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Turnabout Is Fair Play – Chapters 05-08

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Turnabout Is Fair Play

By Ace191


In seconds Lois was hovering in the middle of an Artic blizzard with sixty mile an hour winds. Despite being clad only in her sexy skimpy outfit, she was as comfortable as could be. She remembered the last time she came up here with Superman and nearly froze her butt off despite a down parka and big snow boots.

She lifted the huge yellow key and carefully flew to the giant door on the ready in case Clark really did have a few surprises in store for her. She put it in the lock and turned the key as she had seen Superman do many times before. She flew slowly backwards and the door opened. She turned the key back, removed it from the lock and returned it to its original position. So far, so good she thought.

She flew in the door and closed it from the inside. The fortress glowed with its usual strange indirect light. Lois landed right in front of the Supercomputer as she eyed the control panel. She knew that Superman always pushed several buttons at super speed to start it, but which buttons in which sequence? Using her x-ray vision she started to scan the machine. Focusing ever smaller, she was able to actually look at every 1 and 0 on each micro-chip. Using her new super mind, she quickly located which part of which chip held the security code. After a minute or two, she deduced the proper five button 125 sequence code which had to be entered in less than seven seconds. Six seconds later, the machine sprang to life.

“I’m in!” shouted Lois. But as the screen came up, her grin quickly turned to a frown. What the hell language is that, thought Lois. Kryptonese, she realized, but how what she going to decipher this? She thought for a moment and then remembered where she had seen this before. She flew 40 feet to her left to get a good look at the Krypton Room. There at the entrance was a plaque describing Superman’s Voyage to Earth, the right side in English, the left in Kryptonese. A perfect Rosetta stone, thought Lois. Time to get to work!

It took her about ten minutes before she could start to read his files. By, thirty, she was fluent and was scanning at an ever increasing rate of speed.

Smallville really wrote down every boring detail. About the only thing he missed was when he went to the bathroom and if it was a one or a two.

He clearly was the most concerned with Brainiac, as he had the largest files on him. He literally had run thousands of “What if” scenario’s on him.

She got to Myx’s file and got several chuckles out of it as Clark had described several predicaments and his eventual triumphs over each one. It gave Lois a much better insight into who this funny little man was and how she might handle him.

Lois had saved her own file for last. She had always wondered if Superman had ever used his x-ray vision to peek at her. She started to blush as she read of the things he had watched her do. That dirty little super pervert, I can’t believe he watched me do that!

Her cute blush turned to an angry red as she read the next passage.

“I have perfected a serum that can give any earthling superpowers including Lois. I thought briefly about giving it to her, but then I thought the better of it. As she is not from Krypton, she would be invulnerable to Kryptonite making her even more powerful than I am. She could use Gold K to strip me of my powers or even kill me with Green K. She could then make herself the Super-Queen of Earth and no one could ever stop her. For the sake of all the peoples of Earth, I cannot allow this to ever happen.”

That Super-Bastard! All these years he has been telling me that he loved me and wished he could be with me if only there was a way I could be safe from his enemies. A burning fire started to glow deep down inside Lois that would become a raging inferno as she read on.

“I once made the mistake of telling her that I had developed this serum, but then I told her that it would only work on people with Type A blood, not Type O as she had. And the dummy believed me. She is so predictable. I knew she would try to take it anyway so I switched it at super speed and she gulped the whole thing down. What an idiot, but at least she is easy on the eyes!”

So that’s all he thinks of me, just some DUMB skirt!

Lois couldn’t decide if she should streak back to Metropolis and start tearing him apart finger by finger and then work her way up or if she should just use her heat vision to torture him instead.

Now, now, Lois, what is your motto? Don’t get mad, get even, and you are never even until you are one up! Besides, you will be meeting Mr. M in a short while and after all you have learned, you don’t want to blow that.

She quickly formulated her plan. She walked into the lab and retrieved the steel tube containing the super serum. She wrapped it in foam rubber and put them both in the pouch of her cape. “You never know when this might come in handy.” she thought to herself.

She shut down the computer and headed back for Metropolis.



She cruised over the suburbs until she found was she was looking for. A beautiful park in one of the oldest and nicest parts of town. She landed unseen in a clump of bushes next to an old light pole. She tried to use her x-ray vision to look inside but was unable too. Perfect she thought. Just old enough to have been painted a couple of times with lead based paint, but new enough to still be working. She looked at the special screws that held the electric box cover on the light pole. Lois scanned the area and found a piece of steel from an old swing set a foot below the surface. Casually, she reached into the ground and pulled it out, being careful to replace the dirt and to hide the fact that the ground had ever been disturbed. Using her heat vision, she quickly turned the old bar into red hot molten steel that did not even singe her invulnerable hands. She quickly rolled the hot steel into the special tool that she would need to remove the screws. A quick shot of super-breath to cool it and she was ready to go.

The screws were old and rusted, but no match for a quick touch of heat vision and a flick of a super wrist. She carefully removed the screws and then the plate. She took out the super serum from the pouch in her cape still wrapped inside the foam rubber. Lois reached up inside the pole with her arm and placed the precious package two feet above the box.

Carefully she replaced the cover and the screws. Not too tight now Lois, as the next time you try to remove them, you may not have the strength that you do now.

It was getting late and she still had work to do. On her way back to the Planet she found the perfect place to hide the tool. Using her cape, she was careful to wipe her fingerprints off it as she had done with the plate at the park. Once it was concealed, she zipped back to the Planet and slipped out of her costume.

The evening flashed by and before long it was 7:55. Lois shut down her computer and headed for an unused office with an outside window. She had tampered with the doorknob earlier so that only someone with super strength could open it, everyone else would just think that it was locked. She quickly changed and hid her Lois disguise just in case. In a second, she was off to the restaurant.

She walked up to the Maître d’. He was a sleazy greasy weasel of a young man in his late twenties with a snooty attitude. The only reason that he still worked there was because his step father owned the place and his mother insisted that he be employed there as he couldn’t keep any other job.

Lois walked up to him and said “I would like a table for two please, non-smoking”

“And your name”


“I’m sorry but I don’t see a reservation under that name. Under another name perhaps?”

“Do you know who I am?”

“I think so. You are some chick dressed up in a Halloween costume that thinks she can con a table and a free meal out of us.”

“I think we should discuss this matter further in private” and with that, Lois using her left hand put a vice like grip on his right elbow and escorted him into a nearby hall. Once there, she released her left hand while grabbing his jaw with her right. She hoisted him into the air pinning him against a wall just below the ceiling. She then slowly floated up until she was at his eye level.

“Let’s get a couple of things straight here. Number one, I am NOT some chick in a Halloween costume. Do you understand?”

Vince tried to answer but could not.

“Nod if you understand.”

Vince bobbed his head up and down as best he could while hanging on for dear life with both hands on her right arm.

“Number two, you will never, ever address me or anyone else in such a disrespectful tone of voice again.”

He shook his head from side to side indicating that he never would.

“And third, for putting me through this aggravation you will provide your best table and your finest service for my guest and me at no charge. And if anyone has a problem with that, you will offer to pay our bill out of your own salary.”

Once again, Vince bobbed his head up and down in agreement.

Lois slowly lowered Vince and herself to the floor. “I am ready to be seated now.”

“Right, right right away Miss Superwoman.” Vince stammered. Trembling and shaking Vince started to lead Lois to their best VIP table. Just then, Mxy joined them.

“Problems with our reservation, Superwoman?”

“No problem, at least not now.” she replied.

Vince led them to a private window booth with a beautiful view of the city. “Will this be satisfactory, Miss Superwoman?”

“Yes quite”

Vince quickly spoke to the other employee and in seconds a small army of waiters were at their beck and call.



Their orders taken, Mark the head waiter and wine steward returned to their table. “I would like to tell you what an honor it is for me to serve you and your special guest tonight, Superwoman. I had been saving this Lafitte Rothschild 53 for a special occasion, and I cannot conceive of any occasion more special than this.”

Lois had always enjoyed the taste of fine wine, but she could never afford it. The price and the calories were just too much for her and she did not handle alcohol very well either. None of these would be concerns tonight. She was definitely starting to enjoy her new celebrity status.

Mark decanted the wine after displaying the cork to her. She took a sip and said “this is absolutely divine Mark, thank you ever so much. Perhaps sometime I can do something extra special for you.”

Mark could not believe what she had just said. He tried to be professional but could not hide the emerging grin on his face. At a loss for words he finally managed to get out “I am so glad that it pleases you, Superwoman.”

As he walked away from the table, he started to imagine just what sort of extra special treat the most incredible female in the world might have in mind for him. Lost in his fantasy thoughts, he promptly tripped on a step and embarrassingly crashed onto the floor.

“Really, Superwoman, flirting with the help?”

“Is there someone else here that you would prefer me to flirt with” she asked coyly.

Smart and incredibility sexy Mxy thought, what a combo! Might as well find out what’s on her mind. “Why did you ask me here tonight Superwoman?”

“Several reasons” she answered. “First, I wanted to thank you for giving me a chance to turn the tables on Clark. For years he has been using his superpowers to take advantage of me. He has taken my heart without ever having any honorable intentions. He has lied to me for years and has consistenly used his powers to gain a professional advantage over me. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity to see him so much more clearly and provide me with a chance to teach him a much overdue lesson.”

“Second, I have always been somewhat of an adventurer. Clark’s idea of a good time is to go to a barn in Kansas somewhere and cut hay or do whatever it is they do there. I on the other hand, am thrilled by visiting new places and experiencing new sensations. You are probably one of the most well traveled individuals in the Galaxy and the truth is, I had hoped tonight that you might share some of your adventures with me.” She knew from his files that he had a big ego and she really hoped he would take the bait.

“Who really wants to know, Superwoman or the Daily Planet?”

“Whomever you wish to tell it to, Mxy.” Great he had taken the bait Lois thought to herself.

The dinner was fabulous, but even better was Mxy’s stories of all the places and dimensions that he had visited. Lois could not believe all the things that he said he had done with his magic. Could any one being really possess that much power she wondered? She had to admit to herself that she was becoming very attracted to him. Power was a definite sexual attraction, as was his tremendous knowledge of the Galaxy. Talk about being a man of the world! He was a man of the Universe!

Abruptly, one of his most fantastic stories was interrupted by a flash of intense white light. Lois turned her head as the man with the camera said “Now how about one of you two cuddling together for the Weekly World Enquirer?”

Before the camera could flash again Lois’ eyes did. A burst of her powerful heat vision sent a glob of molten plastic and metal along with several charred fingers to the floor. Before he could take a breath to scream, a small puff of Superwoman’s breath sent him flying across the room crashing into a beautiful picture window. Unfortunately, Lois had been just a little too perturbed by his rude invasion of their privacy and the window exploded as his cartwheeling body shot through it. Seconds later, his shattered lifeless corpse lay on the sidewalk as a shower of broken glass rained down on it.

I bet Madonna and a few other Celebs wished that they could do that Lois chuckled to herself.

Mxy looked at Lois. What an incredible female. In all his travels he had never encountered another like her. Beautiful, sexy, alluring and yet she had a balanced sense of right and wrong. She would stand up for the weak and helpless, and yet one crossed her at their own peril. Unlike the Boy Scout who was afraid of hurting a flea, she was not afraid to flex her super muscles if the situation warranted. And there was something else that he just could not explain. She had a certain fire that he was finding extremely attractive.

Mark watched this scene with horror. How could the staff have let a Paparazzi come into the restaurant and disturb an otherwise wonderful evening for their most important guest ever? And how was this going to affect Superwoman’s feelings toward him? Damage control time Mark.

“Superwoman, I am terribly terribly sorry for that rude intrusion. On behalf or Rocco’s please accept our sincerest apologies.”

Lois looked at Mark closely. She could tell that he was sincere and he really was pretty cute. “Apology accepted Mark.” She knew that guys just loved it when you remembered their names.

“Now who is ready for dessert? May I suggest our famous hot chocolate chip frying pan Sundae?”

“That’s very sweet of you Mark, but I think that we would just like to just sit and talk for awhile. Could you bring us two cups of your best coffee?”

“Right away, Superwoman”.

“Now Mxy, you were saying?”



Clark was just about to leave work for the night when the call came in. Some man had crashed through a window and fallen to his death at 23rd Avenue and Belmont. Wasn’t Rocco’s in the 2200 block of Belmont? He knew he should have gone there tonight, but the truth was, he had been afraid to. Now he had to go.

He ran outside and hailed a cab. It was not much more than a 10 minute ride but by that time most likely reporters from every news outlet in the city would be there.

When he got there, the police already had the area roped off. He asked one of the gawkers what happened. “Rumor is that Superwoman got mad at some guy and tossed him out the window.”

Great Scott, this just couldn’t be true could it? Had Lois broken his most sacred code? Had she deliberately taken a human life? What could the man have possibly done to her that would warrant killing him? He had to get to the bottom of this.


“Oh Mxy, you are just too much” Lois said.

“I just hope that you will use a little discretion as to what appears in the Planet Superwoman”

“Mxy, let’s go out for some fresh air.”

“After you, Milady.”

Lois rose from their table and took his left hand in her right as she walked across the room with him floating just behind. Mxy could not help but notice the sway of her hips and the rhythmic to and fro motion of her skirt in perfect rhythm with her gait. She stopped in front of the huge hole in the picture window and gave Mxy an alluring look that would have melted any other male on the Planet. She flexed her arm until her hand and his just touched her Right breast. Arm in arm, they slowly flew out the window and rose into the night sky.


Clark was trying to get through the police line when the motion above attracted his attention. He looked up in disbelief as he saw the pair slowly flying off in close formation. “Great Rao! That looks like another disaster in the making!” thought Clark.


Lois was flying in a position that she had practiced earlier in the day. Her left arm was extended as she held her stomach in tightly. Her speed and angle of attack were such that her caped billowed and the wind filled out her hair making it seem to come alive. Her skirt clung tightly to her hips while it gently swayed in the breeze. Her efforts were not lost on Mxy and he was excitedly taking in the view.

Within a few minutes they arrived at her apartment. Lois flew in though the sliding glass door that she had left open earlier. She closed the door and silently walked over to her couch. She smoothed her skirt with her left hand and sat down putting her right hand onto her right thigh. Mxy sat down beside her.

He spoke first. “A superwoman like you should live in a palace, not an apartment like this. Please let me fix this for you.”

“Anywhere can be a castle as long as a Queen has her King.” and with that, Lois bent down and kissed him firmly on the lips.

Her kiss was thrilling and exciting, but there was something more as well. There was an exotic fragrance in the air that filled Mxy’s senses. He had heard tales of Kyptonian females giving off powerful pheromones when sexually excited but had never believed it until now. And if ordinary Kyptonian females gave off these scents, what type of chemical signals would a Super Kyptonian Female give off? He was pretty sure that he was going to find out shortly.

Mxy responded to her kiss and kissed her back. He gently stroked her right breast which began to excite Lois. Mxy knew from her ever stronger scent that she was becoming more and more sexually aroused. Her intoxicating pheromones were the sweetest dessert that any male had ever experienced.

Lois broke off their kiss and looked at him lovingly. She gently cradled him in her arms and slowly flew him into her bedroom laying him carefully on her bed. Hovering just over him, she gave him a big passionate kiss.

“Can you give me a minute or two Mxy?”

“Of course Lois”

She slowly flew backwards and returned to her feet. She turned and walked to her bathroom while Mxy again took in the view of her swaying Skirt and hips.

In her bathroom, she took her cape off, unbuckled her belt and let her skirt slip to the floor. She stepped out of it and placed in on the counter. She then stepped out of her leotard and ran her hands down her panty hose to her boots which she quickly removed. She peeled her panty hose off and then put two ankle high nylon footies on. She stepped back into her boots and skirt and snapped her belt buckle closed.

She looked at her now scantily clad incredible super body and thought to herself, “not bad Lois but you need one more thing.” She reached into her jewelry box and pulled out an old large gold necklace. She focused her heat vision on it and working at super speed molded it into just was she wanted. She picked up her cape and secured it with her modified necklace. She looked at herself in the mirror and touched up her makeup more out of habit than need. Perfect she thought.

Her cape was held on with her new gold necklace. Over her right shoulder was a clip with the famous “S” shield, over her left was a clip with a “W” shield both connected by her round gold necklace. Her incredible perfect breasts stood at attention as her chest tapered down to her tiny waist. Her red miniskirt just covered what it needed to while her high heeled boots enhanced her gorgeous legs.

She slowly walked back into her bedroom. Nearing her bed, she gently rose into the air while rotating forward to a horizontal position. With her body out straight, she hovered three feet above Mxy and paused for a few seconds to allow him to take in the full effect. She then slowly rotated down as both her nipples just touched his chest as their lips met.

Like Johnny Cash sang about, Mxy had been everywhere, but he had never seen anything like Lois hovering above him. Her incredible scent filled the room and he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life. When her lips and breasts touched him, he felt more alive and excited that he ever thought possible. Her kisses were thrilling, her skin so soft, her hair so full and silky and those incredible buns of steel!

Lois started to kiss him on the neck, then his chest followed by his abdomen.

Oh no! She wasn’t going to continue moving down was she?

Lois was getting very excited. She wanted him in her now. As she got down to his penis, it was only three inches long. This will never do she thought, time to see what a super girl can do.

Moments later, they were both more than ready.

Lois could not believe the 10 inch titanium like shaft she was looking at. She rose up into the air and gently floated down. It felt wonderful inside her. She started thrusting up and down getting more and more pleasure with each gyration. The faster she went, the better it felt. She tried to control herself, but she couldn’t and before long she was moving at incredible super speed. She had often tried to imagine what super sex with Clark might feel like, but this, this was well beyond her wildest dreams.

And then it happened. Her rate suddenly slowed as her super vagina took over. Incredibly powerful contractions now emanated from it and she no longer had any voluntary control. Unbelievable waves of pleasure washed over her and all she could do was fall to her elbows with Mxy’s head lodged between her fabulous breasts.

Mxy could not believe what Lois was doing to him. In all the universe he had never encountered a female capable of pleasing him like this. It took almost all his will Power to resist Lois’ super gyrations but even he could not handle the contractions of her unbelievable pleasure palace. With his tiny hands he gripped her buns of steel and came with all his might. It was the most fantastic, most pleasurable experience he had ever known. Yes, this certainly was turning out to be the best trip ever to the little blue planet!

Slowly, her powerful contractions began to subside and she felt her super vagina griping tightly mxy’s now limp organ. Carefully, she cradled one arm around his upper back and one over his tush. She lifted up into air, rotated 180 degrees and then lowered herself back down to the bed. She was basking in the most incredible glow any female had ever known. Lois had heard of women describing the earth moving, but for her, the universe had moved! She looked at the little man who had done so much for her and she wanted to give him an extra special thank you. She wrapped her legs around him and gently rubbed his buns with the sides of her super boots. She caressed his upper back with her hand as she offered her left breast to him.

Mxy had been to many dimensions, but he would always remember this as the pleasure one. The fluid from her breast was the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted. Why had he never thought about giving her these powers before? In that moment he knew one thing. He wanted her with him always.

He finished suckling both her breasts and somehow found the strength to lift his head and gaze at her beautiful face. God, she was incredible.

“Lois, there are so many things I want to say to you, so many places I want you to see and so many experiences I want to share with you. Please come with me and join me in my travels.”

Lois was still basking in her incredible afterglow. The words he spoke brought tears of joy to her eyes. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Mxy, I would go with you anywhere. There is just one thing. The earth has always been my home. The only friends I have ever known are here. Could you please grant me just one little wish? I am afraid that if I leave, I will miss them terribly and they me.”

Mxy waved his hand and said: “My beautiful princess, you may have any wish that your heart desires”

Lois made her wish and smiled, and then they both drifted off to sleep locked in her powerful embrace.

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