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An Uneven Fight

Written by rvdfan1 :: [Sunday, 12 January 2014 07:55] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 12 January 2014 09:37]

*Author’s Note: As many of you know from my writing, I love to see smaller females overpower and dominate much bigger men with their power, so I wonder if you can guess what this story will be about? Hehe. Hope you all like it.*


This next match is scheduled for one fall and a 20 minute time limit, this is our special Intergender challenge match!” The crowd blew up as this match has been hyped heavily for the past 3 weeks, since the challenge went up and was almost immediately accepted. “In this corner, he is undefeated, 39-0, with dominant victories over some of the biggest and best names in the World Extreme Wrestling Federation, he is the Gigantic, the Titanic, the Barbarian Jeff Magnus!”


A huge man raised his hands in the corner, he was at least 6’8 tall and his body was filled with rippling muscle, he lowered his hands and then started bouncing his pecs to try and intimidate his opponent. But his eyes appeared haunted as his opponent stood across from him.


And his opponent, she hails from the Sunshine State, she is making her professional debut tonight, she weighs in at 115 pounds and stands 5’2 tall, she is known as the Wildcat of the Jungle, the Mysterious She-Cat!”


A girl was shown in a furry cat mask that showed long blond hair flowing down to her back, and a ferocious predatory smile on her face while she jumps up and down in her corner, kicking high like a cheerleader, which in all honesty, up until 3 weeks before, is exactly what she was. But there was something about how Jeff Magnus spoke, the words he said, that a well trained male athlete could always beat a well trained female athlete, no matter what size she was, that caused her to show up on TV one night during the live show and challenge him, she poured it on so thick that he had no choice but to accept, but any way anyone looked at it, it was a losing proposition. Had he won, it was because he was a huge, strong man, and should’ve won. If he lost, how could he look anyone in the face again? He would be humiliated beyond anything he thought possible. But he accepted, he was a big, tough guy who was seemingly unbeatable by guys of all sizes, so how could he turn down a challenge by this mysterious masked girl and still be looked at as a man? Sure he would prefer not to have to hurt her, but she certainly knew the dangers of wrestling, she knew she could get hurt, and she still accepted the danger, because she felt he needed to be put in his place.


Jeff Magnus was known as one of the most confident athletes in all of the WXWF, and he had a right to be, no one could equal his strength and pure athleticism, even his toughness was above reproach. Ever since he started, he had a special thing that he loved to do. He gave his opponents 5 free shots, he would just stand there, and allow his opponents to do whatever they wanted to try and bring him down, he wouldn't fight back, he would just take whatever they wanted and when their 5 shots were used up, it was his turn. So far no opponent even brought him down to his knees, even when a 215 pound man hit him with a missile dropkick off the top rope. And whenever the 5 shots were up, he went on the offensive, one punch is all it usually takes to knock most of his opponents down. The matches lasted an average of 3 minutes, 1 minute was the 5 shots and 2 minutes of his complete domination, throwing his opponents around the ring like ragdolls. This made him a feared and hated man, the most dominant high level wrestlers and champions avoided facing him like the plague. But this little girl came out of nowhere and not only stood up to him, but was actually confident in her chances to beat him!


Before the bell was rung, The Mysterious She-Cat went to the middle of the ring and took the mic from the announcer, she says, "I request that this match be made into a no disqualification, no countout match, I don't want this match to be stopped until a definitive winner is found. I don't want any excuses when I beat you! Do you have any objections, Jeffy?"


Jeff was a bit taken aback by this mysterious blond calling him Jeffy, only his girlfriend, a short, but well put together brunette named Shelly was allowed to call him that. He was even more steamed than before. He looked at the referee and the announcer and he nodded his assent, confident that his opponent was digging herself an even bigger hole. The announcer excitedly shouted, "This match is now a no disqualification, no countout contest, there must be a winner!"


The bell rung and the two competitors stepped up to one another, She-Cat looking up more than a foot into his eyes with fierce blue eyes. Her lipsticked lips were a shade of dark red, they were so dark that they were almost black. She smirked and said, "You know what, Jeffy? I have been watching your matches, I see you do something that you call 5 shots? I tell you what, I will extend to you what you have extended to all of your previous opponents, I will give you 5 chances to do whatever you can to try and hurt little old me. And since there are no DQs, that means any thing, so big man, what do you think can you take this little cat down?" She licked her hands and cleaned herself like cats do and as she did, a definite peaked biceps showed up on her arm, that slight flex making her bicep pop a little and make them look huge.


Jeff couldn't believe the confidence that this girl had, she was treating him like he treated his opponents, as a complete inferior specimen. Finally, after many seconds of thinking over the implications, he blew his top and launched a right hand into her stomach. "Whoooossh … crack! Owww!" Could be heard from the expertly placed microphones in the ring as Jeff looked at She-Cat with wide eyes, shaking out his fist as his knuckles swelled from meeting an impenetrable wall of muscle. She-Cat just giggled and said, "That's one down, 4 to go, big guy."


Jeff shook his hand out further, then he hit the ropes hard coming off the rope with a running big boot right to her boobs, which looked soft and fairly large, Jeff guessed they were a small D cup, not unlike the pair of breasts his girlfriend Shelly had. He felt those must have been her weak spots, but when he hit them with his boot, they didn't seem to dent even a little and as he drove his boot into them, the only thing that happened was that HE was driven back by the force of his own kick! She didn't seem to be affected in the least! She put her hands on her hips and looked down at her boobs, she dusted the spot off and smirked up at him. "Boy that kick was weak, I hope you don't try that one again, it would be a waste of a shot."


He nearly yanked his hair out at that show of disrespect of his immense power. He took her and whipped her into the ropes, which she allowed him to do of her own accord. As he met her from the opposite side of the ropes he lowered his shoulder to try and hit her surprisingly wide, muscle capped shoulders with his own. What he expected to happen simply didn't, he wanted to use his weight, strength and momentum to send her straight down on her butt, which he noticed was a round, peach-shaped bubble butt that if he didn't have a girlfriend, he wouldn't mind getting a feel of. But he hit her so hard that he was whiplashed down to the canvas so hard that he hit his head on the hard mat. He pounded the canvas and frustration, looking up at She-Cat who had her hands on her hips and a wide smile on her face. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you, not yet at least, Jeffy." She held her hand out as a way of offering to help him up, but he refused, he scooted backward on his butt until he reached a corner, where he pulled himself to his feet. He put his own hands on his hips and spit on the mat in frustration. Then a thought occured to his mind.


He immediately left the ring and started scrounging around under the ring apron, trying to find the right weapons. He picked up a steel chair and flung it into the ring. Then he got a wooden baseball bat, which he smiled wide as he started swinging it experimentally while looking evilly at She-Cat. But She-Cat didn't look scared at all, in fact she looked excited, she was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet as though she knew what was likely to happen and she welcomed it. Jeff didn't care, he was going to do whatever it took to hurt this seemingly invincible woman.


"Okay, I'm going to let you choose, She-Cat, where do you want this shot?"


"Oh, how exciting, I want you to hit me in the abs, Jeffy, come on, swing for the fences!"


Jeff smiled, but then the She-Cat did something he wouldn't have expected, she was wearing a lycra costume over her abs, but now she reached down and ripped the cloth apart, exposing her rippling six pack of abs, then she clenched down hard. She pointed to a spot right in the middle and said. "Here batter batter, suh-wing batter!"  


Jeff took a couple warm up swings, choked up on the bat some and started aiming at She-Cat's rippling stomach. He looked up at her before he swung and asked, "You're sure about this?" For the first time feeling a bit hesitant to see this seemingly beautiful female harmed. "Oh yes, go ahead, Jeffy, swing as hard as you can, I can take it." Jeff shrugged. He pulled the bat back and swung full force into the abdominal brick wall she presented, the results were spectacular to anyone watching, if anyone was lucky enough to be taping the show and watching at home, they had the pleasure to keep rewinding and watching the incredible scene of female strength and toughness as the bat came barrelling in on her clenched stomach and the head of the bat exploded into splinters at contacting the harder than steel, hard as diamond stomach muscles of the She-Cat.


"Holy sh*t!" Jeff said in awe as he looked at the handle of the bat that he still held in his hand, and the remains of the destroyed head that littered the ring, then at the smiling face of She-Cat as she stood there, looking completely unharmed, the only evidence of the hit was a red spot in the upper left corner of her middle set of abs, but otherwise she stood there relaxed and completely unaffected. "4 down, big boy, one shot to go, you better make it good."  


After several moments of gawking at her, Jeff regained his senses and looked around for the steel chair that he deposited in the ring earlier. He brought it up.


"Okay bitch, it's time to put this match to rest, I'm not giving you the choice this time, there's no way your head is as hard as the rest of you."


She-Cat blinked at being called a bitch. "Oh, I don't know, I guess you'll have to just hit me and see, but if you're wrong, then you're going to be in a lot of trouble, because I'm not going to forget that you just called me a bitch, you're gonna regret that buddy, come on give me your best shot … bitch!" She said as she leaned her head out a little and put her hands out as if to say what are you waiting for?


Jeff lined up his shot, much like he did with the baseball bat, he wanted to hit her in the face, much like he's seen in the attitude era, what he grew up as a teenager, he saw the Rock nearly take Ken Shamrock's head off with a chairshot like that, no way can this chick take this kind of shot, there's no amount of muscle that can account for a face shot.


"Alright, you asked for it. I'm sorry I have to do this but …" Jeff swung the chair into She-Cat's face as hard as he possibly could, not caring about anything but ending the match, he had been embarrassed as it had proven impossible to hurt her, despite the fact that he was so much bigger than her. She stood there, not even chosing to protect her face with her hands. As the blow connected the first thing Jeff noticed was that it felt like he was hitting the steel ringpost, not a human being, the vibrations actually hurt his hand and he dropped the chair in immediate pain. He had turned away immediately in pain and didn't hear a thump to the canvas or even a scream of pain. He turned around seconds later to find She-Cat still standing, her hands on her hips, a smile on her face, not even her nose looked out of place. She took the blow full force and there wasn't a damn scratch on her!


Jeff was immediately thrown for a loop by the look on her face, but then his mind started going through the most insane scenarios for why this was happening.


"Okay, I get it, you're a robot, a cyborg or something right? I didn't think our scientists were so close on building a robot to look so lifelike."


She-Cat giggled with a high lilting voice. "Of course not, I'm a human, like you, I bleed red blood, I need food and sleep, I just happen to be a bit tougher than the normal human being. And stronger, I've been this way pretty much all my life, never got injured, never broke a bone, never even got a cold, but my DNA says I'm 100% human female. I guess you could say I'm sort of a mutant, with a skeleton made up of bones that are 5 times more resilient than your normal human skeleton, but other than that? I worked hard to get this kind of body, these abs aren't from sitting on the couch watching soap operas all day, bub." She said as she giggled and flexed her abs quickly, causing them to bulge and ripple with female power.   


Then she approached him and said, "Now, you always give your opponents 5 shots to bring you down, I hope you will give me the same opportunity that you gave them and that I gave you?" Jeff was a bit taken aback that this clearly superior female would need to ask him for this, but he nodded and hesitantly said, "Yes, sure, you have five shots." She-Cat giggled, "Aw, thank you, Jeffy, but I'm probably only going to need one."


She-Cat started doing a shadow box dance in the ring, and then lined up a shot to Jeff's stomach, which he tensed up immediately, showing a decent set of abs himself, but when she hit him, it sounded like a gunshot in the ring. Jeff immediately clutched his stomach, sank to his knees and wriggled around on the mat, She-Cat couldn't help but laugh as he looked to be retching, close to barfing up his lunch, from the impact and pain that the straight right jab to the stomach caused him. She-Cat then said between giggles, "Get up you baby, I didn't even hit you that hard, of course had I hit you hard, there'd probably be a hole straight through from your stomach to your back. You're lucky that I only hit you with 30% of my power, big boy."


When Jeff didn't get back to his feet immediately, She-Cat decided to hurry him along, she put one hand on his chest and one hand on his tights and lifted him up to her chest, to the shock and screams of many of the audience, she pressed him above her head with nothing but a smile on her face, showing that the effort of holding a 350 pound man over her head was as if she was really holding a stuffed animal.


"Jesus Christ! How strong are you?" Jeff shakily blurted out in awe at a feat of strength that he thought was impossible. He had done it, but never with a man that outweighed him, especially someone who outweighed him 3 to 1!


"Oh this? This is easy, you see, I'm stronger than anyone you will ever know, I started out lifting weights when I was 9 years old, and by that time, I shocked the personal trainers with the weights I could put up. Never lifted a weight in my life before than, but I piled on 225 pounds on the bar by the time I was done lifting that day. That was a World record for 9 year olds, boys or girls, and I haven't missed a day in the gym in the 12 years since then. I'm 21 years old, in case that barbarian brain of yours' not so good in math there, Jeffy boy. Not to further humiliate you further, sweetie, but I could've done this with ease at 12. And this," She started shifting her hands in towards his upper stomach, which felt was his best balancing point, before taking her left hand away and kept him pressed overhead with just her right hand. "I have been able to do this since I was 15, little man. I hope you realize what this means, that if you and I had met when I was a teenage girl, the results of this match would've been much the same. Except I probably would've hurt you even more than I have, since I didn't have as much control and restraint as I have now."


Jeff was listening to this and his resistance finally broke, his eyes started tearing up as he felt so powerless and pathetic compared to his seemingly superhuman opponent. He begged her not to hurt him anymore, that he was sorry he said what he said, that he realized his error and had paid enough for it. She smiled up at him and said, "I'm proud to hear you say that, but you're not getting off the hook this easy, after all, I haven't beaten you just yet."


With that, and with perfect balance, She-Cat walked over to a corner, then leapt to the top rope, her feet finding perfect purchase on the ropes, she even was able to turn around, her precariously balanced package not even seeming to move a bit at all this motion. "Oh God, what are you going to do, Ms. She-Cat?" Jeff said, his voice full of fear. "I'm ending the match my way, I fear this is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts me. But I don't think it'll cause any permanent damage, Jeffy boy." With that she leapt even higher into the air, at least ten feet up and at the height of the leap, she angled down, so Jeff was leading on the end of her hand. It took all of 5 seconds for her to drive him down into the mat so hard that the part of the ring that Jeff hit collapsed and the whole ring shook! She-Cat placed her pinky finger on Jeff's torso and waited for the referee to recover from the impact of the awesome move. When he finally did, he crawled over, shaking his head in awe and fear that Jeff was permanently hurt or worse. When he saw that Jeff was breathing, he finally laid down the count.


"1 … 2 … 3! It's over, ring the bell!"


She-Cat leapt to her feet immediately, held her arms high to the cheers of the crowd, many of which turned out to be of a higher pitch, as the women in the bleachers were much, much of a greater presence than in most cases and they collectively tore the roof off the stadium when She-Cat pinned the dominant Jeff Magnus, after easily dominating him for the entire match.


Jeff was conscious, but found he couldn't move. He cried, sobbing as he knew his career was over, his life had changed entirely. He was feeling as weak as a newborn as it took several men to move him out of the ring onto a stretcher, where he was lead away to the back and on the way to the back he heard his opponent speak on the house mic.


"Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it was my pleasure here to perform here in front of you, but I just have to say that this was my first and last match in professional wrestling, I had a goal when I entered this building tonight and I achieved that goal, so I will retire after tonight and let my legacy speak for me. You see, I proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt that a female, with the right training, desire and motivation, can be better than any male on the planet at whatever they want to do. I hope I have inspired the women here in the arena and women watching around the World to reach for their dreams, and don't let anyone say you can never do it. Thank you once again. Good night and good bye."


Many of the women out in the audience were screaming "No, don't go!" and soon there were chants of "PLEASE DON'T GO! PLEASE DON'T GO!" circulating throughout the arena, She-Cat, though her eyes were mostly covered, could be seen tearing up and becoming quite emotional as she hugged and shook hands with fans on her way back to the locker room.




A week later, Jeff Anderson, who had just retired from wrestling under the name of the Barbarian Jeff Magnus, woke up in hospital room, nursing 3 broken ribs, a sprained neck, a strained back muscle, and a herniated disk from that last awesome move which was called the best move ever done in a wrestling match ever by anyone who had witnessed it. He had been having another nasty nightmare, where he relived the events of that night in slow motion, unable to do anything but watch in horror as his opponent was seemingly unstoppable, as she did whatever she wanted with his body.


"Oh, you're awake, thank goodness!" A high feminine voice sounded out. He immediately recognized the voice of his girlfriend, Stacy Tango. She rushed to bedside and hugged him. "Oh honey, I've been so worried about you, I thought you'd never wake-up!"


"Huh? I haven't been in a coma, have I?" He said in a weak, frail voice instead of his usual boisterous, loud voice.  


Oh honey, yes, the doctors put you under because of the shock to your system. They thought it was the best course to allow your injuries to heal enough for you not to be so psychologically shocked by the pain, they put you under a week ago, and said that you should come out of it any day now, and now here you are. I‘m so proud you recovered so fast! Now you can make a come back much faster than any insiders would guess! You‘ll shock the fans, the announcers, the other wrestlers when you walk through that curtain the next time!”


Jeff looked away, with a sigh and mumbled, “What’s the use? I quit!”


You quit! Honey, you love wrestling, you love the business, you talked about it so much before getting into it, you had some real passion, and then you kept saying when you were home how happy you were to live your dream, and now, because you got beat by a girl, you want to hang it all up, just like that?! That‘s not the man I fell in love with! What happened to you Jeffy?”


Jeff jerked involuntarily at being called by the name that hellcat called him. “You weren’t there, Stacy, how could you know how it felt? I was made to look helpless, hopeless, like I was nothing but a rag doll to her. How am I supposed to come back after that, she humiliated me. She made me cry like a baby. Even if the fans didn’t see that, they saw me carried out of the ring on a stretcher, all because of that woman!”


Oh is that why? Because she was a woman? Wouldn’t you come back if a man had done that to you? Wouldn’t you do everything in your power to take revenge, if you had the opportunity?”  


No man could do what she did to me!”


Exactly! This woman was on another level altogether, from what I saw she was nearly superhuman! So there’s nothing to feel bad about, she is a one in a lifetime specimen. I can almost guarantee you as long as you learned your lesson, as long as you respect the fact that women can grow as strong, or even stronger than a man could, with the right training, then you can get on with your life, and go back to doing what you do best, kicking ass and taking names!”


Jeff looked at his girlfriend strangely, as if looking at her for the first time. He mentally tried to picture her in a cat mask, but nah, it couldn’t have been her, she was only 4’11, not 5’3 like She-Cat, she had medium length brown hair, while She-Cat had blonde hair all the way to her lower back. Stacy had bright blue eyes, She-Cat had deep green eyes. She-Cat’s voice was also very much lower than Stacy’s high lilting voice.


Maybe you’re right, it was a one time deal and as you can probably tell, by me being in this bed, with all these needles and tubes in me, I learned my lesson, women can be strong, stronger than any man, with the right training and dedication. I’m sorry I ever doubted that. So yeah, I hope, with your help and inspiration, I will make it back, and I will try my best to be better, a better man and a better athlete.”


Oh honey! I’m so glad! Of course I’ll help you!” She hugged him, rather firmly, around his damaged ribs and back. He grunted in pain. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I forgot about your injuries.”




Three weeks later, Jeff was ready to come home, his girlfriend visited him quite often, and Jeff became happier and seemed more ready to start back every visit. As Stacy drove Jeff home, Jeff was full of energy, and able to move around without much difficulty. This made Stacy smile, as she thought this would be a good day to really get intimate with Jeff. Jeff and Stacy were very sexual, having sex at least once a day, and sometimes twice, once in the morning and once at night, and since Jeff has been injured, she had to get herself off the last month or so, which while good, was never as good as taking Jeff's 9" long, 2.5" thick cock in her pussy and mutually fucking each other's brains out. Jeff always was amazed that his little girlfriend was so able to sexually keep up with him, but he knew that as a cheerleader, she was in better than normal shape, and often complemented her on her tight, muscular legs, bubble butt, and six pack abs. She was pretty athletic too, making tumbling passes look fairly easy and simple. It seems like they were made for each other, he loved athletic girls and she seemed to love how big and strong he was.


When they got in the door, almost immediately Stacy pounced on him, jumping up into his arms and kissing him in a frenzy. His ribs, while mostly healed were still tender, so his grunting and groaning wasn't due to the erotic situation but from the pain of holding her writhing 115 pound frame. He carried her over to the couch and they continued making out, hotly, he now moaned as his dick was becoming erect from the tongue lashing she was giving him. When things seemed to be getting to the next level, however, Stacy stopped. She got off her man and bit her lip erotically.


"Stay right there, Jeffy, I'm going to slip into something a little bit more comfortable, keep your eyes closed, and don't open them until I say, don't worry, I got a surprise for you that'll knock your socks off!"


Jeff closed his eyes and smiled wide as he pictured his beautiful, sexy girlfriend wearing some lingerie that highlighted her awesome, muscular body. He rubbed his hands together as he awaited the opportunity to see her in all her glory.


"Okay stud, you can open your eyes now." a lower husky, sexy voice said.


Jeff opened his eyes and he immediately focused on the form in front of him, none other than She-Cat in the same outfit that he wrestled her in. As soon as he focused in on who was standing in his frontroom, Jeff scooted back on the couch, trying to get as far away from his tormentor as possible with a terrified look on his face.


"Oh God, what have you done with Stacy, why are you here, you beat me so bad, are you here to finish me off?"


Just then, though, She-Cat spoke, and it was clearly Stacy's voice that came out of her mouth.


"Sweetie, sweetie, it's me, Stacy, I am She-Cat, I was the one who beat you in that ring a month ago." She moved forward to try and comfort Jeff, but Jeff leaped off the couch and placed it between him and her.


"But why, Stacy? Why did you do that to me? I thought you loved me?!"


"Oh honey, I do love you! But your views on gender were so misguided that I thought the only way of correcting them was the way I did it, don't be afraid of me any longer, Jeff, I'm not going to hurt you any more, I just wanted to show you that a woman, with the right training, can be stronger than the strongest man in the World. I want you to love me, but I also want you to respect me, to know that while we're together, we're equal partners in this relationship, but I also want you to know that I don't need protecting, that I can take care of myself. Now, Jeffy, I have to know, now that you know that I am the Mysterious She-Cat, can you still accept and love me?"


Jeff took a while to think, he took a deep breath. "Stacy, I am sorry for the way I spoke and acted, the words should've never formed in my mind that a woman couldn't keep up with a man, I mean look at our sex lives, you always kept up with me, but now it makes sense as to why. I always respected you though, even if I didn't show it the right ways, I always thought we already were equal partners, but I do still love you, now more than ever. To tell you the truth, I love that you're so tough and strong, that has always been a sort of sexual fetish of mine, women much smaller than me being so much stronger, to be able to do anything they want with my body. So yes, baby, I think we can not only go on from here, but I think now that everything is out in the open, we can grow and improve as a couple. I love you Stacy."


Jeff leapt over the couch and rushed over to Stacy, he took her mask off and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. Stacy kissed back hard and put her arms around Jeff, then without even a grunt of effort, she picked him up off the ground in a front carry and held him there, still kissing him. When Jeff realized his feet were off the ground, he did the most logical thing and wrapped his huge legs around her waist. She carried him into the bedroom and set him down on the bed. He looked up at her and shakily said, "Will you be gentle with me, my Amazonian lover?"


She giggled. "Of course, I will, my sweet, as long as you stay on my good side."



The End

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