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Miss Dynamo, Part 7

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What did your wife talk to your about buddy? Let me in on the details here Daniel please.”

“It is what I expected eventually she has to focus on the real enemy and can’t focus on what she was doing before.”

“I figured that much out already but what took her so long to do it finally?”

“She told me about it and I don’t want to talk about it too much. She wasn’t happy about it and she can’t focus on the corporations like she wanted to in the beginning. The enemies that she is after require all of her attention now.”

“How is she going to be your body guard now? Are you telling me she will give up that role too?”

“She will do that when she can but she is taking my advise finally and going all in to get rid of the real threat now. I am proud of her for doing that. The robotic Dynamo robots do the job just fine and I actually plan to talk to the corporate leaders too about their activities about giving grants to companies that assist us if they feel they need it. Many of them are willing to help me already and they thank her being on them as hard as was.”

“Already good so is that all she is going to do then just bust some bad guys?”

“She also asked me to find a company for her to run too to show her nay sayers that it is possible to make it happen. She doesn’t care about what the business does or how bad it is before hand financially. She has quite a bit of money saved up to buy up the shares in the company in question to make it happen.”

“She trusts you to actually makes it happen too. Will she need your help to keep it going?”

“Yes she does I won’t let her down either. She doesn’t want my help she wants and insists on doing it herself on the side when she has free time with her own employees. I don’t blame her for that.”

Daniel would go back to his office to look for a company for his wife. He didn’t want to hear the skepticism of his friend anymore determined to prove him wrong


In a fierce and aggressive meeting with a high ranking member of the government in charge of all of the secret facilities holding the alien tech. Rebecca was having a difficult time getting the guy in question to listen to her. Her focus was on getting him to give her the special tech the alien ship wanted without a fight and he wasn’t happy about it. She broke into 3 places to get what she wanted before in the last 2 weeks and he wasn’t willing to give without a fight either. They were in his office in Las Vegas and this older looking 63 year old man had a stone cold looking on his face the whole time.

“First you break into 3 of my bases to get stuff and then tell me I have to help you. Why should I do that since you have no intention of helping me either. What would I get for all this trouble?”

“I got what I wanted to keep this world safe, if I didn’t get them, this world would collapse as the person that wanted the alien tech would use them to destroy this world for the fun of it. I saved this world from destruction by doing it. You really need to cool down.”

“To make it even worse a lot of other alien tech you supposedly saved from terrorists before ended up being replaced without my permission. They aren’t the same thing they were before. They do something close to the original tech but the difference was easy to spot. You had something to do with it for sure why? Did he want them too and he did it all to safe face for you knowing you would be hated for it. It was as many people suspected for some time. Why should I be quiet about this you big scam artist. You allowed him to replace them with fakes that used a similar technology and looked the other way the whole time.”

“Think about what you do with all of these hidden places you have and all the nasty things you hide from the common people. I could blow the whistle on you too whenever I want but think about this. What you protect the people from isn’t going to destroy all of mankind even though they will suffer for a bit. What I am protecting the people from will end all of mankind instantly and the person in mind wouldn’t hesitate to do it either. I am not talking about the people infecting the minds of the people of Earth either. They don’t have the power to destroy all of mankind like the person I am talking about.”

“Fair enough but you couldn’t talk to me before about it before you trashed the security of those 3 other facilities before. What was so important that you couldn’t talk to me ahead of time I wonder?”

“You don’t want to know besides the person I am getting the parts for is too strong for me to handle alone right now so I have to work with them to get my shot at taking them down eventually but I can’t do it now as strong as they are. I hope you can try to understand me some because if you can’t bad things will happen to humanity that will mean the end of everything before any army can mount up a defense officially.”

“An inside job good deal so you are trying to do some good. I am not sure if my people will listen if you just barge in like you did before ripping the solid reinforced doors off the way of our bases the way you did before. I would be willing try to get them to listen though. I can’t give you any promises though.”

“You had better do a good job of it because if you can’t and it takes me too long to get to what I want bad things will happen for every human on Earth all at the same including you and there won’t be a place for you to hide either.”

“Dealing with people of that level would dictate that level of response. What do you plan to do about the source of the brainwashed people though. That is a big issue as well.”

“I intend to get to that too much sooner than expected. I was fooling around too much and I am sure your people was beginning to lose faith in me right.”

“At least you saw that, a secondary plan was made to account for this too using cutting edge human technology. An old friend of mine is in charge of it, I was never given formal details though and I don’t know where my friend is now either. You could at least give me some warning about your sudden intrusions to my bases at least so I can try to cover you somewhat. Knowing you, the damage would be beyond anything I could cover normally.”

“You had better watch your mouth we both know what happened to your poor desk clerk as he tried to give me hard time. I am sure he is hating life now in the afterlife.”

“I know and you can break a normal force field we might generate too I know. You could at least try to be nicer to us or something. Your employer didn’t always trust us as you might think he did but he at least respected us at least.”

“I will respect you people once you government types give me a reason to. Both you and corporate types are like the worst people ever created as far as I am concerned. He might tolerate your crap but I won’t unless I need to.”

“It is so nice you have so much respect for us because I have as much respect for you as you do for me. If the fate of the world wasn’t in the balance I would have rejected your offer.”

“Like you even had a choice. You couldn’t hit me with anything that could slow me down or hurt me enough to make me back down from any offer I could force on you. You could muster an army to fight me off and all they would do is piss me off as I single handedly reduce them to ashes vaporizing your planes, tanks, vehicle, and people in seconds. You would be dying to except any offer I give you 1 way or another if I really wanted to do that. You are so lucky I respect the words of my employers so much or I would have just vaporized every last one of you greedy government pigs right now.”

“You are so disrespectful I swear but who am I to argue with a woman strong enough to defeat an army of men by herself right so when are you leaving. Don’t you have an important task to do now like saving the world or something?”

“The people of the world are responsible for saving themselves personally. I see myself as just another citizen doing my part. Most people wouldn’t know how to deal with this kind of pressure personally hopefully my employer can prepare them for it anyway. You had better fulfill your part of the bargain or you might lose more people than you would like the next time I decide to visit one of your facilities. You better not think about talking bad about me too when I leave too. My ears are very good and if I hear it I might cause alittle more damage than I should the next time just because I can knowing you can’t stop me remember that.”

Walking away in her tight form fitting Miss Dynamo outfit was enough to make any guy there aside from the head guy wet dreams. She had no interest in tempting them any wanting to get away from the government facility as quickly as possible within reason. When she walked out of the building she flew away of the building making the people watching her either hate her or admire her. Female agents had mixed reviews though some hated her for being an obvious sign of sexual desire beyond reason. Others liked the symbol she represented and saw past her flawless appearance. The obvious response guys had was expected but a few guys refused to look at her and they were considered the oddballs in the office. As she flew over the US not knowing where she wanted to go. She thought hard about her recent activities in the last 2 weeks after she went crazy. She had to break into 3 government facilities to get classified alien tech within 30 minutes of the time limit given to her. The ship had to check it to make sure it was what it wanted within that 30 minute time limit as well. She didn’t like doing it but all humanity everywhere was on the line if she failed to respond to the ship’s response fast. She would stop atop a tall mountain and rest at its peak laying on her back to relax some. She went from Nevada to Northern Wyoming in about 25 minutes cruising along at a modest speed and she began to think about about how lucky she was. The thin air and the fact that she didn’t need a coat either as cold as it was never a concern for her as she looked up at the sun setting in the sky overhead.

“I might hate dealing with pricks like him but being able to do the things I do still amazes me now. Being as strong and fast as I am and seeing how none of the defenses of those bases could hurt me at all even at their worst as I forced my way into the center of them. Being an unstoppable force of nature can be so good times.”

The sun in the area would set and give way to the moon overhead but that didn’t bother Rebecca as she continued to lay there. The temperatures dropped but it didn’t matter to her since she was immune to any temperature change. She was hungry though and that told her she had to get back to the island she stayed at and cook herself a massive meal. Exceeding the speed of sound by a considerable margin, Rebecca reveled in her ability travel so fast so easily. She even went low to the ground hovering just over the Pacific Ocean as she went for the fun of it traveling many times faster than the speed of sound. When she made her way to the island she lived at she insisted that a meal be made for her right away and the maids were quick to do as she said. It had to be perfect too as she was a picky eater as well. She took a good shower before her meal taking her time to look at her sexy looking body as often as could loving how firm her body was. Even her huge breasts refused to move as the she tried to squeeze them firming up gaining a mass so great not ever her strength could handle it. She almost forgot about her food as aroused as the young looked red head was massaging her breasts excessively in the bathroom until a maid knocked on the door telling her about her meal. Coming down a bathrobe with her long red hair hanging down partially wet, she devoured her food telling her maids to leave. Rebecca would clean the kitchen after her meal and leave her maids a note that she loved the meal they cooked. Not knowing what she should do next, she called Linda as she had time to assist Daniel with her business affairs that day.

“So you are taking a break from crime fighting now. I thought you were going to be a full time crime fighting machine now. Are you backing off on that promise now?”

“I just did a few things to help in that area and I am going to do some more later. You had to better make sure my Daniel is safe okay.”

“He will handle himself just fine, you shouldn’t be slacking off now and just go after the real problem.”

“I want to free mankind from their mind control first. Then I will go after them after that. I am certain they will sent people at me to distract me if I just go after right now.”

“At least you have a plan good luck with that.”

“Are you sure you can’t help me seriously even doing that?”

“You are working for that stupid ship to get what it wants and I work for him and I am not allowed to help you now in anyway did you forget that already. The life of my brother is on the line if I even think of doing that now. You are basically on your own now.”


“The government uses the cure I created to rid high ranking government employees of their influence and so are Daniel’s staff it is all about getting the limited amounts of it out to the rest of the world and remember it is poisonous and toxic to anything that isn’t an ape, monkey, or human or having it mixed into the rain would devastate the environment for years to come.”

“Why did that have to be the case god damn it.”

“You will find a way anyway did you at least get his speech done at least he says you still wanted to write them.”

“Right, it shouldn’t take me too long to do that personally especially as I am right now. With my powers helping me to work faster, I should have more of them for him to look over than usual.”

“You better. I am getting back to work now see ya.”


Going to the main lab responsible for determining how the cure she took was going to help others. Rebecca was really picking at the brain of the person that was in charge there. She wanted to know why the cure was so hard to recreate and distribute as well. She really cared to getting in the business of the poor scientist tasked to guide her along. She was an older woman and hated having to babysit Miss Dynamo with a passion.

“I thank you for being polite about this considering how much you despise me and I understand what you are telling me about the ingredients being rare and it takes time to formulate it have you thought of ways it could be spread to help everyone and not just few select few specifically?”

“The ingredients have to be found in more quantity. The only place I think it could be found at is deep space but we would have to go the asteroid belt or Oort cloud most likely. Some of the ingredients can be found on Earth but it was not easy to find it. I don’t see how we could save everyone today. Why don’t you just go after the source of the issue instead?”

“When I look at the situation think about it. Even if the source is taken care of the people would still be under their spell if someone could tap into that power they would have quite a few people to control. They will make people get in the way if they could lose. I don’t want to have to deal with that when I face them.”

“That makes sense kind of but the only way that will happen is if you help us get the ingredients we need in deep space. I am still not happy about how you just barged in here and demanded to talk to me but you don’t sound like a young person based on how you talk too. How old are you officially if I can ask?”

“I don’t want to discuss that. I just want to focus on the job at hand here.”

“I see you must have a heated relationship with him I wonder his wife would say about that hmm?”

“We have a good understand where our boundaries lie so that shouldn’t be an issue personally.”

“Of course whatever you say but since you are willing to help us we need to get you used to what you are looking for when you get up there. I have my people out and making a device that would allow you to track them when you fly around in the asteroid belt but it won’t be easy. It makes wonder how she knew to make the combination to begin with.”

“You aren’t the only one to think that believe me. So where are you taking me now?”

“I want to show you some things we are doing to the original stuff that might help some. We don’t know how much it will help but we can hope for the best some of the results have made some interesting things too.”

“Is any of this stuff going to be applicable to the current situation any?”

“You want to know what we are doing right I am going to show it to you.”

“That is true after all. It can’t hurt to look at it at a bare minimum.”

“Exactly. You might learn something from this when we are done here today as well.”

Rebecca wasn’t sure how to take all of the things she saw in her tour. She spent the whole day there and saw many amazing things. The woman she talked to seemed to be very respectable eventually unlike most of stuck up government pigs she visited in her time as Miss Dynamo. The females were often the bigger pricks because of their personal envy they had for Miss Dynamo’s flawless looking figure and young appearance too. There was still some animosity between them but Rebecca was amazed at how well the older 53 year old woman handled her hatred for Rebecca’s pushy introduction to her initially.


While Miss Dynamo was away, the president of the US was invited to see the next generation of super hero. He sent someone ahead of him to look in on the matter and he was told of many good things regarding the experience. When he arrived at the secure facility in New Mexico, the president was greeted by a powerful male figure in a superhero costume with some other men dressed like normal government agents with him.

All of the men shook hands and questions were addressed about the new superman right away.

“So what took you so long to make this plan happen? I expected some results by now.”

“Our every effort to fight to strengthen our position is countered at every turn. Who ever the enemy is they know of every top secret thing we do. We were lucky to not have our first test subject discovered before we could finish the process he went through.”

“So are you going to show us how strong he is. I am sure those muscles aren’t just for show.”

“Right I was about to forget about that. Gary destroy that armored vehicle over there as she would to show our president how powerful those muscles of yours are.”

“Of course.”

The moment he said that the tall and powerful male suddenly appeared about 200 feet away to where the random armored vehicle was. He had no issue lifting it high over his head pressing it up and down with 1 hand with effort.

“Wow, you must be as strong as Miss Dynamo is now.”

“Please I can do so much better than that.”

The large vehicle was ripped into 2 pieces and he forced the sides of the vehicle he tore in half together. The hard metal was like putty in his hands as he treated the remains of the vehicle like it was soft clay to him.

“That is the kind of thing she would do to our tanks impressive.”

“There is more of that as well watch this.”

The agent talking to the President aimed what seemed to be an advanced laser rifle at another random vehicle in the underground parking garage they were in. Setting it to a moderate setting it reduced the vehicle to nothing after a bright flash when it hit.

“Now to set it to its highest setting.”

Watching it all happen left the president wondering what would happen next as the laser rifle was aimed at the man that reduced a heavily armored vehicle to scrap as. He was finishing off the poor vehicle in his grasp loving the sounds of the metal whining as he molded it like putty. When he finally grew bored of it he felt a strange warmth hit him directly. His body was glowing an odd color as he was relaxed by the powerful energy hitting him as well. Tossing the metal in his grasp away, the man did his best superman pose as it continued to happened.

“That feels good is that beam at full power this time around?”

“Of course it is. I hope you like what you saw Mr. President.”

The beam was finally stopped as it was about to overheat and the agent had to drop it as hot as it was. The body of the target was smoking as the weapon was dropped and he yawned as well.  

“I guess the display is over now what a shame. I don’t get a chance to enjoy this new power very much.”

“So did you have to do any special mental conditioning for your new pet?” the president asked.

“Nothing major aside from a mind control chip put in his head before he was given his power. The pain he would feel attack my staff or you would be considerable. He was out for about a day the last time he felt it so I will relieve him of trying that out but you get where this is going right.”

“Thank you I have a weapon that can keep Miss Dynamo away from me at long last so how did this happen and can the process be repeated?”

“We have a private donor that gave us the stuff that did it. The man we talk to about getting this unique material didn’t make it or find it. He merely tells other people about it. He must have found what seemed to an alien fuel rod and opened it up to get the stuff inside of it. Doing research in stuff like that showed the waste byproduct they make can give humans superhuman powers depending on how enriched the fuel inside of it is. He found an exceptionally powerful and well made fuel rod compared to the 3 we found and the effects of their human were much weaker.”

“Do you think that your fuel rods were used up by alien space ships while his was his was untapped?”

“No just the opposite effect ours were new the 4th one that gave birth to the man behind me was used up to the point of being completely used up. We were told that there wasn’t much left too that helps to explain my theory as well.”

“When will he be ready for action then guys. I am so eager to have him give Miss Dynamo what she deserves.”

“We are waiting for his partner to be born the 2 of them together will be a force capable of putting an end to all of the troubles in this world. We don’t know how the person you hate so much will take this but we will when the time comes.”

The men there would leave the underground parking garage and head to a formal dining hall when the phone of someone in the group rang. The person on the other end was scared for his life as something was happening where he was at.

“You are breaking up here what is going on here damn it respond!”

“What is happening, Ronny?”

“Something is happening at the place where his partner is at specifically getting ready for his mental conditioning. They might have learn of what we are doing now finally.”

“I will go there and look over the place and report what I find there.”

“Your had better keep a low profile soldier and remember your mission is to recon not a rescue mission.”

“Yes sir, it was nice meeting you Mr. President. I will see you around later hopefully.”

The newly created superman nodded at the president and ran off super fast creating a swift breeze as he went.

“He seems to be a soldier with a good head on his shoulders what do you have on him based on his profile.” The president asked.

“He is a E-5 in the Marines with a flawless record. He grew up as part of a military family too. He applied for officer’s school recently but we felt he might be better suited for our kind of work instead.” 

“I heard that something is happening and it might involve the other one. What would happen if this person was mind controlled and couldn’t be brought in easily.”

“We have another way of doing that if the chip in the head of the man you saw fails. It is another chemical that was abundant in the fuel rods we found. It must be in new fuel rods and not old ones. It has a toxic effect on anyone enhanced by alien fuel rods. The more power a person has when they are enhanced the more toxic it will be to him. We have weapons made with this stuff inside of it and he knows it too.”

The rest of the meeting went without any consequence with the US president while the new superman flew to where his future partner was supposed to be at with his powers. He flew in the same way Miss Dynamo did enjoying the view he had high over the nation. He was traveling at hundreds of miles per hour as he looked forward at where he was going with his enhanced senses allowing him to see a few miles ahead of him easily. As cool as it was to fly about a few thousand feet up, he was focused the job at hand to see what was happening at his destination. Smashing through the walls of the facility he was going to, he saw plenty of dead people and damaged walls and weapons all over.

When he landed and talked to a survivor, he was told that the other enhanced person broke out and used his super strength and speed to dominate the guards there.

“What happened here, I am certain weapons existed here to stop him right?”

“We do but power went out all over the base before he went nuts. Who ever helped him knew everything about how to secure the armory. They used our weapons against us too posing as our soldiers as well. I don’t know how they get how so many people under their control so fast considering we have tech that can remove the mind control and yet it seems like it doesn’t matter now so it seems. You have to stop to your partner he is an unstoppable force and claims to be going to where his powers came from the source of his powers came from.”

“That is bad, where is he going now?”

“I don’t know yet the tracers put on him were removed.”

“This isn’t good at all to say the least. I will have to talk to the people about this are there many more survivors?”

“Just focus on your partner his superhuman strength, speed, agility, flight, and invulnerability make him too dangerous at this point.”

“I will do that thanks I will get help for you too don’t worry about dying here.”

“Thanks friend it means a lot to us here.”


In his suburban home outside of Chicago, Dr. Greg Warren was doing another experiment with a more potent chemical that would make an even stronger soldier. His daughter a 20 year old girl that acted as his lab assistant when she wasn’t in college was helping him as they seem to be close to finalizing the formula. He was a black man with exceptional scientific knowledge. Having an alien fuel cell fall in his backyard helped him to further his knowledge ever more. His daughter a chubby woman that wanted to make her father proud of her hoped that she would graduate and find a good job. Her father did promise her a shot at a good job with some friends he knew.

“It is done now finally and with it the government will be able to make an even stronger super soldier than ever now to fight back the bad guys.” He said looking at the 2 vials he had of the new substance.

“Wouldn’t be better if you just take it yourself father and save the people of the world yourself?”

“I wouldn’t know how to deal with real villains if I were in a delicate situation besides that I want to help people as a normal human not as a genetic freak.”

“Then why are you helping other people do it then daddy. If they make the freaks then how is it any better then it would be if you just became the freak yourself. It doesn’t make any sense to say what you are saying now?”

“You are putting too much thought into this dear. I am a scientist and nothing more than that I don’t want to be known as anything else.”

“You must really take what Mr. Dynamo says to heart about helping as you are normally without being being someone you are not.”

“Exactly, I am not fond of his foolish heroics back when it all started with him. I don’t like how people are trending to people with powers and superhero costumes. The real enemy here is beyond human we need to fight fire with fire. I want do to my part as a scientist to make it happen. I don’t need the glory either someone else can have that if they want it.”

“I like how you are so confident in yourself father and know what you want to do. I still haven’t made my mind up yet then there is my health issues too.”

“You got your genes from me it was destined to happen. We have a family history of diabetes. I have it and so do you. Life isn’t fair all the time but you got to live with it all.”

“It isn’t fair though. I hate being fat, ugly, and big boned. I want to be thin, sexy, and beautiful like women I see in the magazines all the time but …”

“But nothing, you shouldn’t be looking at that trash it killed your mother did you remember what happened to her as she starved herself to death.”

“I know but I still want to be pretty though like Miss Dynamo too. I guess it won’t happen anytime soon.”

“You are sexy beautiful though and there are plenty of guys that want bigger women that are respectable too. It is as I keep telling you, those stupid magazine are a fantasy most people will never reach and it is fake too. It isn’t really them just a shadow of them. Do I have to take all of those magazines away from you to make you finally see how beautiful you really are inside. I tried to save your mother but I failed to do that as she refused to eat and died now you are trying to do as she did too. I don’t want to lose you okay honey.”

“I know I won’t starve myself but I have hard time slowing down my eating habits. I don’t know why but when I get frustrated I eat and since I am always frustrated about this I eat constantly.”

“You are doing that to yourself darling I am actually eating a balanced diet now and it helps to control my diabetes. You just have to be willing to have some faith in yourself and stop looking at all those magazines okay. Can you try to do that sometime. It will really help you down the road.”

“I could just take some of the serum there and it would go away then too.”

“Nonsense then that wouldn’t be you. You would be something completely different and you are going to hate yourself for it later. I don’t want you to touch that kind of stuff now or ever okay, promise me that okay sweety.”

“I will do my best okay father.”

“Good now go and us something to drink okay, I could stand to have a cold bottle of water at this point.”

She would go up stairs into the kitchen where she was took 2 bottles from a pack of water in the fridge. She always liked hearing her father’s comforting words when she heard something happening in the living room. First she heard someone rip the door off its hinges and casually toss it aside before the person kicked the door to the basement in. Fearing the worst she dropped her bottles and ran to where her father was. Seeing the front door off its hinges no longer blocking the view of the people on the outside of the house was the first shock to her system. The second was when she heard someone attacking her father and loud noises could be heard from the basement. His father was yelling at someone too as the loud banging and breaking of beakers was happening. The door to the lab in the basement was gone as well as she ran in to see what was happening down there.

“What is going here father! Who is down here!”

A very attractive young man of Latino descent was tossing heavy tables with many beakers aside like they were toys when she saw the 6 foot, 7 inch man there and her father watching him.

“Darling get away please you won’t be able to hurt this man just back away please!”

“He makes a good point there Missy you are in over your head. You had better stand down before I destroy you too like this.”

In that one moment, he dropped the table he was holding up and grabbed her father before he could get away. He was killed instantly as his neck was snapped in 2 and the evil man didn’t even hesitate either. Desperate to find anything that might help her she saw what seemed to be one of the 2 vials that she helped her father make in 1 of the empty corners of the basement. Running for it she was allowed to get and she quickly chugged it down really fast.

“What was that supposed to do exactly the original vials of the stuff were destroyed what exactly did you drink?”

“The last vial of the super serum what else do you think I would drink I helped him to make now you are going to get it.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it Missy. It can’t bring a person back from the dead before it has a chance to work. You should know that.”

Expecting the power to kick in wasn’t enough to save her as he rushed in and choked her death the same he way he did her father. Out cold, she had her neck snapped as well killing her instantly.

“Oral consumption takes considerably much longer for it work then a straight shot into the blood stream and now that she is dead I can focus on destroying the rest of the house the master demands.”

The rest of the lab was destroyed at that point as he used his super strength to crush all of the tables and destroy the remainder of beakers and vials there as well. He set the house on fire as well as and the next door neighbors saw him do some of it at the end calling police as well. Basking in the heat of the flames for a bit he walked to see police there with their guns aimed at him.

“Do not worry my servant their weapons can’t hurt you make them pay the same way that poor family did that you killed earlier.” A voice said in his head.

“Yes master it shall be done. I am so going to love tearing these guys apart.”

The fire department came to try to put the fire out too. The fight with the police and the powerful stranger was getting in the way. He threatened to kill the police and moved in to make it happen as bullets came his way. They ripped his shirt to shreds but his body was unharmed by it as he walked forward unharmed. He made them back away as well as it happened but they didn’t a lot of room to back up to eventually.

“Don’t tell me you are afraid of me now guys. I don’t even have any weapons on me now.”

“He is unstoppable, where is Miss Dynamo when you need her damn it.”

As the fire fight was happening the new hero working for the government hovered over the site watching it all happened.

“There are going to be casualties if I don’t get involved damn it.”

“So be it, get him away from innocent civilians as quickly as possible without causing too much damage. We don’t need to be answering questions about this incident later.”

As he landed and the 2 super powered men were locked in a staring contest something was happening in the house that was burning down gradually. Tamara, the young girl that consumed the last of the super serum began to heal from the terrible burns she was experiencing. Her father’s remains were reduced to ashes but her body reformed itself as it was about to do that. Her body felt very hot inside and out as the power she wanted began to manifest. Her body didn’t come back as it but as a improved version of her with a better looking body. Her muscles were firming up and her breasts were growing. Her butt was getting sexier as well. Her body was getting taller and more muscular as well. As she was getting stronger and tougher gaining super powers Tamara was loving the power she was feeling. Her hair was getting longer too and curlier as well as her skin was gaining a lovely chocolate tone to it.

“Hmmmm this fire feels so good and my senses are getting sharper too. Standing up on her own would allow her to see her body. She was completely amazed by what she saw. Her huge E cup breasts seemed to support themselves then her muscles had sexy look to them without being too big for her taste. It clearly wasn’t the body Miss Dynamo had but she wasn’t going to complain. She was about 7 feet tall with dark brown skin compared to normal looking light brown skin. Her energy level was off of the charts as good as she felt as she flexed her biceps to see huge 20 plus inch arms on her that looked supernaturally hard. The fire was actually healing her and making her stronger too. She didn’t know why either. Being the perfect fusion of super model and Miss Olympia was something she loved she couldn’t overlook. She was the beautiful woman she always wanted to be as well. Deciding to finally walk out of the healing fire eventually every movement seemed flawless. It was like gravity no longer affected her as she moved forward.

The staring contest that the 2 supermen had keeping the fire department from doing their job was broken when something was seen moving in the fiery rubble. The figure she had now left everyone there spellbound as the nude black superwoman standing there with her long wavy hair that was more brown than black waved in the wind. Being in the fire seemed to have no effect on her and she loved the views she was getting too.

“Sorry to keep you boys waiting but I think its time I put out this fire first right.”

Looking at the fire thinking she might have the power of a Miss Dynamo from the energy level she felt she took a deep breath in. The force of that wind was considerable and when she blew outwards hurricane force winds blew out the fire amazing the crowds as they watched it.  The man that spoke to the president was amazed by what speechless as the other male was having a hard time keeping himself from looking at her back side. There seemed to be some lust there worrying Tamara as she saw it on his face. The houses behind it were blown away as well by the force of her powerful gusts.

“So we seem to have a person that is lusting over me and another that is so taken by my appearance that he can’t say anything. Personally I like that so which one of you wants to be beat silly first. Don’t you both answer up too fast now guys.” she said pounding her fists together.”

“What is your problem here why do you want to beat us now?” the now unfrozen male asked

“Because anyone of you could have done what I did just now and you just decide to watch me do it all by myself. You have to be the most pathetic excuse for superheroes I ever saw. I guess I have to beat both of you then.”

“You are free to beat up on me all you want. I want to see how bad you can beat up on a helpless guy like me.” the possess super powered male said.


The other people didn’t know how to react until she suddenly appeared by the fire truck. She began to lift it over her head with no effort tossing it up and down scaring to people there except for the dark and twisted superman.

“I like her style she has potential to be a good slave for the masters as well.”

The other superman ran to where the black woman was but she tossed it huge fire truck away making the man that ran to her fly after it to catch it. The few people that remained after that required that she stomp on the ground hard making the area shake cracking to concrete under her feet badly. As mad as she looked the new superwoman meant business and none of the normal people stayed at that point. The fire truck was caught easily and flown to the fire station and went back to where Tamara was quickly. He was only gone for a moment and when he got back the woman was amazed by how easily he flew around. The neighborhood was wiped away from the force of her powerful stomp as well.

“You seem have a good grasp on your powers. Show me how to fly and what not and what not be willing to make worth your time if you know what I mean.”

“What about me damn it. I agreed to being your victim first.” the other man said

At that moment a mechanical version of Mr Dynamo flew in as he said this and told the 2 other supers to avoid the dark sounding male.

“So you came here to tell us to stay away from him where is Miss Dynamo anyway?” Tamara asked with her arms crossed.

“She is busy looking for a solution to the problem that your friend over there is suffering from. He is being possessed by an alien organism and it can be passed on by touch. It is a good thing that you choose to not fight him now. You would have been under his spell already.”

“Damn you to hell stupid robot, so she had to send a useless tin can to do it and not handle the matter herself. She is such a coward. It don’t matter to me though. I will still have all of you under my master’s spell soon enough.”

Another Dynamo bot would come and the 2 bots would encase the superman in a force field coming from a beam they generated from their eyes. They had a hard time keeping him there and it made the 2 young supers watching it all look in great interest. Pounding at the force field super fast and hard didn’t seem to work at all.

“Beginning power siphoning process now.”

“Why did they do that to stop him?”

“Our powers come from the radiant energy around us that is why I am sure you noticed you were empowered by the fire you were in right aside from the normal radiation on top of that. By isolating him from the radiation around him, he will power down. They seem to have the ability to create a force field that not only encases a person but it also drain them of any power they have too. It is as the many reports I hear of them say. I am impressed with their design considerably. The fact that he doing what he is doing now only speeds up the process.”

“Damn it all to hell! I will get each of you, you’ll see!”

“If you want to learn to use the powers that you have promise me you won’t try to toss fire trucks around.”

“Who are to tell me what to do. With this lovely looking body I can do whatever the heck I want. I don’t feel like being bound my the government either sorry boy scout. It looks like you have things here handled here.”

“I was going to show you how to master your power though quickly but you have to be willing to listen to me and get some clothes on too.”

“I happen to like walking around like this besides can you tell me that you can say no to someone like me honestly. I have a hard time believing that personally.”

Getting a good grip on him Tamara had her hands all over his firm body. He couldn’t stop her from doing it either as. His hard and firm body actually turning her on considerably as she began to kiss him a few times. He tried to pry himself loose but her powerful grip was too much for him. She was clearly stronger than him and he was react favorably to her sexual advances eventually liking how hard her body was compared to his especially her firm rock hard ass.

“I told you that you would react as you would now answer me this can you still tell me no now after get as good a feel of my ass as you did hmmmm. I bet any man would love to do what you just did.”

She held him close and refused to let him go. He could force himself free eventually but it exhausted him to do it as he finally did it.

“What is wrong little man am I too tough for you.”

As quickly as he backed away she ran up to him again and held him tighter. He felt his bones on the verge of cracking as strong as her grip was as his arms were locked to his side. The kisses she landed on him from that point were more seductive now and began to eat away at his will power considerably. She felt as light as a feather suddenly and didn’t notice she was hovering over the ground about 1 foot as she was laying it on him. As this was happening it seemed like the possessed superman that was harassing the police was told help was on the way as an airplane was coming in hard and fast. The pilot of the jet fighter was under the control of the symbiotes as well and was told to crash the plane on the 2 Dynamo bots directly. The huge plane coming in hard and fast as Tamara was having her way with her current male subject at the time and she was zoned out because of it. He was actually being aroused himself as he felt her pheromones. He was getting hard and erect as he hugged and kissed her as well with his hands all over her hard and firm female figure.

As the jet fighter got close the trapped superman had used up most of his energy and was physically exhausted at that point. He lost a considerable amount of strength being separated from the radiant energy around him and he was on his knees while he was still stuck inside of the small force field. 1 dynamo bot stopped supporting the force field and attended to the incoming plane while the other continued to hold the force field up. It was coming down hard and at full speed too. Missiles were shot at the Dynamo bots as well to distract them as well. The sounds of the missiles were enough to get the attention of the 2 distracted superpower young people but by that time it was too late. The plane hit the area where the 2 dynamo bots were after aiming missiles at each dynamo bot. The bot that tried to contain the other super had to drop the force field around him to defend itself. Once he was finally able to feel his power build back up he ran away. The unexploded ordinance was an issue and that had to be taken into account too. The pilot was dead at this point but the missiles that weren’t used exploded as well causing other massive explosions as well. The area was devastated and many homes were destroyed for a good distance out in every direction. The enhanced male that was trapped was gone when the smoke cleared as he was told to head back to see the masters himself. He belonged to them now and the 2 symbiote humans would make good use of him in their organization as well.

The dynamo bots survived the explosions as well and they asked for some back up to aid in the recovery of the area and removal of dead bodies. Many people affected didn’t notice what Tamara did earlier and were hit hard when the fighter plane came down shooting missiles they were devastated. It was a PR disaster and Henry was quick to mention it in his show as well. Tamara wanted to go after the guy that got away hitting the male she kissed away as he tried to stop her. She was determined to make sure that guy paid for his crime. She learned that flying wasn’t as hard as she figured it would be for her as she hovered over the area scanning the area with her super enhanced senses. As much as she wanted to chase him down she still had to get some clothes though and she had her choice of places to go to as she thought of it as well.


4 hours after the events in Chicago …

After spending whole day talking about how she was going to help to get the people possessed by the symbiotes cured, Miss Dynamo flew back to the island where she lived with her husband. All she wanted to do at that moment was rest her mind with everything she had to deal with recently. Getting to her room, a mentally exhausted Rebecca took off her Miss Dynamo outfit and thought about what she was going wear. Looking at herself nude was done some too as she did some sexy poses before she went over to her closet. She had a difficult time deciding what she wanted to wear and eventually decided to stick with something basic for the time being. She decided on some simple blue jeans and a halter top. Naturally she was a big hit with her many servants as she casually waved at them walking past them. The males naturally had hard ons at the thought of her and when they saw her they tried their hardest to maintain their cool. The more revealing and form fitting the clothes she wore the harder it was for them to focus and Rebecca had a hard time keeping herself from laugh at them as it happened. The females working there admired her as a woman they all wanted to be like seeing her as role model from their point of view. As she went to the living room, Rebecca had her laptop with her as she called her husband waiting for it start up.

“So how is the trip to Toronto sweety, are you having fun there?”

“I am shocked that you aren’t out looking for that new kid causing trouble in the last few hours. Have you seen the news recently?”

“I just got back from talking to the government agency in charge of doing research on the stuff Linda made. I agreed to go out and find more of the rare ingredients needed to make more of it in deep space. I just got a rather comprehensive tour and explanation as to why things are happening the way they are on their end. It is just too much to take in that this point as far as I am concerned. What happened recently that I should be aware of?”

“I am shocked that you didn’t know about that. It is all over the news and they are wondering where you are now?”

“I can’t be everywhere and I am destined to miss a few people along the way too so how bad did the governments of the world screw up this time?”

“I will just tell you what I know. 3 people with superhuman powers like yours are out there somewhere. 1 of them should be an issue to you since he was taken by our favorite fan in the media.”

“Great so I will have to fight him at some point. Wonderful just wonderful how about the other 2 trouble makers are they going to an issue?”

“My friend says that the other male is supposed to be their personal superman just like I was. The other one will be an issue too because she is the daughter of the man that created the tech that created the serum that allowed the other 2 males to have their powers. It is likely she got her powers randomly and will likely be looking experiment with her powers some like you did initially.”

“Great why did they allow that to happen seriously. What are they doing now I wonder?”

“I think my friend told me that she was acting like a super heroine like it might mean something.”

“Saving random people just because won’t stop the real threat from attacking her. She will only limit what she can do against the real enemy damn it.”

“Anyway I have to go and rest before my big gig in Toronto. The people here are eager to see me.”

“Good for you, I guess I have to do something about this stupid girl. What is this other guy that works for the government doing to stop this crap that she is trying to do now?”

“You will have to find that out yourself I don’t have any answers for that question.”

“Whatever I will have to talk to your friend then. Good luck with your big moment.”

“My friend and I found a good business for you run too. It should be good for you when you don’t feel like flying around and busting villains.”

“I will be talking to him about it then see you later honey. I might stop by and see you after I take care of this stupid brat later good bye now sweety.”

After learning about the business she would control eventually, Rebecca didn’t have time to get too happy. She had to fly over the country going back to her skintight suit as Miss Dynamo. The friend of Daniel told her where to go too and she called the president to tell him to lay off with his new super soldier until she decided to knock some sense into Tamara personally.

After getting away from the scene where she first gained her powers, Tamara broke into a store by ripping the back door off ignoring the alarm as she looked for something to wear. She did so by going to a costume shop and looking for a sexy and tight outfit and had her choice too. The alarms would tell the authorities were coming but she didn’t care at that moment. She wanted the sexiest looking outfit that matched her new type of power and unique amazonian figure. When she decided finally the police came seeing her in tight looking cat woman costume making the people there looking shocked as they saw her. She was taller and sexier than they were as she approached them. They didn’t know if they wanted to shoot her then she took their guns and reduced them to scrap easily crushing them easily in her bare hands.

“What is going on here how did you do that?”

“Do what honey. I am not doing anything unusual.”

They were on edge and got their batons and 1 of them came her. She grabbed it after it hit her bouncing off of her body and bent it easily 2 times before she approached the guy right away. Her display of strength amazed them and she didn’t let the 3 men get away as she approached them and knocked them out quickly by hitting their heads together. As fast as she was she wanted to see what else she could do looking to bust small time criminals. Walking out of the back doorway she created earlier she began to hover over the city of Detroit she was over loving how easy it was for her to fly. Not being bound by gravity alone seemed to be the biggest thrill to her as she flexed her muscles in mid air making them grow to a huge size instantly.

“These muscle, this body, these powers it is like a dream come true and father thought I would hate having these powers too. I don’t see how though.”

Closing her eyes for a moment to pump her already high level of senses to new levels she couldn’t just detect things in the city. Her sensory range increased to cover much of the suburbs as well. Her eyes opened up and now she could see everything so much clearer and hear things with a clarity she never expected. The man she kissed before as the 3rd super was being imprisoned was recalled after he failed to stop her on her way to Detroit. Tamara single handedly dominated him with her overwhelming strength advantage so much that a new plan was formulated and it required the new superman to head back to base. There was plenty of risk in that but Dynamo drones were watching her to make sure she didn’t cause too much trouble.

“Now who shall I look to save first with my powers so many people and so little time to decide.”

Looking around for some time she decided to go after a potential gang attack on an innocent person in the bad part of town. The woman being attacked was being targeted by thugs because her man was part of a rival gang. Her man was already killed in the car already and the life of the woman was in the balance when bullets that were aimed at her didn’t hit her when she heard the triggers being pulled.

“What happened you should be full of bullet holes now?”

“Don’t worry they won’t get to you girl just call the police for me.”

The taller and sexy black woman in a skintight blue body suit and a mixture of black and brown hair in front of her was allowing herself to get hit by bullets and they were bouncing off of her body ripping and tearing her top but she didn’t care. The men shooting backed away fearing what would happened.

“Are you related to Miss Dynamo or something?”

“No I am not but it won’t matter to scum like you going after innocent people like her.”

As her muscles grew quickly as she flexed them being hit by bullets, she began to walk up to the men as she had them scared now. She was the sexiest woman they saw outside of Miss Dynamo and the men were out of ammo quickly.

“Done already aren’t we I am disappointed. I guess I have to beat you up now.”

She grabbed 2 of the 4 men right away before they could get away and tossed them aside as the other men ran to their car. She let them get to the car and ran into their path as it was about to take off. The sudden impact was like heaven to her as she saw front of the car crumble on contact when they hit her. It surrounded her some and she carried the broken vehicle over her head easily. Flying over the city with the vehicle as she headed over to the police station dropping the car off turned all kinds of heads. The impact with her even going at full speed in reverse had no effect on her powerful body as firm as it was. When the police saw her and the bullet holes they were speechless blowing sweet kisses at them she flew away and head to the next crime she felt like stopping. It was a car jacking of an expensive car while owner was shopping. The car had keyless start up and entry and the person watch the code entered so they knew what it was. They took the car with no trouble and they didn’t have to hot wire it either. It seemed like he would get away when something stopped the car’s forward moment and from behind so it seemed the car was shaking violently too.

“What is going on here damn it!”

Tamara had the car over her head only using 1 hand as she brought the car back to where it was walking it there casually. When the car stopped finally it was placed back in the parking space it was in and the guy saw her do this. Getting out of the car he tried to run away but she was in front of him right away and he fell back as he hit her.

“I didn’t say you could run away from me now did I guess I have to punish you now right.”

He tried to swing at her but his punch aimed at her rock hard six pack abs unflexed ended up breaking his arm. He tried to get away but he was sent to the police station as she moved on from their. She spent much of the time with her great helping common people and bullying criminals with her physical dominance. People were beginning to think that she could be better than Miss Dynamo since she didn’t use her powers to help common people like Tamara was officially. When Rebecca finally got back from the meeting she was involved with and made her way out to Detroit, Tamara decided she wanted to go to a club and have fun seducing horny men. She was already doing that saving many people subconsciously now she wanted to push it to see how many guys she could get all at once. She needed a dress but she simply broke into clothing store for the fun of it again and replaced her ripped torn bodysuit with a number of fancy dresses. She ripped so many of them up by accident with her super strong muscles that she had to focus on handling them more delicately than normal. Her body was so firm and hard that any dress she wore couldn’t hold up as something as subtle as breathing would be enough to tear them apart.

“This suck big time, nothing I wear is tough enough to last. I was lucky to find that body suit but still isn’t there anything tough enough to not rip and tear in my hands?”

“I can help with that kiddo. I had that same issue until I had custom clothes made for my unique body type.”

The nude girl would see Miss Dynamo in the area with her and Tamara wasn’t happy to see her either.

“What do we have here? Tell me why don’t you save the people like your employer did before. I used to admire him a lot and you are nothing like him.”

“You have no idea of the kind of crap is going on right now okay and saving some random people won’t help okay. The real enemy will jump on you when you do that and take you down in a heartbeat.”

“But you have no idea of what I felt like when you help people like the ones that I did today. It gives so much hope for the future. The powers I have now should be used to ease their burden. You clearly aren’t thinking straight and need to be reminded of what is it like to be on the receiving end of a beating when you are helpless to know why I help those people.”

“Me fighting you here won’t solve anything either okay besides that is the last thing you should be thinking of. All of those innocents you talk about saving would suffer so much more and get hurt that it would contradict what you just told me just now. Do you want that?”

As much as she wanted to let Miss Dynamo have it so bad she knew that she was right and the strain was easy to see on her face.

“Okay then miss hero what should I do then if saving the normal people will do nothing.”

“The real enemy here that threatens humanity here has control over a lot of people okay and they use those people as their tools to serve them when they want. The mind control they use has to be destroyed first. That is what I am doing okay, when I succeed every human will be able to make their own choices on their own. That will save more people than what you are doing now. You have to think about the big picture this isn’t a comic book world here ok. Reality is more complicated than that.”

“Shut up bitch,damn it stop thinking like you know better than us damn it. You aren’t a damn god.”

“I never claimed to be one but you really hate me for what I think now. If you can just calm down some I might consider giving you one of my dresses. We could party together if you want.”

“Why would I want to party with a cocky hypocrite like you anyway. Get out of my face now before I make you do it!”

“Show me how much you care then kid. This is something I want to see right now.”

“You had better be ready to get your ass kicked too with the powers I have now. You don’t stand a chance against me.” Tamara said pounding her fists together thinking about beating Miss Dynamo.

The dark emotions she saw in her were making her actions easily to guess along with her minor psychic abilities as Miss Dynamo saw the kid charge at her. Breaking the sound barrier easily her fist missed badly and she couldn’t even stop herself either. Going through the wall and out onto the street, she caused a major traffic jam as a pick up truck hit her coming too a stop as it smashed into her head on. Her invulnerable body was unharmed by the impact and with every car behind her coming to a stop. The hit made her stumble back some but her eyes were on Miss Dynamo as she hovered out of the store she was in.

“Damn you to hell is that how it is how? You are going to dodge me now?”

Urging her to come her way, Miss Dynamo flew straight up at hyper sonic speed with Tamara following quickly. Rebecca was speeding up too reaching the speed of light gradually and yet a naked Tamara kept up with her whole time. They left the Earth completely and the slightly taller and more muscular Tamara was unfazed by it. The game of high speed tag began from there as Tamara was traveling as fast as Miss Dynamo was as well amazing Rebecca considerably. She barely missed Rebecca time and again and it was because her minor psychic abilities. The frustration was growing with every passing moment as traveled between Earth and Mars as fast as traveled nonstop. Rebecca tried to talk her into listening to her point of view the whole time but Tamara wanted to hit Miss Dynamo the whole time out of anger refusing to accept what was said to her. She thought that Miss Dynamo was teasing her angering her more. When they finally stopped moving and stared at each other Tamara’s emotions were about to explode while Rebecca was perfectly calm and composed.

“Are you that scared of me that you had to dodge me all this time. Why don’t you fight me, are you afraid I might hurt you or something? I am stronger out here in space than I am on Earth. I can feel all of the extra energy the Earth doesn’t block making me at least 2 times as strong as before.”

“It isn’t about the power you have. It is about how it is used. Having more power doesn’t mean you will win at the end of the day. I was so hoping that avoiding you would tire you out mentally so you would be more likely to listen. I guess that won’t happen anytime soon. You are as stubborn as a mull, focused on your powers and not what I am trying to tell you.”

“You could try to blast me but I might just absorb it all making me even stronger than ever. I bet you are afraid of how much stronger I am now, you can be honest with me now.”

Her muscles surged as Tamara flexed both of her arms pumping her body with power caused her body to absorb the sun’s rays faster than ever and she began to glow slightly too.

“I want to see you try to hurt me. Show me how much power you really have come on now. Give me a taste of what Miss Dynamo can really do. I bet you can’t really do anything to be right now.”

As much as she wanted to avoid Rebecca had to hit her hard with something to make her listen and couldn’t summon her powers or draw upon the negative energy of Earth as well. The power limiter really was making the situation worse because at that moment Tamara was stronger than her and she had to do something fast. Seeing Miss Dynamo hesitate make her wonder what was going on and no amount of taunting was helping to make her move any faster either. All Rebecca did then was shake her head as Tamara was letting her power get to her head too much.

“Is there a reason why you don’t want to attack me right now. There has to be a reason for it right.”

“Whatever I am done here you refuse to listen to me. All I want to do now is go home and rest my mind. If you insist on being a pain in the ass so much I don’t care. I am going back home now. Save as many people as you want if it makes you feel any better about your life. You will see just how hard your new life really is first hand.”

Angered by what Miss Dynamo said to her only 1 thing was on her mind at that. She focused so hard on trying to see potential weaknesses in Miss Dynamo that she suddenly saw her energy suddenly. She didn’t know how it happened but she saw a weaker and slower being compared to the power level she had that was growing considerably. Smiling at the thought of that, she charged at Miss Dynamo and grabbed her from behind. She couldn’t break the grip of the more muscular amazon easily and she was tossed into Martian atmosphere. The force Tamara generated amazed her as the Martian surface shook violently when she hit it. Hitting the ground like a meteor didn’t hurt Rebecca as Tamara came charging in at that point. She was still planted to the ground and massive quakes hit the Martian surface with each blow. They all hurt her considerably and they came too fast to allow her to react easily. The loud booms heard from each were enough to deafen anyone normally as often as they came at Rebecca.

“What is wrong am I too much for you come on fight back damn it. What happened to all that spunk you had earlier.”

“Using my psychic powers drained me of my power too much damn it all. If it wasn’t for that I would have been able fight back easier somehow. I have to do something about this somehow still.” Rebecca thought as the pain she was feeling was quickly getting unbearable

“What happened to all that power you had earlier when you were evading me before well?”

After beating her when she was on the ground for a bit, Tamara picked up her beaten prey by her neck and threatened to crush it but Rebecca was able to resist it somehow barely.

“I would have thought that you would be a bigger challenge but I guess I was wrong about you. This power I have now amazes me more now that ever if I can beat you then. Nothing can stop me even your supposed enemies. Give me 1 good reason why I should respect your claims about these enemies you talk about being as strong as you say they are. You better talk now before I break your neck faster than your healing faster can bring you back.”

The grip of Tamara got tighter and Rebecca had a hard time remaining conscious at that point. She wasn’t quick to reply and she was treated like a pinball after that. She was sent to the other side of the planet with a powerful punch only to see the black amazon where she was going to be to hit her in another direction. Each hit had the same effect as before only slightly harder and loud booms created from each punch could be heard all over the planet. Rebecca was being treated like a rag doll and her body weaken as it diverted more energy to healing to account for this. Her physical powers were leaving her and she had to do something fast and she did what she told herself she wouldn’t do. Timing was everything though and she had to hope that her foe got tired of beating her silly soon.

When she was finally given relief she was sent into the deepest canyon in the Solar System hitting a wall of rock causing a considerable amount of rock to fall on her. She had fight as hard as she could to remain conscious eventually as her body was at its limits so it seemed. The ebony goddess would come down eventually and toss huge chunks of rock off of her as she looked to finish the job she started. When a beaten and weakened Rebecca looked like she was on her last legs the nude superwoman in front of her grabbed her neck and began to crush Rebecca’s neck again.

“How does it feel to be the second strongest woman aside from me hmm. I think I embarrassed you enough. I won the battle at the end so you can mope about your lose for as long as you like as well. The thrill I have of beating you is something I will cherish for a long time too.”

Dropping her victim on the ground seeing Rebecca’s physical power dwindle fast it seemed to be over as she seemed to focusing on something. Rebecca’s body began to glow as it happened as an evil smile was on her face.

“What is this? You have an extra life left in you but it is strange you are powering up but I don’t see any power though what is going on here. Why do I not see your power level anymore. Rebecca’s body hardened and the density of her cell structure was at a level greater than she had in a long time.

Standing up as she had a look of confidence on her face, Miss Dynamo cracked her knuckles and made her assailant back away suddenly.

“I don’t get it, I don’t feel any power from you and yet I am afraid of you somehow what is this feeling I have why did your body get so strong all of sudden.”

Tamara was beaten silly at that point and Rebecca never said a word about it either. She was completely focused on beating the kid silly at that point so it seemed. Her every hit on Tamara was louder than any hit registered before and she was sent flying away about 100 feet before she was hit again. Being treated like a pinball herself being hit harder than Rebecca was seemed like a nightmare to her and she had no defense either. She was gone in a matter of 30 seconds and she wasn’t holding back either. Tamara was holding back though on her end and when Tamara was out cold the power limiter Rebecca wore began to limit how much power she could summon again. She was almost out of time and flew to Earth as quickly as she could with the remaining energy Rebecca had left. She actually reached the speed of light without knowing it but she dropped her cargo as she entered the Earth’s atmosphere she was barely conscious as it seemed like her plan to get back to Earth fast succeeded. She traveling at the speed of light though and that could mean disaster if she hit something so she decided to slow herself down with whatever energy she had left. Shooting herself to Earth like rocket unguided saved quite a bit of energy though. Not knowing where she was going to land either was another issue. The power limiter was really making the task that much harder as it said she was at her limit as she began to slow her descent.

Something caught her on her way down though as she lost consciousness. Her powers at that point fizzled out and she was reduced to a normal human in midair and when she woke up she was on her bed. She was her normal human self in a nightgown with her husband next to her along with Linda in her normal looking human appearance.

“What happened to be just now I have to know tell me please Daniel.”

“2 dynamo bots caught you as you were coming down and your traveling very fast and slowed down to about the speed of a normal meteor and it had the people of Earth worried.”

“Did I change back in mid air too?”

“Yes you did actually but if your suit didn’t have a tracer on it you would have been in trouble so what happened with that other girl?”

“She is unique, the super powered people like her are very dangerous to me as long as I have this stupid limiter on. I have to push myself and risk powering down to fight them effectively as they get their power from the radiation around them from what she said.”

“Where did you fight her at?” Linda asked

“Mars, the damage we did on that planet was considerable. The way we were fighting each other up there. I tried to bring her with me but I lost track of her somewhere between here and Mars. I hope she is okay.”

“She is a super strong being of raw physical power just like you are Rebecca. She survived it. No word of her coming back was mentioned by the dynamo bots and they scour the planet to check for anything as well.”

“I love having my powers, I hope that this stupid power limiter doesn’t keep my powers off for too long so how long have I been out for?”

“2 days just rest here honey you had enough for now.”

“I wouldn’t need to rest if I were back to my fully powered form damn. I hate this stupid power limiter so much but I can’t do anything about it though.”

As she woke up Tamara would fly back to Earth herself loving the feeling of reentry scanning Earth for Miss Dynamo’s energy found nothing and it pissed her off. Breaking into another costume shop to find another suit like the tights she had before. Seeing the nude black woman with large breasts and sexy muscular figure amazed the people there until she left and flew off from there. She wasn’t in the mood to save normal people though as she went to the top of Mt Everest landing there to think about her embarrassing loss to Miss Dynamo. She wanted revenge on her more than anything else and wanted to prove that she was wrong about saving normal people. The other male superman she kissed earlier would fly by and he was shocked to see that she was willing to fight along side him. Standing up to him she hugged and kissed him crushing him harder than before. He was helpless this time even in his new suit that increased his strength considerably. Her body felt like a living statue made of warm metal as tough as it was before she finally let go.

“Wow that was quick I thought I would have to try harder to convince you help me. I need a partner supposedly and I even have clothes that would be able to handle your unique physical abilities.”

“That is good so do you have anything for me too. I wouldn’t want to go out alone. I know you want to be with the sexiest woman on Earth. I missed you so much being lost in space as long as I was.”

“Why me and you were lost in space too did she beat you?”

“She didn’t just beat me. She destroyed me. I couldn’t even try to defend myself at all seriously it is stupid how strong she still if you go into space away from the Earth, you gain so much power from the raw radiation from sun not blocked by the Earth will be something you would love. When I was lost in space all alone somewhere between Earth and Venus I could only think of 1 thing the kiss I gave you earlier. It kept me going that whole time. I am thinking about making you my boyfriend so what do you say sweety. I need some stress relief and I think you are the best man for now. Let’s go clubbing together, What do you want some more personal action with me?”

“That was quick. Okay I guess follow me and we will get dressed I guess.”

“Lead the way then the dresses you have for me had better be short, tight, and revealing. I want to make every man jealous when they see us together.”

The date they would have would drive people nuts and people loved watching her in her gorgeous looking dress as Tamara dragged her man along with her. She even forced him to buy her things for her new life as his partner. She gave up on her life as college student preferring a life of action saving casual people and supporting her man that happened to be the US president’s official guardian now. People didn’t know who to admire first as a female heroine Miss Dynamo or this new woman that seems to be as strong as her. Either way it would be an interesting competition between the 2 of them in the eyes of the media overall.

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