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Deep Down Inside - Part 21 - Popular Heroics

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Warning: This is adult literature.  If you’re not of a legal age to read this stuff, don’t.
Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.  It is intended for adult audiences only.  No semblance between the characters described here and real individuals -- living or dead -- is implied or intended.
Plot Synopsis Up to This Point:
Four female post-graduate students in New Mexico (Vicky, Tammy, Louisa and Kim) are living depressing lives fraught with personal and professional failures.  
One day, driving through the lonely new Mexico desert, they are commandeered by aliens.  Turns out, the aliens would like to come back one day and mine the our earthly sphere until it's Swiss cheese.  But in the meantime, they need a little help mapping the earth's geology.  And who better to help with that than a handful of local females, recruited involuntarily? The aliens soup them up with some supernatural abilities and turn them loose.
No one knows when the aliens are going to come back, if they ever do.  And that gives the girls plenty of opportunity to explore the supernatural abilities the aliens have given them.  In case you've never been superhuman, it involves not only absurd strength, but also being absurdly attractive, with the sexual appetite to match.  It means that whichever guy you choose to sleep with somehow finds reserves of virility and endurance that he never previously had.  It means being able to talk to your girlfriends through mental telekinesis-- no more charging those cell phones.  It means you can store a city’s worth of electricity inside of you, and blow shit up at will.  And it means you can fly.
As we leave off Part 20, Roberto has given the girls a fresh perspective on their lives.  He argues that the girls should relax, come out of the shadows and start having some reckless fun.  He argues that the girls should allow themselves to become as rich and famous as their hearts may desire.  Most of the supergirls are thrilled with the Roberto’s insights, but their leader, Vicky, was not present for the conversation.  The most cautious of the group, she was that one that made the other three super, and the group views her as their leader.  Will Vicky finally give the girls a chance to let their hair down?
As a first step, Vicky agrees to let Tammy embark on a heroic adventure -- hauling a damaged cruise ship into port.  Kim and Vicky go to Mobile to join the a large crowd that is eagerly awaiting Tammy’s triumphant arrival at the harbor with the ship in tow.  But at the last minute, Tammy’s friends realize that something is wrong.
{{Oh shit}} Tammy commented telepathically as the cruise ship and its companion vessels approached the docks.
Kim didn't know anything about boating, but from Kim's position above, the problem was obvious: her friend was bringing the massive ship into the congested port area way too fast.
With the tow cable still held tightly, Tammy flew towards the back of the cruise ship and pulled the cable back, hard, to stop the boat.  The massive cable -- and even the boat itself -- groaned under the sudden braking force being applied.  On the deck, the shock of the braking action caused almost all the passengers to loose their footing.  Some tumbled wildly over each other.  A few went clear over the side into the water.
As calamitous as the scene was on the deck, something far worse was unfolding in the water below.  While Tammy had brought the bow of the cruise ship to a screeching halt, the stern was completely unregulated.  It swung wildly to the right.  A marina, in which hundreds of pleasure boats were docked, lay in its path.
Tammy was so powerful, it was easy for her friends to believe that she had everything under control.  But by the time they realized this was not the case, it was almost too late.  Before the girls' eyes, the massive stern collided with the marina with a booming crash -- the sound of a hundred car accidents occurring simultaneously.  The enormity of the cruise ship became painfully obvious as aluminum boat slips and wooden piers exploded skywards in showers of splinters.  Some marina boats simply disappeared under the massive vessel.  Others seemingly leapt out of the water as the enormous ship plowed through them, piling one mangled craft one top of another.
{{This was supposed to be Tammy's big coming out party!}} Kim lamented as she rocketed downwards.  {{We can't let it get fucked up!}}  But Kim's call to arms was not needed: Vicky was already tearing across the sky as well.
Kim raced to hull, on the land-ward side of the boat.  It was a huge, intimidating vessel, so large that its curvature prevented her from seeing the bow from her location at the mid-ship.   Worse, the boat appeared to be grounded -- the gargantuan vessel required far more depth than the marina offered.  Sure she was strong, but strong enough to plow this thing across the shallow mud and back into the channel?
Unfortunately, Kim's ipod seemed to be wondering the same thing.  She liked to keep it attached to an armband when flying.  She had set it to the local live coverage, with the hopes of hearing the celebratory broadcast as the ship came.  Now, what she was hearing anything but celebratory.
"The supergirl -- check that, supergirls -- had, at first, appeared to be nearly limitless in their strength.  But now, an accident is unfolding of cataclysmic proportions.  The girls don't seem to have the skills or the power to control the situation..."
"Fuck that," Kim growled as she planted her hands firmly on the hull.  "Nothing better for testing the limits of my strength than getting me good and pissed OFF!"
Kim plowed into the hull hard, directing her force toward the center of the channel.  The huge vessel groaned in reply.  At first, groaning was all that happened -- grunts that escaped Kim's lips, and then the groans of the steel structure.  But then....
It moved.
Before she knew it, the behemoth was letting out a deep rumble as it began to scrape sideways across the debris of the docks.  Kim redoubled her efforts, and the ship responded, shuddering as it was subjected to other-worldy forces that drove it inexorably towards the center channel.
Seeing the progress of her efforts, Kim couldn't help but delight in the feeling of raw power she unleashed on the massive ship.  Her breasts swelled with warm pleasure as they let loose a hurricane of flight power.  
At the point where Kim's hands pressed on the boat, the thick steel of the hull caved in.  Her massive force overwhelmed the hull, quickly forming a "ding" the length of a school bus.  At the sight of it, Kim let out a slight giggle.  Little me, big massive metal boat-- guess who wins?
Even as she toiled and strained against the massive vessel, there was a part of her exertions that didn't feel like work at all.  It felt like release.  Every cell of Kim's body came alive with a satisfied, electric tingle.  Her body delighted in and craved the struggle, and rewarded her with waves of pleasure as she labored.
Before long, the ship had broken free of the shallows and began to respond more nimbly to Kim's exertions as she continued to push it to the center channel.  While Kim corrected the path of the boat, she noticed that Vicky too was in action.  Vicky had already scooped a handful of fallen passengers out of the water and deposited them on one of the tugs.    
Kim then saw Vicky move to separate one of the tugs from the tow cable.  It was a stroke of cleverness that Kim would only appreciate in retrospect.  With the tug separated, Kim later realized, it was no longer at risk of getting caught between the cruise ship and other objects.  And the tug was free to assist with retrieving other overboard passengers.  And unlike Vicky, the crew of the tug actually knew CPR.  All this cleverness would become clear in hindsight.  Vicky was pretty sharp. Vicky was the leader of their little cabal for a reason.
In the moment, however, Kim was not focused on the reasons for Vicky's actions, but instead on the image of them.  She cut a singularly impressive figure, standing on the prow of the tug, her hands on the massive steel clasp -- perhaps seven feet across, that connected the tug to its enormous companion. 
As she prepared to exert herself, Vicky's luscious curves were on full display.  She spread of her legs to brace herself for the effort, bringing her powerful, elegant thighs into full relief.    The engrossing swell of her bust was easily defined against her tight-fitting clothing.  Waves of light auburn hair danced across perfectly defined shoulders and arms-- the lithe athleticism of her muscles belying their superhuman strength.  She was breathtaking: menacing power and irrepressible beauty combined into a single figure.
Kim watched in rapt fascination as Vicky began to pull at the ends of the massive steel clasp.  Her muscles flared slightly at the strain.  But her momentary look of concentration was quickly replaced by a grin.  The connecting clasp -- with steel as thick as a tree trunk -- was quickly being deformed from a loop into a U-shape.  Unlike Kim's feat, which had involved the energy stored in her breasts, Vicky was using pure muscle.  And what muscle it was, Kim remarked!  Somehow, Vicky had packed the strength of a small army into each of these incredible bodies.
As the girls got the situation under control, the mood of the crowd switched from awe and fear to renewed jubilation.  The two tugs, although somewhat bedraggled from their rough journey, finished picking up overboard passengers.  If the tugs had been given more time, they would have moved into position to help dock the cruise ship.  But they weren't fast enough; the girls had worked together with seamless efficiency to get the boat alongside the main pier.
"We did it!" Vicky shouted, plucking an exhausted Tammy out of the sky.  Kim joined the pair in mid flight, and the three performed an elegant, celebratory mid-air loop.
The cheer from the crowd below was so raucous and intense-- something more to be expected at a rock concert than a pier.
"Look at you!" Kim grinned to a panting Tammy.  "They love you!"
The girls flew a victory lap, low above the crowd, high-fiving excited spectators as they passed.  Vicky ordered the three to slow down as several high-fives ended with snapping sounds; the speed of the girls was too much for feeble human arms.
Pulling out of their low pass, the girls ascended several hundred feet and surveyed the enthusiastic assembly.  "I can't believe it," Tammy panted.  "All it took was a few hours of effort and now I'm a huge hero.  They're nuts over us!"
Later, after landing on the pier, eager camera crews formed a semicircle around them.  The girls stood arm-in-arm before a ring of camera lights, as reporters pelted the girls with questions.
Kim felt Tammy's posture sag slightly, and the Kim soon found herself propping her friend up.  
"Tired," Tammy rasped quietly to her friend.
"I'm not surprised.  That was quite the feat you pulled out there.  Even for you, it must have been exhausting."
Tammy responded with a weary smile, gladness in her eyes.  "Empty too," she rasped again.  This time, she glanced down at her chest.  "Need to fill back up with power.  So.... hungry."
The volley of questions from the camera crews was unrelenting, and the girls answered everything as best they could. After about twenty minutes, however, Vicky and Kim grew weary of the questions, and Tammy appeared weary, overall.  "Time for us to go," Vicky announced.
"Thank you for your time today," one of the reporters said gladly.  "And on behalf of the passengers and their families, thank you for your heroic actions!" 
The reporter continued, turning to her camera.  "We move now to other breaking coverage, the scheduled execution in Texas tonight of Willie Desmond.  Convicted of murder 30 years ago when he was sixteen years old, Willie was tried as an adult on circumstantial evidence and found guilty.  His verdict has been a source of controversy ever since, and time for any possible pardon is running out.  He is scheduled, tonight, to go to the electric chair."
"Wow," Tammy whispered, a look of hunger in her eyes.  "Electric chair."

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