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The Gift – Part 2

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The Gift – Part 2

Chapter 1

Monday came round all too quickly for Sarah. She hadn’t slept a wink since her surprise meeting with Wilson but surprisingly didn’t feel as tied as she expected, must be another plus side of the gift. One thing’s for sure, if she’d learnt anything from this weekend it was that nothing in life is free, even gifts have strings attached.

As she couldn’t sleep, she’d put her time awake to good use, she’d formulated a plan that should work perfectly.

She heads off to work at the power station, the job she had gotten through a friend and the reason, it had since became clear for her gift and troubles. It was only supposed to be a short term thing, a few months’ wages to help pay the bills until she passed her personal training exam.

She wouldn’t have even been there if it weren’t for been made redundant from her previous job in the social security office. She enjoyed that job, working with people, helping them out. But after the change in government, the smaller offices closed leaving Sarah in a predicament.

She was originally employed as just a basic secretary, typing letters, answering calls, copying and anything else people requested. But she soon got bored and wanted a change. Spotting an internal vacancy for a general lab assistant, she penned her application letter in her lunch break. 3 weeks later she was promoted to the position she still held today.

At first they watched her like a hawk, it was a dangerous place the labs, she had to attend safety course after safety course to gain there trust. After a few months and lots of training, they finally began to relax.

These day, she was often left on her own in the labs. Free to move from one section to another without even a glance from the scientist’s. She spent most of her time where she was based, the lab where they tested the coolant water. Every Monday they did a small volume sample test, testing the radioactivity levels but on the Monday of every month was the large volume test.

Sarah had a two litre flask of water with her. This was nothing new though as she generally carried a flask of water. Strictly speaking it was against company regulations due to the hazards on site but nobody enforced it, even the security guards carried water.

Her plan was quite simple, she would empty the contents of her flask and fill it with the coolant water. This would allow her to remove it from site without any problems.

Also today just happened to be the first Monday of the month so it was a large volume tests. This would make implementing her plan much simple. All she had to do was wait for the pre-test meeting to begin, then it was as simple as turning a valve and filling her flask.

Once she had the water she would call her boss. She knew just the story to get out of work, she’d used it on more than one occasion. He school have called, my son’s got into and accident and I have to go home.

Kim, Sarah’s boss, also had a clumsy son and thus would never say no!

She went about her normal tasks, waited for the 11am meeting to start. Once it did she would have a full hour to action her plan.

Eleven soon came and the right on que, the scientists went.

As soon as they left Sarah went to work, she rushed to the sink and emptied the contents of her bottle, then headed over to the test area and quickly filled the bottle.

She tightened the lid as tight as it was safe to do so without breaking it. This would make sure nobody could remove it but her. She carefully placed the bottle in her bag before making the call to her manager.

“Hi Kim, its Sarah. I’ve just had a call from the school. My son’s had an accident again and they’ve asked if I can come and pick him up. I know its short notice but can I put a holiday it?”

“That’s not a problem Sarah. You get yourself away and I’ll find cover for you. I’ll put you in for a holiday tomorrow too just in case.” Kim replied

Sarah was out the lab, at her car and off site quick sharp. She’d done it. She was home free.

As soon as she found a safe and quiet place to pull over she did so. Sarah pulled out her phone, Wilson had been thoughtful enough to have text her a number to ring when she had completed his small request.

“Hello Sarah.” said the voice.

“Hi, I have something for you.” Sarah said, confused to whom she was speaking with

“Have you got a satellite navigation system?”

“Yes it’s built in to my car.” Sarah replies

“OK well I’ll give you the post code of where we’re to meet, be there in an hour.”

Once he’d told her the post code the phone went dead.

Sarah tried calling the number again but the phone had already been cut off.

Sarah arrived at the destination. It was at the end of a long baron and rarely used road, the only way out was the way she came in. She didn’t have to wait long before the distinctive limo drove slowly up the same.

It parked in such a way as to block her escape, watch the road and allow for a quick getaway if need be.

Sarah got out of her car and walked towards the limo. As she approached the rear window wound down.

“The good, you have them?” said the voice, the same one she’d an hour earlier spoke to on the phone, it was a scientist who was sitting there, not Wilson.

“Yes, here.” Sarah replies as she slowly removes the flask from her bag and hands it to the scientist.

“The cap, Can you remove it please.” He ask, without making any attempt to take the flask off her.

Sarah obliged and removed the cap, as she did, the scientist arm extended with a Geiger counter probe, Sarah heard the distinctive crackle, one she’d heard countless time before.

“You can put the lid back on now, but not too tight, we’ll need to remove it later.” The scientist said.

Sarah replaced the lid making sure it was posable for them to remove. The last thing she wants is to be called upon again for something as silly as that.

The scientist takes the bottle then the window closes again.

Only after the transaction had been completed did Wilson appear from the other side of the limo.

“Sarah Sarah Sarah” Wilson said, in the same almost patronising tone that made Sarah skin crawl. “You have performed your task quite admirably. So, as promised I have some money for you. Please open your online banking on this computer for me, don’t worry, your log in details are safe, that I can assure you.”

Sarah does as he says and looks, in shock as sitting in her account was now over £1,000,000.

“And this ends our association Sarah. Have fun with your gift and your money.”

With that he returns to his limo and heads off back up the road.

Chapter 2

Sarah’s life couldn’t get any better, she had abilities that, until recently, she only thought existed in comics, a quickly and constantly increasing bank balance due to clever investments, all her friends and family were ok and she had no need to work anymore

As for Wilson, he had been true to his word and hadn’t bothered her since she’d handed over the coolant water to his scientist which was now well over two month ago now.

She could go out and enjoy herself knowing hangovers we’re a thing of the past. The only problem, so was been drunk. At best she made it to merry. This was the only real downside to her abilities.

If she saw a man she liked she would approach him. Nobody could hurt, life was truly amazing.

Dave was one of her many admirers, she choose to tease him. She did this with other she liked too. She always like to play with her prospective conquests, tease them and lead them on for a while.

Dave was a big lad, he trained every day. He was admired by all the ladies but only had eyes for her. She teased him about been so big but so weak even showed him how weak he was from time to time. It was this that intrigued him, how someone so petite could so easily over powered him. He always made a beeline for her as soon as she arrived. Asking to test himself against her in the gym and the bedroom

Tonight though was different. He made eye contact with here as soon as she arrived, like he always did but tonight he didn’t approach, he didn’t even smile at her. He just acknowledged her with a nod before returning to what looked to be a deep and meaningful conversation with someone else.

She giggled to herself as she headed towards them, it was obvious that he was ready now, play time was over, she’d teased him enough and now she needed to seal the deal.

As she reached them Sarah blatantly blanked the female company Dave, on this occasion had chosen to spend time with instead of her. She just smiled at him whilst grabbed him by the shirt and effortlessly pulled him towards her before kissed him. Half in jest to show how easy it was and half in a show of power to the on looking female.

“Hey handsome! Who’s the wench?” she said as she finally acknowledged the now less than happy female that was, until she arrived, the occupier of Dave’s full attention.

“H-Hi Sarah, this is Samantha. She’s a friend from years back.” Dave said rather sheepishly

Sarah turns to Samantha and her checks her out. Looking at her, up and down up and down all without saying a word. She does this with an air of confidence one gets from been so empowered.

She had a terrific body; she was fit, toned and looked quite strong.

“You must work real hard to keep in that shape Samantha!” Sarah finally says with a fake smile, not even been polite enough to introduce herself.

“Who the fuck do you think you are walking over here like that you little tramp?” Samantha snaps back.


Sarah was taken back. It had been quite a while since somebody had talked to her like that.

“Someone needs to knock you down a peg or two!” Samantha barks angrily. “Who the hell do you think you are waltzing over here and interrupting us like that?”

Sarah’s friend approaches quickly

“Sarah L-leave it, walk away its n-not worth the trouble.” Kat says, obviously out of breath from the effort she had used to get to them so quickly.

“I’m ok Kat I can deal with pip squeaks like this. Now go get the drinks in I’ll be over in just a minute!” Sarah says as she hands her Kat a roll of cash. All whilst, not once taking her eyes off Samantha

Kat leans in and whispers “B-but that Samantha. Nobody fucks with Samantha. She the hardest lass in the area, has been for years. She’s the one who knocked out that Olympic gold medallist”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be ok now go get the drinks” she says as she pushes Kat away.

Sarah opens her eyes and regains her focus. She quickly realises she’s on the ground, her jaw feels like she’s just been hit with a sledge hammer, her head is pounding and there’s a large crowd of people looking at her asking if she’s ok.

“What the hell just happened?” she says as she sits up.

Samantha leans in and says. “Someone just knocked you down a peg or two, tramp!”

Sarah looks Samantha square in the eye and says: “You caught me off guard, big mistake. Let’s see if you can do it again!” But every time Sarah tries to get to her feet Samantha just shoves her back to the ground.

“Don’t bother!” Samantha says with an evil smile every time she seemingly effortlessly pushes Sarah back down.

“What’s all this about Samantha?” a voice says from behind.

Sarah turns her head to look at where familiar sounding voice is coming from.

You could see the shock on Sarah’s face. Seeing Marie brought back memories, bad memories at that. Marie and Sarah, they had history. They’d had an argument that didn’t end sweetly to for Sarah some years back. Sarah had tried it on with Marie’s then, partner. Marie took great offence to this and knocked Sarah clean out with just one punch.

“This silly cow has only gone and tried it on with Dave right in front of me, just came over and kissed him! Can you believe it?” Samantha says.

Marie bends down and looks at her. “Well look who it is, it’s only my old friend Sarah, I guess you still haven’t learnt your lesson from last time” Marie said with a hint of resentment, anger and hate in her voice

Marie too looked in good shape, better than last time they met. Sarah knew she could fight, and could see she’d been working out. But Sarah was confident that, this time she should have the edge.

“I’m guessing I’m going to have to deal with both of you? Sarah says grinning

Marie looks at Samantha and shakes her head “she got spunk I’ll give her that” she says turning towards Sarah then, without even a nod or a wink throws a right hook that catches Sarah full in the jaw.

When Sarah comes round this time she’s sat on a chair between both her tormentors.

“What the, how the, what’s going on?” Sarah shouts obviously annoyed and confused.

“Listen sweetie, this is how it works. If we were stronger fitter, faster and harder than you before then we’re stronger fitter, faster and harder than you now! That’s how it is.” Marie says

“How, What, when, what are talking about?” Sarah asks confusingly

“The serum you idiot, were talking about the serum, Jesus for someone who worked in the labs at the power plant you’re a bit of an idiot!” Samantha says with a smile.

“What serum, how the, he only had enough for one?” Sarah says even more confused.

“Your right, he did only have enough for one, until you provided him with the final, and vital ingredient, the one that had eluded him for so long. We’re his new enforces and your worsted nightmare. We were your superiors before and we’re your superior’s again. Your dose of super juice won’t help you. We have it too, were back as top dogs and we plan to expand.” Samantha says with an evil smile before showing Sarah a vial of super serum.

“This is just one of many, we plan to build an army and it’s all thanks to you.” 

All Sarah can do is sit and listen, Useless to stop them as they build and army of super powered evil. Samantha and Marie turn out Sarah’s her purse, pocket anything of value then continued to inflict more pain and misery.

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