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Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 6

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A flurry of phone calls went about between different parties during the course of the week.

Within different parts of Gotham

“I heard that he almost broke you in bed.”

“He wishes. I wished too. But he was… adequate.”

“So you almost broke him instead?”

“Let’s be a little magnanimous and call it a draw. We were both hungry.”

“I’ll bet. Lots of cracked ice polar caps based on the latest drone photos. Many environmentalists are claiming that it’s due to the quickening pace of climate change coupled by the solar flare of the sun the past week. Summer’s getting too hot for even the Arctic Circle.”

“I will take that into consideration the next time I decide on where to have supersex. Maybe the moon or Mars next.”

“I think keeping the destruction on Earth might be better, at least we can still figure out how fix it. If you break the moon or Mars who knows what catastrophe that will cause instead.”

From Metropolis to Gotham

“So when are we going to have her show and tell? That ‘exclusive’ information had better be worth it.”

“In a weeks’ time. She said you needed time to heal, that your little one was overworked for the first time after so long of underutilisation. Plus you need to make sure your own tiger at home is properly handled first. Hence giving you a bit of time and space seemed logical.”

“Heh. You mean SHE needs time to heal to overcome all her soreness inside of her. I guess that’s what she gets for having a PROPER man inside of her. Did you she tell you how intense her climax’ were? And within such a short period of time too. She blew multiple holes through my walls.”

“That good huh? You can boast all about your prowess when you see her later. Thought I heard your cousin crashed the party unexpectedly.”

“It was already over when she arrived. She wasn’t pissed though, even tried a little bit of flirting to make things interesting. Guess I’ve still got it, though I really think she should consider other options too…”

“Ever the charmer. I guess only I know that deep down, you really are proud to be you, in all your mighty glory. However in the future, do reconsider the decision of telling your wife about EVERYTHING that you plan to do. Though to be frank, with your kind of face she would have guessed about it in two seconds flat anyway.“

“She’s an investigative journalist. It’s her job to find out the truth, and rather than she going all about the place I just cut to the chase. Is that a bad thing then? If need to I’d just pound her back into submission reminding who’s the Man of the house.”

“Now I’d like to see you say that to her face. I’ll make sure to send you a fruit basket and flowers in whichever hospital you land in after that.”

Within Midvale

“Hey! I’ve missed you. I was so worried that no one could find you. I called the orphanage, the gallery, friends’ places…”

“Sorry to have made you worry. I… I’m just a dootzy sometimes. Bumped into a few people who convinced me to live life a little, since I’m going on to senior year high school already. It was really tempting, and to tell the truth, it was just an ok trip, just some climbs to the top of a few hills, plus a couple of late night sessions hearing live music while half-drunk.”


“Really. Didn’t do anything that… well, anything that I wasn’t ready for. At least when I said no they didn’t push it. My body, my choice.”

“Gosh, you really might have been super lucky with that. What got into your mind to even do that with someone you haven’t even met before? You ARE a dootzy sometimes, disappearing without a not nor a trace anywhere. What if you got into a bad hole? Can’t assume that Superman or Supergirl will just turn up and rescue you.”

A gentle laugh “Don’t worry, I’m safe. And given the two superheroes can hear and see things beyond normal human’s comparison, who knows, they might be closer than you think. How else would you be able to compile so many photo shots and online article of your favourite blonde superheroine wearing that tight blue and red costume of hers if that weren’t so?”

Metropolis to Leesburg

“Hi, this is LunarCorp. CEO’s office. Who is this calling?”


“That’s good news. And are both of them turning up?”


“I see. That’s still good. Is there anything in particular that we should be aware of during our preparation for the ceremony? Anything that our honoured guest would like?”


“I’ll personally see to it that. By the way, how many from the Daily Planet shall we also be expecting for the event? Is there any way that we make them feel more at home?”


“I see. One-on-one with the CEO on that day might be difficult seeing that she will be personaly leading the tour of the new facility. However, would you consider an exclusive with the Head of Research on an upcoming project a comparable replacement, assuming that it will declassified sometime later?”


“Of course. I will let our CEO know personally. Please convey my thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Kent, and Mr White. I assume you will also pass on my gratitude to our favourite superheroine for agreeing to turn up for our event.”

Upon putting down the phone, the statesque blonded tapped a few messages on her online messaging tool to her boss, and smiled when she saw the replies.

<A Week Later>

“I thought that it is only meant for limited number of people?”

“Yes. It is limited.”

 “Then why is Kara here?” Kal pointed at Kara without much enthusiasm.


Kara sighed inwardly even as she sat straight on the elevated area in the batcave, feeling the coolness of the smooth rock underneath her while observing her cousin confronting Batman quietly. Truth be told, when she heard about the deal that was struck, she too was curious about what was it that is so secretive about it. Apparently Vampirella had also asked for Supergirl to be in the “exclusive invitation” list.

She was only told that when she arrived at the Batcave, his text to her purposedly short and simple. Given that he texted her never, knowing his reputation she didn’t even bother asking how he managed to get her mobile number. And it’s only one way; a call or text back doesn’t seem to go back anywhere. Typical Batman.

“I think she’s been through enough for the past few weeks to listen to Vampirella. Even if it could all be a potential waste of time eventually, even for us.”

“True, but don’t you think you should let her be the judge of that?” Batman glanced sideways at Kara, just speaking normally as he should given that she could hear her from hundreds of miles away if she wants to anyway. “In any case, it’s a request by our guest anyway. So why don’t you take it out with her?”

Superman was just about to toss up his hands in frustration when he heard and felt a new presence in the room. Kara’s eyes opened wide as she saw Vampirella flew in through the secret entrance of the Batcave, and landed softly at the expansive landing area that branches off towards both the open area housing all of Batman’s armoury and exotic toys, the other leading towards the main console and meeting area where the three are waiting. Now that confirmed Kara’s suspicions that the vampire superwoman is definitely on different terms compared with the Batman. As far as Kara knew, only his most trusted allies or acquaintances are told about it, any unauthorized entry would be immediately faced with a barrage of weapons, and if that person were fast and or powerful enough to survive those, it would also trigger a self-destruct mechanism to bring down the entire cave and Wayne Manor within seconds, wiping away any trace that could be in the building. Even Selina Kyle, Bruce’s regular companion in bed for YEARS didn’t get that pass until recently; and Kara herself had still felt a little self-conscious that she still chose to enter through the main doors, shown in by impeccable Alfred despite being told by Kal that she could follow him.

Dressed in her skimpy red slingsuit and knee-high black boots, she came accessorized with a red cape that is clasped around her collar, the batcave echoed with the clicking of her heels as Vampirella made her way up the stone stairs towards them. The vampire superwoman exotic form was accentuated, seemingly even more at home given their current location as the lights bounced off her skin and from the limited amount of fabric that she wore, her dramatic curves and slight hint of atheletism all on show as she moved closer to them. Kara didn’t even need xray vision to see her prominent areolas and nipples tenting the two red strips over her matured curves, not doubt tossing a dash of power and sexiness into the mix. Kara stood up, realising Vampirella is now about the same height with Kal and Bruce, thanks to her three-inch heels.


Unflappable as usual, Batman gestured to one of the chairs along the round-table, which she promptly took a seat. Kara floated over to take the one directly opposite her; Superman then sat to her right, while Batman filled the gap between the Man of Steel and Vampi. The three heroes looked at Vampirella with anticipation.

Vampirella took it from the top. From her un-casual ‘visit’ to LexCorp’s penthouse tower, to her encounter with Mandi and her compatriot, and then succumbing to the ‘damn green rock’ being shoved so far into her vagina that she could still a dull ache coming within herself. And she’s super!

When she described what she heard transpired between Mandi and Lex despite the haze of pain and weakness, Kal interrupted her. “Wait. You mean to say that…this woman enhanced Lex?” Vampirella nodded. “Enhanced how?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t actually see the end person after everything. But she said she would make him a god that rivals even a Kryptonian. As powerful, if not more, than you.”

Batman cast a glance at Superman who was slightly agape, before indicating for the vampire to continue.

Vampirella’s tale then took them to Mars, her long fight and (shortened) account of forced unromantic sexual coupling by the Arion superwoman who was hell-bent to… “do something? Do what?” Again, Vampirella could offer up no good explanations, though she said that it “felt that it was the most logical thing for the woman to do…the way she did it. As if that’s they the normal way for them to mate. Or kill. By trying to physically dominate their lover with sex. Whether or not one likes it could just be a matter of perspective” She ended the entire account about herself finally extricating herself from her predicament with a lucky blow on Mandi.

At the end of her storytelling, she could tell that the reporter in Kal didn’t seem satisfied. Nor entirely convinced. The Man of Steel leaned back against the back of the chair, his frustration clear to see while trying to restrain himself to burst out in anger.

Batman instead directed the key question to his guest. “So what does this have to do with us?”

That’s when Vampirella revealed what she had gotten when she consumed Mandi’s vaunted Supremis blood as she tried to turn the tables on her captor to escape. That she had gleaned a number of things that she herself didn’t understand.

“They also mentioned about a deal. A deal that Lex had struck with that dark-haired superwoman and her companion, that when the invasion takes place, they will let him have a piece of the pie.”

Batman interjected at this time “What kind of invasion?”

“I don’t know. But from the sounds of it, it might be huge. Something about a fleet of ships and an army of superpowered people coming to take over this dimension’s Earth.”

That brought a slight pause to proceedings, as Superman and Batman looked at each other for a while, before the latter motioned for her to continue.

“Do any of you know anything about the ‘Arion’ race? No not the Nazi Germany style of Aryans, but when you see her physique I think you would easily have regarded as the same.” Seeing no reaction from the three heroes she continued “Apparently she belongs to that alien race. Warrior beings, a conquest-loving bunch of people. When I drank from her, I was able to pick up old memories and some recent thoughts. Bits and pieces, especially those that means a lot to the person. While some are conjecture, I normally could see and feel some of those that she has a strong emotional bond or attachment to. For example, I remember seeing her facing-off against a blonde woman who is as equally tall and muscular as her, wearing a kind of similar suit to Superman and Supergirl. First they made incredibly energetic love, then for whatever reason they started fighting.”

“A few of the memories revolves around Lex. I think that is much more recent and regular, sometimes as a partner other time as a lover, then a tryst with her Arion companion…”

“So what do all these have to do with me?” Supergirl suddenly chimed in after staying silent throughout thus far.

“I saw a recent memory of Mandi Olson. In it she was looking at a few photos laid out on a table. Your photo and mine. Newspaper cuttings about your latest feats. The emotion was of… elation? Eager anticipation? As if she was searching for both of us. Expecting, anticipating, waiting for both of us to turn up. Waiting to take what makes us US, and then evolve herself beyond what she is.”

Superman couldn’t stop shaking his head. “Hang on. This entire story is becoming so entangled and weird. So you’re saying Mandi and Lex has been scheming to capture you and Kara? But Kara has never crossed Lex’ path, right?” Kara nodded in puzzlement. “And I’m sure you have stayed under the radar enough that he woudn’t even know about your existence, let alone get entangled in anything that you do?”

“The human trafficking story.” Batman’s deep voice cut through the chatter. “This is the only logical reason that would have brought Lex, Mandi, Vampirella, and us into one common place.” Looking up at the vampire, he continued “Vampirella is actually still following up on multiple leads on that case after your exposure of the entire activity that almost brought the entire operation down. Maybe that had generated more heat than he expected. No to mention higher than expected resource costs, given that she…” noticing the smirk on Vampirella’s face “…had caused quite stir herself in those dark operations.”

“I thought that exposure had already caused him to halt ALL his operations, and his team had gone to ground?” Kal asked.

“You mean the NORMAL ones, on regular humans. Thanks to the Bat, I found a few breadcrumbs that would only be picked-up by creatures like me, which led to me getting wind of the Creatures trafficking part of the operation. Lex was using the humans trafficking as a ruse for his true objective – source and move creatures willingly or unwillingly especially from Asia Pacific, cross-docking them here before transshipping them across the Atlantic.”

“What creatures?” Confused looks abound, verbalised by Kara.

“Vampires. Witches. Daemons. Those who are like me.”

“Wait, what?” Superman literally stood up at that latest revelation? “How could that be? Such a big thing would have easily stirred up many issues, and I’m sure I would have heard or read about it…”

“Where is the best place to hide a dead body? A cemetary. It’s the classic case of doing things in plain sight, and Lex is smart and bold enough to pull this off.” Batman said ruefully. “Besides, if you didn’t know her," indicating to the brunette vampire "would you be able to differentiate our guest here with any other human beings walking all about the place, even with your thermal vision and superhearing?” Kal and Kara looked at each other before looking back at Batman.

“But…why? Why Europe? And why the long way about? Surely there are shorter and less complicated ways to move people.”

“That…is a question that I have no answer for. Maybe the Congregration of my kind might have knowledge about.” Kara raised her eyebrow at Vampirella's reply. “Creature matters are dealt with by creatures themselves. I hope that you will continue to leave this particular case to me. I do have a score to settle with a particular friend of our kind.”

“Still doesn’t explain why they are interested in me though. Us, I mean. Compared to Superman, I’m new, young…”

“Innocent…malleable…less experienced…easier to defeat and control?” Vampirella hesitated a little before continuing. “I think that they meant for us to meet, Kara Zor El.”

“Say what?” Kara’s eyes grew large at her pointed remark.

“Remember I told you I was drugged?” Kara nodded. “It happened when I was chasing down one of the transshipments at Gotham’s railroad yard. It turned out to be a trap, for me. The entire coach that I intercepted was stuffed with vampires, pure hitters; and while I managed to get rid of them, one managed to plunge a syringe into me with that experimental cocktail, and name dropping Midvale-Leesburg as the next location before I made her expire. There’s no other reason for me to visit the small town otherwise, as most transshipments had occured at large ports such as Gotham’s. I didn’t feel any different until I got into the small town, and it so happened when I met you there, my senses went into overdrive in response to encountering such a powerful superbeing, my hunger for blood just came rushing out…”

Both Superman and Supergirl looked alarmed as Vampirella trailed off. “It’s my theory, though I do think there’s logic in it. Think about it. Lex Luthor is involved in creatures trafficking. He is an extremely wealthy and powerful man who has plays on both sides of the law. I know that all heroes and heroines will have secret identities and such and tends to use them, how many could really say that they had never, or will never slip up ever when changing from one to the other? All it takes is enough resources and time, add a little patience and everything will be available to the most powerful and wealthy. Now forr what objective I have no clue at the moment, though I think both Kara and I…well, the fact is, we’ve been played.” Batman remain stoic still, his face impassive beneath the cowl.

“What do they want from us?” Kara spoke up first. “I don’t know. But from Mandi’s memories, it FELT as if it’s Mandi who is the more excited, the more eager when seeing the photos, whereas Lex looks, well, like a businessman who is dealing with goods, if you know what I mean. It could be we are supposed to be part of the deal that Mandi made with Lex.”

 “You mentioned that Lex was to be enhanced by this Mandi Olson. How?”

“Through sex.” Superman’s eyes narrowed at her reply, and the raven-haired beauty raised both her hands. “My mind might have drifted in and out while struggling to stay alive, but I can definitely tell if anyone is having the greatest fuck of the year. Can’t mistake those cries of pleasures for anything else, though more Mandi than Lex I think. It lasted throughout the afternoon, and after that long session she decided to take me elsewhere for another personal round with me later.”

Again, that slightly puzzled look on Superman’s face before Batman interjected again. “Spit it out. We don’t have all day.”

Kal took a while before saying slowly “That day when we finally got the exclusive with Lex? We shook hands on the way out from his office. His grip…” making a motion with his own large hands “…it felt different. As if he were testing out my strength. Never felt such a powerful grip from him before…”

“When was that?” Bruce’s eyes shot up.

“I think it was around three days after the incident. The day one of his employee’s body fell from the penthouse floor and crash-landed onto the plaza in front of LexCorp.”

“That would be my doing.” Vampirella owned up, unconcerned with any of the stares. “Hey, I was pissed. YOU try getting lasered for a full ten minutes outside his office and see if you can hold your patience. I was already being nice, appearing in a set of proper clothes and all. Expensive too. But Lex obviously has many enemies, and the moment the guard realized that those pistol slugs that he shot me with had no effect whatsoever, he quickly jumped onto using the supernormal method of retaliation.”

“Great. Just great. We actually have a confession from a KILLER now.” Superman smacked his forehead. Batman just kept his poker face while Kara just laughed slightly at her cousin before his stare back caused her close her mouth and look downwards.

Batman spoke again. “So we now have criminal mastermind with a body of a superman, and with an alien superwoman as his girlfriend, hell bent on taking over the world.”

“It gets worse.” All eyes on Vampirella again, before she continued. “Mandi Olson can control minds too. So you have to contend with an alien superwoman who has both the physical prowess coupled with the mental abilities to take on anyone and anything.”

There wasn’t much agreement between Superman and Batman on what to do next before all of them went their own way. There is skepticism about what Vampirella spoke, about whether it could truly be trusted fully, especially by the two who wore the <S> sign on their chest. More so by the man in question, his official occupation revealing itself the forefront again given the circumstances that affected his cousin. Then again, there wasn’t anything concrete that either of three knew about that could disprove what was mentioned. Batman himself has been monitoring threats on the ground and in the sky, but truly until some of things are validated, not many actions can be taken other than to scale up reconnaissance. Eventually it might take more than a Kryptonian and a Bat to truly handle the entire thing should the scale of things really hit that level, though for now keeping it under temporary wraps might be the wiser option. Looking for the necessary clues and piecing them together as quietly, and as fast as possible.

That would be exactly what Lex Luthor would do in their shoes as well.  

As Batman’s fingers danced across the control panel as he did his research, his mind couldn’t help  but wander towards the vampire. The one blonde Kryptonian on Earth who found herself unwittingly converted into a vampire.

Throughout the entire session, he couldn’t really detect anything different with her. Even though he knows that she has changed, but somehow it has not shown itself. Vampirella’s control over her own ability is obvious, though for a young person like Kara to be able to exert that kind of control , now that would be remarkable. Unless there are other things at play that he himself didn’t know about? He made a small mental note to prepare a few countermeasures as backup given the latest development, one that which he hoped would also be able to handle the newly ‘upgraded’ Vampirella as well.

As he worked on his plans in his mind, he heard a gentle “whoosh” behind his back followed by a sounds of footsteps from her boots hitting the rocky floor. He didn’t even turn around from the screens to look at his unannounced guest, guessing correctly the only person who might hang around for a while longer.

“Shouldn’t you be heading back already? It’s past your curfew already.”

Supergirl didn’t say a word. Instead, she made her way up towards the Bruce and stood just behind and next to him. “Come on Bruce. I’m going to be 18 soon, curfew…”

“It’s ‘Batman’.” Kara raised an eyebrow at that curt remark. “We’re in the Batcave. Let’s keep things professional.”

“OK….’BATMAN’. As I was saying, I’m an adult. I might still look like a Barbie doll, but I can definitely take care of myself. I was wondering however if…Do you happen to know…”

“Next to Gotham’s main cemetery. The only tenanted house for a few more blocks. Not many people around that neighbourhood, so don’t worry about dropping in anytime day or night. ” Kara’s jaw dropped  at his response.

“Wait…how did you know…”

“I’m Batman. It’s my job to know. I noticed how you were mostly quiet earlier, and your reaction to her conjecture that both you and Vampirella are potential victims is understandable. Given your own circumstances, it would be the best to find out more from her, and though I am not sure if she has the answers that you’re looking for, I do agree she would still be the best possible option for you to try.”

Kara shook her head in response. “Sometimes you scare me Bruce.”

“Batman.” He could practically feel the roll of her eyes and her refrain from an immediate retort. “Besides, I think you will find her an interesting acquaintance, if not a friend.”

“Thank you.” With that, another gentle ‘whoosh’ and she’s gone. Batman didn’t even look up from his console as he continued to make his plans for the rest of the night while intermittently checking the various monitors on the wall.

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