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Deep Down Inside - Cast of Characters

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Cast of Characters






Vicky – their leader









  • Alec - One of the rugby guys that ends up at the girls' estate; he takes a shine to Tammy in particular
  • Amber - Steve's girlfriend
  • Bob -  Kim’s sugar daddy lover
  • Chad - Captain of the British rugby team
  • Chris - a personal trainer who helps Vicky get her first workout
  • Cutherbertson - Vicky and Tammy's boss at the Daniels campaign
  • Devlin James - a local man with a history of abusing women, who gets into a confrontation with Louisa
  • Dr. Davis - a doctor to whom Louisa goes for medical treatment
  • Eric - a guy that Louisa likes, with whom she went on one date prior to her transformation
  • Ethan - a reference librarian Vicky meets in a bar
  • Jared - a longtime friend of the four girls
  • Manny Vicuzzi - owner of the auto dealership next to the women's shelter, who gets into a confrontation with Kim
  • Mayor Johnson
  • Mike - the mayor's budget advisor, a graduate of the same PolicSci program in which the girls are enrolled
  • Neil - a store clerk Tammy and Vicky meet in the mall during the early stages of their transformation
  • President Folsom - the President of the University
  • Professor Tomkins - Roger's advisor, and the head of the nickel prospecting study
  • Roberto - a US Air Force pilot, later Kim’s concubine
  • Roger - a doctoral researcher on a nickel prospecting study
  • Shelley - Devlin's girlfriend, who has been abused by him
  • Steve - Tammy's upstairs neighbor, on whom Tammy has a crush
  • Trent - a biker dude Vicky meets in a bar
  • Vicky - the leader of the four superhuman girls
  • Zorlock and Zilbreath - two aliens will dull mineral exploration jobs



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