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Monday, 10 June 2024 03:22

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Hi all,

In a week's time, I'm going to launch the dev version of the site, it will be 95% complete, maybe more, I'll upload it and leave it up for 2 weeks for people to find any bugs, if all is good then I will be looking at the full transfer to the new site.

A few things people will need to know.

  1. There will be no PMs from the current site, the component that the PM system is based on is no longer being developed, and it has not been updated in nearly 7 years.
  2. In terms of the site's appearance it will be missing a few graphics and the site font will be different, the graphics will be returning, but I don't know if the font will be, that is something that I've not decided on
  3. There will be a dark version of the site, it's taken a lot of time to code but I think that I have it coded correctly.
  4. the old galleries will not be coming back, I'm unable to find them on any of the backup hard drives and I think that they may be on a DVD somewhere but I have thousands of the things so that could be an issue trying to find.
  5. so with that in mind, this will be the best time for people to create their new gallery, i'll create a separate post about that shortly.

I'll keep you all up to date with any changes and hopefully, people will like the changes to the new site.


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