Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment finally give lady superheroes

23 Apr 2015 07:35 #41644 by fats
hi all,

For years, fans of all ages and genders have lamented the lack of love for female superheroes. From Gamora to Wonder Woman, it’s been an uphill slog to find toys or TV shows that showcase lady heroes.

But after all the Twitter hashtags and grassroots activism, change is in the air. Just now, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment announced their launch of “DC Super Hero Girls,” which is exactly what it says on the tin.


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23 Apr 2015 07:44 #41645 by ArgentDragon
Cautiously optimistic here. Marvel tried the whole 'heroine high school' thing a few years back and it wasn't all that great. DC had a good thing with SBFF, but cancelled it when they cancelled Young Justice (ironically cancelling YJ becasue they said they couldn't sell action figures to girls...)

What would give me more confidence here is if they announced Lauren Faust heading this whole thing up.

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23 Apr 2015 10:14 #41646 by castor
Ahh who knows.

I mean things like Young Justice wanted to sell toys. Hell something like Transformers was primarily constructed to do that. But for these lines there was a lot of thought and effort put into the TV show and comic side of things right off the bat.

This sounds like 90 percent a toyline.

Which you know is O.K. There are plenty of toys out there. And if Mattel wants to do a line of them featuring Supergirl et all why not. I suspect there going to do pretty good and some of the ideas in the press release are laudabile. This does look a touch like there sanding the edges off a bit off there characters in order to sell to very young kids-which i am not sure you have to do...but well i don't make toys for a iving.

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23 Apr 2015 17:24 #41650 by ArgentDragon
So, after some sleep and some consideration, I'm going to flip my original assessment and say that this is probably going to be pretty good. It's actually something that I've been saying DC & Mattel should be doing already: a DC heroine version of Monster High & Ever After High. The tie-in animation for Ever After High is actually very well written, giving more hope that this project will be something awesome.

Going in the mold that similar series go in, here's how I think the character line-up is going to shake out:

Diana: The POV character/new girl at school.
Kara: The athletic girl
Babs: the super-studious girl
Karen (Bumblebee): the shy girl
Harley: the crazy/silly girl (duh)
Ivy: the glamorous/fashionable girl
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