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Written by SVillainess :: [Wednesday, 29 January 2014 23:04] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 18 June 2015 15:17]


by SVillainess

Mike awoke in the middle of night hearing the moaning from the woman who lives in the apartment above his own. It was the third time in a row only this week and it seemed to get more intense each time she and her lover played their game about 1:00 am. “What an appetite” Mike would ironically think with his mood somewhere in the middle of annoyance and excitement.

The woman had moved in the building by a couple of months ago, perhaps more, Mike was not sure. He actually had never seen her, did not know if she was actually married or if it was only a boyfriend, the guy could almost not be heard, but the woman moaned clearly and even screamed when came to climax.

In this hot mid summer night Mike could not sleep right after the noise had ended. Turning on the TV he watched some minutes of the night news until he felt asleep, what interested him most was the piece about someone saying Superman’s power source was the Sun, and if his alien capacities of using and focusing so much energy could be reproduced in machines.

After that and some other news concerning World economics Mike fell asleep and had a very strange dream. He dreamed of his cosmetics formula since he was part of the team of a major company, more specifically he dreamed of the solar protection creams formula.

As a PhD in chemistry, there was nothing new about dreaming with chemical compounds, their interactions, mixing and producing them and so on. With a bit of a workaholic, Mike was used of bring work home and was really trusted in the company he worked.

Next day Mike went to work as usual and coming to the RD laboratory he started to see what tests he had to do with a series of different cosmetic compounds. None of these were relevant projects for the company he worked for, only routine work trying to cut costs or have minor improvements in products quality.

From three soap improvement projects, a series of make up tests and a new active compound for solar protection, Mike decided to start with the last one. From the background information Mike saw it was a compound with an entire new formula, relying on nanotechnology, made to get more transparency and more efficient UV rays protection.

Interesting at a first look, but going further Mike realized it would be more expensive to produce this compound than the ordinary ones. Moreover, it was developed as a project from a not renowned university, the project was already closed and the university professor sent the unique sample and all documentation to see if the industry could find it useful, just in case.

Mike took all the proceedings to prepare a solar protection cream with the compound he received. Made the batch, bottled it in a usual solar cream from his company, took a small sample for the UV absorption tests, set the UV device for 4 hour testing and went to all his other obligations in the company. For the bottle he made a label written “Super” and after labeling over the original cream name it read “Supertone”.

Coming back home Mike was remembering what he should have done but haven’t. The UV test conclusion was one thing to include on a stack of not yet finished stuff. A good sleeping night would do the trick so he could get up next morning full of energy to carry on all his obligations, or so he thought, but for the fourth night in a row he was waken close to 2 A.M. by his upper neighbor moaning of pleasure.

Oh my, this woman must be a sex machine” Mike thought, while he got up and went for a glass of water. Coming back to his bed he decided to discover who the woman was and how she looked, after all she must be really awesome considering all this activity late at night.

Next morning in the lab Mike returned to his routine, taking a couple of shampoos for allergenic tests. Remembering the solar protection cream, he went to the UV device, but it was not operative any longer. For some reason not known at the time the sensor went out of function. After substituting the UV sensor Mike start a new test with full light spectra, and this time something really weird happened, not only the sensor but all machine collapsed as if heated by a very strong electromagnetic discharge or a heat wave. Unexplainable as it was, it amounted to some hundred thousand dollar equipment to be replaced, a lot of ugly faces to who Mike had to explain he followed the usual proceedings and mountains of paperwork.

Mike was very calm, almost a Buddhist monk, but now he got pissed of with this “Supertone” and had everything inside a box – the bottle, the background documentation and the reports concerning the laboratory device damage. And he mailed it back to “Nowhere University” for “Professor None” making clear the financial damage this prank made to the renowned multi-billion dollar corporation RD laboratory.

One thing Mike was sure next morning, he had not been waken that night, though he didn’t know if he slept like a log after such stressful day or if his neighbor took a break. He went to work, to spend another day with the damaged equipment paperwork and investigation, meetings with its manufacturer and so on.

Coming back at night Mike met a woman in the elevator, she looked like 40 or more than 35 at least. He could not remember seeing her before, and noticing she pressed the fifth floor button he started a trivial conversation, gently wishing a good evening and asking her to press the fourth button to, if she could.

Hearing her voice as she answered him and told him something else Mike was sure this was the woman who moaned and screamed over his head almost every night. “I’m Devon and I live in the 55” she said. Mike babbled “Mike, from the 45”, not hiding his contempt with something the woman could not even think about. Devon noticing something weird from the smart looking guy struck hard “I can you sleep well, I mean, the 65 lady implied to me yesterday that I’m doing a lot of noise at night”, with mischievous look in her eyes matching with a slight smile.

Mike blushed, he was very lonely, although he had a few girlfriends before, none of them moaned or screamed a fraction of this woman. He was not even concerned someone could have so much fun with a partner as that lady made clear every night, to anyone who wanted to listen, that she had it. Devon, on the other hand, loved her body and all the pleasure it gave her, besides, she could not stand anyone who didn’t enjoy sex as the main purpose of life and worst of all, she loved her body and the most prejudicial thing to her mind was someone showing contempt to her.

The elevator opened its doors and Mike went off saying “Good night” and forcing a smile. Devon only nodded. He was expecting something of a super-model, not a kind of middle age woman. On her part Devon got an instant antipathy on Mike, and inferred – correctly – that this was that kind of geek or nerdy guy who had grown up and their only role in the humankind is furnishing others with money, comfort or any other favor they can. “Despicable as he is, I must take what I can from him” was she conclusive thought for the night.

Those summer days were getting hotter and drier each sunrise. Mike resumed his routine, working at day and sleeping at night. In fact Devon had not woken him up with her moaning for a long time now, she was active as usual, but Mike lost his interest and his fantasy about a gorgeous woman playing all night long over his room. Devon too kept her life as usual, which consisted of going daily to the gym, almost every day to the hairdresser and other activities considered as total futilities or time wasted by people who thought like Mike.

Devon, on the other hand, had gotten some interest on Mike since the day they had met for the first time. It was not physical attraction nor any interest on getting acquainted with him, but she sensed she could get some advantage from him, or at least to have some fun through a prank or something like that.

So Devon started to observe Mike. His car was an ordinary one. His routine seemed like the one of a common blue color worker. His mail box had only common bills and advertising, as far as she could inspect through her free time during the day without drawing any attention. To sum up Devon would loose her interest, would it not be one afternoon when a delivery company van came bringing her some nutritional supplements she had bought on the internet, for she wanted to put on some more muscle.

While signing her receipt, Devon notice the guy had another box in his hands to Dr. Mike Butter, apartment 45. Very courteously Devon informed the guy that Mr. Butter was not at home and would arrive only late at night, the guy would have to come back later, or let her sign his receipt and let her deliver the box to Mike. The delivery company guy took the second option and Devon went to her apartment with both boxes.

Her thoughts were more focused on her nutritional supplements, she wanted to try then and see if it would help her to get more toned muscles, though she already had hard-rock ass, legs, arms and belly. Devon really enjoyed her body and wanted to have the maximum from it, besides she was envious of younger and fitter models, this envy was increasing and her first try would be gym plus supplements, while she gave steroids and aesthetic operations a second thought.

After opening the box with the nutritional supplements and noticing she would have to organize then and see how much and at what time she would have to take every powder, pills and liquids, she followed to Mike’s box. As soon as she opened it she read a one page letter with capital red letters:






PROF ………”

Devon could not finish the letter to the know the professor name, she was overcome by a powerful excitement which made her heart beating the only sound she could hear while she tried to read again but could only get something like “RUB YOUR BODY WITH THE CREAM, GET SOME SUN AND BECAME A REAL SUPERWOMAN”.

Still looking at the letter Devon put her hand in the box and felt the cream bottle, what redoubled her excitement. She took the bottle and read “Supertone”, and that was wonderful, much more than she could have ever dreamed about, that stuck up jerk was to make her the most powerful woman on the planet.

Devon started to walk around her room, not trying to figure out what to do, but how to do it. It was already late afternoon and the sun was getting weaker, it would be better to wait until tomorrow by midday, with all sunshine might. Tomorrow would also be a Saturday, and Mike would probably be at home while she could go to the garden and bath herself in sunlight to improve her tam. Perfect!

That Friday night Mike arrived and had a beer while watching the news, after all it was Friday. The weather girl announced another sunny and hot day in Metropolis, with no clouds in the sky. “Great! Another day sweating.” Though Mike. Upstairs Devon just wanted to go to bed early, without telling anything to her husband, though she could not have much sleep all night long, and when had a nap she eventually dreamed with Super-Devon, what was a new and powerful way of getting horny.

Saturday, about 11:00 A.M., Mike heard his door bell ringing. Opening the door it was Devon wearing a two pieces bikini. Mike could not help repairing her fit body and her tamed skin, though not a girl any longer, it was a hell of a body which could make any man become attracted to her. “Err, hi!” said Mike, confused and shy. Devon, imperiously on her part, told him “I need to rub this cream on my back, because I’m going to have some sun right now. Help me with it!”

Dumbfounded by this all new situation, Mike did as he was told to. Emptying the bottle on her back Mike rubbed awkwardly, felling her strong back and her broad shoulders, his contempt for that woman rapidly disappearing and the thoughts about her moaning at night coming back to his mind. “What a woman!” he thought and at the same time he tried to dissipate this thinking noticing the solar protection, the same his company manufactured, but the cream aspect was all wrong “This bitch is filling the bottle with cheaper products … oh my!”

Finishing the application, Mike tried some small talk: “You know, the sun is too dangerous right now, perhaps you should take your sun bath from 8 to 10 A.M. and from 4 to 6 P.M …” his lecture was interrupted by Devon “It doesn’t concern you, just watch my sun bath in the garden!”

Mike could not understand what was happening. He went to wash his hands, that cream seemed so familiar … “I’ll not watch her bathing in the sun, I’m not this kind of pervert that bitch thinks …” But Mike went to his window facing the garden just in time Devon made her majestic walk to the sunlight.

Devon walked feeling the usual warming the hot midday sun would bring to her skin, while looking for a better place to lay down in front of Mike’s view. If her expectations were only her imagination, at least she played a kind of mistress telling the guy to rub her back and not even thanking him.

That was fun!” Devon though. Right know she could feel something slightly beyond the warm. Something she could yet not describe, but which was growing more and more intense each instant. The molecules were converting sunlight in a form of energy her body was absorbing, and the more energy she absorbed more her capacity of absorbing energy increased, increasing the energy flow to her.

Devon realized what was happening, the energy was entering her body and making her stronger. Physically it was one of the biggest pleasures one can feel, and it was enhanced by the knowledge of how powerful she was becoming. She stood, closed her eyes and let her elbows to a square angle, the power flowing more and more, making her moan while having multiple orgasms.

The energy flow was so intense it transformed her muscles, making then denser and bigger, her body was swiftly converted in to a perfect fitness model shape. Her skin also was improved, disappearing all little wrinkles while a perfect tam took place. The energy influx became so intense that it climaxed making the surrounds darker and cooler while all that energy fueled Devon super-body.

Mike watched all this openmouthed. He could not imagine what was happening. Devon stood as the energy flow subsided and the transformation was complete. Breathing deeply after so much pleasure she worshiped herself “Hummmf, so much power! Yes! I am a goddess! That was my destiny! Hahahaha! Now to take what is mine! Hahahaha!

In a blink of eye Super-Devon was in Mike’s apartment and in the next instant she was throat-lifting him with one hand. “As you can see I am a real superwoman now, and I’ll spare your life as long you keep your mouth shut about your Supertone! Yes! I stole it from you and now I am the rightful mistress of this planet!” And Mike was thrown against a wall as Super-Devon flew to her own apartment through the ceiling, leaving an open hole in it. There she incinerated all the documentation about the sun protection compound with her heating vision.

In a supersonic speed Super-Devon flew to Metropolis Bank, where she tore the main safe open effortlessly and take huge amounts of money. Going out in the street she could see dozens of police cars which she could throw in the space as easy as one lifts a spoon. Bullets too proved useless against the super-villainess. As the police stepped back she could hear Superman’s approaching the place.

Mike did feel miserable. Not only he had lost a major scientific discovery, had helped to create an unstoppable super-villainess but also had a huge hole in his ceiling which would cost a lot to be repaired. It has been a hell of a summer up to the moment.

Super-Devon absolutely denied following Superman arrest order and a super-fight started. Their powers matched and many buildings were reduced to dust while Superman chased Super-Devon. Both were exhausted when Super-Devon made a proposal to Superman.

That night Mike was woken at 01:20 A.M. First he thought he was dreaming due the stressful day he had, but then he realized it was Devon having her fun at night. Not really, it was much more intense and lasted much longer than ever before. Her final humiliation was let Superman close to Mike window and, floating in the air, have all pleasure a super-couple deserve.

The days that followed were characterized by the new super-villainess demanding much of Superman attention during the days, untiringly trying to dominate the world. Rumors were, however, that the super-villainess was in fact Superman’s lover at night. Rumor for many people, for few ones, as Mike for instance, that was a reality. But Superman could be understood. He also did not know any other woman so hot and with such appetite as Super-Devon.


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