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Birth of Ultima – Part II

Written by TwiceOnThursdays :: [Monday, 12 May 2014 15:06] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 21 May 2014 08:52]

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my own story posted at my DA site at, even though the username’s are different. Just didn’t want people thinking it was someone else’s work.

She stepped back, hands on her hips. “Take a good look, Kent. Your powers are better off where they are now.”

A slight humming sound echoed through the room. Emma quickly determined where the noise was coming from. Three small red dots appeared and expanded into a rotating field of red. She watched, fascinated as the fields slowly grew. She looked at Kent, and he is frozen. The clock’s second-hand moved so slowly only her enhanced senses could tell it was moving.

As she examined the dots, she realized they were the Liberty Squad teleporters. They only take a second or so to teleport someone in. As she watched the glows, she saw some tell-tale pulsing of colors, and deduced that it was the relative mass of the people beaming in, which enabled her to guess their identities. She pondered for a moment, and figured she might as well be prepared for their arrival.

She zipped down the hall and collected some supplies and came back to the lab. She laid down a patch of an ultra slick gel. Then created a duplicate of Occultus’ amulet. It only took a moment to carve an exact duplicate out of a hunk of bronze. She paused for a microsecond, and admired her work. Her physical control was amazing, and her memory was flawless. Another moment and she inscribed some symbols on a piece of rope, and then drew some symbols on the floor with a transparent liquid.

Magic takes focus and ritual, and normally can not be rushed. But some spells just needed simple concentration and symbols inscribed. Fortunately, she had the entire magical archive section memorized!

“Not sure I’m going to need any of that, but might as well be ready.”

As the glow expanded a bit, it resolved into the shape of men. Details formed as the glow faded, leaving three men in the room. One is slight and wore a shiny smooth green suit, like an Olympic bobsledder uniform. The second man wore a fedora, a cape, and a medallion with a stylized eye on it. The last man was huge, far bigger than Ultimo had been, easily 6’8” with massive arms and a huge bushy black beard. They were Blur, Occultus, and Hercules.

Hercules had his arms crossed, and a scowl on his face. He loomed over his companions, and was quite intimidating. Blur seemed to be napping, but after moment he was idly looking around the room.

Occultus stepped forward, his arm outstretched dramatically. “What have you done to Ultimo?”


Occultus looked at Kent and intoned, “And who might you be?”

“Doc! It’s me. Ultimo! You know … Kent …” He glanced over at Ultima. “Hey! How did you know I was Kent Raymond?”

“Never mind Trivia!”, commanded Occultus, “How did you do this dastardly deed young lady! You must reverse this at once!”

“Uh. Dumb ass here messed with an alien artifact when I told him he shouldn’t. It stripped his powers and gave them to me. He kept fiddling with it, until it folded itself into another dimension and slipped away. I have no idea how to reverse the effects. And after seeing Super Clueless here in action, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.”

“No Matter. Come with us and we’ll have this all sorted out!”, Occultus reached out to guide her between Hercules and Blur. “We’ll teleport back and give you a full sensor sweep.” Only, Ultima did not move, and Occultus tugged harder, to no avail. “Young Lady! Stop fooling around! We must return at once!”

Ultima gently removed his hand from her arm, and pushed him back. “First, don’t lay hands on a lady without her permission. Second, I’m not going anywhere with you if you don’t start talking to me, instead of AT me.”

“I don’t have time for this!” He reached down and grabbed his amulet, and gestured dramatically, “By the Eldritch Powers of Aggeroth, bend this woman to my will!”

Ultima smirked. “Stuff it! And get that hand out of my face before I make you eat that amulet.”

With a sudden glitch of movement, Blur was now paying attention instead of looking around the room “whatsgoingondoc?whydidntshecome?”. He takes a slow breath. “She resisted your spell! Don’t worry Doc, I got this. Not even Ultimo can match my speed!” He took off in a blur, sped over to the bench, picked up some cable, and rushed back over to Ultima.

Only, as he approached, he hit a spot on the floor and skidded, his eyes widened in surprise and he attempted to right himself. For a brief moment he was out of control. Ultima reached out, grabbed his arm, flipped a rope on it, and rotated the rope around him.

He attempted to hold her off, but as the rope touched a limb, it went numb. Before he could regain control, he’s already bound in the rope and unable to move.

“You can’t catch me! No one can catch me!”

“You are a lot faster than I am, but you still get surprised, and then your reactions slow down. That’s all I needed. A simple rope of binding, and you’re held.” She laid him down on the floor gently.

“You can’t hold BLUR with a ROPE! I’ll vibrate out of it!” He concentrated, but remained in place. “I can’t move! I can’t get out!”

“Don’t you pay any attention? I guess not, things must get really boring for you most of the time. It’s a rope of binding. Magic. You can’t escape that easily. Just wait there while I see if I can get the other two to talk. You might want to slow down or you’ll get REALLY bored.”

Occultus still had his hand outstretched; a look of surprise slowly grew on his face. Ultima walked over to the counter, grabbed some more rope, walked back and tied his hands together, and then his feet. She stuck a sock in his mouth, and wrapped his mouth up in duct tape.

After this, she looked down at Blur and noticed he had quieted down to normal speeds, and willed her perception to slow back down.

“MMMMMM!”, Occultus tried to gesture, and tripped. Ultima gracefully caught him, and lowerered him to the ground. “I’ll take all that off when you learn to behave yourself.”

From the sounds that emanated from Occultus, he was none too happy. A glance over towards Hercules, and she sees him start to rear back to unleash a mighty Blow. “Wo---”. And the world stopped again.

What should she do? Hercules was supposed to be stronger than Ultimo. And even if he were just as strong, a full strength blow from either of them would demolish the lab, and potentially set off any number of dangerous experiments in the building!

She just couldn’t go toe to toe with him here! Fortunately, while Hercules was much faster than a normal man, he wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet. Unfortunately, he was enough resistant to magic that nothing she could think of would stop him.

She casually sidestepped his blow, and walked up behind him. Grabbing his belt, she lifted him up, and flew through the window at speed. Upon hitting outside, she flew straight up, and then gave Hercules a mighty toss. She let time speed back up a bit and watched him fly the 50 miles to the ocean, and continue going another 30 miles. She held up his transporter badge and communicator, and smiled. As strong as he was, Hercules wouldn’t be hurt, but it would take him awhile to swim the 20 miles back to shore and make his way back.

“What in Hera’s name is going on here?”

Startled, Ultima turned and saw a beautiful six-foot tall woman floating above her. She was quite built, with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. She wore a uniform of reds and blues, patterned off a Greek warrior uniform. The uniform showed off her awesome legs. She had nice firm thighs and amazing calves, shown off by her gladiator shoes. Her shiny black hair shrouded a beautiful face, with ruby red lips and piercing green eyes. She was Amazon, and was the most powerful woman in the world. Well, maybe the second most powerful woman in the world now.

Bracing for another conflict, Ultima readied herself for a fight. Amazon was strong and fast, all accounts said she would be outmatched by Ultimo. Though since Ultimo probably was the one saying that, it was probably bullshit. Plus Amazon had trained for centuries and was a quite capable warrior, and much faster than Hercules.

“I can see that you bested the braggart Hercules, with minimum destruction. That’s a first. He’s more brute than hero. I doubt he’s learned a thing in the last two thousand years.” Amazon gestured towards the lab window, “Perhaps we can go inside and discuss what happened here. And hopefully avoid needless altercations.”

Amazon landed in the room, and waited while Ultima flew in behind her. Amazon broke out in laughter. “I see you bested Blur and Occultus. You’ve had a busy day.”

“Occultus tried to enspell me, so I stole his amulet. And I wrote some containment wards on the floor around him to blunt his spells. Nothing said they had to be visible, so I wrote them in a colorless fluid.”

“So when he tried to cast a spell, he had no amulet and couldn’t draw power? Then you trussed him up like a pig?”

“Yup. As for Blur, I put a slippery gel on the floor so if he ran behind me, he would slip. And then I took a moment to inscribe the runes of binding on a rope. When he slipped and was in the air, surprised, I just grabbed him and wrapped him up. It’ll keep him rooted and unmoving until it’s unbound. I figured the ‘unmoving’ part would keep him from vibrating.”

“I see. You bested three warriors in a matter of moments. A good showing. How did you come by such powers?”

Kent stormed between the two women. “That bitch STOLE THEM!”

“I did no such thing! You monkeyed with an alien device that you didn’t understand and set it off. It then transferred your powers to me. But you weren’t done. You had to keep messing with it, until you destroyed it.”

“Wait. You mean HE set off the device? That’s not what he signaled us with. Hold on, let’s reply the sensor footage. His communicator tech would have automatically recorded everything.”

Amazon reached over to Kent, and pulled a device from his ear. She fiddled with it for a moment, and then a hologram popped up and displayed Ultimo walking in the lab. They watched the entire encounter unfold.

Upon finishing, Amazon held her hand out to Ultima. “Well met, Lady. You are a mighty companion, and shall make a wonderful ally.” She leaned down next to Blur. “Are you going to behave if I let you out? It has to be torture for you to be restrained.”

After a promise from Blur, Amazon unwound the binding, and let Blur go. Ultima dangled an amulet from her hands in front of Occultus. “I’ll give you back your amulet, instead of the replica I made, if you promise to behave.”

“I think you’ve hurt his pride. You’ll not get anything out of him. I doubt he’ll cause any trouble today.” Amazon held Occultus’ attention with her piercing stare. “Know this, wizard. If you try to harm Ultima in any way, I shall not be amused. And most of your tricks do not work on me.”

She then ripped the rope off with a single tug, and helped him stand. “Remember. Be a gentleman. I shouldn’t have to remind you.” She ripped the duct tape from his mouth.

He stuck his hand out to Ultima. And waited. He shook his hand emphatically again, until she dropped the amulet in his hand. He took off the fake one, and tossed it to the corner of the lab. And put on his amulet.

“Young Lady. You have no idea of the forces you were tampering with! That could have imperiled your very soul!”

Ultima rolled her eyes at Amazon. “Is he always like this?” She looked back over at Occultus. “That’s your Amulet of Aggeroth, and in the hands of a non-adept it’s harmless. In the hands of an adept, as long as they don’t attempt to travel dimensions, it’s pretty harmless. Your master gave it to you when you were barely trained.”

“It’s dangerous! You could …”

“Stuff it. Or I’ll stuff another sock in your mouth again. Let’s not forget that YOU attacked ME.”

“You’d assaulted one of the members of the Liberty Squad!”

Amazon held up a hand to hold off his tirade. “No. She didn’t. In fact Ultimo assaulted her, before he carelessly set off a device that stole his powers. And then kept at it until it self-destructed. I’m not sure what we can do to help him.”

‘I was just trying to make her tractable, to take her back to the lab for study!’

“Using mind control spells on young women to bring them back to your lair? Not cool. No matter what you were thinking, it’s called kidnapping. Don’t worry, I won’t press charges if you don’t try it again.”

“You accuse me of kidnapping!”, Occultus emphasized his point by raising his hand up with his index finger pointed upwards. “I’m an agent of Justice! I would never …”

Ultima looked over at Amazon. “Maybe I should press charges. It’s like he doesn’t understand English. Or Manners. Or Basic law.”

“Maybe you should start by apologizing to Ultima here? And then you can figure how big an ass you are later. If you need help, I can explain it to you in small words.”

“She STILL HAS MY POWERS!” Kent’s voice has raised a few octaves.

“Kent. Just because you were idiotic and lost your powers, doesn’t mean I’m going to help you assault someone. Especially someone you already assaulted. And worse because of something you did. If we can find a way to reverse these effects safely, that’s one thing. But we’re not holding her or experimenting on her.”

Ultima snorted. “Like they could hold me even if they wanted to.” She walked over to Kent, and looked down into his eyes. Not only was she super-powerful, she was a bit taller than him, had wider shoulders and bigger arms. Her superiority over poor Kent made her smile. She reached out and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Look me up if you figure out how to undo your mistake. But I don’t plan on helping you. I plan on proving that I’m a better person to have your powers than you are. Witness the destruction caused by my battle with Hercules!”

“You knocked over the bookshelf and the potted plant and broke the window when you hauled him out!”

“Exactly. You would have punched the crap out of him, and destroyed the lab, and a good part of the building. I knocked over a shelf and a plant, and broke a window.” There’s a light breeze. “And it’s all cleaned up.” Ultima is holding a small backpack in her hands. “I can’t believe I used to think this thing was heavy.” She holds it out to Kent, who again, grabbed it reflexively. Only to grunt, and lean forward from the weight.

“Sheesh. You ARE a wimp now Kent.” She grabbed the pack back from Kent. “Anyway, I’m going to go find a good place to have some fun with my powers and test them out.”

“Before you go, let me give you this.” Amazon handed her a small ear bud. “It’s a Squad communications device. It’ll work anywhere on the planet, and allow you to use the teleport network. It obeys some simple mental commands, but you can also tap it on/off with a touch, and give it voice commands too. Give me a call when you’re done and we can run you through some tests at the Lair.”

“Honestly, we’re not all as bad as these four, and we could use your power!”


Ignoring his outburst, Ultima just stared at Amazon, and put the device in her ear. “I’d be glad to stop by. I think I need have some old-fashioned fun first!”

“Hey, Kent!”


“Tell Stolovitzky I quit.” She turned towards the window. “And if you can actually understand and remember, tell him that in his latest paper he made a mistake balancing the field equations on the third page. He should account for dimensional oscillation. If he can’t figure it out, he can shoot me an email.”

She pats Occultus on the head. “You be a good boy. I’d hate to have to spank you.” She waved at Amazon. “Been nice meeting you. You were always my hero!”

And with that, she disappeared so quickly that only Amazon and Blur saw her leave.

She rapidly gained altitude and looked around the city. A moments thought and she figured out the best place to test herself, an abandoned Quarry about 40 miles outside of town. She reveled in the fact that shortly after she’d thought to be there, she’d already flown there. A quick scan of the area determined no one was around for miles. She could cut loose and not harm anyone.

She figured her first experiment would be to test her perception and tracking. She scanned the surrounding mile and found that she could easily isolate things the size of a squirrel. And upon seeing it, could listen to what was going on. Her hearing and vision were quite frankly, impossible. She could listen in on the quiet chattering of a squirrel a mile away, isolated from all the other noise going on. That really shouldn’t be possible for something the size of and shape of a human ear to accomplish, even with her astonishing brainpower. And her “Tachyon Vision” saw through anything, but also allowed her to see colors and all levels of detail. That also seemed a bit impossible.

“Perhaps there is more to these powers than is readily apparent. Still, they aren’t mystical. They feel mental …”

She glared at the quarry wall for a second, and a beam of intense heat struck the wall, and gouged into the rock. A bit of experimentation and she could carve complex symbols into the rock. She quickly learned how much power burned through how much rock.

She walked over to a puddle, and blew. She concentrated on making it cold, and the puddle froze. “This really makes no damn sense. Sure, wind will pull off excess heat faster, but it doesn’t freeze things.” She turned her head slightly to the side, and her tongue played with her lips. She was lost in thought and talked to herself. “Perhaps this is just the easiest way for Ultimo to comprehend his powers – and since I’m trying to do what he did, it’s working the same way.”

She focused on some of her mystical training, and her training in meditation. Mental powers used similar techniques to control as mystics used to control magic.

“I wonder if I tried other ways if it would work.” She shot a small pulse of heat vision at the puddle and melted it back to water. She then thought about freezing it with her eyes, and suddenly the puddle froze over. She touched the rock wall and thought ‘heat’, and the wall melted, molten rock dripped down the wall. She used her Tachyon vision to look through some surrounding trees, to some rocks on the other side. She focused on heat showing up on the rock, and it melted away. The trees in the way were perfectly fine.

“I’m not focusing heat and cold from my eyes and lungs, I’m directly affecting them with my mind, and that’s just how it’s perceived. It is easier to think about aiming that way.” She lightly tapped the wall, and knocked out a chunk of rock. It felt like Styrofoam. She then held the rock in place, and practiced looking through the rock and melting symbols into the wall. She occasionally lifted the rock off and confirmed that her control was perfect.

Next, she focused a foot into the wall, and fused some symbols into the wall. A quick punch knocked the wall out and revealed her handy work. A perfect binding circle fused into the rock wall. Now she didn’t even need material, she could fuse circles into any solid flooring without anyone being wiser. She practiced her control and speed for a bit, ensuring that she could inscribe things quickly with her ‘heat vision’. She found that if she held a pattern in her head, she could fuse it as one, instead of a “beam” from her “eyes” that had to draw out the symbol. And that too was quite handy; she could keep incredibly complex images in her head now.

Next she looked away from the wall, and concentrated on seeing the wall, and it quickly appeared in her vision. Her vision and hearing were the same way … they went where she focused them, without regard to optics or sound. Like her heat vision and cold breath, they didn’t seem to be related to how Ultimo thought and explained his powers. “Not new. It’s not like he really tried to understand anything he did.”

As interesting as all this was … it’s not why she came here. She turned to face the wall, and slowly pushed her arm into the rock up to her shoulder. She then slowly lifted her arm. She knew she was strong, but she was still amazed that she felt little resistance. She effortlessly ripped a rock the size of a truck from the wall, and held it overhead. With a flick of her hand, she tossed it a bit in the air and balanced it upon her finger.

“Must be using flying power, or telekinesis to remain stable. I should be unbalanced. It doesn’t matter how strong I am, I shouldn’t be able to hold something that outweighs me by so much without tipping over.”

She flicked her finger, and the rock soared a hundred yards in the air and fell back down. She watched it drop, and at the last moment, gave it a nice solid rap with her fist. The rock exploded into rubble, and showered the area.

At speed, she grabbed a rock, and did a complex calculation in her head. She then threw the rock, and it a perfect series of shots; it bounced off 100’s of pieces of rock, knocking them to the side. “My control is insane. I can calculate precise amounts of force, instinctively.” She pondered for a moment. “And I bet I can play a mean game of pool now.”

She turned back to the wall, and gave it a nice tap, and huge hunks of rock showered off the wall. She let it rain down around her. It was just too easy. None of this posed any real challenge. Spying a bit of steel rebar left stuck out of the ground she walked over to it, and plucked it out of the ground.

She practiced hitting it over her arm just hard enough that the steel would bend and wrap around her arm like a slap bracelet. She found that if she thought about that happening, she managed to get it right each time. She had a fuzzy feedback and could ‘feel’ it wrap around her arm and stop from breaking. She practiced this a bit, leaning on her mystical training again to try to develop this extra sense she had. As she suspected earlier she had some kind of telekinesis, maybe limited to touch. Ultimo could pick things up without them breaking, and she’d been subconsciously using precise amounts of force when needed. The tk must provide some feedback, allowing precise control, and protection against using too much force.

There was a huge old wrecking ball left lying in the quarry that was taller than she was. She floated up and grabbed a hold of the handle, and used it like a kettle ball. She pulled it up and started swinging it around. It should have pulled her around with it, but she remained stock still, as she swung it around. It seemed to weigh way less than a pound; it was no more difficult for her than waving around a lollipop.

She dropped it to the ground, and landed next to it. She walked up to it, as she got close she felt her breasts compress up against it. For some reason this irritated her. Shouldn’t her breasts be stronger than a mere 20 ton wrecking ball? As she thought this, she felt her breasts stir, and push back. The steel groaned as her breasts popped back to full shape and dented the steel. Her breasts WERE stronger than a wrecking ball. The thought made her get a bit excited, and she felt her nipples harden, and gouge little divots into the steel.

She stepped back to see her breasts perfectly molded in the wrecking ball.

She practiced, and similarly to her sense of physical objects, she could control if her breasts were movable or not, and by how much. Furthermore, when she was at full resistance, and she squeezed them, her knees almost buckled from the sheer pleasure that ran through her body. Somehow they got extra sensitive when she cranked them to maximum. At that point they just felt firm to her – but since titanium felt soft, that was saying a lot.

She had some fun by tossing the wrecking ball like a huge bowling ball, and then running in front of it and having it strike her breasts and bounce off, leaving chips and gouges in the ball, but leaving her unharmed except for the excitement she felt when the breasts overpowered the ball, and the pulse of pleasure the impact gave.

But even that eventually ceased to be amusing, and she started thinking about Amazon. She wondered what it would feel like if Amazon caressed and squeezed her breasts at maximum resistance.

“Maybe I should take Amazon up on her offer.” Glancing out to ocean, she saw Hercules striding out of the water. “Oops! I guess someone should have gone and got him. Maybe He’ll be a good challenge!”

She thought for a moment, and heard “Amazon here! I didn’t think you’d call so soon!”

“Well, I’d like to come in and do some of your strength tests. And maybe test myself against Hercules if he can manage to do that without destroying everything.”

Amazon let out a snort. “Getting him to not destroy something is against his essential nature.”

“He just made the beach, I figured we can go test my strength and hopefully I’ll meet him in a safe area first. Ok if I come over?”

“Sure! Just think ‘take me to the base’, and you should arrive. I’m by the landing pad.”

With a quick thought, the world faded and she reappeared in a circular area, surrounded by various weapons. A mechanical female voice said, “Guest Arrival. Ultima. Zero Two Four.” Ultima looked around and noticed that artfully hidden were several different types of beam weapons. She recognized a few from texts and from working in Stolovitzky’s lab. A stunning display of weaponry. Still, she could see the mechanisms power down. She was quicker than they were. Even if they could hurt her, she could have neutralized them all before they fired. Ultimo would probably have let them fire and ripped them out of the wall.

Amazon stepped forward and gave her a hug that was held for a few beats. “Welcome Warrior. Please feel at home. I hope you will join us in our fight against evil!”

“It certainly seems effective to join together to battle menaces.”

“Come. Let us go to the gym. We have one built special to test even Ultimo’s power level. It did take a specialized power source dedicated to the gym, but we could use force screens to test his strength. They don’t last too long at that level though.”

“First let’s test your speed. Beat me to the lab.” Amazon took off. She was faster than a speeding bullet too; to a normal person she would have just disappeared. Ultima saw her begin to exit and gave chase. She kept pace with Amazon, and at the last second she burst forward, passed Amazon, did a graceful twist in the air, and landed facing Amazon as she came to a halt.

“Tag. You’re it.”

“I see. Few are faster than I. I shall add you to the list …”

“You’re faster than Hercules, I could not do to you what I did to him. You’d react before you were thrown. I’m not that much faster than you are.”

“I see you are as gracious in victory as you are beautiful.” Amazon touched some controls on the room, and a red light lit up in the doorway. “I just set the local gravity in the room to 100 Gs. It makes it easier for us to use weights, when they weigh 100x more than normal.”

Amazon entered the room, there is a brief pause as she stepped into the gravity field. Ultima stepped through and just strolled through the field. She moved her arms. “I think I somehow adjust automatically. It’s like my reflexes recalibrate automatically. I still feel light.”

Amazon walked over to a massive weight. “Here’s a warm up. It normally weighs a few tons. So here it’s 400 tons. Give it a try.”

Ultima walked up, put her hands under the weight, and lifted it up. Again, she felt the resistance, and knew it was heavier than anything she’d ever lifted, but it still wasn’t a trouble for her. She removed one hand, and did a few one arm curls with the weight.

“Great Hera! I’m not sure Ultimo could do one-handed curls with that weight! I know that I can’t.”

“It doesn’t weigh that much, I could do a lot more … where’s the REAL test?” She carefully sat the weight back down on its stand. And followed Amazon over to section of the room with a rectangle marked in the floor.

“This generates a field, in any dimension we want, that can resist movement. For its highest settings, we need to store up power for a minute or so, and then play it out over about 10 seconds.”

“Well crank up Ultimo’s Settings, and let’s get to it!”

Amazon pushed a few buttons, and a red blurring wall appeared, and rotated. It folded down to a small horizontal bar, about the size of an Olympic weight bar. “When I turn this on, this will resist movement with a force that Ultimo can barely move. His best is managing two repetitions of this, though he barely succeeded before the 10 seconds of power we had. It’s set to resist moving when you start. Just wait for the light to turn green so it has enough power.”

Ultima walked over and grabbed the bar. She waited for the green light, and then began to curl the weight. She lifted it smoothly, and knocked out a rep every second. She cranked out number 10 as the power cut out.

She let out an excited squeal. “I felt that! It had some weight! Not much, but I felt the resistance! I think my old textbook was heavier though. I built a book scanner in high school, and scanned all my books because I couldn’t lug them around.” She put her hand over her fist in a begging motion and made puppy dog eyes at Amazon. “Make it heavier! MORE!”

Amazon shocked at the casual display of strength was helpless against the onslaught of cute. “It can’t go too much higher. The next setting Ultimo couldn’t move. The setting above that it can only hold power for 3-4 seconds.”

“Give it to me! GIVE ME IT ALL!” Ultima Beamed. The sight of her bouncing up and down like a little exited schoolgirl forced Amazon to shake some thoughts out of her head to try to focus. By Hera she was cute.

“Ok. It’ll take a few minutes to charge up, and it’ll only run for a few seconds. Other than that it’s the same thing.”

Ultima waited patiently as the charging indicator climbed. Slowly. She wasn’t moving at speed, but it sure felt like it! Finally, it was go time!

She started to crank out more repetitions, again about one a second, getting the fourth one out just as the field reverted.

“I FELT IT! AGAIN! AGAIN!” Smiling at her glee, and a bit astounded by the force the woman was generating, Amazon pushed the button to continue the run.

At the last moment, Ultima said, “Look! One Handed!” She dropped one hand from the bar, and the force bar automatically adjusted to one hand.

She began to do one-handed curls. Each curl made her smile get a bit wider. One. Two. Three. Four. At the last curl, she turned back to Amazon. “That’s almost it! Can we set it any higher!” She lifted her arm and flexed. “These guns need more weight to be properly tested!”

“Uh … ” Amazon took a second and collected herself. “It can’t go higher. And even if it could, it’d burn out right away. Maybe we can get Terry to notch it a bit higher. You know that you just outclassed Ultimo’s best by a wide margin?”

Ultima, smiled. And did a few more flexes. She looked back over to Amazon, and gave her a sly smile. “You can feel it if you want to.”

Without hesitation, Amazon stepped up and ran her hand on Ultima’s arm. Her skin was soft and smooth. She caressed her biceps for a moment, and then tried to squeeze it. “Hera’s Balls! It has no give!” She felt the biceps flow down as Ultima stretched out her arm. Even extended, and barely flexing her arm was quite solid. That lasted for a moment, as Ultima flexed slowly. Her muscle hardened and grew. Amazon grabbed it with both hands, unable to make a dent. It grew, and kept expanding Amazon’s hands. At full height it grew slightly more, far bigger than it should have been from the size of her relaxed arm. At the end, even both of Amazon’s hands could not encircle her arm.

“How’s it feel holding the most powerful arm on the planet?”

In her thousands of years of life, Amazon could have counted on one hand the number of times she was flustered. Today she added another. Her first response was a blush, which crept down her cheeks, and a slight catch in her breath, as Ultima flexed again.

“But there is a match for it! Right here. Or Left here!” And Ultima brought up her other arm, and gave a mighty double biceps flex. Amazon switched her grip so that she had one hand on each biceps, and she lovingly caressed them. Her breathing was bit uneven. She stepped closer, so that their breasts were touching. Ultima could feel Amazon’s breast compress against hers when she took a deep breath.

“They’re so HARD. And STRONG.” Amazon looked Ultima directly in the eyes, and held her gaze. “And BEAUTFUL. I’ve never felt anything like them.”

Ultima stared up at Amazon, caught in her gaze. She’d never been in the presence of someone so beautiful. To have Amazon gazing directly at her, with those big green eyes. It was mesmerizing. And though Amazon was larger than her, and a few inches taller, she didn’t feel like a tiny breakable toy. She felt STRONG. And Sexy. Dropping her flex, she reached a hand behind Amazon’s head, and slowly came in for a kiss.

For such a large woman, Amazon had soft lips, silky hair, and soft skin. Amazon’s hands slid down Ultima’s back and pulled her into the kiss. For once being in the arms of someone larger didn’t bother her. Amazon melted into her, and her other hand rose to stroke her face, and her soft skin. The world melted into warmth, and the feeling of Amazon’s hands sliding over her body.

The Door flew off the frame, and embedded in the wall. Hercules stormed into the room. “By Zeus’ Mighty Cock that wench shall …” As Hercules spied Amazon and Ultima, still in an intimate embrace he stopped and stared. Ultima slowly stopped the kiss, and ran her hands down Amazon’s arms as she stepped back a bit. Amazon’s arms were still around her waist.

She looked over at Hercules, who was still staring. He let out a mighty laugh. “Aphrodite’s Bountiful Bosom! That was the hottest thing I’ve seen in an age.”

Ultima looked at the door stuck in the wall, and back at Hercules. “What was so important that you couldn’t use the door knob?”

“I was mad about something. I’m always mad about something. By the Fires of Lesbos, I can’t remember what. It’ll come to me.”

He scratched his head, puzzled. He snapped his fingers. “I remember now! You threw me into the ocean! There shall be a reckoning!”

“Tiddy winks? Monopoly? Thumb Wrestling? Apologies for trying to hit me?”

“Zounds!”, He let out another mighty laugh. “I guess I might have deserved my swim. I do loose my temper if I’m not watching it!”

“And I must have not been paying attention. To try to hit such a beautiful woman! Still. A reckoning we shall have. Thumb Wrestling is not enough! We shall arm wrestle! And when I win, you shall give Hercules a kiss like you gave my sister!”

“And if I win? What do I get?”

“You won’t win! But, you’d still get a prize worth having! A Kiss from Hercules!”

“No. If I win, you’ll swear by Zeus to not oppose me, except in games, unless Amazon deems me evil and in need of stopping, at the cost of your power. I don’t want you chumming up with Ultimo and Occultus to try to strip me of my power.”

“Zounds woman! You ask much! But since none have ever bested Hercules, not even Ultimo, I shall agree. I shall savor your kiss!” He slapped Amazon on the rear. “Don’t worry Sister! I won’t take your woman!” He winked at Ultima. “Though she’ll want me to!”

“By Zeus, backed by my own power, I swear that if you best me on this field of arm wrestling, for the next 100 years I shall never oppose you in battle, unless the beautiful Amazon deems you evil and unjust.”

Amazon stepped over to the panel, and a table and chairs popped into existence. “These are force projections, and should withstand your match. Wait a three count after the start before you take down your opponent. Keep your elbows on the table.”

She walked back over to Ultima and kissed her on the check. “Kick his ass. He’s deserved it for two thousand years.” Ultima sat in her chair, put her arm on the table, and wagged her fingers.

“Ready when you are. Don’t be scared, the sting of loosing will quickly fade.”

“Gods! I’m coming woman.”

Hercules’ hand dwarfed hers. It took some adjustment to get their hands together but they finally worked out a fair position to hold each other. Having seen some matches on TV in a bar while she wasn’t really paying attention, Ultima knew some of the tricks to gain advantage. She was mildly surprised the Hercules didn’t use any. He didn’t try to force her into an awkward position, or start with her hand in a bad position. He even adjusted, helping her get a good grip, and gave her some pointers that agreed with what she the show had said.

“Are you both ready?”


“Yes. And thanks for helping me get set up right!”

“This should be a fair contest of Strength, not simply my experience in wrestling! Why go for challenges if one isn’t going to treat them fair!”

Amazon adjusted their hands. “3. 2. 1. Go!”

Ultima felt a steady increase in pressure, but still, not as much as moving the highest field setting. She let the seconds tick by. At three, she said, “Are you going to really start now? My 12 year old sister pushes harder than this!”

With a grunt, Hercules begins to crank up his effort. He let out a slow growl. Still, her hand didn’t move. The pressure wasn’t really challenging. “Come on! If you aren’t going to take this seriously, I’m going to have to just end this. Give me more!”

A vein throbbed on Hercules forehead, and his arm swelled slightly. He pushed even harder. She started playing with her hair. And smiled at Amazon. “What are you doing after this? I could use some food!”

Hercules growled louder, and grew a bit more.

“I’m going to start pushing back a bit. To encourage you to actually start! Stopping kidding around!” She gave a bit of effort, and Hercules hand was pushed back a few inches. He snarled and pushed harder. She responded by pushing him down a few inches more.

“I thought you were the strongest who ever lived? You don’t seem too strong to me! See!” She pushes him down a few inches quickly, then lets him back up, and pushes him back down.

“You can use your other hand. If you think it’ll help! I’ll still pay up! I’ll even hold up while you get a better grip!”

With a final futile push, Hercules reached over with his other hand and started to pull on her arm. She stopped playing with her hair, and let out a small grunt. She focused on the match for the first time. He slowly moved her arm back up to the top. And then with a mighty grunt, started to pull her arm down the other side. As her arm was a few inches from the bottom, it halted.

“Psyche!” She smoothly lifted her hand back to center. “If that’s all you have?” Hercules’ face turned red from the effort to halt the movement. “Amazon is probably a better kisser anyway. Too bad about that ‘strongest’ thing.”

She smoothly pushed his hands to the table, and held them there with firm pressure. She held it there until Hercules looked her in the eyes.

“I’m serious about opposing me. I don’t want you teaming up with Occultus and Ultimo to attack me, or try to force these powers out of me. As you can see, I’m already more powerful and skilled that Ultimo was. It’s best for everyone if I keep my powers.”

And then she let his hand up. And flexed her arms. “But you can congratulate the victor. Give these a squeeze. You’ve never felt anything like these babies.”

Mesmerized by her power, Hercules compiled. First he put on hand on her right biceps and squeezed. When he felt no give, he grabbed with his other hand, and squeezed. He strained harder to no avail. Her arms were unyielding, covered by skin as smooth as silk.

Since the other arm, was free, Amazon lovingly caressed her muscles. As Ultima looked over, Amazon planted a kiss on her arm. Earlier today, she had been weak, and now she had two of the most powerful people in the world awestruck by her power.

“Now you begin to understand! These are the mightiest arms on the planet!”

She let go of her flex and turned to Amazon, who lifted her into the air and spun her around. Amazon pulled her down into an embrace and gave her a victory kiss.

“You are so amazing! I’ve never seen someone as powerful as you.” She moved in for another kiss. “Or as beautiful.”

After a few moments, they broke apart. “Now. Let’s go get you a meal befitting one who has bested a god!”

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