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The Modern Goddess: Chapter I

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 11 August 2018 22:39] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:23]

Art by Devil-V and Gourmetpaper


It had been a strange night for Kenichi. He couldn’t manage to fall asleep; in fact, he quite literally could not stop jerking off in bed while thinking about his new teacher. It got to a point where he couldn’t even go to the bathroom because it felt like something was magically retaining him like if he wore handcuffs, so he directly came onto his bed sheets, and he didn’t even care. Eventually, Kenichi finally got tired after one continuous hour of doing nothing but masturbating and then drifted to sleep within a puddle of his own semen. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for him, Kenichi’s dream was a continuation of his lecherous fantasies during the day. Everytime he tried to sleep, he just kept dreaming about the same thing, over and over again: Akane letting him touch her perfect body, having intimate foreplay with Akane, Akane giving him a blowjob, and then finally getting to fuck Akane, impregnating her perfect motherly figure with his hot sticky seed. Each time it was slightly different, with new sex positions and sometimes new outfits, if Akane was feeling in the mood for role-playing. It was almost like each dream was custom-tailored so that Kenichi would see what Akane wanted him to. And sure, it was amazing, but highly inconvenient for his sleep schedule.

Kenichi woke up the next morning, exhausted because of his sleep deprivation. He cleaned his semen-coated bedsheets, then got himself dressed with his new school uniform and went to the living room, where he spotted a note on the fridge.

“Dear Kenichi, Sorry I had to go into work early today, but there are leftovers you can have for breakfast. Love you, Mom <3”

P.S - Oh, and don’t forget taking your medication if you’re trying to blend in with the other kids, I keep hearing rumors about how beautiful the girls at your new school are.”

“Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.” Kenichi said, shrugging.

Kenichi prepared himself a bowl of white rice and turned on the TV to pass the time before he had to go to school, and began flipping through channels.

“Ugh, there’s nothing good on TV in the morning.” He sulked. As he was scrolling through more channels, he stopped on a news broadcast when he noticed the screen’s headline said “BREAKING NEWS: BANK ROBBERY IN DOWNTOWN OJIBARA”

The video feed itself appeared to be live camera footage from a news helicopter, currently flying above the business district downtown where the robbery was taking place.

“We’re coming to you live from the crime scene, there appears to be a bank robbery in process downtown, so far we know that the criminals are armed and we have confirmed they have hostages. The police are preparing a barricade just now in front of the main doors of the building, while a patrol is making a blockade in the alleyway. I believe the police are going to attempt a hostage negotiation shortly. We will make sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more information.”


A rocket launcher missile fired from inside the building flew out the front door, hitting one of the police cars outside. A massive cloud of fire and smoke burst upwards, exploding on impact and sending a police car flying up in the air, and then crashing to the ground unceremoniously, killing 2 officers and leaving the car as a blackened heap of metal.

“WE’RE NOT FUCKING AROUND HERE, BACK OFF OR WE’LL KEEP SHOOTING!” The armed robber yelled at the crowd of officers outside the bank’s front door.

“What are your demands?” The police negotiator responded through a megaphone.


“We will, but please let the hostages go first. They’re innocent, leave them out of this!” The negotiator pleaded.


The negotiator looked over at the captain, who nodded in silent approval. The captain told the officers to get rid of their weapons, and they obeyed. The chief could tell they were outnumbered and outgunned, and trying to have a firefight would just create more senseless casualties. This was clearly a well-organized attack, much more than the average bank robbery attempt. The criminals had access to military-grade weapons that even the police couldn’t get their hands on, and it would have been futile to fight them.

The gang slowly began making their way out of the building, cash and hostages still in hand, carefully watching the cops in case they tried to pull some sort of crazy stunt. The leader walked over to the police chief, pulling out a loaded shotgun, and aimed at his head, telling him to kneel down.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?!” Yelled the police chief.

“Oh, come on. What did you expect?” The boss said smugly, as if channeling the essence of a Bond villain.

Before the chief had time to respond, he quickly fired the shotgun at point-blank range right in his face.


The police chief had his eyes closed tight, wincing his face, bracing for an imminent shock of pain. A few awkward seconds went by, and then confused, he opened one eye to confirm whether or not he was still alive.

The police chief then opened both eyes in shock, realizing he wasn’t, and immediately looked up to see… someone’s ass in his face?

Right at the very last second, someone had managed to step *in front* of the spray of pellets, blocking every single one of them.

“Are you okay?” A warm, comforting, feminine voice asked the chief. The figure turned around and revealed herself. She was a cute woman in a bright yellow-and-red superhero-esque jumpsuit. She leaned down and reached out her hand, now giving the police officer a full-frontal display of her gargantuan tits stretching out the skin-tight latex-like material. The adorable, yet undeniably sexy redhead helped the speechless man off the ground and he could finally get a nice look at her amazing body; her toned feminine legs, sculpted ass, and gorgeous hourglass figure could only be described as “perfect”.


Meanwhile, Kenichi was staving off a throbbing erection after seeing this perfect woman on his TV, despite having just taken the prescription pills for keeping his libido in check. For Kenichi, this was basically watching soft-core porn right on live TV, and he was one step away from a hands-free orgasm, watching this magical mystery woman move around, just because of how insanely sexy he found her girly mannerisms to be.

Back at the crime scene, the unknown super woman’s red stiletto heels lifted off the ground and she flew up into the air virtually weightless, defying the laws of physics like she wrote them herself and reluctantly gave Newton the credit. She floated up to the news helicopter, giggled and winked to the reporter and the pilot. Then she blew a cute, magically-empowered kiss right into the camera lens, as if flirting with the entire TV audience watching at home. Despite the cameraman staying inside the helicopter, the live camera feed that everyone at home could see *left* the helicopter, and began following the bombshell superheroine, dipping and diving at impossible angles through the air. It was like watching a big-budget action movie, rather than a news broadcast.

She gently floated down to a nearby light post, daintily landing on the tip of her shoes, and then she started to talk, as if sitting down a naughty child for a punishment.

“Now boys, you know I raised you better than that! Now apologize to the nice people and promise me you won’t commit any more crimes and I’ll let you go free, or it’s time-out for all of you!”

“I’m too old for this shit.” The gang’s leader answered after grunting.

The boss picked up the rocket launcher off the ground and fired it point-blank at the magical supermodel, causing a huge burst of smoke and a giant explosion to erupt from the missile as it made impact with her, just a few feet away. A cloud of dark smoke covered the space around her for a few seconds, and the police officers that were watching felt very bad with themselves for letting this happen, thinking that her death was a sure thing.

The smoke dissipated after a few more seconds, and revealed the girl completely unharmed by the missile that had just obliterated an entire police car a few minutes before. No bruises, scratches, or even a speck of dirt on her uniform.

“Don’t worry chief, I’m fine. Now step aside, and leave these silly boys to me.”

“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?” the man stared in disbelief at the vigilante that had just made his weapon look like a kid’s toy.

The boss fired the rocket launcher yet again, seething with anger and frustration that none of his attacks were doing anything. This time there was no explosion at all. During the 1.276 seconds it took to travel the distance between the man and the mysterious woman, the missile started to change in midair as it approached her, shifting from a menacing black missile head into a girly pink hairbrush by the time it reached her. Once it did, she snatched it in her red-gloved hands with godlike reaction speed and began casually brushing her hair with the weapon formerly capable of destroying buildings, humming to herself, tauntingly shrugging it off and pretending it was no big deal. She hurled the hairbrush back at the man, sending it flying at the same speed as a bullet would, knocking the launcher right off his hands with perfect precision.

“Well, if you would stop being so rude and shooting at me when I’m trying to talk to you, you would have figured out by now that I have some… uh, let’s say, ‘superpowers’ of sorts.”

Despite her saying this, the enraged criminals stubbornly ignored her and unloaded their weapons simultaneously at her. A hailstorm of bullets bounced off her perfect body. Despite it being smooth and soft to the touch, the torrent of bullets all ricocheted off of her as if it was made of something even tougher than pure diamonds. The girl was treating it like a relaxing hot shower, basking in the warmth of the intense gunfire. In fact, it was even pleasurable for her, as you could hear her softly moan as the tiny bullets massaged her skin.

“Tsk, tsk, you boys are all the same. You never listen!” She said, slowly sauntering over closer to them, the sound of her heels clacking against the ground getting louder with each step.

“Fuck the hostages!” Said the boss. “Let’s get out of here before this crazy bitch does anything else!”

The robbers got back on their feet and scattered from the scene, abandoning the hostages and quickly dividing into two groups, running towards the two getaway vans they had prepared at the extraction points.

“Oh, you want me to chase you. How cute.” She giggled.

One of the vans peeled out of the parking lot, flying down the city streets away from the bank and on their way back to their safe house. Meanwhile, the other couldn’t seem to turn on the engine. “Fuck, not NOW!” You could hear a muffled voice of the frustrated driver from inside the van.

The panicking driver looked back and forth between the ignition and the rear mirror to see that she was slowly striding towards the van, swaying her hips in a sexy confident strut, not concerned at all about what was happening.

She gave a wink to the driver through the rear-view mirror, knowing he was watching, paralyzed with fear.

The metal frame creaked as the van swayed to one side, trying to re-gain its balance. The front-left tire had simply vanished from existence in the (literal) blink of an eye, as the mysterious woman seemed to just bend reality to her wishes.


The front-right tire had now disappeared as she winked again, causing the front of the car to collapse onto the pavement.


The two back tires were erased at once, causing the remaining weight of the van to fall backwards, slamming against the ground.


One more blink of her eyes, and the outer metal body of the van turned into nothing, leaving the criminals sitting on what were now glorified lawn chairs, completely outside and exposed with no way of escaping.

The robbers all gave each other a silent knowing look and ran off in separate directions as fast as they could, trying to split up and have at least one person make it out okay. Out of nowhere, the girl instantly teleported directly in front of each one individually, scaring them shitless and causing them to cower in fear, going back to the immobile van to re-group with the others.

In a desperate last attempt of harming her, or at least causing a distraction to escape, the burly criminals all piled on top of her, trying to tackle her down to the ground and immobilize her. It proved to be a worthless strategy, as the group of full-grown adult men, who would otherwise overpower any normal person easily, could literally not move her a single inch from where she was standing, like a 100-ton immovable boulder that happened to have tits and a vagina.

“Well, I have to say, the confidence is kinda sexy, but you can’t hurt me at all. ~~” She teased, as blood flowed into their growing cocks just from the sound of her angelic voice.

She lifted them by their erected cocks as if they weighed nothing and jumped 100 meters into the air.

“That’s funny, you’re heavier than before now.” She giggled. “Now, wait for me here if you’d be so kind. Don’t you move while I’m gone!” She said, acting like a scolding mother giving her kid a time-out as she set them down on a nearby cloud. The cloud had completely solidified underneath them, to form into a comfy and fluffy couch, the way you would expect clouds to feel, assuming they weren’t just made of water. She disappeared in a flash, making an audible “FWOOM” noise, casually destroying the sound barrier, flying back towards the other gang members.

Meanwhile, the leader was driving away as fast as he could in the other van, speeding around corners and nearly hitting the van’s top speed on their way out of the city, back to the hideout. The thugs in the back were eyeing the sacks of cash they had stolen, discussing what they were all planning on doing with the money.

“Hey, cut it out! We’ll talk about that when we get back to the hideout.” He groaned.

“Oh, and where is that hideout?” Asked a cute feminine voice, sitting in the passenger seat next to the boss, while the goon that was there seconds before was now in the cargo hold, utterly confused as to how he just appeared there. Keep in mind, all of this was still airing live on national TV as the camera behaved like a personal follower of the superheroine, with the camerawork and cinematography of a world-class director. She gave a knowing smile at the people that were watching from home, as if she was right there with them, and Kenichi couldn’t help but cum immediately, seeing that perfect smile of hers.

He quickly pulled out his shotgun from the glove box and fired it directly at the woman in the passenger seat. A blur of red clouded her face as her crimson latex-gloved hands made a bunch of martial arts hand movements at superhuman speed, as if she was mimicking some centuries old Kung-Fu master. An yellow aura began to glow around the scattered shotgun pellets in front of her, freezing them in mid-air.

“Are you all okay?” The woman asked out loud, but she didn’t appear to be talking to anyone in particular. She was looking away from all of the robbers in the car, so they were extremely confused as to who she was addressing.

“Yes mistress!” A soft, high-pitched voice rang out from nowhere, confusing the robbers even further. She had animated each individual shotgun pellet to life, giving them their own feelings and the power to speak!

“Good, now come with mommy. I’ll keep you safe!” She exclaimed, pulling her suit open to let them all squeeze in-between her cleavage. “Ooooh! ~ That tickles!”

“Just leave us alone, you cunt!” shouted the leader of the gang.

“Just one more thing before I go. Look behind the car.”

Confused but morbidly curious, he obeyed, looking through the rear-view mirror to see the same girl was no longer in the passenger seat, but running behind the van at 90+ miles per hour on foot, and quickly increasing her speed.

“What?! How is she there? She was here a second before, how the hell is she that fast?”

Maintaining the speed of a race car on foot, the girl reached the ass of the van and put her tiny hands under the fender, lifting it up from the back like a giant balloon animal. The tires squealed, trying to stay on the ground and escape from the feminine manicured fingers of their captor as her bare strength humiliated everyone in the world, being able to so casually lift up a 8000+ lbs car, including the people inside it. She was now hefting it overhead with the tip of her pinky and seeing the undies of the metal transport.

“Not bad. 2018 Chevy Express, 4.8-liter V8. Modified, too.”

She dropped the van back down to the road, and the tires began spinning out of control on their impact with the ground, since they hadn’t adjusted to the 90+ MPH speed that the front tires were already going. The entire van swerved to the side of the road, crashing.

“Oops! Guess I don’t know my own strength!” She said jokingly to herself, as she approached the crash scene.

She watched as the leader was now crawling out from the wreckage of the pile of metal that used to be a van a few seconds before, heavily injured.

“You have to promise me you won’t do anything like that again, and I’ll let you go, or else I’m going to have to punish you.” She scolded the boss while kneeling next to him.

“NO! STOP THIS! JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!” The robber roared, blinded by rage. He tried to spit at her face, but before the liquid reached her pretty features, it turned into a colorful butterfly that quit flying to rest calmly in her hair.

“Today I’m feeling generous, if you don’t want to change your pitiful live, then I will have to change it for you.” She showed a devilish, kinky grin and started to move one of her fingers in circles.

A small whirlwind started to generate around the finger as she circled it, quickly growing into a miniature tornado. The girl giggled and redirected the twister at the wounded bank robber, lifting him off the ground and suspending him in the air.

“Time to play dress-up!” She said, giddy with excitement.

She laid her hands on his body and he immediately popped a thick boner merely from the contact with her skin, despite feeling nothing but pure hatred for her. But the longer she touched him, the more he changed, almost like a real-life shapeshifter. His short military-style buzz cut began growing out, creating a head full of beautiful long brunette hair. She decided that his grizzled face contrasted with his new hairstyle, so she grabbed his head and started to manipulate it like it was clay in her perfect hands, morphing his entire bone structure to match her desires, turning it into a cute, girly face. It wasn’t over, as she did the same with his torso, legs and arms, making them thinner, soft and beautiful only by caressing them with her electrifying touch. She was like a master ceramist, grabbing the pectorals of the feminine-looking robber and pumping up his cup size, forming a brand-new set of large, bouncy tits. After a few seconds the smaller details were over, the former gang leader was now female, and a pretty hot one at that.

“Mmmm… There’s only a thing to change, darling. Hold still~”

She reached out to touch his penis, which ejaculated instantly as soon as her finger made contact.

“I hope you enjoyed that, because that was your last time.” She said.

She pushed inwards against the tip of his cock as if it was a large nail being slowly hammered back into his skin, shrinking, shrinking, and shrinking in length. She didn’t stop at just getting rid of his penis though, she dug her finger deep inside his skin, creating a crevice where his dick used to be, and silently re-arranged his organs and genes with her mind to transform it into a functional vagina.

Finally, overwhelmed with an entire body full of new sensations, the she-boss came uncontrollably, leaking out cum everywhere. Our hero re-shaped his clothes to fit his new body, form-fitting the old ones to match his new body shape.

“You should have played nice with me.” She laughed to herself, turning around and walking away.

Just then, a reporter ran up to her and shoved a microphone on her face, the camera feed now returned to its original state of being back inside the device.

“Young lady, thank you for saving us from those criminals. How did you do it?” Asked the reporter.

“Well, it’s easy. Huh? Oh, right, I think two of them are left.”

She snapped her fingers.

“AaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” You could hear the screams of two men get progressively louder as they plummeted from the sky, hundreds of feet up, until they fell right into the skinny arms of the girl that held their combined 500-pound weight without any effort, not even flinching.

“Sorry, I should go bring these guys to the police station.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Nodded the reporter.

“Hey you, wait!” The chief was running after her now too, panting and exhausted from searching everywhere to find her. “I need you to answer some questions for me!”

Before he could reach her and get her caught up in an interview, she bolted away, flying straight up into the air and out of sight.

Back at home, Kenichi was so distracted, he didn’t even realize he had been late for school, and ran out the door to get to it on time.

When he finally arrived, it was already the middle of first period; there was nobody in the hallways at all, and the only sounds Kenichi could hear were from that of the teachers in the middle of their lessons. He found his first period classroom, the one with his bombshell of a teacher Akane, and timidly walked in, trying not to cause too much of a scene.


“Kenichi, nice of you to join us.” She joked. “Don’t worry, we all make mistakes, we’re human.” Akane said, smiling.

“U-uh, yes, Akane, sorry for keeping you all waiting, it won’t happen again.” He apologized, head down, clearly embarrassed.

Now, Kenichi wasn’t exactly a smart kid. He usually got bad grades for the most part, but he had managed to survive his previous high school somehow, at least until the last course which he couldn’t surmount. But for once in his life, he felt different in this classroom. Being next to Akane, his out-of-this-world supermodel of a teacher, was incredible. He understood everything and he didn’t know why. She was a great teacher and all, but for some reason this went far beyond the average class with a hot teacher, this was something much more. There was just something special about her, and he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. But for whatever reason, being taught anything by Akane was simply a mystical experience.

“Well my lovely students, that’s all the time we have for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Don’t miss me too much!”

As she left the room, she shot a glance at Kenichi specifically, sending his dick almost straight out of his pants as if her eyes magically gave him a boner just by staring at him, like a sexier version of Medusa’s powers. But it was more than just a flirty glare, it was like she wanted to send him a message of some kind. Just before going through the corridor she winked at him. She definitely liked him, or so he hoped.

“Okay, that’s it. I have to talk to her about how I feel about us.” He said to himself, needing to get answers regarding what their relationship actually entailed, rather than just continuing to guess.

Meanwhile, the rest of the class was full of people talking about what happened that morning on the news.

“Not only is she powerful, she’s so pretty too!” blurted Taniguchi.

“Heh, not as hot as Akane though.” Joked another student.

The bell rang, telling the students to move on to their next period. Instead of going to his second class, Kenichi decided to follow her teacher to tell her a piece of his mind. He started following her through the corridor, knowing where she was going only by the smell of her musky pheromone perfume. Finally, he wandered through the back hallways and reached some stairs to the backyard of the school. Why would Akane be here? Was she just out for a smoke break or something like that? Or was it something else? Just then, he looked out the window, seeing another bolt of lightning fall from the sky, just like the day before.

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