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The Strong Girl – Chapter 1

Written by castor :: [Monday, 12 October 2015 21:25] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 07 May 2016 07:34]

“Well you got two options kid.” said the gym owner to Jessica.

“What are they?” she asked.

“You can either be really thin and tight, look like you came out of a swimsuit video … or strong.”

“I want to be strong.”

“Now, occasionally, if you really exercise you’ll get both, but really that’s genetics and not something.”

“You heard me.” said Jessica “I want to be strong.”


The first thing Todd noticed were the bangs. They were quite unruly and went all over her face in a kind of messy black brown mass. He wasn’t quite sure if she dyed them – as it looked as if her hair was distinctly two colors of dark raven hair and not quite right. It framed a soft white face with dark blue eyes and an unsure nose that quivered slightly.

Then he looked down to see that she was pressing the weight up in a methodical pattern on the press machine. She was wearing a white fitted T-shirt and had head phones. She looked like a young woman trying to get fit which was well … appropriate at a gym.

He smiled at her. Todd worked at the gym in the night shift, when he didn’t go to college to earn a degree that maybe would pay less than what he was making here. He had never seen her before, but that didn’t mean anything, as he was coming a couple of hours earlier to cover the end of a shift – a lot of the people were different. “Need anything?”

The weight went down with a loud clack and more force than they should. Just a loud hard sound.

“Do you have an android charger?” she asked taking her headphones off.

The sound didn’t sound good “What?”

“My phone is almost dead, I shouldn’t be using it like that, but want to make sure it gets home.”

He paused “I think so, let me check … is there something wrong with your machine?”

She looked over “I don’t think so.”

He looked down and realized that she had put a couple of weights on the top of it. People did that sometimes and it was a good way to damage the machine, better to just put the pin lower … how much was this set at?

Then he could see the pin … cause “You’re lifting 400 pounds.”

She looked up “Yeah. 405.”

He paused and looked at her again. She had good sized arms, he realized, underneath the shirt, but ones that shouldn’t be maxing out the machine.

“Am I doing it wrong?” she asked taking a second to push the bangs out of her eyes.

“Uhm.” Todd said, not quite sure how to respond to that, “You're just lifting a lot of weight.”

“Yeah.” she said “Really it's kinda of a warm up.”

Todd shook his head. “We just don’t want you damaging the machine … do you have some kind of lever somewhere?”

“What she said?”

“Can you get off? I am going to put this out of commission until the mechanic can take a look at it.”

“Doesn’t seem broke.” she replied

“Well this sometimes happens – strange as it seems – it can work to well … you can lift more weights than you really can … and that can be dangerous.”

“Oh.” she said and got up. Passively “Do you have that charger?”

“Give me a second.” as they walked to the desk.

Jessica waited at the desk as he looked through the drawers before pulling out a cable “Bring it back.”

“Thanks.” she smiled “Will just plug it in the wall here.”

“No problem.”

“How much do you normally press.”

“I was doing 350 last month, but i was going up to 405. I am not going to say ‘oh that’s so light’, it was a good pump but I was going for it.”

“Do you know what the word pump means?”

“I have figured it out from context.”

Todd looked up from getting the don’t disturb machine. Her arms were big, but not huge by any stance for a woman. Most woman who got that big had a very lean figure, they had lost all body fat. She was by no means fat, but her arms had a slightly curved mass to them. With her big arms and small thinnish lower body she looked … odd was the wrong word, as she had a kind of nerdy cuteness to her but unusual. She was maybe 5’3 or something.

“Are you really lifting that much weight?”

“Is that unusual?” said Jessica

“Not impossible but unusual.” said Todd. “Do you do a lot of free weight?”

“They make me nervous.”

“Want me to spot you?”

“Okay.” said Jessica “Will let my phone charge.”

They walked towards the free weight section “How do I put this in my book?”

“What?” said Todd

Jessica got a little blue book “When I first got here, a trainer I had recommended I keep a record of all the weight I lift.”

“That’s a good idea.” said Todd “Just write it as press or something, or bench press.”

Todd looked at her awkwardly walking into the section, as he got a bar he worried this was a bad idea “Can you lift this?”

“Is that a trick question?”

“A lot of women just lift up this bar, it's for like fitness training.”

She got underneath it put her hands on the bar and lifted it up.


She shrugged as he got a four 25 pounders and put it on “This is 100 pounds.”

She nodded, lifted it up and … pushed it up easily.


“Can you do 10?”

She started to easily push it up and back up and back 10 times “Wait a second I was mostly finished with chest today when I started.”

“Is this bad?”

“No.” she said “Is that good exercise to do this?”

“So you just work out by yourself.”

“They had a free session with a personal trainer when I signed up.”

He nodded “How long ago was that?”

“Three months ago.”

“Well to lift 100 pounds for a woman is pretty impressive after 3 months.”

“Put more weight on.” said Jessica.

“Okay.” said Todd, “If you insist smiling …” and took two 50 pounds weights and put them on either end.

She smiled … and picked the bar up and not needing to be prompted did 10 reps.

“Light as a daisy.”

Todd looked at her strangely for a second … then without another word, got four more weights … then paused. He saw another body builder in the pit “Hey, can you help me for a second?”

The older man pulled out his earphone “What for?”

“This is a big lift and I want to make sure she's safely spited.”

Without a word he got up “Name’s Rick.”


“Seen you around.”

“Oh yeah.” she said “Nice to put a name to the face.”

With that nodding as they tightened the weight. Jessica leaned in put her hands on it and, with a slight tremble, pulled the weight down from the bar and watched as it came down to her chest. She closed her eyes and Todd watched as sharply formed muscles appeared all over her arms as if expanding from some unknown source and then …

Push. The metal itself had nothing to clank against the muscles made no noise. So, the only sound Rick heard was the beating of his heart. She didn’t even whimper or strain as the bar went to the top of its rep.

She looked up smiling “So is the machine broken?”

She then let out a laugh as she did a second rep, and a third.

“You’re strong.” said Rick as Todd didn’t have a word.

“Thank you.” said Jessica “Hey, while I am here can you try putting a little more weight on?”

Rick nodded as Todd stood silently transfixed. He pulled out his phone and did a quick Google search. The woman bench press record was 480 pounds.

“Hers 40 more pounds.” said Rick.

He put his phone down and assumed a spot.

She pushed it up … and he could see her muscles trembling, but they completed the rep, then 4 more.

“Let's do 500 why not.”

That was … 10 … no 20 pounds more then the world's record … he looked at a picture of the woman who did it. She was quite a bit bigger than the small woman in front of him.

He barely moved his hands around the bar as it came down. He barely made a noise, as she got underneath it, feeling it in her hands for a second … as the weight started to move up slowly, slowly agonizingly slowly of a big heavy weight which weighed as much as a horse. A stove a …

With a sudden jerk she completed the rep.

“Okay … should I do one more rep? This is pretty heavy, not going to lie.”

Rick chuckled as if this was the funniest thing ever, as she leaned down and pushed it up once more before racking it.

“I think I am going to call it a night.” she said getting up “I feel pumped and strong …”

Todd nodded.

Rick chimed in “Remember to put all the weight away after your done.” as he went back to his workout.

She laughed “That’s the problem of being so strong … just takes forever and ever.”

She went to work as Rick trundled over to the front desk and put his arm on the counter to support his weight as he watched her put the weights away and go to the women's locker room.

He closed his eyes when he heard a ring. He looked down at the floor where she had plugged in her phone and watched as it rang a couple of times. He looked at it curiously, but didn’t come out … when a few minutes latter she came out.

She was wearing the kind of women suit with a tie light like thing a blouse and pants that women wear when they're not going to a desk. “Hey your phone went off.”

“I almost forgot about it, thanks.” she said picking it up, she looked at it and frowned.

“Everything okay?”

“It's my wife.” she said nodding.

Todd managed to say “You're married.” before blurting “You're gay.” which was his first impulse, given his heightened state he was proud of.

“Yeah for about a year.” she said “It sucks though. About the time we got married I got a new job. I work at the nuclear power plant, but I got a night shift.”

“Is it …?”

“There’re about 5 different annoying buzzers before anything bad happens.” she said with practiced ease “But my wife teaches community college … so we don’t have that much time together.”

“Oh.” he said

“Yeah.” she said “We try but it’s hard. She wants me to pick up groceries … which, you know, is okay but it’s sucks to go to the store at 4 AM.”

“You got the muscles for it.” he said.

She smiled “One thing I told her: to do this, I would have to be strong, I would have to be so very strong to make this work and – well – that’s what I wanted to do … that’s why I decided to do this … just to get stronger.”

Todd smiled. There were things he could tell her and things that she would find out … but he left her to go out into the early evening and to work.

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