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Fly Fuck Lasers

Written by OmniScribbler :: [Monday, 10 August 2020 10:51] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 02 September 2020 18:27]

Editor's Note: this story containes some extremely NSFW images. You've been warned.

Story was written by HarmonyMotion, Images done by me.

“Dude, I told you this would be a waste of time! Did we pay a bunch of money just to see a bunch of ugly people in the nude? What the hell!” Dan waited for a response from his friend, but none was coming. “So you admit I’m right, right? You totally fucked up with this idea!”

He looked over at his friend, who was paying him no mind. Instead, he was looking across the pool, his semi erect dick beginning to engorge and straighten out. His mouth was agape, and a trail of drool was beginning to drip down.

Dan followed his buddy’s gaze and – what a sight! An incredibly skinny, long legged, yet huge chested bombshell was sunbathing on a chair. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to pay the entry fee to this nudist colony after all, but he wasn’t about to say it.

Dan seized the opportunity while Adam was still in a daze. Adam might be larger than him, but Dan’s own size was seemingly superhuman as well. And Dan was never afraid to make the first move, unlike Adam.

He approached this angel with devilish curves as he felt his penis swell to its maximum size just from looking at her. As he came nearer, getting a closer and closer view of her unbelievable body, his cock painfully surged even larger than he thought possible. He placed himself to shade her from the sun, ruining her idle revelry.

 “Hey babe, do you come here often? And if not, do you wanna?” Dan poured it on thick as he curled his arms and showed off his muscular physique.

The woman was visibly annoyed by his interruption. She rose from the chair, and Dan gulped when he realized that her long, long legs weren’t just for show. She stood at an imposing height, his face barely level with her incredibly large, perky tits.

Without a word, she seemed to grow even taller as his eyes became level with her narrow waist, her entire body moving upward. But no! He saw that she was actually hovering in midair! Before he could voice his shock, he felt an unbreakable grip squeezing his throat. His feet left the ground as she supported his entire weight with an outstretched arm, her long fingers wrapped around his neck.

He could barely breathe as he brought his hands up to try and pry her fingers apart, but he couldn’t even bulge her pinky an inch. She paid him no mind as she examined his turgid, overextended rod that her body had inspired. He tried striking her arm, but only bruised his own hand in the process. He feared he might black out soon, but the combination of her touch and the feeling of complete helplessness to her power thrilled him, as his penis stretched even further.

Dan was sure he was about to lose consciousness when the woman seemed to have made a decision. “Alright, you get one chance. But if you disappoint me, you won’t like the results,” she warned with a voice that bespoke sensuality, confidence and above all, power.

He felt his world spin as she released her chokehold and casually flipped him upside, both of them still suspended in midair under her power. He gulped down much needed air, but his reprieve was short lived as she buried his head in her womanhood, wrapping a single superhumanly long leg to trap him. He winced in anticipation of pain as she reached for his cock, expecting a grip like an iron vice. Her grip was firm yet gentle, and the pressure and the feeling of her incredibly smooth skin elicited an involuntary gasp as she toyed with his angry cockhead, her hot breath washing over him.

“This ain’t a free ride! Get to work down there!” she ordered, giving him a firm squeeze.

He went to work, licking her pussy folds as best he could. Her taste was unlike any woman he had ever been with. The perfumed scent served as an aphrodisiac as he desperately tried to part her folds to drink more of it down. But he simply could not penetrate her superhuman lips with his tongue.

Diana already knew this was going to be a disappointment. Even when she forced her victims to try to pleasure her orally, her natural pheromones and beauty completely obliterated the resolve of even the more strong willed men and they were always spent before she could get anything close to satisfaction. But that didn’t stop her from trying. Plus it was fun toying with them.

She picked him up and threw him on one of the lounge chairs. With both hands casually pinning his arms back and gracefully lining herself up with him, she relaxed her vaginal muscles and began to impale himself on the abnormally large erection she had induced. “Make sure to struggle,” she told him as she clamped down on his arms like a steel vice. “I like it when they struggle.” She gave him a sinister smile as her eyes glowed just a tiny bit. “And there is no safe word.”

Slowly, she inserted him deeper and deeper, accepting more of his impressive length into her perfect body. He was grunting and spasming in pleasure. He couldn’t believe that anyone could handle his length, but now he was completely helpless under her effortless actions. He felt her unbreakable grasp cover his mouth, silencing him, as she continued to swallow his penis, deep into her slick, wet, steely grip, until she had him buried to the hilt. She rested there for a moment, mild satisfaction tickling her visage.

She held him inside her serenely, visibly not moving a single muscle, but Dan swore he could feel his dick being squashed rhythmically by her pussy muscles, squeezing, relaxing, squeezing, relaxing. Between the feeling of having his dick pulverized inside of this beauty’s pussy, and the tranquil look on her angel’s face of handling his entire length, he could no longer contain his orgasm. Two whole minutes into the process, his knuckles whitened as he held onto the iron frame of the chair, shooting load after load of cum into this unbelievable woman.

Diana was only getting started herself when he failed to control his own body. As soon as his spasms stopped, she gripped his dick harder than ever inside of her, and began to hover into the air.

Dan panicked as he felt her walls close on him, even harder than before. His rod was still stiff, and now it was stuck inside of her, completely at her mercy. Then, he felt himself rising, attached to this woman by the groin. She was starting to fly! In a panic, he quickly did a sit up before they completely left the floor. He grabbed onto her slim waist, offloading the pressure from his groin.

Diana paid him no mind as she continued to exert overwhelming pressure on him. Giving him no assistance in staying in the air, she loosened her grip just enough to fly up and down, stroking his dick to satisfy her own urges.

Dan held onto her for dear life as her body ignored gravity, as her pussy’s unbreakable grip on his cock restored his lust. He hugged her waist as her heavy breasts smacked his face while her insides slid and squeezed across the entire length of his manhood. Never had he ever felt such immense pressure or pleasure at the base of his shaft, and now his entire length was being assaulted. He felt his penis grow hotter and hotter from manipulation, and he could do nothing but feel his balls grow tighter, seeking release once again.

Diana revelled in the pleasure of having an arrogant male completely at her mercy as her mountainous mounds smacked him in the face, and he had no choice but to hang onto her for his life. The feeling of his admittedly massive dick inside of her was thrilling as well, but his control was utterly lacking. She gripped him even tighter as she sped up, seeking her own release before he could ejaculate again.

Dan couldn’t help but admire her perfect control and graceful movement as she fucked the living daylights out of him. Suddenly, he felt a wave of extreme heat, but not where she was rubbing him raw. Instead, the air between them seemed to become superheated. He managed to look beyond the massive orbs on her chest, bobbing hypnotically, to see that her eyes were glowing blue. His instincts saved him – he didn’t realize what danger he was in, but he immediately put as much distance from those glowing eyes as possible as he hung there in midair, hoping that he would survive this torturous sexual ordeal.

Diana expertly brought herself to orgasm. Holding nothing back, she cried out as she came, her sexual roar simultaneously arousing everyone in the vicinity, as well as temporarily deafening those closest to her, blowing out some windows and even cracking some of the weaker concrete. She gave up control of her body as her pussy spasmed, her super strong body twitching from release. Two bright blue beams of light and heat exploded from her eyes as she came, the coherent lasers blasting off into the distance with no end in sight, vaporizing everything it came in contact with.

She had finally loosened her internal grip. He fell unconscious into a heap on the chair, a large puddle of semen pooling on his stomach and now dripping to the ground. She idly fingered her clit and rubbed her perfect pussy folds to produce much more pressure with her two fingers than with his manhood ever could. He was spent, but she was still horny.

She glowered down at the disappointment, who was breathing softly now. With her slender fingers still superhumanly pressing against her pussy, she had made up her mind. Without changing her pose or interrupting her own ministrations, her eyes glowed bright blue once again. The lasers emitted from her eyes were a tiny fraction of her power – after all, she didn’t feel like destroying the entire planet. Yet.

He was dead in an instant but playing her lasers up and down his body with immaculate control, she turned his flesh to ash in seconds. Her idle hand pinched her nipple with enough pressure to effortlessly crush diamonds. God, she loved this! As she finished maneuvering her all destructive gaze, and peering at the brand new charred skeleton she had just created from merely looking at someone too hard. She finally brought herself to a small, pleasurable orgasm.

Diana began to fly away, planning to go somewhere else. She figured she’d had all the fun she could have here. But this other guy with an even bigger monster between his legs and was openly staring at her, fully erect.

“You guys friends?” she asked.

He gulped and nodded in response.

Her beauty worked its magic on him, ensnaring him, dominating him, forcing his organ to show her respect. He gasped in pain as his penis stretched beyond its normal length.

She glanced at the erection she had inspired and raised an eyebrow at him. With a little gesture toward the remains of Dan, she asked, “Well, you think you can do better than him?” She smirked and added “and there still is no safe word.”

Adam didn’t need any time to think it through as his penis grew even further. “Yes goddess, please!”

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