Pre-Order Digital Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

21 Sep 2010 14:06 #20369 by lfan
If you've been to the Update Tracker, you'll notice this god-awful, obtrussive ad for SMBM:A. Well, the reason is three-fold:

1) Want to promote the purchase of said movie to support it
2) Times are tight and trying to recoup some costs for this site to keep it goin
3) I'm still trying to figure out how to make it 'less obtrussive' and more integrated

As for #2, you might see more ad banners and widgets popping up from time to time, especially once the redesign is complete (more on that later), but it is necessary to help defray some costs for the site. The costs are not a lot, but then again neither is the money I'm expecting to recoup (if any). Just be aware that 100% of any money made go back to the SWM community in the form of hosting fees (SWM) or public commissions (with any money left over).

SO....if you were thinking of ordering/buying Apocalypse, I'd simply ask you buy via the link on the tracker page to help support SWM.


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