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Kneel Before Roz – Part 1.5

Written by Dru1076 :: [Friday, 20 July 2018 07:11] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:27]

Running effortlessly faster than the wind, holding the heavy old car aloft with terrifying muscular ease, Roz was outside the house Garry cowered within in no time at all. Inside, she could hear her former boyfriend trying to explain to his parents what had happened. Roz callously dumped the mustang on the road with a crash and it rocked uneven and bent on its springs. The super strong girl strode confidently toward the house, walking straight through the short brick wall as though it were a loose stack of small empty boxes, and positioned herself right outside where the family were talking.

“Look son,” Garry’s dad was saying, “Whatever happened you should never feel you need to lie to us, alright? Tell us what really happened.”

“It’s true! Roz Thomas is a fucking super strong She-Hulk! Her muscles just… just… grew! I watched it happen! She lifted every single bit of gear in the gym at once! I am NOT MAKING THIS UP!!”

“Now, now, Garry. Please… stop it with the lying…”

Roz grinned, and pushed her cute face straight into and easily through the brickwork. Dust that ignored her smooth young features caked onto the three squishies gaping at the young superhuman powerhouse intruding on their family meeting.

“Yeah, Garry. Listen to your mom, you little fucktard! Lies won’t save you! It’s the truth that’s gonna set you free. Or is that set ME free? Cuz the truth is… you can’t ever escape me, Garry. Nobody can save you from these killer super muscles of mine! Now come on! I am bored… and I want to see the look in your eyes when I crush my first military base! Your wuss-bag parents can come too. In fact, I insist.”

Stepping casually through the rest of wall and revealing her unnervingly perfect physical presence, happy to give them a quick pec flex and a ripple of her stomach, Roz herded the helpless family out to Garry’s car and bundled them inside. Sealing the busted driver side door, she devastated the hopes of Garry’s parents by hoisting the car into the air above herself.

“Buckle up, you fucking pussies. I hope you brought some puke bags.”

Without further warning, Roz’s powerful thighs and calves effortlessly accelerated her heavy load to a terrifying speed, making the whole frame groan under the stress. With scorn, Roz eased up when her passengers passed out. And she took care to slow down smoothly so she didn’t mess up their internal organs.

Roz put the car down and ignored the sleeping First Toy. Her eyes were lit up by the sight of a sprawling military base. She could see every kind of weapon in there, and she would happily prove her mastery over each and every one of them. Flexing up her powerful muscles, she strode toward the heavily defended main gate. She grinned up at the sentry.

“I’m the super-muscle-god Roz. Kneel and worship me, pansy-boy, or I’m gonna fuck up your shit real fucking bad.”

“What the hell?” The guard was made nervous by Roz’d overdeveloped and frighteningly perfect physique, and the girl rippled her incredible muscles to further unnerve him.

“Kneel before Roz! Or I’ll destroy this whole base.”

Not realising that he was sealing the fate of every man on the base, the guard scoffed at Roz. “Yeah right. Okay girl… you should probably go home and sleep it off.”

Roz gave him a sly smile, her eyes sparkling with amusement. She wanted to crush, bend, and break this entire military base, and in truth didn’t want this man to kneel. She wanted them to fight her, so she could crush their defences and feel her mighty muscles outclass their weapons. The muscle bound girl stepped forward and grabbed the boomgate with one super strong hand. Grinning at the guard, she used her single overpowered hand to snap the gate and then she swang it ruthlessly into the guardhouse and stunned the soldier by demolishing the small building completely. Roz dropped the shattered remains of the gate and stepped forward as the guard and several others drew their guns up and aimed at the terrifyingly strong girl moving onto the base grounds.

“Take one more step and we will use lethal force!”

“Ha! You weak little pussies don’t stand a fucking chance! Go ahead and shoot me with your silly little pop guns. Do these super strong mega muscles look worried?” Roz flexed her arm for them, and slowly strode forward. After seeing her small demonstration of super strength they didn’t hesitate to use their weapons.

The guns barked, and Roz laughed heartily as she felt the bullets slam into her hard unforgiving physique and destroy themselves on her unblemished skin. Slowly each man ran his ammo down and stared in horror at the unmarked superhuman standing proudly before them, her hard powerful muscles gleaming in the floodlights.

“Oh oh… looks like your guns are no use against my guns,” Roz happily observed, giving them a smug double bicep pose. She tilted her head at the shaken soldiers and gave them a chilling smile. “Shouldn’t someone be sounding the alarm, or something?”

Roz shrugged when nobody moved, and walked forward to grab one of them by the front of the shirt. She yanked the man forward, and with a sickening crunch the large guard was dragged down into Roz’s proud steely breast with a truly sickening crunch. Bones shattered audibly and blood spurted across the super girls smooth skin only to slide off leaving none behind. Roz laughed, loving how the bigger man simply crumbled against her powerful super hard body. With a callous gesture she flung the dead man aside, and the broken body sailed so far into the distance that nobody without Roz’s remarkable ears could hear the impact in the forest.

One of the guards cried out in rage and charged forward to swing his gun like a club. With a raised eyebrow and an evil smile, Roz made no move to stop him.

“Seriously, dickhead?” CLANG. “You don’t really think that’ll work on me, do you? Ha ha ha ha ha. Might as well whack these super strong muscles with a pool noodle!” The man howled and swung again. This time Roz snickered and her hand flashed out to grasp the weapon. The gunmetal squealed and shattered in her grip, crushed by her immensely strong fingers without any effort. Roz scornfully gripped the ruined rifle and scrunched it up, easily tearing it from the man’s hands. As the horrified guard turned and ran, and the others opened up with gunfire again, Roz tossed the balled up remains of the gun into the fleeing owners back with so much terrific super strength that the man exploded. Hands on hips, laughing heartily as bullets splattered on her solid torso and fragmented on her cute little face, Roz marvelled at her glorious invulnerability. “Bulletproof abs, bitches,” she happily declared, slapping an obscenely potent hand on her impervious rippling torso. The blow on her super hard muscles was a terrific thunderclap, and she chuckled to realise how much harder that casual slap had been compared to their wasted ammunition. Experimenting, Roz made a fist and thumped her six-pack stomach. The result was an explosion of force that killed the gunmen and completed the destruction of the ruined guard house.

Turning back to Garry’s car, super Roz saw her First Toy and his two parents gawking at the destruction of the security post. “Did you like that? Follow me, now. But keep your distance. You weak squishies aren’t bulletproof or invincible like me.”

To Roz’s immense joy, an alarm sounded deep within the base. Her remarkable sparkling eyes turned to examine the sprawl of buildings within the perimeter and she was stoked to see thousands of soldiers geared up and milling about, moving toward her with drawn weapons. Armoured cars and humvees started up, but the most wonderful sight of all to Roz’s brilliant blue eyes was that they had tanks. A lot of tanks. She wanted to feel the power of their main guns, and she wanted to feel the power of her mighty bulging muscles crushing the heavy armour plate like cardboard.

Roz looked back at Garry’s car and realised the family was trapped. With a derisive snort at their weakness, she strode over and punched both hands into the side of the car before lifting the vehicle and ripping the whole thing in two with her tremendously strong arms like it was made of taffee. The occupants spilled onto the ground and looked up trembling in fear at the hulking super muscled God of strength effortlessly holding the two rough and ruined halves of Garry’s trashed Mustang.

“Come on, you fucking pussies! I want you to watch my super God muscles destroy this weak cunt army base.” So saying she negligently flung her titanically strong arms in opposite directions, sending the smashed halves of car soaring high over the city without a care of their destinations.

Garry knelt as he watched Roz’s power packed legs carry the superhuman powerhouse back toward the still fresh devastation of the gatehouse. The long road to the sprawling buildings and bunkers of the main base was laid out before her crowded with armoured cars and determined soldiers. None of them yet knew what they faced. If they did, they would know just as certainly as Super Roz how hopeless their situation.

Roz hulked her immensely powerful body out. “Fuck yeah! Let’s do this, wussy boys! These super muscles are going to fuck you up!”

Her super loud voice reached the rolling column, and the men were frightened by the sheer power Roz’s lungs displayed. The column stopped, the road now completely jammed with military might, and tanks split off to form a horseshoe and focus their fire on the mysterious target. A Humvee flanked by two loaded personnel carriers continued forward, and Roz’s power packed thighs bulged with the ominous and foreboding threat of immense physical strength as she swaggered belligerently and arrogantly forward.

The three vehicles stopped and soldiers poured out to form a dense of line of deadly modern firepower in Roz’s path. Stepping forward from the line a man with an officers uniform strode forward. Six massive soldiers moved up with him in full battle gear, their huge menacing guns aimed squarely at Roz. Roz stopped thirty feet from the line and put her hands on her hips laughing at the fierce faced soldiers all around her.

“Okay, young lady… want to tell me just what the hell is going on here?”

“We’re going to play a little game, fucktards. Because Soldier’s are pussies; Super Roz’s are gods. The name of the game is Kneel Before Roz, and it’s real simple so even stupid assholes like you weak cunts can understand.” Roz obnoxiously flexed up her biceps and popped her pecs. “I’m gonna take these super hard, super fucking strong mega God muscles here, and I’m gonna rampage through you weak pussy soldier wimps like a fucking wrecking ball. Because I’m strong, and hard, and invincible. You weak cunts are gonna yell and scream and cry like pansy boys. You’ll shoot me and try every fucking idea you can think of to stop me. But you’ll get fucked over by my super fucking hard, super fucking strong, mega God muscles. Because. I. Am. A. God. And in the end, you little bitches will either be smashed up and shit out by my invincible super duper mega God muscles… or you will. Kneel. Before. Roz!!”

“This isn’t a playground, Miss. You need to leave before we take action.”

Roz flexed her pecs and rippled her strong hard abs playfully. “See these muscles, fuck face?” She lifted her arms in a double bicep pose. “These muscles are stronger and harder than steel, pussy boy. And they want to smash and crush you weak assed cunts into paste. And what these super fucking strong muscles want, these super fucking strong muscles always get. Want to know why? Because they’re super fucking hard. Because their super STRONG. Your army is nothing to these mega muscles.” She made her muscles dance for them, watching their reactions with intense interest

“Okay. Enough games. What’s your name?”

“The name’s Roz. Super Roz. Don’t you want to play, you little pussy? Oh well.” Roz shrugged her rounded shoulders and grinned menacingly. “It doesn’t matter what YOU want. You’re just a pussy. I’m a Super Strong Muscle God. Super strong muscle gods do not fucking care what weak little pussy fucktard-boy dickheads want. Super strong muscle gods take whatever the fuck super strong muscle gods want, dick head. Whenever we fucking want. And super strong muscle gods do whatever the fuck we want, to whatever weak assed pussy we want. Sucks to be you, fucktard boy. Because your weak as piss normal squishy man muscles can’t fucking stop me. You just can’t. Hahahahahahahah. You can’t even stop me with your puny pop guns. Because I am a super strong, super bad, super cunt. And the whole fucking world will Kneel Before Roz!!!”

The officer was disgusted by the obnoxious girl before him, and gestured to the massive men beside him. “This is ridiculous. Get a hold of her, and we’ll try and find out who she really is.”

Roz put her hands on her super strong hips and smiled her smug and cheeky, but beautifully cute, little smile at the six men who moved aggressively toward her. One of them reached and took her hard sculpted arm, turning to drag Roz along back to the main buildings. Roz snickered as the Soldier was jerked to a stop by tons of inertia. Roz’s currently twenty ton body didn’t move so much as a hairsbreadth. Either did her relaxed arm. Surprised, the Soldier tugged more forcefully, but only moved himself back toward the sturdy stalwart super girl. Another man grabbed Roz’s other arm, shocked by the diamond hard firm muscles that he took hold of. With both men yanking as hard as they could on her, grunting and turned bright red with effort, Roz softly chuckled with oozing disdain for their weakness.

“Damn. You cunts are weak. Hahahahahahahaha. How are you gonna stop me from fucking up all your shit if you can’t even move my mega muscles?”

A third angry Soldier, not a man who should ever be dealing with the public, strode forward and slammed Roz’s delicate nose with the butt of his M4. He expected the girls cute button nose to smear across her face. Instead he was shocked by the way the small face remained rock steady, and he tried again and again. Roz only smiled evilly at him, her nose intact and the soldiers arms in considerable pain.

“Aren’t you supposed to use the other end, you silly cunt?” Roz sneered, to which the Soldier responded with another strike of his rifle butt. This time Roz slammed her face forward and struck the gun with her forehead just before it hit. The rifle shattered dramatically on her face, ripping off several of the man’s fingers and lodging several pieces of itself in those nearest. Before anybody could tell what he was doing, the now injured Soldier howled in rage and pulled out his combat knife. Roz’s mouth went up in one corner and her eyes sparkled with intense interest when the man struck, bringing the blade into Roz’s annoyingly perfect abs with all the full force of his anger. The tip snapped off against the diamond hard skin of Roz’s super dense abdominal wall, and Roz merely chuckled. “As if that was EVER gonna hurt these super strong, super hard, invincible muscles!”

Bored now with the Soldiers, Roz moved to crush the two on either side of her in her stupendously strong grip and she pulled them together with absolutely awesome force to slam them into the flanks of their knife wielding comrade. Such was Roz’s terrific strength that even their body armour disintegrated. The bodies themselves were turned to a chunky mist that proved reluctant to cling to Roz’s creamy perfect skin.

Stunned, the three remaining Soldiers dropped to a knee and let loose with a deadly barrage from their M4’s. Unfortunately for them, they were much too close to Roz’s super strong and absolutely invulnerable body. Confusion crossed their faces as their own bullets bounced off Roz’s hard muscles in fragments and peppered their own body armour. One of them collapsed dead to the ground and the others fell back. Plucking a bullet fragment from her hair, Roz flicked it callously into the face of a Soldier with brutal head popping velocity.

“Looks like your guns are pretty shit,” Roz pointed out. “Just you wait til you see what MY guns can do! These mega mighty super God muscles are gonna fuck you up.” Roz flashed her prodigious biceps once more in the face of the last soldier, then punched the helplessly doomed warrior hard in the gut with super human, merciless, bone pulverising power. Pieces of body armour and army Soldier exploded from the impact all over the field, spreading the man out as though he’d had a whole stack of mines sewn into his stomach.

The officer had fled already, realising that this was no game. This was no hoax. This was a clear and present danger and the base was in very serious trouble. Roz grinned.

“That’s right, fucktards. Guess who’s on the wrong end of a Super Roz ass-kicking! There’s nothing these super hard, mega strong God muscles like to do more than fuck you cunts over! Fuck yeah, pussies! I’m gonna fuck up all your shit and grind your weak puny tanks up like fucking shit balls. I’m gonna bend break and fucking crush you little weak cunts. Hahahahahahahah. Get ready you little pussies. Mega Roz is a super strong cunt and she wants to fuck you over! Cry for momma little wusses. Beg for mercy, bitches! Kneel. Before. Roz.”

She walked slowly forward on her incredibly sturdy legs, her remarkable ears listening as the fleeing officer relayed his information to the command centre, and the command centre did what any threatened military command would do. They ordered their men to attack and destroy the threat. Unfortunately for this state-of-the-art military and their well trained and diligent soldiers, Roz was every bit the super strong, super powerful god of muscle that she had boasted of being. The army was about to learn just exactly what super powered muscle gods were capable of.

Their assault was way cooler, Roz thought, than the SWAT guys had managed. These were military grade weapons in the hands of men who knew how to use them. Many different sized bullets raced her way and met their inevitable doom upon on her smooth bulging body, failing to even leave a smear of led behind. Roz’s body simply refused to be harmed by the incredibly intense hostile gunfire. She looked down and watched the bluest shatter on her chest with deep satisfaction.

When the thirty cal’s opened up, Roz looked up to see where the larger bullets suddenly striking her were coming from. Mounted on trucks and humvee’s the larger guns were very much appreciated by Roz’s super hard flesh. It just felt wonderful, and she hoped they could keep it up.

“Is that it?” She taunted, her young voice easily heard above the deafening roar of gunfire. “Ha! You might as well have water pistols!”

The soldiers kept firing, determined to bring this super strong monster down. Before their eyes they saw the bullets strike and splatter on the superhuman girl’s clean skin hundreds of times a second. It wasn’t possible. This couldn’t really happen. Nobody was bulletproof. Roz laughed heartily, genuinely amused by the expressions of fear and doubt on the faces of all those around her. Sh playfully caught a few bullets and threw them in her mouth, chewing and swallowing them and then following them up with a few more.

Roz struck a powerhouse pose, playfully making her super dense muscles dance as the a deluge of steel jacketed led destroyed itself on the rippling surface of her skin. Then she launched off the ground and leapt over the row of soldiers to crash down on the roof of one of the trucks. Her superdense twenty ton muscle packed body smashed into the roof of the truck and crushed it. She jumped up and down a few times, then just stood on it stomping her muscle packed leg over and over into the outmatched armour plating. Then she grinned, and stomped as hard she could with reckless abuse of her super strength. The truck exploded out and destroyed the humvee beside it, taking out a full third of the men who made up the front line. Roz hopped over to land next to the other personnel carrier, and just head-butted it hard as she could. The intact vehicle burst in a flameless explosion, torn easily to shreds by the impossible power of Roz’s blow. Ten more frontline troops fell, taken out by the scattered debris.

With clear joy, enjoying her dominant super strength immensely, Roz jogged up to one of the men still shooting at her and wrapped her arms around him. Then Roz cruelly and mercilessly squeezed, producing loud pops and cracks from the body armour and piercing screams from the man within. The man felt with utter hopeless horror how fantastically solid and hard the superhuman muscle monster’s bulging form was first hand as it crushed his armour mercilessly. The super strong arms carved through armour and man easily, and Roz’s chest and stomach didn’t even dimple until her own hands were pushing against herself. She dropped the destroyed man, a bullet striking her eyeball as she looked around for her next toy.

This time she ran up and grabbed her toys hands, and gave them a strong tug. The man screamed, his arms torn free from the sockets and his fate sealed. Dropping the arms, Roz bolted over to a tight group of five determined gunman. She let them have several more free shots before she lifted one strongly muscled leg and slammed her flat foot into the gut of one soldier with such terrific power the man’s explosive demise killed the entire group.

Several soldiers were retreating now, having seen how pointless and useless engaging such a monstrously strong and invulnerable target was with the weapons they were using. Roz grinned at the men that remained.

“You guys must be really brave. How is brave working out for you, you fucking pussies?”

She laughed at them, amusement playing about her eyes as she puckered up and started to blow. There was no need for a preparatory inhalation. She just puckered up and started blowing a hurricane shaming wind through her small mouth. The sound was horrendous, and the result awe inspiring. Her super breath slammed into the men like a solid wall, breaking them and scattering them all over the field. Roz swung her head around and cleared away all the frontline troops in seconds with merely the air from her lungs. Her eyes sparkled as she watched her unrestrained super powered breath toss the soldiers and ruined vehicles around like leaves in a tornado. She stopped and grinned happily while she watched the debris and men still tumbling about for quite some time.

“Damn! How fucking cool was that?”

She turned to spot Garry and his parents, giving them a toothy grin and a wave. They looked bewildered and defeated, terrified and battle fatigued. Roz hoped they enjoyed the rest of the show just as much. She knew nobody was going to enjoy any of it nearly as much she would. Using her superstrength felt simply divine, and bouncing bullets off her muscular flesh was a delight she truly treasured. Her powerful muscles thrummed with a massive surplus of energy and strength, begging to be unleashed and Roz was eager to embrace the fantastic physical joy of answering that call.

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