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Not the One – Return to Earth – Chapter 05-08

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Not the One – Return to Earth

by Dru

Chapter 5

Harry didn’t want to go out there. That voice … it was so loud. So … powerful. He couldn’t face her. He had loved her, and treated her like dirt. The list of his infidelities was long. Too damn long. He couldn’t even name a third of them. But he hadn’t really regretted it until someone ran in and said her name.

“My god … that’s Lizzy!”

Realising he wasn’t going to come out Elizabeth, strode toward the nearest wall. Her steps came down heavy and hard, destroying the concrete beneath her feet. The bricks burst almost instantly as her breasts mercilessly rammed their way through. People scattered, including Harry. But with no warning she was there, her hand grasping his throat as she hoisted him up. He took hold of her wrist with both hands, his legs kicking about wildly, but his efforts to escape only managed to put a smile on her somehow perfect face.

“You should see yourself!” she told him, unmoved as he wriggled about desperately.

Someone strode up and snapped a pool cue across Elizabeth’s head, following that up by jamming the broken half he still held into her side. Her smile faded and she turned to look at the stunned biker.

“You need more than a pool cue, asshole.” she informed him. She put her hand on his well developed chest. “Now … scram.” She gave him a shove and he rocketed away from her, hardly slowed at all by the closed window he went through.”

Lizzy!” a choking Harry pleaded. “Please! You’re … going to kill me!”

“You are a smart one, Harry. You always were. That’s exactly what I plan to do. And I don’t even have to say why, do I? Because you know why, don’t you?”

Harry trembled. “You … don’t have to do this!”

She giggled. “But I do Harry. I really, really do. You have no idea how badly I’ve needed to make you feel pain. And now that I’m, well, more powerful than the President, I can. I can finally do this to you, and you know what? There’s nothing anybody can do about. Nothing they can do can possibly save you from me. Even with all your badass biker mates. Even with the cops. Not even if you had the army up your ass.”

“I’m sorry for what I did to you!”

“No you’re not. You’re only sorry that I’m so much stronger than you. You’re sorry that you can’t escape my anger anymore.”

“Lizzy …”

“I’m going to give you a chance, Harry. But just one … and it’s a long shot, believe me. I know you guys are still running guns out of the military base. Get as many weapons as you can, and as many of your biker friends, and I’ll prove to you how helpless you are now. You have 24 hours, Harry, then you’re dead. I’m going to kill you. Slowly.”

Elizabeth tossed him across to a booth, careful not to injure him too badly … for now.

“I’ll be back, Harry. Get your shit together.”


Susan surveyed the destruction with a smile. She had been worried she'd not been generous enough. Now she realised she had given more than enough raw physical power, and then some. Already they had vastly reduced the number of troops, though the regime kept up a fierce resistance to the playful superwomen.

Selecting a nice spot in the countryside, Susan landed. Closing her eyes, she silently summoned her army. Each girl suddenly turned their head toward Susan’s location. In moments all ten girls were moving across the landscape at speeds that defied the laws of physics. Susan smiled at them one by one as they appeared before her.

“Hello ladies.”

“You … you’re so beautiful!”

Susan smiled. She had amped herself up beyond a level that would have driven normal people insane, and even the enhanced army she had made was having trouble controlling themselves in her awe inspiring presence.

“You have been chosen to be the first of many warriors to fight for me.”

“Fight for you?” one of the Korean girls didn’t seem to like this.

“I gave you that power you like so much, and I can take it away. You are free to do whatever you wish, but if you ever refuse me you’ll be doing it without my power. Understood?”

All the girls nodded.

“This planet is mine. I am the most powerful person on it, and am best able to provide for the future. But they will have the chance to choose me … before I crush them. I have empowered all of you to show what will happen if the UN refuses to accept my dominion over Earth.”

“Why didn’t you tell us this sooner?” Jessie asked, gathering her wits just enough to ask her question. All ten girls were swooning with lust.

“Because you were doing a good enough job on your own. But it’s time to start being more selective of your targets. I want you Korean girls to go to your home provinces and assume control. You have three days to impose your will on the people. I don’t care how many you have to kill, but bring them all to their knees. Rhonda and Jessie: I want you two to take control of the borders and keep the South Korean, Chinese, and U.N. forces from interfering. Oh … one more thing. Kim Yong-Un is off-limits. Stay away from him, and the generals. I want their resistance to be well organised right to the end, understand? I want them to fight as best they can. Got that?” Susan waited until all ten girls had at least nodded their acceptance. “Good. Now, you’ve had time to get used to your strength and invulnerability. I’m going to give you another ability so you can take control of the sky as well.”

Susan’s eyes glowed like white hot coals for a moment, and the ten enhanced women were instantly aware not only that they were able to fly, but exactly how to do it. While she was toying with them, they became just a little more beautiful and their already obscenely strong bodies hardened and filled out a fraction more.

“Now go.”


Exactly 24 hours after leaving, Elizabeth returned to Harry. She had thought he might try to run, but he didn't. He did exactly what she had hoped he would do. He had gathered together every member of any chapter close enough to get here in 24 hours. There were hundreds of them. And they were armed to the teeth. She came down from the sky to land at the centre of the gathering, her legs taking all the shock of impact easily.

“Anyone who doesn’t want to die should sorta leave now,” Liz advised sagely. “Everybody else … do your worst.”

One of the men who had already seen what she can do bolted forward with a sawn-off shotgun and shoved the barrel right in her gorgeous face. He gave her both barrels, and gawked at her prefect teeth as she grinned at him. She was, of course, completely unhurt.

“Want to try again?”

He stepped back, reloading, as chaos ensued.

They tried everything, swarming around with cries of rage and laying into her with two-by-fours, baseball bats, chains, and even machetes and axes. Elizabeth did nothing to protect herself, even when the big fella with a chainsaw was trying to give her a mastectomy. And then one of them found himself soaring hundreds of feet in the air. Then another, and another. Then there was an explosion and the area around Elizabeth was cleared. All she had done was stamp her foot, having discovered that tossing them away one at a time might take too long.

With a clearing opened up around her Elizabeth became the target of at least thirty well trained gunmen. Bullets of various kinds tapped against her flesh and sparked vividly off her bikini. She giggled as several bullets fell out of her top. She started to take a breath, preparing to blow them all away. But as the air whipped up around her she became fascinating with the way everyone started moving toward her. She wasn’t even trying, not really. So she did try, and those directly in front of her were sucked towards her small mouth, bashing into each in mid air as they were crammed together more and more as they drew closer. She stopped just before the first hit her, swatting him away. She was so fast that she was able to swat them all away, allowing the last to break himself on his chest and stomach.

With great anticipation Elizabeth engaged her mighty lungs once more, emptying them of their contents and surprising herself again with how powerful she had become. She removed half the gunmen from the equation, and laid waste to almost two thirds of the town. Bullets started to spark once more, and for several moments she gave them a stationary target. If they knew how good it felt to Elizabeth as the projectiles pinged off almost every inch of her body they wouldn’t have bothered.

Harry watched in total horror as the entire gang was demolished in front of his eyes. Even taking her time Lizzy had laid waste to one of the most feared biker gangs in America. He held his last hopes in hands, and stepped out of the bar.

“Enough!” he told her. “The game ends now!”

He raised the RPG and lined up the ground at her feet, then he fired.

Elizabeth was a little less confident of this than the bullets, but she had nothing to fear. The debris settled and the dust cleared, and she stepped out of the shallow crater. Another man with an RPG ran forward with a maniacal war cry. He ran right up to her and held the RPG two feet from her and pulled the trigger. Her laughter chilled their hearts long before the smoke cleared.

“Nice try.”

Harry watched, stunned once more by his ex-girfriend’s new abilities, as she walked over to row of bikes. She hoisted them one after the other, and tossed them after the fleeing men. She didn’t miss a single one.

“Now then, Harry …”

He jumped. How she went from the far end of the car park to right in front of him he had no idea.

“ … maybe there’s one more thing you can help me with before I finish you off.”

She dropped her bikini bottom, and put a hand on his head. Very slowly, she pushed him down. He resisted, of course. But to no avail. A moment later he was battering her thighs with his face pressed up against her crotch.

“If you can please me, Harry … I might forget how badly I want to take your life.”


Leaving her girls to their work, Susan headed toward the depths of space once more. She was curious about some of the universes who's guardians had provided her with their rings. After taking so many, she realised that they did not all provide the same amount of power. Curious a particularly weak ring she had taken some time ago, Susan made her through to its home universe to find out why it had provided so much less than the others.

Almost as soon as she arrived she found out why. This particular universe was very young. It was chaotic, yet beautiful. But the chaos, Susan sensed, came at a cost. This universe was still burning up most its energy in building itself. It was at that moment that Susan realised the boggling possibility that the power of the ring was provided by the universe directly to her body. She held out her hand, and as she willed it the nearest nebula churned itself up violently and funnelled toward her palm.

She hadn’t expected such a rush as all the mass of the nebula was turned to pure energy as it streamed at an incredible pace into her hand. Susan grinned. She held her arms out wide, and the whole universe around her churned in the same way. It took mere seconds for the first tiny tendrils to poke into her stomach, and only a few seconds more before her millions of tendrils were drawn into contact with her skin … each one representing a youthful galaxy.

“Oh my.”

At this point she realised there were just as many black holes here as there were in her home universe. She decided to preserve these gateways for future investigations and as they moved toward her she put them aside instead of crushing them down to base particles.

When Susan was finished she was surrounded by a vast field of black holes, each one placed just far enough apart to prevent them from falling into each other. Other than those precious gateways, the entire universe was dark. She had taken it all, and she knew doing so had squeezed every drop of potential energy out of this universe.

“I had no idea!” Susan breathed, making her way home with her head still abuzz with new power. The ring that had given so little at first had, in the end, given her more than thirty others combined. Susan had discovered that despite her enormous power advantage, she had barely scratched the surface of her current potential.

As if on cue another ring-bearer came bursting through from Susan’s home universe with a look of determination on her face.

“You are not the … one.” The beautiful woman was gobsmacked. “What have you done?”

Susan just smiled as the new arrival drank in the absence of anything around her. “I’ll be happy to show you. But first you might want to take your ring off.”

The woman was sparked into action, but as she came at Susan with her foot aimed at her face, Susan drew the ring directly off her finger and into her chest. When the ringless woman turned to flee Susan was right there before her. She had no power now at all, but Susan gave her enough to stop her from perishing in the vacuum.

“Let’s go to you’re place.”

The next moment the pair were in the ring-bearer’s home galaxy.

“Since you asked and all, I did this.”

The galaxy around them started to spin faster and faster, and galaxies in the distance started to accelerate into a giant maelstrom all around them. The ring-bearer watched in abject despair as the entire universe began to transform all its matter into pure energy, and enter the grinning Earth woman at an alarming rate. Susan started to laugh as she felt her body comfortably accept all of it. The woman who had protected the doomed universe for eons died as Susan withdrew her protection, and her molecules dispersed and added to the flow.

“Sorry about that, but you did ask.”

Chapter 6

Sun-Hee was pleased to be going home. Susan had chosen her warriors well, for there was nothing the young Korean wanted more then revenge upon her brother. If not for his greed and betrayal their father would still be alive. In order to gain control of the family fortune and enable him to bribe his way up the command chain he had lied about his fathers involvement in an otherwise real people smuggling racket. Accused of allowing traitors to leave North Korea, the unfortunate patriarch was sentenced to death. With the money at his command, Sun-Hee’s brother made his way quickly through the ranks. Her threats to reveal the truth resulted in swift banishment. Susan had found the then rake-thin Sun-Hee attending to her brutal husband far from her home town.

Hovering over the base she first made sure there weren’t any generals on site. Her quick examination of the compound revealed two important things to her. There was no one of too high a rank around, and this pleased her as she knew she could cut loose. But her brother, who she had believed to be stationed here, was nowhere to be found either. Piercing every building and the depths of the bunker itself, Sun-Hee checked three times, but he was definitely not here.

The base below was a hive of activity. They were marshalling to move out, their conversations and determination made it clear they had been lied to. These men had been told nothing about the true state of affairs. The had no idea of the vengeful angel above them, or the other unstoppable women currently overwhelming forces in seven of the other eight provinces.

Since the power had flooded her body Sun-Hee had developed a hunger for violence she had never known was in her. Stretching her out to her full length in the clear blue sky, she pointed her toes and reached out her arms to feel the wonderful, unstoppable strength surging within her sensually flexing muscles. She smiled. One of the other officers would know where her brother was.

Sun-Hee swooped over the base, where most of the infantry were loading their gear onto trucks. Eyes widened as heads turned, no-one other then the officers aware that there was any such thing as a girl who could fly. Even if she wasn’t flying, the fact that she was wearing nothing but a very small bikini would have made her the centre of attention. None of the men had ever seen a woman built like Sun-Hee before.

Coming to a stop thirty feet over the centre of activity, Sun-Hee addressed the base.

“I am looking for Major Pyoh. Whoever tells me where I can find him will be spared.”

Powered by her enhanced lungs, her voice made everyone within a hundred feet clap their hands over their ears. Looking down past the concrete below she saw that even those within the bunker had stopped in their tracks, her voice reaching even them.

There was a moment of silence before the officers barked their men into action. Rifles were readied, and positions were taken. Sun-Hee smiled at their foolishness.

“And another thing … I should mention that I’m taking control of the province. This province is now part of the Unchosen’s domain, and I am her representative. Any of you who do not lay down your weapons and kneel before me will be destroyed. There will be no second chances. There will be no mercy. And there will be no survivors. Do you understand?”

She didn’t need to give them the chance to surrender, but Sun-Hee felt it was the right thing to do. A cry went up among the troops, and the first gunshot triggered an onslaught of a kind Sun-Hee had enjoyed many times since becoming a living weapon. The insignificant hail of bullets only produced a satisfied sigh from her as she offered them a stationary target for a rather lengthy period of time.

Sun-Hee wondered how best to crush them. She wondered if she could use the force her muscles generated to make her fly in another way. She curiously held out a hand toward a group of soldiers who she saw had almost run out of ammo. Releasing a wave of force from her hand, the same force that subconsciously emanated from her body to hold her in place, Sun-Hee gasped in shock at the result. She had targeted a group of around twenty, but the wall of force she created was much bigger and more potent than she had expected. Everything and everyone in front of Sun-Hee was hit so hard only fragment remained. The force field even demolished all the building right to the edge of the base and quite a bit of jungle beyond.


Pointed at the nearest officer, Sun-Hee released burst, the force of which produced a remarkable explosion that tore up the concrete like butter and left a twenty foot crater where he had been standing.

Bigger guns came out, and suddenly the air was filled with rocket propelled grenades. Sun-Hee was overjoyed, stretching out as waves of pleasure washed over body. One after the other, sometimes two or three at once, the grenades exploded over her. Boom! Boom! Ba-Boom! Boom … Boom. She was stunned how efficient and accurate they were. After she had peaked twice, she pulled her arms in and dove at the ground with earth shattering speed. Literally. The entire base was caught up in the destruction as the shockwave of her tremendous impact reached far out into the jungle, laying waste to everything.

Her intention had been to enter the bunker and start questioning the men who could lead her to her brother, but sadly she once more underestimated how powerful Susan had made her. The bunker, and a hundred feet of hard rock beneath it, was churned up and spat from the Earth, the force released by her body so great that all that now remained was Sun-Hee and a 1400 foot crater of hot rocks. The debris turned the day to night for a considerable amount of time before it had all settled.

“Oh my.”

Her disappointment at not finding out about her brother was outweighed by the excitement she felt at her amazing abilities. It was certainly unfair on her “opponents”. While Sun-Hee contemplated whether to go directly to the provincial capital or work her way around the military bases first, she became the target fast approaching fighter jets.

Air-to-air missiles wasted themselves against her invulnerable flesh, and high-calibre machine gun fire focused in her direction. Looking out to the horizon Sun-Hee was thrilled to see all sorts of planes and a rather large deployment of attack helicopters headed her way. Within seconds she flew through the closest fighter group, her incredible wake dooming the aircraft to uncontrollable spins, and began to fly among the larger planes tapping or flicking them into oblivion as she passed each once in turn.

Even though they spent two-thirds of the battle trying to get away, Sun-Hee spared none of the aircraft. It took the rest of the afternoon, but by sunset she was hovering in an empty sky, with none of the planes or choppers having returned to their distant bases. Sun-Hee made a sweep of province, making a slapping gestures as she passed those airbases that had none or too few planes left to put in the air. The energy she released in each ‘slap’ demolished her targets completely.

Spotting another army base nearby Sun-Hee made her way there and went striaght though the earth and deep into secure bunker. She slowed right down just before impact to avoid a repeat of last time, and once inside smashed her way through walls and floors to the base commander’s office.

He jumped to his feet as ceiling collapsed near the door and Sun-Hee came head first into the room, smiling as she gracefully inverted herself and landed on the now dusty carpet, several large chunks of concrete popping into particles as she pressed her soles into the floor.


“Who … you are one of the demons!”

“Really?” she asked him, her tone sultry enough to make beads of sweat pop out of his forehead as his manhood surged painfully. “Do I look like a … a demon … to you?”

He jumped to his feet and pulled his pistol. Raising it to her head, he unloaded it rapidly into her face. Fear’s cold grip clamped itself on his heart as she leaned a little closer with each sharp and ineffective ricochet. He dropped the gun in amazement and stepped back, his knees buckling as they his his chair. He sat silently, glaring at her with obvious horror.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘oh shit, my bullets didn’t hurt her.’ Don’t worry too much … nothing can. Now … before I destroy the base and lay waste to all your troops, how about you tell me where I can find Major Pyoh.”

The man looked confused, but was grateful for the distracting question. “I think you mean General Pyoh.”

“What?” A general? But that meant Sun-Hee couldn’t touch him. The Unchosen had pretty much called dibs on the Generals. “NO!” The vocal outburst would probably have done fair amount of damage on it’s own. But it was the stamping of her foot that killed the Commandant and turned his bunked into a sinkhole.


Susan was feeling more powerful than ever. Even though she was currently sharing a large percentage of the power at her command, after her latest discovery she felt more powerful than ever before.

It was not yet time to declare her ownership of North Korea. Re-entering her home universe several hundred thousand light years from Earth, she gave the blue-green planet a quick glance to check on her girls. They were doing what she had instructed. As she had suspected both the UN and Chinese military forces were moving in to either restore order or make a land grab. She almost felt sorry for them. Rhonda and Jessie were far more than a match for them. Confident that the current governments of the world hadn’t a prayer of derailing her plans, Susan turned her mind to more personal matters.

The bearers were coming faster now. And now she could see a pattern forming. They were coming out of black holes nearest the Council of the Twelve’s destroyed star system. Curious, she investigated further and discovered several small automated probes making their way through the universe. She watched one as it stopped near a black hole and started sending a signal through it.

“That’s how they got the message out,” Susan mused.

Then she noticed that not all the black holes between the probes and their point of origin had produced any ring-bearers. She doubted the probe had overlooked these. Susan found herself wondering if the universes on the other side of these particular portals had a ring-bearer in them at all. It would be, she decided, easy enough to find out.

Accelerating into the nearest of these and passing through it, Susan found her answer very quickly. There was a ting-bearer. The moment she arrived she sensed their power, and the next instant she was in stationary orbit over the world they occupied.

The man she found empowered by the ring was lazing by a beautiful lake, enjoying the attentions of several women he had enhanced for his own pleasure. Before going down to talk to him, Susan carefully rifled through his mind.

He had held the ring for longer than he should have. When they had come to him and asked for it back he had refused, and in the fight that followed he had emerged victorious. She could see that he had received the plea for help from the Council, but that he didn’t see any need to help. It was their mistake, as he saw it, and their problem. Susan quickly decided two things. One: he really was unfit to be a ring-bearer, even she could see that. And two: his ring would better serve the multiverse if added to her own already large collection. At least … it would serve her better.

With her decision made, Susan entered the atmosphere and came down swiftly to hover above him. “Hello Uhej. You don’t know me, but you’re about to give me everything you have.”

Uhej jumped to his feet, filling himself with tremendous strength as he did.

“Hey! Who the hell are you?”

“You should have answered the call,” Susan told him. “If you had, then maybe Roan might have had a better chance against me.”

“Huh? Roan? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Susan Beecroft, and I’m the ‘mistake’ the Council needed your help with.”

“You!” He steeled himself, and drew upon his entire reserve of power.

Susan only giggled. “What are you doing?” she asked, allowing him begin his vain assault.

Uhej was really good at focusing his power into energy blasts. He began using that skill in earnest, launching blasts of energy at Susan that laid waste to the entire area around them. But there was something very wrong. After three good solid hits, the impacts stopped exploding on her flesh. Instead, the blasts of raw destructive energy he launched at her appeared to soak into her skin.

Amused by his confusion, happily absorbing the intense blasts of power and adding them to directly to her physical strength, Susan could not help but laugh.

“I appreciate the power boost, Uhej. But wouldn’t it be easier t just hand me the ring?”

He let out a gutteral roar and rushed her. Susan smiled, and shook her head as she back-handed him into the planet’s surface. He was completely broken by the blow, and the planet cracked and tore apart as his body ripped through it. He was halfway to the system’s sun before he could stop himself. He cringed when he saw her there.

“So. Why didn’t you answer the call?”

Uhej, his eyes wild, drew upon every ounce of energy he had readily available, and let it all go at once. The whole system would have been destroyed, but Susan smiled and calmly accepted his gift of power.

“Thank you, Uhej. Now how about giving me your ring?”


Susan considered taking it the same way she had the last one, but that would be too easy.

“You know, I really like rings,” Susan told him, her tone sultry. She started to ramp up her sexual attraction on all levels. “They’re so pretty! You know … I’d do just about anything to get another one.”

There was silence as she let her statement make it’s way though his rapidly fogging mind. His ring made him the most powerful being in his universe, but it offered no protection as Susan poured a hundred rings worth into her beauty alone. Her intention was to make him swoon, make him want to please her. She was successful. The look on his face became pleading as he began to drool.

“No … such beauty is impossible,” he observed, his willpower quickly fading. As her beauty increased itself, Susan looked into his mind. There wasn’t much to see there now, she discovered. His entire super-powered mind was focused entirely on the many facets of her perfection. He had the mental capacity to observe an entire universe, but all that processing power was helpless in the face of her sex appeal. Every cell in his body was fired with a passionate lust. He tried to take her, to have her as he had so many others. But she stopped him. She was about to suggest he give her the ring when tugged it off his finger and held out to her.

“You’re a pushover, aren’t you?” she noted, holding her hand out. The ring left his grip, disintegrating as its very special particles began to stream into her palm. She let out a little moan of pleasure as it did.

“Please!” he begged. “I gave you the pretty ring … can I … ?”

“Of course not, you disgusting lay-about! Have you looked around this place lately? You have let it go to the dogs, haven’t you? It’s about time you did your job properly!”

Uhej felt power flood him as Susan poured into him even more power than he had known before. And then, at her unspoken command, he went to work. New thoughts … alien thought … invaded his mind. Susan experimented with him, rewiring his mind. Suddenly it seemed very important that his messy universe be clean and tidy. Suddenly he wanted to please this overwhelming beauty before him. Suddenly, he didn’t like himself.

Susan watched as he started his task, helpless before the willpower Susan brought to bear on him. He zoomed from system to system cleaning up polluted worlds, restoring planets he had neglected for eons. The way in which she had programmed his brain, Uhej was completely aware of what he was doing. Trapped between his conscious and sub-conscious minds, he could see himself rushing about doing the Unchosen’s bidding. He was aware his need to tidy up his universe came not from within, but from her. But knowing this did not help him to fight her. Even as the people on the worlds he was helping sang him praise he screamed within to allowed to stop.

“Very good, Uhej,” Susan said with approval. “By the time I come back with my army, the place should be just about ready! Don’t let up now, okay?”

With that, Susan left to explore the other universes where the plea of the Council had been received but ignored.


Rhonda watched as the UN convoy approached the border crossing at pace. She could see that among all the ‘humanitarian aide” was a rather large contingent of soldiers, and the whole convoy was fronted by a unit of tanks. She stood on the road at the checkpoint and waited for them.

The lead tank came to a stop just a few metres in front of the intimidating woman.

“You are not wanted here!” she told them. A hummer came up the side of the column and pulled in next to the tank. A smartly uniformed man stepped out and walked up to her. He was walking in such a way that told Rhonda he found her attractive. But then, every man who laid eyes on her seemed to react that way now.

“Miss, we are representatives of the United Nations. All we ask is that you allow us to offer the civilians food and medical supplies. We are here to help.”

“What makes you think the Unchosen needs your help?” Rhonda asked, her amusement on full display.

“Miss, the people of North Korea are suffering! You have to let us pass.”

“No. The suffering of the North Korean people is a lesson to you all. I warn you: try to cross and I will stop you. Try to enter this country, and you shall become a part of the lesson. Do you understand?”

The man humped. “Listen, girl, we ARE coming in. We WILL help those who need it.”

“I don’t need your help,” Rhonda informed him cooly. “So turn around and leave. Now.”

“I don’t think so,” he responded curtly, turning to the lead tank and gesturing it forward. “You best get out of the way.”

“Why?” Rhonda inquired. “Haven’t you seen what I can do?”

“Girl … if you don’t move out of the way these tanks will roll over you.”

“Really?” Rhonda asked brightly. “I’d like to see them try!”

With a shake of his head, he turned to the tank once more and gestured more forcefully.

“Just remember,” Rhonda told him with a sweet smile. “You were warned …”

Chapter 7

“How did we not see this sooner?”

“The point is we know now. This woman has already grown too strong, and the Darkness has already claimed some of the universes she has left unprotected. Can you see where she is now?”

“She is gathering Ring-Bearers on the world where she trapped the one known as Kethlen.”

“How many are imprisoned there now?”


Having decided that any Ring-Bearer who hadn’t answered the Council’s plea for help were unworthy of their rings, Susan had decided to claim them all for herself. She came back out of the latest wormhole and with a gesture sent the struggling Ring-Bearer she towed behind her to join her growing collection. As a precaution she boosted the two harem girls she had guarding her toys again, making sure they would have no trouble with the 23 new arrivals.

The anticipation of absorbing so many rings at once thrilled Susan to no end, and before she dove into another universe to gather her next ring of power she stopped to consider how to increase the pace. Contemplating the probes spreading the Council’s plea she had an idea. Studying the small but very fast probes Susan had no trouble in improving the design. To hasten them further she surrounded them with imaginary protective cocoons that allowed them to travel much faster than any design changes could achieve.

She dove into the next wormhole, and very quickly found the ring she sought. Without bothering to go to them, Susan dragged them across time and space. Rather than explain to each one what was going on, Susan had taken to putting them in catatonic state for the journey. With her comatose Ring-Bearer in tow, Susan went back through the wormhole.

“You are …” a voice intoned, but she silenced it with a gesture and sent the hero waiting for her return to join Kethlen, along with her new acquisition. Just as she did she sensed another two heroes enter galaxies far across the universe. Both found themselves instantly trapped with a terrified mob of superbeings being toyed with by the most arousing pair of women he had had ever seen.

“I should have done this years ago!” Susan chided herself, darting into the next black hole.


Rhonda knew they expected her to step aside. It was the only logical thing for a person to do when a tank was slowly creeping forward toward them. The logical thing for a normal person, at an rate. But Rhonda was far, far, from normal now. The hand of the Unchosen had made her powerful, and filled her with unfathomable strength. Letting the tank draw within a few feet she raised her left hand and readied it give the tank a flick of her finger. When it was about to touch her hand, she snapped the finger off her thumb. Her digit cracked into the armour of the tank and she watched in fascination as her mind slowed events to a snails pace. The metal around her finger glowed instantly white hot and started to splash away, and she watched as the power of the tiny contact rippled through the tank and tore it apart. Pieces of it flew everywhere, taking out three other tanks and the doomed commanders Humvee.

“Wow. This is going to be fun!” Rhonda declared, steeling herself as desperate officers organised their troops down the line into fire positions. The bullets and RPG’s she had come to love and enjoy so much started to rain down on her as Rhonda began to exercise her extremely overcharged muscles by slowly, carefully, and relentlessly pulling apart the military column one vehicle at a time.


Sun Hee had completed her task, as had all the other Korean ladies Susan had unleashed upon the provinces. Going from city to city, then village to village, Sun Hee had demanded everyone kneel before her and swear obedience to the Unchosen. Many defied her. And many died.

She drove the remnants of the military into a corner of the province, being careful to preserve a good chunk of their finest weapons and most experienced units. Among them were all the generals from the province. She knew the Unchosen would want to play with them, and she made sure to save plenty of toys for her.

While waiting for the Unchosen’s return, Sun Hee set the population to work. Rather than dismantle the military-focused industrial plants, she demanded that the production of weapons be increased immediately. She had found great pleasure in these toys, and wanted to experience the thrill of battle every day. She also commanded new troops to be trained to replace those lost in battle.

With the business of her future entertainment out of the way, Sun Hee set about redistributing wealth. By the end of her first day she had eliminated poverty. The obscene riches of the upper-class were wiped away as banks accounts were wiped clean and the balances reset to give all an equal share. No-one was rich anymore, but none could be described as poor.

She was in the middle of restructuring the health industry to ensure everyone got the medical help they needed when she got a phone call.

“Um, mighty agent of the Unchosen … I don’t want to interrupt you …”

“And yet you have.”

“I have General Pyoh on the phone.” The little man, once the Mayor of this city, held out a mobile phone to her.

Sun Hee took it carefully, her first impulse being to crush the phone.

“Hello General.”

“This betrayal has gone on long enough!” the General spat furiously. “You will surrender to the command of the Great Leader or die.”

“I agree. This betrayal has gone on long enough … brother.”

“Huh? Listen demon … the Grand Marshall has yet to show you his real power! Surrender now, or face his true wrath.”

“You don’t know, do you? You have no idea.”

“I know everything! Whatever the American devils have done to you will not save you from nuclear fire.”

“Tell me something, brother. Did you watch father die? Were you there when they lined him up before the firing squad? Did he know it was you that put him there?”

“Wait … how do you know that?”

“It’s me. You’re sister. The girl you married off to get rid of.”


“Yes … my power is impossible. How dare you speak of betrayal? Come to me and kneel before me, and I’ll kill you quickly.”

“You are a fool, Sun Hee. The Grand Marshall shall crush you.”

Sun Hee laughed. “Haven’t you been paying attention? The power of the Great Leader is nothing to the Unchosen. Bring your nuclear fire, brother. I COMMAND it. You have no idea what true power is. But I’m going to show you.”

“Foolish girl. You will kill everyone in the city.”

“That’s on your head. Drop your nukes and all will die. But I won’t.”


Jessie looked down at the Chinese commander with clear mistrust.

“Really? You expect me to believe you need all these troops and tanks and artillery to distribute aide?”

“We need to guard the supplies from North Korea troops,” he assured her.

“No you don’t. They’re far too busy with my friends right now to worry about you lot.”

“You have no right to keep us out.”

“I have every right. Leave the food trucks and medical supplies, and go. Otherwise I’ll very much enjoy tearing you all apart with my bare hands.”

The commander scoffed. “We have our orders, woman. And we’re coming in.”

He barked a command that was relayed down the column, and the long line started forward once more.

“Have it your way. I was hoping you would try.”

Jessie strode to the first two tanks in the long twin column. They were parked close enough that she could comfortably get a hand on both. They clunked into gear almost simultaneously and tried to roll forward. They didn’t budge. Walking forward with clear ease, Jessie began to push the bulky tanks backward even as their tracks span forward and tore up the road beneath them. There was a loud crash as they both met the vehicles behind. With her mighty strength aiding her Jessie didn’t really feel the difference as she proceeded to walk on pushing four resisting tanks with obvious ease. Another crash, and she was pushing six. Before very long the Chinese commander was watching her force the entire column back, and she seemed to be moving faster. The two long lines of military vehicles were ants to her power, and she proceeded to concertina them into each other. Tank after tank, truck after truck hit each other and succumbed to her. Men abandoned their vehicles as they were crushed by the immense force brought to bear. Some popped up onto those they hit, some were forced out to the side, but Jessie was relentless and did not stop until she had disabled every vehicle. Then she hefted the now empty tanks she had her hands on and threw them casually into the mountains. Taking the next two she hoisted them both and slammed them together. The next two she punched into fragments, the force of her blows destroying the the next three pairs as well. The men moved rapidly away from their vehicles as Jessie moved down the line destroying any tank and truck not containing humanitarian aide. It only took her twenty minutes to reduce her targets to scape metal.

While there were a lot of injuries, Jessie had actually been quite careful not kill anybody. Her orders were to keep them out, and she wasn’t sure her master wanted to start an all-out war with China. At least, not just yet.

Hovering up over the smoking ruins, she addressed the awestruck and terrified men. “You have now witnessed first hand the power we possess. Send all the aide you like, but this is far as anyone of you go. Any attempt to cross the border will be met by me. Now … you have a long walk ahead of you boys. I suggest you get started.”

They all practically sprinted the first ten kilometres. Watching then run, chasing them with giggles and laughter, Jessie turned her attention eventually to the small percentage of trucks she had left in one piece. She stacked six on top of each other, criss-crossing them and pressure welding them into a single mass. Marvelling at how impossibly light it felt, she lifted the stack and carried it into a nearby city. Handing over to her new friend there, knowing the superpowered Korean girl would put it to good use, she returned for more.


Elizabeth had been in the bar for two days. Harry, now completely delirious with exhaustion, found himself unable to stop pleasing his ex-girlfriend. His body cried out, his muscles and joints screaming in agony, but his desire for her had not waned. The longer he remained in her presence, the more completely his mind and soul were lost to her.

Realising he would soon die if she didn’t release him, Lizzy considered letting that happen and decided against it. That would release him from his punishment much too soon. She had a much better idea. Why not keep him around as long as possible? Why should he get out of it so lightly after just two days? He put her through hell for months!

“That’s enough for now, Harry,” she told him. He ignored her, his lust the only thing that mattered. With a smile she put a finger on his head and pushed him, with great care, forcefully to the floor. “I said enough. For now. I want you to rest. Next time you better improve, or I won’t be so gentle.”

Harry struggled to get up, vainly reaching for her. Liz ignored him and strode away.

Outside, in what was left of the town, the authorities had been very busy. She knew they were there, because she had watched them build up their forces and she could hear the helicopters and planes that scoured the skies.

They had, it appeared, brought everything to the party. They had it all, from snipers and mortars to tanks and attack choppers. Elizabeth felt a flutter of excitement. She had seen the footage from North Korea, and it had thrilled her watching those girls shrug off heavy weapons fire. She had wondered what that would feel like, having spent her whole life feeling vulnerable and exposed. Now she was going to find out first hand.

“Stop there Miss Trubelle,” a voice aided by megaphone blasted at her. “Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head.”

“Really?” she asked with clear amusement, her unaided voice far louder and much clearer. “Maybe if you get on your knees I won’t shove your toys up your ass.”

“You have five seconds to comply.”

That gave her just enough time to get Harry to a safe place before she returned to stand in a clear spot, making a good target of herself.

“Bring it on, assholes.”

And bring it they did. And Elizabeth discovered that total invulnerability was every bit as enjoyable as she had imagined it would be. The area around her became engulfed in chaos as a ridiculous amount of ordinance was brought to bear. Liz stretched out and concentrated on feeling every impact, her body reporting nothing but pleasant caresses and gentlest love-taps. She knew they were trying to stop her fun, trying to kill her, but she could not help feel a little grateful as they attacked her relentlessly and with such determination. Her only hope was they didn’t burn through their ammunition too quickly.


Susan came out of the fifth black hole she had visited since speeding up the Council’s SOS to find four new Ring-Bearers waiting in ambush this time.

“Oh good!” she declared happily as energy blasts and force-fields gently massaged her body. She rounded the confused beings up and deposited them instantly with all the others.

By the time she got to the next wormhole she had teleported two more. She now had 38 Ring-Bearers in her little stockpile, but wanted to get a few more before taking their power for her own.

“How long before our forces can get there?”

“We despatched a legion as soon we found out. But it is the very far corner of the multiverse that is under threat, and it could take a year to get there.

“Let us hope she hasn’t gotten too much more powerful before then. All we can do now is watch … and wait.”

Chapter 8

Both harem girls were having the time of their lives. The Unchosen was giving them a new toy every few minutes, or so it seemed, and they found that with their massive new power level came an insatiable appetite for sexual pleasure. They were able to use all of them. Even the women that their master deposited, almost equal in number to the men, appeared to be unable to resist the beauty of the two huge former sex-slaves.

The ring-bearers were not having nearly so much fun. Their power was such that in their former lives, just hours earlier, they had come to expect all obstacles to fall before them. They had grown used to being the most powerful beings in their universes, and having all around them worship or fear them, but at the very least respect them. In the presence of the two over-muscled young women they were mere toys. Toys to be played with on a whim. And despite their hopelessness, despite the pain their tormentors caused, none among them could resist the raw physical attraction of the two obscenely enhanced girls. One sultry look from either of them, and whether man or woman the target would forget themselves and loose control. They tried so hard to massage pleasure from the hot flesh of their jailers, but hard as they tried and with all the power at their disposal the ring-bearers found themselves exhausted by the effort. Though the two brought them pleasures they had not dreamed possible, the cost was the agony of recovery … something they never thought they’d experience again.

While the two girls kept twenty busy in a forest on the far side of the planet, Kethlen spoke to a small group. They hid far below the surface of the world they had been imprisoned on, but knew that if the girls were listening their words would be heard. There was no place safe from them, no place that the doomed could hide.

“There’s sixty of us now,” Kethlen whispered. “It should be enough.”

“But there’s only twenty three of us here. We need everyone if we’re to have a chance.”

“Those they play with now will soon be exhausted, and we will have to take our turn. We only need one to start spreading the word. Once we get word to everyone, I’ll give the signal and we all throw ourselves at them at once. I’ve been studying them, and they only have about twenty rings worth or so.”

“What? Twenty? How is that possible?”

“The point is, there’s enough of us now to overpower them. This time tomorrow, we shall have our freedom.


Sun Hee knew they would try. But she decided not to let them kill those who had surrendered already. Part of her felt responsible for them now, and she had already struck down all who refused to fall to their knees. Every single person in the city below and in the province stretching out all around her had bent before her and vowed to be loyal subjects of the Unchosen.

No. She knew that because of their vow the Great Leader would have no problem killing each and every civilian. It would please him, somehow Sun Hee was certain of that.

At last the bomber appeared. She had seen the propaganda movie, and she recognised the type of plane. It had a big escort, thirty fighter planes strong. How foolish they were. She had already dealt with fighters and bombers. Surely they knew this wouldn’t work. Looking deep into the plane at the heart of the approaching formation Sun Hee saw the large device they intended to ‘kill’ her with. Something about this felt wrong to her. They knew how easily she could take out the planes. Why would they try something so clearly doomed to fail? And why had it taken so long for her brother to launch the attack? He had called over two hours ago.

Her mind raced, her imagination flitting through millions of scenarios a second until she came up with a possibility that seemed to leap out at her. A movement in the south of the city caught her eye, and her attention turned to a road below on which a black van was racing along. It seemed to be headed to the industrial area where 70% of the city’s population were assembling warheads and rockets for her mid-afternoon entertainment tomorrow.

“Nice try,” she mused. Piercing the tank with her remarkable visual abilities Sun Hee saw the large nuclear device hidden within and smiled. According to the display, once activated the bomb would instantly detonate. She wondered if the two men in the van knew that … there was no way they could read the display themselves as it was behind an improvised steel plate.

Clearly they had thought she would be distracted enough by the planes she wouldn’t realise the van was there. Or perhaps that with two bombs they hoped one would get through. Checking to make sure there were no others, and finding there were none, Sun Hee soared over the city and came down in front of the van. Even as the roadway tore up under her the van bounced through the shockwave and slammed into her proudly thrust out chest. Tearing her way though the smashed front end, with her body already pressed deep into the ruined vehicle, Sun Hee exposed the bomb to the sun and tore it free from the bolts holding down.

“I think I’ll save you for my Master,” she mused aloud, taking her precious cargo and soaring into the air. Having claimed the luxurious party headquarters as her new home, Sun Hee took her prize there and placed it safely on the roof and far from any normal person’s reach. Then she took to the sky once more, still enjoying the freedom of unaided flight as much as she had the first day and thrilled to mock gravity so easily, to seek out the approaching bomber mission.

The fighters saw her as she lazily approached, and she heard the chatter as they panicked. Calmed by their cool-headed squadron leader they flicked on afterburners and moved to attack. Not yet tired of how great being shot felt, Sun Hee moved about to keep the bullets streaming into her on target. Lot’s of stray lead missed her, but she was very careful to make sure she got the full benefit of the expensive air-to-air missiles. There were so many that a few were bound to miss, but she turned and chased each and every one of them down, putting herself in their path and revelling in the pleasant warmth and the caresses of shockwaves and shrapnel.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this,” she mused, her hand tweaking a nipple with far more force than the military could hope to match. She allowed an orgasm to take her, loosing herself a moment in her own indulgence. Any plane too close was knocked from the sky as her flight powers warped gravity dramatically, her release actually ripping apart four of them that had been coming in for a strafing run.

Before the bomber could get into a position to release the bomb, Sun Hee stopped pleasuring herself and proceeded to seek out each fighter one by one. Flying up behind one, she placed herself in the flames pouring out the back and let the hot jet exhaust wash over her. Grinning, she spread her arms wide and accelerated through the overmatched metal of the plane. Spinning as she sped through the exploding plane, her arms corkscrewing though the instant wreckage, Sun Hee arced up and approached another. Flying over it she broke its back with a single poorly thrown blow. It shattered at the touch of her knuckles and broke apart.

Radio chatter went wild as they desperately tried to out manoeuvre the unarmed girl and flee, none of them doubting their inability to harm this frightening new machine of war. There was nothing they could do. They needed to keep moving to stay in the air, and took time to turn. Sun Hee could stop on the spot, and make as instant and sharp a turn as she liked. For the last two planes, she simply chased them down as she had the stray missiles, and placed herself in their path. The planes, unable to avoid her, smashed helplessly against her diamond hard muscles. And then there was one.

Determined to get to his target, which was the city she had taken over and not actually the girl herself, the bomber pilot tried to ignore the girl’s relentless assault on the doomed fighters and pressed on. He had been assured that the girl would be too busy with the fighters, and that the bloated escort he had would buy him time to deliver his payload. But it was all over far faster than the planners had dreamed possible.

Dread took him as he saw her arc towards him from the still growing fireball of the last fighter. Without anything else to distract her, she approached him steadily and gently came alongside to smile warmly at him. He felt his pants tighten. My god … she was just so … so … beautiful. He desperately sought a flaw as she gracefully carried herself unaided through the sky beside him, so close now that he could see the tiny unsinged hairs on her arms. With despair he found no reason to halt the growing erection in his pants. In fact, his examination of her only made it surge more painfully. She seemed to notice his discomfort, not that he was aware she could actually see every inch of him through the fuselage. Her smile grew naughty, and she raised an eyebrow while gently circling her nipple with her finger. He lost himself, his awareness dominated completely by the tiny movement of her finger. The plane lurched, but the co-pilot took control as the captain convulsed in his seat.

Covering a giggle, Sun Hee moved slowly around to the front of the plane and devastated the co-pilot even faster than she had his senior officer. Turning up the heat she presented both her breasts to him as she flew backward in front of the large bomber. Her eyes filled with blatant arousal as she let her fingers dig deep into her chest, much deeper than any of the missiles had managed to get. As her lips puckered, the pilot drooled and violently came before he lost consciousness.

“So easy,” she mused, getting closer to the plane and thinking about what do with it. It went out of trim and started to lurch to the right, a movement she halted with a single hand, twisting her wrist as she kept the plane level. What to do with it?

Checking on the crew inside, she saw them finish priming the device. None of them were aware of her hand on the nose of their plane, or of the still convulsing captain and unconscious co-pilot. Smiling as an idea occurred to her, and confident enough in her immunity to pain and harm to try it, Sun Hee went lower under the nose and tore away the door to the landing gear. She turned to face forward, and gripped the front edge of the exposed compartment.

Everyone inside the plane lost their footing and found themselves thrown toward the back of the plane with terrifying, gut wrenching force. The acceleration Sun Hee’s obscenely powerful muscles produced was thrice that of the fighter planes she had chased down and destroyed, and she was holding back a great deal. Even though she was careful to preserve the fuselage, she was not concerned as both wings let out metallic screams of protest and almost simultaneously tore away from the main body of the aircraft. Gleefully enjoying the ease of doing so, Sun Hee effortlessly gained altitude as she took the huge and heavy plane ever higher. Inside the men were unable to fight the g-forces, and were all pressed solidly into place. Not all of them survived the tremendous pressure placed on their bodies, but it didn’t matter. Less than a minute later they were all dead as the air pressure rapidly dropped along with the temperature, freezing forever their expressions of confusion as they became astronauts.

Sun Hee sensed more than felt the lack of pressure, releasing the plane to float in an almost stationary orbit high above the Earth. It drifted serenely, slowly turning on its axis. She gave it a slight flick with a finger and it started to spin rapidly. Bringing it carefully to a stop, Sun Hee moved up and removed a door from the plane close to the nuclear device. Touching her feet to the floor, she ‘walked’ down the centre of the long cabin, ignoring the various items and silent bodies as they floated around her until she stood before her prize.


“They don't have anything close to our stamina.” a very happy former sex-slave observed through a haze of steam. Steam that was coming off her supercharged and thoroughly aroused body.

“No. They just can’t keep up, can they?” the other replied, pushing two unconscious and healing women off her prodigious breasts.

“It’s a good thing there’s plenty more!”

“You got that right!”

Kethlen knew the time was right as he felt within him the pull of his captors. Though he was on the far side of the planet he felt himself surge as their awareness fell upon him. He could feel the overwhelming might of their minds drive away much of his free will and he took to the sky along with the rest of the group. This was the fourth time since his meeting that he had been selected to please them, and all they had to do was look his way and desire his presence … their unconscious domination of his soul took care of the rest. But the cruelest twist of all was that he was completely and totally aware of the fact that they weren’t even aware how hard he was fighting against them.

They stood before the growing group of refreshed ring-bearers and drove them to their knees with nothing more than their presence and the promise of pleasures to come. Kethlen forgot his goal a moment. These two heavily muscled yet impossibly arousing women were beyond his wildest fantasies. Why would he want to escape them? Why would he want to get away? They were so beautiful, their embrace so encompassing.

“I want Kethlen, this time,” one of them declared, stepping forward and crushing his shoulder as she lifted and pressed him against her chest.

“Okay. But then I get two thirds of the rest.”

“But …”

“C’mon! Yesterday you though it was a good idea!”

“Yeah … but yesterday you had Kethlen.”

Kethlen breathed in her scent, and swooned. But it was the horrible pain of his cheekbone shattering that brought him around. He reached out an arm, and shot a gigantic bolt of blue light into the sky. The blast of energy soared high over the planet, and would have kept going if it had not sizzled out on the impenetrable barrier Susan had placed around this world.

Suddenly all 64 ring-bearers were on the scene, and as one they blasted the two harem girls with all the considerable power at their disposal. The two girls at the centre of the attack cried out, feeling pain for the first time since they had met Susan.


Sun Hee had to fly very slowly as she went back, but she managed to get the device safely into the atmosphere again and headed toward the border of the ninth province. Since learning that the girls didn't seem interested in Kim Jong-Un's home province, most of the general staff and much of their surviving military forces were now to be found there. Carrying the bomb to a place where she knew they would be watching, Sun Hee wondered if she could get the attention of the other girls.

Almost as soon as the thought crossed her mind, the girls started to appear.

“What’s that?” Jessie asked, her eyes lighting up at the large bomb in Sun Hee’s hands.

Once they were all there, Sun Hee filled them in. “It’s a nuke … and I want to share it with you.”

“Wow … do you think it will feel better than those big rockets?”

“I’d like to find out,” Rhonda chimed in.

With a nod, Sun Hee turned toward the an observing military helicopter. Checking to ensure they had a good shot of her she raised her voice to a booming level and spoke to the feeble army.

“You thought this would get though? You thought I wouldn’t see that van, assholes? Well, you clearly need to learn that you have no chance of stopping us. Now watch as your mightiest weapon brings us nothing but pleasure.”

Sun Hee gestured to Jessie, who nodded with a smile and hovered over to the control panel just beyond Sun Hee’s reach and activated the bomb. Somehow she just knew which buttons she needed to push, and a few beeps later the bomb detonated.

The massive explosion ripped apart the landscape below, charring and melting the very rocks. At the heart of it all the ten superwomen added to the destruction with their own violent releases of energy. Observers looked on aghast as the churning destruction seemed to go on far longer than it should have. Slowly the mushroom cloud rose, but it was clearly being disturbed by something deep within.

It was quite some time later that the girls emerged from the destruction, gliding gracefully clear of haze and smoke much to the horror of those who were meant to witness this display of invulnerability.

“Oh my … that was quite nice!” one of the younger Korean ladies observed, still massaging her glowing body.

“Yeah. That was really intense. Let’s get them to send us another one!”


Susan blasted free from with latest aquisition silently towed behind her, rounded up the three ring-bearers who just entered the universe through other portals, and sent them on though the wormhole to Kethlen's universe and the overpopulated prison she had there. As she did so, she checked on the guards and found them being held down by a mob of ring-bearers floating all around them. They were struggling, but the combined might of the ring-bearers she had deposited there was too much for them.

“Sorry, girls,” she mused, making her way there and deciding it was time to cash in on her current savings. She had accumalated too many for the guards to control.

Kethlen and three others were beating themselves against the invisible barrier that held them on the planet while the rest kept the girls contained. They couldn’t kill the pair, but they could hold them down hopefully long enough for the four of them to find a way out.

“It’s not possible. No substance exists that could hold us here like this.”

“And I can’t even see it.”

On the other side of the invisible barrier Susan suddenly appeared.

“Going somewhere, boys?” she inquired, waving a hand and removing the force-field.

Kethlen’s heart sank as he felt his mind rapidly cloud over. What was he doing again? Whatever it was, it didn’t matter now that SHE was here. All four bearers moved to take up a position where they could try to please her, each one somehow aware just where she wanted to touched.

“That’s nice, boys. You are so weak … so feeble. But you are trying. That’s the spot. Oh … yes. That does feel nice. Were you going somewhere?”

“No!” one of them blurted, a little too quickly.

“We … we …” Kethlen struggled to string words together as Susan allowed her power to harden the edge of her lethal beauty.

“I know. I can see your deepest secrets … things you forgot you even knew. My girls seem to be having a little trouble keeping you naughty boys and girls under control. It’s very disrespectful.”

Kethlen filled with dread at the thought that he had displeased his master.

“Please! I … we …”

Susan took her attentive lovers down to the surface and hovered over the straining ring-bearers. She approached them quietly, watching them carefully as she began to amp up the two harem girls once more. Sweat broke out on brows amoung all the suddenly struggling ring-bearers as they grunted almost as one and found the task at hand was now getting steadily harder, the burden of maintaining their trap growing heavier and heavier. And then they cried out as the two girls seemed to relax, their power passing the point where breaking free required any effort. Even as their enemies poured on everything they had, the two girls smiled at each other and floated to their feet.

“Thank you, goddess!” one declared gratefully, making many heads turn toward the direction her booming voice travelled.

“I am not a goddess,” Susan chided. “But I am your master. How did you let these weaklings overpower you?”

“I … we … we were not powerful enough to fight them.”

“I swear to you, ladies: You will NEVER be in that position again. It’s time I got serious about increasing my power, and yours.”

Susan gestured dismissively, and the four attending to her devastatingly beautiful body found themselves flung to the ground among their fellow bearers, all of them herded together by invisible yet undeniable force. Susan hovered into them, her clothes fading into the air as she pressed herself into the large mob. Taking one in her embrace she allowed him to eagerly enter her.

“I want you,” she informed him, and poured power into his body greater than he had ever dreamed. The raw sexual attraction of her curvaceous body, her warmth, her delirious scent, tore down his defences instantly and he was hers forever. As she made him strong enough to please her, Susan turned her smokey eyes toward the mob around her as they all fell under her spell. Even as an orgy broke out and the planet’s surface began to shake violently, Susan started to concentrate on the rings all around her. Her pleasure intensified, her passion engulfing everyone around her inculding her overpowered servants.

She locked eyes with Kethlen as her climax rapidly approached, and tortured him with a steamy smile. “Thank you, hero. I’d probably still be playing soldier-girl if it weren’t for you! And my god … do you have any idea … mmmm … how awesome it feels to be me right now?” Susan let go a ground shaking grunt, which evolved into a low sensual groan that ripped orgasms from all of her toys. And then she had a life-altering orgasm of her own. There was flash of intense heat and light as the brutality of her orgasmic release tore through everything and everyone around her. The shockwave tore out and away from the large planet, smashing the whole star system to atoms. Susan heard the cries of ecstatic pleasure from her warriors, cries that would have doomed whole galaxies if she had not already laid waste to them, and felt the rings in the chaos all around her. Just as her orgasm reached it’s peak, right before it began to subside, Susan took them all.

The instant rush of taking so many fresh sources of power, each one giving her power beyond imagining, was more than Susan could take. Unrestrained pleasure and joy overwhelmed her powerfully enhanced mind, and she nearly blacked out as her body was wracked with formerly impossible degrees of pleasure. It was nearly enough to tear her apart, and a new and far more intense release of shockwaves tore through the chaos around her. The first release stunned the two warrior girls. The second ripped even their over-enhanced bodies to shreds. Not even the ridiculous level of power they possessed could save them.

It was several hours later that Susan came around. Her first thought was of experiencing that again, but she knew she would need even more next time. Her body hardened as it cooled, now much harder and tougher than it had ever had been before.

She was a little disappointed that her release had done so much damage, but she was able to repair her precious black-holes with little trouble as she absorbed the mass of everything else. Hovering in the darkness, her portals the only thing that now remained of Kethlen’s ancient universe, Susan realised that her two girls had perished.

“That’s a shame,” she mused as yet another ring-bearer came charging at her.

“You are not the one, Earthling!” she declared, shaking off the unusual state of the universe she had just entered.

“My goodness,” Susan whispered, her voice alone paralysing the fresh arrival and wiping her mind clean of everything but the pleasure and intensity that came off Susan’s presence in tides, “There are a lot of you.”

Completely ignoring the ant before her, Susan experimentally opened her hand and released a tiny ball of energy no larger than a pin-head. It floated up and soared away from her. When it was several hundred thousand miles away there was a flash of light. After the glow faded there was a galaxy all around them. A galaxy exactly like the one her prison world had existed in.

“Well … that worked.”

The blank expression on the new arrivals face did not change.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how I did that?”

The woman was still lost, trying to come to grips with Susan. And every time Susan spoke the woman was more and more absorbed with her struggle.

Confident enough to give her idea a try, Susan held out both hands and released two large balls of energy. Huge bolts of strange power arced out from them as they floated a few feet before Susan, so bright that the other woman present had to shield her eyes. There was a flash of light and a release so powerful that the ring-bearer was not around to see it fade. The galaxy she had just restored was in turmoil once more as the two harem girls moaned with deep pleasure and stretched their bodies.

“What happened?” one asked, the glow in her eyes slowing settling.

Susan finished absorbing her new ring, and reclaiming the energy she had used to recreate the galaxy before she answered.

“Nothing that you need worry about. Remember my promise: You will never know what it is like to be overpowered again. Unless you defy me, of course.”

“We would never do that!” the taller girl declared, shocked at the thought.

“Oh, I know. Now then, you have a new mission ladies. I have to go back and make sure they’re getting the message back home. There are ring-bearers popping up much faster now, but it is not enough. So while I’m gone I want you to go through the wormholes here in this galaxy and bring all the rings you find back here. You can do more stuff now … you know that, don’t you?”

Both massive girls nodded.

“That’s right. I have made you much, much more powerful than before. And for every hundred rings you bring to me, I will give you more. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Now go. Crush the fools and bring their rings to your master.”

“Yes, goddess,” the girls answered in unison. Susan let their mistake slide, because her body was so amped her presence vastly reduced their mind’s ability to think.

Susan watched them leave, both moving far faster than the council’s probes. She smiled in satisfaction, knowing the girls would soon provide her with thousands, if not millions, of rings in the next few days alone. And while they were at it, the enhanced probes were darting about providing her with a home delivery service. As she headed toward her conquest in North Korea, Susan allowed herself a few joyful aerobatics. Not only was she was strongest and most powerful being ever to exist, at the moment she was the happiest as well. For in the next hour she would become a Queen. And tomorrow, she would gain hundreds of more rings.

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