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S.W.R. – Expedition, Part 1

Written by LustMonster :: [Wednesday, 15 June 2016 15:05] Last updated by :: [Friday, 23 September 2016 20:02]

Special Weapons Research Base, Main Courtyard, morning

Picture a funnel.

The wide part is the main courtyard of Special Weapons Research Base. Steadily narrowing as it approaches the base’s main gate, this vast open area is covered in a sea of heavily armored vehicles, jammed together front-to-rear in long lines that are slowly but steadily merging as they make their way toward …

The neck of the funnel is the wide-open gate. The many lines of vehicles are now reduced to one, steadily streaming between the thick-walled gatehouses standing sentinel at either side of the gap in the perimeter wall. The vehicles are now picking up speed and moving further apart. This would not be an opportune time for a clumsy fender bender (though few of these massive military vehicles bother with fenders anyway).

Swarms of hexacopter drones soar overhead, following the line of vehicles below for a short distance beyond the gate, before fanning out across a thirty-degree arc. They are gathering visual, infrared, and radar information from whatever lay ahead and off to the sides, and are broadcasting it all back to the Command-and-Control vehicles scattered at regular intervals along the line.

One of these drones, however, is simply hovering well above the main gate, its high-definition camera gimbaled to point straight down. The wide-angle shot of the great mass of vehicles streaming out of the gate and along the old, potholed road is being broadcast to one vehicle only.

Commander Barbara Wallace gazed at this live scene playing out on the holographic display floating above the dashboard in front of her. She was riding shotgun in the front seat of the lead vehicle. Indeed, the first four vehicles of the seemingly endless train were a train: each forty-foot-long armored behemoth was linked to the next by a thick steel coupler and numerous cables. The lead car was essentially an enormous armored van, so tall that one had to step up about three feet to climb into it.

Lieutenant Wendy DeKalb jogged along the road immediately outside the Commander’s open side window. She was close enough that she could reach up and touch her Commander’s beefy arm, which hung loosely over the door, the palm of her hand skipping on the wind. The lieutenant’s more-than-ample breasts jiggled violently within her skin-hugging cherry red leotard, and the massive muscles all over her body were powerful gaze magnets as they flexed and rippled with each step.


Wendy smiled up at her Commander, who was gazing down at her through the window from her high perch in the van.

“NO, COMMANDER!” she shouted back over the steady roar of the huge all-terrain tires. “WHERE’S THE WRECKAGE YOU PROMISED?”


Patience my steely ass, give me something to SMASH. It’s playtime for this unstoppable body!

The Commander turned her head on top of her massive V-shaped neck to face the van’s driver, a petite blonde in full battle uniform.

“Sergeant, we better find something for my lieutenant to play with soon before she starts ripping apart our ride.”

The staff sergeant smiled knowingly, flashing cute dimples. “Yes, ma’am. Recon drones are reporting considerable road debris in less than two klicks.”

“We might just survive then,” the Commander replied, as she swiveled her head back to look out her side window, down into her luscious lieutenant’s bouncing cleavage.

A couple minutes later, the jogging muscle goddess shouted, “I SEE SOMETHING!” Then she dashed ahead, despite orders to stick close to the van.

The Commander just glanced back at the driver, then shrugged in a “what are you gonna do” gesture.

“Maintain present speed, sergeant.”

“Yes, ma’am. I think the lieutenant has made contact with the first roadblock.”

The red-headed musclebeast looked forward just in time to see, off in the distance, something large fly up in the air, fall back down, then suddenly get ripped apart into two huge chunks that sailed in opposite directions, landing on either side of the road.

“I see that, sergeant. Continue at present speed, and enjoy the show.”

The driver grinned as she took in the amazing sight that unfolded ahead.

Standing in the middle of the road, Wendy broke into a double-biceps pose and bellowed her triumph against the one-ton pickup truck that now existed as two heaps of mangled metal. Then she turned toward the next roadblock: a tractor-trailer that lay abandoned and slowly rotting in the desert sun.

The lieutenant crouched down, pumped her muscles hard, and snarled at the big metal object that taunted her with its very existence. Then she charged at it like a bull, plowing directly into the truck’s front grill.

 lustmonster taking charge sm by lustmonster dafnoo3
Image courtesy of CylenX

The entire truck ballooned as Wendy’s super body bored through it from snout to tail. Sharp steel tore at her unstoppable body. It caught on her bouncing chest, rock hard abs, and monstrous hammering thighs before parting to either side of her like water crashing and splitting around a ship’s bow. The shrieks and howls of the blasted metal were the best kind of music to Wendy’s ears.

 lustmonster taking charge 2 sm by lustmonster dafnoom
Image courtesy of CylenX

Wendy whipped around, rammed her hands deep into the trailer’s frame to either side of her, and yanked the whole mess apart. Then the savage musclebeast swam back through helpless truckmeat the way she had come, unzipping the entire length of tortured steel and aluminum. Her face was the very picture of lunatic joy.

By the time the lead vehicle of the Expedition reached that point, the remains of the truck were now piled by the side of the road, and Wendy was viciously attacking the next impediment to their progress.

The lead van’s driver gulped as she gazed down upon the passing wreckage just outside her side window.

“Ma’am, if I ever manage to do something that upsets the lieutenant, permission to cower behind you?”

“If I’m not cowering behind you first,” the Commander responded with a laugh.

“You’re not feeling the least bit tempted to, um, assist her, ma’am?”

The Commander held up her hands, showing the staff sergeant her freshly painted fingernails. Their glossy coat matched her army green leotard. “And ruin my nails, sergeant? Besides, I think she has things well in hand.”

And I LOVE watching her play!

She punched a button on the dashboard. “Deploy SSCATs, both sides. Plenty of food coming your way.”

“Roger, ma’am,” came a voice from the speaker. “Deploying SSCATs, left and right.”

About a kilometer down the line, huge doors opened on both sides of several massive cargo carriers. Ramps extended outward and down beneath the openings, and large trucks slid sideways out of the carriers and onto the road, bouncing briefly as their tires made the transition from stationary ramp to rapidly passing pavement.

The SSCATs (Scrap Separation, Compaction, and Transport) were essentially huge armored garbage trucks. Each one stopped at a mass of wreckage that the lieutenant so helpfully prepared for it, then picked it up, using a set of robot arms equipped with magnetic heads and claw-like grippers. Depositing the whole mess into the large opening on top, it then moved onto the next pile, while machinery within the truck sorted out the various materials, then compacted them to make room for more. The SSCATs were a recent invention of the base’s materials recovery team, and this was their first genuine field test.

breaking out by lustmonster daak1g1
Image courtesy of Dinsidious1

Up ahead, Wendy was happily tearing apart another abandoned truck. The Commander could see the masses of twisted metal flying all over the place, some landing well beyond the edge of the road.

Sighing, she pressed another button on the dash, opening a connection to the tiny earpiece that the Commander hoped was still crammed into Wendy’s ear.


“YEEEAAAAHHH!!!! SO STRONG!!!!!” The muscle goddess’s ebullient shout was immediately followed by ear-splitting screeches of tortured steel that made the sergeant wince.


“Yes, Commander?”

“Try to leave the scraps beside the road. I don’t want our SSCATs scattering all over the desert to pick up your messes.”

“Yes, Commander!”

“One more thing, lieutenant. Are you seeing any bodies?”

“No, Commander, it’s just like the scouts reported. No bodies anywhere that I can see.”

“Hmmmmm. Well then, carry on, lieutenant.”


The Commander smirked as she disconnected the audio link, then glanced over at the grinning driver.


“Nothing, ma’am.”

“Uh huh.”

“It’s just that, well, the lieutenant’s like a little kid out there. That just looks like too much fun.”

“You don’t know the half of it, sergeant.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, ma’am, how do you resist the temptation?”

The Commander smiled, and casually flexed one massive upper arm. Sergeant Amy DiCaprio couldn’t help but stare at it for a moment, biting her lower lip, before returning her eyes to the road ahead.

“It can be challenging at times, sergeant, but I manage. Just watching my lieutenant at work provides me plenty of entertainment, when it is not giving me heartburn.” The Commander paused to look out the window at the desert racing by, then said, “it’s time to bring out the sniffer dogs.”

She thumbed a button and ordered, “Deploy ground mapping units Alpha and Beta, search pattern Sierra.”

“Roger, deploying GMUs Alpha and Beta, search pattern Sierra,” a husky voice responded.

Several kilometers behind in the convoy, the rear ends of several large armored carriers swung open, and a dozen remote-controlled all-terrain vehicles emerged. They fanned out into the desert along both sides of the road, then roamed around in big circles whose centers moved parallel with the convoy. Each vehicle blasted the ground under it with sonar waves from a powerful emitter embedded in its belly. Sensors recorded the reflections coming up from within the ground. The collected data was then broadcast to IT vehicles within the convoy for analysis.

Less than a minute later, one of the mapping vehicles stopped, its antenna pinging the ground beneath with greater intensity.

“Commander, we have a possible contact! Bearing two-five-niner Lima Victor, distance three-four-zero meters, depth zero-one-three meters. Count fourteen pods, and probable abbie movement.”

The Commander pressed yet another button, larger than the others.

“All units, immediate stop! Prepare for pod extraction and possible Abbie engagement. Defense teams Charlie and Echo deploy left, Delta and Foxtrot deploy right. Lieutenant, we need you!”

As soon as the lead vehicle came to a stop, the Commander grabbed something tiny out of the side pocket and shoved it in her ear. She opened her door and hopped out, then dashed around the front of the van to the other side. Holding her hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun’s glare, she gazed in the direction of the reported contact. Bare feet pounding on rough pavement indicated the arrival of her excited lieutenant.

“We already got something, Commander?”

“Looks that way, lieutenant. Fourteen cocoons, with a side of abbies.”

Wendy clapped her hands, her monster arms ready and eager to grapple. Her smile was that of a hungry lioness contemplating a tasty meal.


“Let’s get there fast. If they know we’re here, they might be trying to move their captives.”

“Race you there!”

The two muscle goddesses took off in a superwoman sprint. Monster thighs pumped, huge breasts bounced inside stretching leotards, and feet crashed down into desert soil, blasting up fountains of dirt with each pounding step.

They skidded to a stop next to the ground mapping unit that had initiated all the hoopla.

The Commander pressed her finger against her earlobe, signaling the tiny earpiece to transmit her voice.

“Signal the GMU at our location to resume patrol.”

A moment later the vehicle trundled off to continue its circular path across the desert.

“Well, lieutenant, shall we start—”

com and wendy fight abbies by lustmonster dag2typ
Image courtesy of Gammaknight

The Commander was interrupted by the opening of the ground beneath their feet.

What had been hard-packed desert floor was now a whirlpool in a sinkhole. Snapping claws and whipping appendages tore through the churning dirt and rock. Huge tentacles wrapped around the two superwomen and began to drag them downward into the maelstrom. Wendy snarled as she tore the squeezing tentacles off of her, but more shot upward to take their place.

The Commander found her massive thighs suddenly clamped inside a pair of gigantic pincers that were trying very hard to bite her in half. Roaring her defiance, she sunk her fingers into the hard keratin of each pincer. Massive arms swelling with unfathomable strength, she savagely tore them away, along with a sizable portion of the creature they were attached to. Something howled in the maelstrom underneath her, and another set of pincers whipped up to clamp around her upper body, the jagged inner edges sinking deep into her huge breasts and bulging back muscles.

The two muscle goddesses disappeared into the screaming vortex of blasting desert soil.

Wendy’s feet slammed onto solid ground, a cyclone of abbie-whipped dirt and debris still screaming all around her. She grabbed the tentacle around her abdomen with both hands and wrenched it apart, hurling chunks of it into the maelstrom. More tentacles emerged from the howling dirt storm to wrap around her arms and legs. They squeezed and pulled hard, trying to rip her super sexy body apart. Arm muscles incredibly pumped, lats flaring wide, the lieutenant slowly brought her hands together until her fingers interlaced.

The super muscle goddess rose up on the balls of her feet and started to spin, counter to the direction of the whirlwind still blasting around her. Faster and faster she twirled, winding the tentacles around her body and reeling in the horrific creatures attached to them like fish hooked on a line. The aberrant creatures’ bodies quickly emerged from the cyclone of dust and grit, slamming against Wendy’s chest and back. As the lieutenant spun even faster, the howling terrors ripped away from their own tentacles and claws, hurled outward by sheer centrifugal force and sent crashing against their own brethren in the diminishing maelstrom.

The limbless body of another abbie suddenly crashed against her chest at nearly supersonic speed, exploding into gobs of chitin and ichor. The Commander stepped into view, her huge muscles pumped, her hands clenched into fists with great pieces of abbie claw crushed inside them. She grinned viciously.

“Fuck YEAAAAHHHH,” the Commander rumbled.

Wendy grinned back at her.

Several more howling abbies jumped on the two super muscle goddesses and were savagely dispatched.

“COME ON! MORE! MORE!!!!” the Commander shouted, beating her fists against her breasts. “Bring ‘em ON!!!”

“Mmmmhhhhh, Commander, you look like you’re ready to eat the world … “

“Fuck, lieutenant. That felt too damn good.”

“Ohhhh yes …”

The two superwomen flexed and groped their huge muscles as they stood in a stinking pile of abbie carnage, in the middle of a partially-collapsed cavern. Daylight filtered in through the settling dust.

They seemed to have run out of wailing terrors to smash, at least for the time being.

Snapping out of her reverie, the Commander pressed her finger to her earlobe, but did not hear the little beep that would indicate an established comm link.

“Shit, I lost my earpiece. You still have yours, lieutenant?”

“Yes, um, wait …”

Shadows appeared in the light that was shining down from above. The two luscious battle maidens looked up.

“Commander! Lieutenant! Hello down there!”

Wendy and the Commander waved at the figures silhouetted in the bright sunlight. They were very big and vaguely humanoid.

“Do you need a hand?”

“Oh, we’ve just been enjoying a nice little workout. Who am I speaking to?”

“Private Keith Andrews, Echo team, ma’am!”

The seven-foot-tall mechfighter had its steel hands on its knees as it crouched down at the edge of the hole. It seemed to be staring right down the two muscle maidens’ expansive cleavage.

“Well, private, I seem to have lost my comm. Please radio in that we have this location secured, and we need excavation and extraction teams. We’ve got cocoons somewhere around here to dig out.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Let’s get out of this hole, lieutenant.”

With a shove of their huge thighs, the two ladies leaped from the collapsed cavern, landing next to the three mechfighters. They brushed dirt and abbie gore off their bodies as the Echo team mechfighters turned to watch.

“You three, stay here and keep an eye on the E-and-E teams. Pipe up immediately if you encounter any more of the local wildlife.”

“Yes, ma’am!” they replied in unison.

The Commander turned to walk back to the lead vehicle, her lieutenant right behind.

“Lieutenant, were they staring at our tits? Difficult to tell with those blank metal faces.”

Wendy laughed. “I’m pretty sure at least one of them was. May I mete out some ‘punishment’ later?”

The Commander smiled. “I’ll leave that to your discretion, lieutenant.”

They reached the lead van and stood next to the driver’s side door. Sergeant DiCaprio smiled as she reached through the window to hand the Commander a new earpiece.

“Try to shove this one in a little tighter next time, ma’am. I’m told they’re built to take it.”

“Thank you, sergeant.”

“Commander, shouldn’t I go back and help extract the cocoons?”

“No, lieutenant, I think the extraction team can handle it, and Echo team can assist as needed. We need to have a little chat about something. Come.”

Curious, Wendy followed the Commander as the massive musclebeast strode to the back of the lead van. They entered it through its rear door.

The lieutenant found herself in what was essentially a miniature version of the Commander’s office back at base. It even featured a granite-topped desk and the same large leather executive chair.

“Have a seat, lieutenant.”

Wendy sat at one of the other two chairs in the small room, as her Commander settled herself into the big leather one.

The lieutenant gazed at her Commander and lover inquiringly.

“I’ll get straight to the point, lieutenant. For the past month or so, I’ve been hearing rumors from the grapevine of another super. As you know, I’ve been putting no small amount of effort in finding any others that may exist and ensure that they are on at least cordial terms with us, if not actually working with us. Preferably working for me.”

Wendy smiled, her mind briefly flashing back to the day the Commander had found and enlisted her.

The Commander returned her smile. “You remembering too, lieutenant?”

Wendy nodded.

“Well, just a few hours ago, while we were hashing out final details on our little adventure for today, Commander Fulbright at Palmdale Base basically confirmed those rumors. There is a super in Saint Petersburg, holed up in the Winter Palace and lording over a sizable chunk of northern Russia, and maybe parts of Europe.”

Wendy just raised her eyebrows in that vaguely Spock-like manner the Commander found amusing.

“Locals call her the ‘Tsarina’. The reports, sketchy as they are, say she’s quite a nasty piece of work. She kills, lieutenant. Indiscriminately. One report mentions her wiping out an entire town, just because someone insulted her there. Your pretend villainess is a nun by comparison.”

The Commander’s lips compressed into a grim line.

“One way or another, we’re going to have to deal with her.”

Wendy just nodded again, taking it all in.

“But not today. Probably not soon. We’re not ready to venture that far out yet. I just wanted you to know, lieutenant, that it’s no longer just the two of us.”

“Two of us, Commander, and one of her. Seems like good odds to me!”

The Commander smiled.

“Let’s hope so, lieutenant. At the very least, you know now that our prison sphere project is not just for making bigger toys for you to demolish. If we ever have to capture a rogue super, somehow we will need to be able to keep her in captivity. I will feel more confident about that when we can come up with one that can hold the two of us.”

Wendy grinned and flexed a huge bicep. “Never gonna happen,” she growled.

The Commander reached out and ran several fingertips across her lieutenant’s peaked bicep. “Our engineers seem to think the latest one might do the trick. As soon as we return to base, I expect you to promptly put it to the test. You’ve savored it long enough.”

Wendy leaned her head forward and pressed her tongue down against the Commander’s fingers. Together, Wendy’s tongue and bicep squeezed the Commander’s fingers with enough pressure to compress steel. The Commander closed her eyes and moaned softly …

The communications console on the Commander’s desk picked that opportune moment to flash a light and ring a chime. The bigger of the two muscle goddesses snapped out of her reverie and thumbed a button. “Yes, sergeant?”

“The cocoons have been extracted and transferred, ma’am. Shall we move on?”

“Affirmative, sergeant. Recall defense teams, and let’s roll. Keep the GMUs deployed in their current search pattern.”

“Yes, ma’am. Um, how are the nails?”

“The what? Oh—”

The Commander held up her hands and examined her fingernails, which glistened with their natural color. Her green nail polish had been completely scoured off during the abbie fight.

“Well, fuck.”

Laughter emanated from the console.

“It’s not funny, sergeant. I liked that color!”

The Commander pressed the button again to disconnect. Then she just sat quietly and thoughtfully, fingers cradling her chin.

A minute later the van lurched and accelerated, leading the great column onward.

“Well, lieutenant? We’re on the move again. You have a job to do!”

Wendy grinned as she rose to her feet. She growled fiercely as she struck a most-muscular pose, showing off her magnificent roadblock-smashing body to her Commander’s appreciative gaze. Then she opened the door, leaped from the moving vehicle, and went back to work.

The Commander sat, still thinking.

“Oh fuck it,” she finally muttered to herself. “Why should she have all the fun?”

With a hungry grin stretched across her lips, baring teeth that could chew through diamonds, the Commander rose to join her lieutenant.

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