On and Off-topic Smallville Spoilers ('Supergirl' Mention)

12 Feb 2007 15:58 #8311 by lfan
From (KryptonSite by way of C2F):

Will Pete Ross Come Back? Plus: Bizarro, The Costume, Supergirl & More!

Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar appeared at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, and Tabby from Allison Mack Online has given us a little tidbit: the producers would like to bring Pete Ross (played by Sam Jones III) back to the show at some point.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sifaria, some more details:

- We may get Bizarro Clark or at least another adventure with a split Clark by the end of the season. (Another April Fool comes true!)

- We may see Supergirl. The producers are interested in "playing with as many toys in the DC toybox" as they can as long as a story fits them. Sadly, we won't be seeing Batman or Wonder Woman as long as DC restrictions hold.

- We will definitely NOT be seeing "Tommy Tights" (aka Welling in the costume) on Smallville. Bummer.

- We can expect to see the "Lionel reads Kryptonian" bits play out by the Season 6 finale.


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13 Feb 2007 06:23 #8317 by Random321
Hmm. Well that's okay news I guess.

I don't think Welling sells the evil character. It's not bad, it just doesn't work for me when I watch it. When I watch him it doesn't seem natural, it's as if he's a blank slate, there is *nothing* going on behind his eyes. He's very blah for me.

Supergirl: well okay. However, I just know it's going to come off as a last ditch gymic to save ratings. There is no way they'll start to build SG in the way they could/should now instead they'll wait till it's too late. So i fear it will be rushed and not done right. Maybe she will get her own fresh series out of it however. :)

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