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ENERGIZE! Shower Gel – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Pasadena, CA,

Early Friday morning, 3am

Tiffany dropped from the sky into the deserted street below as yet another glowing cashpoint beckoned to her. She slipped in her bank card and drummed in her pin number out of interest more than anything else … there was indeed plenty of interest accumulating in her bank account these days from her fabulous “earnings”. She was brazenly feeding her account details into the machine before her latest purchase. After all, what the hell could the banks or police do to her? They couldn’t possibly cope with her if they made her the slightest bit angry …

The car heist at the auto outlet last weekend had given Tiff a taste of how easy her new life would now be. She’d held aloft Emma’s mum’s smashed-up, three ton 4 x 4 easily over her head above the garage forecourt as Emma unscrewed the licence plates above her with her thumbnail.

Hurry up,” whispered Tiff, “we’ve not got all night!”

“Calm down Tiff, it’s not as if you’re getting tired holding that up here … nearly all done!”

Dropping down, Emms had ripped the licence plates from the front and rear of her mom’s new set of wheels, floating back up to fit them onto the wreckage above.

Emma swooped back down, easily hoisting the new model over her own head and rose adjacent to Tiffany.

“Ok, you can lower it down now Tiff …”

Tiffany did more than that! Flying out from underneath the undercarriage, the wreck had plummeted to the concrete forecourt 190 feet below! The car smashed! Into the ground. Puncturing all 4 tyres as the engine hammered up into the bonnet, causing it to blast open with even more damage to the front end.

“Jesus, Tiff … you don’t do things by half, do you?”

Tiffany merely shrugged. The mangled metal mess below was now of no concern to the two girls above as they rose to a high altitude to avoid any witnesses to the crime scene below.

Tiff looked on at Emms as they flew up parallel together, looking on in wonderment at Emma’s fine, outstanding breasts. They rose abruptly from her chest as her arms were stretched high above, her hands steadily pushing the three ton weight upwards above her. Tiffany had a wild idea! She willed some of her Energized! Gel into her palms as she slowly approached Emma …

“What are you doing, Tiff?”

She began fondling Emma’s enlarging chest through Emm’s ever-tightening t-shirt …

“Oooo, stop it Tiffany” shuddered Emma “… you know that stuff tickles me” she giggled. “I’ll end up dropping mom’s new car if you don’t stop”

Try and stop me” she teased as she glanced up at Emma’s occupied hands, “and even if you did I’d catch it for you” she whispered. Tiffany willed even more of her gel up, out onto her tongue as she continued her massaging with both hands, leaning towards Emma’s open mouth, she let her tongue explore an enraptured Emma’s mouth as the pair floated to a halt at four thousand feet underneath Clare’s new model …

The digital read-out flashed up:

Your account balance is $195,233. You may withdraw $300 today’

It had been a pretty successful first week for Tiff’s ‘earnings’!

‘Oh … I don’t want $300 …’ smiled Tiffany to herself, withdrawing her card.

Rumours were rife in the city that the mafia had seized control of the banks in downtown Pasadena, what with all the stolen ATM’s that had been ripped from the walls outside the financial institutions. But where were the tell-tale signs of large mechanical diggers or their heavy tracks on the many pavements, used to perform such feats? Little did the local populace realise that the instigator of the thefts was a solitary seventeen year old schoolgirl who found herself far more powerful than any mafia …

Fed by the Energized! Gel coursing down her arms through her bloodstream, her hands surged through the metal casing either side of the ATM, as she easily tore the machine from its supporting walls.

Oooooh this one feels pretty heavy!” she grinned. “Def over half a ton here, it must be full to the brim of MY money!”

Tiffany soared into the black night sky easily pulling the weight close to her large chest … “Squeal” … The cold, metal front of the money machine deformed as her two warm, firm mounds pushed against the container. Her “drop-off point” was inside a huge abandoned warehouse in a long-forgotten industrial estate near her soon to be former home. Dozens of wrecked ATM ‘s lay smashed all over the floor, as she threw her latest conquest down from above, easily ripping through the metal panels as she alighted next to it.

Another Energized pay-day!” she laughed to herself.


Tucson, AZ,

Friday morning, 8am

After her early morning shower, Sarah stared inquisitively into her replenished gel. ‘I wonder if I can try something new with this?’ she pondered to herself … ‘after all, I’ve got the lab with all the new ionizing radiation technology to play with … I wonder …’ Sarah tailed off as she poured half of her Energize! Gel into an old plastic shampoo bottle and beamed in satisfaction as the remaining gel bubbled back up to the surface. Placing her half-full bottle of gel in her bag, she breezed off to work.

Mark was back at work this week after an extended time off to recuperate. Their eyes met in the lab cafeteria for the first time since Sarah’s little accident with him in her shower room. She bit her bottom lip from her table as he glared at her from above his heavily bandaged neck and chest, as he passed her by … Sarah sighed to herself ’it will take time for old wounds to heal I suppose’. Perhaps, one day, if they ever got back together, she could explain to him about her amazing transformation with her wonderful gel and show him what she was now capable of after her own ‘little’ accident. She glanced down at her superhuman chest trying to burst forth through the buttons of her tight white lab coat and smiled to herself …’well, it hadn’t been such a little accident after all!’ Anyway, she had plans for this afternoon in her lab …

“Aren’t you finishing up for the weekend, dear?” enquired Dr. Slater

“Umm … I want to have another look at the radiation particle condenser before I leave for the weekend, Miss Slater. We were so close to a breakthrough before, I want to re-work its mainframe now it has been upgraded to an RPC”

“My, Sarah, I do admire your dedication to the cause on a Friday afternoon … perhaps we need to take a look at an upgrade to your salary soon. Have a good weekend, and don’t work too late!”

“Bye, Miss Slater, I’ll try not to, enjoy your weekend!”

A pay rise, eh? To think I was just looking for a rise somewheres else!’ Sarah chuckled, glancing down at herself as Slater left the lab. She raced with an Energized! Super speed blur and lifted the ‘heavy’ RPC to sit in front of her shower gel that was on the lab counter and activated the ray. A slight humming noise emitted itself from the RPC as the bottle began to froth and bubble …

This is gonna be great, a whole weekend of power hitting my gel!’ as she zoomed to the rear entrance doors, calling out “Energize!” midway through her blur across the lab.

Doctor Slater was crossing the lab car park with her car keys in hand as she heard a loud “BOOM” from above. ‘ … the local air base must be out practising their manoeuvres again’ … She glanced upwards to see an empty blue sky with a small black dot retreating north-west into the distant horizon …’hmmm, that’s a bit strange’ she thought to herself as she opened her car door.

Sarah was flying out to Pasadena yet again to deal with Emma. She had read of the ATM raids all week in her hometown, but wasn’t fooled by the mafia rumours circulating the news. Unfortunately, she had indeed put two and two together, but come up with five …


Pasadena, CA,

5 minutes later

She alighted silently on her little sister’s bedroom balcony. She wanted the element of surprise at the pending confrontation … there indeed was the little troublemaker in her room. She pushed open the balcony door.

“Sarah! What the hell are you doing here?”

“Trying to sort out your thieving mess, that’s what!”

“What is it that I’ve meant to have done now?”

Was it the stolen 4 x 4 she was going on about? How could she possibly know about THAT?’ Emma thought to herself.

“Don’t mess me about Emma! All the stolen ATM’s in Pas … now I don’t know anyone else here with The Power to tear them out the walls and carry them off, do you?” as she crossed her arms across her cleavage window.

“Oh that …” Emma sighed, “Absolutely nothing to do with me sis, I swear to God!”

She knew fine it was Tiffany carrying out the late night raids, but there was no way she was going to rat on her best friend, although she was slightly taken aback at the number of her robberies.

“Hmmm” … Sarah studied her sister with narrowed eyes … Emma seemed to be genuine enough, even though she seemed to know something Sarah didn’t.

“I’d better go down and say hi to mum and dad” as Sarah reached deep down in her cleavage. A glass phial that Emma instantly recognised emerged. Pouring some over her fingers, she slowly ran them across the undulating curvature of her crammed cleavage and whispered softly to herself …an emerald glow shimmered around her globes before the light was absorbed into the centre of her chest. Emma looked on incredulously as her sister was transformed into a busty blouse and a white lab coat!

“SARAH! How the hell did you do THAT?”

“That would be telling Emms, we all have our little secrets, don’t we?

Hmmmph!” came the annoyed response from the bed. Sarah left her little sister to head downstairs. Her mum was in the back garden sunbathing in her bikini, enjoying the warm late afternoon heat as Sarah opened the patio doors …

“MUM? … look at you! You look ten years younger!” as she gave her mum a warm hug.

“Sarah! What has happened to you?” Clare asked in disbelief at the stunning sight of her daughter …”and how did you get here so soon from work in Arizona?” as she glanced at her lab coat.

“Umm … I caught a train earlier?” Sarah smiled to herself, ‘I’m not even lying to my own mother!’

“Sarah, sit with me, we have to have a talk!”

Oh’ thought Sarah, ‘does mum know? … of course she must, mum’s always know …’

“Something HUGE has happened here Sarah!”

“I can certainly SEE that mum!” as she sat down on a recliner.

“Listen, I have a very important present for you, you are my eldest daughter and I want to pass on, well, certain gifts.

“What are you talking about, mum?”

Clare sighed to her daughter as she slowly floated from her recliner to rise above her daughter’s stunned, up-turned face.

“How … how can this be possible?”

Clare smiled down at her daughter from above the parasole, only for her own jaw to drop open as Sarah silently, serenely rose upwards to join her!

“Sarah! Look at you!”

“I know mum, but look at you!” Mouths agape, both heads turned sharply to the sound of the opening patio doors … Emma glanced up at the pair and shrugged her shoulders totally non-plussed at the sight of her mother floating next to her super-sister … ‘oh, well, if you can’t beat them, join them’ as she too floated up to sit alongside the pair.

Clare swung her head back and forth in stunned amazement at the sight of her two daughters either side of her!

Far higher up, Tiffany was perusing a real estate magazine, her powerful emerald eyes sparkled downwards to admire some of the property near Emm’s cul-de-sac in greater detail …

“That one for sale down there looks ideal! I’ll just go fetch the deposit for dad!” as she swooped off for another night-time incursion into town …

 The two sisters sat in the rolling hot-tub in their swelling swimsuits … It had been something like fifteen years since the siblings had shared a bath when a doting mother had bathed them both … How times had changed! Emma teasingly splashed the boiling hot water and gel from below into Sarah’s face.

“Hey, cut it out Emms!” Sarah chuckled, feeling the powerful sensations of this electrified gel powering through her.

“Play nicely, girls” as their mother left the other jug on the side of the hot-tub. Emma reached for the digital pad and turned the tub up to a pleasant enough Twenty.

“Holy Jesus, Emms … this stuff is amazing! As Sarah let herself submerge wholly below the raging surface …


Tucson, AZ,

Monday morning, 7.05am

Another “BOOM” high above the lab heralded the arrival of an excited Sarah from Pasadena.

A quick De-Energize outside the lab doors and she was ready, as her key clumsily tried to enter the back door lock. The key had bent double against the lock as she tried impatiently to quickly force it in!

‘Oops …calm down, Sarah! I’ve got plenty time this morning’ as she pushed the steel key into her bountiful chest and pressed it deep into her super mounds, easily re-straightening it flat against her palm. She rushed into the lab in a whirl of excitement to see what awaited her …

She came to a sudden stop in front of the lab counter “OH MY GOD! LOOK AT IT ALL! … OH WOW!”

Litres and litres of her emerald Energized! Gel were everywhere! She hadn’t expected this! It was regurgitating and flooding out from the little plastic bottle all over the large counter down the sides and all over the floor!

“What a mess! How the hell am I going to clear all this up before Slater arri …”

She heard the door at the far end of the corridor opening and the sound of approaching footsteps. She literally had fifteen seconds to clear this up!

“Oh shi … I’m in so much trouble now” Sarah panicked … she thought she was going to start hyper-ventilating!

Stay calm, Sarah! Breathe out and in” … now there was an idea …!

She emptied her super lungs of air and leaned her head back, and inhaled deeply! Gazing downwards as her huge chest swelled to absolutely massive proportions! Her white lab coat buttons started to burst open.

It was working! The gel rushed towards her agape mouth from the lab counter top, sides and floor. Her powerful intake of breath increased in a rush as the gel had an instant impact inside her. She could keep inhaling easily now as The Power accelerated through her, pushing her bust out even further. Her white lab coat buttons BURST off, flying out across the room! Her lab coat began to rip open in two, but she had no concerns about another ruined jacket … she could hear Slater’s key turning in the lock now as her Re-Energized! Super-breath swept the counter and floor as the sweet-tasting flow was relentlessly sucked up and into her in one final massive intake …

Sarah leaned into the metal counter table. ‘WHAT A RUSH!’ she exclaimed to herself. She had NEVER experienced anything like this before as she felt trillions of Ultra-Energized cells surge through her body!

The powerful ionized gel was now stirring with the hot-tub gel she had consumed at the weekend … this wasn’t good … something felt wrong, as if she was losing control of herself! Her fingers began digging into the heavy steel frame of the counter table that was bolted to the tiled floor, but not as a means of support.

Oh no … not NOW’ thought Sarah as she felt her feet begin to rise off the floor of their own free will! She grasped at the table with both hands as she tried to pull herself down and anchor herself to the ground, eyes tightly closed willing herself downwards! A loud SNAPPING! Announced the relatively easy breaking of the bolts on all four table legs!

“Good morning, Sarah … my you are in early for a Monday morning … I’ll really have to see the bosses about a rise for you … are you ok, dear?”

The only rise Sarah was concerned about just now was trying to happen below her!

“You really have been overworked lately, Sarah, haven’t you? Perhaps you should have the morning off … and my, look at what’s happened to your new lab coat again

HOLY SH …!” remarked Sarah eyes clenched tightly shut, but it was no use … Sarah floated off towards the lab ceiling with the large metal lab counter carried up in both hands …

Helen Slater’s eyes nearly popped out from her head at the sight of her freely floating busty lab assistant in front of her!

Y … y … yo … you’re HER!”

Sarah finally gained some semblance of self-control from above the gob-smacked doctor and managed to lower herself towards the ground.

“Sarah … h … h … how?”

The busty young lab assistant placed the large solid steel counter table gently on the cracked tile floor only for it to implode and crush into the those tiles with a fraction of her newly enhanced superstrength! ‘Oh My God’ Sarah thought to herself, ‘Would anything ever be possibly normal again?’

It … it happened here in this very lab, Helen.” Even Sarah’s voice had become huskier. “Remember when we were locked out the lab after the accident? I gained my powers because of that … PLEASE! Can we keep this to ourselves?”

“I … I don’t know Sarah, this is absolutely MASSIVE as the doctor stared into her lab assistants huge heaving chest. “Could you, you know somehow share those fantastic strength and flight powers with me ?” pleaded Dr. Slater.

“I’m so sorry, Helen, but I’ve taken all of the gel inside of myself! If I could, I would, believe me, after all it is thanks to you I am now Energize! … there may be a way … if you trust me”

Of course, dear, if anything was possible I’d gladly do it!”

Sarah slowly removed Helen’s glasses as the doctor shook her long blonde hair loose behind her white lab coat and let her be enveloped in Sarah’s arms, whose massive breasts pushed and pressed firmly into her own small mounds . Sarah slowly, gently teased Helen’s lips close to her own. BANG!

HHHHMMMMMM …” Helen moaned at the sharp shock of the sudden pull into Sarah who was trying to will the emerald power gel from her lungs into the doctor as she floated back off the floor carrying Helen with her …

 Mark was returning some lab equipment to Sarah’s team. He’d have to face Sarah at some time, he reckoned. ‘Might as well get it over with first thing in the morning.’

Sarah floated high above the lab counter holding an enraptured Helen, eyes closed trying to will the stubborn gel from her. It wasn’t working! This enhanced gel refused to part from its host! There was a knock at the door as Mark wandered into the lab with the equipment. He looked up in disbelief at the two floating girls above …

“Sarah! Y … you … you’re her!

“Mark!” She broke off the kissing with Helen who promptly fell to the floor below. The transfer hadn’t worked.

“Mark, please! My secret is out now! You can know everything about me, and why I did what I did in the shower to try and make you more like me!”

“What do you mean more like you?” came the annoyed reply.

“Ok, here it is then” as she floated down towards Mark. She pulled the phial of sloshing liquid from her cleavage and asked Mark to cup his hands out.


Just do it, Mark!Trust me on this!” as she poured the contents out into his cupped hands.

“Ok” said Sarah “Here goes!” as she ripped open the remains of her white lab coat and thrust her fabulous chest towards Mark hands.

“Hurry up Mark! Put your gelled hands on my boobs!”

Mark had no hesitance in turning his palms forward towards Sarah’s amazing bountiful boobs, slapping his outstretched, upturned palms onto her huge chest!

Hhhmmmm … feels so good already … are you ready Mark?”

“Uh huh?” he replied, a little unsure of what was going on here as her breasts swelled out into his hands.

“Good!… and EN … ER … GI … ZE!

Two strong emerald glows erupted from her cleavage and entwined themselves around Mark’s hands, trapping his upturned wrists as a stunned Mark could only gaze on. All of a sudden a tight white costume window enveloped itself around Mark’s hands as Sarah’s breasts began to push outwards. Sarah closed her eyes, leaning back as she inhaled deeply, letting her Super Lungs push her rapidly rising chest out. Mark’s hands had no means of escape from between the tight white cloth and Sarah’s growing Superhuman Mounds!


AAARRGHH! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME, BITCH!” he yelled in pain. This was the worst pain he’d felt with Sarah yet, as all the small bones in his hands and wrists cracked and crumbled to shards against her invulnerable rising bosoms and the top of her tight white cleavage window

‘Oh no! Not again!’thought Sarah. She couldn’t do anything as his gel-laden hands pushed her breasts out at an accelerating rate.

“I’m sorry, Mark … I can’t help it … I’m Energize!


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