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Atypical Vacation – Friday & Saturday

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Chapter 6 - Friday

I was awakened by a grumbling in my stomach. We had made our way to the bedroom yesterday well before dinner and Jamie had ravished me until I passed out from sheer exhaustion. The woman was insatiable. She took me six times, four more than I had ever been taken in a single night! I wouldn’t have thought I had it in me, and maybe for any other woman, I wouldn’t have.

But Jamie knew just how to get a rise out of me. Anytime I thought I couldn’t get it up, she’d pull out something new to crush, bend, or lift. She seemed to have an endless supply of things stuffed all over the room for just such an occasion, and she really got into it. She loved showing off her strength almost as much as I loved watching.

She was nestled up beside me when I woke up, an arm and leg draped over my body. Once again she seemed wide-awake by the time I finally managed to force an eye open. “Don’t you ever sleep?”

She nuzzled her head into my chest. “I got a solid four hours. You sleep too much.”

I turned over and wrapped my arms around her. “That’s because you drain all the energy out of me. I’m gonna need a week to recover from last night.”

“Aw, you’re not saying the little girl is too much for the big, strong man,” she said in a mocking baby voice.

“Jame, you’re too much for an army of men.” She giggled in delight, clearly pleased with the response. “You were amazing last night. Damn, you did things I never thought a girl could do. You made me feel things I never thought a guy could feel.”

She let her hand brush against my cock. “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

That brought up something that bugged me through most of the night. “Are you sure? I mean, God Jame, it seems like everything you do arouses me. You know just where to touch and just how to touch. And shit, the way you suck my cock – God, I’ve never felt like that before. And when I was inside of you, I never knew a girl could do that before. It’s just, I haven’t been with a whole lot of girls before and don’t really have all that much practice… you know, pleasuring women. Meanwhile, you’re completely amazing at getting me off. I don’t know how I could ever compete.”

She gave me a playful tap on the shoulder. “It’s not a competition, silly. You were wonderful. And I’ll tell you this: I’ve been with other men before – not a lot, but enough – and none of them ever made me feel half as good as you did last night. Not to mention that the reason you haven’t had a whole lot of girlfriends in your life is because you spent it all taking care of me. And I have certainly never seen a guy with such a huge cock. Mmmmm, it’s so big, it’s hard for a girl to keep her hands off.”

I felt myself swell with pride. It made a man feel good to know he could please his girl, especially if his girl was as gorgeous and amazing as Jamie was.

I shook my head in wonder at that statement. Not four days ago, I was certain that I would never be able to see Jamie as anything but a little sister. Now, as I looked down at her amazing, perfect form, I realized that all those old feelings were gone. They were replaced by something new, something amazing, something wonderful. “I love you.”

I think it was how I said it, as much as what I said. Jamie looked up at me with that face that could melt a rock. She certainly wore her heart on her sleeve. “I love you, too.”

We started to kiss, and I thought we might be on the way to some more sex, until my stomach growled angrily, tired of being ignored. Jamie gave me a look that made me laugh.

“Sorry sweetheart, but I’m famished; I’ve got to get some food. But don’t worry, we have all day to be together.”

“We have a lot longer than that.” She pulled me off the bed. “Now come on, we’ve got to shower before we go.” She grabbed my hand and led me to the enormous master bathroom, complete with a huge tiled shower that would easily fit the two of us and then some.

Jamie started up the shower, and then stood under the showerhead, letting the water wash over her body. I stared at her, transfixed at the sight of the water cascading all over her perfect physique. I just had to touch her.

I squirted soap into my hands, then started lathering up Jamie’s body. She gave in to my touch, turning to let me spread soap from her powerful shoulders and broad back down to her tiny waist. She flexed her arms as I lathered them up, and I once more marveled at the hardness of her amazing muscles. She turned around, and I cleaned up her rock-hard abs before moving up to her remarkable rack. I made sure I spent an extra long time, getting those dirty fun-bags spotless.

Jamie was enjoying herself, squirming in my hands. I squirted a little more soap, and let my hand fall to her box, which was wet from more than just the water. She arched her back, moaning in passion as I rubbed soap over her pussy again and again and again. Jamie grabbed me around the shoulders, clutching me tightly as I brought her to orgasm. I continued working her clit, giving her the longest ride I could. When she was done, I knelt before her, cleaning her thick, solid thighs, and tight toned calves. She lifted her feet for me to clean, keeping perfect balance while standing on one leg. I topped off cleaning both feet by sucking each of her perfect toes one by one, something she clearly enjoyed.

I just sat there on the wet tile floor while she washed her hair. It felt kind of strange, yet appropriate, to be sitting at the feet of such an amazing creature. Jamie was so far beyond human in every way imaginable; it felt like I should be kneeling before her, instead of sitting. But I knew that’s not what she would want. So I contented myself to sit there and watch.

Then it was my turn. Jamie took the soap and poured it all over her huge, sumptuous breasts. She erotically rubbed the gel all over her tits until they foamed up like twin soapy sponges. She brought me up to my knees, and proceeded to rub her lathered tits all over my chest, lifting me ever so slightly under the arms to soap up my stomach.

She turned me around, giving the same treatment to my back, and then turned me around again. Another application of soap, and then she grabbed one of my arms, and moved it all over, and between her tits. My cock was hard as a rock as Jamie rubbed her breasts all over my body, seductively swaying back and forth like a stripper.

Then it was time to wash my legs. She gave no thought to kneeling before me. Instead, she grabbed me by the hips, and easily lifted me off the ground, rubbing my legs up and down and all over her amazing chest. She lifted me so high to wash my feet that I nearly bumped my head on the ceiling.

Then, for the grand finale, she put me up against the wall, and held me there by pressing her chest against my stomach. She reached for the soap, and poured a steady stream of it right down into her cleavage. She tossed the bottle over her shoulders and grabbed my hips once more. Moving us out to the center of the shower, she slowly curled my body up thrusting my rigid cock right into her well-lubed cleavage. Have I mentioned how much I love getting titty-fucked, especially while being held off the ground? It was amazing! She went nice and slow (my weight was certainly no trouble for her titanic strength) letting me savor every stroke until I finally filled her cleavage with my seed. She moved us under the stream of water, and held me there between her tits, as my cum was rinsed off our bodies.

“Wow. I’d say we should shower like this everyday, but I’m not sure I’d ever get to work.”

She lowered me back down to the ground. “You don’t have to work if you don’t want to. I’ll make plenty of money for the both of us.”

I cocked an eyebrow in surprise. “I’d think you were kidding, but I guess after all I’ve seen you do, I don’t doubt that you could do just that.”

She smiled up at me. “I told you, it’s my turn to take care of you now. That means physically, emotionally, financially, and every other way you can imagine. I’m gonna treat you so good, you’re gonna think you’re in heaven. Now why don’t you wash your hair; I’m getting hungry.”

I got to the task of washing my hair, but far from sitting there and watching, Jamie got down on her knees before me and started working my cock with her mouth. It became a bit of a race for me, to see if I could finish washing my hair before she finished me. I had to rush the job just to beat her by a hair! Damn, she had a talented mouth.

She let me dress her, and I took joy in stretching a bra and tight tank top across the curves of her chest and sliding a short pair of shorts up her silky smooth legs. She dressed me as well, letting her hands linger on my own buff physique. My body was nothing compared to the perfection of hers, but she seemed happy with all the work I had put in at the gym.

We ate breakfast at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki, where they have an all you could eat breakfast buffet, which was just what I needed. I was starving. I helped myself to heaping plates of omelets, pastries, bacon, haupia French toast, hash browns, sausage, fresh fruit, and whatever else I could shove down my throat. Jamie ate a lot for a girl her size. I suppose all that power required a good bit of energy to sustain it.

The thought brought up an obvious question that I’m surprised I hadn’t asked yet. “You know, Jame, I just love how amazingly strong you are. I mean, watching you curl a one-ton barbell with one hand is the kind of fantasy that I’ve had for a long time, but… you know, the thing is… isn’t what you can do impossible? I mean, how can you… just how?”

She regarded me quietly for a moment, sipping her coffee as she thought about what she was going to say. “Do you have any idea what atavism is?”

I shook my head.

“It’s the recurrence of an ancestral trait, usually due to genetic recombination.”

The blank look on my face left little doubt how helpful that explanation was. Jamie couldn’t help but to giggle at me.

“There are certain traits that have disappeared phenotypically, but don’t necessarily disappear from an organism’s DNA. The gene sequence exists, but it’s inactive. Sometimes these sequences can be partially expressed. For example, some people have large teeth, reminiscent of the primates that we evolved from. Does that make sense?”

I leveled a sarcastic grin at her. “I think I see what you’re talking about. You’re saying that you’re strong because you’re parents are gorillas?”

She kicked me under the table with a wry grin of her own. “Do you really think I look like an ape?” She pressed her arms into her tits, causing her breasts to press up through the wide opening in her top. A pair of waiters passing by walked into each other, dropping their trays full of dishes to the ground with a crash.

I tried to speak, but the drool forming in my mouth got in the way.

Jamie gave an approving nod to my reaction, and seemed to entirely ignore the commotion she caused. “Actually, I’ve found, through the course of my studies, that everyone has all kinds of dormant gene sequences that have been passed down from parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on and so on, all the way back to your most ancient of ancestors. The few such sequences that have already been discovered by scientists are mostly mundane, but there are literally millions of sequences that exist that no one has been able to decode yet.

“Well, to make a long story short, I discovered a gene sequence existing in a small population of women that includes coding that enhances the efficiency and control over muscle. I believe what I discovered is proof that Amazons once existed. And far from being some Greek myth given enhanced physical prowess from the goddess Athena, they were an actual society blessed with genes that enhanced their strength, speed and endurance to an amazing degree.”

I was trying to wrap my head around what she was telling me. “So wait. You’re telling me that there were actually real Amazons, thousands of years ago, and that you’re one of their descendants?”

She nodded her head, a small smile on her face.

“And you’re not the only one? There are others?”

Another nod.

“Wait… if there are all these descendents of Amazon women, why haven’t I heard about other women who can toss men around like pillows?”

“Because the gene sequence is inactive. Throughout history, there have been stories of women who possess physical gifts that are beyond what is considered normal. But these are minor manifestations of the true nature of the gene. The full gene sequence is still suppressed in the woman’s genetic code.

“But I’ve discovered a way to induce the gene with artificial stimulation. The degree of the stimulation being directly proportional to the amount of the genetic sequence that was… I guess ‘unlocked’ is the best way to describe it. I believe I was able to unlock the gene sequence fully in myself, making me the first true Amazon to exist in thousands of years.”

For a long time, I didn’t know what to say. It was all so surreal. “I don’t know, Jame. It all sounds like a Michael Creighton book.”

“I know. Believe me, it’s weird for me too. I mean, you can’t imagine what it was like. I had been working-out for years, trying to get as strong as I could, and I was pretty strong. I think you would have been pretty impressed with what I had been able to accomplish naturally. Then I found the Amazon Gene and discovered how to unlock it. All of the sudden, I was stronger than I could have ever believed. I was able to do things that were simply impossible. I kept at it for a couple of months, making sure I tapped every ounce of genetic ability I could, until I finally became what I am today. A woman with unfathomable strength; strength that you’re just starting to get a taste of.”

Suddenly, her phone dinged. I realized, strangely enough, that it was the first time either of us had gotten a call, text, or message all week.

She checked her message quickly, and then settled our tab. She seemed as anxious as she had at the beginning of the week when she was professing her love to me, and actually tripped as she led me out the door and back to the jeep.

“Is something wrong?” I was genuinely concerned. It was the first time I had seen her conduct herself with less-than-perfect grace all week. She must have been really distracted.

She seemed surprised I spoke. Very distracted indeed. My curiosity was peaking. “What? No, just organizing our day’s itinerary.” She tried to play it cool, but she was rushing her speech, and I think I saw her hand tremble a little bit. Something was definitely up.

Not that I was too concerned; so far every surprise I’d gotten this week had been a great one. But she hadn’t seemed nervous up ’til now. Quite the contrary, her composure was one of the things that had helped me settle down and enjoy the week.

I drove home quite quickly, excited to see what she had in store for me. Jamie was practically quivering in the seat next to me. Not only that, but I think she was actually sweating!

She practically yanked me out of the car, and pulled me toward the main house of the villa. Her grip was so tight on my arm that it actually hurt a bit. For a second I was reminded of the movie we watched and how the actress used her great strength to hurt people. I quickly pushed the thought from my mind. That’s not the kind of person Jamie was. But clearly something was up.

I was so absorbed with trying to figure out what was going on with Jamie that it took me a moment to realize the lights were all out in the house. Blinds were pulled over the windows, and long, flowing curtains covered the open wall. “What’s going on, Jame?”

I was starting to get pretty excited.

Jamie’s face was full of apprehension. She dragged me into the family room and sat me down on the plush couch. “Paul, look… I have another surprise for you, and I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.”

“Jame, are you kidding me, everything you’ve done so far this week has been incredible. I’m sure whatever you got planned for today is going to knock my…”

A loud synthesizer cut me off, followed by a pulsing drumbeat. A single light turned on, illuminating the center of the room directly in front of the couch we were sitting on. Suddenly Katie Perry, or Pink, or one of those chick singers started bellowing some lyrics. Then a figure appeared in the light.

It was a large figure wrapped in a loose-fitting trench coat. It had to be a huge coat, because this guy was massive. No, it wasn’t a guy; the figure was thickly built, but the well manicured hand and painted nails holding a fedora up on a titled head didn’t belong to any man. Nor did the feet sticking out of the bottom of the coat with toes painted the same color.

She pulled off the hat as she lifted her head, letting fiery red tresses fall in waves past her shoulder. She was pretty; I probably would have thought her beautiful, except that next to Jamie everyone else seemed a little more average. She had a fairer complexion than Jamie, bordering on pale. A light coating of freckles spangled a trim, angular face that spoke of a lean body below. But it was her eyes that drew my attention. I had never seen eyes so green. They burned with such an intense passion that I found myself gulping as I pushed back as far as I could into the couch.

She was shaking her body slightly to the beat, not the smooth seductive way that Jamie moved, but with an infectious energy that was ready to bubble up to the surface. She grabbed each side of her coat with her hands as she spun around to put her back to us. She stretched her arms out, peeling the coat from her torso to hold it straight out to either side.

Suddenly, the song quickly crescendoed. As the music hit its zenith, she whipped off her coat to reveal a body that was nearly naked underneath, save a posing suit.

My jaw dropped as I gawked at the most muscular woman I had ever seen. While Jamie’s physique was shapely and toned, this woman’s muscles were simply gigantic. Every limb bulged with powerful looking muscle, even while relaxed, though they weren’t relaxed for long.

She began an upbeat, energetic posing routine set perfectly to the music. As she moved, large muscles became gargantuan. Her legs blew up bigger than her waist, her arms exploded into huge peaks of enormous muscle. Her back was a mountain range; her shoulders looked like she’d stuffed two bowling balls under her skin. She had an actual eight-pack of abs flanked by muscles that I didn’t even know existed. She had a thick chest with powerful pectoral muscles covered by huge tits that gave Jamie’s a run for their money. It was an incredible display of muscle, especially from a woman who had to be at least 6 feet tall. God, she must have weighed a ton.

She ended her routine in perfect time to the music with a double bicep flex that made me feel more than a little inadequate. When the music was done, I was speechless. Jamie was not.

She jumped off the couch clapping and cheering enthusiastically, much to the delight of our poser. Jamie ran over to the huge bodybuilder and leapt into her arms. The lady caught her easily, like she was made of tissue paper. She brought Jamie close and planted a kiss on her lips. I was a little stunned, especially when Jamie wrapped her arms around the woman and readily returned the kiss. They must be close.

Then the kisses turned more passionate. I looked on in shock as the woman slipped her tongue into Jamie’s mouth. I was even more stunned when Jamie reciprocated! I sat there in stunned silence as my new girlfriend made out with this large woman. Clearly they were very, very close.

By the time they ended their lip-lock, my shock had resolved into anger. It only got worse when Jamie turned to look at me, still in the arms of this stranger, with that dreamy look that I thought was reserved for me.

“What the hell is this?” I asked tightly, trying unsuccessfully to hide my irritation.

Jamie was so distracted that she didn’t recognize my tone. “Paul, this is Alyssa, but I call her Lys. She’s my girlfr…”

It was more than I could stand. “I don’t give a shit who she is!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. That certainly snapped Jamie out of her stupor. Though it didn’t seem to faze this stranger in the least. “What the hell, Jamie! You drag me out to Hawaii, confess that you’re madly in love with me, spend the whole week seducing me, get me to finally fall head over heels for you, and now you tell me you have a goddamned GIRLFRIEND!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!”

It was clearly not the reaction that Jamie had expected. She stared at me with a surprised look. “No… I didn’t… I mean… she’s not my… well she is, but that doesn’t mean….”

“Save it! Jesus Christ.” I got up and was going to storm out to try and collect my thoughts, but a small hand tightly gripping my wrist, stopping me from going anywhere.

“Paul, look, I’m sorry, I realize this doesn’t look good. I thought you’d take it differently. You have to let me explain. It’s not what you think.”

I pulled at her arm uselessly for a few seconds before I gave in. I wasn’t going to be able to force her to let me go, or do anything at all I guess. All there was to do was stand there and let her have her say. So I turned back to face her, with the most petulant look I could manage.

Jamie took a deep breath before starting. “Look, here’s the thing. Everything I’ve said this week has been true. I love you, Paul. I love you so much, more than I ever thought possible. And I really did spend the last six years getting myself as strong as possible, as fast as possible, as athletic as possible, and as smart as possible. I did it all because I knew that it was what you fantasized about in a woman, and I wanted to be your fantasy.

And not just now, not just for this week, I want to be your fantasy girl for the rest of your life. I want to make all of your dreams come true, now and forever.” Jamie took a breath and continued. “This week, last night, was better than I could have ever dreamed. Being with you, sharing this body with you, has been the most incredible experience of my life. I don’t want that to end, not ever.

“The thing is, I got so strong, so powerful, so far beyond what any other normal human is capable of. And while there are certainly benefits to that, there are also some drawbacks. I mean, I can bend solid steel with my bare hands. I can crush a rock to dust between my tits, and it’s all so effortless to me that I could do it by accident if I’m not careful.

“One of the things that I’ve been focusing on over the past year, after my strength got into the truly superhuman levels, was how to control my power, and I’ve gotten very good at it. As much pressure as I can generate with my limbs, I’m still capable of the softest touch, the gentlest grasp. I can perfectly control the amount of strength I exert down to the fraction of an ounce. So when we’re together, when our bodies are entwined in the sweat throws of passion, I know without the shadow of a doubt, that I can share those moments with you without fear of hurting you in the least.

“But, there is a part of me that’s… lets say… more aggressive. There are times when I don’t want to curtail my most animalistic urges to keep from hurting you. There are times I want to give into that lust and escape into a world of unbridled passion. But I can’t do that with you, or any normal person for that matter. I’d rip you apart in seconds. I needed someone who I could let go with, someone who could withstand my more aggressive side.

“I met Lys when I was training my body, before I underwent the gene therapy. She was one of the strongest female powerlifters in the world, and I thought she’d be well suited to help me realize my fullest potential. Anyhow, once I found out that I was descended from Amazons, and how to unlock my true potential, I tested Lys. It was hardly a surprise that she was also an Amazon descendant, so I gave her the same gene therapy that I gave myself, and sure enough, her power multiplied exponentially. Now she’s almost as strong and as tough as I am.

“I have found other Amazons over the last year, but I’ve… curtailed their full development. Lys is the only person in the world close to as powerful as I am. Around her, I can be someone I can’t be with anyone else, and there are times I love to be like that.

“Besides that, Lys is my best friend, and naturally has the same needs. So it’s not that I love Lys more than I love you. I don’t love anyone more than I love you, Paul. Lys knows that and accepts it. But I need her, just like I need you, if in a different way.”

She paused finally, trying to gauge my reaction. “I know this is weird, and not what you wanted, but what about what has happened this week hasn’t been weird. Honestly, I really think we can make this work. And I think you may wind up really enjoying it.”

Jamie and Alyssa, who had yet to say a word, seemed content to give me a moment to think. My anger had subsided as she explained herself, though I was still confused. How was I supposed to react to this? Shit, how many guys have their girlfriends invite another woman into their lives? I know a lot of guys who would kill for the opportunity. But all I saw was a ton of potential problems.

“What if I wind up loving her more than I love you? What if we wind up hooking up one day? Or if we decide that we want to be alone without you?”

Both girls chuckled at that. “I wouldn’t worry about that.” It was the first thing Alyssa said. She spoke with a noticeable Irish accent. “You’re not my type.”

That made me a little defensive. No one liked to be rejected out of hand. “How do you know? You don’t even know me. You could wind up falling for me.”

Alyssa gave me a toothy smile. “I seriously doubt it; I’m not into blokes.”

I was startled by the abruptness of her statement, and by the fact that I hadn’t put two and two together yet.

“As for the two of you hooking up.” Jamie said from beside me. “I don’t think that’s going to be an issue either.”

“Yeah, I guess not, if she doesn’t like men.” Was I actually becoming okay with this? Jesus, what would my parents think?

“Not exactly,” she continued. “Paul, I told you I was going to fulfill your every fantasy didn’t I? Can you honestly tell me that you’ve never fantasized about having two beautiful women at once?”

That caused a double take. “I’m sorry, what?”

Alyssa was slowly moving closer to me. Jamie was peeling off her tank top next to me. “I said, you don’t have to worry about hooking up with Alyssa, because I’ll be with you when you do, sharing in all the fun.”

My mind went numb as it tried to process what Jamie was saying. Could this really be happening to me?

“I know you don’t know Alyssa yet, but that will change.” Jamie was pulling her shorts off. Alyssa was removing her posing outfit, standing right in front of me. Damn was she big! Even in a relaxed state, her muscles bulged out to gigantic proportions. “But until you do get to know her, I think you’ll find that she has certain attributes that you’ll like.”

Alyssa crouched down in front of me; her huge breasts right at eye level and a predatory look on her face. “I know if you love Jamie, you love a fine doorful of tits.” Alyssa grabbed my wrists, and pulled my hands right onto her humongous chest. Jamie was now pulling off my shorts and boxers, tossing them casually to the side. “Are these boobies big enough for you? They sure look it. If you want to play with them, that would be grand fine.” She started moving my hands across the vast expanse of her chest. Pushing my hands into her soft pillows. Her skin wasn’t as smooth as Jamie’s, nor were her tits as perfectly soft, but they were every bit as big, if not bigger, and they felt plenty wonderful.

Jamie had pulled off her bra, exposing her own massive mammaries. She took one of my hands from Alyssa’s breasts and moved it to her own. “And don’t forget these little things. Do you think there’s anyone else in the world who has so much boob at his disposal?” The two girls giggled musically at the quip. My senses were overwhelmed with the massive amounts of tit flesh at my disposal.

“And I’m not just a big body and a set of huge tits; I’m stronger than an ox.” Alyssa reached down and grabbed the bottom of the couch with one of her hands. Then, without any fanfare, she lifted the couch right up into the air. Jamie, me, and the couch must have weighed close to 500 pounds all told. Alyssa held us all up as easily as if we were filled with hot air. “Actually, I’m considerably stronger than team of oxen.”

My senses were going in overdrive. In a billion years, I would have never thought to meet a woman strong enough to lift me overhead. Now, I knew two who could do so with ease; both beautiful, and both apparently eager to please.

Alyssa looked up at us, her green eyes, twinkling like emeralds, delighted at my expression. The predatory look was still on her face. “And while I may not be into guys,” she said, lowering the couch slightly, still holding it with a single hand, “Jamie made sure to teach me how to pleasure them.” I felt Jamie’s hand behind me, pushing me toward the edge of the couch. “So when we’re together, I can make you feel things you’ve never felt before.” And with that, she slipped her lips around my cock.

Holy shit! I couldn’t believe this was happening! For a second, I was worried about what Jamie would say, but all worry evaporated when she took my head and shoved it into her cleavage. I must have died and gone to heaven!

Alyssa worked my cock with surprising skill for someone who was exclusively into chicks. Not only that, but it felt different than when Jamie did it. Jamie was gentle, sensual; she maximized every second of contact with my cock, moving her lips around me with the precision of a surgeon. Alyssa attacked my cock with an aggressive passion that left me breathless. It was a different method, but just as effective.

As she sucked me off, she reached up with her free hand and started fingering Jamie’s pussy. All the while, Jamie smothered my face with her awesome tits. Remarkably, Jamie and I climaxed together. Alyssa pulled me out of her mouth just in time, and looked up at us both with satisfaction as we clutched each other tightly in our throws of ecstasy. She gently set the couch down and sat down on the other side of me, rubbing her naked body against mine as Jamie nestled up against me on the other side.

“Wow,” was all I could manage.

The two ladies giggled on either side of me. “I think he might approve of our arrangement,” Jamie cooed in my ear.

“Why wouldn’t he? He’s got two hot, sexy, promiscuous girls with super-strong bodies ready to do his every bidding. I can’t imagine there are a whole lot of guys out there who would object to that set-up.”

I looked over at Alyssa, who smiled pleasantly at me. “Hi, I’m Paul; nice to meet you.”

“Ha, sure look it. It’s nice meeting you too, Paul.” She looked me up and down appraisingly. “Jamie failed to mention what a big boy you were.”

I gave myself a once over. I had some good size, though not great definition; I had always trained more for strength than muscle size. I flexed my bicep, feeling it with my hand. “I used to think so,” I said with a meaningful look at Alyssa. “Now, I’m not so sure.”

“Don’t cover it up; come on, let us see,” Jamie asked eagerly.

I gave Alyssa another nervous glance, but thought, what the hell. I lifted my arms and flexed my biceps for all I was worth. The nice-sized bicep I’d always been proud of emerged. Jamie and Alyssa both looked on approvingly before grabbing a hold and feeling my muscles. “How big are they?” asked Alyssa.

I gave her bulging, yet relaxed arm a glance before answering. “Eighteen-and-a-half inches.”

Jamie, at least, seemed impressed. “Very nice. All right, Lys. Show him what you got.”

I let my arms down and took a big gulp. I figured I probably had an inch or two on Alyssa in height, but just looking at her relaxed arm, I had no misconception as to where this was going.

With a look of supreme confidence, Alyssa raised her arm straight out. Oh God. The thing looked big watching her pose from several feet away. Now, sitting here right next to her, it looked simply mammoth. Then she flexed. A gigantic mountain of muscle erupted from her arm, climbing up to the highest peak I had ever seen, man or woman. Her muscle was perfectly shaped, like it was sculpted from my wildest dreams. I could only gape at the sheer size of her incredible arm. “Ho… how big?”

Alyssa’s smile split her face. “Not that big. It’s about 54 centimeters.”

I couldn’t for the life of me remember how many centimeters were in an inch. Of course Jamie quickly provided the answer. “That’s a bit over 21 inches,” she whispered into my ear.

Holy shit! I had never seen an arm so big! In spite of myself I lifted my arm and flexed next to hers. There was simply no contest, in size or shape. Alyssa had me beat by a country mile.

“Mmmmm,” Jamie cooed as she climbed on me to get a good feel for both of our arms. “I sure have a thing for big, muscular lovers.”

“And I think I speak for us both when I say your wee powerful body is just what we love,” Alyssa replied.

Jamie flexed her own comparatively small muscle. What it may have lacked in size, it more than made up for in shape and definition. “Yeah, I’m not anywhere near as big as you guys. But I make up for it with sheer, awesome power.” She gave Alyssa a mischievous look. “I think it’s time we showed Paul here these bodies in action.”

“Ooo, you read my mind.”

I asked if we were going to head back to the gym so the girls could lift the 2200-pound barbell that was still set up. The two girls laughed at me like I was telling some joke.

“Sweetie,” Jamie said, “one little ton is nothing compared to what these bodies are capable of. Today, we’re really going to blow your mind.”

We all got dressed and hopped into the jeep. Alyssa took the wheel, and drove us to a small clearing in a remote section of the island. We pulled up next to a tall object covered by a tarp. Alyssa pulled off the tarp to reveal a high backed, comfy looking armchair. Jamie led me over to the chair, sat me down on it, made sure I was comfortable, crouched down next to me, and lifted me and the chair high up over her head with one arm.

She made her way through the woods, bearing my weight with no problem at all. Alyssa led, clearing our path of any obstructions.

Our destination was about an hour’s stroll through the brush. Jamie carried me easily the whole time. What we finally arrived at was not quite what I expected; we were in a large, rocky clearing, nestled in a quiet valley. Sitting in the clearing were five vehicles: a Honda Accord, a Ford Escape, a pair of GMC pickup trucks, and a Hummer. All of the vehicles looked used and were scattered around the clearing.

“I didn’t realize trucks were deciduous to the area.” I said, wondering how they got an armada of cars in the middle of nowhere.

“If you throw around enough money, you can get almost anything you want.” Jamie answered with a playful voice. “Don’t worry, no plants or animals are going to be harmed in what you’re going to see here today.”

Jamie set me down in my comfortable chair near the center of the clearing, a decent distance from all of the vehicles. She plopped down on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. “All right, Lys, you go first.”

Alyssa sauntered over to the Escape. My heart was already pounding with excitement at what I was sure I was about to see. Jamie leaned over to whisper lightly into my ear. “That’s a five year old Ford Escape. It weighs a bit more than 3000 pounds.”

I gulped, 1000 pounds more than the barbell Jamie had lifted yesterday. How strong were these ladies?

I was about to find out. Alyssa walked right up to the front of the SUV, the heavier end, and crouched down. She reached under the bumper, getting a good grip, and then with no fanfare what-so-ever, stood up, easily lifting the front end of the car as she did.

Never in my life had I ever thought to see a girl display such amazing strength. And the feat didn’t seem to tax her in the least. She glanced over her shoulder, and blew us a kiss, then curled the front end of the SUV up to her bountiful chest. She did a couple of reps, making it look easy. At the top of her last rep, she adjusted her grip on the bumper, and then pressed the front end of the car high over her head. Her muscles were barely bulging, speaking to the ease with which she was performing the feat.

She started walking her hands along the bottom of the car, until she got near the middle. Then she reached out one of her hands toward the rear of the car, and brought the back end of the car up, level with the front. She turned to face us, a huge smile on her face, and a 3000-pound vehicle held high up over her head. My cock nearly burst from my shorts!

Jamie giggled in my ear. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that. But watch, she’s just getting started.”

Alyssa did a couple of overhead presses with the vehicle, smiling the whole time. Then she turned towards a large boulder, several times the size of the SUV she was holding. She ran toward the boulder, SUV still held overhead. Once she got a few yards away, she hurled the car toward the gigantic rock.

The car slammed into the rock with incredible force, shattering windows, and crumpling the front end of the vehicle like a tin can. I could only stare in stunned silence at the incredible carnage.

But Alyssa wasn’t done. She walked to the crumpled hood, and reached her arms out as far as they would go, gripping either side of the hood. The muscles in her back, shoulders and arms flared as she squeezed with all of her might. The car stood no chance. The whole front of the SUV started to compress under the unyielding might of her tremendous body. Soon she had squeezed the hood to half of its regular size.

Maintaining her grip around the hood, Alyssa lifted. The back end of the car came easily up off of the ground. She took a second to make sure she had a good grip, and then swung the back end of the SUV into the huge boulder. Again, glass shattered, and metal shrieked as the rear of the car was crushed against the huge rock.

Still holding the crumpled remains of the car off the ground, she swung the car around once more, this time resting the rear of the vehicle against the rock. She then released her crushing hug, and established a new grip on the front of the car. With the slightest of grunts, Alyssa leaned into the car. It was like watching a car get crushed by a hydraulic press. The Escape had no chance to resist the unstoppable might of the powerful woman. Slowly but surely, the once-huge vehicle was crushed up against the side of the boulder, compressing the former car into a squarish heap of mangled metal.

Once the destruction was done, Alyssa hefted the huge hunk of metal up onto her shoulder and sauntered back over to us, a satisfied look on her face. She dropped the remains of the car at my feet, the ground shaking under the weight of the vehicle. “What do you think about that?” Alyssa asked in a husky voice.

“Holy shit!” My mind was too overwhelmed to form any other rational thought. Both girls giggled.

Jamie hopped off my lap. “Okay, my turn.” She skipped off toward the Hummer.

Alyssa plucked me up off the chair, sat down herself, and then set me on her lap. Her entire body was like sitting on a stone, except her soft, pillowy breasts. She unzipped my fly and whipped out my cock, which she began to slowly stroke. “That an H2. Weighs almost twice as much as the Escape.”

My eyes bugged out. 6000 pounds! Three times what she lifted yesterday! I looked at Alyssa with an incredulous look. “No way!”

Alyssa smiled at me. “Pay attention, you’re not gonna wanna miss this.”

Jamie skipped over to the side of the Hummer, the huge truck simply dwarfing the petite powerhouse. Like Alyssa did before her, she crouched down gripping the undercarriage. And like Alyssa did, she lifted the whole side up off the ground with frightening ease.

But Jamie didn’t stop to do curls. She kept lifting the truck higher and higher, until her arms were stretched all the way over her head. The Hummer was nearly to the point of tipping over. Jamie went up on her tiptoes, which gave her the final thrust she needed to tip the titanic truck over onto its side.

I thought that was it – hell that was amazing enough – but Jamie was far from done. She looked over the bottom of the Hummer for a few seconds, and then placed her hand over her chosen spot of the undercarriage. She then pressed her hand into the metal of the car chassis. Solid steel deformed around her fingers as she thrust her hand into the car like it was made of butter. She squeezed a large clump of metal, creating a handhold then moved her hand back and forth, sliding the Hummer across the ground, making sure she had a good grip. Then she repeated the action with her other hand.

Once she had a firm grip established, she started her lift. Using nothing but the unstoppable power of her arms, she levered the entire 6000 pounds of Hummer straight up off the ground. Her mighty limbs barely seemed to strain as she lifted the gigantic vehicle all the way up over her head. I probably would have cheered, but Alyssa’s hand on my cock had brought me to such a state of arousal I could hardly think of anything else.

I thought she was done, but she kept holding the Hummer overhead, a big smile on her face. Suddenly, I heard a faint sound of metal being rended. The sound got louder and louder. I was staring at the Hummer, wondering what was going on. Wait a second, was it starting to bow in the middle!

With a sudden crash, the windows on the truck shattered, spraying shards of glass all around Jamie. Now the bend was evident. She was bending the Hummer in half! While holding the 6000-pound vehicle overhead!

The body of the Hummer continued to buckle and deform, as it was unable to withstand the impossible force of Jamie’s amazing arms. As the front and back ends of the truck got closer to each other, Jamie shifted her grip, thrusting her hand through the front and rear bumpers, and continued to pull until the entire damn thing was folded in half above her. It was simply the most amazing, erotic display of power I’d ever seen! Made even more amazing by the fact that Alyssa had brought me to the peak of my orgasm right when Jamie was done her bending. These two women made a deadly combination.

Jamie carried the folded car right up to me, dropping it on the ground next to the mangled Escape, again causing the ground to shake slightly. “I don’t believe it. You’re incredible.”

Jamie smiled, pulling me up off of Alyssa’s lap. “I know. Now it’s Lys’s turn to show you how incredible she is.”

Not to be outdone, Alyssa made her way to the twin pickup trucks. Jamie put me back in the chair, and plopped back down on my lap. “Those are two GMC Sierras. They each weigh about 5000 pounds.”

The two pickups were sitting side by side, only a few feet apart. Alyssa moved to stand between them facing us. She reached her right hand to the truck on her right, and seized the back of the cab near the base of the window. Her hand easily squeezed the metal of the frame to form a convenient handhold. She repeated the maneuver with the other truck.

Once she had a firm grip on the two pickups, she took several deep breaths. She crouched down slightly, and then with a little grunt, she heaved up. For just a second, nothing happened. Then, both cars started to rise up off their suspensions simultaneously. Her arms trembling with the strain, but Alyssa continued to lift, until finally, all four tires from both cars had been lifted off the ground. She continued to lift the trucks higher, and higher until she had her arms straight out to her sides, each supporting the weight of a 5000-pound pickup at the ends of her arms!

I watched in stunned awe as Alyssa held the pose for several moments. Her arms trembled with the effort. Suddenly, with a loud scream, she thrust the two pickups high above her head, sending them crashing together with such force, that the rooves of the two cabs crumpled in a spray of broken glass. The shards of broken glass fell freely down on top of Alyssa, but not a single one penetrated her skin. She was as indestructible as she was powerful.

She held the two trucks overhead for a second, before peeling them apart, and crashing them back together. Again and again she slammed the Sierras together like she was playing the two largest cymbals in the world. She smashed them together with such force, that soon, neither was recognizable as a truck at all. With a grunt, she flung the two beaten up pickups out to her sides, away from her body. They both sailed a dozen yards before crashing to the ground.

“Oh my god!” I just couldn’t even conceive of such strength.

“Incredible, isn’t she.” Jamie had taken to fondling her own breast as she watched the display, clearly turned-on by Alyssa’s amazing power. As soon as Alyssa discarded the trucks, Jamie leapt from my lap and launched herself into Alyssa’s arms. The two attacked each other like wild animals. Clawing at each other’s powerful bodies with grips strong enough to crush steel. For the first time, I was truly grateful that Jamie had someone like Alyssa. There was no way I could survive the furious onslaught I was witnessing.

The two women fell to the ground, ripping off each other’s shorts. Panties were shredded with no regard. Jamie dove her head down into Alyssa fiery red bush, while Alyssa grabbed two handfuls of Jamie’s hair so tightly I was stunned she didn’t pull any out. Alyssa rocked back and forth, moaning in sweet ecstasy as Jamie serviced her lover with the same skill she used to take care of me. I moved closer to get a better view, hoping for pointers, and more than a little turned-on by the two superwomen going at it.

It wasn’t long at all before Jamie had brought Alyssa to the height of arousal. The huge woman’s muscle-packed thighs tensed and bulged around Jamie’s head with enough power to pop a beer keg. Jamie took it without any apparent discomfort.

Once she came down from her orgasm, the big woman attacked Jamie with a primal ferocity. She grabbed her huge tits, squeezing them hard with her powerful hands, to Jamie’s delighted moans. Then it was Alyssa’s turn to dive into Jamie’s muff. She worked Jamie’s crotch with her mouth for a while, before bringing her mouth up to attack Jamie’s breasts while she finished her with her hand. Jamie writhed in the same orgasmic throws as Alyssa just did. I was getting hard myself just watching.

Jamie took care of that. As soon as she saw my hard on, she walked over to me, slipped a hand under my butt and lifted me right up into the air until my cock was level with her mouth. She proceeded to suck my cock with a ferocious passion, still careful to be sure not to do me harm, only pleasure.

Finally, when we were all satisfied, we plopped down to the ground, entwined in each other’s bodies. My mind was still working to process the incredible sight I just witnessed.

“I can’t believe how strong you two are; I mean, it’s mind blowing. In my wildest dream of being with a strong woman, I never thought I would meet one woman a fraction of your power, let alone two.”

“I’m glad you like it. Alyssa and I spent a lot of time developing our bodies to be this strong. It would be pretty disappointing if we didn’t blow your mind.”

“Just out of curiosity, I guess for a reference, are there any guys that can lift even the smallest of those cars over his head?”

Jamie and Alyssa both smiled. Jamie answered the question while Alyssa got to her feet and walked over to the crumpled cars. “Actually, I guess the easiest way to lift the heaviest weight possible overhead is the clean and jerk, where you yank the weight to your chest, and then drop under it so your legs can help you with the lift. The world record, for that lift is 580 pounds, less than a quarter of what the Ford Escape weighed.”

While Jamie lectured, Alyssa was grabbing the crushed cars and placing them on a large metal platform a couple yards from where we sat.

“Let me put it this way. Every year, they have a World’s Strongest Man Competition, where they invite the 30 strongest men in the world to compete in various strength challenges. If all 30 contestants were able to clean and jerk the world record weight, which they can’t, not even close, then they’d be able to lift a little more than 17,000 pounds combined.” She nodded over to the stack of cars Alyssa was making. “Now Alyssa is stacking the remains of the two Sierras, the Escape, and the Hummer on that metal platform. The four cars alone are 19,000 pounds, with the metal platform; it probably tops 21,000 pounds, or well more than the combined weight of the 30 strongest men in the world. Lys, why don’t you show him what you got.”

Alyssa crouched down under the platform. My heart practically stopped as I realized what she was going to do.

She had the platform resting on her shoulders, with her upturned palms on either side for support. She took a second to establish a proper grip, and then she rose up to her feet. I watched in sheer disbelief as the entire 21,000 pounds of car and platform were raised up off the ground by the strength of this one woman.

She took a moment to steady herself. And then with a little grunt, and using nothing but her arms, she pressed the platform, and it’s load, high into the air over her head.

“Alyssa pressed that over her head without the help of her legs, a much more difficult maneuver. But as you can see, she’s handling it pretty well.”

Alyssa lowered the ginormous weight down to her head, and then, with the barest of grunts, pressed it back up. She did another rep, and another, and another.

“As you can see,” Jamie said as Alyssa continued her reps, “Alyssa is stronger than the 30 strongest men in the world combined.” Alyssa was having only the slightest trouble performing the lift, but despite her effort, she continued to do rep after rep, after rep. “Or should I say much, much, much stronger.”

I watched in sheer amazement at the female behemoth perform the most earth-shattering display of strength the world had ever seen. Fifty-six times she pressed the platform and it’s load over her head, until she could finally do no more. She let the load crash to the ground behind her as she shook out her weary arms.

I glanced over at Jamie with a hopeful look on my face. “Can, uh… can you do that too?”

Jamie smiled at me and patted me on the head. She got up wordlessly and walked over to the Honda Civic. I had forgotten that it was even there. At first glance, it seemed weird to me that they would save the smallest car for last, but Jamie walked right by it, running her finger along the hood. I wondered for a second what she was up to. Then I noticed where she was going.

She walked right up to the huge boulder that Alyssa used to destroy the first car. The thing was huge, several times larger than the Escape that Alyssa crushed against it. She disappeared behind the gigantic rock. My mind raced through the possibilities of what she could possibly be keeping back there.

Then the boulder started to move.

At first, it was just shaking a little bit, and thought it was from something big moving behind it, then I realized the boulder itself was moving. I watched in absolute awe as this ginormous stone started to rise up from the ground. I had no idea how much the thing weighed, but it was bigger than the trucks they were lifting, not to mention solid rock; I was sure it was many times heavier.

That didn’t stop the rock from rising higher and higher up in the air until Jamie appeared beneath it, holding it across her back like a female atlas. She was standing in a little hole, which was attached to a trench that looked like it was dug out so that Jamie could get under the mountainous rock. She took a moment to set her feet, and then, with a loud primal scream, she thrust the huge boulder up over her head, using little more than the strength of her arms. My jaw dropped at the Herculean feat. Hell, I doubt Hercules himself would have been able to manage what Jamie was managing. She wasn’t managing it without difficulty. For the first time this week, I noticed Jamie’s arms tremble with the strain of her feat.

She slowly turned around, and then walked out of the trench, still held the boulder overhead. She walked toward Alyssa and me. With every step, her foot sunk into the ground under the tremendous weight she was supporting. She finally stopped before me, her face was sweating; her entire body was trembling with effort.

Up close the boulder looked even bigger! Jamie looked so small in comparison, like a big meatball stuck on top of a little toothpick. Jamie was no toothpick though. Every limb of her body was bulging to its fullest, every muscle stood out in sharp relief as she poured all of her effort into the superhuman feat. Her thick chest heaved up and down hypnotically as she sucked in huge amounts of air. She looked magnificent.

She stood there for what seemed like forever; sweat drenching her entire body. I was so entranced by the sight; I hardly noticed that Alyssa had pushed the Civic right up next to her. Even the super powerful Alyssa was quick to get out of the way of the gigantic stone. She moved over next to me, and lifted me out of the chair, moving us both a little further back from Jamie and her impossibly heavy load.

“How…ha…how mu…how…” I was so overcome; I couldn’t even get the question out.

Alyssa leaned over until her lips were next to my ear. “It takes 80,000 pounds of pressure to crush a car,” she said, faking a horrible British accent.

Suddenly, with a loud grunt, and a tremendous heave, Jamie pushed the gigantic boulder away from her, and then quickly dove out of the way. The results were immediate and staggering. The rock slammed down to the ground in seconds, the Civic offering no more resistance to the gargantuan weight than a bag of tissues would. The car was smashed flat under the tremendous weight of the boulder.

Jamie walked back to us, gasping from her Herculean effort. “I’m guessing that boulder weighed a bit more than 80,000 pounds. It was pretty close to my max. I could probably only do a couple reps with it.”

Only a couple of reps! I remembered just yesterday when I was worried she’d have trouble lifting 850 pounds. Now she lifted close to 100 times as much. Her power was simply mind-boggling.

The balance of the day was filled with debauchery. We left the clearing, Jamie assuring me that a company was coming to clean up our mess, and made our way back to the villa. There we enjoyed endless food, absolute nudity, free flowing alcohol, and lots and lots and lots of sex. Jamie was insatiable, Alyssa too. They both took turns getting me off and performing acts of mind-blowing sex. Whenever I got too exhausted to go on, they turned their attentions on each other, making sure I had a clear view of their erotic make out sessions. By the end of the evening, I had picked up a thing or two, much to the delight of Jamie.

I never wanted the day to end. It had to be, without a doubt, the most spectacular day of my life. But eventually, my exhausted body succumbed to sleep. I was met with the most amazing dreams ever, extending my day into a perpetual state of bliss.

Chapter 7 - Saturday

The last few days had given me the best sleep I’d ever had. I guess when you have a girlfriend – or perhaps girlfriends (I was still unsure of what my relationship with Alyssa was) – who fucks you to exhaustion, you sleep all the better.

Today was the first day I woke up before Jamie, though that wasn’t too hard to believe. She and Alyssa were still going at it as I slipped out of consciousness. I guess I wasn’t the only one who got fucked to exhaustion.

I was lying in the middle of the bed, Jamie on one side, Alyssa on the other. Both were completely naked. I was surrounded by more tit flesh than Hugh Hefner on his best day. Just looking at the bodies of these two women, each amazing in it’s own way, was enough to get me going.

Almost as though she sensed it, Jamie’s eyes fluttered open. She gazed at me, with that dreamy look I’ve come to love, for several seconds before looking down at my erection. Without saying a word, she slid down my body and buried my cock into her delectable cleavage. As she was titty-fucking me, Alyssa rolled over with a smile and placed a nipple in my mouth. I grabbed her other tit, which she flexed as I groped. It didn’t take long at all before the two ladies had me bursting at the seams.

“Wow,” I plopped back down on my back, enjoying the moment, “I could really get used to this.”

“Good,” said Jamie as she wiped my semen from her cleavage. “’Cause this is just the beginning of what I think is going to be a long, wonderful relationship.”

We scavenged for breakfast, trying to clean out the fridge out of whatever was left. It wasn’t hard; Alyssa ate enough for three people. I guess it takes a lot of energy to keep that big body moving. Jamie insisted on packing all by herself, a cleaning crew would come and see to the mess after we were gone. When I tried to help, the little powerhouse lifted me right off my feet, and carried me out the back door.

“What happened to sharing and equality?” I asked, though my heart really wasn’t in it. I hated the last day of vacation and all I wanted to do was enjoy myself.

Jamie put her hands on her hips and fixed me with the sternest stare she’d ever given me. “There will be time enough for equality later. This is your last day and I want you to relax. You know, sometimes you will have to let me spoil you.”

I wasn’t about to argue. Who didn’t want to be spoiled from time to time?

“Besides, this will give you a little time to spend with Alyssa. I really want you two to get along.”

And so it was that I wound up chilling at the pool with Alyssa. We had a very nice, long conversation. She told me about her childhood, and I filled her in on mine. I didn’t have as much to tell, my childhood was Jamie’s childhood, and she had already told Alyssa plenty of stories, but there were others.

Alyssa was a hot, but cool. She had been into strength building her whole life; you could say that she was born into it. Her father was a massive man, and was a local champion in the caber toss of all things. She grew up idolizing her father, and wanted to be strong like him since she was old enough to pick up a stick.

She was a naturally big girl, and she certainly was strong, but only strong for a girl. It grated on her that, as much as she worked out and trained, that there were still guys out there that were stronger than she was. She thought it was terribly unfair. She was one of the strongest women in the world. She dedicated her life to the study of strength training and nutrition. Yet for all her efforts and studies, for all her hours in the gym, she still was little more than half as strong as the strongest men in the world.

Until she encountered Jamie. Apparently the two of them met a couple years ago when Jamie was still trying to gain strength the conventional way. Alyssa had made quite the name for herself as a strongwoman, and Jamie was anxious to tap into whatever tips and techniques she could learn.

Alyssa was amazed at the strength of the small woman and the two became close friends. Then Jamie developed her genetic therapy. Suddenly, all of Alyssa dreams and fantasies came true. She realized strength greater than she had ever hoped for, more than dozens of the world’s strongest men combined.

Her first impulse was to show the world that women were no longer the weaker sex, something that she had worked so hard towards for the longest time, but Jamie talked her out of it. She knew that the world was not ready to accept people with immense strength. They’d be seen as freaks. They’d be feared, ostracized, and most likely rejected by society as a whole. It made her feel alone, and a little bit depressed.

But she had Jamie. In Jamie, she had somebody with whom she could share all the wonderful parts of her life. More than that, she had someone who could relate to her in a way no one else on earth could. Love seemed to come easily, for both women.

It was jarring to hear her talk about how she fell in love with Jamie. It was an idea that was going to take a lot of getting used to.

I also learned that Alyssa was ornery, and a big show-off. She loved being strong; she dreamed about it all of her life, and she loved nothing more than using her incredible strength.

For example, we were both lounging on lounge chairs around the pool as we talked. As soon as we sat down, she reached under my chair and lifted me into the air. Hardly an impressive feat of strength from a woman who could lift multiple cars at a time, but she started pressing me up and down as we talked, the whole time we talked, and we talked for hours. Yet she never slowed, never tired; hell her voice was perfectly conversational the whole time. Well, not perfectly conversational.

At first, it barely registered that she was lifting me; I mean, after all I’d seen over the past few days, a little guy-lifting hardly warranted a second look. But after she’d been going for about half an hour, I started to take note of her remarkable feat. As time continued to tick away, I became more and more distracted by her display of strength.

Alyssa was eating up my reaction, and she was a huge flirt. She started to tease me, taking immense pleasure in my growing amazement. She seemed to delight in the way I began to squirm in my seat. Finally, she set down my chair, and not because she was tired. She looked at my rigid cock with amusement, and a bit of what looked like pride. She seemed to take my erection as an invitation to mount me.

I squirmed at the touch. Rocking a three way with my girlfriend’s lesbian lover was one thing, but making out with her one on one was something different entirely. This couldn’t be right! And then, suddenly, Jamie was there. For a second I was sure she was going to freak out, but she didn’t. Instead, she joined in!

Yeah, a lot of getting used to.

Lunch was more snacking on whatever scraps were left in the house, and then, just like that, it was time to pile into the car and head out to the airport. My strange, wonderful vacation was over. I found myself feeling a little nostalgic as we sped through the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

“You look sad,” Jamie said, the barest hint of concern on her voice.

“I guess I am. It’s just, this week turned out to be so amazing. I mean, all of the sudden, I have this incredible girlfriend that I’m madly in love with, and her sex crazed lesbian lover who are both so eager to please, and now we’re going back to the mainland. Soon you’ll be going back to Stanford, and God only knows what state I’ll find a job in. It’s weird, but suddenly I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”

Jamie smiled and gave me a comforting pat on my leg. “Well you won’t have to yet. I booked all three of us on a return flight to Providence.”

“But, I live in Philadelphia. I have to get back and start looking for a job, so that I can pay my rent and all my other bills.”

“Not right this second. Wouldn’t it be nice to go home for a bit and see your folks?” She cocked her eyebrow at me. “Besides, you don’t think after all the trouble I went to getting you to fall for me, that I’d just drop you off at the airport and we’d go our separate ways, did you?”

“Well, I hadn’t really thought about it to tell you the truth. I guess I just assumed that you’d be going back to college. I’d certainly love to get a job near your school, but I have no job experience. Despite my MBA, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get a job near Stanford, let alone anywhere in California.”

“You don’t need to worry about that, I’m done with college.”

That startled me, and actually irritated me a bit too. In a second, I slipped right back into big brother mode. “Oh, no you don’t. Look, while it was certainly nice to be waited on hand and foot all week, there is simply no way I’m letting you drop out of college so you can sit at home and do my chores. You’re unbelievably smart, seemingly good at everything, and have more drive than anyone I ever known. I’m not going to let you squander all your talents and abilities to be my stay at home wife.”

She shot me a devious smile. “And just what makes you think you can stop me from doing whatever I want?” Well, I suppose that was a good point. “Besides,” she continued. “I never said I was ‘dropping out’ of college, I said I was ‘done with college’.”

“I heard what you said, I’m just saying that… wait, what?” I was a bit confused.

She inched the hand on my knee a little further up my thigh. “I said I finished school. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Genetics.”

I did a double take. “Wait, what? You’ve only been in college for two years! You already graduated!”

Her coy smile broadened as her hand brushed up against my cock. “Yep, with a 4.3GPA. They wanted me to be valedictorian, but I decided to let someone have it who’d been there longer.”

“You graduated in two years, with a perfect GPA… from Stanford?!” God was there no end to the ways this woman was amazing?

“I sure did.” Her hand was stroking my cock. She knew how much I got off on hearing how superior she was. “I guess I could go to grad school, but I’m already so much smarter than any teacher I’ve ever met, I feel it would be a waste of time. So I’m all set to go wherever you want to go.”

It would have been impossible to believe from anyone else, but from a girl who could juggle full sized cars like they were scarves, I suppose anything was possible.

Besides, I was having a hard time concentrating at that moment. Her hand on my crotch felt so damned good! She finished me off well before we got to the airport.

We had three first-class tickets to Providence. Our stewardess noticed Alyssa’s arms immediately, it was hard not to with the tight fitting shirt she was wearing. She kept coming back to see if we needed anything, and to stare at Alyssa’s muscles. Finally, Alyssa asked her, in a very sexy voice, if she liked what she saw. The flight attendant nodded vigorously and asked if she could see Alyssa flex her muscle. Lys was only happy to oblige. She flexed her bicep so hard, it ripped right through her sleeve with such force the ripping sound was audible all through first class, drawing more than a few stares. Alyssa happily gave the passengers a quick gun show, earning mutterings of disgust, disbelief, and sheer awe.

After a long flight, our plane touched down in Providence. Jamie and Alyssa got up to stretch, gathering plenty of interest from the other passengers as they thrust out their bountiful bosoms.

A female chauffeur, holding up a sign with my name on it, met us at the baggage claim. She was hard to miss. Not only was she the only one wearing a professional chauffeur uniform, but she was easily head-and-shoulders taller than anyone else in the crowd. She looked vaguely familiar.

“Wait a minute,” I said as I searched through my mind to where I would have met such a woman. “That chauffer was the same one who picked me up in Philly!”

“Yes, I know. Mariana works for me.” She said that so nonchalantly that I almost didn’t understand what she said.

“Wait, you have your own chauffeur?” Would I ever not feel incredulous towards her?

Jamie giggled. She loved surprising me. “Sweetie, I have a few more surprises in store for you.”

Mariana collected our bags from the carousel and lifted them all easily. I remember how impressed I was the way she handled my one bag on the way to the airport. She handled four large suitcases with the same ease she had handled my one. I couldn’t help but to wonder if this was another one of Jamie’s Amazons.

Mariana led us through the terminal to her stretch limousine that was parked right outside. She loaded up the luggage while the rest of us piled in the passenger area of the limo. I leaned back, resting my head on Alyssa’s huge breasts while cradling Jamie gently in my arms. Alyssa ran her hands over Jamie’s legs. Cuddling turned to kissing, kissing became fondling, which finally turned into a full on make out session. I was smothered with naked breasts on all sides as my dick was stroked, sucked, and thrust into cleavage and pussies.

It wasn’t until after we were done and starting to get dressed that I noticed that we weren’t heading toward the town Jamie and I grew up in. “Where are we going?”

Jamie gave me a devious smile. “Home.”

I looked around. It was a sparsely-developed, rural area with rolling hills covered with a thick blanket of oaks and maples. Craggy rocks jutted out from the ground cover at regular intervals. There weren’t many houses around; all the ones I saw were massive. “Did your mom move out here somewhere?”

She giggled. “No, we’re not going to my mom’s home, we’re going to our home.”

I didn’t have long to ponder that thought. We pulled into a driveway with a huge wrought-iron gate, anchored on each side by thick stone walls. The gates slowly swung open, timed perfectly so that the limo didn’t even have to slow down before passing through the entrance. A dense wall of red maple, white oak and sweet birch concealed what lay beyond. The driveway wound through the trees for about 100 yards before the forest suddenly gave way, revealing a large glen.

Lush, perfectly manicured grass carpeted the large open space, dotted with well-placed trees and beautiful gardens. A wide, meandering river made up the far boundary of the property creating a beautiful, peaceful scene. But it was what I saw between us and the river that truly took my breath away.

A gigantic, three-story mansion dominated the scene. The huge, white stone building wrapped around a large fountain surrounded by colorful flowers. Tall white columns framed a porch leading up to a door Mariana would be able to walk through with Jamie standing on her shoulders. The building was huge! A pair of similarly designed, yet much smaller buildings, sat at the edge of the clearing both up and down the river but my eyes returned to the main building. I stared at the huge structure with awe. “This is your house!”

Jamie and Alyssa were giggling in delight. “No, it’s our house.”

“But… but how….”

“Do you remember when I told you I won a contest, and I was using the money from it to finance our vacation?”

“Uh huh.” I was barely listening to her. I was staring at the mansion, which kept getting bigger and bigger as the limo got closer and closer.

“Well, the contest I won was Powerball.”

It took my brain a second to process what she just said. When it did, I whipped my head around with renewed shock. “How much?”

Jamie ran her fingers gently along my leg. She made no attempt to hide her delighted smile. “Well, I took the cash buyout. Between Uncle Sam and charitable donations, I was left with right around $120 million.”

I didn’t think my mouth could get any wider. “You’re worth $120 million!”

Jamie laughed and gave my leg a playful slap. “No! Gosh, don’t you ever listen to me?”

My mind raced back to the beginning of the week, trying to remember what she told me about her prize money… Holy shit! “Wait. You said you made a huge profit from investing it. Like 100%!”

The limo stopped. Mariana got out and was moving back to open our door. “I said 100% the first year. Last year I earned 250% in profit and dividends.” My mind was so overcome with disbelief I couldn’t even begin to do the math. Jamie did it for me. “That comes out to a little over $800 million,” she whispered softly into my ear.

A good investor can move up the corporate ladder and find himself pulling in a high six-figure salary, which was one of the things that drew me to the profession in the first place. But never in a million years did I ever dream of being worth even 1% of what Jamie was worth right now.

“I’m still being pretty aggressive with my investments. By the end of the summer, it should be grown to an even billion.” She delivered that with complete confidence, like it was a forgone conclusion. “After that, I’m going to move everything into a safer, more modest portfolio. Maybe I’ll go back to earning 50%.” I shook my head in disbelief. A 50% yield was an entirely unrealistic expectation for a return on even the most aggressive investments in all but the most profitable of markets, yet Jamie acted like it was money in the bank. Unbelievable.

I was ushered out of the car and led up to the front door, which opened as we approached. A professionally-dressed, striking-looking, woman strode through the open doors to meet us. She was shorter than me, but still tall for a woman. She had a hard, angular face with eyes that were constantly moving, framed by brown hair that was pulled up into a tight, neat bun. With the formal attire she wore, she almost had the look of a beautiful librarian, at least until you saw her body.

She was powerfully–built, her outfit selected to give the appearance of professionalism while displaying more than a hint of her muscular physique. She wore a black skirt that fit tightly around her waist and stretched wide over her thick thighs. The skirt stopped at her knees, leaving her lower legs bare. Twin, powerful calves bulged out from either side of her leg, permanently flexed in her high-heeled shoes that brought her height almost up to Alyssa’s level.

A cream-colored blouse was loose around her tiny waist yet tight around her generous chest. A couple of the top buttons were left undone, showed plenty of cleavage and the solid pectoral wall beneath. The blouse was also sleeveless, showing off the entirety of her powerfully built, muscular arms. She was clearly a bodybuilder; though nowhere near the size of Alyssa, she would still make the women’s heavy weight class should she ever compete.

She walked right up to us, clicked her heels together and straightened her back, coming almost to attention. “Hello.” The word was crisp and short. No wasted sound or movement. “Welcome to Themyscira.”

I couldn’t help but to give Jamie a wry look. I was a big enough dork to recognize the name of the fictional home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. “Cute.”

She gave me the most innocent look. “I am adorable, aren’t I?”

The sudden loud sound of groaning metal caused me to whip my head back around toward the limo. Two women, who could be bikini models, were gathering the various bags, but I hardly paid them any mind. Mariana had grabbed the front end of the limo, and had lifted it up into the air. As I watched in wonder, the tall woman continued to lift the front end of the car higher and higher until it was soon held high over her head. She walked her hands under the car until she got near the middle, and then reached one of her long arms toward the back of the vehicle. Soon the back of the limo rose to the height of the front, and Mariana stood before us, supporting the entire weight of the limo over her head.

She wasn’t holding it with the same effortless ease that Jamie and Alyssa displayed yesterday. Her lean, sinewy muscles flexed tightly. Her back and chest bulged against her jacket, straining the garment at its seams. Her face was slightly red, large veins stuck out of her neck, and I could tell she was controlling her breathing. But for all that, she didn’t seem in any danger of dropping the vehicle.

“With your leave, Ma’am,” she said with a voice that betrayed a little strain.

Jamie gave her a slight nod, and Mariana turned and began taking deliberate, yet confident steps toward the right side of the building. Themyscira indeed.

I watched Mariana until she disappeared behind the house, and then turned my attention back to woman who met us. The two girls who came to grab our bags were already out of sight.

Our host waited patiently until she had our attention before addressing Jamie. “Ma’am, I see your trip was a success.” I half expected to see her salute, and so I was a little surprised to see her lean over and give Jamie a hug. It was a friendly embrace, not the passionate kind Jamie shared with Alyssa.

When she turned to Alyssa, she straightened her back once more and offered a low, formal bow. “Miss Moroney.”

Alyssa inclined her head slightly in return. Looking approvingly at the smaller woman.

“And you must be Mr. Fisher.” She thrust out her hand and grasped mine with a powerful grip. “My name is Tanya; I am the Steward here at Themyscira.”

“Tanya manages the estate and household staff.” Jamie said. “You’ll have to pardon her rigid demeanor. She’d served as an enlisted in the army for eight years before I found her.”

“Ah, I bet you were one hell of a combatant.” I said, as my eyes wandered across the rippling muscles of her arms.

“I worked with a support division, usually as assistant to a quartermaster.” Her face darkened. “The army has a very… particular way with which they regard women.” She didn’t look angry at not being allowed to fight. She looked almost… haunted. There was a story there, I was sure.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Tanya. But please, call me Paul. My dad doesn’t even like to be called Mr. Fisher.”

Tanya nodded her head formally. “As you wish.” A small key fob appeared in her hand, seemingly out of thin air. “First and foremost, I’d like to give you this.”

I looked down at the small, black, oval item. It had a single red button in the middle and a key chain hanging out of one end. “What is it?”

“That is your call button. If you ever need anything at all, no matter how big or small, you may press that button at any time. As long as you are on the property, someone will arrive quickly to assist you. If you are off the property, you will get a phone call on your cell phone within moments. We’ll help you on the phone if we can, or send someone if needs be.”

I looked down at the thing with wonder. “You’re kidding.”

“No sir; the entire staff and I are here to see to your every need, at anytime of the day or night. If you need anything, anything at all, all you need to do is ask.”

I looked at Jamie incredulously. “It’s going to suck when I finally wake up.” Jamie giggled next to me.

“Now, if you’ll please follow me, I’ll introduce you to the staff.”

She led us through the door into a giant foyer the size of my whole condo back in Philadelphia. Three women stood lined up against the left wall, all three beautiful and busty.

“You’ve already met Mariana. She’s the chauffeur and mechanic. She’s also in charge of security here. Rosalia is our head chef, but she is currently preparing your dinner and you can meet her when you eat. The rest of the household staff is here.”

Tanya led us to the first woman in line who was dressed quite evidently as a maid; hell, she even had a feather duster in her hand. The outfit was professional yet sexy enough on the incredible body of the maid. It had a plunging neckline that showed off plenty of cleavage and left most of her arms and legs bare. All four limbs were well muscled, if not huge. She had long brown hair that was pinned up on her head in a tangled mess, but it was her eyes that drew my attention. She caught my gaze and gave me this look. It was only fleeting, but I felt my heart skip a beat. It was only a look, but suddenly I felt myself begin to sweat, and my pants tighten around my growing cock. Jesus, where did she learn to give looks like that?

“This is Colette. She’s in charge of the housekeeping. You needn’t worry about picking up after yourself, or tidying up anything. Colette and her staff run a tight ship.”

The housekeeper curtsied at me, giving me a great view down the front of her shirt. Jamie must have had some kind of minimum bust requirement for her staff, cause damn. “Bonjour Monsieur. Eet eeze appy to see you.” She spoke in a thick French accent.

My head whipped around to Jamie. “Seriously? You have a French maid?!” Jamie could only laugh.

“Pardon, monsieur. I upset you?” She sounded honestly distressed that she might have displeased me.

“No, no, no; you did nothing wrong,” I quickly assured her. “I just thought this was Amazon Island, not Fantasy Island.” I took another quick look at her powerful looking arms. “Though I suppose there’s no reason it can’t be both.”

Colette shot me another one of those looks. A chill ran up my spine so violently my whole body shook. She lifted her arm and flexed her bicep. An impressive ball of muscle rose from nicely toned arm. “Oui, Monsieur. I eeze beeg strong.”

Jamie moved up next to me and gave Colette a smoldering look of her own. “You have more to thank Colette for than just keeping the house clean. Colette was working as a courtesan in Puteaux when I found her. She’s been teaching all the girls here the art of seduction.”

Colette looked at Jamie with approval. “Oui, eeze good, Mademoiselle. You learn fast.”

I had a hard time tearing my eyes off of Colette as Tanya moved on to the next woman in line. “This is Kimiko. She is our groundskeeper and Master Gardener.”

Kimiko was of Asian dissent, and was almost as tall as Alyssa. She had the lean, graceful body of a dancer, if more muscled than you’d expect a dancer to be. She looked older than the other women, though no less beautiful. She had the longest legs I had ever seen, shown off almost entirely in her short khakis. A white shirt was tied off, exposing her midriff, which looked solid enough to stop bullets. The shirt was cut higher than the clothes the other women wore, but it was wrapped tightly enough around her breasts it left little doubt that she was just as well endowed as the rest of the women.

“A pleasure to meet you Kimiko. I must say, the gardens I saw when driving in were exquisite.”

She gave me a deep, formal bow. “Thank you, Mr. Fisher.” Surprisingly enough, Kimiko didn’t have an accent at all. “But the beauty was already always there, I just touched it up a little.”

The last woman in line was a tiny woman. She was so small; she made even Jamie look big. She couldn’t have been more than five feet tall, and was the only woman in the house without a hint of muscle on her. She did have the requisite full bosom shared by everyone I’d seen so far; in fact, her sizable chest looked even bigger on such a petite body. Her tits were the only sign of fat anywhere on her slender body though. She might not be buff, but she certainly kept in shape.

“And this is Avery.” Tanya said. “Avery is your personal assistant. She will be primarily responsible for your care, though any of us will be more than happy to assist you at any time.”

“A pleasure to meet you Avery.” I extended my hand and shook her hand gently. “It will be nice not to be the weakest one in the house.”

Everyone laughed at me like I was doing a set at the Comedy Connection.

“As you say Mr… uh, Paul.”

Tanya was the only one in the room not to laugh, but she still wore a smirk on her face. “Avery, would you mind showing Paul to the master suite and getting him settled in?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Avery replied with her own smirk.

Before I could even think to move, hands were pulling me down into a large comfortable chair. In a flash, Avery was next to me. She crouched down, and then the chair was up in the air, balanced on the single hand of my pintsized personal assistant.

“Holy shit!” I really should have been used to it by now, after all the strength feats I’ve seen so far, but to see one performed by this tiny little woman was simply amazing. “Jesus, where am I, Krypton?”

“Hehehe, not at all,” Jamie chuckled below me. “You’re in Themyscira.”

Avery strolled through the hallways of the mansion, supporting 300lbs of man and furniture with ease. She pointed out different rooms and areas of the place in a calm relaxed voice, like she was carrying nothing more than my briefcase.

The place was massive. The ceiling were high enough that even being lifted as high as I was, my head was nowhere near the ceiling. I wasn’t sure it wasn’t designed that way on purpose. The whole place looked brand new, with fresh paint on all the walls and floors free of scuff marks. It was very tastefully decorated with art from some of my favorite artists. The furniture was all sturdily made and looked very comfortable. In fact every room I was shown looked warm and inviting, definitely a place I could see being at home in.

Avery glided up the steps, still holding me aloft. The upstairs was just as massive as the downstairs, with high arching ceilings and plush rugs on the hardwood floors. She opened a door at the south side of the house to reveal a large, comfortable sitting room. Two plush reading chairs sat in front of a large fireplace, while a cozy loveseat faced a large plasma TV. A small, ornate writing desk and a few small end tables completed the furnishings.

Avery carried me through the room to a set of double doors on the far side. Inside that room was the biggest bed I’d ever seen; big enough to fit Jamie, Alyssa and me with plenty of room to spare. Three matching dressers were spread along the walls, and a gigantic mirror hung on one wall. There were four doors leading from the room, besides the double doors that went out to the sitting room; one door each for three walk-in-closets, and the fourth for a bathroom that my condo could have fit in. The porcelain palace was complete with a huge Jacuzzi® tub, a separate shower, four sinks and two toilets. A glass door went out from the bedroom onto a large porch with a wonderful view of the river and the forest beyond.

Avery finally set me down. She didn’t seem tired in the least. I took a quick walking tour of the rooms and was surprised to find that my clothes were already in my closet and dresser. I walked back into the bedroom as Jamie walked in from the hall. “Well, you were fairly confident, weren’t you?” I said, motioning to the closet.

Jamie was all smiles. “I called Tanya Friday morning, after you said you loved me. I thought after everything that we’d been through this week that you would be happier staying with me. I take it you find everything to your liking?”

“I do. The place is amazing. Probably exactly what I’d do myself if I had an extra $50 million lying around.”

“Hehe. Well, I kept your tastes in mind when I had it decorated. What do you think of the staff?” She asked nodding toward Avery, who was standing quietly in the corner.

“What’s not to like? It looks like you got them all out of a swimsuit catalog. And judging by everything I’ve seen so far, it appears they’re all very good at what they do.”

“You’ll find that all the ladies that work here are excellent at what they do… and at other things as well. All of the household staff is female, and you’ll find that all are quite strong; even little Avery could take a dozen of your friends in a tug of war. Alyssa spends time with all of them, training them personally.

“They’ve been trained in other areas as well. Everyone that works here has been instructed to see to your every need, and has been thoroughly trained on how to best please you.”

My head whipped around, my eyes bugging out of my skull. Was she saying what I think she was saying?

Jamie laughed at my reaction. “Obviously when I’m here I’d hope you’d prefer to find your enjoyment in my company, but there will be times when we’re apart for days at a time, and so I’ve instructed the staff that they are to… keep you happy.”

My mind was swimming. This went far beyond any dream I had ever dared to have. “And you’re okay with that?”

“Paul, I’m confident in your commitment to me. But it would hardly be fair for me to spend intimate time with Alyssa and not expect you to get a little on the side, too. You know, variety is the spice of life. Believe me, all the women here are well equipped to handle your needs.” She beckoned Avery forward. “Avery, why don’t you show Paul a little bit of what Colette has taught you?”

I recoiled a little bit. This couldn’t really be happening! “No, that’s okay, I don’t…”

“Nonsense. Avery, show Paul what you can do?”

I tried to back away from the petite assistant, but she backed me right onto the bed, and grabbed my belt before I could crawl away. “Easy, big boy, easy. You just relax, and let Avery take care of everything.”

I tried to fight her off as she removed my shorts, but it was like fighting off a statue. She pulled me forward, and then slipped my cock into her waiting mouth. All resistance was instantly dissipated.

Avery proved herself very adept at giving blowjobs, bringing me quickly to orgasm even though I did my best to keep myself from cumming. There was just no resisting this incredible woman. After swallowing every drop of my semen, she pulled my cock out of her mouth, and slipped it between her large, silky smooth breasts. Her body moved with the most incredible grace as she caressed my cock with her cleavage. Her fingers danced across my body, her every touch seemed to elicit the most incredible of sensations.

I exploded once more into her breasts. Her cleavage was so deep, only the smallest bit of my cum seeped through the top. She scooped it up with a finger and licked it off like it was frosting.

“Oh, god; that was incredible.”

“Yes. Avery has spent more time with Colette than anyone else, except for me. I want to make sure that whoever else may please you, I’ll always be the best.” Jamie wasted no time backing up her claim. She picked right up where Avery left off. Avery was good; Jamie was phenomenal!

“Wow!” I blurted out after I spewed one more time. “I was wrong, this isn’t Krypton; this is heaven.”

The ladies giggled in delight before Jamie dismissed Avery so that we could have some alone time. We relaxed on our spacious bed for a while before Avery peeked back into the room and announced dinner.

Jamie led me into a gigantic dinning room filled up by a huge table that could probably seat 50. But we passed through that room to a much smaller one with a much smaller, more intimate table. The table was all set with nice silver and china, and a bottle of white wine in the middle.

As soon as we sat down a door opened, and a huge woman walked in. I figured from her outfit that this must be Rosalia. She was quite literally the largest woman I’d ever seen. Nearly as tall as Mariana, and as buff as Alyssa, though her body was nowhere near as defined as Alyssa’s. It was quite clear that Rosalia enjoyed the fruits of her labor. She wore a white chef’s coat that had to be specially made. It covered her wide waist and stretched easily over her massive bosom.

I had never seen breasts that big in my life! I could lie down on them like a bed and probably have room to spare. Her arms were bare, showing huge pillar-like limbs that could have been the size of my waist. But the layers of fat and flesh couldn’t completely hide the powerful muscle that bulged beneath. She may not have been as defined as Alyssa, but she was bigger, and by a good margin.

“Ciao, Signorina Jamie, come è stato il tuo viaggio?” she said in rapid fire Italian.

Jamie’s response surprised me. “E ‘stato meraviglioso. Ho trovato proprio quello che cercavo.”

“You speak Italian.” I was hardly surprised. There was seemingly nothing she couldn’t do.

She just smiled at me as Rosalia came over to give me an appraising look. “Quindi questo è l’uomo che sei andato a cercare? Lui è un uomo abbastanza, e grande. Scommetto che sta appeso come un cavallo!”

“What is she saying?” I wondered.

“She thinks you’re cute and hopes you enjoy your dinner.”

“Oh, tell her thank you. Tell her if she cooks half as good as you, I’m sure I’ll love it.”

Jamie turned back to Rosalia. “Oh sì, il suo cazzo è abbastanza grande, e deliziosa.”

Rosalia eyed me up and down. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was undressing me with her eyes. “Beh, è meglio guardare fuori. Sembra così gustoso, potrei cercare di ottenere un po ‘bocconcino.”

“Fortunatamente per me lui non si preoccupa troppo per il grasso di vacca,” Jamie responded with a grin on her face.

“Questo è troppo male. Lui non saprà mai che cosa una donna reale è come.” Rosalia adjusted her breasts. God, I bet I could make a hammock out of her bra.

“Ha tutto la donna che può gestire.” Jamie lips turned up into a grin.

“Qualunque cosa tu dica, signora. Basta dirgli se mai si stanca del tuo piccolo Figa, è benvenuto a tuffarsi in miniera,” Rosalia said as she made her way back into the kitchen.

“Grazie, sporca puttana,” Jamie called after her, still smiling.

“What was all that?” I asked after we were alone.

“She said you have nice eyes.”

Seemed to be a lot of words for nice eyes, but I dropped it. I doubted I wanted to know anyway.

Dinner was amazing. The food was incredible, the wine was fantastic, I was in an incredible mansion full of superwomen who were apparently here to please me, and at the head of it all was Jamie, my best friend, my soulmate. Yet something was nagging at me. We ate in silence; me lost in my thoughts, Jamie giving me the space I needed.

As Rosalia cleared the last of our dishes, it began to dawn on me what was eating away at me. “So this is to be my lot in life. Being waited-on hand and foot by a handful of beautiful amazon women whose sole purpose is to provide me with every pleasure.”

Jamie leaned forward a bit, swirling the wine around in her glass. “Is that such a terrible fate? I think most guys would jump at the chance to be surrounded by a bunch of sex-craving superwomen.”

“Well, yeah, but I think I might run out of semen.” That earned me a polite chuckle. “Seriously though, don’t get me wrong, this is basically every wet dream I’ve ever had all rolled up into one, but eventually there’s got to be more to life than just sex?” Was there?

Jamie regarded me pensively for a long time. For a while, I wasn’t sure she was going to speak. “Follow me.”

I followed Jamie once more through the palatial mansion until we walked into a warmly- lit office. Wood panel walls were broken up throughout by ceiling to floor bookshelves filled with books and various knick-knacks. The floors were wooden as well with Oriental rugs scattered throughout. A heavy wooden desk dominated one side of the room with a large, topographical map of Ancient Greece hanging on the wall above it.

Jamie walked over to the desk and pulled something out of one of the drawers. Then she led me to the other side of the room to a pair of couches and sat me down on one. She held out her hand. It was a bottle of prescription medication. The bottle was dirty and brittle; the label was yellowed from the passage of time.

I took the bottle from her. The words on the label were faded, but I could still make out the name: Virginia Collins, Jamie’s mother. “Fluoxetine?”

“It’s an antidepressant.” Her voice was almost a whisper. “Once upon a time, there was a lost little girl who had nowhere to look for comfort. She was so lonely, with no hope of her situation ever improving. She yearned for life’s final great release. So she took some pills from her mother’s end table, hoping to end her miserable existence; hoping that as life drained from her body, the pain would go as well.”

A chill passed over the room as she wove her tragic tale. I sat there quietly, waiting for her to finish.

“She opened the bottle and looked down into the only salvation she had left. Darkness had gathered around her, pushing down upon her toward the edge of oblivion. Or at the very least, down a path from which there is seldom a return.”

Her eyes were moist with the pain of memory. “But then a light pierced through the darkness. An angel of mercy, sent from the heavens, to show the little girl that there was more to life than loneliness. That there was no situation totally devoid of hope.”

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her. I wanted to comfort her, take away her pain. She welcomed my embrace for a few fleeting moments, but then gently pushed me away, her eyes still moist. “Paul, you literally saved my life. I was so lucky you found me, when you found me. You pulled me back from the brink.

“But there are other people out there who are in the same situation I was in. People who don’t have angels swooping in to take care of them. People that try to bury their sorrow and loneliness under a mountain of drugs and alcohol, or a life of crime; people that just give up all together.

“Look at me, Paul. Look at what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished. I owe it all to you. There are so many other people who need that guiding presence in their life. And I can’t think of anyone more qualified to give it to them than you.”

I slowly shook my head. It broke my heart to hear her talk about her pain. I never really thought that there were so many others out there in the same situation Jamie was once in; it was little surprise she had. It broke my heart to say what I had to say. “Jame, I’m happy I was able to make a difference to you, I really am. But I can’t help everyone, maybe not even one more person. You don’t understand what kind of time commitment it is.

I nearly flunked out of school trying to juggle my studies, a social life and my commitment to you. I don’t think I can do that again, especially because I don’t want to turn my back on you for someone else. You made me love you. Don’t ask me to do this now, ‘cause we’ll never be able to be together. Not the way you want, not the way I want.”

Jamie was shaking her head. “And I’m not asking you to that. No, I went through a lot of trouble getting you, and I’m not letting you get away from me any time soon.” She gave me a long, deep kiss that I readily returned.

“Besides, I’m thinking on a much grander scale. I have at my disposal, a vast pool of resources that can be put to good use, and I know what I want to do with them, I just don’t know how to implement my ideas into a working plan.” She reached out, taking my hands in hers. “What I need, is someone who has the proper training in business management, someone who can help me create a business model and start a company to achieve my goal.”

I was starting to get excited. My mind already making lists of the things we’d need to do. “And what is your goal, exactly?”

“I don’t want anyone to be alone anymore. I want to find young people that have been put in impossible situations that they could never handle on their own and provide them with the support system that they need to be successful.”

“And you want me to…”

“Be in complete control. You come up with a business model. You tell me what you need to implement your plan and I’ll see you have it. You’ll be CEO of the business, I’ll be CFO and in charge of keeping the cash coming, but you’ll have the final say in everything.”

I was blown away, and more than a little intimidated. Here I was, just a week ago, worrying about getting a job as a market analyst, starting at the bottom. I enjoyed the market enough, but I wasn’t passionate about it. The hours were tough, and the competition was fierce. On the other hand, there weren’t a whole lot of people in the helping-other-people-for-nothing business.

“You know, I’m grossly under-qualified for what you’re asking me to do. I mean, I just got my MBA, and my focus wasn’t really on creating business.”

Jamie hugged me. “This isn’t really a business in a lot of ways. You’re not going to be expected to turn a profit, or make any money. You’re job is going to be to help other people help people. And I think you’ll be great at it. Plus, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can bring in whomever you want to help you.

“Besides, we don’t have to start right away. We both did just graduate, and I’m filthy rich. We can spend the summer traveling, or doing whatever you want to do. You really do need to spend some quality time getting to know Alyssa. And there’s all that sex you were talking about before. Then when fall gets here, you can start working on a business strategy, while I take care of growing my fortune.”

In the end, really, what was there to think about? “Okay, you’ve sold me; on one condition.”

“Anything you want.”

“No more of this all about me stuff. It’s not going to be all my decision and it’s certainly not going to be my company. I don’t want to spend the summer going on vacation to just where I want to go, and I absolutely will no longer let you serve me exclusively.

“If this thing is going to work – a company, our relationship, us living together – then there needs to be equity between us. No more me, no more you. Just us.”

Jamie smiled that dreamy smile I had grown to love. She pulled me down and gave me a long, hard, passionate kiss on the mouth. Soon our clothes were gone and we were naked on the office floor. I was sweating like pig, my head gently nestled on Jamie’s two magnificent love pillows. She was stroking my hair gently as I ran my hand across her silky smooth thigh.

“I think I’m gonna really love senior staff time,” I whispered into her ear.

“Mmmmm, I’ve got a staff I’m pretty crazy about myself.” She grabbed my cock in her gentle hand.

We sat there quietly for a long time, just enjoying being together in what I suppose was our house. I thought back to just a week ago, and shook my head at the thought of how far I’d come in just seven days.

“What?” Jamie asked.

“Nothing. It’s just… we’re going to be together… for the rest of our lives.”

“Yeah.” She gave me a kiss. “Does that sound good to you?”

I gave her a kiss back, and let my hand wander further and further up her leg. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The End

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