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Saving Lives

Written by Martino :: [Tuesday, 18 March 2014 11:52] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 18 March 2014 15:49]

It took Lisa about an hour to get her radiation under control. The main problem was to concentrate at the same time on a topic which caused hot or cold radiation and on a certain point. After the first hour she was able to melt ice-floes or to freeze the water to make new ones at will but she was not content yet: It had to work exactly for when she needed it there would not be nearly as much room as there was now.

After one more hour she could direct the rays she sent out so exactly that she brought ice in a diameter of two centimetres to boil or water she had just boiled to freeze again. She practiced a little more to strengthen her hot and cold rays and then a longer time to pull them back to her body. At last she managed it, too, but her body became quite hot in the act, which for a human in contact with her could become dangerous, too. For this problem she did not find a solution that morning and so she decided to stop and be content with what she had reached – it had been the hardest thing she had done on earth so far.

When she flew back it was already noon according to Moscow Standard Time. Lisa circled above the Russian capital scanning it for a bank and a good restaurant. This time before acting she scanned the bank for cameras and after she had found two she switched them out with her computer, drew two bunches of 1000-rouble-notes out of the cashpoint while she was staying invisible, then flew near the restaurant she had searched out where she materialized in the clothes she had worn in the morning, entered and ordered a full menu accompanied by a bottle of vodka and one of wine.

The Russians seemed less shy than the Britons and so a man soon went over to her table and started to talk to her. She answered she was an exchange student. He complimented her for her excellent Russian, offered her another glass of vodka and drank together with her, both of them emptying the glasses in one go.

Although the man was clearly physically interested in her she was too tired to react properly. She let him hug and kiss her and when he asked her for her address she invented at random one in Moscow while he, Sasha, gave her his correct address as she found out. If she had a mind to she could still contact him but first she wanted to see some parts of Moscow and knowing parts of the Kremlin were worth visiting but normally closed to tourists she did not want Terrestrial company. So after tea she thanked the man, kissed him one last time, paid her bill in order not to give him any reasons to be annoyed with her and left for the city centre.

Having visited the St. Basil’s cathedral and parts of the Kremlin she decided she was too tired to go on visiting Moscow. One moment she thought whether to look for a hotel but then she shook her head: Flying back to London, even at slow speed, would take her much less than the search. So in a narrow alley she made herself invisible and took off. Though not flying fast in relation to what she was able to (she was doing about Mach 20) she reached London after few minutes, got to her hotel, went to her room and fell into her bed.

She woke up in the evening and noticed she had a mail on her computer: Sonia had written and sent a video from Ignita. She wanted to inform Lisa about the baths in the fire-lakes she had had and the houses, temples and mountains on the red planet. Some scenes showed a naked Sonia jumping through the fire with her friends and her younger brother Ben. In other scenes she presented herself embracing with a boy called Mark, who was Sverkcheloian, too, and with an Ignitan called Sadik. The video ended with a close-up where Sonia told Lisa how much she missed and loved her.

The video was three Sverkcheloian days old, which is why Sonia could not have known anything about Lisa’s accident with Chris while making it. Lisa decided to make one of herself the same evening.

First she went down to the restaurant to have dinner. Then she flew straight to the harbour where she lifted a battleship with one hand filming it on her computer, after she had made sure she was not watched by earthlings. Another video did she make while flying over the North Sea at maximum speed, boiling a part of the water and freezing another one. Then she flew back to the barracks she had visited on her first day on Earth, copied a machine gun, flew out of human sight again and filmed the weapon she had telekinetically activated to fire on her with the bullets bouncing back of her body. She then decided to include some photos she had taken in London and Moscow and flew back to the shop where she, as every day since her arrival, bought sweets and wine.

When she left the shop she saw five young guys hitting a man with baseball bats and kicking him in the face with jump boots.

“Hey! Stop that!” she shouted and hypnotized the first one to obey immediately.

She did not know herself why she was interfering in a row between Earthlings but before she had time to think the leader of the group turned to her: “Don’t tell us what to do! But if you want, stay! I’m sure we can have good sex with you.”

“I don’t think so” she answered, whipping away one of the guys from the man who was lying on the ground.

She threw the attacker about ten metres across the street when the second guy attacked her with his bat. Before it had hit her she took it away from him and broke it like a matchstick. After this she shoved (in relation to her strength) the guy just a little, sending him flying across the street and knocking him out in the act. In the same moment the third guy attacked her with a knuckle duster. She could easily have avoided the attack, but she let it come. The iron bent against her far harder skin, crashing the attacker’s hand. Lisa grabbed him, threw him against his comrades leaving all three of them out cold on the street.

Having knocked out the gang effortlessly she attended to the injured man. Using her X-ray-vision she saw three of his ribs were broken. This planted in her the idea to mend the bones with her telekinesis. She had to try it twice at the first bone but then she did it without any trouble. Searching him more closely she saw his left eyehole was crashed, too. She scanned his right eye and tried to repair the left until it looked to her as the right did.

Slowly the man was coming to consciousness again and so was the first of the attackers. Lisa gave the guy a mind command to leave instantly and think his gang had been attacked and defeated by another one.

Same thing did she to his mates. She thought about making the injured man forget the attacks, too but decided against it: It would be better if doctors looked after him.

“What has happened? Why have they gone away? And what … I don`t feel any pain any more” he said

“They were driven away by another gang” Lisa answered staring in his eyes and through them into his mind.

“That’s why they could not hurt you seriously. Nevertheless you should go to a hospital and have your body looked at. They did manage to throw you down and might have hurt you.

The man did as he was told and Lisa watched from outside while she was sorting the video scenes for Sonia. After half an hour at last the doctor who looked at the X-ray photography said there were no serious injuries in his body.

Lisa flew back to her hotel, glad because the man had been healed but first of all proud of herself. She thought she had deserved some wine and snacks. While she was eating and drinking it came to her mind her ability to mend human bones would be a great advantage for what she planned for the evening, too: She would be able to do the same thing if she smooshed some bones while embracing a guy.

She finished and sent her video to Sonia whom she addressed as “my dearest and beloved one” and to whom she apologized for forgetting to do it before. Then she changed her outfit into a white miniskirt and a very narrow top of the same colour with a neckline down to her breasts. She put on a reflecting pendant and dyed her finger nails in various shiny colours. As for her shoes she chose them black and golden with very high heels. Dressed like this she left for a discotheque.

In the air she made herself invisible again, scanned the city with her eyes and ears soon finding a place where she liked the music. There were only three persons waiting before her and so she decided to queue like a normal person.

She started dancing as soon as she had entered the disco and it took only two minutes until the first guy invited her for a drink. She accepted but decided he would not be her partner for the whole night.
Not much time later another guy started talking to Lisa and the two began fighting. She watched the scene, not sure whether or not to interfere when a third young man invited her to dance. She followed him. The guy whose name was Phil danced well and looked very good.

After some dancing rounds they went to the bar again and although they were going arm in arm others were staring at Lisa and talking to her. She ignored them and asked Phil about his job, his friends and hobbies. He worked in a bank practiced Martial Arts, but was interested in history and politics, too. Lisa smiled: Her feeling had led her right. Now it was important to act carefully enough not to kill or hurt him.

They kept on chatting for about an hour and then started dancing again, mostly closely embraced. Sometimes they kissed. At about one o’clock they left together and stopped on the street to French-kiss. This time Lisa was careful: The heat of her body went upstairs, sometimes visible as a red ray which she made Phil forget in an instant, sometimes thin enough to remain invisible and sometimes just putting sparks into her hair which looked like highlights.

He then invited her to his place where they went by taxi. Lisa did not bother to remember the streets – once in the air she would surely find the way back.

Just in time she remembered to convert her dress to one that could be pulled off.

She had great sex with him, only causing a hole in the window by a hot ray and breaking one of Phil’s ribs when she embraced him a little too deeply. Both were things she could mend in an instant.

In a moment he was not watching her she created a mobile phone number on her computer. She was not sure whether she wanted to stay in contact with Phil but it was not an unthinkable option.
She had breakfast with him in his comfortable kitchen. Then he had to leave for his job and she flew back to the hotel where she had a second breakfast. After that she flew to Moscow again and did the sightseeing she had stopped the day before.


“Really? You’ve met a computer specialist who told you he was able to make a proper programme how to find good energy sources and how to conduct electricity without losing too much of it?” Markus’s boss asked curiously. “Why didn’t you ask her for more information.”

“I … I forgot.” He was really not sure why he had not done this. Was he too drunk? But he did not feel bad the day after.

“She said she wanted to stay here for some more days.”

“The better. Try to find her and bring her to me. I want to know what she has in her mind and how much money she wants. Call our EDP-department, too. We must test if she is really as good as you said.”

“Of course, sir.”


Markus and his boss were not the only people to remember Lisa. The police had noted that some information about a bank robbing and a fire near a discotheque had been erased and they had caught some gang members who told they had been defeated by another gang but were not able to describe anyone of the others. Furthermore the goonies had wounds the police doctors had never seen before: one’s hand was crushed in a way it seemed somebody had pressed or thrown iron deliberately against his bones.

“The other guys who have defeated them seem to be Hercules and friends”, Sgt. Cook commented smiling.

“They’re telling lies; but we will find out the truth, won’t we?” his colleague Preston answered. He had heard some rumours about some police departments in the U.S. who were working together with aliens but not believed them so far. Nevertheless some things were too strange to happen.


Lisa enjoyed her trip to Moscow very much. She walked through the marvelous palaces and churches and floated invisible through normally forbidden buildings such as the arsenal or the maison de plaisance. In the arsenal a watchman got suspicious but left the halls alone when he had neither seen nor heard anything for ten minutes. Lisa had noticed him but decided not to change his mind before he had an idea what had happened.

She had quite an opulent lunch again but this time she did not get into closer contact with Russians. During the afternoon she phoned Sasha but he did not react, which was why she flew back after having seen most of the sights.

This time she did not choose the direct route but headed south through Ukraine crossed the Carpathian Mountains and followed the Danube upwards scanning on the way Budapest and Vienna. After that she flew across the Alps admiring the snow-covered tops, though the mountains were much less high than those on her home planet, admired Venice and its canals and flew a big bow over the Mediterranean Sea, France and the Atlantic Ocean before she returned to London. She chose Italy and Austria as her next goal.

She had dinner in a Spanish restaurant, returned to the hotel once more and when she was about to leave she happened to look through some walls and see Markus and his friends in the lounge. She decided to test them: She made her hair a little shorter and curlier without changing her face or her hair colour, got dressed into a strapless evening gown and floated downstairs not going to leave out the chance this time.

Sarah and Markus recognized her in the same moment and started talking to her. Markus instantly told her his boss offered her a job “surely you can earn more than 2,000 pounds at it.” Lisa promised him she would think about it. The amount of money did not really draw her interest as she had much more and could take money whenever she wanted. On the other side she thought it would be an interesting challenge to see what she could do with the old-fashioned programmes the Earthlings used.

Sarah advised her not to accept Markus’s offer: “If you really can do what you spoke about the day before yesterday you should demand at least the double amount, if not far more.”

Markus went out of his room in order to call his boss (as Lisa found out). When he came back he told her she could have up to 3,500. She said this was not enough.

He invited her for some drinks trying to make her sign the contract while she was drunk. Actually, of course, it was him who got drunk and Sarah and Lisa laughed at him. Lisa tried to demand more but Markus, though being drunk, had enough consciousness to tell her he was not allowed to decide about so much money. She found out this was true. He begged her for her mobile phone number and promised his boss would contact her.

At last it was Robert whom Lisa chose to take him to her room with her although Simon showed some interest, too. She let him kiss her three times but then let him over to Sarah who really was in love with him.

Lisa and Robert went to Lisa’s room, drank a bottle of wine together and soon started to have sex. This time Lisa paid enough attention not to hurt her partner in any way. She sent parts of her radiation into her hair again and made a fireball out of the rest which she sent out of the window where it soon dissipated.

Although she was holding back Robert soon was exhausted when she had just become even a little hornier than she was at the start. She thought about mind-commanding him to go back to his room to make it possible for her to invite another man to hers but then she decided against it. All in all, she was a little tired, too, after her long day. So she let him sleep, sat at her desk and emptied the last bottle of wine while she was reading some things at her computer and then went to bed next to him.

When she woke up in the night, however, she did not hesitate to wake him up, too. Though his exhaustion when he saw her in all her glory he started at once to massage her breasts and kiss her.

Lisa was careful enough not to hurt him but again he was exhausted before she found her pleasure. She doubted whether any Earthling would ever be able to give her this. As she still could not sleep she learned some Italian but did not manage to get to a level she was content with before she was tired enough to sleep.

The next day Markus’s boss phoned her just after breakfast telling her she could have 6,000 if she wanted but had to give him a prove of her capabilities. In the morning he would send her a programme which contained some mistakes she was to find out. These mistakes were deliberately made by specialists. If she was able to find out and correct them she would get the job.

Lisa flew to the Alps just after breakfast and floated along some valleys. There were similar landscapes on Sverkcheloy but she liked it.

From the Alps she headed for Venice where she first of all had to get some 100,000 euros. In St. Mark’s Cathedral she floated above the masses of tourists. In Venice she received the mail with the programme and sat down in a café to have a look at it. At doing so she smiled: The mistakes to detect were on a level of exercises for second-graders. She corrected them while eating ice cream and watching the people on St. Mark’s square and from time to time looking into the houses. It took her just five minutes to correct the programme; after this she looked whether she had failed to notice anything because it seemed too easy for her but she did not find more. So she sent the programme back.

After an excellent lunch with a principal plate consisting of fish a young man invited her to a gondola tour. He seemed not to notice that her answers came a little staggered because it was her computer that told her the Italian words.

She enjoyed going slowly through the canals and leaning on the man’s shoulder. They kissed, too, but did not much more. He invited her for dinner but she answered she would not stay in Venice for the night (In fact she thought there were more interesting men back in London).

A mail said Markus’s boss would “come” to London for dinner and invite her; he congratulated her for being the fastest person to detect the mistakes he’d ever seen.

So in the afternoon she circled above the lagoon watching some sights on the island but returned in time for dinner.

Lisa changed into a blue business costume and put a self-made diamond collier round her neck. In this outfit she drew attention, too. Markus’s boss, Herr Weinberger, was a middle-aged man who seemed a little distant but Lisa soon found out he only had to fight with his own desire. Soon his offer went up to 10,000 pounds and before finishing dinner he promised to send her all necessary data.

At about 10:30 they said goodbye to each other and Lisa started to look at the programme as soon as she came to her room, noticing at once it was a lot more complicated than the test but there were some mistakes. One of them had to do with the curvature of the earth which maybe was miscalculated by human systems but others seemed to be deliberately made – she could, however, not be sure if she thought about how difficult the test programme seemed to be for Humans.

Having corrected three mistakes and thought about a way of detecting proper places better she decided she had worked enough, searched through the walls for Robert’s room where she had sex with him until he was exhausted. Lisa uncoupled his arms off her body, returned to her room, changed into a sexier dress and flew to a discotheque where she got to know another man called Bill with whom she spent another part of the night.

Two men were nearly enough to satisfy her libido and so, although she overslept a little, felt better than ever when she had breakfast.

She flew above the North Sea Scanning every point and improving the card on the computer system of Mark’s company. At eleven o’clock she decided she had worked enough whereby the biggest problem was to write everything she found out into a programme which based on the outdated Terrestrial technology.

That afternoon she did few sightseeing but rather spent plenty of time flying across the Mediterranean sea, swimming at different places and taking photos of what she saw without caring too much what it was. She had lunch somewhere in Italy again where she eventually improved her Italian and decided Rome or Naples would be the city where she would spend the next days after her tenth day in London went by.

She had dinner in Nice in a luxurious restaurant where she had a great view over the sea (Lisa, of course, would have had it from anywhere if she wanted but she enjoyed the surroundings, too). When she flew back to London it was already past eight o’clock.


During the day the conference which took place in Lisa’s hotel in London was going on and some other companies were getting interested in Lisa, too, after Robert had found out what she was capable of. He was a bit annoyed she had left him in the night and therefore warning she was putting viruses into the programmes. Nevertheless, he, too, confirmed her knowledge, which caused other companies’ interest.

Markus mailed her he and his boss would be at the lounge this evening and wanted to talk to her a little. Others were there, too, at finding out this.

Lisa saw the lounge was full because while she was designing her evening dress she looked through walls and ceilings more than once. There were some men drawing her interest and so she did not hesitate going down.

She was undoubtedly the centre of the interest this evening. She knew she had to be careful in order not to be recognized as an alien and tried not to give too clever answers. Furthermore she scanned the men’s bodies and asked them questions to test their intelligence in order to select the one for that night or at least the first part of it.

She saw the two men standing offside but did not bother about what they were doing until she heard a strange sound. A quick scan with her X-ray-vision told her one of them was sparking a bomb off.
She aimed her telekinesis at him and managed to erase the igniter, an achievement she was proud off: She had never aimed that exactly so far.

No sooner the two men noticed their bomb had gone out of work they activated their machine guns and started shooting. Lisa threw herself between them and the others. Two rounds of bullets bounced off her body with only five missing her which she caught with her hands. Where the bullets got her dress they fell to the ground while the ones to meet her body rebounded directly with three or four of the ricochets getting the shooters, though none of them deadly.

She outstretched her hands, which made the guns flow to her, then formed them to a ball and in the same instant knocking out the two men.

She was confused because she had never heard of people deliberately killing so many people of their own species – there were murderers on Sverkcheloy, but usually they murdered because they wanted to rob somebody who happened to surprise them; she had never heard of anybody to murder just because he liked murdering as these two guys seemed to.

She would find out but the first thing she did was to close all possible exits. It would be quite a hard piece of work to avoid the logical conclusion she was an alien.

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