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One Hero: Made to Order

Written by brad328 :: [Saturday, 19 December 2015 05:03] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 10 January 2016 11:51]

The young woman stood silently with her fists clenched as she stared up at the massive door.

And she was not happy.

It had been a long day for Haley. She was scheduled to work the opening shift at the Hero Hut, Hill Valley's most popular sandwich shop, but the closing manager called off due the flu. So an eight hour day turned into a 14 hour day. And after dealing with the lunch and dinner rush, along with a bus of hungry football players that arrived 30 minutes before closing, all the scarlet haired manager wanted to do was drop off the day’s deposit at the bank’s ATM and take a nice hot bath.

But the man who was waiting outside the back door had other ideas.

He forced the weary Haley into the store room and shut the thick door. She could hear the locking mechanism click and the robber headed towards the safe where the cash drawers were kept.

“This is just perfect,” she thought. “I’ll be stuck in here all night until the morning prep crew comes in”.

Haley grasped the handle of the door and tugged at it furiously but it didn’t budge. She felt like screaming but decided she might as well save her voice. Looking around for anything she may use to get out, anger and frustration building inside her, all she could see were the various cups, bags, and other items that contained the image of the shop’s mascot, a cartoon superhero with an exaggerated physique holding an equally large sandwich. As a feeling of hopelessness began to wash over her, Haley muttered:

“I wish I was super …”

Haley slumped against the door, weary from the day’s events, and passed out.

She instinctively groaned softly as she suddenly regained consciousness, feeling suddenly energized more than she had ever felt before.

Haley made her way back to her feet. The fatigue and soreness she had been battling throughout the day had vanished. Endorphins flooded her system and a feeling of euphoria washed over her as she watched her body change.

Her tan slacks started getting tighter and the stitching along the sides started popping as her legs grew larger. Haley’s chest expanded, causing the buttons on her black shirt to start flying off one by one. Her arms also filled with muscle, exploding through her sleeves, as her hair broke free from it’s ponytail under her hat.

Haley started removing the tattered, ill fitting clothing and was startled by what replaced it. She was now a near spitting image of the restaurant’s avatar: a short sleeved white superhero costume covered nearly every inch of her new Amazonian physique, a black “H” trimmed in yellow stretching across the front with red gloves and boots completing the look. Haley took a deep breath as her mind tried to comprehend the amazing changes that had just occurred. Her emerald eyes lit up as she realized what could be possible.

“Let’s see if these muscles aren’t just for show,” Haley thought to herself as she gripped the door handle. Her arm bulged with power as the handle started bending and the locks broke. A simple tug by the now super sandwich artist and the door was removed from its hinges.

Amazed at what she had just down, Haley set the door down against the wall and made her way towards the office where the safe was kept. Meanwhile the robber had just cracked the safe combination and started pulling the drawers. The sounds from the store room grabbed his attention. Readying his gun he turned around to see the mild mannered manager transformed into a mighty muscled maiden.

“I suggest you put that away,” she said, fists on her hips, “and turn yourself in quietly.” “A silly costume and some fake muscle suit don’t scare me,” the assailant said to her.

The gunman smirked as he suddenly raised his weapon and fired it at the woman.

Haley recoiled a bit from fright, unsure of what the result may be. The trepidation turned to confidence as the bullets made contact with the large “H” across her equally large chest and fell harmlessly to the ground.

“So … are you scared now?” she asked, flexing her large biceps.

The gunman dropped the gun and backed away from the heroine. Haley picked up the gun, smiling, and proceeded to mangle the gun in her powerful grip. The squealing of the metal filled the air as her would be attacker grabbed the money and decided to run for the front door. With a quickness and agility never before seen, she cut him off before he made his escape. Unfortunately for him, he was too busy looking behind for the heroine and he didn’t notice that she was in front. It was like the equivalent of hitting a human brick wall at full speed and the robber fell backwards onto the floor, unconscious. Grabbing the man’s limp body, Haley stepped out the back door and leapt into the sky. The rushing air woke the captured criminal and as he slowly regained consciousness, seeing the ground far below caused him to pass out from fright.

Depositing him at the steps of the police station, Haley returned to the restaurant. She locked up the deposit in the safe with a note for the opening manager and managed to get the store room door back in working order. Putting her clothing scraps in a bag, she walked out to her car and placed it in the passenger seat. Grabbing her keys from her tattered slacks, she tried starting her vehicle to no avail.

“Well, I guess it could be worse,” she said with a sigh.

As she stepped out and, closed the door behind, Haley assessed the situation. Grabbing the underside of the car, she hoisted her subcompact above her head and flew off into the night.

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