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The Sisterhood of Steel: Tasha's Story

Written by sonofjack :: [Wednesday, 24 June 2015 21:07] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 29 July 2015 14:34]

Author's Note: This is the first in a series of stories about a group of women from around the world dedicated to spreading the truth of Female Superiority.

The Sisterhood of Steel: Tasha’s Story

by Sonofjack

“Look, bro, we just don’t want you rushing into anything.” Alvin explained.

“I’m not.” Willy protested.

“But you’ve only known this woman for a little over a month.” Jerome pointed out.

“And, besides, she’s more than twenty years older than you.” Gerald added.

“Look, you guys are my big brothers and I know that you’ve always looked after me. I know that you’re trying to keep me from making a big mistake but, believe me, marrying Tasha is no mistake. In fact, it’s the greatest thing that could ever happen to me. You guys should be so lucky.” Willy was determined that he WAS going to marry Tasha.

“You’ve had other girlfriends before,” Alvin – the oldest brother – remarked, “What’s so damn special about this one?”

“You have no idea.” What Willy’s older brothers didn’t understand – and what Willy with his verbal skills couldn’t explain – was that a word as weak as “girlfriend” was just not big enough to describe Tasha’s magnificence. As far as Willy was concerned, there were no other women in the world except for Tasha. She was his lover, his mommy, his best friend, his master and, soon to be, his wife. She was all women to him and nothing anyone else said about it – except Tasha herself – could make him change his mind.

“Okay, so explain it to us, little bro, help us to understand.” Jerome said.

“I-it’s hard to explain.” Willy struggled to find the words. He couldn’t think of a way to describe the things that Tasha could do to him. At least he couldn’t think of a way to say it that his brothers would believe.

“Besides, she’s more than twenty years older than you.” Gerald repeated, then he added, “She’s almost as old as mom would be.”

“I’ll admit that she looks good for her age.” Alvin confessed. “Hell, she looks damn good if that picture you showed us is for real.”

“Does she really look that good?” Jerome asked. He wanted to know because deep down he had to admit that he was turned on by the incredibly sexy picture of Tasha that Willy showed them. “I mean, is she really that hot at her age.”

“Jerome, that picture does not even begin to do her justice. In person she’s twice that hot,” Willy said proudly, “And she wants to marry ME.”

“How did she get you to ask her?” Alvin asked. He was trying to determine whether or not she trapped him in some way. Willy was a very good looking guy and this would not be the first time some woman outsmarted him. It would also not be the first time his three brothers had to get Willy out of a jam.

“I didn’t ask her.” Willy revealed.

“Then how did you two get engaged?” Gerald asked.

“She told me that we were getting married.” replied Willy.

“And that’s it?” asked Jerome hardly believing his ears.

“That’s it.” replied Willy, “I always do exactly what Tasha tells me to do.”

“Okay! I’ve heard enough. As oldest brother I’m putting my foot down. This marriage does not take place until I’ve had a little talk this Tasha.” Alvin insisted.

“I’ll have to check to see if that’s alright with her.” Willy said.

Willy was the youngest of four brothers, whose mother died when he was five. When she died, their father was so heartbroken that he went out, got drunk and never really sobered up. Since Willy was so young, his older brothers Alvin – who was twelve – and his twin brothers Gerald and Jerome – who were ten – became Willy’s caregivers.

All four of the brothers grew up to be very handsome, but Willy grew up to be the most handsome of all. He’s also always been the smallest brother. Because of his handsome features, Willy has always gotten a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Even when he was as young as fifteen, adult women in their twenties have been falling for him. As a result of this and the fact that he’s not very big, it’s always been his brothers’ responsibility to protect him from jealous boyfriends.

Once Willy reached the age of twenty-one, his brothers more-or-less assumed that he would be able to handle his own affairs. He was still small at 5’5” and 140 pounds, but he’d had a little martial arts training and was in good physical shape.

He was still much smaller than his brothers however. Alvin was 6’2” and weighed a solid 182 pounds. Jerome and Gerald were both 6’1” and weighed around 170 pounds with Gerald weighing perhaps a pound or two more than Jerome. All three of the older brothers had been college athletes and were still in very good shape.

So the older brothers didn’t worry so much about their ‘little bro’, until the day that he announced that he was getting married to a 46 year old woman that he’d only known for five weeks. He showed his brothers a picture of Tasha and they saw that she was remarkably beautiful and in great physical shape. In fact, if Willy hadn’t told them so, they never would have believed that she a day over thirty.

Still, they were naturally concerned. They knew how easily manipulated their baby brother could be. They were determined that they were going to, at least, meet this woman before she married into their family.

Later than night, Willy explained the situation to Tasha. He told her that his brothers wanted him to wait a while before marrying her.

“And I say we get married right away.” Tasha responded.

“Yes, Tasha, of course, Tasha.” Willy responded.

“So, who are you going to listen to, your brothers or me?”

“You, Tasha. You know that I always do exactly what you tell me to do without question or hesitation.” Willy said.

“And why is that?” asked Tasha.

“Because I know what you can do to me if I don’t obey.” Willy said. Just the thought of what she was capable of made him tremble slightly.

Tasha walked over to Willy, who was sitting down. She placed her hand softly on the side of his face and said, “Yes, you do. You know what I can do and you know that I don’t like it when you don’t obey. So you always obey.”

She said this with total and supreme confidence in her ability to strike both fear and arousal in the smaller, younger man. Willy’s heart fluttered and his dick tingled at the knowledge of how complete and how certain Tasha’s control over him was. She knew how to play him like a master violinist plays a Stradivarius and he was proud to be her instrument.

Tasha reached down and picked Willy up in her strong arms. At 5’10” and a muscular 165 pounds, Tasha was physically much more powerful than Willy. She cradled him in her arms and looked down at him. “You’re so beautiful.” she said as she gazed over his naked form. (Willy was not allowed to wear clothes when they were alone in Tasha’s house).

“W-will you at least agree to meet with my brothers?” Willy asked timidly.

Tasha hesitated for a moment. She normally didn’t like to grant favors to the men in her life. It might give them unrealistic ideas of equality, but she really did have special affection for the beautiful little man in her arms. Finally she said, “Bring them over to my house tomorrow at 7PM.”

“Thank you, Tasha.” Willy said as he snuggled in closer to her and nuzzled her neck.

“You’re welcome, little one.” she said. “Now you must do something for me.”

“Anything.” he said.

“You know how much I like watching you cum.” she said.

“Yes, Tasha.” he said in eager anticipation of what was to happen next.

Willy’s dick was already fully erect. When Tasha lifted his head up to hers and began to kiss him passionately, it began to throb. As he felt her tongue enter his mouth and mingle with his, his balls began to twinge. He was so well trained that all it took was one deep, lingering kiss from Tasha and, within seconds, his dick was on the verge of eruption. He knew that he could not hold back much longer, but he also knew that Tasha did not approve of him cumming without permission.

She began to dart her tongue in and out of his mouth, pulling back and giving his lips little licks in between. This drove him insane with arousal. Then, she pulled back her mouth and looked of his cock. His shaft was visibly pulsating and his balls were literally quivering. “Hold it … hold it …” she demanded. Her control over him was so complete that even his balls and dick did as they were told.

“P-p-p-pleeeeeeeease,” he whined. Tears were rolling down his cheek at the exquisite agony.

“Hold it … hold it … hold it … Now! Release!” Willy’s cum shot out of him so hard that some of it hit and stuck to the ceiling. By the time he stopped spewing, Tasha’s neck and upper torso and Willy’s dick and balls were drenched with his cum.

Just before passing out, Willy thought to himself, “If my brothers only knew …”

The next night at 7PM Willy brought his brothers to Tasha’s house. There was a note on the front door that said, “Come in, and proceed to the gym.”

Willy led his brothers to the large gym area of Tasha’s house. Tasha had a large four bedroom house. She had a wall taken out between the two downstairs bedrooms to make way for her personal gym.

Of course, taking out a wall like this to alter a house is nothing unusual. What was unusual is the method she used for removing the wall. She and a few fellow members of the Sisterhood of Steel took the wall out using just the power of their hands and feet.

What is the Sisterhood of Steel? Tasha will reveal that in her own sweet time.

When the four men got to the gym, Tasha was there waiting for them. She was dressed in most unusual gym attire. On top she was wearing a lacey red bra that pushed her ample breasts together and up in a most pleasing way. Below she was wearing a black skirt that ended just above her knees. Just peeking out below the skirt she wore suspenders (garters) that held up her black fishnet stockings. On her feet she wore four inch red high heels. When she turned quickly, her skirt would flair up to reveal that she was not wearing any panties.

The three brothers, who had never seen Tasha in person before, did have to admit that the photo they had seen did not do her justice. It more-or-less captured her beauty, but no photo was capable of fully capturing the aura of confidence and power that Tasha radiated.

And in regards to beauty, Tasha was astonishingly so. She stood 5’10” in her stocking feet, but in her heels she stood 6’2”. Her face possessed a delicate beauty that one rarely sees outside of a runway at a fashion show.

She had a distinctly Eurasian look – the result of having a handsome Chinese father and beautiful French-Italian mother. Her green cat-like eyes were of such a bright shade that they almost seemed to have their own independent light source. Her small, upturned nose, high cheekbones and full lips completed the picture of regal beauty.

As beautiful as Tasha’s face was, it was her body that was truly awe-inspiring. To say that Tasha was “in shape” hardly explained the majesty of her hard body. She had broad shoulders and two powerful, muscular arms. Her breasts were firm and just the right size for her frame. Her tummy was flat with amazingly defined abs. Her small waist gave way to her widening hips which tapered off to her long, shapely, muscular legs. Her tight, hard, rounded ass was a miracle unto itself.

She did not possess the bulbous, exaggerated muscles of a body builder. Rather hers were more the functional muscles of professional athletes. They were the kind of lean, streamlined muscles possessed by gymnasts or dancers – the kind of muscles that not only signified power, but also enhanced grace and fluidity of motion.

Her tight muscle fiber almost seemed to flow like water beneath her skin as she glided from place to place. Every movement she made, no matter how routine or mundane, reminded others of the dancing of a prima ballerina. Of course, her outfit had partially been chosen for the purpose of showing off her incredibly fit, toned, firm, powerful body. It had also been selected as a showcase for her overwhelming feminine sexuality.

“Have a seat, boys.” Tasha invited. They sat in four chairs that had been carefully lined up. One good look at Tasha and the three older brothers’ resolve to oppose her marriage to Willy began to slip. Then Tasha said, “My goodness, Willy, you didn’t tell me that your brothers were almost as handsome as you.” Even though all the brothers received more than average attention from attractive women, they drank in Tasha’s compliment the way a thirsty man will drain a bottle of Gatorade.

Despite the fact that Alvin could already feel himself being mesmerized by Tasha’s charms, he soldiered on and remembered the reason he was there. “We need to have a talk, Tasha.” he stated forcefully.

“Do we?” Tasha said with look in her eye that conveyed the message that she didn’t care for Alvin’s tone of voice.

“You’ve invited us here to convince us that we should let you marry our younger brother, right?” Alvin asked.

“‘Convince’?” Tasha said with a raised eyebrow. “I’m not concerned with having to ‘convince’ you of anything. I believe that Willy is of legal age. I wasn’t aware that I was required to ask for his hand.”

“Then, why did you ask us here?” Jerome inquired.

“I didn’t ‘ask’ you here. I allowed you an audience with me. The purpose of that audience is to let you know that I’m going to marry Willy and there is not a fucking thing any of you can do about it.”

“Is that so?” Gerald joined in.

“That is so. You boys may not know it, but Willy is already mine. I own him body and soul. Isn’t that right, Willy?”

Willy was faced with a dilemma. He knew that what Tasha was saying was absolutely true. He was HAPPY that it was true. Nonetheless, he didn’t want to look like a beaten pup in front of his brothers.

“Well … I …” Willy hesitated.

“Willy, knees!” Tasha commanded. Willy instantly fell out of his chair and onto his knees. Tasha had him trained well enough that after five weeks that his response to her commands was automatic and he obeyed without hesitation.

Almost as quickly as Willy was out of his chair kneeling, Alvin, Jerome and Gerald were out of their chairs yelling.

“That’s it! We’re out of here!” Alvin said, “Come on, Willy!”

Willy looked as if he might get up until Tasha said in a calm voice, “Willy, stay.”

“You can’t treat our brother like a dog!” Gerald shouted.

“Why not? That’s what he is to me, aren’t you, Willy? Tell your brothers that you’re my obedient trained poodle.” Tasha said with supreme self-assurance.

Willy smiled. “Yes, Tasha my love, I’m your obedient poodle.” he willingly agreed. Willy wasn’t hypnotized; he was just so in love, in awe and in fear of Tasha that he cheerfully did whatever she told him.

Jerome was so blinded with rage to see his baby brother so humiliated that he shouted, “You, Bitch! Whatever spell you’ve cast over him, you’re though, you got that? I’ve never hit a woman before but

“Go ahead and try,” Tasha interrupted him.

“What?” Jerome could not believe what he was hearing.

“I said: ‘Go ahead and try’. What’s the matter dipshit, are you afraid of a woman?”

“I’m warning you, bitch!” Normally, Alvin and Gerald would have held their brother back from even thinking about striking a woman, but right here, right now, they were not sure what to do.

“Don’t try to hit her!” Willy warned his brother.

“Why shouldn’t he?” Gerald asked Willy who was still on his knees.

“Because, if he does, she’ll beat the shit out of him.” replied Willy.

“Are you saying this bitch can beat me up?” Jerome asked his little brother.

“I’m saying she can beat all of us up – all at once or one at a time.” explained Willy.

Tasha looked at Jerome with the cold dead eyes of a shark and said, “Call me bitch one more time and find out what I can do.”

“Bitch.” Said Jerome just before he was knocked across the room with a perfectly executed round-house kick delivered by Tasha. He was out cold before he hit the floor.

Without thinking – going entirely on instinct – Alvin and Gerald both rushed Tasha. Their natural impulse to defend their brother was even stronger than their predisposition to not hit a woman. They shouldn’t have been concerned. Despite throwing a flurry of punches, neither one of them ever came close to hitting Tasha.

The warrior woman dodged, ducked, blocked and weaved between each and every punch thrown. What was most impressive was that she did it with so little effort. Often she would only move her head or twist her upper body an inch or two to expertly avoid one of the brother’s powerful blows by centimeters. Amidst the storm of punches that were thrown at her from two different shifting directions, she barely even had to move her feet to weave in, out, under, between and around each one.

Finally, when Alvin and Gerald had punched all the air they could handle and they were standing before the expert fighter heaving mightily for oxygen, Willy said, “Please, Tasha, they’re my brothers.”

“I’m sorry, poodle,” she said, “But they must be taught a lesson.” The last thing they saw was a flash the size of Tasha’s fist coming at them. Then, all was darkness.

When the brothers woke up, they were sitting back in their earlier chairs. Tasha instructed Willy to splash a little cold water in his brothers’ faces to bring them around. Willy then resumed his place on the floor next to Tasha who was standing. As he slowly came to, Alvin asked: “Did anyone get the license number of the truck that hit me?”

“It was a vanity plate. It said ‘IKIKASS’.” Tasha quipped.

“Okay, so you know kung fu or something; don’t let it go to your head.” Alvin said. By this time, Gerald and Jerome had come to also, but they were content to let Alvin do all the talking.

“The fighting style I used goes way beyond mere kung fu. It’s a fighting style that was originally developed by an orphaned girl named Katrina, who grew up on the streets of Singapore. She took several different fighting styles and merged them into something all her own. The fighting styles she mastered and blended together include karate, kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, savate, bartitsu, judo, taekwondo, boxing, jeet kune do, moraingy, correda, gymnastics and a fair amount of good old fashioned street fighting. She called her method ‘Kick-Ass Fu’.”

“That’s all very interesting.” Alvin began.

“Silence!” ordered Tasha. Alvin shut up.

“Sensei Katrina agreed to teach her fighting style to a select group of extraordinary women of whom I am one. Others in our group contributed what they knew about nutrition, exercise, health, psychology, kinesiology and some ancient arts of a more … specialized nature. What you see before you” she swept her hands over her body indicating her own magnificent form “is the result.”

“That’s nice. What do you call yourselves, The Kick-Ass Girl Rangers?” Alvin asked.

“No. We are called The Sisterhood of Steel.” replied Tasha.

“Isn’t that a little dramatic?” asked Alvin

Tasha looked down at Willy who was still at her feet. “Would you call that name overly dramatic, beautiful boy?”

“No, Tasha.”

“And why not?” she asked.

“Because I’ve seen what you can do.” Willy replied.

“Do you think I should give your brothers a demonstration?” she asked.

“It might make things simpler.” Willy pointed out.

“I think you’re right, my precious.” Tasha walked over to large, cubed block that was sitting on a heavy wooden table. The length, width and depth of the cube were one foot. She pointed at Gerald and said, “You! Come here.” Gerald sat in his chair paralyzed for a few seconds. He could not decide whether it was safer to obey and go over to Tasha or to disobey and stay away.

When Tasha coolly asked, “Are you going to obey, or are you going to make me come and get you?” he made his mind up and went over to her.

“Examine this block, and tell your brothers what you see.” she demanded.

After inspecting it for a minute or so Gerald reported, “It’s a solid block of marble.”

“Pick it up. Does it feel hollow?” Tasha asked.

“No, it’s heavy like a solid block,” Gerald answered.

“Stand back,” Tasha instructed. Then, moving so fast that her hand was a blur, Tasha punched the block of marble and shattered it to bits. One fragment flew fifteen feet across the room and barely missed Jerome’s head. It was moving with such velocity that it embedded itself in the plaster wall three feet behind him.

Tasha, then, stepped over to a two by four three foot bar of steel she had set up between two cinder blocks. She had Gerald come over and inspect it to verify that it was exactly what it looked like. When he nodded his agreement she shouted “Hi-ya!” and came down with her left foot and broke that steel bar in half.

“Now do you see what I COULD have done to you with my fists and feet.” she told the three terrified men. It did not escape Alvin’s attention that Tasha hit the objects with such precision that she did not scratch the wooden table nor shatter the cinder blocks that supported the two much harder, heavier materials that they supported.

This made him realize that Tasha was not simply brute force, although he was sure that she had plenty of that at her disposal. However she had also trained and conditioned her perfect body so that her strength and fighting skills had advanced to superhuman levels. “How is this possible?” he asked.

“Using Sensei Katrina’s unique blend of fighting skills as a jumping off point and combining those with certain ancient secrets of muscle and pain control, the members of the Sisterhood of Steel have turned our bodies into consummate weapons.” Tasha explained.

“Oh yeah? What if we hit you first?” Jerome asked. He was unconscious during Alvin and Gerald’s earlier pathetic attempt at an attack on Tasha, so he did not know how easily she avoided their blows.

“How would you like to try, little boy?” she asked.

“Love to.” he said as he jumped out of his chair.

“Okay, first you may hit me in the stomach. I will offer no resistance.”

Jerome swung his fist as hard as he could and hit Tasha squarely in the stomach. Her incredibly solid abs absorbed the blow as if it was nothing. Jerome immediately became frustrated and began throwing punches at Tasha’s face. Of course, Alvin and Gerald knew that his efforts would be in vain.

Alvin jumped up and pulled his brother away. “It’s no use, bro, she’s just too skilled for us.”

“Maybe if we all rushed her at once.” Jerome suggested.

“Forget it, man, it’s no use. We’d never touch her.” Gerald told his twin.

“Listen to your brothers.” Tasha warned. “Even if you did touch me, it would take more than the combined strength of you and your brothers to even make me feel it. Besides, you really don’t want me losing my patience with you.” As if to drive this point home, Tasha walked over to one more display she’d set up while the brother were out cold. It was a free standing concrete wall that was five feet high and wide and two feet thick. Tasha casually walked over to the wall and punched a hole right through it.

She turned back to the brothers and calmly said: “Sit.” When all three of them immediately did as she said without hesitation, she smiled confidently. She knew that she had instilled fear in their hearts. She knew that they would not dare to seriously challenge her again.

“Do you still have a problem with me marrying Willy?”

“No, ma’am.” Alvin answered. The twins mumbled the same half a second behind him.

“Good, because I meant it when I said that I find you boys attractive. You’re not as handsome as Willy, but Willy is an exceptionally pretty boy. That’s why I’m going to marry him. However, there’s nothing to say that I can’t have other lovers. Isn’t that right, Willy?”

Willy looked up from the floor, “Whatever you say, Tasha.” he agreed.

Alvin gave out a disgusted sigh.

“Problem?” Tasha asked him.

“Forgive me for asking, but does that go both ways? I mean, is Willy allowed to have other lovers too?”

Tasha snorted, “Of course not.”

“Is that fair?” asked Alvin.

“Fair or not, that’s the way it is because I am Willy’s master.” explained Tasha. “Willy knows that I will give him all the pleasure he can handle, but that no one man could ever satisfy a woman like me. He knows what a great honor it is that I want to marry him.”

“It’s true.” Willy spoke up. “Guys, I know that you think that you’re helping me, but you have no idea of the things Tasha is capable of. She knows secret things. She can make me instantly hard with a snap of her fingers or even just the curl of her lip. She can make me orgasm until I pass out from exhaustion and revive me and make me cum again! I’m grateful that she has ordered me to marry her. If she wants to have other lovers …”

“It’s not like you have a say in the matter.” Tasha reminded him.

“Exactly!” Willy agreed. “And besides all the sexual stuff she can do for me … well, it might be wrong, but watching her beat the shit out of you guys and intimidate you the way she does … What a turn on!”

Tasha bent down and grabbed Willy by the collar and lifted him up. “Is my beautiful little man turned on watching his master intimidate and defeat three big men?”

“Oh yes, Master.” he replied trembling. Then Tasha gave him a long, deep, passionate kiss. The brothers watched with wide eyes as Willy’s erection grew in his pants. They let out audible gasps as the cum strain started to spread across his crotch.

They watched as Willy began to struggle. He needed to moan, but his mouth was full of Tasha’s tongue. Tasha’s reaction to Willy’s struggling was to pull him in closer and intensify her kiss. Willy was clearly overwhelmed by Tasha in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Tasha released her grip. By now the jizz stain on Willy’s pants had spread to the size of a large dinner plate, and some of the cum had soaked all the way through. Tasha slowly lowered Willy as he collapsed to the floor.

“Pleeeeeeaaase, Willy whimpered as he lay on the floor looking like a limp dish towel.

“Please, what?” Tasha looked down smiling adoringly at Willy.

“Mooooore.” he begged, “Mooooore.”

Tasha turned back to the brothers who were watching with gaping mouths and clearly amazed at what they had just witnessed. “How do you feel now?” she asked.

“J-j-j-j-j-j” Alvin stammered.

“Go ahead, sweetie, you can say it.” Tasha encouraged.

“J-j-jealous.” he said. Jerome and Gerald both nodded in agreement.

Tasha then decided it was time to complete her training of her future brothers-in-law. She began a seductive dance. She looked like a snake sitting up and undulating back and forth. Alvin, Jerome and Gerald sat mesmerized watching her captivating movement.

When the time was right Tasha walked over to Alvin and took him by the hand. She led him up the stairs into her bedroom. Gerald and Jerome patiently waited their turns. Willy eventually got off the floor and cleaned himself up and waited for Tasha to work her way around to him again.


Two days later Alvin was standing by Tasha’s front door down on his knees begging, “Please, Mistress Tasha, don’t make us go home.”

“Enough! I have things to do; surely you three do too.”

“But none of those things are as important as being with you.” Jerome protested. He and Gerald were also begging on their knees.

“Yes, please, Mistress Tasha, please let us stay just a little longer.” Gerald pleaded.

“Two days is long enough. Now kiss my feet and be on your way.” Tasha demanded.

As they all crowded around her feet to kiss and lick them Tasha consoled them. “It’s not like you’ll never see me again. Remember I’m marrying your brother next Saturday.”

How could they forget that? They were happy for Willy, but they were also jealous that he was number one in Tasha’s heart. However they also realized that after she married Willy that she would always be in their lives as well. That made them very happy.

As the three reluctantly got up and started walking towards their car, Tasha said to them, “Oh boys.” When they turned around to look, Tasha opened up the silk robe she was wearing and revealed her impossibly sexy naked body. She half-closed her eyes and began licking her lips. She moaned lightly and did a slow, captivating rolling shimmy.

As the men watched her, their trousers began to fill with sperm.

Tasha let out a girlish giggle, gave a fluttering wave with her fingers and said, “See you boys next Saturday.” Then in a flash she turned, closed the door and she was gone.

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