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Birth of the Undead – Staying Alive 10

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It was a good day for LunarCorp, especially for Lena Luthor. The CEO of the hi-tech research company is practically walking on clouds after the official re-opening of their full-fledged research center, close to seven months since it was shutdown due to the unfortunate “accident”. Now, with all the latest rebuilding work finally behind them, and with the ongoing cashflow secured from the government, at least they are back on track to continuing their research while generating a stable income. It was why she already found herself drinking her second glass of wine despite it still being early afternoon.

She was still grinning ear-to-ear when her personal assistant looked in on her. The statesque woman looked even more impressive, standing regally in her tight red dress, and if she didn’t know better Lena would have thought all the slits along the length of the dress were rips, rather than design.

“You know, I could have docked your pay.” Lena chided when SaraLynn walked in, taking one of the empty wine glasses on the table, and unabashedly pouring herself one. “No drinking during office hours, you know.”

“So do it. Though HR would find it too difficult to do so given that our beautiful CEO had decided to flout the rules blatantly herself.” A wink, followed by a quick sip of the content in her wineglass, before SaraLynn threw her head back slightly, feeling contented with the liquid in her mouth as she savoured the taste before swallowing.

“You know, I never realised how buff you are until today.” Lena’s eyes moved up and down as she surveyed the various bumps and curves along the length of her assisstant cum friend’s 6 foot 2 tall body. Given the bulges and muscles all about the woman, Lena would really have believed it if Saralynn told tell her that she is also training for all those bodybuilding competitions on the side in addition to all the modeling work that she does. “And here I thought all you ever do other than work for me here at the company, is to try and crunch out new pages utilising all available vocabulary in the English language, putting down all the story ideas that you have swirling in that head of yours for the latest upcoming new novel.”


“I am not a fan of hard core exercises, other than the irregular runs in the early mornings.” SaraLynn replied nonchalantly as she placed the glass on the table before moving both her arms back towards the back of head, trying to adjust her bun. “Good genes, probably.” Even so, the bulges on her arms that are her biceps suggested years of training and conditioning to keep it at such a size and firmness.

“I’ll bet. Think you can share some of that with me? God how I really wished I could just be a tad taller without heels…” Something that the younger Luthor had always wished for.

“Now THAT is an interesting suggestion. Sure you want to go into that gene splicing and all that, our dear fearless leader? On the positive side, imagine if someone were to be able to sequence all of it out, really determine what works and not, bottle it and sell it. We’d be billionaires, no, TRILLIONAIRES many times over.” Samatha Arias chose to sweep into the office at that precise moment and immediately made a beeline for the same wine bottle. Her antics brought a laugh out of Sara and Lena even as she poured herself a very tall glass.

“Not to mention all the potential moral problems and issues arising from ‘playing god’. No, no, no. We want to save the world, not trying to create more problems by doing all these stuff. That’s my dear mother and brother’s hobby…” Lena just shook her head decidedly, as truly in her mind there are many other things that she has barely started yet alone complete.

SaraLynn however took note of that slight wistful tone and went out on a limb. “Dare I even venture that the main reason you want to be taller is due to our favourite blonde who was our guest of honour for the event just now?” Both Sam and SaraLynn smirked as Lena choked on her wine, spluttering curses as she tried to wipe of some of those that dripped on her expensive white blouse.

It was a boon for all of them that Supergirl had agreed to be the guest-of-honour for this major PR event, and her presence meant a lot to Lena and all the researchers of LunarCorp. When SaraLynn informed them that the Girl of Steel agreed to drop by, they had pulled out all the stops to make it as nice for her as possible. Both she and her more famous cousin were on site to rescue many workers and researchers who were caught in the burning building and got them out in time, although a few eventually perished as they succumbed to their injuries at the hospital. Lena herself was pulled out by the Maid of Might herself when she took it upon herself to personally deactivate the out-of-control solar-powerbank within the burning reactor, saved by the teeth of her skin. The reason that she is able to stand on the podium earlier today to give a speech thanking Supergirl owed much to the Last Daughter of Krypton.


As a small token of appreciation, SaraLynn had arranged for the children of all the research workers who were saved, numbering twenty of them aged between five and twelve, to present their own hand-drawn pictures of their favourite superheroine in various action poses. The Girl of Steel was so smitten by the gesture that she even posed with each of them while mimicking the poses that they have drawn of her, giving full photo access to the Daily Planet’s very own award-winning photograhper Jimmy Olsen who just couldn't stop pressing the camera's shutters. Despite being in their small-town of Midvale-Leesburg, that they are the only national daily who came to cover their event spoke volumes about both Supers' clout and influence.

It was truly an amazing outcome for everyone involved.

“Have to admit, she does have good taste in clothing. Her latest two-piece costume looks hip, chic, and decidedly young, not to mention designed to make all the hot-blooded males in the planet have nosebleeds. Not that you’re that much older than her, Lena…” Sam just about avoided the incoming missle that was a stress ball that Lena happened to find on her tabletop. ”Ooooo… looks like I hit a nerve there. So she’s that someone that you’re willing to go gay for?”

“Hey, that’s rude. I like men, you know.”


“Yeah yeah..tell that to the delectable Morgan Edge. The way he was looking at you just now, all hunky and manly in front of you… MmmMmm. But No. You, Lena Kieran Luthor, only had eyes for our young, curvy blonde blue bird in a two piece costume and a cape. Then again, modern times mean modern ways to look at sex. No one will judge if you swing both ways.” This time it was SaraLynn’s turn to duck to her left as another stressball whizzed past dangerously close to hit the side lamp with a loud clank, the assistant chuckling loudly as she saw how Lena's face was red thoroughout with all the ribbing against her.

“You know, for what it’s worth, I do think that she’s really knowledgable. Those few questions about the solar battery, the usage part and how it can be harnessed and contained? She knows her stuff, for someone that young.” Someone besides herself, she didn’t say. Lena ventured as she downed another glass of wine.

“Isn’t it true that she and her cousin are both from an advanced alien race from a planet far far away? Maybe that’s why she really understood what you were going on about. I could see from the reaction of Cat Grant the reporter that her eyes were practically criss-crossed when you tried to give a dumb-downed explanation of quantum physics to her.” Sam was really trying to poke the bear today, her mouth seemingly rattlling off without a concern in the world, SaraLynn thought. Perhaps the wine WAS really taking effect.

“Well, I do have a give a good show, at least I hope that it gives everyone an idea that I DO know what I’m doing, for I AM the lead researcher at the moment in addition to running the business side of things. But I really can’t WAIT for the day Dr Danvers takes up her role. When is she due again Sara?”

“In another two weeks’ time. Didn’t you see her just now? She was in the crowd just now when you were talking at the podium, though she didn’t follow the entourage.”

“Did she? Shit, I didn’t even notice. You should have told me that she was here, Sara!” Lena was slightly concerned her personal assistant just gave her a shrug. She should have paid more attention to her surroudings.

“As I said, you only had eyes on our beautiful guest. A visitor from a far away place, with abilities beyond mortal men and women. Admit it, our dear CEO is completely enraptured by her…” Sam did a dramatic turn for a change before all three of them burst into fits of laughter.

Lex too had followed LunarCorp’s research facility’s reopening event remotely from his townhouse in Metropolis. While not explicitly invited to grace the event – the official comment was that this is for the workers and the full-time researchers at LunarCorp only – it wasn’t really something that needed him to be present. After all the entire PR event was still streamed live online via the Daily Planet’s own exclusive channel and within an hour it is already available for viewing on many of the free-to-air new channels and on the internet. Such is the power of connectivity these days.

He noted with interest that for some reason the Big Blue Boyscout had not turned up at the event, though his young beautiful cousin was present in his stead wearing a different costume than before. A change of fashion to reflect a change in mood perhaps? In any case, Lex’ own keen eyes did note that the Girl of Steel looked a little off throughout her presence, detecting a slight reddening her baby blue eyes once a while especially when she stood closer to a few people especially Lena. It also wasn’t lost on his keen observation that she seemed to try and act nonchalantly by keeping a slight distance between herself and the crowd.

“Feeling a little thirsty, little Kara Zor-El? Trying to control your… urges?” Lex smiled cruelly as he conjectured what the Maid of Might was feeling at that time. “I guess staying alive does have its trade-off, even for one that happened to have one of the most unique, and most powerful genome in the entire universe. Let’s see how long you can last before you snap…”

Just as he was about to switch off and move on, he received a text alert on his phone. Looking at it, he switched on his mobile app to connect to the LuthorCorp’s own intranet-driven video conference facility. Dr. Lilian Hamilton Luthor’s face came into view within a minute.

“We’re ready for you, Lex.” There is a slight buzz of commotion that he could see in the background, multilple lab technicians and support staff going about their work performing the last minute checks despite the video conferencing having commenced. It was quite obvious the lead researcher for the entire Cadmus team is now in the brightly-lit lab in the basement of the tallest building in Metropolis, and with her trusted lieutenants on her side. He could also detect the faint beeping sound, no doubt coming from the machine that is currently hooked up to their comatose test subject, lying calmly on the hospital cot towards the far left side of the room, the unmoving body and the bed just barely in sight of the camera.

“Do it.”

With that, Lilian turned around and called out to no one in particular. “Project Excalibur is a go!” With that the bespectacled middle-aged researcher to her left then typed in a few commands into the laptop, and everyone waited.

Usually, most sci-fi movies would then depict the upcoming scenes to be of the most dramatic, and at times chaotic, of sequences. Common are the multiple flashing lights, lots of pushing of buttons and what not, people running around from wherever to nowhere coupled with shouting either frantically or joyfully. In reality however, despite the announcement by Dr. Hamilton, other than the slight quickening of pace by most of the workers checking on the charts, machines, and even the comatose patient lying on the bed, nothing seemed to be different.

Nothing that is, until suddenly there was an unusual beep on their video conferencing screen. There seems to be an icon buzzing on the bottom right corner of their screen, and once Dr Hamilton clicked on it, it brought in another person into the conference. Both she and Lex smiled when they saw the name and a familiar face appeared on screen.

Lillian spoke first. “Hello, Hank. It’s been a while.”

“Where… where am I?” The voice that came through was an almost identical match to the living person that was Hank Henshaw. The face, an exact replica (or rather, rendering) of his own features done while he was on the bed.

“You’re now in a safe space within our system, Hank. We’ve successfully gone live with Project Excalibur, and you are our test subject. Our ONLY subject. By all measures, I would say that it is a success.”

“Within our… wait, am I dead?” The face looked frantically around, as if he, or it, is still trying to figure out his own bearings, trying to get to grips of his actual situation. An odd but understandable behaviour given that Hank Henshaw’s consciuosness still retained its understanding of being in a physical body. Not anymore though, the organic flesh that is now lying on the bed on the far side of the room resembling more of a shell, rather than a human being.

In a sense, they have managed to “download” a copy of all the past memories of the researcher onto the virtual world, but have been careful to put up enough barriers so as to keep everything relatively contained. Lillian Hamilton called it a sandbox, though many others might have equate it to a gaol. Irrespective of the name, Lex had been adamant that there must be enough ways to contain the consciousness before they feel confident enough to ‘loosen the leash’, a sentiment that is shared with his mother. It took months before both of them felt confident enough to do the migration of Hank Henshaw’s mind into this virtual location.

Lex replied into the tablet that he is using. “No, you’re not dead, Hank, and as long as there’s electricty and data connectivity, you will always be alive. Welcome to immortality Hank! Now, as you get comfortable and cozy with how things are within your current environment, I was hoping that you would share what you learnt about what my dear sister was working on during your time in Midvale-Leesburg.”


“She could have come over to say hello.” Alex was irritated with the entire shebang, or rather the entire non-happening, with her mom, even though Dr Eliza Danvers had tried her best to calm her down during their ride back to their place at the edge of Metropolis city. Throughout the entire trip, Alex had been thoroughly cross with how the entire thing went. Even though she was there only as her chaffeur cum chaperone, Eliza Danvers knows that her only daughter had a secret wish to meet one of the most prominent biotechnology prodigies, who also happened to be one of the youngest CEO ever to head such a large research facility. That they didn’t even get to stand close to her, let alone even speak to her, was sure to be a disappointment. “Instead she didn’t even notice your presence. I saw you waving at her when she started the entourage…”

“Honey, she is the CEO of the company, the face of an entire organisation. You saw how many people were there, guests and other important people. Technically she even heads the research lab until I start my position…”

“Precisely. In two weeks time, YOU, Dr. Danvers will be LunarCorp’s Head of Research, which must mean more than something than just a title. I guess she just got so used to people kaotowing to her with her surname that she couldn’t be bothered with anyone of us regular folks.” Alex slammed the car door the moment she parked the car and walked up the driveway, making Eliza wince slightly at the loud noise. Alex didn’t wait for her, instead the young woman just went straight to the front door and threw it open in a huff, slamming the door against the wall and not even bothering with anything else, going straight upstairs into her room. Another softer slamming of the door, followed by a full-blast of music through the window confirmed her whereabouts for at least the next hour.

Even as Eliza was trying to figure out a follow-up, she noticed Fred poking his head out from the garage, but upon seeing the commotion his head just turned back silently. Shaking her head, she made her way into the house and poured herself a glass of water in the kitchen, staring out the window amidst piles of boxes all around the place.

“What happened?” Finally the Man of the Family turned up. Eliza Danvers turned around, pulled a seat and laid the glass on the one small open space on countertop, and proceeded to rub both her temples with her thumbs. “That time of the month again?” Frank Danvers chuckled at that crude joke, which he promptly shut up the moment Eliza looked up at him with fire in her eyes.

“A combination of rashness and anger, coupled with the maturing age into a young woman with more than enough ideas of her own. That’s what.” The scientist looked back down at her glass of water again, both her hands holding on to it. “Oh, and yes, toss in that incorrigible tendency to notice too many people and the overall situation in one sweeping move, linking up all those supposedly ‘facts’ and then leaping to all kinds of conclusions… .all thanks to you.”

“Me? I wasn’t even there.” Frank retorted as he too got a glass of water of his own, before plonking down to sit next to his wife. He moved his arms across Eliza’s shoulders, and gently guided her towards him. Heeding her husband, Eliza moved her head downwards until she was leaning against his left shoulder. “Wonder where she got all that rashness and teenage angst from.”

“Last I check, she belongs to BOTH of us. All that tendency to observe and pick up so many items, ideas running rampant, those are DEFINITELY from you. Don’t you dare blame everything on me alone.” Frank chuckled at that last retort from Eliza. Despite him being in the police force, Eliza is the one that has the temper in the house, and though Alex does have her fit once a while, their daughter knew better to leave a pot on the stove for too long. Eliza Danvers does NOT tolerate extended period of such nonsence lightly.

“So… having second thoughts? About getting another one?”

Eliza looked up with determination. “Hell no. Alex can pout all she wants, she can throw as many weird tantrums as she could, but she too must learn to get along with people. I know how lonely she has been, being an only child AND a smart girl who was home-schooled part of her life. Those definitely has its downsides. I want her to learn to live and be with people, especially those younger and more vulnerable than her. Someone deserving her protection, especially family.”

Frank sighed at that. “Yes, but if we are adopting one of about the same age, it might mean two instead of one teenage angst. Who knows how often we might get two volcano eruptions, or two tornadoes happening at any one time.”

“Three.” Frank looked at his wife curiously. “Including me. I might have a longer fuse, but when I blow my stack… .” he saw the evil grin that appeared on her face, which brought another laugh out of him. “Yes, yes… a real demoness in the house.” He then picked up his glass and took a big swag of it. As he put the glassware down, he looked about before saying. “So, all prepared for the move?”

“Can’t wait. Here’s to a new chapter for the Danvers family.”


Reality sucks. At least, it sucks for Supergirl’s alter ego, Linda Lee.

Two nights after the LunarCorp event, she had forgone patrolling and instead laid on bed, tossing and turning as so many conflicting thoughts turned within her mind. She considered many of the things that is happening around her, and really thought if she would also be doing similar or different things if Krypton had not been destroyed. Even now, given that she had been going about doing superfeats and helping others using all the wonderful abilities that the yellow sun’s radiation has given her, it’s so ironic that she found herself pretty much helpless to be able to do anything for the small community around her.

For more than two years since emerging out from her pod, she had been living in the Midvale orphanage with close to a dozen other children, her immediate family unable to take her in (for obvious reasons). It was also because of that and partially driven by pride (she still regarded herself as being elder) that had led to her declining Clark’s proposal to provide some financial support. Housed under one large roof under the care of a few administrators and caretakers who are trying to their best despite limited resources, the last young woman of a decimated alien race lived under the common people’s noses in her plain Jane disguise.

This side of her world also meant that she had to come to grips with a very different life compared to what she was used to back in Krypton. While she still had opportunity to go to school and have some sort of a normal life, it wasn’t one that many would regard as “comfortable”. With funding dwindling and charitable donations drying up in the current economy, the orphanage had been trying hard to make ends meet, and Linda being one of the eldest had tried to fit in and play her part. Despite her slim features, her unique alien physiology meant that she is eating more than the others to cater to her body’s growing needs, as if her body is playing catch-up after all that time in statis. At times more than all the others combined, which works out to a hefty food bill. Working part-time at Chin’s, the local chinese food restaurant run by her classmate’s father helped somewhat. It wasn’t much, and in more than a few instances super-heroing got in the way for her to clock more hours, but every little bit still helped to supplement the budgets of the place.

It was also by trying to pull her weight here and there that brought her closer to the younger ones around the entire orphanage. Given that she is the eldest among them, all the younger orphans had warmed up to her as their elder sister despite herself being slightly slower to embrace that role. But once she did, she slowly found it hard to let go, especially when some of them were adopted by new families and couples.

Which is why when it sucks when reality finally hit home, the eventuality turning out earlier than expected as she sat in front of Mrs. Tate who had motioned her to come into her office for their infrequent chat that morning itself. It was the speed of it that was shocking.

“Say that again Ms Tate?” Linda’s eyes opened wide, not really believing her ears. Mrs Tate just sighed, removing her glasses and rubbed them with a linen cloth, looking every bit her sixty-year-old age. She put them back on before looking back at Linda with her kindly, though sad brown eyes.

“As I said, Linda, the orphanage had run its due course. We have another three more months to keep this place open to make sure we try to complete all the placements and settle any pending items, after which the place will need to surrendered back to the government. Nothing more that we can go about it, given the organisation is half-owned by the city council anyway.”

“But… but, what will happen to everyone?”

“We will continue to try and place children to good homes as quickly as possible, though failing to do so will mean that the children will be moved to other locations, most probably in other orphanages, the furthest maybe at St. Stephens near to Metropolis, or Cryston near Gotham. However we are still hoping that we can try to find match as many of our children as possible. Oh, don’t look so distraught, Linda. We know that it’s been this way for some time, and we do try our best to do what we can for everyone. It’s just that… well, sometimes it is just a matter of time.”

A slight pause. “Which brings me to you, actually.”

“Me? Why?” Linda was slightly surprised. Mrs Tate looked even older at the moment.

“You see, given your age, it would be very difficult for any other orphanages to take you on. Given that you are also finishing high school …” Mrs. Tate trailed off, trying to find the right words to say, but Linda finished it off on her behalf “… that it is time that I take care of myself. Be independent.” That Linda Lee will be out from the system in another three month’s time to fend for her own, whether she likes it or not.

The grey-haired lady could only say “I know that it might have come a bit too soon, Linda. I am sorry, I truly am.” Linda put on the best smile that she could muster, and moved her hands over to clasp over the elderly adminstrators. “But there’s nothing for you to be sorry for, Mrs. Tate. I’m the eldest among all the children, and you are right. Time for me to stand on my own two feet. From the day you allowed me to stay here, you and everyone else have made a new home for me, I will never forget that. It’s just that our time together had gone by too soon.”

More than once, the Girl of Steel had wondered if there are more ways that she could leverage her wonderful abilities to do more. Laying on her single bed and looking uninterestedly at the peeling ceiling of her room, she thought a lot more about this.

For sure, with her amazing capabilities there is no doubt she can take care of herself. In fact, should she choose to do so, there would be no security systems in the world that could stop her; no bank vaults that could resist her; and when put it to the sword, very few armies which could even slow her down. If she chooses to do any of those.

But she doesn’t want to choose any of those. Not part of who she is anyway.

Maybe she could ask Bruce. Or Oliver. Given that they own huge companies, tossing a few thousands her way on a monthly stipend is not going to dent their wallet in any way. Those would be pocket change for these multi-billionaire superheroes. Or better yet, just ask them to buy up the entire orphanage under their multitude of charitable foundations.

But she hates asking for a handout. Pride partly; the more rational part of her mind reminded her that some things are still common on Earth and in Krypton – there are no free lunches in the world.

So what then is available for a young woman from the stars, who is now seemingly unsure of her future path beyond dressing up in a red and blue costume and fighting crime with seemingly no return of any kind.

“AARRGHHHH… .this is so FRUSTRATING! What am I going to do?” Linda groaned out loud to no one in particular, as she laid back and stretched herself out on the second row of the benches on the side of the high school’s football field. School’s already out, and the entire place is deserted during the evening, unlike the usual hustle and bustle of players running about the place, training for their next match.

She had asked Derek Anders out to accompany her that same late afternoon after her conversation with Mrs Tate, just to try and bounce some ideas off of him. Or more like blowing off steam actually, as she wasn’t really hoping nor looking for career advice in return. Derek himself comes from a lower-middle income family. His father works at the local steel mill as a blue collar senior supervisor while her mother works at a local daycare center. What with another two siblings coming up through school as well, Derek too needed to work various part-time jobs to supplement the household. It was he who passed on the Chin’s job to her, and who had convinced Kevin Chin’s father to take her on.

Despite it all, Derek still managed to keep his grades high enough that he already has an advanced placement to a community college after graduating high school. If he could sustain his academic performance, then a proper college is not a far-fetched idea too. Something that Linda envied slightly at the moment.

“Three months to figure out quickly what to do with my life? That’s close to impossible. I still have a few more subjects to close out high school, and then… what? I can barely earn enough for pocket money, let alone pay rent and anything else.” Further schooling, will of course, be curtailed, for Linda is definitely miles behind in terms of financial security.

“Well, you could always, you know, come and stay with me…” Derek spoke quietly, blushing slightly.“… you know, at least you will have a roof on top of your head, while you figure out afterwards what you would like to do next.” He moved his left hand over and clasped over her right hand, even though his head didn’t move, still looking ahead at the setting sun beyond the horizon.

Linda sat up straight and looked at her casual boyfriend at that suggestion. It was tempting, admittedly, and a very sweet gesture. However, she knew what kind of burden she will be to his family, not to mention the higher risk of exposing her true self to him. She had always wondered what kind of reaction would she get from Derek, should she suddenly rip off her blouse to boldly show-off the large <S> stretching across her thin blue top on her budding chest. That display of power would either cause him to have a heart attack or make him have an uncontrollable orgasmic fit. Given that the reason they got on so well was partially due to his infatuation with Supergirl the superheroine, it would most likely be the latter. Linda had always known the fantasy his boyfriend harboured about herself doing superfeats with her lithe body, having seen him masturbating furiously in his room alone while looking at some of the more risque pictures of cosplayers in a parody of her costume when she looked-in on him from afar with her telescopic and xray vision during her night patrols.

She knows the risk, the limited possibilities, even though Rao knows she really, really wanted to take their relationship to the next step…

Before she could formulate a coherent reply however, Derek had turned around and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. Not the gentle kind, but the one that telegraphed his TRUE intentions. Linda was slightly taken aback, for even though she knows that he had become ever bolder she never thought that he would actually make a move in broad daylight.

More like fading light, and the place is pretty much deserted; but still… Linda just closed her eyes and responded positively back at him, her tongue starting to duel with his.

She felt herself getting hotter involuntarily as Derek’s hands came over and pulled her closer towards him. His touches got even bolder as they kissed and soon she felt his hands moving downwards to cup her heart-shaped butt, caressing and gently squeezing them as she started moaning slightly. Linda started to get into the mood, feeling better with his touch, and had wanted to give in to him, but as his right hand moved over to the hem of her blouse and his left started fiddling with the buttons on her jeans her mind righted itself somewhat.

Breaking the kiss , she spoke softly “Derek, wait, I..Ohhh… yes…” but before she got a coherent sentence out she could feel his left hand succeeding in his quest, and his fingers now pressed against her womanhood, with only her panties forming the barrier underneath her hidden skirt. That gentle though insistent gesture succeeded in extracting a pleasureable moan from Linda.

Derek for his part had felt multiple layers of clothing worn by Linda covering her lower body the moment his left hand succeeded in opening the few buttons on her tight jeans. His insistent probing had found himself slowly probing inwards and approaching his prize, and he was rewarded by moans and gasps when he felt the slightly engorged lips and a small nub that seems to be pushing up from her panties. Linda moaned even louder as he rubbed and played around the covered area, the clothing material nothing that he had ever felt before, seemingly a combination of lycra and cotton, as he found it even more odd that it is so tight that he couldn’t find any space to wiggle in, or even to try and move it aside.

His right hand was not idle either. His right hand had moved upwards to cup and gently play with Linda’s growing chest, and he could literally feel bullet-like nubs protruding from her maturing breasts to push against his hand.

“Uhh..UGGHHH… Derek… I… .I…” Despite trying to stay sane, Linda felt her lower body slowly succumbing towards her boyfriend’s fingers. Even so, a small part of her mind remain conscious of what she might do to him, what she could do to him involuntarily, if she doesn’t stop things right now. Gathering every ounce of her will, she grabbed hold of Derek’s left hand and closed a little too tight over it. His sudden shout of pain brought both of them out of their reverie.

Still wincing in pain despite Linda having let go of his hand, Derek continued to hold his tender left wrist, his ego had been deflated somewhat from Linda’s STRONG reaction. “Derek! Oh no, are … are you ok?”

He tried to make light of the situation. “Wow, Linda. What have you been eating for breakfast? Never knew that you were hiding that kind of strength in those hands of yours.” It was clear however the mood had already been destroyed.

“I… I’m sorry, sometimes I don’t know my strength sometimes.” Derek merely shrugged and waved it away. “No no, it’s ok… I mean, only when you’re ready, right?”

Now lying on the bed and recalling the eventual awkwardness that let to them calling it a day just a few hours earlier, Linda threw her arm over her eyes again groaning out in frustration. Frustrated that for all her wonderful abilities that she has, more strength in her little pinky than the entire US Army, all of it for naught when it comes to her pending eviction, and also her sexual frustration.


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