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Shall Escape my Sight.....

Written by castor :: [Sunday, 10 July 2016 19:47] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 20 August 2016 19:14]

"Bew Bew" Said Hil.

"Stop it" said Joe "For one thing it doesn't go bew bew. its more of a 'Boow boow'"

"That doesn't make any sense" Hil replied smiling pushing her short Brown hair out of her face. She was bored, but playful bored and she could like that.

Hil Jordon liked her job in general. She was a test pilot for Ignis Aircraft. After leaving the airforce last year This felt a like a good way of staying in the game. Sure there was a lot of paperwork, sure there was a lot of basics tests-but when she got in the air it was exile rating-they did a lot of ultra small ultra fast craft that pushed her Gs more then any kind of sortie mission over Afghanistan(yes they allowed women to fly combat missions now. No that did not mean she had fired a single shot at the non existent Taliban Air force).

She looked around the aircraft she was in now...which didn't have wings. This wasn't an exciting new design feature but simply a mockup. A test craft to see if when she pressed certain buttons they reacted like they where supposed to on the ailerons. She pressed a button. Something theoretically happened somewhere. The couple of Engineers working the back gave her no feedback.

"Hey" said Joe "Before we do the next test i think i am going to go to the bathroom take a short break"

"I'm stuck in here" said Hil. This craft literally bolted her into the cockpit with hard nuts. Why they had these in during the test was probably force of habit.

"Will you be okay?" said Joe.

"Sure" said Hil smiling weakly.

This was a good fit. She was happy. She maybe would have made more money flying a bus from Charleston to Atlanta, or Nick Jones on his latest world tour.

And probably would have been hit on way to much

she looked down, and didn't see anything beyond her breasts. The perkily rose up, but she felt the way they had ridden up her grey shirt. Pretty much any normal sized shirt she bought would crop her waist a little. Not enough fabric to meet her pants, particularly when she sat down. She sighed and tugged it down as best she could.

Hils breasts where size Double G-naturally though at least once a week she got a comment on them being fake and doubtless how many times people thought it. How that was possible she didn't know. When she was way into the jock phase of her air force career particularly in the academy, she probably had close to 2% fat otherwise. Ultra sleek lines tapered waste muscle on lithe muscle. Even now when she had let herself eat her 6pack pushed up her shirt a little. You would think with that kind of diet her breasts would logically go away like the Fatty tissue they where. Not so. Her breasts stayed in there slightly floppy glory over her Half Filipino body pushing them out. It was such a miracle that at one point the School had to give her a special exception from air force regs to keep them, and even a doctor there suggested she get breast reduction.

The 'plane' sat in a hanger with an open door letting in a lot of early noon sun. it was hot-the planes air conditioning as such wasn't working making it unpleasantly muggy. her Boobs were sweating into her very large bra, which often lead to unconformable itches.

Hil herself went back on forth on it. They where useful in certain social situations. Namely when she wanted to find a hot guy to sleep with in under 5 minutes. But right now she was on a "Break" from her boyfriend-the kind of break where she would feel bad for sleeping with random dudes, and felt worse when she talked with him. It was the kind of relationship where it was hard not to feel negative feelings most of the time.

She sighed. Otherwise, they made certain tank tops really hard to wear with out just becoming side boob, strapless bras impossible and anything with to much cleavage not appropriate with children present. But surprisingly didn't hurt her back to much.

She looked around the deactivated cockpit. that was the beauty-all of that, all of the shit on her life good and bad=all of that went away. When she took this baby up in the air for real.

something was trembling. shaking.

Huh where they playing a prank? That was her first thought. People shaking the craft was the level of humor here....but

nothing on her cockpit controls for the engines electronics any of that was showing something was going on just.

it was definitely moving back and forth she could feel things jostling in side it.

Earthquake? ironic in a....

and she saw weird green lightening like strikes fly though the air. like little tenders of emerald surrounding her crafts

What the...

she reached for the cockpit entry controls...but as mentioned....bolts. This was a design flaw

when the craft and the emerald lightening picked up the craft pulled it out of the hanger...

and she was flying. Flying an aircraft that really had no business flying.

Like a lot of pilots Hil felt a certain..trepidation about flying aircraft she wasn't at the controls-and while this technically wasn't true, what ever was pulling her towards felt weird. Airplanes fly a certain way move a certain way-theirs a lot of banking and yaw. This felt very direct way she was being garbed by some cosmic toddler as a toy. They flew up into the air maybe a 1000 meters, and rapidly accelerated to maybe 1000 km..not for her particularly fast or wasn't unconfterable but..

What the hell.

And so they flew for like half an hour leaving Coast city over farms and valleys and up into a large mountainous area, deeper into the wilderness then Hil had ever experienced...this was..

and then the craft stopped in mid air..just stooped without even the hint of inertia then came straight down like an elevator to a small canyon before it hit the ground.

then the green tenders she could see grabbed the glass shield helpfully bolted on...and ripped it off.


she looked around climbing out...and saw what she had been brought to see.

It was a spaceship, A UFO. Less a flying Saucer more like a kind of smug nose little rocket shaped thing with strange metal all over it...and it had obviously crashed into a rock, and was several broken into a dozen pieces. weird fuel leaked from odd corners strange smoke came the ash.

Hil walked toward it feeling hot smoke come from somewhere as she circled it looking for..

she heard a moan.

she ran towards it and pushing and slapping something a door opened-or more even seemed like it was formed into the metal sides. she walked in.

She saw him immediately, if him was the right word. He was 7 feet tall and purple-but more really a violet translucence as it skin pulled too tight over strange blood like vessels. it had an elongated face that looked as if clay had been shaped to make a mouth but was..

it was clearly in a very bad shape with blood and wounds all over its long chest and arms, breaking through a dark green looking jumpsuit.

"Hillary Jordan" it said.

"Um its Hil" she said "only my mother calls mes Hillary...well her and my aunt"

"Hillary Jordan. I have called you here for an important task"

"we can get you to a doctor" said Hil "I am sorry for my previous comments just it's a sore point"

"No time. no time. so little time much wasted.. Hillary Jordan..i need you...the universe needs your help"

"I have a phone" said Hil "its like getting 3 bars we can get a copter or..."

The creature extended its hand...and Hil saw on it for the first time a green ring-the same color as the lightening but more solid and less. Some strange metal.

"This is the ring " said the alien "This is the ring... the symbol the power of the Green Lantern Corp, the Green Lanterns.”

A green tendril came out and took the form of a fist in the air coming from it.


"This is your ring now Hillary Jordan" said the alien "This is the ring you must use. With it you can create anything do anything with power of your pure will. You where called because your a woman without fear, without doubt..."

Hil Suddenly felt really bad about her indecision re: Breast Reduction.

"A woman of incredible intelligence and force of mind, and a good can sense that and choose its next user"

"So i am to take it and....

"Become like me-defend the universe. Save it".

Hil walked toward the alien and touched his hand..the ring felt...prickly. The alien smiled in some kind of weak smile..he gestured to a wall where a green lantern shaped object stood on a hook

"That is the Green Lantern.."

"it doesn't"

"Its more a conduit to a battery far away in the stars...its called that because its what it looks like in your language which it translates... "

"You could easily just call it a battery in my language. So where the Green Battery Corp "

"... you must touch the ring to recharge it every 24 hours"

Hil paused "um why 24 hours?."


"I mean your clearly an alien and this is alien technology. you have admitted as such. 24 hours is a measure of the amount of time the earth takes to rotate around itself...but that's an over simplification. Really we rotate a little faster or slower depending on are position around the sun"

"You must recharge the batteries regularly-with a fully charged ring you can fly, make weapons or devices to help people, protect people patrol the spaceways"

She just realized if he had the ring and could do anything why was he flying in a spaceship? Ahh that made sense. if it was dependent on will, you would probably like a safety net if you had to go to sleep or something. not that it had done him any good.

Jesus she shouldn't be thinking of this "Yes sir, yes i will do this"

the alien took the ring from his finger.

"This is not to be done lightly Hillary Jordan"

"Agian its Hil. its easier to say and doesn't make me sound like a valley girl"

"Hillary Jordan" said the alien as he forced the ring into her hands "i make you Green Lantern of Sector 1807"

"Sector 1807"

"There are 36000 Green Lanterns in the galaxy, each representing a sector a segment of the galaxy coming out of the central planet of OA..1/100 of a degree but each containing"

"Wait a second degrees 360 degrees?" said Hil "The 360 degree thing is completely arbitrary. It comes from Ancient Babylon who picked the number because they though the Year had 360 days, which is incorrect, but also again heliocentric. Your clearly a spaceman why would you....

"Hillary Jordan" said the alien "Don't mock the great forces of OA..they contain a power that you must abide in your great quest, as i transfer my power to you"

Hil nodded "I am sorry..i am just

"i have minutes left and we have a lot to go over still"


Hil took the ring and put it on..and felt..more or less the same....when she thought of a lime. No particularly reason but a lime...and she looked out of her ring finger gloating six inches from her hand the ring had produced a shape rotating in the air of a lime.

"Wow, also why 1/100th that's comes from a base 10.."

"This ring as mentioned can do anything your mind sets out your will sets out...except nothing it does or create can effect anything..and this is very important...the color yellow

Hil paused

"Um what?"

"There are certain impurities in the rings matter.."

"But Yellow is an abstract concept" said Hil "A simple short hand to describe how objects reflect visible light"

".. that we have never been able to"

"It has no scientific basis. Hell i am sure plenty of languages don't have a word for yellow, i know Chinese doesn't have any words for Green. If you had crashed into there would we be the Blue Lanterns"


"Can i use it to effect Chartreuse objects or melons-there shades of yellow ,but more Yellow Green or Orange Yellow respectively"

"You can experiment and find out" said the alien "After I'm dead"

"and hell this is dependent on more or less White Light. what if the object is bathed in Red light for example and you can't see the yellow color-or for that matter any light. in the darkness of space absolutely nothing has color. how can i tell if its yellow or not?"

"I'm feeling weak"

"and what if for example its covered with mud or something-can i do something then"

"If you ever encounter my wife on Absol Tronton 3 tell her i love her. Hillary Jordan "

"So what is the wave length patterns of things i can't effect, and what is the wave length requirements of light, and what if for example an object is only partially yellow..say...just about anything in the universe because no object is one color. Canaries, Corn. We call Gold yellow when really its more of an off white. We call the Sun yellow but again-really not... hell you can call me yellow, but nothing on me is that color- its like 5000 separate shades of white and brown depending on impurities sun exposure"

And Hil realized the alien had died during her speech. She didn't even get his name.

She sighed.

She walked outside to see the alien craft and her own.

She closed her mind and flew a couple of inches from the ground.

That was weird. The aerodynamics and all that.

then she landed..and she leaned over and extended her hand and a green ray went from that to her wingless ship. it flew a couple of inches from the ground lifted off.

That was weird. Okay by now it wasn't so so weird.

but then her mind went to the real question: Yellow objects.

It took a while. she realized she could use the ring to extend a field to extend outward to scan the mountains around her for something...but was having poor luck. Yellow it turned out rarely occurred anywhere in nature. Most anything you could think of that was Yellow, was really more of a yellow orange, and as she picked marigolds or poppies growing in the ground with ease.

Then she found that somewhere some hiker probably had left a banana peel on the ground maybe a mile away. Where was she anyway?

She flew towards it feeling now the thrill of the air around her moving this was like fly she discovered and she was banking-though she didn't need to . a waste.

But more important things. but she used her power to try to pick up the peel-and as promised it didn't work.


She tried to make a piece of material that wasn't green, something blue or or teal...but nope she could make fists, swords, guns kumquats what ever...but they always green.

she made a small indentation in the dirt it was on and a clump with the peel flew up. Okay this wasn't hard.

then she went back to the aircraft and found a red piece of glass used on part of the front. she flew back to the very important practical joke and holding it in her hand put the green light of her ring through it...right at the peel...which now glowed orange.

She used he ray to pick that up and it flew in the air with ease.

Okay this was pretty dumb.

She let it fall..but as she did she made a giant sphere around it...cutting off all light inside. the now colorless yellow object stood in space in side of it.

This was easy..why did the alien-well the nameless one.

she shook her head. what was she supposed to. Oh yeah protect the earth and the universe...but given its focus mainly the earthy

Hillary Jordan(DAMMIT) pushed her short brown hair out of her face and she did she thought of a very clever very simple solution to global warming.

She smiled and felt the green ring produce around her body a costume similar to the was a green body suit that hugged all over curves, showing off her fit thighs her sleek waist her taut arms and her..

massive massive breasts. God dammit they looked like they where lifted off her chest ready to impale someone. Fuck. And you could totally see her nips.

And earths new Green Lantern(how about Blue Battery? ahh screw it) flew away.

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