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Oh No Sally 26-30

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(with Michelangeli)

Sally had expected Detective Wilson to come out of her cake induced coma at anytime now. But neither she, nor the hospital staff monitoring the patient’s unusual condition predicted what happened when Wilson came down from her high.

Rather than slowly come out of it, feeling groggy and drained as was expected, she stopped moaning and her eyes snapped open.

“Oh my … that was incredible!”

She barely had time to take in the fact that she was strapped down in a hospital bed when the changes began. A warmth spread over her, and she felt herself brimming with energy. For a moment she thought the room was shrinking. But the increasing pressure of the straps on her arms and over her stomach indicated to her that she was actually growing.

The pressure of the straps seemed to ease even as she watched her muscles swell and press harder against them. Then with a rip the straps gave way. For a moment she thought she’d slip back into an orgasmic coma as the intense pleasure of filling with raw power took hold of her.

Two nurses rushed into the room as Wilson’s body continues to fill out, her hospital robe beginning to tear, even though it had been quite loose.

“Just relax, Detective Wilson,” the bigger nurse suggested. “The doctor is … on his way.”

Both nurses were stunned at the sight that greeted them, and more than a little moved by how unnatural the healthy glow this woman had as her amazing body grew out of her clothes.

“Doctor? Why would I need a doctor? I feel great!”

Wilson and the nurses watched in astonishment as the drip stuck into her forearm was pushed out from within, and the small hole in her skin closed up and healed instantly.

“That’s not right,” the shorter nurse observed, though her eyes hardly left Wilson’s wonderfully enticing new breasts … because as wonderful as they were, they seemed to be getting even more wonderful with each passing second.

“He needs to take a look at you …”

“I bet he does,” Wilson quipped, unashamedly running a hand over herself. “But I feel incredible.”

Wilson swung her feet to the floor and stood up, grinning as she found herself a full head taller than the bigger nurse. Both uniformed women took an involuntary step back as she towers over them, her new glowing muscles inspiring a little fear in both of them.

“If it’s just the same with you, I’d like some clothes so I can get out of here.”

“You have been in a … a coma … for months. We need you stay a few more days at least to make sure you’re okay.”

“But I’m not okay, am I? I mean … look at me! I’m a helluva lot more than just okay, wouldn’t you say?”

The smaller nurse opened a cabinet and handed Wilson a new robe, which the detective draped over herself. Moving toward the door, the big nurse tried to stop her, but Wilson knocked her flying into the wall with a negligent swipe of her arm. Unaware she had just broken the nurses arm in two places, Wilson strode through the door and walked off down the hall. She stopped at a nurses station and got the nurses attention.

“Is there a phone I can use?”

Suddenly, from the end of the hall, four men in black suits came charging toward her.

“Hold it right there, detective!”

“Can I help you gentlemen?”

“We’re with the NSA. We need you to come with us.”

“Excuse me?”

Wilson knew something was very wrong, when the NSA showed up. And there was little doubt why they were here for her.

“Come with us now, detective and we will not be compelled to use force.” Two agents take to grip her, realising how extremely toned and hard her arms felt. They couldn’t even put one hand around her arms anymore.

Wilson got angry, and her anger let her grow even bigger, making her power grow to even higher mind-blowing levels. The agents backed away, though the two next to her weren’t as lucky as the rest. When Wilson struggled to break free, she underestimated the power she possessed now. The agents were hurled against the walls of the hallway faster than a speeding bullet.

“Don’t kill her, but put her out.” the head agent shouted, as odd looking bullets bounced from Wilson’s body like raindrops.

“It’s not working! What the hell is she?” one of the agents asked in a panic, while watching the now way over 7ft tall brunette amazonian super sex-bomb slowly walking toward them.

Wilson had quickly realised that their little weapons were insignificant to her, that they couldn’t hurt her and that she has become somehow stronger. A lot stronger. O-Girl must felt the same, she thought, as she watched with each step her feet leaving deep imprints in the hard ground.


Sally flew over the scene, looking down. Since leaving the hospital, Wilson had been busy. She approached the enhanced detective and landed in front of her.

“Hello. Um … I think I owe you an apology. That cake I gave you has changed you into this.”

“Can you change me back?”

“No. If I had given you a bit of my power deliberately I could. But I’m not sure how to take these powers away from you. Sorry.”

“Oh no! You mean I’m stuck like this? When will it wear off?”

Sally looked her over very carefully. “I don’t think it will. It looks like you’re going to stay like this.”

“But I can’t be like this all the time! I have a life to live … I have a job!”

“Well … you can still live your life. And do your job! Now you can do your job even better!”

Hearing that Wilson got furious.

“It’s all your fault, bitch!” She punched O-Girl with all her power, not sure, where she suddenly found the bravery to do so against a goddess like her. She hit O-Girl directly into her abs, sending her flying into the empty building behind her, where she was buried in a heap of rubble.

It wasn’t possible to say, who was more surprised. O-Girl, by the fact that someone could actually send her flying, though she hadn’t any bruises or even felt any pain, or Wilson, who’s hand hurt like hell where it had made contact with O-Girl, and yet she had managed to hurl that bimbo superhero away. Maybe this new power wasn’t so bad at all. She thought about what she could do with all this strength that was coursing through her body now.

“I am a goddess!” She kicked a parked car away playfully and watched it sailing into the sky. “Damn … that was way too easy. I need something bigger to test myself.” With that she leapt away, leaving a massive crater and broken windows for at least blocks.

O Girl pulled herself from the rubble. That wasn’t how she had imagined Wilson reacting, but thinking about it, it wasn’t surprising in the least. Deciding that Wilson needed her help more than ever, she took off in pursuit. With Wilson still in the air she caught her and took her out of the city.

“Hey! Let go of me!”

Wilson felt O Girl’s hold tighten as she tried with all her considerable new power to free herself. It was hopeless. She felt even weaker than she had been before she woke up when O Girl held her like that.

“Take it easy! I’m just taking you somewhere we can talk.”

Wilson felt herself getting stronger as she continued to struggle, but it was no use. O Girl only giggled softly in her ear and Wilson could actually feel her captor’s muscles thicken around her with even greater strength.

Sally landed in a nearby forest and released Wilson, who couldn’t believe the incredible amount of power, O-Girl was so easily using. She clearly was a goddess, Wilson thought, as she watched O-Girl floating over her, while she was laying on the ground, with a real sense of awe.

O-Girl smiled at her. “Well, even if you can’t change back, you should try to make the best of it. Imagine, you could be the second most powerful superheroine the world has ever seen,” O Girl giggled, while flexing her own body as thousands of sparks of pure power danced over her skin. She proceeded to explain to Wilson that it really wasn’t a bad thing at all, and as she listened to O Girl’s reasoning, Wilson realised O-Girl was right. And it wasn’t just because O-Girls words were like a powerful spell that was put over her that she instantly agreed. It was also because she had never felt so fantastic in her entire life.


Harry hadn’t done this run before. Bob had called in sick, a very rare thing for Bob, and it fallen to Harry to fill in for him. The directions he had received came with a warning.

“You’ll be tempted to take the earlier exit … but don’t. Just do the run like Bob does, okay? Take the exit past Walgren, and come back at it the long way around.”

That had seemed fine, but his boss could not have known how bad the traffic would be that day. Harry was not a patient man … quite the opposite. After being stuck at a crawl for over an hour, and another hour of the same thing ahead of him, he followed a lot of other motorists and took the south exit to Walgen. As the narrow road came about to meet the old highway Harry cursed his foolishness as the reason for the special instructions came into view. To get to the old road into Walgen, the exit lane had to cross a railway line. And Harry could see well before he got to the crossing that there was a chance his long trailer would bottom out on the unusually large hump in the road the crossing represented.

The boom gates were open, and a quick glance in both directions revealed no sign of any trains. He decided, quite rashly, to at least give it a go before turning back. What Harry didn’t really consider … .what he should have considered … was that while he was driving his own rig, he wasn’t towing his own trailer. And Bob’s trailer was not quite the same as his own. Bob’s trailer was three inches lower …

Careful as he was, and slow as he went as he made his doomed attempt, Harry was thrust forward as the trailer anchored itself on the railway.

“Shit and shinola!” he cursed, throwing it into reverse and discovering he was well and truly stuck.

And then he heard the one sound that could make this situation worse. The sharp repetitive ting of the crossing’s bell made him jump in his seat, and his head whipped around to see one of the longest freight trains he had ever seen hurtling around the uncomfortable close corner and bearing down on him fast. Harry instantly spotted two key details. Aware how much road he needed to stop his truck, he could tell straight away that the train was travelling much too fast. And the second thing that chilled his spine was the long string of dangerous goods cars.

“Oh no …”


Three hundred miles away, Sally heard the repeated blasts of the freight train’s insistent whistle, and fortunately she had been high enough in the air for her incredible eyes to home in on what her remarkable ears had picked up. Pulling her arms in tight beside her, she rocketed toward the impending disaster was such speed nearby aircraft had a hard time maintaining control in her extensive wake.

Coming to stop above the scene, Sally tapped her chin as she thought about how to handle this situation. In a flash, her superfast brain provided an obvious solution.

Arcing down toward the train, Sally held her fists before and went low over the tracks. A tall rooster tail of stones shot up behind her as she drew on more power and felt the rush of new physical strength and increased invulnerability.

Inside the train, the driver had already deployed the brakes and could do no more. His eyes went even wider when he spotted O Girl charging headlong toward him. Spotting him at the last moment, Sally shot him with a bolt of light.

The next instant O Girl slammed into the train. The many tonnes of freight train stood no chance against the steely might of O Girl, and the cold metal gave way instantly. Her unforgiving body offered no mercy as she ploughed easily through the engine, iron and steel flying away from her. Sally giggled and brought her arms behind her to let her face take the brunt of the impacts as she slammed through each of the forty three flammable liquid cars in rapid succession, allowing her senses to speed up so she could really enjoy how wonderful it felt.

Pulling back up into the sky, Sally flew back through the churning fireball, allowing the flames to dance deliciously over her skin as she approached the tractor-trailer to find out why it was parked across a railway crossing.


Harry watched in stunned silence as Sally flew headlong into the massive train, unable to look away as the impact rocked his rig. If the train had been much closer he was sure the shocking force of that collision would have killed him. In the shredded debris and large chunks of wreckage that flew high into the air Harry spotted a human form, somehow in one piece, ragdolling through the air. He would have watched the flailing train driver and seen where he landed, but his eye was drawn to the huge rolling fireball that his saviour had made of the freight train.

Harry’s sense of elation was short lived. As frightened as he had been by the train, the vision of O Girl floating clear of the dissipating fireball was a new whole new level of terrifying. He recalled the driver who had misjudged the height of an overpass … and what she had done then. No one’s life had been at risk that day. Harry wondered if maybe he would have had a better chance escaping the train.

As O Girl drew close Harry learned the truth of what people said about her. She was beautiful. And when she was extra amped, as she was right now, she was huge. And her muscles screamed with a terrible power that offered only a glimpse of her true might. And though he had always thought her body would make her ugly, Harry found something profoundly moving about the way this insanely overpowered woman was put together.

“Are you alright?”

Afraid he had been caught dwelling on her breasts, Harry snapped his eyes up to hers. “Yeah. I’m … uh … I’m fine.”

“That was close. Looks like the crossing was too high.” She frowned, making Harry gulp nervously as she looked down at his snagged trailer. “Don’t worry! I’ll get you moving again!”

Almost as an afterthought, Sally turned back to the smouldering wreckage of the train and held out her hand. Harry followed her gaze and saw the train driver stumbling groggily to his feet. A bright ball of light burst out of chest and shot into O Girl’s waiting hand, and the man seemed to shrink a little and stumble a little more.


With the power she had used to save the train driver safely back in her body, Sally floated to the back of the trailer and gently took hold of it. The fully loaded trailer lurched and groaned, and rose smoothly as she lifted as easily as lifted a cake from the oven in years gone by.

“Okay! Go forward!”

The engine revved and the drivetrain smoothly engaged as the driver very carefully rolled the rig forward off the crossing. Sally lifted her feet off the ground and followed along behind, effortlessly holding the weight with no sense of strain whatsoever. The trailer was soon clear of the crossing and Sally lowered it back to the road before floating back to the drivers window.

“There you go! And don’t worry … I’ll be in touch with the railway about their badly designed crossing! You won’t get stuck like that again!”

Happy to have once again saved the day, Sally gave the man and the line of cars behind him a friendly wave, and took off toward the city leaving a string of sonic booms in her wake.


It had been some tome since Sally had done anything for charity, so when she received an invitation to help raise money for a new dialysis machine for the children’s ward she was very quick to accept. A new gym was opening and, as they explained to her, they wanted O Girl’s help to show off their new and high tech workout equipment. She would not have agreed, but that’s why they were donating money to the dialysis fund. It was a clever ploy that ensnared them a huge drawcard for their opening day.

“What if this doesn’t work?” the man responsible for setting up O Girl’s workstation.

“It will,” his employer assured him. Wearing a dark suit and sporting even darker glasses, the owner of the gym didn’t look like the kind of man who owned a gym. But then, thanks to the magnetic field generators, this was no ordinary gym.

“But what if it doesn’t?”

“What if what doesn’t work?” Sally asked, the wind of her sudden arrival disturbing the entire room.

“Umm …”

“My friend here was just worried our new equipment might let us down,” the owner explained smoothly.

O Girl’s eyes narrowed a moment, and she looked at the red faced technician a moment before giving them both a dazzling smile. “I’m sure it will be fine!”

“Of course,” the owner agreed. “Now then. I am William Barnes, owner of Magnetraction Gym. Thank you for coming today.”

“A dollar to the kids for every pound I can bench press? How could not come?”

“Of course.” William turned and gestured to the normal looking bench that his nervous employee had busied himself preparing. “This is the new machine I was telling you about. It can simulate any weight over fifty-five pounds … which is the weight of the bar and equipment when it has no power.”

“It looks pretty normal,” Sally observed, sounding a little disappointed.

“It’s designed that way. The magic happens under the floor, where the magnetic fields are generated and controlled by computer.”

“Oh. How high can it go?”

“We, um … haven’t really tested that. It totally depends on the power source. With mains power, it is easily capable of creating any weight even the strongest man could lift. The idea is that the computer is your spotter. It will allow people to push their limit even when working out alone in complete safety. The moment the computer senses any danger it shuts of the field and the extra weight vanishes.”

“Cool. Can I have a go then?”

“Let me gather the crowd,” William said with a nod. He took a microphone from a stand against the wall and turned it on. “Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention please. It’s time for the main event of today’s grand opening! As you can see, the mighty and powerful O Girl has arrived, and the equipment is ready. As you are no doubt by now aware, I have agreed to give a dollar of my own personal funds to charity for every pound O Girl here can lift using the new Magnetraction bench-press machine. If you look up there, on the wall behind it, there is a big readout that will show how much weight O Girl is currently holding up. To make me pay, O Girl must complete three repetitions.” William turned to O Girl and gave her an unreadable smile. “Are you ready to take the Magnetraction challenge, O Girl?”

The entire room gasped as Sally stepped forward and visibly swelled with frightening power. “O Girl is always ready!” she declared, slamming her fists into her sides with such force it sounded like both barrels of a shotgun letting go at once.

“Then let’s begin! Shall we start off at, say, five hundred pounds?”


Sally lay down on the cushioned bench and took the bar in both hands. The moment she did she noticed a slight buzz from the large discs it held, and the readout seemed to glow a little brighter.

William stepped over to his employee working the console. “Well? Is it working?”

“Yes! It’s working better than I thought. I wasn’t expecting so much power to come through so fast.”

“Just relax. Let’s give O Girl some weight to work with.”

As the technician turned a dial, the machinery under the floor began to hum softly and the readout above the scene went up to 500.

“Is that really 500 pounds?” O Girl asked, though she wasn’t very surprised to find she hardly felt the weight at all as she began knocking off rep after rep in quick effortless succession.

“Would you like a thousand?”

“At least!”

The technician obeyed a tap on his shoulder and wound the machinery up to the specified level. Sally showed no sign of any change, but the humming grew mildly more insistent as she raised and lowered the bar just as easily. A few spectators gasped as the readout changed to 1000.

“That feels the same,” Sally observed, feeling only a tiny almost imperceptible amount of added strain in her almost totally relaxed muscles.

William knew enough about O Girl to know that 1000 pounds was not much in her super powerful hands.

“How about we go right for ten thousand?”


With a nod the technician began turning up the weight, and the readout rapidly went up to 10000. Sally felt it this time, but it was impossible to tell for anyone watching her. Only her incredibly sensitive nervous system allowed her to notice the added weight. The increased hum of the machinery was all that let them know the readout was being honest.

“You want more?” William asked, his tone turning cold.

“Oh yes please! I thought this was going to be a lot harder!”

“Then let’s see what it takes to make it hard for you.” William turned to the technician. “Do it now.”

“Are you sure sir?”

“You heard the lady. She doesn’t feel challenged.”

“Yes sir.” With that the technician hit a sequence of buttons, and turned to watch as the readout began to change at such a pace the last two digits were a blur and the third unreadable. The machinery under the floor was winding up more and more, and Sally had a strange tingling sensation where her hands gripped the bar.

“Oh! That’s better!”

The crowd watched in awe as the readout approached and passed 50000 pounds with unexpected speed. 80000, and O Girl was still happily working her upper body. At 100000 everyone could see her muscles starting to work a little. 200000 people started to step back and wonder how loud the machine was going to get. William was smiling as he watched the readout pass 300000. That was beyond what they had been able to do with a normal power supply. He was certain now that his idea would work.

“That feels nice!” O Girl observed. She always enjoyed using her strength, but rarely did she get to actually feel her muscles working to accomplish her great feats. More and more weight seemed pile on the bar, and she could not hide her grin as a wonderful warmth spread over her body.

500000 pounds, and the readout was not slowing as it skyrocketed further. William’s smile faltered.

“More!” he ordered, his tone insistent and demanding.

“Oh yes please!” O Girl called out as the technician did his best oblige. The readout increased in pace and the machinery became uncomfortably loud.

700000 … 850000 … 1000000 … 1300000 … 1700000 … 2000000 …

The first digit was a five before William’s smile was totally gone. Five million pounds. His jaw dropped as the readout added a new digit to itself.

“Oh no.”

Those who saw the colour draining from his face assumed he was thinking of the massive hole about to be blown in his wallet. But William was upset for an entirely different reason as he watched O Girl’s muscles show only the slightest strain as she continued to smile and pump the weight regardless of the tens of millions of pounds resisting her. William was upset because he had already invested a huge sum into this project. With the stolen technology from the FBI’s power draining machine he had come up with a way to power his machine with O Girl’s over abundant energy, making the astronomical weight displayed possible. In truth he wasn’t thinking about the charity money at all right at that moment. He was thinking how his calculations based on the evidence he had accumulated from the stolen FBI files indicated O Girl should have been crushed at around 2.5 million pounds. He watched the readout tick past twenty million, and felt a sinking feeling. She was far, far more powerful than he could possibly have imagined.

The machine was screaming now, and the technician was looking on with wide eyes as the forces generated still increased. There was a pop, and a flash, and the floor began to vibrate. Realising what was probably about to happen, the technician tried to switch everything off, or at least halt the increasing flow of power. Unfortunately the console was sparking now, and no longer responded.

“It’s gonna blow!” he cried.

And blow it did. Fortunately for the large crowd watching on, Sally heard the warning. Even as the floor began to lift she sought and found the excessive energy about to explode out from the overtaxed machinery and sucked up like a spunge. A blinding arc of energy poured up from the floor and into O Girl’s body. She racked the weight and stood up, enjoying the flood of power and letting it add two inches to her height, making her frame a little thicker and clearly stronger.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry Mr Barnes! I think I might have broken your new toy!”

William gulped. “I … I …”

“Now … about that charity money.”

His eyes widened as he looked up to the frozen display. It read just shy of 43 million. “I … how … but …”

“It’s okay, Bill!” Sally told him with a friendly smile. “I had to do three reps. The last one I did three full reps was only 10000 pounds! That’s enough! And to make sure the kids get that dial-status machine, I’ll give the other 42,987,786 bucks myself!

“Well now … that’s … that’s awesome. Um … thank you?”

“Hey! No problem, Bill! I’ll even help pay for your machine to get fixed!” Then she scowled at him, making him whither away from her. “But don’t let me find out you didn’t pay those kids!” she warned ominously.

“No … I … of course!”

Sally beamed, filling the entire room with a sense of mild joy. “Great! Okay then, I guess I better go get some work done!” With that, Sally stretched proudly to her full new height of 8’3”, and floated up over the crowd and off into the street.

The first thing he did when his wits returned, William wrote a cheque for ten thousand dollars and made it out to the Children’s Dialysis Fund.


Sally floated in the upper atmosphere, her relaxed limbs splayed out as she ran her eyes over the continent below in search of people to help. As usual there was a huge choice before her. She could see drivers stranded by break-downs, a multitude of crimes taking place, cats stuck in trees, drug dealing shenanigans … all sorts of things she could help out with.

Seconds later O Girl was holding the back end of an old Lincoln Continental up while its elderly lady owner struggled with the replacement tyre. The fragile old lady had little trouble getting the flat off, but found lining up the studs to be quite difficult.

“Let me!” Sally suggested brightly. She lifted the car up over her head and stepped under it, placing her free hand under the tyre and balancing it on her hand. With clear ease, as though handling a balloon, she lifted the tyre up and positioned it on the studs. Lowering the car she held it patiently while the slow driver put the nuts on.

“I can’t thank you enough, young lady. I would have had to call my son.”

“No job is too big or too small!” Sally carefully put the car down. “Don’t forget to get your tyre fixed!”

Sally took off and flew east, headed toward the scene of a corner store robbery in progress … but then she heard a woman’s scream. It wasn’t a shrill ‘I just saw a spider’ scream. It was more a “I just stubbed my toe” kind of scream, with a hint of surprise and … most notably … fear. Snapping her head around, Sally homed in instantly on the source, and saw a scene that she found a little shocking.

In a nice looking row of houses Sally witnessed one of the ugliest scenes imaginable. A hulking, fit and healthy man towering over his bruised and horrified girlfriend in the kitchen. Not only had he struck her, he had hit her hard. And now he was ranting at her in a drunken rage, rather than begging forgiveness. Far faster than she had been headed to the corner store, O Girl flashed across town to hover over the abusive mans lawn. No windows were open, and he was reaching back to strike again, so Sally burst through the wall.


The man grunted as Sally appeared in front of him and caught his fist. Then he yelped with pain and dropped to his knees.

“What the …”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” O Girl demanded, her tone revealing her anger and disgust. “Can’t you see how much bigger you are than her? How much stronger?”

“This is between me and Tasha,” the large man told her through clenched teeth.

“Look at you! You’re like, twice her size! Does it make you feel tough to beat up on someone half your size? Huh? Make you feel like a man?” As she spoke her eyes began to glow gently with the embers of her rage, and her muscles swelled gently. “You’d like me to leave, wouldn’t you? Let the two of you sort this out? You’re both adults, huh? And this is none of my business?”

“That’s right! Now … let me go, you oversized bitch.”

Somehow Sally’s smile scared him a lot more than the angry face she had shown him so far. Her darkened uniform did not brighten even as her smile grew to a grin, and she let go of his hand.

“Okay. You’re right. This is between the two of you.” Sally stepped away. “I won’t interfere again.”

The man eyed her cautiously, his desire to strike his girlfriend again having almost completely left him now. As he watched, O Girl turned to look down at the confused red head. Giving her a wink, O Girl gestured at the girl, and the eyes of both women glowed gently for a moment. And then the abusive boyfriend backed away as his girlfriend went through a dramatic cloth tearing change. It happened slowly, but right before his eyes his girlfriend went from petite to statuesque and athletic, and the bruise on her face faded away and vanished.

“Um … Tasha?”

“Oh my … That feels amazing!” She looked down at herself, and smiled. But her smile disappeared when she looked up at her boyfriend. By the time she was on her feet and looking down at him, she was frowning. She had bigger muscles, where before she had none, and she was half a foot taller at least and felt invincibly strong.

“Oh no. Now now baby … I … um …”

“I can’t believe you hit me, Brian,” she told him, her tone cold. “Do you know what it’s like to feel helpless?” she stepped toward him and he took two steps back. “What’s wrong Brian?” She took a deep breath and her body bulged a little further. “Don’t you want to hit me anymore?”

“No … I …”

Tasha reached out her hand and held it beside Brian’s face. Watching him carefully, she swung her hand from the wrist and lightly slapped his cheek. Brian flew bodily over the kitchen bench and sprawled on the tiles. He quickly got his feet, with surprising speed for how drunk he was.

“What the hell, Tasha! What did you do to me you bitch?”

“What was it you like saying before you hit me, Brian? Oh yeah. You got a big mouth, Honey. One day … that mouth is gonna get you in trouble.”

Brian became enraged, his stinging cheek helping to drive him as he rounded the bench and let loose with a hit right where her bruise had been. Sally heard another “I just stubbed my toe” scream … and in the stupor of rage he hit Tasha again. And when that hurt, he furiously struck again. At this point, just as he realised he was now incapable of hurting her, Tasha giggled.

“Oh wow … you can’t hurt me anymore.” Tasha grabbed his shirt and tossed him clear across the room into the fridge. She calmly walked across the room and lifted him easily with one hand, and threw him back.

Brian landed next to Sally, who was just standing there watching events unfold.

“Hey! What are you doing just standing there? Save me from this crazy bitch!”

“This is between the two of you, remember?” Sally informed him coolly. “You’re both adults.”

“But …”

Brian didn’t get to finish because he was flying back across the kitchen again. This time when Tasha reached down and picked him up, she set him on his feet.

“Why don’t you try hitting me again?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips and thrusting her chest toward him.

Totally befuddled by events, and feeling both embarrassed and enraged, Brian did his best to beat the crap out of her. Tasha stood calmly at the focus of all his violent rage with an unreadable smile on her face. She had really loved Brian, but his constant need for total control and childish jealousy of every other man she so much as walked past had led to so many scenes like this she had no idea now what she had seen in him.

At last, utterly exhausted and frustrated, Brian collapsed in a heap on the floor.

“I think you should move out, Brian,” she told him. “I think you should go tonight.”

Even through his battered haze Brian found his voice to protest. “But … this was parent’s house.”

“If you want to, Tasha,” Sally suggested, “You can spend a few days at my house while you find somewhere.”

“You’ve done so much for me already! Are you sure that would be okay?”

“Sure. I have a pretty big house. There’s plenty of room.”

“That sounds perfect. I’ll just grab some stuff.”

Brian, who had never felt so small in his entire life, nursed his battered hands and stayed on the floor. As his ex-girlfriend packed and bag he tried to understand what had happened. Tasha had thrown him about like a little toy, and then stood there while he gave her a beating like none he had delivered before … the pain in his hands was testament to that … but it had been like beating his fists against the door of a vault.

“I’ll be back for the rest of my things in the morning, Brian. O Girl says there is room at her house to store it.” Tasha leaned in close to Brian, her packed bag in her hand while Sally waited outside. With the extra height, and even though he thought he hated muscles on chicks, she was somehow a thousand times more attractive than he remembered. “If you’re thinking of messing with my stuff, or trying something stupid when I come back … you might want to get some friends to help you. I won’t be so nice next time.”


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Sally was glad to have company around the house. It didn’t take long for Tasha to settle into the house and become Sally’s very close friend and confidant. Sally even started teaching Tasha to use her new powerful body to help people the same way O Girl did.

While Sally was out on one of her many daily patrols, Tasha checked her e-mails and saw one from an old friend. Just about everybody knew about the changes that Tasha had gone through and this was not the first old friend to contact her for help … but this time Tasha knew she could help.

Tasha could not whisper a magic word and suddenly dress herself in a superhero uniform, but Sally had been kind enough to whip up an old variation of her own outfit for Tasha to wear. It had surprised Tasha that Sally could remove her clothes, given their mysterious origin, but she was glad to have a suit that didn’t disintegrate on her amped up body. Sally had been a little bigger than Tasha when she had made the suit, but rather than shrink it down to make it fit, she had increased Tasha’s power and size to fit the new suit. The result was a very impressive sight, and Tasha paused before the long mirror in the hall before making her way outside.

She could drive, but it was faster when she ran. Twelve seconds after leaving the front gate, Tasha stopped in front Billy Hunt’s Used Cars and Automobiles. It was a bigger yard than she had expected, with around a hundred cars on the lot, situated on the corner of a busy intersection. Tasha had dealt with yards like this before and had regretted it each time. To hear that this guy had sold her friend a dodgy used car – and then ripped her off more pretending to fix the problem – made Tasha remember all the rude shocks she herself had been dealt by smooth talking salesmen. The moment she saw Billy Hunt, she knew instantly he was just the sleazy kind of opportunist she was expecting.

He was fast talking a young couple, his expensive suit out of place next to the PT Cruiser he was spruiking.

“One of the sexiest family cars ever made, if I do say so. Very popular model and this one has 352000 miles on it. You know what that means, right?”

“Uh …”

“It means if it was going to break down, it would have by now! So you know it’s mechanically sound.”

“Well … that’s sorta sounds …”

“Great, right? And I’ll tell you another thing … because I like young people in love I will throw in a discount on your extended warranty. How about that? That’s money right out of my pocket back in yours before you even start the engine. The more I think about it, the more I know this is the right deal for you. Let’s go into the office and sign some paperwork before someone snaps this puppy up from under you.”

“Excuse me,” Tasha interrupted, stepping onto the lot and walking up the trio “But are you Billy Hunt?”

“I certainly am, young … uh … lady,” Billy replied with typical false familiarity. His eyes were glued to her impressive chest the moment he saw her. “And if you’ll just let me finish up here maybe we can …”

“You sold a car to Carol Daley three weeks ago and yesterday, after picking it up from the mechanic that you sent her to, the car’s engine practically exploded. That car could have killed her. Where is her fifteen thousand dollars?”

“Now look here … I don’t know who you are, but whatever deal I did with someone else is between me and someone else. I do honest business here, and I haven’t done any with you.”

Tasha smiled, but it did not make him feel very reassured. “Give me my friend’s money. Now.”

“She can come and talk to me, but all deals are legally binding here, sweetheart. I’m sure we can work this out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to close a deal here.”

“Really? You think I’m gonna just let it go like that? You think I would let these poor innocent people buy a car from you?”

“Now now, my dear … it’s really not something you can anything about.”

“Oh really?” The way Tasha crossed her arms made her breasts even more prominent on her chest as she leaned into the greasy car salesmen. He nearly went cross eyed, and gulped nervously.

Tasha turned to the PT Cruiser, and with a smooth and clearly casual motion she reached down and scrunched a handful of the driver’s door, wrapping a hand around a main piece of the inner structure she yanked it off and dropped it on the ground.

“Not very sturdy construction,” she observed, climbing into the seat. She grasped the steering wheel, crushing and distorting it in her fingers while her feet mashed the pedals. She fiddled with and shattered the mirror, a tap of her finger on the dash rendered the plastic dramatically cracked and the readout demolished. “Not very sturdy at all.”

Billy watched in horror as Tasha moved about destroying the interior of the car with her prodigious physical strength. She finished by standing up inside the car and carefully pulling the protesting Detroit steel into her much harder muscles. In the end she held a small basketball sized lump of plastic and steel.

“How did you …?”

“Give me my friend’s fifteen grand.”

“You can just forget about that. I’m calling the police.”

“If you don’t give me that money, I’ll crush every car on your lot.”

“Go ahead. Then you can pay for each and every one.”

Tasha, who found using her incalculable strength immensely enjoyable, was very pleased by his response. She just smiled, and with a little giggle she hefted a Rav4 and gave him wink. “You sure about that?”


Not hearing what she wanted to hear, Tasha put the roof of the small four wheel drive flat against the brick wall it had been parked in front of, and proceeded to squash it into the wall until it was roughly three to four inches thick. She turned to him and held out her hand. “You can make me stop. Fifteen grand.”

“You have no right!”

Tasha smiled wickedly, and hoisted the next two closest cars in each hand, and slammed them together so hard they fused into one giant mangled wreck. With a laugh of delight at how easy it was to handle the two large sedans, Tasha gleefully spun them about above her crushing them down into an oversized beachball,and then, holding it up in one hand and balancing with the other like she was about to take a free throw at a basketball hoop, she released the heavy mass with a flick of her wrist and sent it sailing high into the sky. It came down right on top of the plinth that held the polished Camaro, which had been a drawcard for young male customers who couldn’t afford it for years. Both the plinth and the car it proudly displayed were dramatically destroyed.

“Maybe I should go up the other end of the lot?” Tasha asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No!” At the other end of the lot, the side of his yard that ran along the busiest road, all the most expensive cars Billy had for sale were carefully positioned to be seen by the most people.

“I think it’s a great idea.”

Slowly and deliberately, Tasha made her way toward the distant far end of the lot. Taking a direct path through a row of Billy’s stock, Tasha callously tossed the vehicles out of her way. They came crashing down on top of other cars while Billy looked in horror. And then he felt a wave relief wash over him, and he thought he would never actually feel relieved to see the mighty and powerful O Girl come swooping down out of the sky.

“Um … Tasha? What are you doing?”

Tasha suddenly felt a wave guilt as O Girl hovered over the scene with a look of concern on her face. “I … eh … well …”

“This crazy woman is trying to extort money out of me! She’s destroyed all these cars already! You have to stop her!”

O Girl examined the destruction around her, and came to land next to Tasha. Allowing her friend to explain herself, she listened and nodded.

“So you destroyed all these cars?”

Tasha looked sheepishly at the ground. “Kinda … yeah.”

“This will never do. You can’t go around doing things this way if you want to be a hero like me.”

Billy picked up on the lecturing tone and threw a bit in himself. “That’s right! There’s a right way, lady … and a wrong way.”

O Girl gave Billy a dismissive look that made his momentarily swollen chest collapse.

“This just won’t do at all, Tasha.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. You’re learning! And I can give you another important lesson right now.”

“You’re gonna teach me a lesson?” Tasha looked unsure. Her father had taught lessons once …

“Of course! Do you know what you’re doing wrong just now?”

“Using my super strength to deliberately destroy someone else’s property.”

“What? No! Well … you are doing that. But at times like this that isn’t wrong, sweetie.”

“It … it isn’t?”

“No! This guy should have paid up when you asked him. You told what you were going to do, and he still didn’t pay. It’s important you follow through when you make a threat like that, or next time it won’t work either.”

“Next time?”

“When you make a threat, it only works if people believe you.”

Billy listened nervously. “Um … Miss O Girl? What are you …?”

“What you got wrong, Tasha,” Sally continued, ignoring Billy, “is that you were taking too long to follow through. If you’re going to be a hero, you won’t have all day to play around. You need to get the job done and get on to the next one.”

“How would you have destroyed the cars?”

“There’s a few ways. Let me show you!”

“Oh no.” Billy stumbled backward and moved away, horrified at what he knew was going to happen next.

Sally turned to face three almost identical Buicks. “There’s always O breath. Like this.” She puckered her lips, and the forceful exhalation that issued from her mouth shattered the Buicks like it was a solid wall before flipping them all nine cars deeper into the lot.

“And you have laser eyes, I think,. which is quite handy too.”

Sally cast her eyes over twenty of Billy’s cars, making even Tasha look away a moment as she reduced the cars and the concrete beneath them to a red hot bubbling slag.

“Neat! I can do that too?”


Tasha squinted at a nearby car that had already been badly damaged. “I don’t think I can …” Just as Tasha said these words, two searing beams issued from her eyes and she watched the car before her burst into flames and melt. She did the same to at least thirty more cars.

“Well done! You’re really good at this!”

Next Sally demonstrated an efficient way of crushing multiple vehicles at once, by standing at the end of a row that had so far survived the day largely unscathed and walking forward into the side of the first one. She placed her hands wide on the car, instantly buckling the panelwork, and pushed it into its neighbour. With no sign of strain whatsoever, Sally proceeded to concertina the whole of row of cars into an imaginary wall of her own creation. At the other end of the scene, it looked like the cars were being crushed against thin air.

“This particular move requires a very strong structure, or you can imagine one there, like I am now.”

“I can imagine walls?”

“Well … it works for me.”

It took several goes, and a few vague insights from Sally before Tasha was able to create a wall of force from willpower to crush her selected row up against. She only got about halfway before having an inspired idea. Rather than push the cars into the wall Tasha imagined the wall moving toward her instead. She giggled as she watched the cars concertina toward her, forced relentlessly forward by her imaginary wall into her invulnerable and immovable body.

“Oh yes! Great idea!” Sally encouraged her pupil enthusiastically.

Billy was just too stunned to speak as his entire stock was destroyed by the pair of astonishingly overpowered women. The police did come, but only to explain there was nothing they could do. They had strict orders not to endanger their lives, having learnt it was safer to clean up and sort out O Girl related incidents later. He was angry, and frustrated, and because he had already spoken to his insurance agent … he knew was also broke.

“Thank you Sally! That was great fun!” Tasha declared, hurling the last remaining car with devastating force into Sally’s body and ending the little snowball fight that had started when they were running out of cars.

“My pleasure! But before we get out of here … there is just one more thing.”

Billy nearly fell over when Sally suddenly appeared in front of him. “And you … did you learn a lesson today?”

Billy didn’t answer because the arousal he felt at being so close to Sally as she loomed over him left him utterly speechless.

“I hope so. But I won’t be able to think you did if you don’t give Tasha that money.”

“What?” he was incredulous at her request. So much so it gave him back his voice. “You haven’t punished me enough? You destroyed me!”

Sally frowned and picked him up so she could look deep into his eyes “You are going to leave here and go deposit fifteen thousand dollars into that poor woman’s bank account. Is that clear?”

Billy felt himself more than swoon this time. He could feel her willpower like the sun, and his own desires were somehow meaningless. “Fifteen thousand … Carol Daley … deposit …”

“And if you don’t … it won’t be Tasha who comes back to talk to you. It will be me.”

With that, Sally took Tasha by the hand, soared high into the sky, and disappeared toward the sea.

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