Hello Megan

22 Jan 2011 16:29 #21309 by Woodclaw
Hello Megan was created by Woodclaw
I just watch the first episode of the new Young Justice cartoon, it looks ok.

Since the rooster includes Miss Martian I was hoping for some serious ubergirl scene. So far she displayed flight, telepathy, telekinesis and some shapeshifting. Given her martian physiology she should be super-strong too, let's keep up hope.

(also let's keep up hope that the author will eventually got around the legal complications about having Wonder Girl in the show)

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23 Jan 2011 14:15 #21318 by jimbob
Replied by jimbob on topic Re: Hello Megan
I was quite impressed. Especially since she was barely in the first 2 eps at all, and seemed to be a generic female character from the looks of it. She proved to be quite on the ball despite her apparantly ditziness early on.

According to the website info she does have superstrength, but she's only the 3rd physically strongest member of the team, after Superboy and Aqualad. But powerwise she's the strongest since she's got like 5 powers to everyone elses 1 or 2. And she's not hit her peak yet either.

Wondergirl was cleared to appear too. But since they've already been in production for awhile before that worked out, she won't be showing up any time soon. Not till the end of the season supposedly.

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