "Do you wanna hold it anyway, Ooms?...I mean the apple, silly!"
She wasn't too chuffed at first, I can tell you!"

"Where's the rock now? oh, I chucked it up through outer orbit out of harm's way. More than happy to oblige the guys at Cape Canaveral! After all they weren't goin' to budge it no matter how big their payload carriers are'

"The script? The Jenny Johnson name change was my idea with Tara Thompson already being over-used during filming...

"The other scenes? Yeah, the yellow taxi one WAS me! Ivan asked me to stand in the doorway out of sight behind Uma and on his signal pull the taxi back with a slow inhalation of my breath That one took all day and ended up as an evening scene, 'cos Luke kept getting in the way and being dragged along the sidewalk on his butt past me in the, he wasn't too chuffed either as I kept giggling at him, palm over my face, as he hobbled back along the pavement towards the cab.

"What am I doing now? - well I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground here in L.A., but the sky is the limit to be perfectly honest!"

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