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A Special Treaty

Written by Martino :: [Friday, 11 April 2014 22:08] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 12 April 2014 00:02]

Superman landed next to Lisa without saying a word at first. Nor did Lisa, who was still lying on her back seemingly staring into the air. In reality it was Superman she was staring at. She liked what she saw, as far as she could recognize it through his suit. She wondered, however, why he did not say a word.

It became clear to her that she had to be careful: She had not found out so far if he could read minds but it was better to reckon it and keep hers closed.

“Hi there, Supes!” she said, standing up slowly. “Do you like what you see or what do you want?”

She presented herself in front of him in all her glory and tried to emit some pheromones out but he still didn’t react.

“You know me?” he asked surprised.

“I’ve heard about you.” She tried to read his mind and was surprised it was absolutely no problem. “You come from an exploded Planet called Krypton. Your name is Kal-El and your father, a scientist, sent you to Earth when you were only a baby. Here you work as a journalist.”

“How … how do you know that?”

“I just do.” She stretched her hand. “Nice to meet you! I’m Lisa – this is the name that comes next to my Sverkcheloyan name. My home planet still exists and I came to Earth just because of my curiosity.”

“Hallo Lisa. – So you’re just on holiday here? And on holiday you invade companies and kill people?!”

“If you know this you should know what this company and their boss did” she answered looking deeply into his eyes. “His success came from murdering important people of other companies.”

He avoided direct eye-contact with her because he was sure she had some psychic abilities and although it was possible they were powerless against him it was better to be careful. He had read the information on Ronald Cooper’s computer telling he was Big Ron and a mass murderer but he distrusted them. Maybe they were right but it was also possible some of his rivals had faked the information and this girl was working for them.

“You don’t trust me, Clark Kent?! Well, I found Big Ron’s trace when some of his men tried to kill some friends of mine in London. He tried to fake it as an attack by Muslim fundamentalists. And you may ask a New York businessman called Dr. Martin Johnson, whom Big Ron wanted to kill and who was saved by an alien girl.”

“Even if you were right: You can’t kill a person if he or she does not threaten your life. Who are you to behave as if you were a judge over lives? And why did you kill all the people the night before? – Or wasn’t that you?”

“I could ask you on my part who you are to question me, Clark Kent. I’m not subdued to any Terran law nor have I any duty to obey you. But to your information: They attacked me with Kryptonite, which took away my conscious mind but nearly didn’t weaken my powers. I killed them without really knowing what I was doing.

When I had my consciousness back I took all the Kryptonite away to avoid such things from happening again. In fact it was just by accident I found out Big Ron was planning another murder. I prevented that and then I made Big Ron confess and after that I killed him.”

“Listen, Lisa, I’ll try to believe you aren’t a bad person but, once again, you haven’t got the right to kill anybody, even a criminal. Please don’t make me fight you.”

“And once again, I don’t recognize your right to order or forbid me to do anything. I think it is better to stop talking this way.” She changed her voice to a soft and seductive tone. “If you want, come with me to a lonelier place. Else I think it’s better you go.”

This was risky as she didn’t know how strong he was. Maybe he would fight and defeat her. She was confident, however, she could make it to one of the places where she had hidden the Kryptonite guns fast enough. She kept on watching his mind and started hypnotizing him.

He had to force himself to look away from her eyes. “DON’T PLAY TRICKS ON ME!” he shouted. He was not going to let her seduce him but flying away was no option, either, as it would have meant some kind of surrender.

“Ok, bye then!” she said and headed for the water. He grabbed her leg: “I’m not done with you yet!”

Lisa was still smiling: “Then tell me what else you want from me – and let go of me!” She turned her leg round and managed to free it. In the same instant she made herself invisible. Taking her dress and her computer with her she headed across the ocean.

Turning round she saw he was following her. Obviously he could see at least a trace of her even while she was invisible. She accelerated up to her maximum speed. Now she gained some advantage, but not very much.

The fact that she was a little faster than him gave her some more confidence: Then he probably was not such a lot stronger that she would not stand any chances against him – and even then she still had the hidden Kryptonite guns as her weapons.

She flew to the Rocky Mountains, very near the place where some of the guns were. Using her X-ray-vision she convinced herself they still were at their place. She landed, put her computer and her dress on the floor and flew up again, making herself visible. “Ok then, if you want to fight, let’s do it, Clark Kent!”

He still hesitated to attack her. She took the initiative and smacked him in the stomach with her fist – neither as hard nor as well-aimed as she could but it was enough to throw him back some meters.

He was able to catch himself very soon and attacked her swinging his fist at her. She evaded the punch easily while he had to brake in order to attack once again. He threw a harder punch from the other side which she blocked. She felt the blow just hard enough to estimate his force: He seemed to be as strong, perhaps a little stronger than her, but obviously had never learned to fight against people who matched his own strength.

She did not need to read his mind to see she was right as he, after his next punch which she dodged, offered her his whole upper body as an aim – a mistake she had made perhaps in her first year of practicing Dao’shee.

She kicked him into his chest with all her might and sent him back some hundred metres. This time she did not wait for his next attack but followed him and punched her fist into his temple in the moment he was catching himself. Again he was thrown back and a front kick by her brought him out of his balance.

She was feeling great: This was a nice training lesson but no real fight. She approached once again but this time he reacted faster: He fired his heat vision at her which hurt her and gave him the chance to attack. In the very last moment she saw his fist. Gritting her teeth she tensed every fibre of her abdominal muscles and so hardly felt his punch. Then she made use of her superior speed: She formed a perfect roundhouse kick which sent him back again and obviously hurt him. She followed him at once, pointed her fingertips into his eyes like sharp knives and before he could regain his sight knocked him out by a knifehand strike.

While he was nearly unconscious she wrapped her legs around his body and started to strangle him just hard enough not to kill him or hurt him permanently but to let him absolutely no chance to act again. He only tried half-heartedly to free himself, obviously conscious he had no chance any more.

“If you want to kill me, do it, you monster” he yelled. “But one thing you hope futilely: I won’t surrender. Superman never gives up.”

“There is no sense in killing you, Clark” she answered without releasing her grip. “And it doesn’t make any sense for you to refuse to surrender. If you don’t you’ll force me to kill you or at least hurt you seriously. There is no way for you to change your situation – you’ve already given everything you have while I haven’t as I have body rays, too, and I could go for one of my Kryptonite guns to kill you even faster than I could with my bare hands – and I can do the latter, too, because I know quite some deadly strikes.”

“Then what..what do you want?” he gasped out.

“Just undress when I release you and then play a little with me! I want to have some fun with you. And do it again in some days.”

“Are you crazy or what? Do you want to rape me or to force me to have sex with you? If you know everythin about meg, don’t you know I have a girlfriend?”

“Oh, I can take away her suspicion if you want. And do you really think a Terran woman can pleasure you?”

“I don’t just think so, actually she can. And I won’t fuck a crazy bitch like you.”

Her answer was another knifehand strike to one of his most vulnerable parts of the body. “Don’t call me names again!” she ordered. “And think about the alternatives, boy-scout as you are. Either I can kill you or hurt you forever – then neither your dear Lois nor any other person would profit of your death – or I could hit you unconscious, throw you down on the ground, undress you and take what I want from you and later from any other man I want – in that case with the result of some more deaths. If you do as I want and pleasure me once or twice a week, however, I promise you to leave every human and any superhuman who does not want sex with me alone with my desires. “

“And why should I believe your promise?”

“First of all because it’s your only chance” She increased her pressure around his neck. “You won’t be able to defeat me nor to avoid me from forcing you to have sex with me as soon as I’ve knocked you unconscious. Second, because you might enjoy it, too.” She grabbed his member quickly and turned her hand back to his neck. He had a little erection, but not a very strong one.

Lisa looked into his mind to get sure if it was better to apply sex appeal or raw force. What she found out astonished her.

Releasing her pressure just a little bit she spoke again, making her voice sound a little sexier, but no less commanding: “Actually you don’t understand me, Clark. You think I’m a monster or at least an evil person who knows nothing but her own desires. In fact, I’m not nearly as much a girl-scout as you’re a boy-scout but the main problem is we’re quite different beings.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, happy to have some more space and hoping she would make her grip easier and give him a chance to at least escape.

She strengthened her grip again instead: “Don’t even think about escaping, Clark or Kal-El. I’ll notice and inhibit it at once. – The thing is, you don’t understand me because you’re a Kryptonian who has grown up on Earth. I’m neither Kryptonian nor Terran. You obviously can’t read minds and in fact, for me, although I can, it’s still difficult to understand yours. We both come from highly advanced civilizations and have powers that make us super here on Earth but the differences between your kind and mine remain. And there are more things in which we differ from each other than my ability to read minds or our different reactions on Kryptonite.

To you, it gives you enough pleasure to feel your Lois leaning at your side; to me, something like that is nothing. Actually, I can hold back my sexual needs for a while, but not forever. And if it is too much for me or if a substance like Kryptonite weakens my self-restraint I’m a threat to any human being because no Earthling can withstand my sex appeal nor survive real sex with me. In fact, it is altruistic that I want you to have sex with me, ‘cause you surely can pleasure me without dying, while it is egoistic that I want to let you alive, for you can’t serve me when you’re dead.”

She tried to enforce the thought that having sex with her was the only way to save other people into his mind and at least was successful:

“I’ll do what you want if you release me” he promised.

She convinced herself he was not trying to fool her and released him. He had even trouble to get his flight power under control enough to land softly. She was circling around him gracefully, bombing him with thoughts how great sex with her would be and watched him undress. She did not land before he was completely naked. Then she embraced him firmly and kissed him deeply and passionately. It took some time until he reacted but then he, too, became horny. He seemed really to enjoy it when she pushed her tongue into his mouth and when she moved his hands to her breasts gently he squeezed them. She emitted some radiation which he obviously felt but it only attracted him more. He tried to bring her down but this time she fought back a little. Just in time she became aware a Terran woman could not close her sex at will. She turned her bracelet wishing to keep her Terran shape but adding her natural closing muscle.

Superman strengthened his grip thinking she wanted to do so. She struggled against him and finally it was her who threw him down and lay on him first. She squeezed his member hard enough to cause an erection, led his hand to her vagina and only then allowed him to penetrate her, keeping her sex carefully closed while he was doing this.

She came with enough force to make all the mountains around her shake but did not allow her fluids to come out until he, too, was out of her. They went out with enough power to drive out his, too.

Their sexual act lasted for more than an hour. She was more pleasured than ever at least since the night with the soldier on the spaceship. Had she first been afraid Clark would show he was only forced to make love with her he seemed to have changed his mind. She stood up with all the dust and sand she had raised falling of her body.

“Thank you so much, Clark” she breathed. “You’ve been the best lover I can imagine.” She embraced him again and bid good bye with a deep, passionate kiss and got even happier when he kissed her back. “We’ll see again soon.”

“But, if you don’t mind, not in such an open place” he answered.

“Rather in your ‘Fortress of Solitude’ you mean? I know where it is. Shall I give you my address?”

He seemed to be unsure what to answer. “I’ll send it to you.”

“For my sake you needn’t. I can find you everywhere” she said pointing her index finger at her computer which at once took a photo of him. “And let me know it if you want me to make Lois forget about her suspicions if she should get suspicious.” She dressed and kissed him once again. “Bye, Clark! See you in a few days!”

He watched her fly away, deeply concerned. What shocked him most was that he had to admit he had enjoyed having sex with this so gorgeous girl. He hoped she would at least keep her promise. He thought whether she really knew the way to his Fortress of Solitude. If she could truly read minds – and very probably she could – she surely knew it. Perhaps she had also found it out somehow else.

While he was dressing he was thinking about what he should do. Of course he could alarm his cousin Kara or some members of the Justice League but there was no realistic hope she would forget about him. He would better reckon she really was able to find him anywhere – perhaps with the little object she had with her; he had not had enough time to see whether it was an alien computer. Perhaps it would not be the worst thing if she visited him in his Fortress of Solitude – maybe he could lure her into the Molecular Chamber.

On the other hand it was better not to think about it first, given her ability to read minds. Apart from this it was not sure whether the Molecular Chamber worked on her: She was not a Kryptonian.

He had to think about a strategy to avoid she would read his minds and for that put himself in the shoes of the not-superpowered criminals who had managed to deceive him for some time. How had they prevented him from using his X-ray-vision to find out where their drugs or weapons were? Mostly, if he remembered right, they had led his attention to a place where nothing could be found. The persons he had met who should not be detected by him had never acted as criminals.

It would be best, then, to fulfill this Lisa girl’s wishes. Perhaps he should not act too willing to avoid her from getting suspicious why he was offering no resistance at all.

Lisa had dinner in one of New York’s best restaurants still remembering the day in complete happiness. Everything she had tried had been a plain success. There was no reason not to keep her promise: Any Terran man would be no compensation for what Superman had given her and would give her again whenever she wanted. She tested how long it would take her to find him and an instant later had him on his way back to his flat in Metropolis. She had the possibility, too, to listen to what he was saying but forewent given that in the time she was watching him he did not talk to anybody for more than some seconds.

She slept well the night and the next day she did some sightseeing: Vienna, where she could not help thinking she would make the palace of Schönbrunn her residence if she one day was governor of Earth; then she flew to Budapest, a city she liked very much, too. There she had an excellent dinner. During her meals and between her sightseeing she watched Superman from time to time. He was working in his job as a journalist that day. While he was having lunch with Lois Lisa switched on the sound but they were talking about nothing interesting for her.

In the evening she got an invitation from Markus and his boss for next Saturday. She accepted, curious whether her programme worked with humans using it.

The next day, a Friday, Lisa got to know Scandinavia flying along all Norwegian fjords and enjoying the landscape. In the evening she visited a concert in St. Petersburg, Russia. The music on Earth was different from the one on her home planet but she could not tell which one she liked better.

Superman had contacted Kara, who was far away with a friend but promised him to be back on Earth in some days and help him against Lisa. “But you’ll have to be careful” he warned her. “We should talk together what to do first.” Supergirl agreed although she was dreaming about fighting and beating the woman who had humiliated her cousin and so show her strength to him, too.

After she had spent the Saturday in various regions of Southern Europe again Lisa’s lust was coming back. At night she phoned Superman on the mobile he had as Clark Kent and proposed to meet the next day in the afternoon in his Fortress of Solitude. He first did not react, even when she threatened she would get what she wanted, if he agreed or not.

Later she saw on her screen he contacted two other persons called Diana and Kyle and found out Diana was called Wonder Woman and Kyle Green Lantern. She also found out everything about their powers and weaknesses, imagined how a fight against them would be like and came to the conclusion that given her easy victory against Superman none of them would be a problem while fighting alone. She thought about searching for them but as she had no real photos of them nor any idea where they lived it would not be easy to find them. She decided it was better to confront Superman with the fact that she had found out he had contacted them and threaten him what she would do if they tried to fight her.

She made the sexiest dress she had ever worn on Earth, so narrow that it showed every one of her curves and extremely short, and 6-inch-heeled boots. As for her head she dyed it with every kind of makeup she could see on any Terran woman’s face. At last she made a chain with a crystal pendant in the form of a heart. Then she took the gun she had hidden carefully behind her dresses so far and linked it to her body.

With everything done she left and arrived in Clark Kent’s house in Metropolis only some minutes later. Quietly she opened the doorlock, hid her gun behind her back and entered the living-room where she became visible.

Superman got astonished at seeing her.

Have I surprised you, Clark?” she asked colloquially, sending love signals into his mind at the same time.” Well, you’ve disappointed me.”


She grabbed and strangled him. “You know very well why. You’ve tried to fool me and build up a group to fight me. Have you really thought I wouldn’t notice it?”

He did not even try to fight back and, as she found out by reading his mind, not only because he knew it was useless. She left him free.

Only a fraction of a second he had managed to avoid her eyes. Now he was staring into them not caring about her hypnotic abilities.

You don’t deserve me, Clark. I’ve thought about an adequate punishment but I think it’s best to forget about it all. We won’t see each other if it isn’t for a fight; I’ll find other men to please me and you may get happy with your Lois. I’ve got this one here” – she moved her gun into his sight – but I think I won’t kill you unless you attack me.

Perhaps you’ll watch your mates’ deaths if you don’t manage to hold them back.” She aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger a little, then lowered it and turned to go.

Lisa, wait!” he almost shouted.

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