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A Superworld – Power Girl: Gods and Mortals, Part 1

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MzFA7Chapter 1

It was late night at the new laboratory of Superhuman Research at a secluded location in the Texan desert. A group of scientist were studying to see what caused the sudden spring of superhuman occurrences in the last year, since the appearance of Superwoman set off the event. Through leftover DNA analysis, they managed to track the source of their powers to the very fabric of reality. Using a particle accelerator, the team of researchers, led by Dr. Alex Luthor, was trying to reach the very source of the superhuman’s powers. Luthor was sure that would be the day they would achieve their goal.

“OK, everything’s set. Turn it on.”

The machine started to vibrate and hum as its colossal structure came to life. The enormous machine was several kilometers long, and yet operated with particles invisible even to the most potent microscope.

“Heat levels are increasing. Something’s wrong.” A member of the team pointed.

“It can’t be. I’ve redone these calculations to exhaustion!” Luthor said. The experiment continued.

After ten minutes, the whole room began to flash in red as the emergency alarm went out. The experiment was going out of control.

“Heat levels reaching critical! Radiation is off the charts! We have to shut this down!” Several members of the team shouted.

“No! We can’t! You incompetent fools must have done something wrong!” Luthor cried.

It was then that the machine let out loud cracking noises, and shut down by itself. Smoke and dust filled the whole room as everyone coughed, trying to breathe. The room was evacuated. Outside, Luthor was livid in fury.

“You sad excuses for scientist think all this equipment just falls off the sky? That it costs nothing? Look at all the money I wasted on this goddamn accelerator! You’re all fired! FIRED! GET OUT OF HERE!”

All the scientists went running for their cars as Luthor stood there, spewing out rage from every pore of her body. All of the scientists, except for Dr. Kim So-Hyun. She was a shy, almost invisible lab assistant at that project, yet she possessed an intellect that far surpassed those of her peers. She estimated that she was almost as intelligent as Luthor herself, yet because of her introspect personality and small stature, she was seldom noticed or rewarded for her findings.

So-Hyun was intrigued that the experiment failed, for she had redone the calculations as many times as Luthor did. This must have been a silly mistake from one of the other members of the team. She sneaked past Luthor, who failed to notice it in her rage, and went back to the lab. The smoke had already subsided, so she began to analyze the machine.

Everything seemed perfectly all right, a fact that puzzled her, because something was obviously very wrong. She adjusted parameters and values for optimal once again, and cleaned the dust wherever it was needed. She then saw that one of the main panels was not fastened properly. She opened it, and a blow of pitch black smoke filled her lungs, making her cough for some minutes. After she recuperated, she saw what was inside the panel.

“Seriously? Like, is this really what happened?” She thought, when she saw what the whole deal was about. A big size M&M’s bag was thrown amidst the wires, with half of its content carbonized and melted. “Some professionals in this place” she pondered as she began the ungrateful job of cleaning the panel. After an hour, she managed to get everything set once again. She fastened the panel properly, and wondered if the machine would work now.

So-Hyun turned the machine on, and it started to hum and beep normally. After some half hour of perfect functioning, the humming intensified, and the values on the panels went haywire. Yet, So-Hyun was not afraid that the experiment had failed again: she checked the data, and saw that everything was going accordingly. And then it happened.

In the middle of the machine, right behind the viewing panel, something began to take form. At first, a blinding light made So-Hyun put on her protection glasses. Then, with some difficulty, she saw that a pitch black sphere was floating amidst the light. It was a beautiful scene, far beyond any result she was expecting. For some reason, reason itself failed her, as she put her hands in the glass, eager to experience that moment to its fullest. Despite all the security training she had (in which the first and most important lesson read “DO NOT OPEN THE MACHINE WHEN IT IS ON”), she opened the viewing panel, exposing herself to the primal energy that the accelerator was creating.

The light bathed her body. It was aphrodisiac and irresistible, arousing her in ways no one had ever done like. She entered the structure, not afraid of the radiation. She needed to touch it. She extended her hand, which tingled with excitement as it reached closer. When she touched, a wave of warm and powerful energy flowed through her hand to all of her body, filling all of her being with sheer pleasure. A violent orgasm took over her, her body arching with joy. She absorbed several other waves of energy, each more intense and pleasurable than the last. When the last wave hit her, she screamed with joy, and passed out on the floor of the machine, which mysteriously shut down.

Chapter 2

So-Hyun woke up in a hospital bed. Watching her with a firm and serious expression on her face was Alex Luthor.

“Dr. Kim … I believe we have a lot to discuss.”

“D-d-dr. Luthor!” her heart began to pound, and she blushed. She had always found Luthor extremely intimidating. Despite just being a normal person, she oozed power and authority. “W-what happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened, Dr. Kim. I fired you. And after that, you audaciously sneaked past me and used my multi-billionaire particle accelerator without permission! Now the blasted machine is even more fucked up than it was when you idiots exploded it in the first place!”

“That … That can’t be! Dr. Luthor, I fixed the accelerator! It worked, I saw it!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I went back and fixed the machine! There was some food in one of the panels, so I cleaned and adjusted it, and it worked! It created a figment of the source of the universe, just like we predicted.”

“Just like I predicted, Dr. Kim.” He intonated the pronoun to reinforce his authority. “And how can I believe that a member of my team made such a novice mistake? A team I handpicked from the best and brightest researchers of the world? No, that is simply not possible. Moreover, there is the fact that the accelerator is completely busted! How can you expect me to believe that the thing worked, and then suddenly exploded AGAIN?”

Luthor walked towards the exit of the room, hammering every step on the ground. Moments before leaving, she stopped herself, and turned back to the bed. “You better have a swift recovery, Dr. Kim. Because my lawyers are already on this. I’m gonna sue you for every freaking penny you have. Good day.”

So-Hyun waited for her to leave, and dug her head in her hands, sobbing uncontrollably. A few moments later, the door opened again, and a young woman walked in.

“Claire!” So-Hyun yelled, her face already red from crying.

“Aw Kimmie, don’t be like that!” she hugged her best friend. “Why are you crying?”

“Dr. Luthor is going to sue me!”

“Shoosh, don’t worry about that. Are you all right?”

“I’m … I’m actually fine. I feel fantastic, to be honest!”

“Really? That’s weird … The guys from the cleaning department found you unconscious inside the accelerator, and the whole machine was ripped apart! I thought you were dead.”

“I don’t understand how the machine exploded again. I fixed it, Claire!”

“You did?”

“I swear! I saw the source!”

“Kimmie, you know I always believe you. You’re my best friend. But that doesn’t make sense.”

“Aw phooey! Look, I’m telling you. I fixed the machine. I saw the source. For some reason, it was simply irresistible! I just … had to touch it.”

“You touched the source?”

“I did!”

“Well, then maybe that explains … Those” Claire put her hand on So-Hyun’s left boob.

So-Hyun felt Claire’s hand way earlier than she was supposed to. She looked down, and saw that her petite A breasts had transformed in the most amazing pair of DDD breasts she had ever seen in her life.

“Holy moly! What the fudge happened with my boobs?”

“Well … Since you entered in contact with the very source of the superhuman’s powers …”

“Wait. You think I …”


“That’s impossible.”

“You know it isn’t.”

So-Hyun got out of bed, and went to the bathroom mirror. Her body had undergone some dramatic changes. Her small stature had changed to an almost Amazonian body, standing tall for one point ninety meters. She now had tender and slight muscles covering her whole body, forming biceps lines and a hint of six packs on her stomach. Her butt had grown as much as her breasts, to the point that the patient robe she was wearing was failing to cover it completely. She stared amazed at her new self for quite some time, rubbing every part of her gorgeous body.

“Great Scott …” she whispered when Claire entered the bathroom.

“Girlfriend, you look like a bodybuilder.”

“I’ve never lifted a weight in my whole life!”

“You tell people that, they’re not gonna believe it.”

She looked at Claire, worried.

“Can we go? I don’t feel like I need to be in the hospital anymore.”

Chapter 3

“C’mon, Kimmie, come out already!”


“You must look gorgeous!”

“I look like a tramp!”

“As if! And even if you did, you’d be the hottest tramp ever!”

“You’re not helping!”

“Kimmie, if you don’t come out right now, I’m gonna kick this door down!”

“Ok, ok! You promise not to laugh?”

“I promise.”

The door of So-Hyun’s bathroom opened, and she came out. She was wearing a full Power Girl costume, complete with boob window and red cape. No words could properly describe how well she filled that spandex leotard. Her enormous breasts oozed through the boob window, making two lumps of ample bosom out of it. Her nipples poked through the fabric, that seemed like it would rip apart at any moment, yet miraculously managed to hold her body in place.

“Holy shit! Kimmie, you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen!”

“I-I am?” So-Hyun’s shy and introvert nature had not change a bit despite her transformation. In fact, Claire thought she was more embarrassed of anything than she ever was.

“You totes are!”

“O-Ok, if you say so …” She was trying to cover her breasts and her exposed legs with her hands and cape, and failing completely to do so.

“Now we should test your powers.”

“I won’t get out in the streets like this!”

“We’ll go to the desert! Or to a forest. I dunno, somewhere secluded. Relax sis!”

“All right. I’ll call the elevator.”

“The fuck you need an elevator for? You’re Power Girl, Kimmie! You can fly!”

“I … What?”

“Come on, let’s go to the roof!”

After a few minutes, they were on the roof of So-Hyun’s building. Claire hugged her, resting her head on her friend’s massive breasts.

“OK, go.”

“I have no idea how to do this.”

“Just shut up and fly! Goddamnit, you’re such a whiner.”

So-Hyun jumped, but gravity pulled her back. She jumped again, this time trying to focus on staying airborne. After a few seconds, she realized she was floating several centimeters above the ground. She pushed herself up, and her body unnaturally responded, lifting of the ground towards the sky. They were both flying.

So-Hyun and Claire both had a mix of sheer horror and fear and complete amazement at what was happening with them. The sight of the city distancing from themselves, until all the people were barely visible, was at the same beautiful and horrifying.

They landed in a small forest, far from the city. Claire pestered So-Hyun, saying that she just had to try her new strength. Still not believing she was a real life superheroine, she grabbed one of the largest trees she saw with both her hands, and pulled up.

The tree was ripped off from the ground instantly. So-Hyun was so surprised with how easy she lifted such an enormous weight, that she instinctively pressed her hands against the tree’s trunk to have a proper hold on it. The trunk surrendered to her massive strength, snapping and bending in several pieces, as the rest of the tree fell without its support. Claire had to jump sideways not to be hit by a falling branch.

“Holy moly!” So-Hyun said, shaking off the dust and leaves on her costume. “I can’t believe my own strength!”

“See? I told you! You’re a metahuman, just like the ones we studied!” Claire answered while pulling herself up again.

“Oh man … Claire … Does this not worry you? I mean … What am I gonna do with these?”

“Why would these worry me, you’re the one with powers! And the answer to what are you gonna do with them is pretty damn obvious.”

“What do you- oh. Oh no. No no no no no!”

“Oh yes! You’re gonna be Power Girl, baby!”

“I won’t go saving people with my boobs exposed like that! No way in hell!”

While they were both happily arguing, a thunder cracked loudly in the sky, despite it being the middle of the day, a day with no clouds in the sky. So loud was it, that they both stopped talking and turned their heads towards the sound, puzzled. A few seconds later, a large object hit the ground before them, causing a shockwave that knocked Claire away several meters.

When the dust settled, So-Hyun saw that the object was in fact a woman. A beautiful, tall, blonde woman, with an imposing armor covering her body, and electric jolts that sizzled across her skin. She was wearing a red velvet cape, like the ones the medieval kings used to wear. She wielded a small, but beautifully carved stone hammer.

“Kim So-Hyun?” she asked, her voice majestic and authoritarian.

“Y-yes?” So-Hyun managed to answer, after recuperating from the shock.

“You stole from The Mother. You have been sentenced to death.”

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