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More Than Mortal - Part 2

Written by jnw550 :: [Monday, 09 October 2006 23:02] Last updated by :: [Friday, 07 December 2012 22:44]

More Than Mortal – Part 2 (Retold)


by JNW550 (a.k.a. Stoneyman)


Editor's Note: this is the most recent version of this story. JNW550 actually made some experiments with this version. When Kelly uses her "special voice", the text will be written like this.


Kellie’s breathing became deep with anticipation as she listened to Jonah drive away in the pickup. Her body’s power rushed outward as if she'd been holding it in the whole time. She was happy that her step-brother finally left as another small tingle of release rushed to her nipples.

“Hehe … time to take her for a drive … ” Kellie inserted her finger into her mouth making it wet and slowly, apprehensively brought it to her engorged clitoris. She took a deep breath stirring the trees around her. The brunette goddess couldn't help but notice the audience of animals she was gathering, even they unable to resist her angelic voice. Kellie winked, speaking to a courageous bunny on a nearby rock.

“Ready, little fella? Okay … here we go-OHHHH-MMMNNNNN!” Her finger went hypersonic vibrating against her clit heating it uplike a little sun as her orgasm ripped through her muscles bunching and convulsing into diamond hardness. Pulling her finger away, she struggled to remain standing her sex sizzling hot. All the animals watched as she breathed.

“HUHhh – Oh god … ohmygod. Whoa!” Kellie panted as stars danced in her vision. It was only seconds before she was fully recovered, and with wide-eyed gusto she massaged her breast letting her finger work her over several more times within the short minute she allowed herself. Sweat glistened on her skin and Kellie started vibrating her entire body, her hands resting on her hips. She thought of the earth shattering power she now wielded and her lust multiplied, her tongue slipping over her moist lips as her head rolled to one side as she rode her last release. Her legs shivered quaking the earth under her bare toes for yards around her as the pressure of the inevitable orgasm built inside her. The animals finally scattered and the outline of her body began to shimmer as she vibrated faster. Soon her hands were everywhere and the moisture clinging to her skin steamed away.

“Ugh- fuck yes! Faster! MORE!” Her unfathomable speed so great, Kellie squealed in delight feeling her own warm tongue press against her own moist clitoris. Kellie looked down to her copy between her thighs tasting her own sex in her mouth and gathered her thick, luscious hair up in one hand to press herself harder into her hungry pussy. Her left hand cradled her own soft cheek just as another copy appeared to attend to that breast. She turned her head right to meet her own soft lips as another copy shared the taste of her sex in a long kiss. Another appeared below the one at her pussy as she gyrated on her own face.

“Sooo-OHHH FUCKING FAST! This-is-AWESOMMMMM-MMNNNNN!” Their eyes flashed glowing white when it hit them their collective heat searing the woods surrounding them. A couple miles away, Jonah covered his ears. His head shook as Kellie’s moaning release rang through his skull and his groin.

“Ohh … she's doing that voice agai-OOW!” He complained, immediately shook from his lustful reverie as her scream echoed across the countryside rumbling the entire small town.

“What the hell was that?” He cried cradling his head while he pulled the truck over.

“I hope she’s finished, whatever it was.” He took a second to gather himself and pulled the pickup back onto the road.

“Don’t count on it, Jo.” They all sighed in unison. The original Kellie giggled looking around at the group of her, very impressed at the effortless speed she was capable of. She lavished herself in her own attentions as they all quickly recovered.

“Mmmm … faster … ” Four more appeared to accommodate the first four.

“Hehe … much faster … ” Kellie giggled appearing forty more times as they played lifting, throwing, and chasing each other around like super powered school girls. Some admired each other, touching each other, as Kellie could feel all of her, everywhere, and she closed her eyes to the sensation. Groups began blurring together while Kellie pleasured herself with herself.

“Oh- that’s really good … FASTER!” As their excitement built more copies filled the clearing fueling their impending release. She was feeling pleasure that no being in the universe could ever comprehend while still more of her joined the orgy. Kellie was finally sent over an edge that she could barely hold on to as she writhed within a pile of smooth flesh of over four hundred warm, muscled bodies.

Jonah reached the house several miles away in good time. He waved at his parents quickly hoping to avoid any questions. Upstairs he rummaged through drawers and closet looking for something that he thought would fit. She had been so small before and he was a bit surprised at some of her unmentionables. Apparently, Kellie had a bit of a wild side. After a bit of searching, Jonah decided his football jersey and a pair of her stretchy volleyball shorts would do the trick.

“Well, it’s not much, but I’m sure it will fit okay.” Jonah stuffed the article into a small bag and made his way downstairs and out of the house. Outside, before he’d made it off the porch, an explosion ripped through the air followed by a strange sound that resemble a group of moaning girls.

Both of his parents raced to the window looking out across the field. They stared in confusion as a mushroom cloud of dust seep through the trees at his point of destination.

“I'll call the police!” His father picked up the phone and dialed.

“A force a freaking nature … ” Jonah took a moment to stare at the rising cloud.

“What was that?” Their mother continued to look through the window. Jonah took off toward the door dismissing the question.


In the woods where Kellie had been playing was leftan empty, smoking crater. One Kellie reappeared glowing white hot, blurring in and out.

“Huh- ohgod, Oooohh fu-” She cried disappearing again only to reappear seconds later.

“-ck...MMNNN … FAS-” Kellie's image blinked again.

“-TER! HAHAHA! THIS IS … AH-GOD … INCREDIBLL-MM-” Kellie's image faded as she disappeared again spreading herself out along the time line simultaneously appearing at thousands of points during the same time of day through the planet's history and future. So simple was the effort that Kellie pushed her endless boundaries further and further appearing at the beginning and ending and countless points in between during her time bending orgasmic ride spanning many millions of years. Finally allowing release, she appeared where she started, in her little crater in Texas. Kellie sighed hugging her superdense body tight, her breasts solid as she held them. Her body heat quickly dropped and she licked her sizzling lips, gathering her hair on top of her head to let her neck cool. Sweat was finally allowed to bead on her naked, flush skin as she looked her steaming body over smiling, admiring it's muscular perfection and it's endless ability. Shaking out her hands Kellie was recovered and ready for more. She fingered her nipples and looked around to see if anyone was watching and grinned knowingly.

“Oh, why not?” Kellie giggled disappearing as she conquered her own feat easily before returning to the present. She laughed as her breasts heaved with sweat and heat and again disappeared in a flurry of light far surpassing her last blissful trip.

“Whooo! Fuck that's awesome! Hehe. That has to be a new record!” She laughed at her joke finally allowing her body to settle to a more realistic size, she looked about her surroundings. Nothing had changed, thankfully. Kellie wondered for moment what her play time could have caused and made a mental note.

“I doubt a several million year orgasm is a record that any other girl is gonna break real soon … ” Kellie paused, giggling to herself stretching her tall, thick limbs out. She let her hands rest on her hips while she thought for a moment.

“Hmmm. Oh, just in cassss … HAHAHA-WHOOOO! FUCK YE-” The young goddess flickered in and out of reality, a slide show of erotic poses as Kellie spanned the entirety of the planet's life in an instant, yet feeling as if she rode the sensations of almost ten billion years time and held herself still wanted more. She opened her eyes taking in the billions upon billions of changing images, all at once, of the changing environment of where had been standing. Smiling, another Kellie joined her on everyday and they reeled into bliss.

“OH … ohwow … hehehe … that's enough girl … fuck such endless, effortless speed … ” Kellie suddenly reappeared massaging her breast and pussy in a vain attempt to settle an aching need that seemed to have no end.

“Ugh, and I'm always so horny! I guess I'll see what else I can do.” She hopped from the crater happy and satiated, for the moment at least and looked around her. Kellie had never seen, or noticed, so much. Her eyes being exceptionally acute she thought of all the powers Titaness had and focused her glare at a tree smiling. The image zoomed in quickly startling her. Though taken by surprise, she realized what had happened. She recognized the cell walls and the structure from biology class and was seeing them clearly. Concentrating, she brought out the cell bodies and molecules that were busy about their work within the plant cell. Kellie’s perpetual smile widened, as she crossed her arms with confidence, when the atoms revealed themselves. Tiny electrons swirled about the center of each element. Amazingly, she found she could focus on one electron. She watched its energy pulsing as it filled her view. She knew, if there was anything smaller, she could have seen it.

“Amazing. I am amazing!” She looked at her own hands focusing with curiosity then becoming perplexed as her eyes were unable to penetrate her own structure. Kellie shrugged her breasts jiggling with the gesture.

“Let’s see.” She considered and excitedly focused on a nearby stone. Beam's lanced from her eyes instantly disintegrating the rock. Kellie played with it for awhile messing with the intensity, heating some rocks, melting others, and annihilating most. She grinned lifting her breasts to her face and let loose the power of her laser vision on her nipples. They were incandescent nearly as soon as the beams warmed them and Kellie bit her lip with delight switching to the other heating it to nuclear levels as well. They tingled warmly as Kellie sat on a rock bringing on leg up and used her finger to spread the moist lips of her sex. She focused her incinerating eyes at her clitoris playfully biting her lip as it also became incandescent. Quickly she intensified the beam far surpassing the heat of a supernova sighing into the feeling. The feeling became hotter still, the young goddess still testing her limits and once again finding none. Kellie closed her eyes and stood enjoying the comfortable heat between her legs and at the tips of her plentiful mounds proud of her loving her seemingly limitless abilities.

“Kind of relaxing, really. Okay, I know I’m really strong. With all this muscle, you’d think I would have lost my gymnast flexibility.” Kellie flexed letting her muscles swell and grow. She brought her leg straight up over her head pointing her toes to the sky smiling.

“Then again … ” Experimenting, Kellie began contorting herself into various positions using her gymnastics training. Happily, she never found one that she wasn’t easily able to accommodate as her legs stretched parallel to the ground in a one-handed straddle horse. In a quick, graceful movement, she brought her feet above her to a one-handed handstand. She split her legs apart easily moving beyond a straight line. Her hand was replaced with one finger while she pressed herself up and down with blurring speed.

“Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!” She said aloud laughing as she pressed herself up and down in a blur of superhuman speed. Kellie was so lost in her own abilities, she never noticed a muddy jeep racing down the trail toward her. It came to a sliding halt several paces from Kellie’s rock perch. Both men gawked in surprise at the sight of the blurring mass as she continued her exercise. The passenger got out and Kellie recognized him right away steadying herself on her finger as she smiled and waved.

“Hi, Mr. Thornton!” She leapt to her feet making sure her voice was under control. She was sure that it was her voice that drew them to her and she didn't want to old men drooling all over her.

He brandished a double barrel shotgun at her and Kellie laughed at him, taking up a super-heroine pose confident that rifle was harmless to her.

“Ooooo … I haven’t been shot yet! I can't wait!” Her excitement was lost on the two men as they approached with obvious apprehension. Kellie couldn't help but be amused at their aggressiveness, but she could smell the booze and cursed her enhanced senses. She confidently stood naked and willing as the old man shoved his barrel into her chest.

“You damn freak! We saw what you did to the Hendricks girl!”

“What are you talking about? It’s me, Mr. Thornton! I’m Kellie Hendricks from next door! You used to tickle me when I was kid because you loved the way I laughed.” She offered realizing that he probably couldn't recognize her.

“Shut up, freak!” Kellie realized this was going downhill quickly and really didn't want them to hurt themselves trying to fight her.

“Mr. Thornton, stop this. That little toy isn't going to hurt me. Besides, its just me, Kell-”

“Stop saying her name you freak!” Kellie took another two steps with a pleading hand. He backed away pulling the cocking lever. She rolled her eyes.

“Look, I don't want to hurt you, just give me the rifle and-” Kellie reached forward and it was enough for the old drunk. He fired into her chest swearing he heard a strange girlish chirp right when he pulled the trigger. The world slowed for Kellie and she watched the spark expand in the shotgun close to the shooter. It seemed she waited minutes before the buck shot sprayed from the end of the barrel and she was patient while the little pellets floated slowly through the air toward her left breast which she found an amusing target. They scattered sparking off of her harder tit. Kellie brushed it off smiling at Mr, Thornton clearly unharmed.

“You use to tickle me a bit differently when I was smaller, Mr. Thornton.” Kellie teased.

Pulling the cocking handle back he brought the barrel to her smiling face and fired again. The young girl waved away the smoke to reveal her pearly whites and winked at the drunk and confused old man.

“Are you done yet?” Kellie mocked him. Yet again,he readied the rifle bring it up to her heart.

“Give me that before you hurt yourself!” Kellie teased him, acting like a scolding parent, and closed her fingers around the bore flattening it into a molten paste that squeezed out between her fingers. The 18 year old super girl covered her mouth genuinely surprised at how soft it felt.

“Oh-oops! Sorry, Mr. Thornton! I didn't mean to squish your little gun!” Kellie offered truthfully. Mr. Thornton stared in awe at her still holding the stock and trigger of the rifle. With curiosity she squeezed tighter feeling it heat up until there was a small flash within her fingers. They both couldn't take their eyes away, one with fear, and one with pride, as Kellie slowly opened her fingers to find nothing but vapor.

“Charlie! Need a little help here!” Mr. Thornton back peddled discarding what was left of his shotgun to the ground. Charlie came running to his side leveling his AR-15 at her chest confused that the girl looked so happy see to him. A pull of the trigger and the rifle spat in full auto at her. Kellie’s eyes fluttered while the tiny, warm bullets slammed into her tanned skin gently poking at her naked flesh and flicking her nipples. She looked down at her breasts beaming with pride while the little metal pellets flattened against the dense curves of her body only to fall useless to her feet. The slugs jiggled her breasts slightly and the young titan hardened herself until they became immovable. Rounds sprinkled against her sounding like steel on steel rain as they now sparked from her impregnable body. Charlie clicked on an empty magazine.

“Mmm … thanks! That felt really nice!” Kellie winked at him and pinched the end of the barrel off between her thumb and forefinger, rubbing them together, smearing the soft gunmetal. Incessant poking against her tight apple bottom brought her attention over her shoulder. Happily she turned around to face her neighbor who had stumbled to his back loading up another automatic rifle. Her hands went to her hips as the next volley of fire scattered across her lower abs and hips. The smaller rounds tickled her pussy and her laughter sang over the barking of the weapon while she waited patiently for his harmless attack to end.

“Okay, tickling is fine. Teasing is just rude.” Kellie sighed as her body to expanded and hardened more while she moaned sensually. Her fingers dove after her sex and she blurred to a series earthquaking orgasms.

“Shit.” Charlie elbowed Mr. Thornton to the back of the jeep in an attempt to take cover while the ground moved beneath them. Kellie came to and watched smiling as they scrambled into the Jeep and revved up the engine, their intentions clear. With a ‘tsk’, Kellie placed her finger against the front of the vehicle calmly holding it in place while it's wheels spun useless. Gently, she hefted the large 4x4 with her left hand and shook the two men into a pile on the ground before setting it back on its wheels.

“Where did you guys get this stuff?” She was genuinely surprised as two grenades rolled to her feet. Scooping them up, Kellie squeezed them until they exploded, less than impressed as they popped in her hand useless.

“Well that was boring.” Another set of grenades were tossed and Kellie caught them. Laughing, she quickly snuggled one into her cleavage and the other into her vagina. The young girl blurred in and out of focus after they popped.

“Ohhhh...not bad!” Charlie, desperate, pulled a large pistol on Kellie who leaned over and took it into her mouth. She eyed him lustfully moaning as she slid the barrel in and out until he fired.

Kellie's moaning grew in intensity as the rounds tickled the back of her throat and she greedily swallowed each one. She wrapped her fingers around the base of the barrel taking its entire length until it too touched the back of her throat. Charlie nearly feinted watching her teeth slice through the metal as she ate the entire pistol, the remainder of the magazine popping off in mouth as she chewed. With a gulp it was gone.

“Anything else you want to try, boys? I can do this all day.” She smiled down at them. Mr. Thornton and Charlie huddled together fearful of what Kellie might do next as she stood over them. Before they took their next breath, Kellie had stripped them of their weapons.

“You won't be needing this anymore either.” Kellie stated happily as another unloaded the back. The original reached over wadding up their jeep like a used newspaper until it was the size of a white hot pill then tossed it in her mouth to be digested with the gun.

“Blech! Remind me never to do that again!” The other Kellie's face contorted cutely before she disappeared. The original picked both men up with her fingers like two rodents holding them out in front of her.

“Please don’t hurt us! We’re very sorry!” Charlie yelped.

“Sorry? You shot me...and it felt reallygood … mmm … ” Kellie blurred quickly and stopped.

“ … but still! That's really rude, Mr. Thornton!” Kellie set them down and crossed her arms

pouting then got an idea.

Why not?” She thought to herself and grinned.

“I wasn't trying to hurt you anyway, you silly men. Your apology is accepted. However, Ms. Nipple will be much harder to convince.” She explained biting her lip her puffy, pink nipples swelling. Charlie and Mr. Thornton both nearly fell to their knees hearing the sound of her voice as Kellie held them up.

“I think you boys should say you’re sorry to her.” She presented her right nipple as it stiffened larger than they had both seen any nipple do. She stood naked breast to face to both men and they watched the bobbing nipple mesmerized by it’s glistening movement as she spoke.

“It’s so beautiful … ” Charlie gripped it hard and Kellie sighed, the nipple swelling further in his hand.

“You're so right, very good! Ms. Nipple is perfect and perfect nipples deserve to be suckled and appreciated. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Charlie? OOO!” Charlie jumped to her breast grasping it with both arms. Kellie yipped in surprise, but didn’t stop him. His mouth surrounded the large engorgement with gusto and her chestnut eyes fluttered for a moment.

“Poor Mr. Thornton. I know you can't control yourself. Its okay. I have another one all for you.” She beckoned him with her finger. He, too, rushed to slide his lips over the supergirl’s large pulsing nipple. Kellie's threw her head back breathing, her heaving breasts lifting the two men from their feet.

“Naughty old men.” She giggled as they both began nip at her nipples. Kellie pressed their heads against her tits being careful with their fragile skulls.

“Mmm … bite harder … ” Kellie commanded. Charlie and Mr. Thornton brought their molars to bare chewing on the ever hardening candy between their teeth. Kellie could feel their cocks swelling against her mountainous thighs but didn’t want that, however. She wasn’t that easy. Grinning, she put her hands on her hips and willed her nipples to swell overfilling their mouths nearly separating their jaws.

“Mmphrrphhhhahhh” They beat against her bosom and kicked at her stomach trying to get free from their painful nipple prison as they swelled large enough that they were unable to release their jaws. It felt like a warm, expanding steel plug as she sighed hardening them again watching them flail about wildly. One man began to cry. Kellie felt herself getting wet again as the very idea of beating two men with her nipples alone made her smile. Feeling very godlike, she looked down arrogantly while they struggled, fighting to release themselves, screaming in muffled pain while she willingly swelled her nipples to unhinge their feeble jaws over and over again.

“Look at you. I don't even have to try, do I?” Kellie wiggled her chest watching them swing, uselessly dangling while she playfully hardened her nipples again listening to the two men cry for mercy. They came in their pants, despite the pain, while she spoke with her warm, magical voice explaining what her plans were for the two of them.

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