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Fun and Games

Written by Grayface :: [Sunday, 13 April 2014 02:58] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 13 April 2014 10:26]

Fun and Games

By Grayface

Edited by Dru

September 2, 2002

The tension in the room made it feel later then it was. Jim was barely aware of the T.V. even though it was the only sound in the room except for Mike trying to light a cigarette with a lighter that just wouldn't light.

“Well Sophea,” Bill Matters, the 10 O’clock news anchor, went on speaking to Sophea Blaze, the very hot weather chick. She was dressed in a pale blue suit with a low cut pale yellow blouse, her blond hair was cut in a short sexy bob, she was explaining about the strange spate of very destructive weather that had been affecting the region for the last few days.

Normally Jim would be eye fucking the T.V. when Sophea was on, but he could just barely make out a blurry Amanda in the periphery of his vision, and she made other women look dull. He used all his willpower to stay focused on the T.V. He wouldn't let himself just stare at her like the others. He knew the game she was playing, everything was a competition to her especially since …

Jim forced himself to listen to Sophea Blaze’s inane and quite frankly inaccurate reply. If only they knew, he thought, as he stared at the old television, concentrating, focusing, on Sophea Blaze, she would … no, fuck, all of them would … fucking run. But where too? He caught himself almost turning his head to look at her. Fuck. God damn it! He wouldn't give her the satisfaction of looking at her till he was ready!

Jim forced himself to think about his time with Sophea. They were the same age: 27. They had gone to the same high school, and even he had gone out on a few dates with Sophea. Man, she was hot as fuck … long jet-black hair framing the healthy pink skin of her round shaped face, high prominent cheekbones, arched eyebrows, deep dark green almond eye’s, a long elegant italian nose, full wide red lips spread into a magnificent dimpled smile showing off the whitest set of perfect teeth, a slightly pointed chin with a hint of a cleft. And my fucking god, her body. Long and curvy legs tucked under her, those huge gigantic black clad breast spilling over her lap as she sprawled on the couch … so big, so perfect … Only to late Jim realised he had been imagining, no not imagining but out right staring at Amanda.

All of a sudden, the large 36” television changed channels, and the volume went up and down, before the set cut off. Seemingly by itself. Amanda smiled, chuckling to herself.

“What the hell, M-Mandy … did you just do that?” asked Megan.

Amanda grinned, showing perfect white teeth behind her full red lips. “Yeah. It was easy. Once I saw the color of the light from the remote, I just copied it with my eye’s.”

“I don’t get it?” asked a puzzled Megan. “What light?”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Amanda, rolling her eye’s and turning to Jim. “Give me a cig.”

Jim pulled the battered pack of smokes from his shirt pocket, and tossed one to her.

Without even watching she effortlessly plucked the twirling cigarette from the air. Catching it between two fingers, she held it at arms length and two thin, barely perceptible thread-like green beams from her eyes lit the tip of the cigarette.




Meanwhile in the kitchen

Turning on the water faucet, Donna turned to Sammie and spoke in a hushed voice. “It’s cool. I saw this shit on T.V. … the running water makes it so she can’t hear us n’ shit.”

Donna was 5’ 7”. She was pretty, average looking pretty. With her brown hair and eyes and her great family genes, if she had exercised a little she could have been a total girl-next-door knockout, but what, with her busy schedule of (in no particular order): drinking; watching T.V.; doing drugs; sleeping; partying. With a small amount of time left for trying to get money to pay her seventh of the rent and utilities, well, it didn't leave a girl a lot of time to work out and such.

Sammie was a light, coffee skinned, tiny minx of a girl at 4’ 11”. At just under 90 pounds, she looked as if a strong breeze could blow her away. Her long kinky and unruly mass of hair was pulled back behind her head as much as it could be, a smattering of dark freckles covered her finely featured face.

Sammie’s petite nose crinkled as she looked skeptical. “A-are you sure? Like, remember she heard the cops, like five minutes before they even showed up.”

“Yeah. Cuz that was outside, and the cops had sirens. Don't be a dumb ass!” Donna hissed, shaking her head. “Just talk soft and she can’t hear us.” Unfortunately, Donna’s awesome genes did not extent to intellect, and she was in fact just barely smarter than a box of bricks.

“Well … If you’re sure.” Sammie relented, still a little wary.

“I promise,” assured Donna, who was as certain as anyone who faithfully watched network t.v. crime dramas.

Amanda listened to the two girls as Donna proceeded to bitch, whine ,and complain about how much she had changed in the past week since she had touched the fallen star.

“And goddamn! She's so bossy!” Amanda heard Donna say.

“But Amanda was always bossy,” observed Sammie.

“Well … even bossier,” was Donna’s reply.

“You mean, like a bitchy boss, right?” Sammie added, getting into the backstabbing now that she thought she was safe.

Well, Amanda thought, I’ll show them what bitchy is. She absentmindedly toyed with Jim, trying to get him to look at her without actually paying any attention to him.

His heartbeat was pounding like a drum, and she could smell his arousal, feeling the heat radiating from him as he fought the inevitable. At the same time she was watching a large passenger plane pass overhead.

Bad f’ing ass, thought Amanda, as she looked into the plane. Looking over the passengers and crew, she looked into the cabin and watched the pilot, who looked a lot like a older George Clooney, fiddle with some controls as he spoke to a chubby, shorter, man. His co-pilot. She looked over the gauges, screens, dials, and they really made no sense to her. Listening in, she heard the pilot say they were flying at a speed of 567 mph at roughly 33,000 feet and would be landing in Rio de Janeiro in just under 10 hours.

Wow, that pilot is hot for an older guy, she mused as she let her x-ray vision show her what he was packing. Well, he wasn't as big as the ugly chubby co-pilot … but she could make do. She sure as hell wasn't gonna let that ugly chubby creep near her, though.

Thinking about the pilot, she licked her lips and shivered in delight, because at the same time Amanda was fully aware she was making much it too hard for Jim resist her … even as she continued to listen to Donna and Sammie drone on and on, digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole.




Giving in, Jim didn’t just look at or watch Amanda. No. He tried to absorb her image into his brain. She lounged back on the couch staring off into the ceiling, for all the world looking as if she were watching something. As turned on as he was by her, and he was more turned on now than at any other point in his life, and all she was doing was sitting there … not paying a single one of the them any attention … he was even more afraid of her. This, in some strange way, turned him on even more.

Amanda took a deep breath and shifted slightly, lounging on the couch with one long sleek black clad leg tucked under her. The way the sheer section of black silky fabric stretched tight over her deep canyon of cleavage, the slight wobbling, the way several inches of her taut waist was peeking out from her hip hugging black jeans, the slight shifting of her free long, shapely, leg … the way a portion of her tight and full ass peeked out from the couch. She was too much! Jim heard a gasp, and then a groan. It was soft and guttural. He was so focused on Amanda he couldn't have said if the sounds had come from Mike or Megan.

It had been him, Jim realised, as he was once again able to think clearly. He looked at the spreading wet patch on his jeans. It wasn't that he was embarrassed, no … he was beyond that at this point. He was angry that he couldn't control his body around HER!

Jim started to get up to clean himself. You won, he thought, glancing to Amanda as he rose.

A satisfied smile spread across Amanda’s divine face. Her piercing forest green eyes lock with Jim's, holding his gaze as she cocked her head in the universal “you wish” angle for a brief moment. The hint of a smile played across her flawlessly perfect lips.

Jim watched as Amanda stood up in one graceful motion, keeping eye contact with him she ran her tongue over her lush lips, as she ran her hands over the tops of her breast and down to her hips. She started swaying in time to some music that was probably being played miles away, slowly raising her arms over her head with palms flat against the ceiling as she sexily danced and sway in place.

Using every ounce of self control, and thanks in part to his recent release, he was able to resist and started to turn away. That is, until Amanda brought two fingers to her lips kissed them then blew a “light” kiss to him.

Amanda’s warm, faintly sweet, and cinnamon scented breath washed over and enveloped him, knocking him back into his seat. Still swaying she bent at the waist, her arms pushed her fantastically huge and perfect breast together as a ghost of a sexy smile played across her lips. Jim lost it again, his hips unconsciously bucked in his seat as the feeling of defeat spread.

“You guys, go get cleaned up. I need to talk with Donna and Sammie,” said Amanda with disdain in her voice as she walked into the kitchen from the living room, stopping and looking over her shoulder she added, “And fuck, someone find Lisa,” before stepping into the kitchen.

Looking at Mike and Megan, Jim knew he wasn't the only one who was dazed from Amanda’s overpowering sensual assault..

Jim glanced at Meg as he got up, she had easily been the hottest girl in the group. Her platinum blond hair, blue eyes, and badass beach-perfect bod meant she never had to work too hard the get her seventh of the rent, and when she did have to work she just showed up at one of the local strip joints and made more money in one night than Jim would make in two weeks of back-breaking labor on a construction site.

Meg had been friends with him, with all of them, for as long as he could remember. She was like his little sister … his smoking hot little sister. Well, okay … not like a little sister, cuz he never wanted to sleep with his little sis, but now all that sexual tension that followed Meg was gone. Whenever he closed his eyes he saw only Amanda, and he knew he had more of a chance with Meg than Amanda.

“Come on, sister,” Jim said, helping her up from the couch. Megan had been sitting on the opposite side of the couch from Amanda, and as hot as Meg was she might as well have been invisible when Amanda was doing whatever it was she did to make herself so irresistible.

Luckily for Meg, as hot as she was she had the ambitions of a sea slug, and she was willing to let the other girls take the lead in any situation. So Amanda never saw her as a threat to her dominance games, even before.

Jim turned the dazed girl and gently pushed her to go down the hall to the room she and Lisa shared. “Get cleaned up, and find Lisa.” Jim said. “She’s probably in your bathroom.” He turned to look Mike's way.

Mike was passed out on the loveseat. Mike, a consummate stoner, shortish at 5’ 8” and heavy set, he was currently blitzed out of his mind on a shit ton of weed, beer, and maybe some ‘shrooms. Jim couldn't really blame him, and if he wasn't so frightened he might have joined him. There was something in the hind part of his brain that told him to keep a clear head.

As Jim cleaned himself up and thought over the last week he realised why he needed to be clear headed. He had to protect his friends..maybe the world. How the fuck? The thought turned over and over as he cleaned himself up and put on (relatively) clean clothes. How the fuck am I going to do that?




Amanda had been listening as Donna and Sammie had been discussing her many obvious faults, such as her overly large boobs, and how they needed to get the house back to the way it was before Amanda’s transformation.

Amanda, having had enough, slid around the corner. Sammie’s back was to her while Donna faced her. She locked eyes with Donna and gave her quick smirk.

Loving the look on Donna’s face, Amanda let Sammie back into her just as she realised something was wrong.

Amanda dropped her arms over the much smaller woman's chest, effortlessly pinning her and then pulling Sammie into her chest, engulfing the smaller woman.

Amanda’s breast pressed into Sammies back and shoulders, on either side of her head was a wall of black clad flesh. She wished she had a mirror to see herself, but she would have to be satisfied with seeing Donna’s priceless reaction.

“Hi girls. Whatcha talking about?” Amanda purred sweetly. She blew a tiny puff of super freezing air at the running faucet, freezing it solid.

Amanda watched as the wash of arctic cold spread from her tiny puff, causing Donna to shiver and goosebumps to rise over her exposed skin. Sammie, on the other hand, was kept nice and warm by Amanda’s body.

Amanda loved the feeling as Sammie’s futilely struggled to break away from her, she found herself starting to get turned on.

Amanda knew Sammie had always been self conscious about her small and skinny frame. Which was stupid she thought, because as tiny as Sammie was she ate like a horse, and god damn it … never got fat.

“Good god, girl,” Amanda started with a vicious twinkle in her eye, “I think one of my boobs is, like, wider than your shoulders are!” She finished with a forced laugh before sliding Sammie in front her left boob

Donna’s mouth formed an “O”. “Holy shit!” she said in awe.

Amanda, standing ramrod straight to her full height of 6’ 10”, turned the smaller Sammie (who was only 4’ 11”) so she was facing her boob before letting her go. Amanda was so close that her slightly stiffening nipple was just touching the center of tiny girls chest.

Sammie was too dumbfounded. She took a step back, but her eyes never left Amanda’s amazing boob. Amanda swayed her chest slightly, watching, as both girls eyes followed her boob’s every movement.

“Oh my god.” Sammie’s voice was just above a whisper, “Her nipple … it’s getting bigger.” Amanda saw how flustered Sammie was, her reddening face and shallow breaths were like music to Amanda.

Snickering, Amanda picked up the smaller woman and sat her on a countertop so that Sammie was looking down her vast cleavage. “Damn, I think one of my tit’s is like six or seven times the size of your head.” She paused as if thinking for a moment. “yeah, no. It’s definitely more than seven. I mean, you do have a small head, really. Overall, you are kind of tiny.”

Amanda saw that Donna had backed into the corner where the wall met the fridge. Good, she thought, I’m not done with either of them yet.

Amanda’s breast covered Sammie’s lap and pinned her legs to the countertop, yet there was plenty of space between their bodies.

Sammie looked uncomfortable.

“Yeah. I guess they're pretty heavy for you,” Amanda said. Where before her boob’s were soft and supple, now they were firm and heavy, like huge boob shaped wrecking balls. “You know I could crush you like a tiny bug into, and through, the counter if I just lean over … just a little.” Saying that she lent over, just enough to cause Sammie to squeak more in fright fright then pain, but her legs would be bruised.

“Go on. Touch ‘em,” Amanda urged Sammie, as she slid beside her so most of her boob was off of Sammie but the the side of her left boob was within easy reach.

Sammie tentatively placed her hand against the black silk covered boob and again her hand sunk in the mammoth tit.

Amanda’s hand snaked under the smaller girls shirt, Sammie stared at her in shock. “What?” Amanda said, “You're feeling me up so fair's fair, bitch.”

Amanda’s hand pinched Sammie’s bra open between her fingers and roughly felt her up being careful to not break any bones, but she certainly would be sore soon.

“You know whats funny?” Amanda asked. Not getting an answer she continued by roughly pulling the destroyed bra off of Sammie. “One of my tit’s probably weigh more than you and …” holding the mangled garment for both women to see, “as big, and they are BIG, right Sam? Well, they won't ever need a bra again. Badass, huh?”

Amanda let them think about that a moment before continuing.

“Sammie, go in the living room tell Mike he better roll me a big fat-ass blunt, and tell the others me and Donna will be in soon and we'll do some crank calls … cuz I’m bored as hell.” Amada delivered her orders and gave Sammie the lightest of shoves, which pushed the small woman halfway into the living room without even meaning to.

Amanda turned to Donna. “Well, now,” Amanda started, but Donna had been ready and hauled off with the biggest slap she had ever thrown.

Amanda watched as Donna reacted in slow seeming motion, her face filled with dogged determination, the face she made was priceless.

Amanda effortlessly caught Donna’s arm and held her by her arm pulling her a foot off the ground in an iron, vice-like grip. She held her there for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few seconds, then flicked her by her arm across the kitchen over the counter and across the dining room to smash into the far wall.

Every noise in the house stopped at the bone shaking thud. “Oopsie! Donna, be careful!” Amanda said, loud enough to be heard several houses away. “You can be sooo clumsy sometimes.” She slowly walked to Donna, who lay at the bottom of the wall in a crumpled heap. She marvelled how insignificantly puny her friend was, and at how awesomely powerful she was.

Donna had impacted the wall at five feet off the ground, and thanks to the cheap and flimsy construction materials, besides being knocked loopy, and some massive bruising later, she was mostly unharmed.

Amanda scooped Donna off the floor and roughly sat her on the dining room table, she blew a cold stream of air at her as she gently slapped her cheek to get her to come to. “There, there,” Amanda said, almost sounding motherly as Donna’s eye started focusing again. Amanda saw that Donna now had the proper respect for her.

Amanda spoke in a soothing tone. “Now Donna, you’re gonna have a bit of rough luck. But if you behave yourself maybe, just maybe, you're bad luck will clear up.” Having said that, she half carried, half marched Donna back into the living room.




“Mike, Amanda said to make a blunt,” Sammie told them, in a real small voice that Mike could barely hear over the blaring sound of Letterman’s monolog. “A-and were gonna do crank calls,”

MIke looked up from where he was curled up on the loveseat. He sat up, mumbling drowsily “sumun shay crank callsha?” At the mention of Amanda, Mike shifted his dick with the old pocket pool maneuver.

Rubbing the grogginess out of his eyes. Mike didn't have to think about rolling a joint; he just did it. Everyone agreed he was a joint rolling prodigy. Without thinking about it he started to roll one of the fattest blunts he’d ever made.

Crank calling wasn't just something to do, it was an art form. It had to be done just right, and like any artform you had to have the right tools. In this case the tools were a fat blunt or two, several beers, and a bag of plain potato chips was always helpful. You see, one had to be loose, free to create whatever story would hook your fish and keep them on the line the longest. It was also an incredibly cheap form of entertainment. When you barely made enough money to pay for your seventh of the bills, anything mildly entertaining and, especially, free was a welcome relief.

With his high slowly dying, Mike lit the jumbo sized joint and took a huge drag. Quite frankly, he thought, this weed sucked salty dog balls! But he didn't have pay for it, and they had like five huge trash bags of it. Mike smiled as he thought how Amanda’s boobs were the size of the weed stuffed trash bags, or maybe the weed stuffed trash bags were the size of her boobs. Either way, both were awesome.

Mike took several hits before the whole gang was in the living room sitting roughly around the touch tone phone on the coffee table.

“Watch this,” said Amanda to the group. She turned her head to the T.V. and it turned off.

“I don't get it Mandy,” said Lisa, “Give me the clicker and I can do it too.” She said holding her hand out to Amanda for the remote.

“Okay,” Amanda said slowly and held both her empty hands up. “Watch the T.V.” and with that the T.V. flicked on, then changed channels, and the volume went up and down.

Amanda looked to Lisa and spoke very slowly enouncating every word, “Well Lisa, you’re gonna need to ask Mike for the remote, because he's sitting on it.” She said the last part very condescendingly.

Mike was properly blazed. He just pulled the remote from under him and tossed it into Lisa’s lap.

“Holly crap! H-How?” Asked a shocked Lisa.

“It’s easy once I saw the light coming from the front of the remote I just copied it. See.” and the T.V. flicked through the channels again then turned off. Then the small cheap mini stereo turned on and did the same thing before turning off.

“Wow,” Lisa said in awe, “that’s the coolest.”

Amanda looked like she tasted a turd, “Out of all the super cool shit you've seen me do over the last few days, changing a television's channels is the coolest?” Then with a dismissive breath, she added “Whatevs.”

“So hey, are we gonna do this?” asked Mike, dropping the phone book on the coffee table and startling everyone except for Amanda, who just smirked at him causing his chubbie to swell into a full on hard on. He just tugged his over sized sweatshirt to cover his lap.

Mike handed off the joint to Megan, who was sitting next to him and normally because Meg was so hot and flirty, his dick would be at half mast and, while she was still hot and flirty, it was just that Amanda (even being bossy and bitchy), well … she was 10 buzzillion time hotter than Meg. But that still didn't mean he wasn't sweet on Megan. Especially since she was leaning over him to get the phone book.

The rules of crank calling were 1. Whoever had the phonebook made the call, or could pick someone else to call. and 2. whoever hooked the fish on the line for the longest call was the winner. The winner didn't really get anything except bragging rights. And so the games began.

Megan grabbed the phone. Smiling slyly she, stuck the tip of her tongue out as she lent over the phone. As she dialled she silently mouthed the numbers, so everyone could she she was dialing Dino’s Pizza on the stolen cell phone.

“Hello? No thank you, I don’t need to hear the specials,” Meagan said in her best soccer mom voice, “My kid’s team,” she looked up at Mike expectedly and held the phone away from her ear just a little bit.

“MoOm you said if the team won we could ALL have a pizza!” Mike said on que.

“Preston Quinton Anthony the Third ,” It was the most preppy name she could think of, ”Please be quiet while Mommy orderers the pizza!”

And so Mike listened to Meg, who he thought was damn impressive on the phone, as she ordered 15 pies to their the vacant house next to them, as all the while the joint was passed around the room.

Mike’s mouth was watering at the thought of the pizza. Maybe, he thought, he could wait out front and when the driver got there he could trade a dime bag for a pie.

Meg flipped the phone shut. “Top that,” she said, pleased with herself.

“Fuck yeah! We could score a pie or two if the driver, isn't a dick” said Mike, giving voice to his thoughts.

“Right. That’s what I was th …” was all Meg got out.

Amanda stood so fast the big old overstuffed chair she had been sitting in was launched into the wall. Her huge boob’s jiggled and shook. Mike just wanted to reach out and place his palms on them and squeeze. He also wanted to live, and boy did she look pissed. He wasnt stoned enough to do something so stupid, so he just took a good long look as, out of reflex, he rolled another joint.




The entire gang quieted down. “What's wrong Mand?” asked a perplexed Megan.

“Those assholes are making fun of you! Of us!” seethed Amanda.

Megan looked confusedly around the room. “No one's making fun of anyone Mandy.”

“Not anyone here! But in the pizza shop! I can hear them talking about us. Right now,” Amanda spat.

“But Mandy, I didn't say my name! And the phone … how?” Asked Meg as she passed the joint to Amanda.

“You went to school with that fat pimple- infested nerd,” Amanda seemed to squint for a second. “Angela Delgado … you went to high school with her, right?” Amanda had her fingers on the bridge of her nose. “ Apparently she remembers your voice, and,” Amanda turned to Lisa, “Someone ordered a pizza to our house and wouldn't pay, because the pepperonis were the wrong size and not arranged in the right pattern, and the driver knows our address because we don't tip, and he knew that the address you used is vacant and next to our house. Do I need to go on?” she ranted.

“I’m going to rip the fucking store from the ground and toss it to the moon!” Amanda’s eye’s started to glow green from the inside as her anger built.

“Hey!” Jim said. “If you’re not gonna toke up, pass it over at least.” Fuck it, he thought, if I’m gonna die I might as well be high.

“No, you bossy little prick! Get it? I said that because you have a little prick,” Amanda explained, tapping a finger beside her eyes. “It’s my turn,” said Amanda, holding the joint to her perfect lips and inhaling the whole joint in one drag. She held the smoke in, turning to Megan, and exhaled a concentrated cone of weed smoke right in her face. “That’s what you get for being stupid.”




Megan’s head was obscured by a thick cloud of smoke, almost like in a cartoon. It sounded like Meg was racked with a painful sounding coughing fit. Jim got up and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water.

He just stared at the frozen faucet, and then he saw the damaged far wall in the dining room. He knew then he had to find a way out for him and his friends if he could before Amanda kill them all.

Grabbing a six pack of the Beast (that's a slang name for Milwaukee's Best, a very cheep beer) he went back to the rejoin his friends in the living room.

Amanda had the phone book opened and flipped to a random residential page. “James Walker. This, this is going to be good,” she said with a wicked smile as she dialed the phone number on the stolen cell phone.

Amanda had set the speakerphone on, so the rest of the gang could listen on. As the phone rang Jim watched Amanda carefully, noticing that she cocked her head funny like she was listening to or for a far away sound.

“Wuh. who? Du you know whu time it is?” squeaked very sleepy female voice over the phone.

Jim half smiled. He knew the game Amanda was going to go with, it was the same one she usually ran.

“Oh, I didn't know James had company tonight.” Amanda not only purred sexily, she ran her hands up and down her body giving everyone quite a show.

If Jim hadn't lost his juice five time today already, just hearing her voice would have done it for him. much less with her putting on this show. She had placed the phone on the coffee table and was kneeling over the table, her boob spilled over half the table as she really got into her part.

“I mean after last night,” Amanda said breathlessly, “I wasn't sure Jay Jay would be able to, you know, get … it … up.” She said as she reached out and placed her hand on Mike’s knee and worked her way up his thigh till Mike closed his eye and shook with an intense release.

Amanda pulled her hand away with a quick look of disgust, but her seductive voice never missed a beat.




After only a dozen seconds of looking Amanda found the house with the lady she was talking to. God damn, she thought, x-ray vision; super hearing; super hotness.

The coffee table cracked in half as she had leaned in on the table, trying to get closer to the phone her boobs broke the old battered coffee in half. The cell phone slid on top of her boobs, yeah, she thought, super boobs were definitely awesome.

Amanda carefully plucked the phone out her gauzy black covered cleavage. She looked to her friends, her mouth in the perfect “O”, and into the phone she said “Oops.” Her voice was dripping with mock passion.

Amanda was so focused on the slowly waking couple she wasn't paying anyone in the livingroom any attention, so she never noticed the shiver run through most of the girls from her casual display of power and offhand display of sexiness.

Amanda was growing impatient as she watched how slowly the woman was waking up and grasping the situation. “I just wanted to thank him soooo much for the great time yesterday.” She paused to take deep breath. “Ohhhh, the sex was sooo awesome,” she said breathlessly “His huge tool, Oh yeah.” She could see she was even turning the women on over the phone. With just her voice … over the fucking phone. She definitely wasn't paying any attention to her friends as all of them lost themselves in release again.

Looking around the fishes house, Amanda saw a very expensive designer pocket book. It looked kind of manish, thought Amanda. Reading the name off the drivers license: Jane Walker. This … this would make things even better.




Dreaming, thought Jane: Gees, this is a wild wet dream … my god that voice! It sent shivers down her spine it was so sultry. She’d dabbled with other women in college but they really didn't do that much for her.

“Well Jane,” the velvet voice purred, “I guess it’s time you knew James, your man, isn’t,” the voice stressed the the T, “yours anymore. We made love … all. Night. Long.”

For a hint of a second Jane thought this was turning into a nightmare. Turning to her husband the fogginess from waking from her deep sleep left, and she realised this was no dream.

“What? Is this some kind of insipid joke? A game?” Jane had had a hard day, the office was falling apart and so was her husbands health. She was having a rough time of it. “What the hell are you talking about?” she demanded, as she turned to look at James sleeping like a log as usual. “He was with me all day and night, he can’t even get it u..What the fuck? Why am I explaining this to some 13 year old twat on the phone?” She was in no mood for this trite kiddie ass crap.

“Maybe he can't get it up for your pathetic ass.” said the agitated voice over the phone. “When I get there we'll see what you think when …”

“Listen,” Jane snapped before the caller could finish, “I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but,” She was cut off by yelling so loud the voice was unintelligibly distorted over the phone.




“I AM GOING TO RIP YOU APART! But first I’m going to show you who can't get hard!” Amanda only got halfway through her tirade. Before she could finish the line went dead. It took all of her limited self control to not crush the phone into oblivion.

Amanda was boiling mad as she redialed the number. The phone cracked in her grip, her fingernails crushed and sliced the buttons but the phone held steady. She didn't even notice that her friends had been stunned and knocked around by the power of her voice.




Jane was just pulling the covers snuggly up when the phone rang again. She was half expecting it, and she knew she shouldn't answer it … but she was really pissed. This brat kid needed to be taught a lesson.

Jane looked at James as the phone rang. Damn, he could sleep through anything, she thought as she answered the phone.

“Listen KID,” It was the same girl, she did have a voice that was hard to forget. It still had hints of the sexiness but it was overwelmed by raw rage, “I am so gonna come over there and hump your man right in front of you!”

Jane stared at the phone in her hand before putting it to her ear to speak. “Are you special? Some kind of special retard? No wait … don't answer.” She said the last stifling a yawn. “ One: I am a grown woman. My husband is a grown man. We are not kids. Two: I am a black belt in three different forms of martial arts. I assure you I can and will kick your ass any number of ways now until Sunday. So if you really want to back up what you say, then bring it on … Kid!” Silence. Jane smiled to herself, sometimes people just had to learn the hard way, she thought as she went to hang the phone up.

The yelling and swearing that blasted out of the receiver was so loud this time that the receiver seemed to vibrate and pulse in time to the yelling, and swearing. Jane thought that the speaker might be blown after this. Was the kid yelling through a megaphone?




When the crank call didn't go as Amanda expected, Jim knew she was going to lose her shit. He managed to jump behind the poor abused stuffed chair just as Mount Amanda blew her top.

He could feel the air vibrating in his lungs as the swear words hit like stun grenades. The walls shook; the windows in the living room shattered.

Jim picked himself up from behind his makeshift cover. He was staring at Amanda’s magnificent ass. God fucking damn it! He mentally berated himself. She just knocked him and his friends around like they were ants under a weedwacker … and he was staring at her ass. Looking to his friends, they were mostly knocked around close to where they had been. They mostly looked stunned but okay as they started to get themselves up.

Amanda turned to Jim. “Come on!” she snapped curtly as she shook a glob of molten phone from her hand. “Get everyone up,” she sneered as she she grabbed the pack of cigarettes from his shirt pocket, “we're going for a ride.”

Everyone was stunned from her outburst, and not moving fast enough so Amanda snarled “Hurry up!” and spat the butt of the cigarette that hung from her lips. There was a loud pop as the cigarette butt cut a fiery streak into the T.V., blowing out the screen and splattering it’s electrical guts across the yard.

“Hurry the fuck up!” she snapped and stormed out of the house, slamming the front door so hard if felt to Jim like the house shook on its foundation.

Jezzus she was pissed. Hell, he’d gotten her pissed plenty in the past, but she was a normal person who had to behave herself then. But now … now he wasn’t sure she could be stopped, what, with everything he’d seen her do.

Jim got the gang out of the house. Amanda was pacing near the car with a cigarette between her lips. “Hey, could I get my smokes back?” Jim asked as he neared the old Caddie.

The car … the car was a 1977 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. When it was new it would have been a golden brown, now it was mostly rust with patches of brown paint. True, it had seen better days. But she sure was a tough old bird, held togetether with a lot of duct tape and jerry rigged ingenuity … but the car still ran.

Amanda held the pack out for Jim to take, but just before he could take the pack her hand snapped shut with an audible snap. The pack of cigarettes was obliterated. “Oops,” she said, “too slow, I guess.”

There has to be some way to deal with her, thought Jim as he opened the back door and helped Donna, who was looking hurt and visibly limping. Her neck and back was beginning to purple, from what Jim could see. Sammie seemed better off, if not terrified.

“Shotgun …?” Mike asked. He knew better than to presume, thought Jim, even as stoned as he currently was.

Jim gave a quick shake no to Mike, he looked at Donna and Sammie as roomy as the big car was normally four rode in the back and three up front, but with Amanda’s boobs she could count as two (maybe three people) herself and Jim had serious doubts that Donna and Sammie could survive Amanda riding in the back with them. Her tits would probably puree everyone in the back seat. Hell, the front seat wasn't even safe. The dash was already crushed in on the passenger side from the last time she was in the front.

As he slid into the drivers seat something was niggling in the back of his mind. He looked at Donna in the rearview mirror. It was strange … Amanda and Donna, while both could be mega bitches, had always been the best of friends.

They had been a tag team as long as Jim had known them, but ever since Amanda got super, these terrifying super powers, it’s like she’s had it out for Donna. And in a bad way.

Rolling the window down let the crisp night air into the car. “Uh, Amanda … you getting in?” Jim asked, doing his best to keep the fear and dread out of his voice.

Amanda bent low at the waist leaning on the drivers door, the suspension groaned as Amanda put weight on the car, at least Jim hoped it was the suspension, as she pressed down on the drivers side and grinned. “I’m not getting in, dumbass,” she told him, straightening up and allowing the car to do the same.

Jim shrugged, and rolled the window up as his eye’s followed her around the front of the car.

Just as Megan slipped into the front passenger seat Amanda rounded the passenger side and slammed the door shut so hard the car shook. Jim swore he heard something break loose in the door.

Just as Lisa was starting to make a fuss about being in the back with four people, Jim saw Meg look at Amanda as she was bending over outside the passenger side of the car. “Seat belts!,” he snapped, clicking his in place. Meg had just buckled hers as the car lurched onto the drivers side at a sharp angle.

The car jerked up hard and rocked back and forth in the air. Jim and Megan were roughly held in place by the seat belts, by the sounds of the grunts and yelps of pain from the back, the others didn't have such a good time of it.

“Hey guys … maybe you should buckeeerrrrk …” Jim never got to finish up as the car rocketed off into the crisp night air.




Smiling, Amanda held the large car, which felt weightless! It was still a surprise for her, even after a week of super powers. Had she put a bit more effort into lifting the car, she just might have launched it miles into the air. However, with her now inhuman reflexes, she was able to recover.

Amanda found not destroying the car harder then lifting it. She had to concentrate at first, so that her fingers which could and did effortlessly dig into and crush the steel frame. In her excitement she almost forgot how pissed she was. She took off so fast pieces of the car were ripped off in the air.

Amanda couldn't see her friends, the car was over her head. But her other senses could paint the picture for her. She could hear, as the air was forced out of their lungs, their pathetic hearts strain to pump blood, and other squishy weezy sounds. It was all rather gross.

Then there was the groaning, popping and cracking sounds the car was making. She had adjust her grip a few times as metal she was holding onto kept giving out as she would shift the car to keep it from dripping nasty car fluids on her outfit.

“Oh, fuck!” Amanda's words were lost in the ripping wind. She realised she had to slow down when she saw that the flimsy material that made the see through window was all but gone, and the neck of the shirt was stretched out and very near the ripping point. Slowing down, she also realised that her friends were all blacking out. She gave the car a tiny jerk. Pussies. “And I’m not even going near as fast as I can go,” she spat into the wind.

Flying much slower was aggravating her, but it was more to spare her outfit then for her friends comfort. She had no idea how high she was, but she guessed somewhere between one and two thousand feet in the air. She figured she was going maybe three times faster than the traffic.

She could see the road and the few cars that were on it for miles and miles from the night sky. She wanted to throw the car in frustration, but she still would need to go slow to save her outfit.

She let out a small frustrated growl that sounded like a small thunderclap that could be heard for miles in front of her.

Coming up over a car, Amanda smiled to herself. The small beat-up yellow Yugo’s pathetic headlights strained to light the night up in front of it, whereas even in the pitch black Amanda could see the world spread out before her.

Looking into the small car she saw a glasses-wearing, large fatty of a woman. Her face was scrunched up as she strained to see the road in front of her and she was simultaneously stuffing a double cheese burger in her mouth while balance a supersized coke between her fat fatty fat thighs, and the supersize fries sliding around the passenger seat. Amanda saw crumbs of the fatties meal, of meals past, she could make out every bit of dirt, dust, every ding and dent. Amanda grimaced in disgust at the slob in the small car.

It never occurred to Amanda that she had seen everything in under the span of a second, looking through the car in the dark of the night as if it were the most natural thing. Ha, thought Amanda, the fries are probably the closest thing to a passenger to ever be in the car.

Amanda slowed, following the small car from the high in the night sky, as she had an idea for a new game: Flip The Car.




When Jim had first bought the car in high school, there had been a small hole in the drivers side floor board, through it you could see the road blur by. Over the years the hole grew bigger and bigger, until it new nearly took up the whole driver side. Jim had placed a section of plywood over the gaping hole, putting the mat over it you couldn't tell. Over the years the hole had come in useful for hiding and or ditching items during unwarranted traffic stops and such.

As the wind howled and whipped through out the old Caddy, Jim couldn't have said what happened to the piece of wood or the mat that had covered the hole in the floor. Now that he wasn't straining against G-forces a fighter pilot would struggle with he could see how very high up he was.Iit wasn't the height that scared him, but the fact that Amanda had total control of his life … of all their lives.

Through the hole Jim could just make out the top of Amanda's head. She was flying real slow, or hovering – it was hard to tell. Then he saw dim headlights. He couldn't make out the car below, just the lights, and then suddenly the scene was lit up by a series of green blasts that lit up the night. He watched the unfolding show with a helpless and morbid fascination.




Amanda cut loose with her laser vision, blasting the ground just a few feet in front of the car.

Sally was on her way home from working the late shift, it had been a long tiring night when out of nowhere a blast of strange green lightning blasted the ground a few feet in front of her. She jerked on the steering wheel, swerving the small car violently down the nearly deserted highway.

Amanda cut loose with two more small burst of laser vision as the fatty drove the small car like a crazed Nascar driver on crack, somehow managing to keep the car on all four tires.

Then Amanda fired a large blast right under the drivers side of the car. The car was launched several feet in the air. Both tires on the drivers side popped from the heat, the metal melted, paint blistered, but beyond all belief the car refused to flip. Amanda let out a thunderous growl in frustration. Unfortunately for Sally Miller, Amanda read the name on her drivers license. It would have been better for her if the car had flipped.

Amanda aimed her laser vision at the rear of the car and let loose with a large forceful blast of energy that sliced a six inch trench through the road under the car, right through the middle of of it from back to front. The two halves exploded in a big fireball and both halves of the sub-compact car were blown off to either side.

Yes, thought a satisfied Amanda: Two flips for the price of one! Deciding she liked this game she sped up, looking for more cars on the dark highway.

Amanda continued flying with lasers pouring from her eyes effortlessly carving a six inch trench thousands of feet into the ground until she saw her next playmate.




Janna turned the radio down of her large SUV and was looking in her rearview mirror, she was sure she’d heard sharp sounds from behind her. Thunder? Gun shots? Maybe an explosion? She thought she could see some kind of light flashing behind her.

With the radio turned down, she definitely heard a strange clap of thunder. It had sounded almost like yelling. Then she swore she’d seen some kind of lightning.

Looking in the rearview mirror Janna saw two emerald beams lighting up the night. Well, she was never too sure. It could have been one big beam that came around a curve heading right for her.

She slammed the pedal to the floor … but the beams sped up as well, and the sliced through the center of her SUV.

The SUV’s fuel tank exploded, sending both halves of the truck careening into opposite sides of the road. Lucky for Janna, the sheer size of the truck saved her life.




As Amanda picked up even more speed now, with her lasers still slicing deep into the ground, she never wondered how she could see through the emerald energy beams pouring from her eyes or that the energy pouring forth from her seemed limitless. On a whim she blasted a quick strong pulse of energy into the ground instantly digging a deeper hole than man could have dug in months if not years.

Amanda saw an 18 wheeler speeding up obviously trying to get away, she blasted a pulse of energy at the trailer. She watched in fascination as the trailer was obliterated, most of the rear part of the tractor was vaporized, the front part was blown into the air flipping end over end.

“Now that was a fucking flip,” Amanda said out loud as she hovered over the large crater she had just created so that Jim could get a good look at the deep crater the cut the two lane highway in half.

“Now lets go fuck that bitch up,” Amanda said flying in the direction of the Walkers house.




Jim watched through the hole in the bottom of the car and the ground rushed up frighteningly fast as Amanda seemed to fly straight into the ground. The car and everyone in it groaned as Amanda came to a sudden stop when her feet touched the ground.

Amanda set the car down roughly, letting the rear end drop with a creaking clang as the abused car bounced on its suspension.

“Hey fucktards! That's the house.” Amanda informed them in a hushed shout, pointing to a nice two story house.

In the dark Jim couldn't tell the colour of the house. it was either green or gray, he thought as he reflexively followed Amanda to the front of the house.

He hadn't even realised he’d gotten out of the car as he heard someone to puking behind it. Turning, Megan was wiping her mouth.

Looking back at Amanda he was sure he saw her wave to someone in the house, but it was dark and he knew he was losing his mind.

Amanda was completely out of control. If only there was a way, he thought as he slowly walked up the big front porch. But she was insanely powerful now.

If only someone else had been brave enough to touch the meteor first, he thought. Like who? Donna? Megan? Or Sammie? Fuck no. Me! He thought of himself with superpowers, a foot taller with a buff body and a foot long dick. Would he be any different?

No, that rock should have never made it to Earth, he realised, as he and Amanda stood on the porch while the rest of the gang straggled to them. He continued to think back to that night that strange rock fell from the sky …

They were there … at the barn. The barn was just that, and abandoned barn out in a abandon field off the beaten path a few miles away from town. As long as anyone could remember the barn was the spot for stoners.

Remembering, Jim saw Amanda jump into the shallow crater and pick up the little 'space pebble', as she had called it, and then … an amazing torrent of energy exploded from the pebble and swirled around Amanda … she absorbed all of it. And then she transformed …

He was pulled out of his thoughts as Amanda spun him to face her.




Amanda cast a glance over her shoulder, trying to suppress a smile at the sight of her shaken friends. With her powerful senses she could see and hear every sound for miles upon miles. But she was only concerned with the here and now.

Jim caught up to her on the house's big front porch. He looked lost in thought as he stared into the dark night sky.

He looked nervous. Hell, he smelled nervous, she realised as she held his gaze. She’d never thought people could give off so many smells, and that these odours seemed to match their emotional state of mind. It was interesting, but she didn't linger on that though. Amanda had other fish to fry.

“Amanda,” Jim said in a whispery rasp. “The car? The noise … the fucking cops!”

“Relax Jim,” she said calmly, uncharacteristically placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. She could see it had an instant calming effect on him, and not just calming … his junk stiffened.

“I can hear every house for, like, real far … and no one is waking up yet. That house,” she gently spun Jim around by the shoulders pressing her boob into his back causing a shudder down his spine as she talked into his ear, pointing to each house as she talked about them, “that house thought the noise was from their kids TV. Those houses are sleeping and never woke up, except for that house.” Amanda pointed to the house directly across the street. “That old biddy is dialling the phone as we speak … but we can’t have that now, can we?” She fired a infinitesimally tiny burst of laser vision at the side of the house where the phone wires were connected to the house, and cut them.

Amanda nibbled on Jim’s ear and made a soft sexy sound that made Jim shudder with a small orgasim.

“So easy,” she observed, giggling.

Amanda stood right in front of the peephole, standing up tall and straight and so close to the door that her nipples were almost brushing it when she took a breath. She made sure Jane got a good long look at her impressive figure.




Jane was a light sleeper. Her husband: He could sleep through almost anything. The crashing and creaking sounds didn't even cause him to stir.

Jane was woken up by the racket from her front yard. Her mind was agog! She’d never really expected anyone to show up. Looking out the window into the dark, she could just make out … a large fat girl? And she was talking in a hushed tones to some kids behind her. It never occurred to her that the pranksters were not actually teenagers.

Jane smiled as she quietly walked down the steps to the front door. She was relishing the thought of surprise on these kids faces when she stood her ground. And while she would always say she would do anything to avoid a physical confrontation, deep down she loved beating the smug out of bullies and wannabe tough guys.

Jane knew how this was going to go. She had to strike hard and fast, take down the leader, then the others would fall like a house of cards. Peering out of the peephole she wanted to get an idea how the gang was spread out before opening the door.

Looking out the wide-view peephole, Jane was somewhat shocked at the gang on her front porch. None of them were kids like she had first thought. In fact they all looked to be at least in their mid 20’s. Her left hand hovered over the security panels panic button.

Jane was confident she could handle a gaggle of kids. They wouldn't know how to attack as a group. All she would have to do is put one or two of them down. But they were older … maybe they were a crew that worked well together. One thing she had learned was to never underestimate a threat. Her hand hovered over the panic button on the security panel.

Jane continued looking out of the peephole, a grungy but good looking guy was whispering to someone out of the peepholes view. That, she thought, must be the fat chick.

No, Jane thought, they were no crew. Most of them looked stoned. Lowering her hand from the panic button she grabbed a stun-gun from the table when her view out of the peephole was blocked out. She didn't know exactly what was going on, but she felt she had a good enough idea how to proceed.

Jane flipped the front porch lights on, and jerked the front door open. Getting her first good look at Amanda for the first time, her brain seemed to skip a beat … but only for a moment.

Thanks to countless hours of training in martial arts, and crisis management, Jane’s body reacted on muscle memory alone. She jammed the powerful stun-gun under one humongous boob and pulled the trigger without a conscious thought.

She stared in shock. The incredibly built amazon should have been on the ground jerking in spasms from the electrical current, as several hundred thousand volts should be scrambling her nervous system.

The Amazon said, “You better have not ripped my fucking shirt, bitch,” as she quickly reached out to Jane. Incredibly, electricity snapped and popped between the Amazons outstretched fingers …

Jane had been shocked by a taser before, so she felt she was somewhat ready for the jolt, even if she couldn't comprehend just how or what was happening. Jane was knocked back by the most powerful jolt she’d ever felt.




Jim walked into the nice house, right behind Amanda, who stood over the spasming woman, gloating. “Did you all see that, I am SOooo fucking electrifying.” She looked over her shoulder to make sure she had an audience.

Jim hung back, as the girls piled into the house. Sammie walked over to Amanda. “Fuck, Mandy! You shock her with her stun gun?” he heard Lisa ask.

“Fuck no, you tart! I don’t need a toy,” Amanda declared as she brushed one finger over Sammie, and with a soft electric pop Sammie fell jerking to the floor.

“Oh, come on, you baby! I didn't even use a fraction of what she got.” Amanda shook her head as she stood over the spasming Sammie on the floor.

“Fuck you!” Donna spat at Amanda. “She didn't even do anything to you.” Donna went to help Sammie up.

“Oh yeah? Bitch … you steppin’ up?” Amanda's tone revealed her outrage, and with a light swat Donna was thrown into a living room, bouncing off the furniture like pinball bumpers. “Why don’t you … get me … a drink!” Amanda spat.

Fuck, Jim thought. The drink. The barn. It all came back to him as the adrenalin was sobering him up.

It was just after Amanda had transformed. She had just left the meteorite that had transformed her into the mega powered amazon on the picnic table. Donna picked it up and looking wistfully at Amanda’s new and incredible body. “Fuck,” Jim had heard Donna mutter, “Amanda you could have left some juice in this rock for us too, ya know.”

“Well it doesn't work like that,” Amanda explained, without the characteristic sneer in her voice, “I'm sorry, Donna.”

Donna cut her off. “Fuck it. Just get me a beer.”

“Okay Donna.” Amanda said walking over to the cooler and reached in to get one for her, again without any hint of nastiness, and held it out to Donna.

“Gimme that,” Donna said snatching the beer from Amanda, who looked almost hurt as Donna glowered at her. “Fucking stupid useless pebble,” Donna declared, chucking it into the fire pit. “Hey, as long as you’re being so nice … bring your way, way, fat-ass tits over here and open my beer. It’s not a twist off.”

Amanda snapped, “what the fuck?”, grabbed the beer from Donna and threw it so far and fast it made a small shock wave, shaking the air around them. Then she kicked the cooler, which exploded like a shotgun shell with beer filled pellets as they punched holes through and splattered against the old barns door.

Jim realized now that the goddamn rock had controlled her! It sure as hell wasn't Donna. He, like everyone else, was too stoned and in too much shock and awe of Amanda to realise what had happened that night.

The Barn. The pebble. An out of control Amanda. Oh fuck, I have to get it, he thought. But how? That was the real question.

Jim backed up against the doorway. Amanda was poking the the woman on the floor with her foot every time she struggled to get up.

“Come on Jane,” Amanda sneered, “I thought you were gonna kick my ass! You couldn't even make my tits jiggle.” With a flick of her foot she sent Jane sliding down the hall, crashing into what must have been the kitchen by the sound of crashing pots and pans.

Jim watched Amanda walking casually down the hall, dragging her fingers through the wall as she walked towards to where Jane had crashed, flicking the occasional nick nack so that they shot off with the force of a gun.

Jim turned to the alarm panel, but stopped. He had to get help, but really … what could the cops do? They couldn't stop her. It would probably just piss her off.

Just have to go for it, he thought, and hope she’s having too much fun to realise that he was leaving, and hope beyond all hope that Amanda didn't figure it out for herself.

“Shit, shit, shit, fuck” Jim said to himself. Turning, he bolted out the door … running just like a maniac.




Jane felt like a freight train had run over her as she picked herself out of the jumble of kitchenware that had fallen over her. She didn't know what kind of armor the huge chick had on that she could resist the stun gun. She smiled to herself as she thought at how people had believed she was paranoid at all the security measures she had insisted on … not that they were doing her a hell of a lot of good at the moment. But she had one more trick. In the kitchen she had a very large (the size of a small fire extinguisher) keg of pepper spray.

Thanks to Jane’s training, she ignored her body's aches and sprung up, spraying at the Amazon intruder. She had used this before, and it had put down a group of five people easily.

Without hesitation she squeezed the handle, her aim was spot on as the thick stream flowed right into her attackers open eyes.

Jane felt the air begin to whip past her head, then she found it hard to breath as the air seemed to be pulled from her lungs. The crazy big-boobed amazon looked like she was slurping a strand of spaghetti as she inhaled all the caustic agitant that was sprayed at her.

All Jane could do was stand there dumbstruck, spraying while the dramatic wind whipped past her. Her mind tried to justify what was happening but couldn't.

The big woman smiled as the spray ran out, in the dim light of the kitchen Jane could see her smile as she licked her lips saying, “Yum.” Jane hadn't had time to really look her assailant over and only now realised just how beautiful the Amazon was.

The amazon was impossibly built, incredibly beautiful, and apparently she had superpowers. All in all, Jane’s mind was screaming this wasn't possible.

Jane’s body was still on auto-pilot. Without thinking about it She reached back to grab a chef’s knife from the block and instinctively slid in to a position to strike with the it.

Jane kept the kitchens large island between her and the amazon, reasoning that the bigger woman would be slower and giving Jane a chance to prepare or even a chance to counter an attack, or better yet give her a chance strike.

With a calm confidence the Amazon walked up to the island, and with a casual backhand sweep she knocked the island out of the way. It crashed through the side of the kitchen wall and all the way into the neighbour's garage.

Jane found herself held off the ground in a powerful yet not too painful grip around her throat. She was held in the air, her feet dangling off the ground, by her throat. Even then Jane was all business. She stabbed down at the amazon’s exposed chest.

Amanda caught Janes attack in her hand and with frightening strength squeezed her wrist. What the? Her arm felt like it was caught in a vice, it was squeezed so painfully hard she was forced to drop the razor sharp knife.

The knife dropped point first slicing through the gauzy black cleavage window. Jane had a perfect view as the tightly stretched shirt split down the centre, the knife wedged point first between her huge breast. And not a drop of blood.

Jane watched Amanda’s face turned red as she watched the rip slowly grow, exposing a long valley of cleavage.

Amand’s grip painfully tightening around her neck, Jane only had time to think that the amazon’s skin was so remarkably smooth and soft … it was like a velvet covered vice around her neck … before being shook like she was nothing but a rag doll.




Amanda was so caught up in the moment, she wasn't worried about any stupid knife hurting her, that she forgot her shirt was not as invulnerable as she was. She paid the knife no attention until it was too late.

“You. Shouldn't. Have. Done. That.” Amanda spat furiously. She had to use all her limited willpower not to squeeze Jane’s head clean off her shoulders.

Turning around, Amanda went back down the hall holding Jane out in front of her as she slowly walked back toward the others.

Amanda stopped in front of a picture showing Jane in some kung-fu get up obviously having won some event.

“So you're some kind of kung- fu fighter?” she asked.

Jane’s answer was a gurgle.

“Oops,” said Amanda, relaxing her grip enough so Jane could breathe. “What did you say?” Amanda purred softly. “I didn't catch that.”

“That was …” was all Jane gasped out before Amanda cut her off.

“It doesn't matter what you say!” Amanda bellowed, in her best impersonation of her favourite wrestler, shaking Jane around like a rag doll in her hand.

Amanda slowly walked back down the hall, holding Jane out before her by her neck. Her grip was loose enough so that Jane, who had her hands around Amanda’s wrist, wasn't choking … yet.

Amanda had battered the smaller woman into defeat. The cues from Jane’s body, her breathing, heartbeat, the way she just held herself in Amanda’s grip without struggling, made Amanda smile.

Sammie was still laying almost exactly where she had dropped. She was moaning softly. Amanda nudged the tiny girl with the toe of her shoe, sliding her a few feet into the living room.

Mike had never made it into the house. He had apparently been knocked over, or just fell over, the railing of the front porch. He was passed out on and in the shrubbery around the front of the house.

Megan was bent over Donna when she passed by, and looked to Amanda. “I think Donna’s hurt. She’s not getting up.” saying to Amanda.

“She’s just playing possum,” Amanda said after a quick check with her x-ray vision. “Nothing’s broken.”

“H-how do you know?” Meg started to say, till she saw how Amanda’s face was turning red at being questioned. “I didn't mean it like that,” she said quickly. “It’s … I mean … you're not a doctor. How? How do you know?”

Amanda smiled again. Megan was practically pissing herself in fear. “Because her guts look like yours. If you want to see what broken guts look like, I can kick Donna through the wall so you can see.”

“Nooo,” Donna shrieked as she tried to scramble back into a corner between the furniture.

Amada just shook her head. “Now you’re beginning to understand your place! You'd better check on Sammie.”

There was a flushing sound. Amanda saw that Lisa had been using the bathroom. Her lip curled in disgust at the thought. Using a tiny bit of heat vision she fused the door knob and then she shattered the toilets water tank. She watched Lisa flailing for a minute, trying to get out of the flooding bathroom.

Amanda frowned slightly as she saw that Jim was running like a crazy man down the street, apparently checking cars in driveways for keys. “Hmm,” she said to Jane, “I thought Jim would’a stayed 'til the end. Just to try and mother-hen everyone, all safe-like. I didn't peg him for running! Well … I’ll get him when we're done here and show him what's what.” She took a moment to check on everyone else in the street. “Some of your nosey neighbours don't know how to keep to themselves, and called the cops,” she observed as she walked up the steps to the second floor. “Come on Jane! We need to take care of our business first.”




It was well known that James could sleep through just about anything, but even he had his limits. At first he thought he was dreaming he was at a wrestling match, but as the sleep left him he realised he was hearing voices from downstairs.

His first thought was, fuck … whoever had decided to break into their home had made a big mistake. He thought about what Jane was capable of, and what she might do to an intruder.

James wasn't a badass like his wife. He was just a mid level banking exec. His wife was the ex military badass turned corporate security consultant. She had taught him some self defence moves and how to use a taser gun, but he didn't really like handguns of any kind.

Just as he picked up the taser he heard footsteps outside of the bedroom door. He propped himself into the firing stance like Jane had taught him, the red aim dot centered on the door at chest level.

The door to the room flung open and Jane half ran, half stumbled into and onto the big king size bed, shouting: “James!” as she practically bounced onto and then over the big bed.

James dropped the taser, flipped on the lamp on the night table, grabbing his wife to him.

“What the hell,” he said as he saw that Jane looked like she'd been in a prize fight … and lost.

“Jane!” He started seeing movement out of the corner of his eye. He picked up the taser with his free hand and raised it up as woman entered the doorway.

A tall woman. James thought he might still be asleep … or that he was hallucinating.

“Hi James!” She purred so invitingly it sent shivers down his spine. “Finally! Are you, like, ready for some fun?”

She was big. She had to duck under the doorway, and … oh fuck … she was improbably built. She was simply amazingly curvaceous. She was built like a dream …

“Oh my god,” James uttered softly, the taser slipping from his hand. His battered wife in his lap, his eyes never left Amanda as she walked slowly into the room, exuding sexiness with every step.

As she walked around the big bed her gaze never left his. Her smile sent a thrill down his spine. “Oh my god. What a dream …” James said softly. “Shit … it all feels so real.”

The tall Amazon was standing over them, so all he could see was her incredible large underboob. It was an amazing sight and simply had to be a dream.

The Amazon took a step back, and bending at the hips slowly, she bent over and picked up his wife by the underarms.

Strange, he’d thought he saw a chefs knife wedged in her cleavage as she bent over.

He did! He did see a chef's knife wedged in her cleavage …

She plucked the knife out and stuck it in the wall across from him like it was a tack, with only the handle sticking out she. What the hell? She hung his wife by the back of her night shirt from it. What kind of fucked-up dream was this?




Amanda smirked, looking Jane in the eyes, holding her gaze and softly said so only Jane could hear, “Say anything and I will crush him like a bug.” She hefted a giant boob like she was squishing a bug.

James was staring with his mouth wide open at his wife hanging a foot off the floor. Amanda sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over low with every ounce of sexness and suduction that she could manage.

Locking eyes with James, Amanda reached out for his hand and pulled him up. She stood up from the bed. She made sure she didn't block Jane, so Jane could see how powerless she was as Amanda not only seduced her man in front of her, but that her man would easily chose Amanda over her.

Amanda was sure James was under her spell. His stiffy spoke for that. “Come on, lover,” she said stepping close to James letting her large tits press firmly against him, covering his torso. “I am going to ride you so hard,” Amanda told him, slowly stretching each word out as she pulled him to the bed.

James moved like he was under a spell as Amanda knocked him to the bed with a playful shove of her chest. Yeah, when I’m done with him, Amanda thought smiling widely, sex with any other woman will seem like a pale imitation of the act.

With one swift motion Amanda pulled James's pants off exposing his member, which was a less than impressive size. Amanda didn’t let any of her disdain show. She put on the sexiest show she could as she made soft cooing sounds as she ran her hand lightly up and down James inner thigh.

It was a very good show indeed, judging by her audience's reaction.

Amanda moved slightly as James had a herculean orgasim. Spunk launched from him in a high arc as he arched his back, making Amanda think of a small, a very small really, artillery cannon from one of the military documentaries that Mike liked to watch when he was stoned.

Amanda watched the spunk sail across the room, splattering on Jane’s foot and the floor in front of her. The defeat and horror on Jane's face was priceless to her.

James was laying on his back, eyes closed, taking deep breaths.

“Oh no, lover.” Amanda’s voice was like smooth velvet as she began stroking James inner thigh watching in delight as his member stiffened again.

“Hey Mandy! What’cha doing?” Lisa asked from the doorway of the bedroom, her voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

James’s head turned, looking wide eyed at Lisa. Lisa looked the exposed James over and snorted a derisive laugh. “Goddamn Mandy! He’s got a small prick!” Her high pitched nasal whine of a voice shattered Amanda’s hold on the room.

“You're gonna fuck him?” Lisa asked just realising what was going on. “Oh fuck, you totally were!” She squealed.

Jane couldn't hold in her sob any longer at hearing those words.

James looked around stunned. “What the, this … isn't a dream,” he said, stunned as he rolled off the bed to go to his wife.

Amanda moved so quickly it looked almost as if she teleported in front of James. “Not so fast, Ace,” she said, blocking James off and with a slight brush of her tits she knocked him across the room and over the bed into the corner

Amanda glared at Lisa, and with a flick of her wrist she launched the thick comforter at her. The comforter wrapped around Lisa like net, and the force of the throw sent the tangled up mass of comforter and woman down the hall, crashing into the bathroom at the far end.

Sitting on the edge of the bed Amanda tried to regain her composure, taking deep breaths to calm down. The air in the room shifted with her breathing.

Amanda looked to Jane hanging on the wall. “We're not done yet. You think I can’t get your man all hot and bothered again?” she inquired as James was picking himself up from the corner of the room.

“All I have to do is show him these,” Amanda said, running her hands over her ginormous reality defying boobs.

Amanda used a fingernail and sliced a small tear in the top of her shirt. The split in the shirt slowly widened down the middle.

She slowly turned to James with her sexiest smile. Locking eyes, she walked towards him, with every step her hips swished and swayed suggestively, her mammoth boobs jiggled. The rip in her black blouse tore wider and wider with each and every deliberate step.




James may not have been a certified bad ass, he was just a mid-level manager in a multinational company, but enough was enough. Adrenaline was coursing through his veins.

He had been knocked near to where he dropped the taser, and he had every intention of popping up and frying that big bitch with 50,000 volts.

Often times things work out better in your mind then in reality. This was one of those times. As soon as James caught sight of Amanda walking towards him, and the seemingly endless amount of creamy pale breast flesh that was more exposed with every step, he stopped cold. As she locked eyes with him he was caught like a deer in headlights, the taser in his hand forgotten with the thoroughly overwhelming vision of Amanda walking towards him.




Amanda’s smile changed from sexy to sneering arrogance. She wasn't worried that James would notice, his eyes were firmly locked onto the seemingly endless amount of cleavage still being exposed one step at a time.

She gave a little wiggle as her tight black blouse came to an end, fully exposing her huge perfect tits to the room. “Don’t forget to breath now, Jamesy,” she advised, turning to look at Jane who still hung from the wall. “We are going to have soooo much fun now.”

“Mandy! What. The. Fuck!” Lisa shouted, and her voice was like glass shattering.

James blinked, the spell broken. He raised and fired the taser.

Amanda easily tracked the two darts flying at her left boob. With equal ease she stepped aside, not that she was worried about them, but Jane was next in their path. That was all the thought she gave to Jane or James her full fury was now focused on Lisa.

“Lisa, you have always been,” Amanda’s voice was sweet as sugar up to this point, until she spat “a fucking pest!” with venom.

“God your tits are big” Lisa said almost wistfully while staring at Amanda’s uncovered chest. “So big and … perfect.”

Seeing spots, Amanda’s face felt like it was vibrating she was so beyond pissed. “Ruined!” she said over and over between breaths.

She was so far past rational anger she started hyperventilating.




“Come on,” James said gently slapping Jane's battered face to get her to pay attention to him. “We’ve got to get out of here,” he told her in an urgent whisper, pulling his wife down from the wall.

Out of nowhere the wind started to gust hard in short sharp rhythmic bursts. The curtains blew in, then out. Papers on the dresser fluttered around, and he felt the wind ruffle his hair.

Jane fell limp on the floor but starting to squirm. James went to pop the emergency rope ladder out the window.

The window … it was closed. But the wind was really picking up. James turned, looking at the amazon he’d been trying to avoiding looking at.

Oh shit, this is not possible! His mind screamed. He watched her from behind, and her breathing was in time with the wind. The wind even smelt faintly like cinnamon.

Get a grip for Jane's sake, he thought, and pulled her under the bed with him hoping he would wake up from this nightmare.




Amanda was breathing so hard that Lisa was knocked onto her back and into the hallway floor by rapidly changing directions of the powerful winds whipping through the house.

“What the fuck Amanda? That hurt, like, a lot,” whined Lisa as she was trying to get up from being knocked down the hall again. The buffeting from the winds was pulling her back and forth as she tried to stand in the hall.

Amanda stammered in anger, her eyes were glowing green with wisps of energy escaping them.

“Gezus, chick! Take a chill pill!” said Lisa, standing up. “God! You know … Donna was right. You are acting like a bitch. I’m out of here!”

Amanda blew a sharp breath, blowing for several seconds like she was trying to blow out a match held at arms length. Even she was surprised by the force and fury of her breath.

Lisa only had a second to see Amanda’s perfect lips form an “o” before a solid wall of wind smashed her out of existence, along with two-thirds of the house and several houses behind the Walker residence.

The wind coming from Amanda was no more a wind than an atomic detonation is a camp fire. The leading edge was a solid wall moving at thousands of miles an hour, smashing everything it’s path. Almost nothing survived … even the earth was pushed aside.

The leading edge of the wind was like a wall. A wall moving at thousands of miles and hour. The leading edge smashed almost everything and everyone in it’s path. Houses were turned into toothpicks; cars were blown apart. What wasn't smashed to dust initially was torn to shreds by the impossibly strong and violent winds. The landscape was ripped and torn apart, like so much dust in a hurricane. Amanda’s cinnamony sweet breath scoured all life as it tore a cone shaped trench just over five miles long and three miles wide into the earth.

The destruction, and it didn't stop with the trench, continued as all the earth and debris was blasted many miles beyond the trench to rain down on multiple cities. And then there was the earthquakes as the ground for even more miles rocked and heaved like a rolling ocean.The death toll would estimated to be in the tens upon tens of thousands, and it would take weeks to get the final tally.

Jane and James Walker were forgotten for the moment. Amanda’s mind raced as she surveyed the destruction she had so effortlessly caused. She had done a lot of mean and outright cruel things this past week … yes, she had caused damage, even bodily harm … but she had stopped short of outright killing. No, she thought, that convenience store clerk didn't count.

Her thoughts briefly turned to the convenience store a few miles from the barn. It wasn't her fault he committed suicide. Yeah sure, she had taunted the short man with her super-hot body, and made him jizz in his pants multiple times … and then just when she had let him think he was going to get her she trashed the store while laughing at him. As if! A few days later Jim said he’d heard the clerk killed himself. Big whoop. It’s not like Amanda had murdered him.

But this, this act of wanton destruction … killing her friend, and thousands upon thousands of faceless people … this made her realise for the first time that she was not a human-being any longer. No. Amanda was now a goddess. She could do whatever she wanted, to whomever she wanted. Who could stop her?




Jim had found a car, with the keys left in it. Driving the car like a madman he raced out of the ritzy housing development. YES! He thought, realising where he was. Years ago he had worked in this development, when the houses were only just being built, as a labourer. Back then the area was just skeletal frames, tan mud and dirty lots. He’d only lasted few weeks before getting fired for smoking up on the job.

None of that was important. No. The important part was the development's proximity to the Barn! Jim was at most ten miles from the Barn! He just needed to get there.

Racing out of the housing development Jim saw the blue haze in the night in time to slow the car to a reasonable speed as four cop cars raced passed him. He let out his breath as he watched the cops turn into the development.

As soon a the squad cars were past Jim he stepped on the gas as the world around him erupted in chaos. The sound was like a herd of freight trains with jet engines rolling over an immense tin roof. Ground was rolling and heaving, like he was in a boat on a stormy ocean.

The car spun out, but luckily the area was relatively flat. The car had ended up facing in the opposite direction, and Jim realised he had blacked out … but it couldn't have been more than a few minutes. In the dark night he couldn't see too much, but what he could make out was totally unbelievable.

Stomping on the gas Jim spun the car around and raced to the barn. He’d known Amanda since they were kids. Yeah, she’d had a rough life and she was one hard ass chick for it but he never thought she was so brutal and vicious. And to her friends too!

The ground shook several more times, and he swore he could hear laughing over the crashing, over the explosions, and over the howling wind that buffeted the car.




Jane may have been some kind of kung fu chick, but she did have a lot of clothes, Amanda thought. Damn! This closet was as big as her room back at the house was. She rifled through the large closet that had somehow survived the night … so far.

Most of the clothes were way way too business-like and conservative for Amanda, not to mention several orders of a magnitude too small for her mega-hot bod. But she had this thing about being nude.

Like a lot of women she was … well, she had been … unhappy with how she looked. It didn't matter that she was perfectly fine to most guys, and that most guys were more than happy when a girl whether perfect or not was into them and willing to get intimate.

No, all Amanda could see were her imperfections, and then to have a friend like Megan who was so pretty, and confident with her body … it was madding.

“Gawd,” Amanda muttered over her shoulder to Jane, who was still under the bed in the arms of her husband. “You have some real shit taste in clothes. I guess this wouldn't be too bad … but fuck, I’d need two of them to cover one tit.” She tossed the offending blouse over her shoulder.

She started moving at super speed, using her x-ray vision to see through the mass of clothing she tore through the closet at super speed destroying every awfully boring article of clothing with a twitch of her wrist or a blast of heat vision.

In less than seven seconds she had destroyed every article of clothing in the room-sized closet except for a plum knit cotton wrap. On a regular size woman the wrap would have covered from neck to knees. On Amanda the dress was a revealing knit top.

Walking over the the large bed that the cowed couple were hiding under, Amanda kicked it in the corner, smashing it through the front of the house.

“Get up,” Amanda commanded. Her hard voice shook the air in their lungs, kicking the bed through the wall and into the front yard. “Tie this up for me.” Amanda turned her back to Jane and James as they were cowering on the floor.

“I think this will work for now, how about you two?” she asked, twirling around for them to look her over as if she had not just destroyed their house, and even their reality as they knew it.

“Well, he likes it.” Amanda smirked at James's small erect penis. But it was over. Jane was beat, and she just looked at the floor. All the fight was gone from her, her resilient spirit broken.

Amanda gave a snort of derision, “whatevs,” as she abruptly turned around and went down stairs to her friends.




The four squad cars were arrayed in a shallow semi circle around the haphazardly parked beater of a Caddie.

Officer Bill Colón, got out of his squad car, looking the area over. He had heard and felt the … well he wasn't too sure what had happened, all he knew was that they had been called out to the very posh Huertos De Manzana De Oro housing development for a suspected robbery. Dispatch had said it was called in by several different people all saying there were five to ten suspects, so all available cars were sent.

Yeah something was wrong as heck. The lights had gone out of the entire neighborhood right after the huge quake. The neighborhood house all had moderate damage as his partner played the squad cars flood light over the surrounding houses. The house they were called about had a large hole in the front and what seemed to be a shattered bed strewn across the front yard, and all the windows seemed to be blown out.

“Rubins, tell dispatch there's been some kind of explosion. We’ll need everything once we get these looters.”

“Uh,” Rubins said thoughtfully, “Dispatch isn't answering, I think the quake knocked them out.”

“Dandridge, Jeffries, and Markus you're with me. Rubes: you get someone get on the emergency freqs, see what's happening, it could be worse in other areas. Stevens, Cole, and Givens: check on the neighbours, see if they're okay and if they saw anything.”

Something wasn't right, they all knew it. They were all on edge as they moved out.

The quartet of officers moved into the front yard, Sergeant Bill Colón could see movement in the house. “Come on out we’ve got you surrounded.” It was a small lie of sorts. He called Stevens and Givens back with his radio his gut said something strange was up.

There wasn't a lot of cover around the yard He took a position behind a big tree near the centre of the front yard the others fanned out into the neighbor's yards behind cars, letting them find what cover they could. He was confident they knew their jobs and how to cover one another.

Bill watched the house. He was sure he could see movement through the darkened windows. “FREEZE!” He bellowed, “COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!”




Amanda hated the police with a passion. The were alway there to bust her chops, but where were they when she and her mother needed them? Fuck the cops, she muttered under her breath as she walked back into the living room.

Donna and Sammie had been knocked down by the quake. Amanda bent down and plucked up the two women getting them to their feet.

“How?,” Amanda asked Donna and Sammie, “are we supposed to freeze and yet come out with our hands up?”

“Maybe he means,like, just you … for you to go ou-out to him or he’ll shoot,” tiny Sammie said.

“Oh, so he wasn't talking to you and Donna? You know you're an accessory? Right? So, you know, I think he was talking to you and Donna because, I mean really, what are some silly little bullets gonna do to me?” Amanda observed with a shrug and a smug voice. “Sooo … maybe you two should, you know, go out to the cops and, like, freeze for them.”

Donna and Sammie slowly started to back away from Amanda, they turned and went to go out of one of the broken living room windows.

Amanda heard the cop shout “Freeze right there and hold your hands up!” Smiling, Amanda blew a super freezing stream of air at her ex-friends, freezing them solid in the span of seconds as they had their hands up.




For all the world it looked to Bill Colón as if the women that were about to slowly climb out of the window literally when they spontaneously froze.

He looked over to Cole, who was behind a neighbour's car and had a good view of the front of the house. Cole looked just as baffled as him.

“Rubes,” he said over his shoulder, “You get anyone yet?”

“Shit, Sarge! The radio’s going crazy! There was some kinda tornado and earthquake. Most of the city’s been knocked out. The radios crazy … I can't get anyone.”

Just before Bill could reply there was a crunching sound and the front of the house started to come apart.




Amanda looked over the living room, her eyes sparkled with glee an idea popped into her head as she was looking at the huge fish tank. It took up most of the wall behind the bar, and somehow survived with only a few small cracks in the huge tank.

Using her super freeze breath, in seconds the six hundred gallon fish tank was frozen solid. The blast of super cold air dropped the temperature around the house by nearly thirty degrees.

“I said freeze right there, and come out with your hands where we can see …” The police officer’s voice died in his throat at seeing the beautiful woman holding a huge block of ice over her head come crashing through the wall of the house.

The block was so big that when Amanda was walking with it held over her head it smashed through second floor, causing more of the house to collapse behind her, but most of front of the house still managed to stand up even though now anyone looking in the house could see most of it was gone.

She saw Mike in the shrubs she nudged his leg with her foot. “Hey Mike … you got a blunt on you? Give it up.”

The cops were buzzing like angry bees, shouting at her and Mike. Amanda turned and blew again, but this time she blew out the pepper spray. She covered all the cops except the one behind the tree and the one in the car frantically yelling into the radio for the army's help.

Mike was wobbly on his feet. He looked up at the huge block of ice. Amanda thought he looked at her almost dreamily, though he had pulled out his pack of smokes and held them out to Amanda in his open palm.




Mike was frolicing in a field of tits, soft wondeful boobies. And then the Evil Queen Amanda sucked all the tities into her chest.

The now super boobed Evil Queen Amanda said “Mike if you want to touch my mega awesome tits you need to make me a ham sandwich,”

And so Mike did. It was a fucking fabu ham sandwich with the ripest tomatoes, the greenest lettuce, but no onions because they were horrible, because they made you cry, and no food should ever make you cry! Then he lovingly spread layer of fluffiest mayo ever.

The Evil Queen Amanda greedily took the delicious and lovingly crafted ham sandwich and ate in in two big cartoonish bites.

MIke reached out to grab the two breastacular tities that were rightfully his, but the Evil Queen Amanda jumped back, his mouthwateringly giant luscious tities bouncing and wobiling just out of reach.

“Now what? What do I have to do to get my titties back?” Mike pleaded to the evil queen Amanda.

“Weed, Mike. You must give me ALL your weed,” The Evil Queen Amanda said. Her voice was so sensual and hot, yet the words caused his body to shiver in horror at the thought. Or maybe because it was really freaky cold out. It was hard to tell.

“Now this is a conundrum for all time,” said Mike, standing up to to the Evil Queen Amanda. “Ah … but I have an answer for your evil riddle Evil Queen Amanda. I can get more weed later. I also have this beer for now.” Mike handed over his pack of smokes in which had cleverly hid several fat ass blunts.

This time before Evil Queen Amanda could jump back Mike grabbed the two huge luscious gazongas and revelled in their glory and perfection, and proceeded to jizz like a fire hydrant.




Amanda took the pack of cigs and weed and stared in stunned silence as Mike grabbed two huge handfuls of her breast.

If it had been Jim then maybe she’s of let him live, at least he was decent looking. Well, that was before Jim ran like a little bitch. But Mike … Mike was a shortish overweight hairy troll, and he did not have permission to touch her. Not ever.

Mike, she thought, had wanted to feel my boobs … I’ll give him a feel. Amanda used her enormous boob like a wrechking ball and tit slapped Mike so hard that he was launched miles into the air.

“Put that down and keep your hands where I can see them,” an officer ordered from behind a tree.

“Geez,” Ananda muttered. “What a dumbass.” But it was something she could work with, as an idea formed for a new game.

“Oh, I’ll just give up and let you arrest me!” the incredible woman said in a mocking voice. “But … you have to take this first.” She hefted the large block of ice as if it were a helium balloon over her head.




Bill Colón’s mind couldn't believe what he was seeing almost all of his officers were on the rolling on the ground. It had to be a trick of some kind, he stepped out from behind the tree he saw Jeffries and Dandridge coming up the yard with their weapons drawn.

“Dandridge! Cuff her,” he commanded in his authoritative voice. “Okay, lady. Put the block of ice down now.”

“Oh no,” her voice purred like the softest velvet. “You need to take it from me, that was the deal.” With casual ease she flipped the eight foot tall three foot thick block of ice, fish, sundry aquarium parts and all, so it was standing up in her right hand and held it out by the corner over the officer. “Well?” she pressed, “Take it! It’s not even the slightest bit heavy, for me …”

Up close the woman was simply stunning. Without even thinking, Bill held his arms out to take the gigantic block of ice as Dandridge and Jeffries closed on her.

The woman let the block of ice tip forward, Bill realised that he’d made a mistake when the block of ice wouldn't stop. He didn't even get a chance to cry out once the full weight was transferred to him.




Amanda took a quick step back to avoid the squirting blood and chunks.

She pushed the block aside and looked the crushed cop over. “Hmm,” she said to the cop that was beside her, “there's a lot more blood in a person then i thought. Kind of messy, too.”

The two cops started shooting at her. At first she wasn't too worried about it. She was certain the bullets weren't going to hurt her.

“Fuck! My god damn shirt!” Amanda saw where one of the bullets poked a hole through the purple shirt over her right boob.

“You damn pig-shits!” she declared, shoving the block of ice with her foot at the cop by the car who had been shooting her with some kind of army rifle.

The block of ice slid across the ground and smashed into the cruiser the officer who had been behind the block of ice shattered, the cruiser was ripped to pieces and officer Rubins was obliterated. In fact, even the house behind him was blown apart by chunks of ice and larger squad car pieces.

Amanda ripped up the large tree and used it like a large flyswatter, smashing one of the cops and the car which he had gotten behind to shoot her from.

Her eyes glowed green as a burst of laser vision fried the last cop who had backed off to the side of the crumbling house.

Amanda took off into the sky, looking around for her two remaining friends. She searched hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, but no Megan.

Amanda turned to look at the scar in the earth. Maybe Meg was in the back of the house, and had died with Lisa. Amanda really hadn't been in the right frame of mind to notice.

That’s too bad, Amanda thought. She had really wanted to keep Megan around so she could pay her back for all the guys that she had stolen from her over the years.

And then Jim. Finally Jim. She found him in the blink of an eye. He was at the barn, but even stranger he was digging through the bonfire pit.

Amanda looked at the frozen Donna statue from high in the sky every time she looked at her her blood boiled they had been friends before, before … Oh fucking snap.

Amanda blasted off so fast the shock waves were heard all over the east coast. She was a ball of light and fire as she basted straight for Jim.




Jim was frantic. He’d only briefly seen the stone, and he’d been high as a kite at the time too, before Donna chucked in the fire pit.

His grabbed pebble after pebble. Not it; not it; not it. Then it dawned on him: How the fuck would he know if he found it?

Scrambling as he was, he tried to remember that night just over a week ago …

They had all been standing around the pond playing sink.

It had been Mike’s turn, and he had just chucked and old carburetor into the small pond. “I sank it!” Mike shouted as the rusty carburetor sank.

“Look at that,” said Megan, pointing up at a shooting star in the nights sky. “It looks like it’s coming right at us.”

“Oh right,” Lisa said, looking up along with everyone else. “You know that cuz you're, like, an astronaut or something, right?” Lisa looked to Amanda, probably hoping to get a laugh from her at the ditzy platinum blonde's expense.

“You mean astronomer.” Megan replied softly, as the trail of flames seemed to grow larger in the night sky above them.

Amanda pointed up the the streak of flames. “Fuck me, if she isn't right.”

“No, I'm pretty sure astronauts are the guys who talk about space,” Lisa insisted, as sure as every wrong person who thought they were right.

“No dumb ass,” Amanda snapped. “It is coming right at us.”

As soon as Amanda had got that out there was a sizzling sound like like someone was cooking a thousand pounds of bacon at once as the sky was filled up flames.

“Move!” Jim shouted. He felt like he was in a war movie as everyone dove to the ground.

The sizzling ball of flames slammed into the pond with an earthshaking boom as a shock wave of multi colored energy tossed them a few feet back.

Everyone was getting up. Jim saw the entire pond was gone and there was a huge cloud of steam rising into the air.

The pond had been about waist deep. Now it was a creator nearly five or six feet deep, and the ground was steaming. In the middle was a gray stone, about the size of a fist, with swiss cheese-like holes in it. Multi-color light shone out from the holes like a disco ball or something.

“Fuck’n A, that's a space rock.” Mike declared.

“No, you retard! That's one of those ass-roids,” said Lisa.

“Naw. My Pop’s gets those,” Mike said quizzically. “I’m almost sure he didn't poop any space rocks, though he did say it felt like his ass was packed with gravel, and it hurt like hell, so I dunno maybe …” Mike trailed off.

“You mean meteorite,” Megan corrected. “It’s an asteroid when it’s in space, and a meteor in the atmosphere and if it then survived …”

“Shut your pie-hole,” Lisa snapped, cutting her off.

On and on the bickering went over who was going to get it, and then how the money from the space rock would be divided. It was decided that whoever went in the creator and picked the rock out would get more than the others.

Amanda looked at it. She had a strange faraway look in her eyes. While the rest of the crew was arguing over the space rock … Amanda jumped down into the crater and just grabbed the rock.

As soon as she touched it, the strange multi-colored light shone brilliantly from the fist sized rock. It seemed to crumble as the light got brighter, like the rock was kind of a shell, and inside was the colorful pebble.

As Amanda climbed out of the pit Jim thought something was off … she seemed kind of different. Taller, hotter … it was a slow change at first. Then the stone seemed to silently explode as a burst of color radiated out of it, surrounding Amanda.

As the rainbow of light died down everyone watched in awe as Amanda changed. Her body seemed to expand all at once, growing taller, bustier … much much buster. She grew right out of her clothing, so it was easy for everyone to see her body was well beyond perfection.

“God! I feel Soo good,” Amanda moaned.

God … Jim remembered … even her voice was ultra-sexy sounding.

“Geezus … look at these tits!” she was feeling herself up. The scene was so stunningly erotic that Jim and the others orgasmed with such power and intensity that they had blacked out.

Jim was one of the first up. Amanda was sitting on top of the picnic table. She was now tall enough that the top of the table was a comfortable seat height for her awesome butt, and she had found an oversized T-shirt that Jim had kept in the trunk of the Caddie. It was stretched well past capacity but somehow it held.

Amanda just smiled as she stood up with a little hop. Her huge boobs jiggled and bounced and Jim felt another shudder as his body involuntarily orgasmed again.

“I … I need to … uh … go piss,” Jim said. Geez. She was unreal. In the woods he did his best to clean the jizzy mess that were his pants up and even rubbed another one out just thinking about her.

It was when he got back that he saw Donna pick the small cheerio looking grey stone asking for a beer.

Shaking off his vivid memory, Jim felt a small moment elation. There! In the ash! Reaching for the strange stone cheerio-looking pebble. His hand was closing just as the world around him erupted.

Amanda was flying at him she was surrounded by flames, the ground erupted as she passed over it streaking right at him.

“Nooo!” Amanda was shouting so loud the ground seemed to crumble under him and he was flung in the air.

He closed his eye’s his last thought was in the end there was no stopping her, but I did try to do the right thing.

“Oh my god! Jim! Say something!! Are you okay?”

Jim opened his eyes. He was held in Amanda’s lap, half covered by her huge naked breasts. Instantly he was hard. Even in his fright.

“Jim! Please … say something. Please be okay!” Amanda pleaded.

Jim swallowed, he opened his hand the small gray cheerio looking stone was in his palm.




Esheik breathed a sigh of relief. The council had finally come to their senses and would just leave Jim Hatters and Amanda Potenza alone for the time being. Hopefully no one would try to kill Jim or Amanda.

Esheik had talked to Jim, and while Amanda was near completely under Jim’s control. Well, control was not exactly the right way to put it. Sway maybe … yes, sway fit better.

Jim may have been a slacker, but he understood the power he controlled, and as far as Esheik could see all he wanted to do was be left alone with Amanda.




Two Weeks later

Jim wanted to be angry at Amanda, he wanted to hate her, but she was so beautiful, sexy and mind numbingly hot and on top of that now she was amazingly sweet to him.

The way she would twist her hair around her finger when and look all contrite when he yelled at her. He’d halfway hoped she would snap and splatter him with a swat of her hand. He just ended up hating himself.

Amanda had braided some strands of her hair and helped Jim thread it through the cheerio stone and then she tied the loop of hair snug around his neck in a knot that only she could undo the only other way the stone was coming off Jim was by decapitation and with Amanda as a lover and protector that wasn't going to happen, ever!

The news played the devastation off as a mega quake and super tornadoes. the death toll was in in the ten’s of thousands most of the city was wiped out, and that wasn't counting injured, none of which seemed to bother Amanda in the least.

Amanda was all about Jim anything he needed she was there, she seemed as if she could read his mind and emotions.

If someone annoyed him Amanda would happily kill them as if they were a bug. Well it had only happened once before Jim had realised what Amanda had done. He made her promise to never kill anyone.

“Oh Jimmy, I can't promise that. How about, as long as theres no danger to you I’ll try real hard to be good? Hows that?” Amanda said with a loving smile tilting his chin up she kissed him deeply on then half scooped half dragged him to the bedroom as she ripped his clothing from him.




Three months later – on a remote tropical island

Jim was finally alone, walking down the pristine beach, basking in the quiet, and aloneness. He had no idea where Amanda was.

She had been with him almost around the clock for the last three months, doting on his every whim, real or simply perceived.

Finally he had worked up the courage to ask her for some alone-time for himself. His worries seemed silly, now. All she seemed to want to do was make him happy. No matter what. Although, if he wasn't specific, she would go about things in the most over-the-top way possible. It was almost like she was the evil genie trying to twist his every wish, only instead of a genie she was an awesomely powerful superwoman who would happily lay waste to a packed stadium just to get him a couple of hot dogs and a beer.

His thoughts sent shivers down his back and kept him up at night. Part of it was Amanda had remembered Donna forcing her to get her a beer, and even if she didn't understand what was going on at the time resented her so much the she tortured the poor girl to death. The other part was guilt.

Then there was this: He was living a life he could have only dreamt of if not for Amanda … but it was on the backs of millions upon millions of deaths. His friends, even most of his family, and yet here he was without a care in the world, living in the lap of luxury, his every whim doted upon by a goddess. And he found he liked it.

By all accounts Amanda seemed to be head over heels in love with him. It was as if she couldn't and wouldn't hurt him, or do anything that might cause him harm. As far as Jim could tell, Amanda never even gave the slightest hint that she was not totally head-over-heels in love with him.

Jim’s hand unthinkingly wrapped around the small stone dangling from his neck. Really, he thought, I did try. And he had. He’d tried talking to the government about finding a way for Amanda to help, but whatever he had asked Amanda to help out with she always caused nearly as much damage as she was trying to fix … if everyone was lucky. The only time when she was totally good was when Jim was within maybe fifteen miles of her, so he really couldn't send her out to help the world.

Thinking about the Iraq debacle an entire country reduced to molten glass. Nearly all of the 25+ million people turned to ash. That wasn't counting over 100,000 U.S. soldiers, and those were just estimates. He hadn't, at that point, realises then that Amanda would or could twist what he asked her to do when she was away from him.

When she came back to him she was like a puppy dog that had piddled on the floor, all big puppy eyes with its tail between its legs. Unlike a puppy she was incredibly sexy and she had blown Jim’s mind with the most incredible make-up sex ever.

It was, as far as Jim could tell was, simply in Amanda’s nature to be as destructive, mean, vicious, etc, as possible. Looking back, 20/20 hindsight and all that, he could see Amanda was absolutely fucking nuts right from the get go. It was just that she was a normal human then … she'd had to check herself at a certain point. It was quite a frightening thought. She would happily kill everyone in a coffee shop if Jim expressed annoyance at having to wait in a line, and she was so fast that he (and everyone else who was not killed) had no clue what had happened.

He’d managed to talk to some government types who seemed to understand the deal. They set him and Amand up with this sweet private beach house in Hawaii, and badass black credit card that he could buy anything with.

There was also talk of testing Amanda to find Amanda’s limits. Jim wasn't to sure about that for several reasons, one of which was she had been working on her tan a little lately. In the fucking SUN. In. The. Sun.

He’d researched it on the net just this morning, and found out it took just over eight minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth. Amanda had said she could get to the sun in seconds if she wanted to. So yeah, he wasn't sure what kind of test the government suits could do to her to find her limits.

Then, of course, what if they did find her weakness? What would happen to him? Here he was, living it up with a woman who had killed tens of millions of people. He’d tried to explain to the suits that he had only sent Amanda to help. The suits hadn't seemed like they believed him, and they certainly weren't going to disagree with him with Amanda practically draping herself over him and glaring daggers at the small group of official government types that were trying to bully him.

Amanda had only killed one of them before Jim had reined her in and gotten her to stop. It had been some military jack off who had been acting like a dick, but still … he didn't deserve to have his head slapped off. And it was very messy.

Even more worrisome was how blasé he was becoming to all the death and destruction that Amanda caused. He had to come to grips with the fact that people were going to die. He realised that he had come to expect her to kill.

Jim’s mind wandered as he walked down the beach the sun setting. How bad a person must he be? He tried to tell himself that if he didn't have the stone Amanda would have done a lot worse.

Out of the surf men rose up guns pointing at him. Jim didn't even close his eyes he held his arms up and welcomed death.

The six men opened fire on Jim without saying a sound.

Jim never even saw her in the sky her. He did see the trail of flames leading up from where she landed. Amanda slammed down into the beach in front of Jim, easily swatting the bullets out of the air. She waited several seconds before wading into the shocked men.

To Jim’s amazement the soldiers recovered relatively quickly and didn't finched(much) as the terrifyingly beautiful amazon waded in to the six men. The Soldiers never had a chance. The men seemed to explode to mist with each swing from Amanda. The attempted assassination had lasted on several seconds.

Amanda walked out of the bloodied water like a blood splattered avenging angel. Jim hadn't even realized she was naked. She stopped and blurred for a half a second and then she was clean and dry. Jim had seen this vibrating trick a few times now.

“Mandy … you didn't have to kill all of them,” Jim said his voice muffled as Amanda’s hugged him to her, her huge breast enveloping him.

“I didn’t kill all of them yet,” she told him. “There’s a big sub a few miles out where they,” a bloody slick was now spreading up and down the beach, “came from. And anyhow! I gave you like a few seconds to tell me to stop like you asked!”

Jim’s mouth opened and closed.

“Jimmy, they need to understand. They can't attack us and come out unscathed. Especially now!” Amanda said holding, Jim’s hands over her stomach. “You know because …”

“A baby,” Jim said wistfully.




“Who … What the. Oh the base. Mare Penumbra.” Megan looked around. The base was still powering on as she lay on the softly glowing floor.

“Viveca,” Megan said softly , “my name … is?” She clutched her head in pain.

Oh fuck, she thought, the nerds … I mean boffins, Geezus, they didn't say it would be so hard! She had actually lost herself in Megan’s mind. The last week was all bits a pieces, like looking out to the world through a fish bowl.

She remembered. They hadn't had a lot of time to test out the alien equipment. The distraction would only last a few minutes at best, and where Amanda was concerned nothing ever happened for the best.

Meg, Viv thought, please let go, you were dead … you just didn't know it. You were going to die tonight. She, Amanda, was going to kill you … but I can promise you: You won't be forgotten.

It all came back to Meg, no … Viveca … like a dam bursting. Her mind was sent back in time to stop Amanda. To stop her from her total domination of not just the Earth but the entire Multiverse.

As dimwitted as Megan was she did have a strong mind, Viv thought … right before pain lanced through her skull. “Okay, okay! Megan. I’m Megan!” Viveca’s aristocratic british accent was replaced with Megan’s light New Jersey accent. Megan had sure put up a fight for her body and mind, she thought.

It would have been a lot easier if she had been able to stop Amanda before she got the power gem. As long as she could stay hidden, since in her time Amanda almost certainly didn't know about the alien base, or she would have most certainly destroyed it.

Megan knew she would only have a few chances to stop Amanda, and with each missed chance the danger of being found out was exponentially greater. And she had missed the first chance already by getting lost in Megan’s, now her, mind.

There was no need to wallow in the past, The next chance would be in nine months. There was a lot to do.

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