SHH Poll (Semi On-Topic)

18 Dec 2006 15:30 #7672 by lfan
SHH Poll (Semi On-Topic) was created by lfan
Interesting poll currently being run on right now, asking for your favorite "superhero movie" of the year. My Super Ex-Girlfriend is in there (lagging terribly), hence the "semi on topic" comment.

What I find most interesting was that SM Returns is #1 -- well, almost interesting is the fact they called Casino Royale a superhero movie. I thought the movie was solid SFX wise, and the cast (esp. Superman, LL, and Lois's BF) did an admirable job, but the storyline and plot sucked ass.

While I know a lot of fanboys dissed X3, I thought it was far superior with its "surprises and shocking twists" (e.g. kill Prof X) being far cooler that SM's surprises (Superboy?!?!?! Oy!)

Just wanted to see what everyone else thought....of course, if you voted and though SxG was the best, I cannot complain either! :P


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