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Empire Zukenov Invades!

Naughty pulp space opera in the Aurora Universe! A Protector and a Bih’Zah’Ro team up against a new Mighty Empire’s Invasion! Kelsor Institute engineers provide phone booths in outer space! Global newscast amazes citizens learning of Velorian powers! A Protector is horny, far from home! There’s a Royal Wedding! It’s the start of a new series!

This story is inspired by the Aurora Universe tales by Shadar and by Brantley Thompson Elkins, and, with great admiration, is set in that shared continuity. This story can be understood by readers who are brand new to the AU.

The Bih’Zah’Ro, the Jus Kadeen and Zukenov Empire civilizations, the Quadruple Alliance and its Treaty Conference, and the Kelsor Institute’s mobile communications technology, are all inventions of the current author.

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