(SPOILERS)Jessica Jones is out now on Netflix!

11 Dec 2015 20:04 #45624 by castor
Let me start out by saying i am not the biggest fan of modern Serialized TV. Never got into the wire, or breaking bad or any of what one may call pure Serialized Shows. Did like Lost but that i think was doing something diffrent(the big secret of Lost was that it was a very old fashioned one off drama show ala love american style)
I liked the idea of this show a lot-i liked lots of parts of it....So what i came down to in the end was-i didn't want to watch 13 hours of this.
The idea is great. There are four basic challenges to a character Physical, pyschological Mental and societal. Jessica is a Pysically powerful character not particuarly powerful ubergirl. Kilgrave was fundemtally incredibbly powerful pyschologically . That does make for an intresting villian you can't just punch.
As a guy who writes Ubergirls stories which tend to play around with these ideas of placing characters in situations where thats the idea i can get behind that.
Ritter is great as the star-she whould make a great Ubergirl, and if Jones does feel a bit to "Hot Messy" for my tastes, it works for her as someone who is tough and smart, and powerful, and is doing something with a good dollop of humor that works. I like how they never really defined what her powerset was(which is true from the comics) which gave it fun momments.
David Tennant is easily the best villian i have seen in any marvel project ever- MCU what ever and you could make an argument about Comics in general (i will admit didn't watch the x men first class movies but don't think anything there is to stop it). As someone put it online "Hes Gammergate the character", the entitled fanboy who doesn't really understand the world but doesn't really have to a grownup child who seems genuinely puzzled about all the fuss around him. Hes good at using the charm to if not make this sympathetic internally so. however i think we saw to much of him..
Casue around episode 7 i felt like i was checking my watch here.
This would have made a great lower budget movie-hell if they spent exactly the same and made this be two hours it would have been fantastic. If they edited it into a 2 hour version you could have more or less told the same story and it would have been fine.
The problem was there was no second act here really worth it. Killgrave does something awful-yep. And then he does it agian. She tries something to stop it, and it fails-and over and over. The last couple of episodes felt like they where trying to raise the stakes but it never changed.
And the stuff they put around her to fill it out-the lesbian divorce stuff felt meladromatic . The abortion subplot was well done in a 2015 sence but yeah thats a cheer point. Cage was likable but as a fan of the character it just seemed to neutered. They got his charm but not his Mercenary nature down-which you know there. I think in a better series they could have done more.
If they had given Killgrave more villians-or someone like say a Titantia, or other character to really trade punches with her, or a mental villian, or just something *diffrent* that could work. there was a conversation on here recently how every week on supergirl it feels like a diffrent show and shes facing a diffrent internal and external threat. Yes.
The special effects are better then say Powers(which was terrible) but never great. the jumping looked hella fake, the strength stuff better, and at times more clever then supergirl, but never all that good. The fighting was fine...but...
Daredevil was a better show as at least did stuff-the triangle stuff, Foggy, Making the Kingpin in love, and the episodes that weren't on that felt diffrent and....
There is tremendious potential here-and i kind hope they do it better next time...but yeah.

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