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Little Diary

Written by Temojuvrd :: [Sunday, 14 January 2018 10:03] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 14 January 2018 15:57]

Special thanks to Dru1076 (polishing), Akane (ideas), hope you enjoy!

Day 1

Hi everyone, this is my first time writing some kind of dairy, and as you know, I am a super mega ultra-best goddess! That’s mean I can know each and every one who is reading this now, but that’s not the point. The point is I am going to have a little experiment with my slim and sexy body. Don't get fooled by it! It is so powerful that no one could even touch it (unless I let them, of course) or else they would be just killed by my raw power that infuses the surface of my skin, my deadly body heat and radiation. Too bad they couldn’t stand a chance against my passive power output, not to mention, I am growing stronger over time too, giving me more reason why I want to do this experiment :)

So about the experiment, I had to lift something heavy. Of course, there’s nothing that's heavy for me so it won’t work right? Wrong, I could force it to think it’s heavy and pump my arms or legs a little. I've never tried to exercise so I could have the wrong idea, but I am trying to make myself sweat or at least feel tired after repeating “movements” infinite times (too fast for any measurement to be calculated), the problem is my body's famous infinite stamina, so I have to do it very very hard and think extremely hard that it’s heavy and hard to move. So far, it fails every time. My body impressed me as I could feel each and every single cell of my body growing and evolving so fast that it caught up with my imagination and surpassed it. My body didn’t tire at all, but enjoyed it, I guess I love it as well, the pure energy that overpowers everything.

The first experiment ends quicker and easier than I expect, but I’m still not giving up yet, maybe I can still do “work outs” or force myself to sweat, but this will be tomorrow ~❤

Day 2

I’m back again! This time with a greater plan for a super mega ultra-best goddess (me)! I had set up many copies of me … for this experiment only, don’t worry I will recreate this reality after I'm done, it’s a promise. So what I am going to do now is of course fill the entirety of space with my body. It may sound crazy, but it is so easy to do it that I could just fill every single gap of every dimension, omniverse, all of spacetime and just about everything with my sexy body, not even a spring particle space exists in this world. The world is only me, and me only.

Now, I begin to further increase my copies of me in this dense space, in theory, it shouldn’t be possible as I had all the other me limiting the space to expand outwards, but my body is strong and they are doing just fine. It becomes hot and destroys the spacetime bubble but not my body, the outside ring of me is doing just as fine too. It's not too difficult, holding infinities of me in such a small area. To be honest, I expected to find some sort of limit here, but apparently that’s not the case. My body is too powerful. It grows harder and stronger to keep this cycle going on, the heat and radiation so extreme that it could just create a "big bang explosion” just by seeing them, as you can tell it gets hot over time. But not too hot for my bodies, because they are hotter~❤.

I continue this cycle for about a googolplex years and on beyond forever since I had control of time. Nothing really happens, except that my body turns out to be superior again. It grows and grows without limit. By the time I decide to recreate reality, I realize my body has grown so much that my desire has grown too, so the reality was destroyed for a couple of infinite times. I mean, I can’t just let my feelings hang out there right? Since I can just recreate it later on, why don’t I just enjoy this moment?

Day 3

You might be wondering how I satisfied my endless desire, especially for sex. With no male strong enough to even be able to look at me without melting, I couldn’t find any real way to release those feelings :/ The world is too weak, I mean too weak for my tiny little insignificant power, just too weak, it feels nothing, even a comparison of Infinity to negative Infinity is an insult to my power compared to the world, other goddess and mortals always think they could somehow “match” or even “overpower” me. Don't they see our gap of power is even beyond MY imagination? I can see through every single spring particle, every atom, every thought, every being that's alive or dead, and has the power to just destroy them by simply wanting to, my body is constantly putting out raw power covering everything in sight. I can feel everyone and everything, still I can even create another reality if I want. Or make a better one!

Now you guess it: This is how I releases my sexual desire. I made my own spacetime, with my own laws of physics, my own gym equipment, but wait didn’t I say I can’t feel any weight at all? Yes that may be the truth, but I can still feel pleasure~ Those are sex toys. How, you ask? I put it across my nipples, the weight bar, and start to increase my sensitivity and pull the bar against my powerful body. It didn’t break because of my aura, it's just a form of pure energy surrounding the metal bar. I moan and feel the excitement, as something else touching me. This will not be possible in other worlds as my body would just blow everything up with passive body heat and radiation, but in this world I can keep them stationary, meaning they won’t go ka-boom and make the rest impossible to continue even with all of my protection aura, this dimension at least is made by my power and continues to last with my power supplying it, so it doesn’t break too fast. Did I mention it still breaks though? Hehe, I just recreate a stronger one and continue my sex, this time with different things like an impossible black hole on my mouth XD

Day 4

It’s time to continue my experiment. Yes, I've had a lot of fun with sex and stuff recently and even have infinite super goddesses like me sucking my nipples and licking my body for pleasure. But I am still curious about how far my body can go, not because I already know my body can live up to my expectations, it’s just that I want to feel the raw power *giggle.

It’s experiment time! ❤ Now we finally have a special guest here to meet, please welcome super goddess number two. Hey, I have a name, and it’s… Stop right there before I crush you into non-existence, this is my diary! Please remain a good girl. Good. Where was I? Ah yes! This goddess will be helping us for our experiment today. You see, no one can move this beautiful piece of my body, so I was thinking why don't I give her the aura and make her touch my boobs? Of course, the experiment will be conducted in my special dimension.

So I just touch your boobs, is that it?

Yes, I’m sure you like them a lot … I’m sexy and cute after all :p

Holding my boobs, and pushing them, yes, they are soft … and I feel so great inside. No wonder why having sexual contact always look so nice. Hmmmm, I must not get carried away myself yet. Now increase the pleasure and squeeze them, I have given you the ability to do so. Ok, I will try my best.

It’s the best moment right there as she pushes me harder and harder. It feels different from my own touch, it feels undefined times greater in good! As a result, my body overcompensated so much that it killed her off with pure strength, as my body won’t allow this to happen quite often :p, as expected, the dimension is now blasted into nothingness alongside all other worlds and reality, but, I can recreate them easy peasy lemon squeezy XD, now I just need to repeat this with different parts of my body until I’m done. Still my body is somehow not fully satisfied inside, nothing really can satisfied me ❤❤❤

Day 5

Bored, bored, bored! I guess this is the right time for another experiment, to challenge my body once again! And of course, to write this awesome diary and share it with you guys ❤ Playing around other goddesses never gets old, they are just acting so cute and you just want to play with them, it’s like cats you know?

Urgh hmm, now what to do? Yes! This time we will be testing my powerful body to see if it can withstand explosions … I mean attacks! Silly? What do you mean? Sure, I know the result already but I want to try! The last time I was around big explosions … not even making me notice them, same as nothing, meh experience, I am reading my previous impression, girl, I know my body just doesn’t want to be weak at any moment, that’s for damn sure!

Super bubble, mega bubble, ultra bubble, think again, they won’t be enough for me, that is enough to kill off everything, even goddess won't survive :p, more than that I mean, but you get my point ;p I just need a constant output of energy against my body, and I discover the best thing to ever happen to a super goddess: the powertron! What! you didn’t understand? How sad it is! It enables super goddesses, especially me, to concentrate my power into one spot and fun things happen. Of course, it is invented by me. No one else is able to have so much energy to make them. Ever. Duh.

Now, go my powertron! Make me feel good! One big fat juicy powertron! It is so tiny but it has so much power! It starts off small as an atom, then I build it up until it fits on my hand. Now my body is already reacting to it as a foreign power source and starts to grow faster already! I must hurry it up!

Boom! It becomes bigger than the entire reality itself, I feel my body is being turned on with this impressive powerball in the air, but it still lacks enough energy to let me feel anything, and I am impatient. So I make a lot of them. I mean infinities of them, of course, and the reality is crushed once again. Then I make it all inside my mouth for the greatest explosion ever!

Except it disappear under my pure strength! Well, I can’t blamed if I am too strong XD

Day 6

Tell you a little secret: I decided to attend a normal high school on Earth! Of course, no one knows my true identity of Super mega ultra best goddess. For what you say? It's time for another experiment again! :D Hooray! Just don’t get too happy yet because it needs a lot of set up. But guess what? I did it again! I'm just too fast.

For this time experiment, I will be testing my kawaii level ❤❤ What? I am already cute enough? Don’t be silly, hehe, I just want to have fun with normal mortals. At least this time I can control it well without blowing everything up again. So, the game is simple: I will see how many males and females I can bring down with my cute face alone. You may say I am cheating by having super hormones, but this is really the minimum that I can go! Guess what? Everyone falls in love with me when they first met me. It's just too easy to play this game … I might just do another experiment XD.

The second experiment is, of course, my sex skills. Now please keep in mind, 99% of my time is doing things that please me, and of course now is not an exception. I am constantly challenging my body to the next level of extreme, it never gets old, and now is the time to test my skills among normal mortals. In a sex club you ask? No. I just offer the entire globe my services! It's too easy for me. And now everyone is addicted to my super sex act, you will want to know what it feels like ❤ It's just pure happiness with endless joy and excitement! Fun fact: I do feel horny as I grow in power, and my desire will never ever end. Maybe you should give it a try, the super goddess sex treatment? My hands will be all over your body and just make the magic happen XD.

I try it on another goddess too, and get the same results as with normal mortals. They become highly sexually active for the rest of their lifetime. It isn't such a bad thing is it? I just like to see everyone feeling so happy in endless joy XD What could possibly be wrong with that?

Day 7

It’s been countless times since I destroy reality just to satisfied my sexual desire now. My body is a sex machine with endless desire, and that’s the truth. I could even feel the limitless void beneath my heart growing for more, and I have orgasms quite often. I mean, every time now reality can’t even survive without being destroyed at this point, so I just thought: why don’t I just move the entire place to my mind instead :D This place is too weak for me anyway, and I could make a better reality with better everything! Don’t worry, I won’t forget the old one! They are basically the same but a little stronger. And then body again grows like crazy and oops … it just feels like the old one now. But even worse: I am even stronger now :/

To be fair, it does feel great when my body sudden boost in growth, too. One time I had my body grow faster without any reason, and it did ❤ I moan and yell in joy because it was so good! Can’t believe it is true! The only downside is the world is destroyed ;p But who cares when I can just rebuild it in no time XD

Once I let all my power out of my body, and I mean all of it. Guess what? My body came back with even greater power and made the power I pumped into the air look so weak :p I couldn’t even tell how weak it is, apparently the same happens when some goddess tries to suck my power out. To give you a clear example, when they suck one power out of me, my body immediately reproduces not ten, not hundred, not infinities, not even close to undefined times of that amount. It just break my best growing record which just makes me stronger like me but even stronger for who knows how many times XD The level is insane, and I found that this is the most effective ways to make me gain pleasure and growth. So I basically spam it … I pump so much power into the world, they are all destroyed soon by my next insignificant power, and the loops never end. I get my ultimate sexual desire, and my body gets to be the strongest thing ever ❤ Of course, I still can do other things will all this super goddess power-up stuff happening :D I mean, I am writing a diary now just for you guys ❤

Day 8

So this will be the last one for the diary now, I know you maybe sad but I will be always here :D I just don't find the need to write it now as I am even busying keeping up with my body's desire. You see super goddess isn’t just about fun, it is also about raw power … I can’t lose to anyone now and in the future, but that doesn’t mean I am allowed to stop growing, or even slow down. I deeply need those feelings to keep me feeling great, so I can have this infinite time writing diary entries and doing other fun stuff. My power now just gives you an idea how strong it is, they are even overpowering my future me ❤

Apparently, my power grows so much and breaks the world so many times, things could get out of hand. I’m sure I will be glad to meet the future me, but I’m not sure about her being stronger than me though :/ My body doesn’t like the idea of being weak, now it’s full on growing and chaos to the world, who knows maybe I can even overpower my future self too XD Even though I'm still not sure how this would work. Maybe my body just wants to find reasons to grow, and I'm glad for it ❤ Never stop growing~

Day 9

Ta-da~❤ I’m back, and this time with even stronger power XD What’s with that new look you may ask? Well, because I just evolved from super mega ultra best goddess to omni supreme ultra best goddess :D Look, young super goddesses like me grow a lot too. I achieved this form after I had constantly broken my power over and over again, my body still begging for more, and the power growth loop had to end or else this world will only be left with just me and my power particles booming around :P

So, what’s the difference you may ask? Since I am so strong that everything doesn’t matter to me anymore, did I just grow stronger? Yes, but much more than that XD You see, my power is constantly pushing itself to the limit, and finding I don't have one, so … I just have to try harder next time XD But still, I am little surprised to unlock my power so early on. Most goddesses have their power awaken at 30, and I did it at just 18 :D I mean I didn’t mind it at all, I just feel like my body won’t be satisfied with my new form anytime soon. But it's definitely stronger than my old form, and it just feels weird :/ The power I have right now can is what my old form had no chance of competing, the power gap is greater than my old form and the world. Still, this example is too insignificant to be accurate, as my power is even larger than that ❤

The only downside is I am not allowed to go back to the old form of me. My body won’t allow me to be weaker. But that isn't really a downside at all since I enjoy this form of power very much ❤ My hair turns white and my eyes grow golden, and my body grows even sexier than ever XD Every other goddess is shocked and can’t believe this is me! Some celebrate, as they think my body has reached its limit :p The truth is my body is begging for more. My body has evolved many times in the past. First from human, then to goddess, now to a super goddess. Clearly it wants to be an omni goddess, so now it is! But even that’s not the limit of all it is capable of ❤ I can grow more than that.

Day 10

To give you some perspective of how strong am I right now, here’s every super goddess that grew to the end of time and all reach their highest peak of strength. Still, they can all still be defeated by my human form without trying too hard! They look hurt from hitting my soft skin and get tired for the first time after blasting me for an eternity. I grow over time without limit, achieving goddess form when I was only 5 years old, later many things happened and my body continued to grow until I reach omni goddess state now and still it grows. To be fair, I didn’t have a lot of competition from the outside world to see how strong I am. I can compare it only to myself, yet it can be made difficult by my power gap between each and every single moment passed, and every new now is my fastest growing period ever ❤ Strangely, I can now control my power to not make reality go kaboom into non-existence anymore! I have better control of my power now but every now and then heavy, endless desire starts to blossom with my new awakened power and a couple of universes may still go boom. But hey, I don’t mind a little explosion XD

My body obviously wants more this time, so I ‘exercise’. I release my energy in my special dimension, basically doing all these things in the same time I write this diary for you guys ❤ Not that I didn’t do it before, but I do those things even faster and stronger :D Compared to the old-form me, I could see her just standing there doing nothing, that’s how slow I was XD I couldn’t imagine how I could consider that as fast before! My body is obviously harder now, sometimes I couldn’t even feel my punch and any other attacks for any resistance. I can still move my breast though, it is still soft and smooth. It's just my body didn’t recognise there was even any resistance if I didn’t do it hard enough XD It kinda reminds me when I first got my super mega ultra best goddess state, when I had to get used to my body before I can feel any resistance, and this is fresh once again!

Day 11

My body is on FIRE! I mean I am super hot! XD You see, I get too excited about my new form and new looks, my body, it keeps produce more than enough power to meet any challenge I give myself. As a result it got hot and hotter and hotter every time, until I need a super dense aura protecting the world from me ❤ before it gets deleted purely by my body's minimum heat and radiation again. So far I am doing pretty good, but my body temperature didn’t drop, it keeps raising. The world stays dead for a moment while I think before I can finally cool down. Even no my body is still super hot inside ❤ The skin is the only thing that separates the heat and radiation I produce, so now you know why there isn’t any virus or microbots that can harm me in any way! They can’t pass my impenetrable skin, yet alone survive my body heat and radiation :p

Speaking of any threats, I heard of this one goddess killer thing keeps appearing among goddess conversation. Rumours say it can kill and rob one goddess’s power! Many don't believe it, but some do believe it and live in fear. Well … the truth is it's me XD However, I didn’t steal anyone’s power at all. I just accidentally kill them with my body’s raw power. It's the same for a human who steps on an ant, let alone bacteria or viruses. I mean, how can I describe things that are even smaller than string particles to mortals XD You get my point ❤ They are all insignificant to me, while some may know me, I tend to be kind and gentle when I appear in front of people, because I love to see them getting stunned by my beauty alone and being unable take their eyes off me. I feel good when they look at me and get all horny, thus triggering my body again. And that’s why staring contests never last long :p

Since I have leveled up XD, I rarely keep in touch with the reality at this point. I need to get all these pleasures coming in so I can “kick start” my new form of power XD The other super goddesses, they are cute! Sometimes I play with them … they tend to chase me or observe me like an animal :D I come and make them instantly fall in love with me. The sex I give them makes them orgasm and yell in joy. Some of them happen to be strong enough to destroy everything, but still, their power is not even anywhere near my human form ❤ which makes me wonder … I still can’t be overpowered ever since I was born XD How awesome it is?

Day 12

Another day, another smile on my face. I see this world filled with only me as my power grows and grows. As the reality doesn’t even matter anymore at this point, I see the possibility that there might be an even stronger, bigger, more powerful place out there waiting for me to discover. I could sense my body constantly getting horny over time, as the feelings of growing keep feeding into my mind ❤ It just couldn’t get old for me.

I had been alone at this power state for quite some time now, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. I don't plan to stop either, as my body never stop its mission to be the strongest thing out there :D I can’t really tell you how it feels to be too powerful and too energised, it’s like a higher state of medication! Of course, I make it sound easy for you mortals :p My mind is strong too, possibly the second strongest thing after my body, I feel this world hasn't got too much fun for me to enjoy. My body even ignores the realities as the though they are non-existent. Same goes for my desire. I now focus more on pleasuring myself with the realities I made and sex ❤ I have ever endless space and time. Funny thing though … my body grows too fast now even for me to calculate how it is now. Gotta say, this grow thing just got real.

However, I can still interact with reality in my mind. It is very safe inside here. I can even imagine playful sexual contact with the super goddess, basically everything I had done before just in my mind only :p Mortals call it a simulation, but it is just a tiny dot that stands on its own. The foolish super goddesses and mortals still think they rule the world for themselves, meanwhile I had become something that is even beyond imagination, reality or non-reality, from nothing to everything. I overpowered them all with fearful strength that even I can’t think about. I have the ability to do anything I like now! My golden eyes shine, the dot in my breast represent something I live before or at least try to, my journey didn’t end here ❤ But my journey with you ends here :D For the greater good, I could say I become more than goddess itself, things that no one see has seen but me … And still, I never stop growing~ ❤

(The End)

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