The Champion Files: Part 3

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That night, Miami

The woman paused to narcissistically take in her reflection in the glass front doors of the museum. She hadn’t expected the power she had stolen to turn her into a beast like this, but now that it had she found that she quite liked it, even despite having to get a new dress. The power of the two Champions had caused her to grow from an athletic but thin 6’6 to over eight feet tall with massive, bodybuilder-shaming muscles. She took a moment to flex before turning towards the exhibit in the main hall, or more specifically its centerpiece. If the museum staff had known what that jar contained, it would be under a ridiculous amount of security even now. Not that that was likely to change much. Either way, that jar was just what she needed.

One week later, San Francisco

As promised, Titania had returned Positive to San Francisco by the end of the day. She also gave her a ring made from some sort of jade-like material that she claimed would allow Positive to “go back the same way” if she decided to take up the offer. Unsurprisingly, the rest of Team Millennium bombarded her with questions upon her return, such as: “What did they talk about?” (Greenhouse); “Did they ask you to join?” (Negative): “Are they scouting for new members?” (Hive) and “Are Miss Raven and Captain Cosmic really dating?” (Scrounger).

For the most part Positive did her level best to deflect the questions, but for the week since then, the events of that day had weighed on her.

One evening, a week after the incident, Negative knocked on the door of her bedroom.

“Come in.”

He did so.

“What is it?”

“We’re all worried about you. What did the Paragons talk to you about?”

Positive stammered for what felt like a full minute again, this time leading to “They… they probably wouldn’t want me to say.” A pause. “If- if you could get powers that you didn’t need me to use, would you do it?”

Another pause. “Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like that’s a really loaded question.”

Positive chuckled: “Yeah, I thought so.” Again, there was a pause. “If I—” she was cut off by Scrounger barging in.

“Guys, you’ve gotta see this.”

The television in Team Millennium’s rec room was tuned in to the news, something only Greenhouse generally bothered with, but now the entire team was watching just as intently. Giants – at least that was the first term that came to Positive’s mind, given that, from what was being shown, they were about fifteen to twenty stories tall – were tearing up Manhattan. There were three vaguely humanoid figures, one made of rock, one of fire and one of water, accompanied by a tornado with the same kind of impression of a face as the others.

“…Evacuation of the area is in progress,” the newscaster was saying, “and the Paragons are working to contain and defeat the entities.”

“Which means she’ll be unguarded!” Positive thought out loud, as Sentinel was shown flying rings around the rock creature’s head, unloading energy blasts from his suit’s palms.

“What?” Hive’s voice shook Positive out of her train of thought.

She quickly realized the others were staring at her. “I’ve gotta go.” She turned to leave the room and started running.


“Don’t try to stop me!”

“Then we’re coming with you!”


“Druid!” Doc Mach shouted as he dodged a taxi thrown/blown at him by the tornado-creature, “What the hell are these things?!”

“Djinn. Or Elementals, to use a newer term.”

“Like a genie, you mean?” Sentinel asked as he got to his feet after being knocked to the ground.

“That is a term humans have used,” Titania replied, blocking a jet of fire with a shield made from the same material as her armor, “but it’s not their actual name. Some are benign, or even friendly, but others are, as you can see, highly destructive.”

“Indeed,” Druid confirmed, gesturing as he spoke, and the air around his hands cooling rapidly “It actually is possible to bind them in some sort of container and release them later. That’s probably how they got here without being noticed.”

“So how do we deal with this?” Asked the Jovian Justicar.

“Emmy’s heat vision should be able to take down the water one.“As for the others, keep them busy.”

“That I can do,” Captain Cosmic boasted. “Giant!” The exposed circuits on his alien suit started glowing with a lime green light, and he rapidly grew to a similar size to their enemies.


Team Millennium had taken the same route to New York as Titania had before, running all the way. Positive had entered the same grove of trees hoping the ring would allow her to do what Titania had done, and it had, some foreign instinct telling her which way to go through the bizarre extradimensional forest. The rest of the team didn’t really understand what had happened, but knew now probably wasn’t the time to ask. To Positive’s immense relief, the Sanctum’s front door was unlocked. She called the elevator, and the team piled in.

“Give me your hand.” Negative had gotten so used to that request over the years that he didn’t question it. Positive magnetically forced the elevator down one floor at a time, forcing open the doors on each one to check until she got to the one she recognized.

As Team Millennium was descending, someone else entered the building, setting off an ultrasonic alarm that the Emissary could hear from the site of the ongoing battle as she evaporated the water djinn with a focused blast of heat vision. She returned to the Sanctum at super speed, intercepting the intruder in the lobby.

“Well,” the intruder said with an evil grin, “You’re certainly fast enough to give your husband a run for his money.”

“I take it you released those Djinn as a distraction?”


The Emissary scanned the abnormally tall, muscle bound woman in red with every super sense she had. Genetically she was completely normal, which meant she was like this because of magic, which probably wasn’t a coincidence. “I take it you’re the one behind what’s been going on with the Champions?”


“And I take it you know what’s being kept here?”


“And I take it you understand I can’t let you have access to it?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”