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Civil War – Chapter 1-2

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Civil War

Chapter 1:

104 years ago scientists and geologists predicted that a phenomena that occurs every few millennia would recur again in the coming years. They were right.

In October 2016, it was discovered that the magnetic field surrounding Earth was weakening much faster than anticipated. Over the course of the next ten years, geologists observed the liquid flow of the outer core of the Earth in order to further the world's understanding of the magnetic field which could also improve earthquake detection systems and radiation detecting equipment.

The weakening and shifting of the poles did not spell Doomsday for the Earth but that's not to say that radiation was not absorbed by the Earth. Animals were not greatly affected by the rise in radiation but due to the large amounts of radiation absorbed from the many things that humans interact with everyday, plenty of people experienced frequent fainting during the day or had to be hospitalized because of minor illnesses or in rare cases, were placed in ICU from over radiation. So the governments of the world created vaccines, the CRR (Cellular Radiation Resistor) to strengthen the human cells in order to protect themselves from the radiation that the planet was exposed to. Of course if you felt no sickness from the radiation you did not have to take the vaccination.

After about 50 years the magnetic field of the Earth stabilized again and the use of CRRs extended to even protect the radiation we encounter everyday. The creation of the CRR opened doors to new medical methods that could be used to battle some of the most infamous diseases like cancer. But then something happened that changed the world as we know it.

Earth 2120


Hank Fredericks reached his hand over to the blaring alarm and slammed it on the snooze button. He rolled back into his bed sheets and continued sleeping.


He groaned and pressed the snooze button again.


He reached over to press the snooze button once again when instead of feeling the cold plastic of the alarm, he felt 4 bumps under his fingers. He uncovered himself and looked up at his ceiling. He could see the early rays of morning Sun peeking through the blinds of his bedroom.

“Come on Lexi just five more minutes!”, he groaned.

“Oh no mister. The last five minutes turned into ten, then an hour and then landed up with me working two shifts that day!” She argued back.

“But on the bright side you got double the pay!” He tried persuading her.

“And it totally wasn't worth it so you better get up or else...” she said, in a playfully dark tone.

“Okay! Okay! I'm up! I'm up!” He said as he stood up. He looked at his girlfriend and tried to kiss her.

“Nope.” she said as she avoided his kiss. “Not until you've brushed your teeth.”

“Ahh fine.” He said with false reluctance.

While he was brushing his teeth he realised how lucky he was Lexi Crawford as his girlfriend. Lexi stood 5'9, not far from his 6'2 stature, she was dynamite with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes as deep as the ocean, she had long, thick legs, a full rounded ass, a flat, toned abdomen and then woah there were her breasts. She's got DD size breasts that were perky and seemed to defy gravity. She was the image of beauty in Hank's eyes.

They both worked at GeneCo, one of the most prolific scientific research bodies in the world, where Lexi worked in the Bioengineering department and Hank worked as a programmer in IT and Mechanics. He was currently working on a nanobot programme that would allow the nanobots to strengthen all cells of a living body to enhance that body to optimum performance.

He finished showering and was dressed up, ready to conquer the new day.”Come on Lexi lets go!”. Hank was not ugly at all. He had jet black hair and brown eyes. He wasn't overly muscular but athleticly well-built. He was wearing a blue checkered shirt with black slacks and loafers along with a black blazer.

Lexi walked out of the bedroom wearing a cream white dress that reached to her knees and white high heels to match.”Lets go.”

They walked into the car and drove off. As they were driving, Hank turned on the radio.”Good morning New York City from Radio City! This is Aaron Saunders bringing you the seven o' clock news! Yesterday afternoon, at one pm, Senator Glen Morris, after a public speech, labelled the group of Evolved Humans activists known to us by the name Ardent, as conspirators of the erupting chaos around the city and the world. He said that he would do everthing in his power, which is most definetely a lot, to bring them down. I don't know about the rest of you but it does sound like Ardent has something to do with the rising number of disturbances. Senator Morris certainly has my support! In other news...” the radio presenter carried on as they drove to work.

“Anything interesting to share?” Hank asked Lexi.

“Michael has us working on some huge government project. I asked him what it's about but he refused to answer and said that I didn't have the clearance to know. Anyway I don't think it's significant because we're just analysing some molecules of humans and Evos.”

“Hmm … why wouldn't they tell us what it's for if you're doing something so minor?”

“It does sound mysterious. I'll see what I can dig up.”

“Also was there any mention of nanobots being used with anything in Bioengineering?”

“Not that I know of. But don't worry I'll look into it.”

“Yeah me too.”

Lexi started laughing.

“What's so funny?”

“We sound like some scientists who are about to uncover an evil government plot and have to go into hiding.” She explained.

“It does sound like that doesn't it?” Hank commented and laughed as well as they pulled into the parking lot opposite from GeneCo.

Dr Micheal Kinney was surprised when he saw Senator Morris sitting in his chair in his office.”Senator Morris! How unexpected. Do you need something?” Dr Micheal asked.

“Yes that little project of ours. How is it's progress looking?”

“The nanobots and the serum haven't been completed but I expect them to be in the next month or so.”

“Hmm, that's not much progress Doctor. And the EVAs?”

“Only one prototype sir but the results are promising.”

“Dr I have a strict time limit to adhere to. If you cannot deliver I will take my interest somewhere else.”

“No, no, no please Senator! I'll push my employees!”

“I'll be back in a week Dr. I expect good news by then.” the Senator announced as he got up and left Michael's office.

Michael kicked his desk in frustration as he sat down.”Claire, get Hank Fredericks for me.” he commanded his secretary.

Charles Finnigan was walking home from the subway. He was 42 years old, married and has two children. He was apart of the Senator's daytime security detail. He knew that walking through the streets at night was dangerous but if it wasn't for his car being stolen or him being out of cash to call a taxi he wouldn't have been in this situation.

He was passing by an abandoned building when he thought someone was behind him. He held his gun out and turned around quickly but saw nothing there. He stayed like that for another minute when he dismissed the feeling.

He turned back around thinking that he was just being paranoid when he saw an irresistibly beautiful girl standing in front of him. She couldn't have been older than 23 and was about his height, 6'0, but then he saw the high heel boots she was wearing, she had chest nut brown hair, brown eyes that held your eyes but not enough for you to ignore her prominent chest which was about D cup size, but the way they resisted gravity and seemed to hold themselves up was a massive advantage, she had the perfect ass and a long set of perfectly shaped legs. She had a white tank top on and shorts that barely covered her ass. He holstered his gun.”Who are you?” He asked while trying to avoid starring at her breasts.

“My name is Madison.” She said with a smile on her face.

“I'm Charles-”

“Finnigan. I know who you are and who you work for.” She interrupted him.

Charles found it a bit disturbing how this young lady knew who he was and seemingly appeared in front of him without his knowledge in a secluded area. Only about three road lights were on and all the other buildings seemed devoid of life. Charles started gripping his gun tightly.

“Its not safe here Mr Finnigan.” She announced.

“I know Madison. We should probably get out of here. I've got a bad feeling about this.” He said as he moved his head around.

“You are right Mr Finnigan, it's not safe … for you at least. You're a long way from home sir.” She said seductively as she sauntered over to him.

“How do you know where I live?” Charles questioned nervously as he backed up.

“I know a lot about you, Charles. Your family, friends even your sixth grade teacher.” She said in a sultry voice.

“H-h-how?” He stuttered as he further retreated from the beautiful dame.

“Haven't you figured it out yet?” She asked as she stopped and placed her hand on hip.

“… Ardent!” He gasped at the realisation.

“Bravo Charles bravo!” She said as she clapped her hands with a mock grin on her face.

“W-w-what d-do, what do you want with me?” Charles said as he backed up even further.

“What is the Senator funding Charles?” Madison demanded while she crossed her arms.

Charles looked around to see if there was anyone around but the block still looked completely abandoned.”What are you talking about?” He feigned as he looked around the area.

“Listen Charles, you have a family to get back to and I have my own personal things to take care of so why don't you be a good little soldier and tell me what I want to know?” Madison asked, arms still crossed.

“I can't tell you because I don't know.” Charles replied. He stopped in front of the door to the abandoned building while still facing Madison. There was dust all around. He had formulated an idea.

“Why won't you tell me Charles?” She pouted.

“Because … I DON'T KNOW!” He shouted as he kicked up the dust to her face. He ran inside the building and hid behind a security booth. He found a radiation detector and stashed it in his pocket. He also found a flashlight and a gas mask. He looked at the front door and saw the dust beginning to subside. He knew it wouldn't distract her for long but he needed an escape route. He looked around the ground floor of what seems to have been an old company. He tried looking for a way to the back door of the building but he didn't see a direct route. He looked to the front door and saw that the dust had almost completely settled. He could make out a figure walking in and knew he was running out of time.

“Come out come out wherever you are! “ Madison called out in a playful tone.

He pulled out the radiation detector and faced it towards Madison. The radiation detector looked like the models from the 21st century but this was designed not to detect radiation in the air but rather detecting radiation in a human being. The higher the radiation levels the more likely the person is an evo. The radiation detector detected huge amounts of radiation in Madison. Now he had to try to determine her class as an evo. When he saw her walk into the camera room he ran towards the kitchen, he assumed, opened the door slowly. When he shone his flashlight around he saw a storage room filled with boxes.

“CHA-AARLES.” Madison called out playfully.”If you wanted to play so badly why didn't you say so silly.” She said out loud while giggling.”Oh yeah and I'm a class 3 evo.”

Charles knew he was in grave danger now. Class 3 Evos were the strongest. Like really strong. Every Evo has heightened senses but class 3 Evos had senses that should be realised as superhuman. They also had immense strength, speed, endurance and it was even rumoured that have a unique set powers that varies between them but no scientific body actually knew what class three Evos were capable of. Charles decided that she was just bluffing because she hasn't found him yet so he calmed down.”She's probably only a class 1 Evo.” He said under his breath. He pulled out his gun and advanced towards the door.

“No I'm not!” The door was slammed into the far wall as well as anything that was in front of it.”I can't believe you would think so lowly of me!” She said in a sarcastic voice.

Charles jumped behind a box to his left. His heart was beating furiously like a drum role in a rock band.

“I only delayed finding you because I thought you wanted to play a game. I've always known where you were. I saw you behind the security booth, I could see you behind this, rather that, steel door and I can still see you know. I don't even need to see you, I can easily hear your furious heart beats. What's wrong Charles? Scared of me?”

Charles gripped his gun tightly to his chest. He was about to stand and shoot when he heard a loud cracking sound and saw wooden splinters flying across him. He then felt a tug on his jacket and was pulled out incredibly quickly by it. He was a bit disorientated. When his head cleared he saw he was looking down at her and felt an iron grip on his throat.

“Okay playtime is over.” She announce in a serious tone. “What is the Senator planning Charles?”

“I don't don't know!”

She tightened her grip on his neck.”Stop lying to me Charles. I'm playful to a certain extent. This situation is not within that extent so I expect an answer.”

“Ahh! I told you … I don't know-aaaahh!” Charles felt his captor's hand crushing his throat slowly. He found it extremely hard to breathe.

“Your children will have no father soon if you don't tell me something now!” She said angrily with a sneer.

Charles tried desperately to pry her hands off but he might as well try moving a building. He was suffocating and could not think clearly. He saw his wife, Susan, and his two kids, Gregory and Rachel, and the pet hamster, Paul, sitting in Gregory's hands.

“Come home Charles!” She pleaded.

“Come home dad!” Gregory and Rachel said in unison.

His vision became foggy. His family started fading. He could barely make out Madison's face at this point but he saw a smile on her face then everything faded…

Chapter 2:

Hank and Lexi drove back home from the lab. Hank let Lexi drive them home that night.”So, how was work?” he asked.

“Fine really. We made a serum based on Evo DNA that Michael didn't even bother to explain its creation to us. He seemed a bit on edge today and was even more of an asshole than he normally is.”

“Yeah he almost seemed desperate when I arrived at his office and he asked me about the nanobots. I've created them but I still have yet to code them. I told him they will be fully operational in possibly the next few weeks or so. He told me that he wanted them operational soon. Like by next week. So now not only do I have to code them in the next three days but also create the remote controller and the receiver in the nanobots in the next seven days or else I lose my job.”

Lexi stopped the car abruptly.”He threatened to fire you?! “ she asked in shock.

“Yeah but don't worry. Smith and Allan agreed to help me out so it could be done by then except they might be a bit faulty because we won't have the necessary time to do a proper full systems check.” He resolved, rubbing her shoulder in comfort.

“He's such a prick sometimes!”

“Don't stress about it babe. I told you I got this. Oh yeah and I couldn't find anything about the project.”

“Did you search everywhere?”

“Everywhere I could yeah. I think it's off the books because I had a look at the visitors list from the last two months and I saw that Senator Morris has been a frequent guest. If anything, I've got a bad feeling about all of this.”

“Yeah, Morris must be the reason why Michael is on edge. Hey Hank, what are your nanobots supposed to do again?”

“Strengthen a host's cells. Why?”

“I ran some tests with the serum and found that it could exert the energy of a biotic body's cells to let it do more. Like I injected it into one of the test mice and found that the mouse moved a lot quicker and for extended periods of time that a mouse usually wouldn't run through. I also observed an increase in the mouse's strength when it shifted the wheel about five inches. I ran some further tests on it's senses and found that it had improved levels of eyesight, it's already keen sense of smell was further heightened, hearing improved, it could feel the vibrations in the air change when I played a series of notes in the cage and lastly I gave it a cheese sample then put in four different cheeses that didn't have an odor to them and a fifth, the initial cheese that I gave it, and I saw it eat the original cheese sample after tasting the other ones.”

“That's amazing! Imagine what it could do for the human body! People wouldn't have to be afraid of the Evos anymore! “

“There's a major downside though. The energy of the cells was depleted so the cells could not function any longer and so the mouse died.”

“Oh. That's a bummer.”

“What exactly do your nanobots do?”

“They bond with a host's cells and act as … you don't think …?”

“No I don't think so.”

“But there's a possibility-”

“I know so. The nanobots and the serum will be used in conjunction with each other. The serum will allow a body's cells to use more energy but to ensure that the energy is not depleted the nanobots will …”

“… act as batteries and will allow the cell to utilise the energy more efficiently! “ Hank continued on.”This isn't just any project.”

“Mmhmm. It's a super soldier project.” Lexi concluded.

Trevor Banks always wanted to be a pilot. Growing up he always flew his plane toys around the backyard in pure innocent elation. Reaching his teenage years, he would read books about different airplanes and the history of aircrafts while also enjoying pilot simulated games in virtual reality. He thought that his dream would finally turn into reality when he took his flight tests. He passed with flying colours but the career he had longed for would not fall unto him. When his medicals were taken the flight school discovered he was an Evo and they did not accept Evos to be pilots in the event of an Evo discovering a new ability while transporting people around the world and potentially endangering innocent lives so he was denied the opportunity. Infuriated by this, he turned his anger and hatred towards humans and joined the Evo activists Ardent.

Ranked only as a class one, some humans and Evos looked down on him but they underestimated Trevor. A class one Evo was not really that powerful but in the course of his life Trevor enjoyed training in martial arts forms. He knew Judo, tae-kwondo, karate, muay thai and kendo. In close quarters combat, Trevor was an adversary to any man. Even though his height of 5'7 appeared demeaning, he had a reputation for being someone not to be angered.

“Trevor, report.” A voice in his earpiece commanded.

“I've been observing Michael Kinney for the past four hours but nothing seems to have changed. He's just been sitting in his office and observing the different projects he has commissioned. Nothing new to report.”

“Alright, carry on until informed otherwise.” With that, the earpiece went silent.

“This couldn't get more boring …” Trevor thought to himself.

Ardent's leader, whom Trevor has yet to meet, decided to send someone to spy on Dr Micheal Kinney after some valuable intelligence was gained. Ardent had learned that Senator Morris was planning something and that a well known scientific research organization was involved. Considering that the Senator was based in New York City, all the famous science bodies that were in the NYC were being spied on. Trevor was commissioned to GeneCo to spy on Dr Micheal Kinney, Marcella Spinoza, a class two Evo, was sent to Neuro Industries and Blake Campbell, class one Evo, was sent to Atomic Industrial & Logistics. The three spies were only told to observe and report any projects that were Senate sponsored or had relations with the Senator. Trevor had the perfect view of Michael Kinney's office from an adjacent opposite building.

From what Trevor had seen at Ardent, he learned that there was a hierarchy there. The leader was on top, then Robert Kalowski, Sarah Burke and Franklin Kalowski, not related to Robert, occupied second-in-command, Madison King and Allison Thompson occupied the third spot and fourth spot respectively then there was a minor council that reports to the higher ups but also have control over the non-executives, me and the other 100 or so 'agents' you could say.

Trevor began thinking about the world of Evos. From what the textbooks taught, Evos were humans whose cells had evolved to adapt to the radiation from space. The CRR was created to protect those that did not evolve which was a large part of the planet's population. It was natural for the unevolved to be afraid of the now homo-superior so the CRR was altered to not only protect cells from dangerous radiation but also remove excess radiation in Evos.”Maybe the Senator plans on making some radiation removal formula and turning it into an aerosol weapon.” Trevor thought to himself.

“Your target moved.” A voice informed from behind him.

He lost his balance and fell on the floor. He turned around to see Allison Thompson standing a ways from him with her hands placed on her hips.

“Miss Allison! May I help you with something ma'am?” Trevor asked as he shot up to stand at attention.

“Yes, by telling me where the target went.”

Trevor looked at GeneCo's CEO office and saw an empty chair.”Uhmm … uhh.”

“You lost him didn't you?”

Her curly black shining hair gripped his attention. It flowed in unison with the wind, almost dancing together. He just noticed that the wind seemed to have picked up speed since her arrival, like it was happy to see her.

“Did you hear me?”

Trevor's daydream about Allison's hair ended when he realized she asked him something.”Sorry ma'am please repeat.”

“I said I can't see him in the building or outside.”

They say that if you look deep enough into a class three Evo's eyes you can get lost in their allure. Their beauty pulls you in like gravity does. Drawing you in as close as possible the same way that Allison's emerald green eyes drew you in.

“Aaaannnd I lost you again.”

When her hands cupped the side of his face, Trevor was pulled out of his daydream … again.”Focus now. We have to find Kinney and for your sake I hope we do.”

“Sorry ma'am I was just distracted.”

“That's fine but we have to get into the building. I can't go in without the alarm blaring because of my radiation levels but you can.”

“But they'll detect my radiation …”

“Not if you take these.” She pulled out two CRR pills.

“My powers–”

“You'll get them back don't worry.”

“… okay but what if something happens?”

“I'll be watching you from here.” She gave him the pills.”And remember; we don't want them to know our identities.” she concluded.

“Well alright then.”

Charles awoke with a start. He looked around the room and tried to figure out where he was. He started feeling his neck, and winced when he touched it. He then recalled the past events of last night in full detail. He searched for his phone but could not find it. He stiffened when he tried shaking his head, his neck was very bruised from Madison's titanium grip. He looked at his surroundings and saw he was in a room with table with two chairs in the centre, a sink in the far corner and a bookshelf opposite his bed with a window above the far side of the bed. The walls were a mahogany colour and the ceiling was mahogany as well. The room smelled of cinnamon and honey with fresh coffee as well. He looked at the table and saw some cinnamon rolls and a hot cup of coffee. He heard his stomach rumble and decided to eat.

He sat down at the table and began eating. He munched down on the rolls and sipped the coffee. Not sure of where he was or who his captor might be, he looked around the room for any clues of his whereabouts. He climbed on top of his bed and peaked outside of the window and saw the ground about 4 stories below. He went back to the table when the door was opened.

His fears were confirmed when he saw Madison walk in. She was wearing a white blouse with skin tight pants and black ankle boots. He moves hurriedly away from her trying to get as much distance from the class 3 Evo as possible.

“I won't hurt you Charles … as long as you cooperate.”

“W-w-what do you want?” He said stuttering.

“The Senator's plans Charles.”

“I-I told you I don't know! “

She became a blur and was in front him all of a sudden, staring right into his eyes, almost like she was looking at his soul, like she could see him in all of his forms. Charles was extremely nervous about what form he might land up in.

“Please don't hurt me! “ he pleaded.

“What are the Senator's plans then Charles?” she demanded more seriously.

He began sweating more profusely. “I really don't know! I don't know anything about a plan!”

“I'm a class three Evo Charles. Do you know what that means?”


“It means I have superhuman senses which means I can hear every little thing occurring in your body and of course I can hear much further than that. Your heart beat is racing right now but it races a bit more when you reply to my question so …” she trailed as she gripped Charles' hand.”I'm gonna count to five. If you haven't told me anything by the time I get to five, you lose a hand. Simple?”

He swallowed really hard.


Charles said nothing.


He stayed stationery.


He held his will further.


Charles saw his family appear behind Madison again. He could see the sadness on their faces, he could feel their misery if they were to lose him. “Fine I'll tell you what you want to know …” he said in resignation.

“Oh Charles,” she said as she rubbed his cheek, “any man who loves his family would do the same thing.”

“… what do you want to know?”

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