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A Brand New Day

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A Brand New Day

By grayface

Edited by Dru

millihelen (MILL-eh-HELL-en) — noun: the amount of beauty needed to launch a single ship.

Ariana Has a Lot on Her Mind

Waking up Ariana flipped her blankets off of her and sat up on the edge of her bed. Looking herself over in the mirror on her vanity that sat across from her she was stunned like every morning for most of the last nine months.

She had never been a good looking woman. She wasn’t “make-little-kids-cry” kind of ugly, just plain bordering on boyish wouldn’t have been a bad description.

She had been tall for a woman at five ten with a very slim body, but she was a flat as stick hardly any T or A, and most clothing hung off her slight frame. She had these tiny boobs but her nipples were like most of her boobs so she had always worn thick heavy bras even though her small tits didn’t even need them.

Even her face was slim, her blue eyes were small. Her nose was okay, but her lips were thin and her mouth was small. Then there was her dull, straight, straw-colored hair that was brittle and frizzy and on top of that she was covered from head to toe by dense freckles. She had compared herself to a bird.

But that was just over nine months ago. Now she was a sight to behold. She was six feet of lush curves, long shapely legs, a tight firm butt and incredible hips. Her trim and taut waist was mostly hidden by her enormous yet perfectly shaped boobs.

Her face was framed by long shiny strawberry blond hair, large crystal blue eyes. Her face wasn’t just a perfect kind of beautiful, or just overwhelmingly sexy and hot, but now it was the perfect combination of the two.

Looking at herself she tried to find a flaw. Her freckles were gone, her skin was now a creamy healthy color, and with a flip of her head her long hair flowed past her shoulders and perfectly into place. Yeah okay, she thought as she stood up, her boobs were gigantic. They weren’t just on her chest, they were her chest. And as huge as they were they were freakishly perfect. Even her nipples now were perfect, not too big and not too small, they were just the right size for her amazing bust.

Getting dressed she put on her work uniform which consisted of black polyester slacks (they were slightly loose at the waist) a slim red belt that was mostly for looks because the pants were stretched tight enough over her hips and incredible ass (which as amazingly perfect as it was she honestly thought it didn’t get enough attention) that the polyester garment would never slip down on its own. In fact she had to be very gentle and careful putting them on so that she didn’t rip them as she wiggled and shimmied into them.

Her shirt was a triple X mens light blue polo shirt with the school’s emblem on the left breast, a galloping horse. Go Mustangs: Go!

The shirt was the biggest they had and it looked like it could be a two man tent. Even though the sleeves of the shirt came to her elbows, every inch of available space in the voluminous shirt was taken up by her huge lush and oh so perfect boobs. Luckily there was just enough left to tuck into her pants.

Putting on her plain black sneakers she thought about when she could make the time she needed to bring some of the uniforms to a tailor for alterations, but finding the extra time was hard when you worked two jobs and went to school.

Her full time job was in a cafeteria, or as they liked to be called these days she was a food services worker. Then she worked part time at a nearby convenience store, and then she was sophomore at the local community college.

She couldn’t help but smile as she looked over herself in the mirror. Even in these drab and ill-fitting clothes she was still so far past a knock-out that she took her own breath away. At least once at the school she would put on the extra-large white jacket-like smock and that would help diffuse her body to levels most people could handle … for the most part.

Her workday would end at 1:00pm, then she had just over one hour to get home, clean up and change before she had to get to her afternoon class. She had just started her classes back after the whole affair of getting a strange Alien sickness and being transformed from her aforementioned skinny androgynous self to an uber-hot megababe with superpowers and going off to be tested by the government.

The first question most people asked her, once they could talk (or at least the people that could eventually talk) after first seeing her was to ask about her superpowers, which of course she would downplay … a lot. The second question was what were the Aliens like and what did she and the other Helens do to get them to leave the Earth?

Of Aliens and Super Powers

First the Aliens, the Bee Dee’s, were hideous. Most people had seen pictures of the tall gray freaks but not many people, thankfully had met one. From the waist down they looked nearly human, except for their battleship grey skin and crazy huge twig and berries.

From the waist up they were terrifyingly alien. Their torso was a sort of oval shape but it was on their bodies the wrong way. It looked like their shoulders were back to front. Their long slim arms ended in four fingered razor-sharp claws were placed on their shoulders sides, and their head, was well, the back half was sort of football shaped but larger (the American kind), the front looked like a large parking cone complete with a hole in the front, except the hole was filled with spinning razor sharp teeth and they were constantly drooling.

Most of the time when in public they wore a muzzle like contraption to cover up their frightening spinning maw of death along with a colorful tie dye like shirt, and no pants!

The Aliens were tall, slim, fragile looking and extremely funny looking if not disturbingly, man shamingly, well hung. The smallest Alien dong was eight inches soft, and their balls were large too. The Bee Dee’s came off as comical and bungling buffoons.

But the Bee Dee’s weren’t fragile … they were immensely strong. They could easily flip a car on its side and their claws were razor sharp and could slice through metal, wood and stone with ease.

What did they want? Well, they wanted entertainment! The Bee Dee’s traveled untold light-years for T.V. Shows, movies, music, sports and anything else they found entertaining! And they were willing to trade for it. A few hardcore science-fiction authors, and even some of the smarter actual scientists, begged for the governments of the world to deal slowly with the comical Aliens.

We couldn’t understand the minds of aliens, they said, and the power and technology that Bee Dee’s possessed was unimaginable compared to us … for Christ sakes, they had flown faster than the speed of light in a spaceship that was 30 miles long! Who knew what they could do if provoked!

Somehow the crazy Aliens had fallen in love with Human entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood and everything in between.

The entertainment industry conglomerates were warned by the small but vocal group of Hardcore Science fiction authors and scientists, The Coalition of Hard Science Fiction Authors and Scientist (The CoHSFAaS).

The CoHSFAaS pleaded with the government to step in to stop any deals with the Aliens, that they had to be studied, but the Corporate suits just made a big show at how civilized the Bee Dee’s were that they, unlike most humans the Bee Dee’s didn’t pirate quality entertainment but were willing to pay for it, and pay handsomely.

The executive suits made a big show of the first “interstellar” deal. It was a live pay per view. Only, they should have listened to handful of “hack” science fiction authors and “crackpot” scientist that had said to try to learn the Bee Dee’s culture first before making any deals.

The Bee Dee’s sealed a deal by, well … sex. And after the deal was done the lead Bee Dee spun a surprised entertainment executive around and shoved a nearly 24 inch long and extremely thick and hard cock up his butt, and it was all televised live.

It was a massacre. The Bee Dee’s easily overwhelmed the men on stage, bullets from the surprised security guards guns bounced off the Aliens and killed and injured a few of the executives who were in the process of being raped to near death.

The incredible part was when the Bee Dee’s finished up thanked everyone and teleported to their huge mothership orbiting the planet as if everything were normal.

The Bee Dee’s stayed in earth for three months. They were the unwanted party guest who wouldn’t leave. Wherever they went they at the very least caused damages and at worst, well you can figure it out for yourselves.

The crazy thing was some companies still struck deals the crazy aliens. The tech was just too much of a lure. The scheming exec’s would pay obscene amounts of money to people to take their place at a contract signing and represent the corp.

The U.S. Government didn’t really get involved until just after the first month when the Bee Dee’s started kidnaping men and women and teleporting them to their ship in broad daylight. The Bee Dee’s said they had a contract, and yes they did.

Glomcorp’s Entertainment division would eventually be held responsible, dismantled and shutdown. But at the time nothing anyone could say would get the Bee Dee’s to release the kidnaped people.

The Military was in the process of being readied, but it was taking an inordinate amount of time. Most people figured, and rightly so, that the government was in the deep pockets of Glomcorp and other companies like it, and the lawmakers were in fact profiting from the aliens.

When the Military did finally get the okay to act the world saw just how powerful the crazy and seemingly silly the aliens were.

Even without their force shields the Aliens proved to be bullet proof to small arms and when a Bee Dee was seemingly put down with a burst from a chain gun from a Bradley IFV, its body teleported away the other Bee Dee’s fought back. But there was no malice. It was as if they were playing paintball or laser tag as they methodically took out the small military force.

Any time after the first attack the Bee Dee’s responded with an attack at first only when they were attacked but soon they started to use force for even perceived attacks and the alien hand weapons hit with the power of a large artillery shell while their force shields were proof against anything anyone could throw at them.

For several weeks it was looking like humanity was at the Bee Dee’s mercy and there was nothing we could do to them. Of course, the “N” word (Nuclear, not that N word) was thrown around.

Again the freaking CoHSFAaS started spazzing! This wasn’t some Hollywood blockbuster where some rugged heartthrob would plant a bomb or get a lucky shot through a weak spot that was only found out about at the last possible second. These fucking aliens had a 30 fucking mile long space ship and it was at its thickest almost 20 miles. Again, lightspeed technology we can’t even begin to understand, blah blah blah, you fucking morons should have listened the first time.

So the nuclear Governments were trying to decide who, what, when, where, and how the nuclear response was going to be. The Bee Dee’s had their own plans.

The Bee Dee’s especially loved porn: straight, gay, bi, fetish, you name it. All of it. They loved human culture and most seemed to have an affinity for human women. All the Bee Dee’s we saw had male genitals, but there was the fact that all humans, women and men alike, were to a person repulsed by the strange aliens. And even then women and men were usually killed or so near death after sex with a Bee Dee that really no one wanted any, even for the obscene amounts of money being thrown around. There was just something about the strange Aliens that the human psyche could not come to terms with.

The Helen Virus. Well, that’s what it was called. No one really knew if it was a virus or not. It was actually some sort of super advanced nanotechnology that might as well have been magic as far as human tech was concerned. It was labeled a virus because its initial effects were flu-like symptoms which only seemed to affect women.

The Helen virus only affected a small sample of women, and most of them died. But the ones that didn’t die? Well, they were transformed. Their bodies underwent a very strange metamorphosis and when it was done, if the woman survived, she had a fantastically sexy body. Even crazier was the super-strength, agility, nigh-invulnerability, and astonishingly amped up senses.

The level of beauty and superpowers seemed to be a combination of how sick the woman got and how soon they got the virus from the Ground zero point.

Ariana and Donna were the most powerful by far, and the ladies who caught it in the first few weeks seemed to be more everything, not that a woman who caught the Helen virus a half a year later was anything to sneeze at.

The Helen Virus was worldwide within a few weeks. The CDC said the virus was released simultaneously in two locations in the U.S. On the east and west coast, as best as could be pinpointed.

Ariana was considered the first and the stronger of the two. Donna, while still a goddess in her own right, was not on the same level as Ariana. Though that was something she didn’t like to hear and few had courage to point out to her.

All Ariana could remember was getting very sick, she could recall snatches of the ambulance ride and getting admitted to the hospital. Things seemed to be going bad for her, and she could recall feverish snatches of conversations from nurses, doctors, and family members. They were all readying for the inevitable alien plague that was going to wipe out humanity … and then she woke up.

There was no recovery period. When Ariana woke up she was in a different room, actually a different place altogether. She felt good. Better than good. The first thing she recalled seeing was her Doctor just staring at her. Things went crazy from there. Eventually a nurse was able to explain that she had, over a two week period, somehow transformed into some kind of mind numbingly hot sex bomb.

She was transferred to an even more secure location. It was surprising for her to find out how much she had changed, from a stick like wisp of a woman to a superpowered mega babe.

It was insane at how people reacted to her at first, but after some repeated exposure the “awe factor” seemed to lesson to a degree that most people could at least eventually function around her.

The first few days she was in shock and just let them run whatever tests they want on her. But when the tests seemed to get more and more invasive, she finally said no … not that they could get too invasive thanks to her incredible invulnerability.

She had incredible super strength, she blew through all the tests they setup. The guesstimate was she could lift something like ten thousand tones over her head, but the equipment they had couldn’t go that high so it was a rough estimate. She seemed incredibly tough, and nothing they did to her seemed to hurt or much less even cause a significant scratch to her, though it didn’t seem to impact her sense of touch.

Her agility and reaction time was also incredible. She was able to snatch bullets out of the air and she could run at hundreds of miles an hour, though turning at those speeds was tricky if not nearly impossible for her.

Her five senses all seemed heightened too but not to the extreme levels of her crazy super strength and invulnerability, still she could see in all but complete darkness, she could easily hear whispers from across a crowded room. She could make out smells that she wished she couldn’t, and most impressively, according to scientist, was her sense of touch.

They were amazed that she could be so strong and resistant to damage, yet she was so delicate. She was able to feel the slightest touch against her. She could even tell the most minute changes in the temperature, yet extreme temperatures never felt harmful to her. She never once accidentally hurt anyone during her testing and her body felt soft and supple to the (lucky) few who touched her.

Ariana at Work

“Earth to Ari,” Penny said snapping her from her deep thoughts. “Girl? You there?”

She had been so lost in her thoughts that she barely registered getting to work and clocking in, yet there she was with a freshly punched time card.

Putting the card in her spot on the rack she turned Penny who was one of the people who seemed to not get dazed by her presence anymore.

Penny was also the boss of the cafeteria and thankfully she also was not one of the women who seemed threatened by her and hated her. Nope. Penny was awesome.

“You’d better get your smock on and get to prepping. We have almost 400 pounds of turkey loaf and gravy to prepare, 130 pounds of baby carrots to sort and cup up, and just over 300 pounds of yummy yummy fruit salad.” Both women shuddered, the turkey roll lunch was possibly the worst thing on the menu. There would be mountains of leftovers and the “little darlings” would make a hell of a mess.

“Yeah, yeah. I already know what you’re thinking about Ari, and I hope when you graduate you get that county nutritionist job you want so bad, and god bless you … you can stop this, but ‘til that happens you need to get that awesome ass in that kitchen and get to prepping.”

The morning went by in a blur. Lunch started at 10:45 am, and thanks to Penny Ariana stayed mostly in the back and helped to support the four lunch lines by bringing more food and drinks instead of running a register. The other women kind of resented it as they were all supposed rotate positions throughout the month.

The few times Ariana was cashiering a lunch line, after her transformation, it was complete pandemonium. Almost every male student and a lot more females than she had expected wanted to wait in her line and only her line.

There were other jobs in the back that she could do like helping to unload the trucks, thanks to being stupidly strong and never getting physically tired. She volunteered to take anyone’s turn on truck duty. In fact most of the time she let old Martin, the usual driver, just chill while she unloaded the truck. He was hard hit by her presence but he was getting better able to shake it off quicker. She did like talking to him. He always had a piece of wise fatherly advice for almost every occasion.

Although she could unload the truck quicker than a normal person, she did have her own set of challenges: her boobs. They were her torso and took up a lot of space in front of her and while she could use them as a shelf, she then blocked her view in front of her in some cases, as far as problems go it was one she was sort of happy to have to deal with.

Another very hard thing she had to deal with was the staff. It was really so very strange … before the Helen Virus, Ariana was basically invisible to most of the faculty even though she had gone to school there just a few short years before. But now it seemed she was called to rooms for the silliest of things. It had been happening so much she had had to get Penny to talk to the principal, Mrs. Forrester, about it.

Things calmed down but it bothered her that most of the teachers had basically ignored her before and now most of them were acting like she was their best friend. It especially P.O.’d her that Mr. McBob, the incredibly hot phys ed teacher, who had never so much as acknowledged her presence, but now took an deep interest in her.

It really made her upset that he was one of the people that was able to hold a conversation with her. It was especially annoying that thanks to her enhanced hearing she was able to hear him boasting, and the things he said were definitely not gentleman-like. And it wasn’t just him. Hearing all the things people said about her (and everyone else) was an eye-opening experience to be sure.

And that is where Dr. Cathy Powell came in. Dr. Cathy was Ariana’s personal government liaison and personal shrink.

Dr. Cathy was a 50ish slender silver haired woman, she ran daily and as far as Ariana could tell was almost always filled with a peppy can-do energy, and best of all Dr. Cathy had a no bullshit rule. She didn’t bullshit Ariana and in return Ari would not B.S. Her.

Dr. Cathy Powell and the Voice of Reason

Dr. Powell sat in her office. Thankfully, Ariana was a very low maintenance girl. All she really wanted was to be left alone so she could live her life, and it was Cathy’s job to … as best as possible … ensure that happened.

Ariana possessed immense strength and powers, if she chose to go on a rampage there was no way to stop her short of dropping a nuke on her. And there were some who said that might not even be a sure thing.

So to that end, Dr. Cathy Powell was tasked with making sure Ariana was not provoked into a rampage and to monitor her mental health. All the while the government was furiously working on ways to stop even the most powerful women affected by the Helen Virus.

Had Ariana wanted she could have been immensely wealthy. There were any number of job offers from thousands upon thousands of companies. From Hollywood, large and small screen, to private military/security companies who would have been able to charge obscene fees for having a Helen of Ariana’s level on their payroll. Even from company PR departments, who again would pay her incredible amounts, for nearly unrivaled ability to sway people. Then there were the companies who would pay just to have her on their payroll, and that wasn’t including the offers from the porn industry or just horny rich people. It was truly insane.

Cathy was the lead liaison on the ground. Thanks to smartphones and the internet, it was hard and nearly impossible to have mass censorships. But not totally impossible, though it did require a huge amount of resources. Luckily the government had them when she felt it was necessary, even more fortunate was the fact that Ariana was easy to get along with and was, as far as Cathy could see, a nice person trying to adjust to her incredible circumstances.

In Ariana’s case the change from her former self was so very drastic that the young woman was having a hard time with not just how differently people were acting and treating her, but how she saw herself in her mind’s eye.

Ariana’s day goes on

She knew Dr. Powell preferred for her to downplay her powers and abilities. Even dressed down in her food stained smock and not paying attention to her looks she was the center of attention of the entire high school every day.

Yeah … enhanced hearing was bad. It was a lot to get used to, especially the catty comments and lustful whispers. These she knew were not meant for her to hear, but with her enhanced hearing she heard a lot of it and it was very disheartening when people she had worked with, even people she considered friends, talked so much smack behind her back when they thought she couldn’t hear.

Dr. Powell said it was something she was going to have to get used to. There were going to be a lot of people were going to be jealous of her incredible gifts. People’s attitudes had done a 180° flip as far as she could tell.

Most of the faculty had never seemed to pay her the slightest bit of attention other than to take and pay for their lunch, but now even the most yummy English teacher (Mr. Lowen with his sexy english accent) who had barely given her the time of day before was now all of the sudden wanting to know everything about her. And it wasn’t just the men. Female teachers who had barely acknowledged her in the halls were all fluffy fru-fru with her now, at least the ones who could keep their wits around her. It was downright maddening to her at how different she was treated now.

It was insane! Out of nowhere about a month after she returned to work after her change, Mrs. Posner, (she was one of the two art teachers and the cheerleading coach) easily the hottest teacher in the school, with long straight blond hair, light tan, and one heck of a rocking body, she had a sort of fresh surfer girl kind of look that drove men wild … Out of the blue Mrs. Posner asks Ari if she would give the girls some cheerleading tips and advice. What. The. Heck. She’d never been the slightest bit into any sports, but now that she had a pair huge tits and the body of a goddess she suddenly knew all about cheerleading?

She knew Mrs. Posner didn’t wear a little cheerleading outfit, but she tried to imagine herself at one of the games and herself in a cheerleading outfit with pom-poms jumping and kicking her legs high, she could only imagine the mass orgasm and chaos that she would more than likely cause.

She couldn’t believe at how different people were treating her. People went out of their way now to say hello to her, they even gave her small treats for no reason, and that wasn’t even considering the students whom she just did her best to avoid.

She did her best to be polite and not get aggravated. Inside she was the same person who less than a year ago was practically ignored by everyone. She knew this was the kind of thing Dr. Powell wanted her to talk about with her, but this was something Ariana felt she had to figure out for herself or maybe talk to another Helen about … .someone who could understand her unique challenges and difficulties. But she just couldn’t see herself talking to another Helen.

Her work day at the school finished up at 1pm. Rushing to her car, an old dinged up Civic, she carefully squeezed herself in. Even with the seat all the way back it was a tight fit for her, especially with so much boob getting in the way. It would have been easier if she just ran (she could have easily carried the car too) and it would be quicker, but she couldn’t help but think what a spectacle she would make running down the side of the road.

She had just pulled off the highway and was at an intersection to get onto the road that would take her to the housing development where she and her parents lived. She tried not to think too much about her parents, who were not adapting to her as fast as she would have wished.

She would have approximately 30-ish minutes to take a quick shower and change before she had to get on the road to get to her class for the day. It was a tight schedule for most people but for her there wasn’t much of a rush.

She, and all Helens, as far as she knew, didn’t need to sweat. Her breath never seemed to stink. Even if she ate the most stinkiest of foods within a few moments her breath was back to its naturally pleasant smell. It was the same with working around smelly foods, she always seemed to smell great according to most people.

The only reason for her to take a shower was if she physically got dirty, and even then her body seemed to almost not get dirty. But the truth was taking a shower in morning, brushing her teeth and the rest of her morning ritual made her feel more normal. But then … did she really want to feel normal again?

Looking for love …

Flipping down the sun-visor, Ari checked herself in the small vanity mirror. It was out of habit, her face was always stunningly flawless. She honestly didn’t need a drop of makeup. She pulled out the small tube of light pink lipstick. Sure she didn’t need it, it was a luxury, but she sure did enjoy it as she very carefully, almost reverently, applied the glossy pink lipstick.

Her earliest childhood memories were playing dress up and putting on makeup. Even when she was older she had loved makeup and pretty dresses and clothing, but her body did not oblige her, her thin pale, overly freckled facial features, looked ridiculous even with the tiniest amount of makeup.

Pursing her full lush lips, she considered that if she had to choose one feature as her favorite, it would be her lips and mouth. Without a doubt. Her naturally pink lips were full and sensual, and when she smiled they framed her brilliantly white teeth in an incredible way, and that’s not even saying anything about her tongue. She’d never thought of a tongue as overtly sexy, but she had to admit that hers, like every other part of her, was incredibly sexy too.

Professor Bolton’s organic chemistry was one of her favorite classes. He was a very energetic teacher, his classes were always engaging. Best of all he was one of the people that seemed to be the least affected by her presence.

While he wasn’t a very good looking man, Ariana found herself very attracted to him. He was in his mid-forties, slightly overweight, thinning hair (that was somehow always wild … and always just on the verge of needing a trim) wireframe glasses, and cheap worn suits were his trademark look, but it was the energy and enthusiasm he taught with and the fact that he wasn’t as stunned silly by her as most people were.

The work was hard and if she didn’t do her best her grade would reflect it, unlike in most of her classes where all she had to do was show up and look at the teacher and she would get an “A”, the exception being taught by one of the female professors, Dr. Landry, who happened to be one of the women whom seemed almost frightened of her.

Most of the time Ari did her best to be as unobtrusive as possible in all her classes. She would sit in the back of the class, they had brought in a table and chair for her in most of her classes because her boobs took up all the desktop space in the old combo style desk & chairs the old community college used and she would end up using the top of her breast as a desk which would then cause most of the class to come to a crashing halt.

She found the more Professor Bolton ignored her the bigger her crush on him grew. It was the reason she wore makeup today and the reason she had carefully picked out her clothing.

She knew that with her exaggerated proportions a lot of her clothing (especially her tops) had to be tailored or even custom made, and it didn’t matter what she wore. From the drabbest ill-fitting outfit to the classiest custom tailored suit, it all looked sexy on her … and the fact that Professor Bolton seemed able to see past that made Ari crush on him hard. As the semester went on Ari’s crush grew deeper and stronger until she realized she wanted him in the worst way.

She had carefully chosen her outfit for today, the top was a custom made red sweater and even with a modest neckline her boobs were front and center, they filled all the available space of the sweater so there was no room for even the tiniest wrinkle. Her black pencil skirt wrapped tightly around her hips and waist and ended just above her knees, with a small slit in the back to allow her to take normal steps all the while showing off her incredible legs and hourglass curves. Okay, so her red pumps with four inch heels were pushing the border of good taste for school, but she had seen a few other women wearing heels, so why shouldn’t she.?

Having said that, Ari had watched what other girls had worn to class and in general she was just wearing a normal everyday outfit. Sure, it was on the attractive side but she had seen a few of the younger teaches wear similar outfits to the school. It just happened that Ari had a body a couple of thousand times better than a perfect ten.

It seemed to her that Professor Bolton was getting even more used to her presence in class now. He made it through almost the entire class and hadn’t even stumbled or paused, even when she when she raised her hand to answer a question today, all made up as she was, he only paused for a heartbeat as she answered the question.

The class went by in a daze for Ari … all she could think about was Professor Bolton. Waiting for the rest of her classmates to file out of the room before she left, she made sure to catch the professor’s eye. She smiled as she walked up to the podium he stood behind.

His eyes never strayed from hers … she couldn’t help but be that much more taken with him … he looked so calm and nonchalant, a lot of men would have been puddles of jizz if she had walked up to them with a fraction of the sway and swagger she was using. The fact he did not was actually making her a little nervous, and that turned her on even more.

She wanted to jump his bones right here, right on his desk. It would have been awesome, but … no. She took a very impressive deep breath, to steel her own nerves. Still she noticed his eyes did not waver from hers.

“Professor, I … uh,” she said, thrusting a form at him.

He took the form, looking it over. “You’re dropping my class?” he heard himself ask. “I’m surprised! You do know you’re doing very well? I’m at a loss. Why? If I may ask?”

He was freaking amazing! She was so nervous, but Dr. Powell had said to go for it, the worst he could do was say “no.” But she was fairly sure that wouldn’t happen. “Well I wanted to ask if you’d like to go out, maybe?”

“Out? As in a date? With me?” he asked incredulously, the form slipping from his fingers. It was like someone had punched him in gut.

Ari was getting nervous. She knew almost any other guy would love to hear this question asked of them, especially from her, but most of them would be blubbering in puddles of their own goo at the thought of a date with her.

“Yeppers,” Ari said in her most cheerful, but one notch short of hysterical crying, tone. She played through the scenario in her head hundreds of times over the last week and the thought that he might actually say no was so slim she had barely considered it. I mean, she was a Helen, one of the most beautiful and powerful women on the planet. But maybe she shouldn’t have been so forward with the whole dropping the class thing. Maybe she misjudged him.

“I, ah … okay. I’m flattered,” he said. His racing heartbeat indicated he was more than flattered. If she was right, she could smell the confusion and excitement … a lot of excitement.

Reaching for the form, she took a half a step closer into the podium, letting the bottoms of her breasts brush against the hand that he had placed on the top of the podium. She heard, smelled (and even felt) the slight shudder of his release from the seemingly accidental contact with her boob.

She kept the nice smile on her face as she picked up the dropped form, she thought she would feel embarrassed, but surprisingly she felt sad.

She turned, walking to the room’s exit. She was thinking of cutting the rest of the day and getting a tub of cookies and cream ice and watching TV for the rest of the night. Maybe she would even get two tubs of ice cream, it’s not like she had to worry about getting fat.

“Ms. Hoffen, er, Ariana? Don’t I need to sign the form?”

Ari turned around. His heart was still racing, though it had calmed down some, but his voice didn’t waver (and even if he did smell of a little jizz) he was still looking her in the eyes and she couldn’t have been any happier as her smile turned true as she took the signed form.

“How about tomorrow evening?” He asked her. She was at the point where she wasn’t sure she could control herself around him, but students from his next class were coming in the room.

Taking the form him, she was so giddy she almost forgot to answer him. “Sounds perfect,” she said with as much sexiness as she could muster. Which was apparently enough to cause the two male students, and one female, to lose it. She gave a little wave as she left the room.

She was so glad that most people seemed to be coping with her over time. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her new body, it was amazing, and given a choice between her old boyishly stick-like self and her now goddess-like sex-bomb self it was an easy choice to make. She just wished she wasn’t so darn mind-numbingly hot. You know, maybe be hot but like a normal hot woman.

Oh well … what a problem to have, right? She thought about that, chuckling to herself as she rushed to turn the paper into registration.

This can’t be happening

Tom was in his chair for five minutes before he came to his senses. The class was filling up but there was no way he was going to make it through the rest of the day. He canceled the rest of his classes for the day.

Gathering his belongings as quickly as he could he made his way to his car. The whole time he made sure to keep his briefcase strategically placed to conceal not just his raging erection but the wet spot from blowing his load.

Getting safely into his car he thought about the way she had felt as her boob brushed his hand. Her gentle and smooth touch as she took the paper, even her voice, was simply incredible! And that perfect … no … goddess-like smile she had bestowed as she left … Once more his body shuddered in release.

Starting his car and all his way home, all he could think about was Ariana. She was well past amazing, in fact so very far past that it was a whole new level of amazing. But that smile was something else entirely. The way she let the smile linger as she made sure to look him right in the eyes, he was sure he couldn’t handle her. What was he getting himself into? He was more than twice her age. He hadn’t been on a date in nearly two decades …

“Oh dear god, Kimmie! Please help me!” For all the world tried to think of his dead wife’s face, but he could only see Ariana’s better-than-perfect smiling face as she left the classroom.

His wife had passed away over two years ago. Recently his best friend along with his brother had been badgering him to get back in the dating pool. His brother had even joked about him hooking up with the Helen girl in his class.

This was well beyond even the crazy aliens. She was so far removed not just from his league, but from any possibility in his mind that honestly he had no words. This was just unfathomable. He also knew enough to know that she was impossibly strong with some superman-level powers. When he found out he’d have a Helen in his class he had wanted to know what he was dealing with.

Finally, he made it into his house. Grabbing a bottle of lotion from the bathroom on the way to the bedroom he dropped trow and jacked it like he was a thirteen year old who just learned the joys of masturbation for the first time.

Best friends forever!

Ari had a 25 minute break before her next class, English for business. Not a very exciting class,but she thought it would come in handy one way or another.

Like every Thursday she went to the cafeteria in what passed for a student centre at Richard Lamont Luke Bland Community College. There was the crash and clatter as someone dropped their tray of food as she walked past the tables and looked over the crowd. While looking for her best friend she was glad to have only heard the one crashing sound, as that meant most of the other students were adapting to her more or less.

Julia was normal, as normal as most anyone else. She was five-foot-five, brown hair and eyes, she had a cute but not gorgeous face, and possessed a decently sporty body.

Like most Thursdays she sat at the same table in the back corner of the cafeteria that she and Ari had sat in for all of their freshman year. Like most Thursdays she was tense, not only was she extremely jealous of Ari, but she was also incredibly turned on by her. And Ari never seemed to notice.

Thankfully, the wave of lust seemed to die down to a manageable level. Julia had even considered taking those sexual suppressants that had started to appear on the market, the major problem was that she was head over heels in love with Ari, but to Ari she was just her best friend, just like always.

As Ari sat at the table Jules took a deep breath at the sight of her glossy pink lips. The lipstick made Ari’s lips pop and that tight sweater and skirt showed off all of her curves. Ari was showing off for someone, Jules realized. Normally she dresses as frumpy as possible.

Jules just wanted to get up and run and hide, but she didn’t. She just smiled like nothing was wrong and heard herself ask Ari how her day had been so far.

Jules listened to Ari’s every word. In fact, Ariana could have just read words from the dictionary and she would have held Julia’s rapt attention, Julia was so in love with Ari and maybe she finally noticed.

At first, like most people Jules was gripped with lust, but eventually awe mostly wore off. It was still there, but she just got used to it. Then it seemed that some people reacted with fear or hate at the fact that Ari would make them lose control so easily. At least that was how Julia had felt at first.

Jules had always been the beautiful one. She had been the alpha in the friendship, as it were, and now it was the complete opposite … and to the nth degree. Ari was now the focal point wherever she went. Julia might as well have not been around when the two had gone out together. At first she had thought some very mean things about her best friend, though she had never gotten the nerve to say them. There was something about Ariana, an aura of vitality, of power, beauty, lust, and sexiness. All of that combined to make Julia feel like she was a mouse in the presence of a lioness, but a mouse would have had a chance (however small) against a lioness. More accurately: if Jules were a mouse then Ari was the goddess of all lions.

Against Ari there was no chance. That point was driven home when Ari first showed off her amazing strength to her. It had been shortly after Ari had gotten back from the not-so-secret testing with the government. They had gone to an old abandoned gravel quarry that was a couple of hours from town in the mountain foothills. There Julia watched as her former stick-like androgenesis barely noticeable friend, now probably the most awesomely attractive better than perfect ultra-curvy goddess of a woman, easily picked up a boulder the size of a house as effortlessly as if she had picked up a balloon. She shattered rocks with a punch that sounded like a cannon shot. She twisted the metal of some gigantic old crane like it was taffy, making the metal shriek, bend, twist, and even melt in her grip.

The main thing Julia had taken away from that night was that Ari was not just the most beautiful, sexy, and hot person on the planet, but also the most powerful. She was in fact a true goddess. It made Julia so angry. Ari, with all this awesome power, was her same old self. She almost never intentionally tried to push her superiority in anyone’s face. It was maddening to Julia. Ari could have gotten so much payback for the way people had treated her … but nope. She tried to act like she wasn’t a super powered sex bomb of a goddess.

Jules couldn’t help but wonder, if given the same powers, abilities, and gifts that Ariana had, if she herself would be able to act with the same restraint that Ari had. She was virtually unopposed in any argument, and unstoppable in a fight. Hell yeah, she was frightened of her … of the power she effortlessly wielded … yet she knew in her heart Ari would never hurt her. Jules hated her, yet she loved her. And now so much more than that … she was in love with her.

Jules always felt the safest when Ari was around. She let Ari’s powerful presence wrap around her like a blanket. She knew Ari would never use her superhuman strength to hurt anyone, but Jules liked to imagine Ari saving her from danger. Sometimes thugs, maybe a kidnaper, or better yet, her little fantasy where she gets caught up in a bank robbery. Every time Ari comes to her rescue. Sometimes Ari just casually walks through a hail of gunfire, the bullets poking holes in just the right places as Ari’s clothing is shredded in erotically revealing ways … she walks into the bank through the front door … the would-be robbers are too stunned as Ari doesn’t hold her sexinnes back … thankfully Jules has been around Ari enough that she’s not as affected as everyone else …

Other times, and this is her favorite, Ari is powerful like an avenging angel. She smashes through walls like they were tissue paper, she shows the kidnappers no mercy … with every ultra-powerful swing a kidnaper is turned to bloody pulp as Ari wades through the dozen men like an avenging angel … the men are less than bugs to her as her every punch and kick shatters a body like it was a rotten fruit. After, Ariana runs and holds her, making sure she’s safe and unhurt, then it’s the right time and she tells Ari how she feels … and Ari says that she has felt the same herself … and one thing leads to another …

Damn, just thinking about the dream was getting her wet.

“Hey! Earth to Jules? You okay?” Ari asked.

“Yeah. No. I … I’m okay,” Julia said. She could feel the creeping heat reddened her cheeks. If Ari noticed, she didn’t say anything or even react. She just kept on with her story.

“Like I was saying I think I’m going to ask him out.” Ari finished

“Wha? No! Him? No … don’t …” Had she just said that out loud? Julia felt as though a rug were pulled out from under her. She was stunned. Ari … Ariana was going to be hers. No. She was going to … she was … Making a scene.

She knew her face was beet red, and she could feel tears on her cheeks.

Ari’s perfect eyes were wide, her incredible lips hung open. Ari looked even more stunned and shocked then she felt, only she still looked so god damned good.

Julia didn’t remember standing up, but she was as she stumbled back. “You’re my breast, I mean … you’re mine, my best friend I thought, I mean, I …”Julia said as she fought to not jumble her words together. There was no amount of explaining, not that she was able to get the right words out that would help explain her feelings. In fact, just looking at Ariana was making things worse. “Bathroom need, I, I mean I need to …” Looking away she ducked her head down and walked as fast as she could to the bathroom.

Ariana stood up staring in shock as her best friend practically ran from the cafeteria. The rest of the cafeteria fell into a dead silence.

Then a guy from the table across from her broke the silence. “Breast friend? Did you hear that?” he asked his friend, and started to laugh. Within seconds a nervous tittering started to build up to a full roaring laugh.

Clearing her throat, Ari twisted to look at him and his table. She nervously tugged on the bottom hem of her shirt and instantly had nearly everyone in the cafeteria’s attention.

It was like a wave of silence washed over the people in the room as table by table turned to stare at her. Whether she had meant it or not, Ari was once again the center of attention.

She let the distaste from the last nine months’ worth of hearing snide, rude and awful comments show on her face as she slowly looked over the crowd. “You all can say whatever you want about me, but do not make fun of my friend … unless you think you can deal with me. And believe me … you can’t. None of you even remotely stand a chance!”

Looking over the crowd she saw a lot of lust, awe, and envy. But she also was certain she saw looks of resentment and loathing too. But none of that mattered to her. She was too upset that people were making fun of her friend.

“Look at you,” Ari snapped at the guy who had started the mob to laugh. “You don’t get to laugh at my friend.” Walking across to his table she leant over, putting her arms on the table. She was between a guy and a girl who was sitting across from him.

Looking right at him she saw his body shudder as he no doubt orgasmed. She wondered just how many more people in the cafeteria lost it besides him. In high school, she had tried to take a public speaking class. It proved the most horrible and hardest thing she’d ever done, and in fact she’d dropped the class for an advanced home economics class as quickly as she could.

“And believe me when I say that most of you don’t have the slightest chance of dealing with me, much less being my friend.” Having said that Ari turned back to her table and calmly collected hers and Julia’s book bags and calmly walked out of the cafeteria to find her friend.

It hadn’t been too hard to find Jules, thanks to her enhanced senses she heard her trying to stop crying in the restroom at the far back end of the small student center/admin building that was connected to the cafeteria.

Ari walked and placed their backpacks down on the ledge near the entrance. She saw three girls washing up and heard them talking about the crying train wreck of a girl that ran into the stall.

She smiled at them as she looked herself over in the mirror, while waited for a few seconds for the girls to leave. She didn’t like people making fun of her friends, but now was not the time or place to lose her temper. She didn’t want to be one of those Helens that abused her powers and acted like they were better than other people, than normal people.

While her senses were much more powerful than a normal persons, they were not really like superman-powerful. Sure, she could hear heartbeats. But she had to be in normal conversational ranges. Of course, she could hear conversations from much further. Most of the time she would pretend as if she hadn’t heard the thing people would say about her. Mostly it was flattering, if not flatteringly lude, but there was a lot of mean things too. She had grown up with thick skin, but she never could abide people picking on her friends.

The three women had not seemed in a hurry to leave at first. All Ari did was lean over the sink to pluck an imaginary piece of lint off the shoulder of her red sweater. The lean was a force of habit from years of wearing glasses, her vision now was such that she could have easily looked herself over in a car’s side view mirror from miles away if she had wanted.

That little lean was apparently all it took to trigger the ladies. She could hear the heartbeats of the ladies speed up as they watched her. According to Dr. Powell, she triggered a lot of woman’s subconscious fight or flight response. Dr. Powell had likened her (and most Helens) to a tigress in a world full of mice.

Normally she tried her best to blend in. But no … not today. Today she had dressed nicely, and it had been a mistake, she thought. Her best friend was crying in the stall behind her and all she had wanted to do was look good. But really, she didn’t have time to sulk. She needed to get the three gawkers out of the bathroom so she could calm Jules down and explain.

Pursing her lips together and standing tall she squared her shoulders, pushing her large superhumanly firm breast out. Out of her peripheral vision she saw the girls’ heads look as they took a deep breath while she touched up her lipstick.

Before her she changed she never really wore make up in public. Her stepmother was a beautician, and had taught her all about makeup and hair. Even if she did look horrible in makeup, she could always pretend. But now she didn’t have to pretend to be beautiful.

She really didn’t need any makeup at all, her complexion was amazing. There wasn’t a thing about her face that needed covering up … nope. But a small bit of eye liner to make her eyes pop, and a touch of lipstick …

She put the tube of lipstick in her purse. She smelled it: one of the girls had orgasmed. Ari turned her backside to the mirror and let the women get a mind boggling view of her profile as she flipped her hair out of her way and looked over her shoulder in the mirror, and again she plucked a non-existent bit of lint off her exceptional butt.

This time she heard all three woman gasp and shudder. “Is everything okay?” she asked, as she placed her pocket book on the sink. Turning to the ladies she tried her best not to smile or smirk as the women tripped each other over to get out of the bathroom.

She walked to the door and let it shut behind the girls. There was no lock on the inside, but she really didn’t want to be interrupted. She used a trick that she picked up from Donna. She pressed on the door frame with her hand and bent it so it wedged the door shut. It was honestly no effort on her part, and there were only a few small cracks from where the door frame was pulled ever so slightly away from the wall. With her incredible strength she could open the heavy door easily … but anyone else would need a battering ram.

“Jules, I’m sorry. I … I know it’s hard, I mean … I’m … I don’t know what to say.” She said in a rush.

“Please just leave.” Julia’s voice was small and low.

Leaving is the hardest part

Ari sat in her cramped car and cried. She had known it was hard for Jules. She had thought that she would get used to being around her with time like most people seemed to.

All the signs had been there. She had hoped that Jules would be one of the people to adjust to her. She had wanted it so bad that she had gone out of her way to include Jules when she bought new clothes, and had even had her come over to watch her try on clothes, and help her pick out clothes and try make up on.

It had all backfired. Instead of becoming used to her, Julia had fallen in love with her. But even the lovesick Julia could see what Ariana couldn’t see, and knew not to press the issue, just so she could be around her.

Mostly Ari was frustrated with herself. Dr. Powell had tried to warn her that maybe she should give Julia some space.

The car lurched up as Ari slammed her foot down in frustration, at the thought that the alien virus had … No. She had ruined her friendship with Julia all because she didn’t want things to change.

She peeled herself out of the car and looked over the damaged car. There was a gaping hole in the floorboard from her foot, the steering wheel had been pushed down into the dash by her boobs, the front seat had been ripped from its tracks as she had jerked back, and then there was the driver’s side door. It was, well … it was gone.

She’d slammed her arm, shoulder and boob into it in a fit of rage as she tried to get out of the flimsy car. The door, most of it, shot off like it was fired from a cannon into some light woods. It shattered at least three trees before it had, for all intents and purposes, disintegrated to bits.

Thankfully she had parked in the furthest, least used, part of the parking lot, and no one had been around to witness her fit of anger.

She’d thought about calling Dr. Powell and talking it over with her. In fact she was halfway expecting a call from her. The good ‘Doc always seemed to call at just the right moment.

She wondered if she really would trade in her new, ultra-hot Helen bod, and her super powers. She did miss her bestie. She tried to imagine what it must be like for Julie and everyone else, especially with the way Hollywood jumped on the Helen bandwagon.

The largest grossing movie of all time, and by a very large margin, had just dropped a week ago. It was some action-romance-superhero-comedy, starring Donna Landon. She was the second confirmed Helen, and her attitude and temperament was 180 degrees different from Ari’s.

Now Donna was one of the richest and most influential people in the world. She had no issues using her mind-numbing sexy looks to her full advantage. She seemed not to care in the least if she hurt someone’s feelings. And in the rare cases where her looks were not enough, she was not above bullying people around with her incredible superhuman strength. Honestly, it almost seemed as if she enjoyed toying with people.

Ari went through the rest of her day not so much in a daze, but more lost in her thoughts. On the one hand she was excited to have a date with someone who could do more than slobber at the thought of her, yet the loss of her best friend hurt her. Well, the fact that she had hurt her best friend upset her the most. Jules deserved better.

She decided then and there she was going to have to change. Things couldn’t stay the same, nor would they. Ari decided she would talk to Dr. Powell and take her up on her offer to go to a different school. One that offered a good psychology department.

She had been acting so very selfish, ignoring her friend … and even her family. Trying hard, and even maybe forcing her will on others, to keep things the same so she could cope. And even though she knew it was hard for ”Normal” people to be around her, she had been forcing her will on people.

Thinking back over the last year, she realized just how selfish she was, how she had ignored what was right there in front of her. The suffering she caused her parents … it was obvious to her now that they were only just coping with her living at home, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

After her last class ended she called Dr. Powell. She was ready to move on, maybe not too far away … she still really wanted to go out on her date … but she felt a lot better about her place in the world now that she had a plan to move on.


The last few months had been crazy. Ariana was an extra intense girlfriend experience. Tom was getting in better shape from just having sex with her, she was a force of nature in bed, he could barely keep up with her and she was amazing enough to always push him to his limits but never past them. Luckily for him she studied a lot.

For her part, Ari quit both her jobs and took Dr. Powell up on her offer for the government to pay tuition. She moved out of her parents’ house, and started going to the nearby State University, where she decided on a double major in psychology and the burgeoning field of Xeno studies. When she wasn’t studying, she was with Tom. He turned out to be every bit as amazing as she had hoped.

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