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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 10

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ENERGIZE! Chapter Ten


Pasadena, CA.

Saturday Morning

Must we take the car up to the log cabin. Bobby? … I could get us AND the car there in a fraction of the time we’ll spend driving up through the mountains …”

Robert sighed at his beautiful wife.

“I’m sorry, darling but I’m trying to keep a low profile for you here … we can’t have you flying around with my car …”

Low profile? … No way!’ Clare chuckled to herself as she glanced down at her high profile chest, thinking back to her secret altercation with her two FBI agents.

“Mmmmph! Very well! You can drive us, if I can’t fly us! … oh, hang on! … I almost forgot something!”

Clare vanished from the driveway, only to materialize before Robert three seconds later, green-laden jug of gel covered with one hand.

“We can’t forget my gel, we’re gonna have some fun this weekend!”

Emma had the house to herself again for a whole weekend …

Fantastic’ she thought to herself … ‘I can ask Craig over for a whole weekend of SuperSex!’

Just then, her mobile rang … ‘Ahhh, Craig … just thinking about you … ’

She glanced down at her screen below …

It wasn’t Craig … it was her best friend from school, Tiffany.

“Hey, Tiff! you’re still showing off as as usual, then! … what’s with the new selfie?”

“Hi, Emms! It’s not a selfie … my boyfriend took it last week for me, just part of my outgoing call number now, that’s all …”

yeah, yeah’’ thought Emma as she rolled her eyes, Tiff was always trying to outdo all the girls in school to be the best looking … except now there was a bit of real competition from nearby …

“So … what are you up to this weekend, Tiff?”

“My folks are away for the weekend … I feel a bit lost here on my own as my Craigie has left town for the weekend as well … can I come visit you for a little bit?”

Emma felt kind of sorry for Tiffany, her parents seemed to neglect her, and she lived in a rough part of town. Being stuck there herself for a whole weekend would be a nightmare for her.

“No probs Tiff, my folks are away for the weekend too … you can crash at mine for the whole weekend, if you want?”

“That would be brilliant, thanks Emms!”

“Oh, and Tiff? … bring your swimsuit …”

click …

Huh? …” replied Tiffany to a silent phone.

It would be good to have some girlfriend company. Maybe they could do each others nails and stuff … a little smile appeared on those Energized! Lips as she re-called her mid-air conversation with poor, hapless George in Tucson …

Ninety minutes later, the doorbell rang.

Hi Tiff! Great to see you!” as she hugged her friend.

Oooft!” retorted Tiff as she was submerged in Emma’s Super-Bosomed strong hug …”What’s with your strength these days, girl … and those!as she pointed at Emma’s recently transformed new boobs.

Oh, they’ve gotta develop sometime I s’pose …” Emma merely shrugged, bounced and raised her eyes to the ceiling … there were some things even she wouldn’t divulge to her best friend …

“You can put your bag in my folks room … they won’t mind you sleeping over in there”

“Thanks, Emms … back in two mins …”

Five minutes later, Tiffany returned from Emma’s parents bedroom closet with a fully laden jug of green gel in her hand.

“Err … em, Emma? … what the hell is this stuff? …”

Emma spun around and gazed in astonishment at the huge mass of green gel in her friend’s hand …

FUCKIN, WWWOWWW!” Emma exclaimed as she slowly, carefully, protectively enveloped both her hands around the jug and gazed down in amazement!

“Wh..Wh..Where the hell did you find all that?”

“Um … it was in your folk’s bedroom closet … I gotta admit, it feels pretty strange to touch … no, not strange … pretty amazing, actually! … .what the hell is it, Emma? Is it alive or something? Is it even legal?”

Ssshhh, Tiff …” Emma was lost in thought as she dipped her fingers into the supercharged, recently electrified gel now sitting on the coffee table.

Do you know what this stuff does?” Emma asked …”No, no … .of course you won’t!” as she sat down, hands placed on her cheeks, staring in rapped awe at the huge amount of beautiful emerald gel before her!

“What does it do? What the hell is it, Emms?”

“C … c … come with me … you are gonna love this!”

Tiffany found herself being pulled by an insurmountable, unstoppable force towards the stairs …

“Emma! What the hell?”

“Ssshhh! Up there … believe me … is the Stairway to Heaven! Did you bring your swimsuit?

Tiffany nodded silently …

“Good girl!”

“Just do as I say … get changed and join me in my new hot tub …”

“Woah! Uh Uh! Sorry girl … I don’t swing that way!”

Tiffany! Trust me on this,ok? … I’ll be right back … just gotta go back down and get OUR gel!”

Tiffany quickly stripped out of her jeans, t-shirt, bra and pants and hastily pulled on her swimsuit in Emma’s parents room before Emma could return. She felt a little self-conscious doing this with her school friend …

What had gotten into Emms recently?’ She had been acting a bit strange at school this term … .and well, this was just a bit more, well, weird seeing Emma behave this way towards her.

“Wow, Emms … you are like, totally stacked these days” as Emma sashayed into the hot tub room in her red swimsuit towards Tiffany below.

“You are gonna love this … I promise you!” Emma excitedly told her already seated friend.

This is all gonna come out in the wash, anyway … ’ chuckled Emma to herself as she rose above the hot tub, floating over in front of an astonished, gawping Tiff!

“EMMA! Wha … Wha … HOW!”

Without a second thought, Emma unleashed two-thirds of a full jug into the rolling mix below …

What Emma was unaware of was the extremely powerful potency of what she was holding over the tub. Perhaps, on reflection, she should have used some from her little tub on Tiffany, a gel virgin, but how could she possibly have known that what she was now pouring from above, was more akin to infused emerald lava than her little tub of power gel …?

Tiffany was sent into fabulous raptures! Nothing had prepared her for the sight of her floating friend! … And now THIS!

Tiffany’s body began to positively glow in the warm gel as she raised herself out the water, staring up in awe at floating Emma. She could even feel her boobs swelling in her swimsuit top in the frothing mix!

That’s a little strange’ thought Emma … ‘I can’t remember things starting to happen this fast with me … ’

Emma lowered herself into the bubbling froth …

‘It’s not even that warm for all this to be happening’ … Emma thought to herself a little jealously, sitting across from Tiff.

“This feels fantastic!” whispered the Energize! Debutante … “I want more!”

Maybe Tiffany just reacts differently to the gel … different genes and all that …’ Emma thought to herself.

As she looked on at her friend’s starting transformation, she was becoming a little horny herself … as she stroked a few of her teasing Energized! Toes towards Tiff’s inner thighs …

Tiffany began to melt below the surface into the rolling bubbles … a friendly, but oh so powerful swirling motion of Emma’s toes wriggled strongly against Tiffany’s inner-most thighs, pushing Tiff beyond any orgasm she had ever experienced!

OOOH …! wha are you doin Em …” her top teeth bit down on her lower lip …

Fantastic … isn’t it …?”, squealed a joyous Emma!

UUUhhhh … .don’t dare stop … don’t you dare stop!”

Tiffany …” she whispered to her oblivious friend “This is just the start …” as she reached for the temperature pad in front of Tiff’s widening eyes …

There was to be no introduction to The Power from Sarah’s Energize! Lab gel, with which, once invulnerability had been reached, allowed a gradual rise to the pure electrified, potent Power Gel now being used.

No, Tiffany’s introduction to The Power was to be from Straight In at the Deep End …

Tiffany was plunged below the surface regardless of her friends wriggling, playful toes as the raging heat exploded on the bubbling gel …

The roaring green gel poured through her open mouth as her head tilted back below into the emerald surface …

Tiff could feel pure power pouring through her now voluptuous, growing body …

I could stay down below here all day’ she thought to herself as she felt surge after surge of new strength wash over her.

Over ninety seconds had passed now since she slipped below, mouth agape. Emma was becoming overly-concerned for her friend, seemingly passed out below. She dove below and bought Tiff to the surface.

She stared in disbelief at Tiffany before her eyes …

“Oh my God, NO!” what have I done? … Tiff … Tiffany … I’m really sorry! … I didn’t mean for this to happen!”

“Ooooh … what is happening to me, Emms?”

I’m really, really sorry Tiffany, please forgive me! …” cried a disconsolate Emma, “I just wanted you to be like me, be with me, let you feel the same amazing power inside of you!”

“Well, I do feel pretty amazing, just now … hey, did I swallow that stuff? I can feel it rampaging inside me now … WOW!”

“Umm … I’m reall …”

How many apologies could Emma make to her best friend … would she still be her friend after THIS?

Tiffany glanced down at her enhanced chest …

“Hang on … am I still covered in all this green gel?”, as she began to rub her powerful hands to get it off of her …


Tiffany’s hands were green as well … and her arms …

Emma silently bit her lip across from Tiff in the hot tub apologetically, whilst Tiff pinched her own forearm …



“Please calm down, Tiffa …”


Tiffany’s eyes angrily glowed with an electric blue sheen …

NNNNNGGGHHH!” Tiffany cried out loud as she doubled over in pain …

A pair of solid steel biceps, half the size of cannonballs exploded onto each of Tiffany’s upper arms. Leaning back now, her breasts followed suit, pushing her black bikini’s shoulder restraints to snapping point. Her thighs, still entrapped in the seething swell below grew increasingly muscular with The Power, lapping up the green gel swirling around them …


Tiff snarled across at her cruel prankster as her new, powerful thighs pushed her through the tub towards Emma. Emma could only raise her hands to her own scared, half-turned face, her eyes beginning to close in fear … she knew what was coming …

They smashed through the window together high above the back garden, as Tiffany, raging at Emma, belted her across the sky with one solitary punch through a fist connected to a remarkable bulging, solid bicep.

Again and again, Tiff pursued her above the clouds, her thoughts of even the remarkable feat of how she could possibly be flying were clouded by the rage within, her superstrong muscles sending Emma flying back with punch after destructable punch. Emma could only take the ‘punishment’ … she couldn’t possibly fight back. It wasn’t hurting too much, but she had to take the powerful blows as means of re-compense for what she had done to her Tiff … it was hurting inside more than anything at what Emma had accidentally done to what was once her best friend.

BANG!” and Emma would hurtle backwards through the air once more in a daze, only for Tiff to come hurtling after her and exact even more retribution with enough power to demolish a tower block. Soon, they were over the Pacific Ocean, and Tiffany began to calm down just a little bit …

hhhmmm …” the cool, soothing sea air began to have a calming effect on Tiff as she enhaled deeply with her powerful lungs. Slowly, her head began to clear as she started to relax, eyes closed in mid-air.

Emma drifted slowly, tentatively from the 500 metres she had just smashed backwards through the air, from Tiff’s latest onslaught back towards her. Tiffany’s muscles seemed to be diminishing in size as she seemed to be meditating in mid-air as Emma cautiously approached her …

“Errr … Tiff … are turning pale again! … Your skin is returning to normal Tiffany!”

Tiffany slowly opened her eyes to glance down at the Pacific blue far below and exhaled a long measured breath as she looked at her now perfectly toned, slightly-tanned arms.

“Erm … Tiff, can I come close?” a still hesitant, slightly scared Emma called to her friend.

Tiffany slowly nodded, still taking in her new surroundings after her rage at Emma.

Emma slowly floated to her companion and placed her hands tentatively on Tiffany’s forearms …

Emma whispered “I’m so sorry, I never meant for that to happ..”

“It … it’s ok Emms, I … I think I went into shock back there”

“Tiff, you’re back to normal now … perhaps it was just the first contact with that new gel that caused whatever happened earlier”

Tiffany smiled as she could feel the power still within her. “Well, if this what you call norm …”

Ssshh Tiff …” as Emma slowly pressed her lips onto Tiffany’s, both letting their tongues explore each other’s sensuously above the ocean blue for what seemed like a blissful eternity …

If the passengers on board the newly restored Emerald Princess had glanced up they would have seen quite a sight as two of the most powerful quartet of women on the planet pulled each other’s body into their own as their long, deep passionate kissing continued …

Emma broke off the kiss with a satisfied smile on her lips as she gently nudged her forehead against Tiffany’s …

I’ve never felt anything like this before … back to my place?” Emma whispered.

Tiffany slowly nodded in anticipation …

Arm in arm, the couple flew back towards Pasadena, Tiffany resting her head on her friend’s shoulder.

Thankyou for all of this” she murmured into Emma’s upper arm as Emma glanced down to her left and smiled, her right arm keeping a steady propulsion through the air.

Craig had messaged Emma’s mobile a few times this afternoon, but she’d not been replying to him. Maybe her phone was down? He really wanted to be with her this weekend, having already thrown his own girlfriend off the scent with some lame story about visiting his poorly aunt out of town … perhaps he could surprise Emma? Of course! She’d love it!

Landing in the back garden together, Tiff had one question …

“So, just how strong are we, Emms?”

Emma led her through the back of the garage to Clare’s car …

“Do you think you could maybe manage to lift the front end of my mom’s Discovery Jeep?”

Tiff shrugged “I think so, I mean, I feel as if I can lift the front end off the ground …”

Tentatively, Tiffany leaned forward and placed a single hand under the jeep’s bumper and tried to raise her arm. She felt a surge from within as what felt like millions of green Energized! Cells charged down her inner right arm to assist her … the massive black Land Ranger shot up through the air supported by the single slender arm of the dark-haired girl and smashed into the garage ceiling! The momentum of her lift meant the car kept rising, crushing and compacting the roof, doors and windscreen down within the confines of the garage.

Holy shit!” exclaimed Emma, in awe at the sight of her school friend supporting the car with one hand, but also with the thought of even more damage caused. It would be one thing explaining the broken bathroom window, but this? …

Tiff turned her head towards Emma, supporting three tons of 4 x 4 easily off one outstretched arm. It was Tiffany’s turn to apologise …

“I’m really sorry Emms, I was just trying to lift the front end a bit too much!”

A wild idea began to form in Emma’s mind …

“That’s ok Tiff, we can pick up a 4 x 4 from a garage forecourt in Pasadena, switch the plates and replace it with this wreck, and mom will be none the wiser. We might even give my mom an upgrade … easy!’

“Wow! … I’d have never thought of that … you’re amazing!”

No … we’re amazing” came the reply from Emma as once again their soft lips met …


Pasadena Auto Outlet, Pasadena City Centre.

Monday Morning

Mike had arrived early to open up the padlocked gates of the 4m high security steel fencing. It didn’t look great from the roadside when it came to displaying the cars, but they’d had to install it as a measure to stop any vandalism, especially at the weekends.

He ground to a halt in the centre of the forecourt …

“What the fu..”

One of the dealership’s prime assets, the 4 x 4 luxury model, looked like a bomb had gone off inside of it!

Mike sighed to himself “oh, well, more insurance paperwork to fill out …”


Back to early Saturday Evening …

Now back in the hot-tub after Tiff’s 4 x 4 workout, with a temperature set to a steady rolling ten, both naked Energized! Girls sensuously explored each other’s body.

“My God Emms, your boobs are amazing!” Tiff exclaimed to her.

“Why, thankyou Tiffany … would you like to put some gel on them? …”

Tiffany eagerly reached for the gel below and started slowly massaging it into Emma’s breasts …

Ohhh wow!” shuddered Emma as she leaned her head back, her already surging breasts pushing out even more as they pushed deep into Tiffany’s hands … .

“May I return the compliment Tiff?”

“W … w … well … if that’s what happ..”

Your wish is my command, my Goddess” giggled Emma.

Emma’s gelled hands were already exploring Tiffany’s blossoming chest. Two pairs of the most powerful hands on the planet continued caressing each other’s expanding boobs. Tiffany broke off and gently lowered her tongue to lick the gel off around Emma’s right breast and nipple …

Oooh … what are you doing now?” Emma chuckled contentedly.

Tiffany slowly leaned forward to Emma’s opening mouth, inviting her to open further as her gel laden tongue explored Emma’s mouth, both girls closed their eyes, lost in heaven as Emma’s tongue pushed into the gel in Tiffany’s mouth; if ever there was an electric kiss, this had to be it …


The enamoured couple floating above the hot-tub with Tiffany’s legs wrapped around Emma’s waist ignored the sound from the door downstairs, both enraptured with each other …


Emma broke off from their Energized! Kissing

“Oh, who the hell can that be, spoiling our fun” said a pouting Emma. She sighed as she floated towards her red swimsuit, pulling it over her body and floating down the stairs to open the door …

“Oh … Hi Craig!”

“Hi Emms … I wanted to come over and give you these …”

“Oh, flowers Craig, how wonderful! Did you get them from the local garage down the road?”

“Yes, only the best for you, Emma!”

Emma sighed “Craig, if I wanted flowers I could fly down to the Brazilian Rain Forest and hand pick them myself … look, I’m in the middle of something right now..”

Who is it Emms?” called out a familiar sounding voice to Craig from upstairs …

It’s just Craig from school” Emma called back.

Tiffany pulled her swimsuit on and rocketed down the stairs …

He jumped back from the steps below at the sight of his Tiffany’s sudden appearance in the doorway.

“Craig, what the hell are you doing here? … you said you were out of town!” demanded Tiff.

“Umm …” he looked down at the flowers in his hand.

“Craig came over to give me flowers from the garage down the road!” Emma mocked him slightly, “didn’t you, my little stud?” as she ruffled the front of his hair below.

“He’s your what?” exclaimed Tiff.

“We’ve been seeing each other for about a month now, haven’t we Craig? … Craig?”

“Um …” he was beginning to turn a light shade of pale, which was more than can be said for Tiffany …


‘OH NO!’ thought Emms ‘this doesn’t sound good … ’

The anger was welling up inside Tiffany again as she doubled over. Her eyes rose to meet Craig’s as they began to turn a sheen of electric pale blue. She could control her skin colour now, but her strength was something she couldn’t, as her arms exploded into large, round biceps, her breasts swelling out. Craig looked on in stunned disbelief at the sight of the girl he’d been dating for nearly a year grew before his very eyes into a magnificent amazon woman!


She positively charged at her Craig, gripping him by the throat and lifting him above her, fifteen hundred feet high into the sky in seconds … this wasn’t the ‘flying with girls’ experience Craig was familiar with, as absolutely petrified, he tried to gaze down below, stopped from doing so by the clenched superstrong fist clamped around his throat, forcing his chin skywards.

Jesus Christ!” muttered Emma from the front door … “this in front of the whole neighbourhood as well … mom’s gonna have a fit if word gets around!”

Glancing around and seeing a deserted cul-de-sac, Emma zoomed up into the air to try and save the out-of-control situation …



“I … I … I’m sorry …” cried Craig.

Emma approached the situation delicately …

Tiffany …” Emma spoke in a soothing, placating voice “… he doesn’t matter anymore, what we have is so much better …” as she floated towards Tiff …

Emma was close enough now to whisper in Tiff’s ear …

Forget him, Tiff …” she breathed warmly into her ear … “let him go …”

“You’re right” sighed Tiffany … “I should just let him go …”

“OH! NO! NO!” cried Craig as he began slipping through her opeing fingers …

Jesus,Tiff! I didn’t mean literally let him go! … just … be with me …”

One arm outstretched with an absolutely terrified Craig held by her fingertips she embraced Emma’s slim waist with her other arm as their lips met once more exploring each others gel-laced mouths, slowly lowering themselves to the front lawn below. Craig could only pray his feet would once again touch terra firma …

He fainted to the lawn in a dazed shock as the giggling girls zoomed back upstairs after closing the door.

What an amazing weekend!’ thought Tiffany to herself as she touched down in an alley near her family’s house on Sunday night. This was a really rough part of town here, one she wouldn’t normally venture near, but now she had no fear. She would move her family out to a much nicer place once she started earning fabulous money with these wondrous powers of hers. Perhaps a nice $250,000 house near Emm’s cul-de-sac would be in order? … But in the meantime …

“Well, well … lookee what we have here … what’s a pretty little thing like yoself doin’ alone in the ‘hood, babe?”

Tiff smiled to herself. Even without transforming she could easily handle these idiots.

“Back off guys … I’m warning you … you don’t wanna mess with this!”

“Woah man! You gonna let her talk like that to you on your turf?”

A blade appeared and flashed before Tiffany. She merely folded her arms and tutted at her would-be assailants. She let herself be pushed back against the wall. There was a JOLT! As countless bricks were dislodged by her back … it must have been the sudden jolt that did it for Tiffany …


She tried to control herself … but, her eyes began to glow brightly, it was too late … There was no swimsuit now to lessen the impact of her transformation as her shirt burst and tore apart around her enlargening upper arms and swelling chest, as she slowly grew in stature to tower over the two crooks.

“Wh … what the hell, dude?” one of her would-be assailants said to the other …

Two powerful hands easily lifted them both above her head.

Well, I did give you boys fair warning now, didn’t I?”

She charged towards the wall in front of her. Tiffany let her super body smash rhrough the now crumbling wall. As she ran through the first few layers of bricks, the wall exploded around her … the same couldn’t be said of her two attackers … whose bones began to crumble and break at the high speed impact with the adjacent bricks.They both collapsed to the ground, broken by their inferiority in comparison to the amazon girl standing hands on hips, legs pushed out above them …

Now look at what you have done to me! Now I’m gonna have to go cool off somewhere”, as she rose into the air. The memory of Emma’s scent filled her head … ’aah, yes’ thought Tiffany to herself ‘Emm’s will help cool me down …’

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