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Deep Down Inside - Part 08

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"Did you just hit her, asshole?" Vicky had advanced into the center of the court and stood eye to eye with Pimply Yellow Shirt. "She isn't ready to fight you yet. But you'd better believe I am."

"Good," he said, delivering an uppercut to Vicky's stomach. A thud could be heard, but there was no expression of pain on Vicky's face. Pimply Yellow shirt pulled his hand back in pain. "Jesus, that was like hitting a wall."

"Those were my abs you hit. To you, they probably feel hard as rocks. In fact, all my muscles are that hard." Vicky prepared to flex a bicep. "You have no idea how hard it's been for me to have muscles like this for days now and not be able to use them." Vicky struck a double biceps pose, sending a riot of muscle climbing skyward. Her biceps expanded to the size of volleyballs and had the look of sculpted steel. A murmur of fear went up between the guys.

"I don't want to fight you anymore..." the Pimply Yellow Shirt offered carefully.

"Oh, but I want you to. You have no idea how much I've been fantasizing about this moment," Vicky teased, delivering a uppercut of her own. The look on Vicky's face was effortless and casual, but the punch was not. Her opponent rose off the ground, coming down with a thus, blood dripping out of in his mouth.

"This isn't fair," he nearly pleaded.

Vicky grabbed him by the upper arm lifted him clear in the air like a rag doll. "I didn't ask your opinion," she growled as she slammed him onto his back. The floor shook. "Now get up and give me your best shot, before I get... annoyed."

The guy scrambled to his feet slowly and gathered his wits. Moments later he had launched a punch at her face. But Vicky's left arm moved in a blur, and suddenly she had captured his fist in her own hand.

"See ladies, here's one thing that's really cool. We are like, really really fast." A cracking sound was heard as Vicky's hand closed on his, apparently crushing some of the bones in his fist. "And obviously really, really strong," she giggled. "Take another shot," Vicky ordered, releasing the guy.

He did not reply apart from some shocked and painful sounds as he cradled his ruined hand.

"Now!" Vicky ordered. "And make it good or your whole body will hurt like that."

Pimply Yellow Shirt tried to swing at her with his good hand, but the blow was slow and halfhearted. Vicky easily caught his fist. "That sucked," she tsked, grabbing his upper arm in the process. "And now you'll pay for it." Vicky's arm muscles flared as she lifted his 200-pound mass and launched it at the stands 20 feet away. He hit them with a crash, slumping over and falling ominously silent.

"OK," Vicky chirped, turning to the four increasingly terrified guys that remained. "Who's next?"

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" Sandy Hair Red Shirt shouted, turning on his heels to run. Tall With Glasses went after him.

Vicky turned to the two remaining guys. "I'm going to let your friends go for now, but they will pay for their cowardice. But you stay. If you run, I'll kill you. Clear?" They nodded, petrified expression on their faces.

{{Kim, bring me a few folding chairs}} Vicky thought. {{We need to restrain one of our new friends.}}

{{Uh, Vicky,}} came Kim's horrified reply. {{What happens when the cops find out what happened to that guy?}} Kim hauled two folding chairs onto the court and began setting them up.

"No, not like, that," Vicky said out loud, "give the chair to me." She took the chair. "Like this." Holding the chair on both ends, she bent it like it was no stiffer than a piece of wet spaghetti. Tammy couldn't believe what she was seeing -- such strength, combined with such sexiness. Tammy found a wet spot forming down below. Damn it, Tammy thought, back in my new body for only 30 minutes and I already need a fuck.

Approaching Asian-Looking Guy, Vicky further deformed the chair, wrapping it around his torso like a straightjacket. Tammy heard him say something like, "what the fuck?" but Vicky ignored him as if he wasn't there. Noticing the aghast expressions, both on the faces of the boys and the girls, Vicky offered factually, {{We're not just strong. We're ridiculously fucking strong. Ladies, want to take a shot?}}

{{How?}} Kim asked uncertainly.

"There is no 'how' the power is already inside of you. Just relax and believe in it."

Tammy tried to do so. With her eyes closed, she instantly felt her muscles breathe a sigh of relief. Then, they almost seemed to inhale -- like a thirsty person who had finally found water -- taking a deep draught of strength, speed, and endurance. Tammy suddenly felt like a million bucks.

"God, I feel like I could crush a house," Tammy regaled.

"I know," Kim agreed. "I feel like I'm as strong as a whole football team."

"I think you are," Vicky giggled, as she grabbed Handsome Grey Shirt, the one who had not yet been wrapped in the folding chair. "I was able to make our muscles much more efficient. Normal human mitochondria is about 2 micrometers long, and I was able to get our mitochondria down to one fourteenth of that size. So that means you are about fourteen times stronger than you look, and you look pretty athletic, baby."

"Holy shit," was all that Kim could reply.

It was only then that Tammy bothered to search the room for Louisa. She was sitting on the front row of bleachers, arms folded on her lap, looking nervous. "I'm sorry," she explained. "I guess I'm really tense. I tried to relax or feel my power or whatever, but I can't."

"That's ok, baby," Vicky reassured. "There's no rush. You've been through a lot in the last few days. Your time will come."

Vicky motioned towards the folding chair that sat a Kim's feet. "OK, enough of the sad shit. Try those muscles out! Can you bend that like I did?"

Kim grabbed the folding chair at the ends. Her muscles flared only slightly as she applied pressure to the metal, which resisted only momentarily before instantly buckling. "Wow," Kim exclaimed, "I didn't even have to try!" Experimentally, Kim twirled one of the legs of the chair around her hand, and it easily complied, again like spaghetti. She then wrapped it around Handsome Grey Shirt.

With both guys straightjacketed in metal, both of the recently altered girls looked at Vicky uneasily. "Uh, what happens now?" Tammy asked.

"Whatever we want."


"This guy hit you during our altercation on the park the other day," Vicky said, hoisting Asian-Looking Guy. "What do you want to do to him?"

"I don't know," Tammy found herself saying. But something was stirring inside -- something about revenge. And it felt really, really good.

"You want to destroy him, don't you, Tammy? You want to break every bone in his body. Tell me yes or no."

Tammy pictured him as a broken, bloodied corpse. It brought a feeling of elation to her mind. The ends of her fingers tingled, and her sex re-awoke and began to send tantalizing waves of pleasure through her body. "Yes."

Vicky unwrapped the guy from his straight jacket, and he instantly began to back away.

"Nice. See how he's backing away from you in fear?"

"Yes. I like that," Tammy replied, anticipation in her voice. "I can't wait to destroy him."

Vicky turned to Asian-Looking Guy. "Give her your best shot."

"I don't want to fight anymore. She'll kick my ass."

"Damn right she will. Give her your best shot now-- on the face. And if it's anything less than your very hardest punch, I'll fold you like I did that chair." Vicky gestured to the mangled metal lying discarded on the ground.

"Vicky," Tammy interjected, "I don't know about this. What if he breaks my jaw?"

"You still don't get it, do you?"

Tammy saw him wind up and felt the blow arrive on her cheek, but it could hardly be described as painful. It was more like a tickle, and she would have thought he was screwing with her had not yelped in pain.

"Again," Vicky ordered. "At the abdomen"

The guy barreled hard into the cobblestones of Tammy's stomach. That blow too felt like a light tap, and it was combined with a cracking sound. That must have been his hand, she thought, as she saw a grimace cross his face. Seeing the agony on his face gave Tammy a warm feeling inside. Hurting people was fun!

"Wow," Tammy said reverently. "I feel like I'm made of granite. Are all guys this weak compared to me?"

"They are nothing compared to you. Now it's your turn to hit."

Tammy felt a rush of excitement run through her. Where the bloodlust came from, she had no idea. But her pussy ached with the anticipation of the havoc she was about to wreak. Tammy wound up a punch, aiming for his ribcage, and felt her arm explode into a piston of unreal power as she piled her fist into him. She heard several loud snaps her fist went through his ribs like they were nothing more than coffee stirrers.

Asian-Looking Guy gasped desperately for air. Winding up with her left hand, she delivered an uppercut to the stomach that produced an "OOOOFFF" as the air was knocked out of him. The punch was so hard that it lifted him clear off the ground, sending him eight feet into the air and came down with a thud.

Tammy slowly sauntered up to him, adding a sexy swagger to her walk. Even in her predatory state she knew she was unimaginably sexy. Hauling him to feet by his shirt, Tammy turned to Vicky with a look of expectation.

"Finish him."

Tammy smiled wickedly. "Shows what you get for fucking with me," she said, hauling off a deadly round house punch.



Kim squirmed with delight. When Vicky and Tammy had destroyed those two men, she thought she would have found it revolting, or at least distressing. But something deep inside -- perhaps that machine -- had clicked. Now the sight of the carnage sent a warm, tingly feeling throughout her body. These guys now seemed pathetic to her, and destroying them would be a huge turn on. The thought of it left her short of breath. "Um," Kim bit her lip sheepishly, "can I go next?"

A scream of panic and terror when up from the remaining guy, Handsome Grey Shirt. Still wrapped in his chair straightjacket, he had managed to scootch himself halfway across the court in a vain attempt to get away.

"Sure!" Vicky chirped, looking at the chair-wrapped guy on the floor halfway across the gym. "First I want to show you something really cool."


"I made some changes to your lungs too. When you breathe, you can actually compact the air. If we wanted to, we could suck all the air out of this building."

"Uh, that's really weird."

"I know, but I thought maybe it would come in handy. Try it," Vicky said, motioning to the chair-wrapped guy who continued to scootch himself away. "Inhale really deeply and see what it does to him."

"Uh, Ok, I'll try." Kim exhaled slightly and then began to inhale. Long after one would have thought her lungs to be full, the sound and feel of rushing air was only intensifying.

"Oh my god," Louisa exclaimed. "It's like a wind tunnel in here!"

Soon the sound of rushing air was a roar. Above their heads, ten large plate glass windows exploded inwards simultaneously. Papers and basketballs took to the air and flew in Kim's direction. And the on the ground, Handsome Grey Shirt started to slide back toward her. Kim smiled and redoubled her efforts. Soon, he took to the air as well, and Kim caught him by the chair with an outstretched hand.

"Wow, that's super cool," Kim observed, "It's like I'm super powerful!"

"Look," he begged. "I'm sorry about everything. But there's no way I want to fight her, or any of you."

"You will fight," Vicky ordered. "Or I will make it more painful for you."

"No, that's suicide. There's no way I'm going to hit her."

"OK, fine. Nobody is going to hit anybody this time. Kim, take off your sports bra," Vicky ordered. "I want to show you something else."

Kim did so, letting her massive boobs float free. She looked proudly down at them. And they were even more a sight to behold than those of the other three girls, jutting unapologetically from her chest like twin basketballs.

Handsome Grey Shirt was clearly affected by this display of female flesh. The unusual promise of no punches seemed to cast a ray of hope across his face.

Grabbing Handsome Grey Shirt's forearm, Vicky led him towards her friend. "This will show you to disagree with me."

Vicky placed his hand between Kim's boobs, and said simply, "Squeeze." Kim put one hand on each mammary and pressed them together. "No, really hard," Vicky continued.

Kim's triceps and pectoral muscles flared to massive proportions as she pressed her boobs together. Vicky released her grip on the guy's forearm and turned to address the other two. "It's not just that you can beat them at something normal, like a basketball or boxing match. You can also destroy them in crazy new ways, because every single part of you is vastly superior to every single part of them. Relative to the rest of your body, your boobs aren't particularly hard. But relative to a man," Vicky said almost with disdain, "they can seem as solid as a cinderblocks." Turning to Handsome Grey Shirt, she said, "try to get out."

He struggled to get free, but could not. Grunting, a look of panic returned to his face.

Vicky sauntered up to Kim, tucking an errant strand of walnut-colored hair behind her ear. Running a lazy hand down the hourglass of Kim's torso, Vicky put her mouth only a breath away from her friend's ear and whispered, "Break every bone in his hand."

A wicked smile crossed Kim's lips as she pressed her boob vice together. A chorus of cracking sounds could be heard.

"Oh, god, oh, bitch!!" came the involuntary reaction.

"Did you just call me a bitch?" Kim purred. "That's not the thing to say to me right now. I already broke a dozen bones in your hand. Let me see if I can break them all twice!" Her muscles flared even bigger and several times the cracking sounds could be heard. Blood was flowing down from between her tits before she ultimately released him. When it emerged, his hand was unrecognizable.

"How was that?" Vicky prodded.

"God, I feel so fucking powerful," Kim beamed as she traced a finger across her bloody bosom. "How was that for you," she purred, as she let her wet finger roam around one nipple. The nipple instantly exploded into full bloom.

"AARRRAGGHH", the guy groaned incoherently on the ground.

"Stop making all that noise," Kim chided as she squeezed her nipple, followed by a gasp of delight. "I'm incredibly turned on and you're killing my buzz."

"AAARRRGHGGN" was all Handsome Grey Shirt could say.

Kim turned to Vicky. "I'm going to kill him," she said casually.

"Just no punches," Vicky giggled. "We promised."

Kim evaluated her right leg with a critical eye, the harsh mercuric light of the gym doing nothing to diminish the sensuous, flowing lines of her thighs and claves. Impassively, she before cocked her leg back and delivered a ruinous kick. He sailed 25 feet in the air, hitting the backboard, falling to the basket and then tumbling to the ground with a thud.

"Wow," she observed, "even my legs --so strong, ridiculously good aim, in a word, perfect."


An eerie silence descended on the three girls as they stood unopposed on the basketball court, their powerful arms hanging at their sides.

"What about the other two?" Kim asked, clearly reveling in her new power. "Those were actually the ones that made fun of me during the wet t-shirt contest. I'd like to say hello to them."

"I agree," Tammy added. "But they are probably long gone."

"No, they're not." Vicky replied. "Listen."

Tammy had no idea what Vicky had in mind, but strained her ears nonetheless. Where first she heard only silence, her ears were suddenly flooded by a rush of sounds -- the scratching of a rat on the hard wood floors below, an evening lecture in the classroom building next door, the rustling of leaves on the trees outside, and, as clear as day, the sound of the pair of guys trying to escape the gym. "Dammit," Tammy heard one say, "this one is locked too." She heard the reply, too, "let's try the basement."

"Oh my god, that's so awesome. My hearing is like, super sensitive!" Tammy exclaimed.

"Cool!" Vicky replied. "That's an added feature I threw in as an afterthought. There's more where that came from."

"What do you mean?"

"Find out," Vicky grinned ,"Go hunt them down."


The corridors of the gymnasium appeared dark ahead, but Tammy's super-sensitive hearing give her some assurance that at least no one would sneak up on her from behind. Nonetheless, she proceeded cautiously. Her new abilities were only an hour old, and she didn't quite trust them yet.

She had started to wonder how she would ever find these individuals when an unusual scent hit her nose. She smelled something, or actually, it was two something's -- the scents of human sweat. Faint but nonetheless clear to her, each smell was distinct, and should could remember in her mind the individual guys associated with it. She had picked up their trail. It took Tammy a few moments to realize the significance of it. Tammy had always experienced odor as something that comes from an object only a few feet away. People were either stinky or they were clean-- that was all. But now, these people were far away, and she knew they had been here, and which direction they had gone. It was as if Vicky had turned her into some sort of bloodhound.

Tammy stepped lightly though the corridors in pursuit of her prey. Old locker rooms, unused wrestling and weight rooms, and broom closets came and went, rife with mildew and dust. And yet strung through all of those spaces were the scents of her quarry, faint but easily detectable. Over the soft sound of her footfalls, she could hear them several rooms away, struggling with what sounded like a crowbar, trying to pry one of the chained exit doors. The clanking of metal was ever so faint, but it was clear as a bell to Tammy. "Ssshh," she could hear one say to the other. "Make too much noise and someone will hear us." Tammy also heard the reply, "Those bitches are too busy raising hell on the gymnasium floor. They'll never hear us all the way down here."

"Yes they will," Tammy asserted loudly, stepping through the doorway into the storage room. Her confidence had grown with the discovery of her newfound tracking abilities -- a reminder that whatever limits she had, she was a long way away from finding them.

"Wha..." said Tall With Glasses in confusion. "Who's there?"

"Who do you think," Tammy replied, her confidence growing further. "One of the bitches."

"Can you see her?" Tammy heard Sandy Hair Red Shirt whisper to the other. "No!" was the reply.

"You guys can't see me?" Sure the room was a little bit dim, she thought, but she could still see them clear as day.

"No," said Sandy Hair Red Shirt. "It's like pitch black in here."

"Oh," Tammy replied as she neared them. "Wow. I guess your eyes suck compared to mine. But that's ok. It just yet another way that we are vastly superior to you." Tammy felt her confidence swell further -- superior hearing, superior vision, and all the other skills she had experienced before. She could take these guys. She could take a dozen of these guys. Looking over their frightened faces, she laughed to herself.

Without warning, Tall With Glasses swung the crowbar in a wild arc, apparently not knowing where to land the blow in the dark. Tammy instinctively wanted to step out of the path but resisted the urge, instead letting the crowbar contact her skull. The crowbar produced a loud clang and an "OW!" as the force of the impact went entirely into his hands.

"That was a direct hit, buddy," she said as the bar fell to the floor. "Very impressive for a guy that can't see shit. Quite a blow too. Do you think it left even a scratch?"

"Uh, probably not," he replied with anxiety in his voice.

"Good guess," Tammy replied, delivering a stomach punch to each guy. She kept the punches gentle. She didn't want to eviscerate them after all, just injure them a little so that they would stop running and swinging.

Nonetheless, Tall With Glasses reached from his crumpled-over position for the bar, and Tammy was compelled to extend a perfect, sinuous leg to stop him. Stepping on his forearm, she heard the crunch of a bone or two. Oh well, she thought, that what happens when they resist.

Picking up the crowbar, she pulled it apart into two pieces, eliciting a groan from the metal as it offered no contest to her. "Since you guys apparently don't have even a fraction of my night vision, I'm going to help you out with a little explanation of what comes next," Tammy offered as she pulled one guy's hands behind his back. "The metal you're feeling back there is not actually handcuffs. It's that wonderful crowbar you found for me, and it's tied in a pretty little bow. If you manage to get out of here alive, which is unlikely but nevertheless possible, I wouldn't go to the ER with these things on. You'll need a spot welder. Or a superhumanly strong girl, take your pick."

"What are you going to do to us?" Sandy Hair Red Shirt asked.

"It's not me that going to do it."


Kim was lost in thought, absent-mindedly tensing her abdominal muscles and running her fingers over the resulting mountain range. The contrast was fascinating. In her old body, she did sit-ups for weeks without ever seeing a reduction in the pudge, much less a muscle. But now, without effort, her abdomen was like a granite landscape. As she mused, she had also been using her highly enhanced hearing to follow Tammy's footsteps throughout the building, and their increasing sound signaled that a return was imminent.

"Look what I found trying to escape," Tammy announced as she strode onto the basketball court floor with one guy slung over each shoulder like sacks of potatoes. Her movement was effortless, like she was carrying a towel over each shoulder rather than two 175-pound men. "I broke one of them a little bit, but he should last as long as you need him," Tammy related as she dumped them onto the floor. "The other is in pristine condition."

"Yea, we get more to play with!" Kim squealed. "Do you boys remember me?" She sauntered over to them with a sexy swagger in her step.

The guys took in the scene surrounding them -- the bodies of their three friends, strewn about the court in various positions, blood everywhere.

"Oh my god, did you kill them?"

"They didn't answer our questions adequately. Perhaps you'll do better," Kim leaned in close. She could smell the fear on them. "I said, do you boys remember me?"

"Yea, you were the one that won the wet t-shirt contest."

"Do you remember what you said to me BEFORE I won? Before I had these?" She asked, running her hands down the sides of her boobs. Despite the fact that her sports bra was back on, the sheer magnificence of her chest was unmistakable.

"No, we were pretty drunk."

"I'll remind you. Ugly. Fat. Tit-less. Something along those lines." The anger of being reminded of that night made Kim's blood run cold. Revenge-- she wanted it badly. And whatever the new and improved Kim wanted, she realized, Kim got. She looked at the boys demurely, "Do you think I'm still ugly and fat? Do you think my tits are insufficient now?"

"No, no, I swear!" One replied adamantly.

"I don't believe you. You're just saying that because your life is in danger."

"We think you look awesome! I swear!"

"You'll have to prove it to me," Kim chided, lifting her sports bra above her head. Her tits again sprang free, seemingly unaware that they were supposed to obey gravity. "And to prove it to me, we'll have a little contest." She walked to the bleachers, sat, and leaned back, her nipples pointing skyward. Kim ran a finger over each nipple and it sprang to life, doubling in size. She had to bite her lip to prevent the instinctive moan. "You each get a tit to suck on. The one that pleasures me better gets to live -- maybe. But the other one definitely dies."

Kim heard Tammy and Vicky suppress a giggle as the two guys approached Kim hesitantly. She cocked an eyebrow at them -- as if to ask what they were waiting for -- and they responded by quickly fixing their mouths over her nipples. Her tits were so big that each guy wound up needing two hands just to grasp it as he flicked, teased and sucked her engorged flesh. For Kim, the sensation was beyond extraordinary. She was certain it was better than the best mind-blowing sex normal women ever experienced. "How many nerve endings did you put in these things?" Kim asked Vicky breathlessly.

"About six times what normal women have in their clits," came the reply. "Feel OK?"

"Um yea," Kim replied in a faltering voice. "Feels super," Kim replied. "Super human." She looked down at the tops of her servicer's heads. "Keep it up boys!"

It was about twenty minutes before Tall With Glasses started to fade. The broken forearm appeared to be catching up with him.

"Attend to me like your life depends on it, boys. Trust me, it does." But her advice didn't change the tides. Tall With Glasses was falling behind, she could tell. It would only be a manner of time.

"I'm sorry," Tall With Glasses explained, looking up from her right nipple. "I think I lost some blood when she broke my arm. I'm feeling like I'm going to pass out."

"Get back to work," Kim instructed. "You'll take a break when I tell you too." Kim could see Vicky and Tammy grinning from ear to ear as the forced labor continued.

"OK, that does it," she said to Tall With Glasses. "You lose."

He made and attempt to get away, but Kim's hand was already on the back of his head, gently pressing him toward her with a thousand pounds of force. He continued to squirm and resist, but the blows of his fists felt like nothing more than getting whacked with a dandelion. As she pressed his head inward against her breast, the flesh of her breast enveloped him -- nose and mouth included. He desperately gasped for air, which had the effect of sucking her entire nipple, with aureole, into his mouth -- a delightfully pleasurable sensation that began to approach orgasm for her. Moments later, much to her disappointment, his struggles stopped as asphyxiation took over. Nonetheless, Kim smiled benevolently down at him, adding another five hundred pounds to the force on the back of his head. She loved the feeling of pressure on her breast, but even more so she reveled in the sound of his skull cracking under the force. She felt a delicious wetness on her hands and the smell of his blood and death filled her nostrils.

"Oh my god, I am so fucking POWERFUL. What a buzz!"

Sandy Hair Red Shirt stared in shock and the crumpled skull of his friend, and then in fear and Kim's delighted expression. "What happens to me now?"

"Well......" Kim said. "Killing your friend actually turned me on a lot."

"Oh god..." he said with trepidation

"And do you remember the point of the last exercise?"

"To turn you on?"

"Bingo! So, with all this chit chat, you're actually a little bit behind now. But don't worry, I hereby give you a chance to redeem yourself!"

He frantically tried to pull away, but Kim methodically turned his head towards her left nipple and began driving him into it with her vastly superior force. Moments later, his bloodied and cracked skull fell away from her as well, and she looked with orgasmic ecstasy over her blood-covered chest. She rubbed the blood over her boobs and delighted in his warmth, in its barbaric, almost tribal statement about the fate of those who had dared challenge her.

"What do we do now?" Kim said, running a lazy blood-soaked finger over her nipple.

As if in response to her question, the girls heard the voices of a group of guys approaching the gym. Any other ears would have detected only silence. But the girls heard the approaching murmurs a quarter mile out.

"I know some those voices," the untransformed Louisa said with a shaky voice. "Those are actually some of the guys that raped me."


Vicky saw the look of dread on Louisa's face and felt a deep pang of sympathy. Oddly enough, the screams and pleadings of the five guys they had just killed meant nothing to her, even though Vicky never been a violent person. But to see a look of pain on Louisa's face was a different matter. Vicky loved these girls, and seeing one of them in even a little pain broke her heart. There was no way she was going to let pain and fear pollute Louisa's flawless features.

"I know how you must feel, Louisa," Vicky offered. "We can leave those guys out there, if you want, and slip out the back. You don't need to see them tonight."

"No, it's ok. I need to confront my fears. I may not be able to transform into a muscular goddess like you three, but I can still be brave. Invite them in," she said, as she brought a folding chair to center court and sat on it. "And give me just a moment to gather my thoughts."

Vicky, Tammy and Kim left the court together. Kim found a t-shirt on the way out and threw it over her bloodied chest before they greeted their new visitors.

"You guys here for the pick-up game?" Vicky asked as she crushed the padlock and opened the door for them.

"Yea, one replied, where are the usual guys?"

"They lost," Tammy offered. "Big time. Winner takes on you guys."

"OK!" another guy replied, slipping through the door and failing to notice the padlock at his feet, mangled with finger-shaped indentations. His attention instead was on the exaggerated, voluptuous curves of the women that accompanied him.

The five guys walked towards the court, followed by the three girls.

Arriving at the court, Vicky ignored the panicked reactions of the guys their bloodied and dead frat brothers. Instead she saw only Louisa, standing at center court. Something was different about her now.

"Good evening boys," she said softly. "Are you looking forward to playing a game? Or some games?"

"Uh, what's going on here?"

"You'll see. Let me just get the kinks out." She stretched her arms above her head -- a pose that sent her muscles in to an explosion of hard lines and curves, sending a shiver through the pack of boys. "Ladies, would you be so kind as to seal the exits?"


Leaving through the roof had been Kim's idea. In order to prevent anyone getting into the gym, the girls had run the crowbar pieces through the door handles on the inside of the main door. This, at least, would hide their crime from prying eyes for a day or two until they figured out how to cover it up.

"But how do we climb to the roof?" Louisa had asked.

"We don't climb, we jump," Vicky instructed. She had flexed her extraordinary thigh muscles and vaulted three stories up, into to the rafters, like a grasshopper. The others had followed, and after punching through the roof with a fist, they were soon on top.

The nighttime air was cool against Louisa's exposed body. The night was actually cold, in the 40's, Louisa remembered. But she was apparently immune to this now. As the chill breeze blew harmlessly against her, she enjoyed smelling the crisp, clear evening air -- a welcome contrast to sweat and dust of the gym below.

The lights of the university seemed to flicker and twinkle in the breeze. As Louisa took in the view, she felt Vicky wrap her arms around her waist and rest her head on Louisa's shoulder.

"Feeling better now?" Vicky asked.

"Vastly. I really needed that."

"I know."

Louis and Vicky stared into the distance in silence.

"Look at it," Vicky mused. "Those buildings are full of people, all of whom have their own talents and abilities. Some of them are smarter than us. Some of them have more money than us. Some of them are famous. An yet, in every physical respect, we are absurdly superior to every one of them. We can bend their will with our sexual power or destroy them with our literal power. Whatever we want from someone, we can have. This is our world. Our playpen."

Hearing those words sent a gratifying warmth cascade through Louisa. She rubbed her cheek against Vicky's. "If this is our playpen, then time to have some fun."







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