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25 Jun 2018 18:38 #60007 by andyf
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Looks like Sony wants another Spider-Man spinoff. Amy Pascal of Sony pictures is overseeing a film based around Cindy Moon aka Silk

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25 Jun 2018 19:01 - 25 Jun 2018 19:03 #60010 by kikass2014
Replied by kikass2014 on topic Silk from Sony
Not holding my breath tbh.

Like WB and their DCEU, they just keep announcing films to stay relevant.

Didn't Sony announce a Silver Sable & Black Cat film?  And also Sinister Six?  Nothing more was heard about those as far as I can remember.

Sony have a history of cocking everything they do up (apart from their Playstation division).

When it comes to comic-book films, there is only one boss.  And I'm thoroughly looking forward to Wasp and Captain Marvel next year :) 

Just my 2 cents.


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25 Jun 2018 19:43 #60011 by erikphandel
Replied by erikphandel on topic Silk from Sony
To be honest if they make it an animated movie like they're doing with their Miles Morales movie, it could work. The trailers we have been getting from Sony's animated Spidey look amazing. If they're live action I'm not even gonna bother

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26 Jun 2018 00:04 #60013 by TwiceOnThursdays
Replied by TwiceOnThursdays on topic Silk from Sony
I ignore movies until there is a screenwriter, an actual draft of the movie, a director, and a main star.  THere are so many properites that drift into limbo never to be made, or suddenly pop forth again. There as even traction on Y the Last Man recently, and they finally made Good Omens (both had sat around forever).

I consider the Sony movie plans to be nothing until they at least have a director and star -- until then it's just hot air.

This would make a fantastic animated film.  You'd think comic book fans would be partial to animation.  I guess we'll see with the upcoming animated Spider-Man movie.

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