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Fog of War

Written by TwiceOnThursdays :: [Saturday, 23 May 2015 18:20] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 23 May 2015 18:25]

A small line of sweat ran down his face, breaking the silence of the room as it plopped against table. He jerked soundlessly at the noise, his eyes widening with panic.

He reached towards the computer, stopped, pulled his hand back a bit, then repeated this motion a few times. Finally, he reached out and gently clicked the mouse. He gazed absently at the screen, distracted by the moving text. An icon turned green and the program made a gentle “ping” sound. The man jerked in his chair at the noise, and frantically pushed keys until a muted volume symbol flashes on the screen. A video window opens soundlessly; it is labeled “Proctor Obsidian”

A trim man in his 30’s answered the screen. He wore a tasteful custom suit, and had impeccable grooming. The man seemed a bit surprised at the connection, but quickly gathered himself. With a curt smile, he started to talk, but no sound came from the computer.

The man put his finger up to his mouth, and then touched his ear.

He tapped on the keyboard some more, and a chat window pops up.

Station AK-0> I can’t patch the security monitors in. The system was designed to make that near impossible. I’m recording some of the footage, and I’ll move it over with a thumb drive to transfer you later.

PROCTOR OBSIDIAN> Doctor, this is highly irregular. What has gotten into you?

Station AK-0>I see her floating up in the air right now! IT WORKED. FAR BETTER than we hoped. But we’re all in terrible danger.

The screen wobbles a bit as the room shakes.

Station AK-0> She’s causing seismic level events. And she seems to be generating bolts of electricity!

PROCTOR OBSIDIAN> What are you going on about?


Station AK-0> She will kill you.

The rooms shakes again.

Station AK-0> OH GOD. She’s floating back above the lab again. She falls to the Earth and obliterates anyone around. She’s killing everyone she finds from the lab.

Station AK-0> I think she can see for miles, and hear any where she thinks about. I saw her take out Goodman on the camera a few seconds after he spoke. And then again with Kessler. She left Nurse Price alone, but she was assigned to the regeneration project and never interacted with her.

Station AK-0> OH FUCK. The wind has picked up outside. It’s strong enough it broke a branch on a tree! I can hear the wind battering at the doors. This is all we need right now! It might be enough though, if the storm is big enough we can get away!

Station AK-0> WTF, the weather says there aren’t any storms in the area! And there is no rain.

Station AK-0> HOLY SHIT. I can see her on the monitor. She’s blowing air. SHE IS THE WIND.

Station AK-0> Where she go? Crap she’s on monitor 7. She’s plowed into the river and it’s almost empty, she’s pushed the water out.

Station AK-0> I have no idea WTF is going on.

Station AK-0> I hope you have a will, because we’re totally fucked.

Station AK-0> Crap. She’s axed another camera.

PROCTOR OBSIDIAN> Now, Doctor. There isn’t any reason for this language. You sound paranoid. Relax. You are imaging things. Obviously the subject has gained some super strength. This was the goal after all. She’s probably leaping in the air and you think she’s flying. And she can’t possible see or hear as far away as you think she can. And you just had a small localized wind burst. They happen all the time. GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!

Station AK-0> I’m not CRAZY ASSHOLE. I’m the one who designed the process! I’m just about be DEAD. And you’re next. Listen and you might have a chance to live.

He sticks a small drive into the computer, and with a few keystrokes a progress bar starts up.

Station AK-0> I couldn’t grab everything, but here are the main files. They include the encryption keys for the main project. You’ll need them to get the backup files. You must get with Director Winston to get to the files. She’s the only one who can grant access without these keys. So do not loose the keys!

The man looks at the new folder on his desktop, PROJECT CHIMERA and opens it up. He sees the subject profile and glances through the header file.


Subject: 332960073452

Name: Moon, Su Ling

Height: 5’4

Weight: 105 lbs

Subject 332960073452 was found through PROJECT OMEGA. Subject has a high genetic match for PROJECT CHIMERA and has no family. Per protocol, subject was informed that she had inoperable cancer, and had a limited time to live. Subject was presented with the option of join an experimental program, which had a potential to cure her cancer.

Subject went to Dr Elizabeth Hamilton for a second option. USED TAO to intercept test materials and altered to confirm diagnosis. Doctor Hamilton confirmed the diagnosis. A routine trap on the Doctor’s computer revealed she felt that the numbers were inconsistent with a young female and felt the need to double check the results. She was TERMINATED by AGENT BLACK HAND before she could notify subject.


Subject was remanded to PANDORA for initial testing. Subject informed she could have no electronics or visitors due to testing protocol and the experimental nature of the lab equipment.


Advanced Tests complete. Subject a perfect match for PROJECT CHIMERA.




Subject experienced discomfort during the procedure. Painkillers deemed likely to interfere with the process, and were not administered. Subject was fitted with a mouth guard and strapped to the table.


Subject still resistant to communication. Process has yet to achieve results. QUARTZ wanted to abort, AMETHYST overruled, and ordered process to continue. Subject is showing minor changes to her genetic makeup and EKG.


Subject is still reacting badly to the treatment. During treatment, the subject is be gagged and restrained. The staff has complained about the noise. Room outfitted with extra sound baffling.


Subject has lost consciousness. Process continues.


Testing halted. Can no longer pierce subject’s skin. Orderlies claim that she is floating. Reprimanded orderlies. Subject is having seizures and jostling the bed, and the bed had a faulty weight sensor indicating negative weight. Movement and skin durability are good signs for the project.


Subject appears to be awake but non-responsive.

His review of the file is interrupted when he notices the room shaking on the chat window, and the lights flickering. A moment later, the room shakes, and he can see waves in the glass of water on the computer desk.

Station AK-0> That was her again. She’s floating into the sky, and smashing into the ground. The physical force she’s generating is several orders of magnitude greater than expected. Subject exhibits ability to generate electrical bolts. These bolts have a low level of EMP effect, and is taking some cameras and equipment offline.

The Proctor looked on with growing sense of glee. The project had worked, and his position was secured. And perhaps if it proved viable he could undergo the procedure.

Station AK-0> STAY INSIDE. If she sees or hears you, SHE WILL KILL YOU.

Station AK-0> you visited. She has heard your voice!

A voice booms out of the sky. It seems to come from everywhere at once. And the man cowers down and covers his head when he hears it.


Station AK-0> Holy Shit. She’s speaking so loud it’s causing the windows to rumble. I can see her on the monitor, and she’s no where near here!

Station AK-0> I think she’s heard something. Fuck. She’s off the screen!

PROCTOR OBSIDAN> Don’t worry doctor. I can simply activate the implant and her head will explode. All I have to do is ty

Just then the screen on the other end shakes, and Proctor jerks out of the view. He looks down at the computer, and notices that he turned the volume off but didn’t mute the microphone!

He frantically hits mute, and movement brings his eyes back to the screen.

He sees an impeccable pair of Oxford shoes dangling. The feet are yanked away, and a gorgeous young Asian woman peers at the monitor. She smiles and she starts talking, but he can’t hear anything. He can’t read lips, but she’s smiling and he thinks he sees her say “Doctor”.

She glances down, and sees the chat window.

PROCTOR OBSIDIAN> Stay there Doc. I’ll be there in a moment.

Red liquid drips down the monitor. The screen goes blank.

He starts to run outside, and is tossed to the ground as his car explodes. He scrambles back to his feet, and tries to run towards the back door.

A shadow appears in the doorway and a young woman steps out. She’s 5’4”, but her presence is much larger and she seems to fill the room. She walks in wearing a red sports top and black yoga pants. The top hugs her form, she glows with health, despite being fed by a tube for the last month.

She casually tosses a ball shaped object off to the side, and he can hear it crashing through the wall. He’s puzzled for a moment, but realizes it’s the exact same color as his car.

She pauses for a second, framed by the doorway. He notices a vein running down her arm over her biceps. He’s studied a lot of women of various levels of fitness for his program. She’s now probably about 120lbs, having lost some fat and gained some lean muscle. Though curiously her breasts are a bit larger. She brings her arms up for a double biceps flex. As she flexes, firm shapely biceps erupt from her arms. She’s not huge, but she’s in perfect proportion. A little smile grows on her face, until she’s beaming.

“I have to say Doc. I LOVE the results.”

“But … you still need to die. Right after you tell me all about Director Winston.”

His tilts his head to the side. He feels an itch, but it’s somewhere he’s never felt, it’s like something is crawling inside his ear.

He feels something on his lip, and reaches up to feel a stream of blood flowing out of his noise. He raises his hand to see the bright stain on his fingers. His head throbs, and he grabs his head in his hands.


Her voice seems to shake the inside of his head and ring off his skull.

And then he realizes her lips never moved.

She smiles again. It’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

“Thanks! Got it!”

A warm glow spreads through his body. And then the world turns grey.

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